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The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1

  • Eli waits it out before an opponent with Crippling Overspecialization gets shocked by one of his tired Tazerlings, then snatches victory with Burpy.

The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2

  • Eli continues his winning streak in the tournament, winning round after round. An especially notable instance is the three-on-three duel where with the newest slug he got, Eli, Trixie and Kord defeats the triplets they were fighting by having the slug knock down stalagtites. The winning streak ends when Dr. Blackk gives Eli's opponent in the finals a Ghoul.

The Trade

  • Diablos Nacho gets one when he single-handedly defeats the Shane Gang.
  • Later Dr. Blakk gives Eli a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Finally, Burpy made a firewall so the Shane Gang could escape.

The Slugout

  • Eli outperforms Billy on the trick shot contest.
  • Then, the Shane Gang defeats the Hooligang eventhough Eli's blaster was out of commision.
  • After getting a new blaster, Eli deals the finishing blow with the latest slug he got, who managed to cure the ghoul Billy used. Bonus points since it used to belong to Billy who called it useless.


  • The Shane Gang manages to shut down the mining operation which Blakk was getting Dark Water from to turn normal slugs into Ghouls.

The Slug Run

  • Pronto of all people got this in the episode The Slug Run. Coming to the rescue when he rode a GIANT crystal worm like monster, saving Eli from a evil Molenoid and use the slug that was the prize of the race to defeat the bad guy.

Shadows And Light

  • Trixie gets one when she uses a Frightgeist Slug to get rid of Locke and Lode.
  • Also, Doc, the slugs the Shane Gang were bringing to Bullseye Cavern, and the Shane Gang get one when they managed to neutralize the Dark Water Blakk was using to do a land grab and reverse it's effect.

Dawn Of The Slug

  • Eli manages to stop the bad guy by shooting at his staff blaster, exposing the Ghoul and Doc curing it, in one shot.
  • The Cavalry gets one when they stopped Saturday from escaping.
  • Even something as small as Eli knowing about Voodoo Zombiis. While the idea of mind-control zombies is prevalent in fiction - primarily kids shows - it's very rare for their origins to be mentioned by name. In addition, Mr. Saturday has a Cajun accent. Louisiana and New Orleans are stereotyped for being voodoo hotspots.
Club Slug
  • The Shane Gang defeats the bad guy, the club owner, after uncovering his scam.

Endangered Species

  • Burpy saves Eli by switching a few slugs around, curing Eli's sight in the process.
  • And then, Eli manages to defeat the bad guy by having him fall for one of his own traps.

Mecha Mutiny

  • Pronto gets one by using one of his slugs to get a Mook into the air, who in his panic, fired one of his Ghouls at another Mook.


  • Eli rams the boat he was driving into the boat of the Pirate Captain.
  • And then, after learning what the Captain's slug could do, turns it's ability against the Captain.

Mario Bravado

  • Eli successfully pulls off a trick shot that detaches the train Pronto and other prisoners were on and sets them on a different track in one go.
  • Mario is back in the game with a trick shot that breaks the shackles of all four prisoners.
  • Eli does a trick shot to prevent Pronto falling to his death.

The New Kid Part 1

  • The Shane Gang and Twist successfully pulls off their attack on a Ghoul Depo despite Diablos showing up.
  • The illusions Loki, Twist's slug, can cast are amazing. That's because it's a ghoul.

The New Kid Part 2

  • Twist gets one. His deceit was so complete that even his slugs, beside Loki, a Ghoul, were fooled.
  • After discovering Twist is working for Blakk, Eli defeats him using Stunz and a trick shot that gets all three targets.


  • The Shane Gang manages to defeat the Ice Ogres, despite the Hooligang contantly making things worse. More specifically, Pronto manages to secure a way out, Kord prevents the glacier from collapsing, Trixie manipulates the Hooligang to do what is smart, to an extent, and Eli puts the Ogres to sleep.
  • And then Trixie put the Hooligang to sleep by tricking them into walking into the area of effect of the Sliren Slug's singing Doubles as a Funny Moment.


  • Dana Por who's been antagonizing the Shane Gang gets a few.
    • First, she successfully escapes them after they dicover she had broken into their hideout.
    • And then, she manages to get to where the slugs the Shane Gang need first using her slugs.

The Distant Shore

  • The Shane Gang defeats the mob that is after the book Eli took.

The Journey Home

  • Burpy, Joules, Chiller, Spinner and Banger manage to defeat Locke and Lode, without Eli around to shoot them so they could transform.
  • Eli manages to stand his ground and get several good shots in using only two slugs that were not that suitable for active combat.


  • The two scientists helping the Shane gang deserve a spot. One builds an anti-gravity device that allows him to fling massive slabs of rock and the other built a machine that weaponises sound.
  • The Shane Gang, with help from the scientists, built a Humongous Mecha to combat the villain's own one, in 45-minutes. And it did it's job well-enough, which was to act as a way to make the villain vulnerable, not defeat the villain's Humongous Mecha.

