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Robot Chicken sketches are anywhere between six seconds and six minutes long, but since there are a lot of them, a few of these moments are bound to be awesome.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In a parody of the scene in The Dark Knight when the Joker asks the passengers on the boat to make a Sadistic Choice, the passengers are so busy brainstorming ways to avoid it that the Joker gets distracted, and Batman hits him over the head.
    "Forget about the Green Mile, try walking the BROWN MILE!"
    "No? Alright then, from the top!"
    • The sketch where Batman finally finds a way around Joker Immunity by personally testifying against him, leading to Joker losing his insanity defense and getting hauled off to the electric chair (where he receives an incredibly painful botched execution courtesy of Jim Gordon, who both removed the wet sponge from the chair, as revenge for Barbara Gordon).
      • On the Joker's side, he at least manages to get off one last defiant insult while being electrocuted to death.
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  • A game of Original Donkey Kong getting hijacked by a team of SPARTAN IIs. That is all.
  • The opera based on Wrath of Khan.
  • "Meet the kite-eating tree, you ugly son of a bitch!"
    • Before that, Charlie Brown lampshades that Lucy pulls the football right before he kicks even when she says she's not gonna do it, but still goes for the kick, but in a twist. He delays the kick a few seconds than kicks Lucy instead into the pumpkin patch, a good 20-30 feet away, getting revenge on her.
  • In the Celebrity Rehab Invasion skit that revealed most celebrities, such as Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, were reptilian alien invaders, Paris is beating up George Bush when Barbara Bush informs her that she's killing p George Bush Sr. Barb then completey kicks the ever loving crap out of Paris, snaps her neck, and then tops it off by standing over her body roaring like a T-rex.
    • It turns out that the reason for so many celebrities' idiotic and bizarre behavior is because they've been drinking excessive alcohol to survive in Earth's athmosphere (except Mel Gibson, he's just an anti-semite). As such, the invasion is quickly defeated as not only are the invaders too drunk to fight properly, regular humans are perfectly resistant to drinking since we've been doing it for atleast 10.000 years.
    Narrator: From the moment the aliens drank our alcohol, they were doomed. For by the toll of a million beer blasts and keggers, man had earned his tolerance.
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  • Taken a bit literally in "The Best 60 Seconds in Television History." Ultimately subverted for the robot.
  • Mammy in the action/adventure remake of Gone with the Wind, Frankly My Dear, I Don't GIVE A VAN DAMME!
  • What happens if you die in Heaven? You go to Super-Heaven!
  • The 100th episode, wherein the Chicken gets free, then goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against just about every original character from the show. Then he defeats the Mad Scientist who kidnapped the Chicken's wife.
    • Fans will definitely agree that Bitch Puddin's fight against the Chicken can count as a CMOA as well. She gave the Chicken a hell of a fight while the rest got killed in on or two hits.
    • All with, Tales of the Electric Romeo playing in the background.
      • Even better - they Lamp Shade the fact that the inspiration is from The Protector, with Tony Jaa. And just like the scene they're referencing, this one's The Oner, running uncut all the way for a similar solid four minutes, up until after the series creator's heads get splattered - which is astounding given the stop-motion animation effort put into the whole event.
  • In the 'Punky Brewster'' sketch, a now-adolescent Punky has been ignoring Glomer and starving him to death. When she demands that he magically give her boobs, he weakly obliges. But as a twist of karma, Punky's new boobs never stop growing (a reference to Solei Moon Frye's similar case).
    Punky: Wait, what's happening?!?
    Glomer: Choke on it, bitch.
  • Super Race, if only for the sheer Mega Crossover aspect it has.
  • G.I. Joe gets a new recruit, whom they all mock. Angered, he proceeds to join Cobra and snipe every Joe except for Duke, so he will have to live with the pain and loss.
  • Dick Cheney gets himself captured in Afghanistan, and proceeds to... well.. have a look.
  • Strawberry Shortcake beating the crap out of Purple Pieman and snapping his neck.
  • The Nerd dreams he's in Oz, playing the role of Dorothy. Quickly realizing he's in a dream, he decides to make it cooler, and transforms Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion into Eric Draven, Optimus Prime, and Lion-O. They kick everyone's ass (and Eric convincing a winged monkey to commit suicide makes it better). The Nerd then brings them all to a topless beach in France.
  • The new opening sequence for season six. The chicken takes the mad scientist's dead body, brings him back to life as a cyborg, and then straps him in the same chair he was stuck in for years. And to top it off, the chicken's got his wife by his side the whole time. Vengeance couldn't possibly be any sweeter.
  • Barbie beating the shit out of Miss Piggy.
  • The sheer existence of this advertisement for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale done in the style of the show.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: action hero.
    Hatt: End of the line, f***head!
  • Anything with Santa.
    • One example is him killing the executives of Coke Cola for profiting from his image.
  • It might have been disturbing and gory, but the Oz prison sketch got pretty awesome in the end when the scarecrow beats the ever loving shit out of the prisoners. What makes it even better is as he's being strapped to the electric chair, he calls out to the cops "IF YOU ONLY HAD THE BALLS!"
  • "It ain't accurate, but it'll blow your f@$#ing mind!
  • The Dick with a Time Machine becomes a hero when he shames and humiliates Adolf Hitler by showing a video of him suffering severe diarrhea during one of his tirades, ruining any support for him and ending World War II.
  • A scary detached voice decides to menace one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends. That friend is Bitch Pudding. The voice never stood a chance.
    Detached Voice: Get out...get out of the house...get out of the house...
    Bitch Pudding: Why don't you get your tongue out of your daddy's asshole so I can jam your momma's cock up there, you jizz-gurgling pile of monkey spunk?
  • As with the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale bit above, Nintendo got Robot Chicken to do bits for their E3 2014 event.
  • Bitch Pudding unloading on the gathered townspeople with a minigun after they attempted to murder her and threw a party celebrating her "death".
    Bitch Pudding: Blam.
  • When the face is a prune, action goes BOOM!
  • The Chicken and the Scientist team up and save a few US presidents from the Scientist's son. That's right, presidents.
  • In "Dengar on the Elevator", Dengar asks Bossk if he's done something special last weekend. Bossk says nothing special as we see a flashback of him siglehandedly takes out a hostage situation with his bare hands and a table against thugs armed with pistols. And when he apprehends the leader, he says this:
  • A segment of "Western Hay Batch" shows Mr. Bill finally getting revenge on Mr. Hands and Sluggo. After flattening Mr. Bill with a rolling pin despite being warned not to, Mr. Hands remarks that his clay was not as flexible as usual. Bill then triumphantly reveals the reason: He is now composed of C-4. Mr. Bill then explodes, vaporizing Sluggo and blasting both of Mr. Hands' hands off.
  • The puppeteering in Otter Murder is so unbelievable, that one would be forgiven for mistaking the puppeteer for Jim Henson himself.
  • Wile E Coyote finally catching the Road Runner. Then cooking him with a flamethrower.
  • One sketch shows a mother and her son in a grocery store. The son starts whining that he wants ice cream, causing the mother to snap and start spanking him. She then notices someone is looking at her. That person is The Punisher, who gives the mother a piece of his mind:
    Mother: What are you looking at?
    Punisher: I guess I'm looking at a mother who's never heard of a time out before.
  • Leia tricking Darth Vader in blowing up Tarkin's home with the Death Star.


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