The Unbeatable Master

  • The master Shinai shows why she's the master when she defeats a whole bar of thugs.
  • And then she shows off a shot that combined the powers of her two slugs in a single shot called a fusion shot.
  • Eli gets one when he pulls off a fusion shot with Shinai's blaster using Burpy and Joules.
  • Dr. Blakk deserves one for coming up with what can only be described as a machine gun that fires a lot of slugs in a short time frame.
  • And then, he successfully killed Shinai during their battle by coming up with a plan that involves tricking her.

Dark Water, Deep Water

  • Beeker, Eli's AquaBeek slug, gets to really shine in this episode when it managed to destroy the underwater drill.

The Gentleman And The Thief

  • Dana Por gets one by humiliating the Shane Gang by stealing things while under their watch and them making fools of themselves trying to stop her.
  • The Shane Gang gets one by coming up with a brilliant plan to full Dr. Blakk into thinking Dana is dead when she is in fact alive with the help of The Gentleman.
  • The Gentleman gets at least one when he defeats several rivals with a single shot, while it's dark.

No Exit

  • Blite manages to stop the Neotox fog by using Vinedrill slugs which turned into something capable if sucking up the fog, which no one knew the ability even existed.
  • And then Eli manages to defeat Blite when he turns on them by going straight into the cloud made by the Neotox so Burpy can destroy Blite's mask, making him vulnerable to his own Neotox's gas.

The Hard Part

  • Eli and Trixie manage to trick one of the members of the Scrap Force into using his Xmitter slug, making all blasters in the affected area temporarily disabled and making the Shane Gang's victory certain.
  • Kord managed to come up with a draft design for a specialized blaster so Eli can do more fusion shots.

What Lies Beneath

  • Doc really saved the day this episode. He healed the Guardian Slugs and the Shadow Clan guy present used him to power the forcefield back up. Oh, and Doc is now a Guardian himself.
  • The Shane Gang's Slugs allowing themselves to be temporarily Ghouled, and using their enhanced powers to beat back the Dark Bane.

The Return

  • Say what you will about Dr. Blakk, you can't deny he makes awesome tech. For example, his train can freaking FLY!
  • Eli successfully pulled of the fusion shot. This time with Torch his Forgesmelter slug and Buzzsaw his Thresher slug to create a giant spinning saw that spews lava that managed to cut Dr. Blakk's train in half where the Shane Gang couldn't even scratch it earlier.


  • Kord and the rest of the Shane gang are good for rookies in the pro leagues.

King of Sling

Mission: Improbable

  • New fusion shot. Burpy and Suds combine to create a bubble that acts as high speed transport.
  • Character Development for Pronto, where he of all people give a sincere apology to Burpy for not being a good listener as thoughout the episode, Burpy often tries to show Pronto things he misses but Pronto dismisses him. Even Burpy was shocked.

Keys To The Kingdom

  • Pronto defeats Cedo again, and appoints him to deal with all the Molenoids petty problems and plumbing problems while Pronto keeps all the power to actually rule.
  • Eli pulls a bait-and-switch where instead of giving Diablos the map they were both after, he gives Diablos a poor drawing, preventing Diablos from succeeding in his plans.

The Thrill Of The Game

  • New Fusion Shot. Burpy and Bludgeon combine and Bludgeon gets to do fire punches.
  • Eli and the Shane Gang manages to free all the captive slugs, including the Hoverbug trapped underneath some rubble.
  • Kord manages to put together a working jetpack using spare parts.


  • New Fusion Shot. Joules and Mucky combine to fire electrified needles.
  • Trixie, Kord and Pronto managed to work together with the Shadow Clan to fight of Blakk's goons.
  • Eli manages to get past all the dangers of the pathway to the Lightwell to heal Burpy.

It Comes By Night

  • New Fusion Shot. Burpy and Glimmer combine to create some sort of mini-sun.
  • The whole town managed to band together to take on the monster.


  • New Fusion Shot. Burpy and Banger combine to create a giant boulder that's on fire..
  • Burpy achieved a new mode, achieved by already going 100 mph before being fired out of the blaster.
  • Clever tricks and daring feats allowed the Shane Gang to take on the new Titans Blakk made.

Back To Blakk

  • Credit where credit is due. Blakk's new Titan vehicles are capable of aquatic travel. Impressive.
  • Blakk managed to pull of the jailbreak of the century when Diablos Nacho and the Dark Bane broke him out of prison.

Bandoleer Of Brothers

  • The new slug, named Rookie, really helped here. It can drop mines it can detonate by having it's antennas touch each other and freed the captured slugs by tricking the Dark Bane in charge.

Dark As Night

  • Eli Shane was willing to jump of a building on his mecha to allow Burpy to mega morph.
  • Red Hook's hook is surprisingly useful in combat, giving Red Hook many awesome moments.

Light As Day

  • New fusion shot. Buzzsaw and Bolo combine to form some sort of thing that has two circling armoured ends.
  • Burpy managed to pull Eli out of the portal in the nick of time.
  • The Shane gang and the Shadow Clan teamed up to defeat Blakk and the Dark Bane.

Slug Fu Showdown

  • At the last possible moment, Eli uses Slug Fu and prevents the villain from destroying Slugterra using the Elemental slugs.

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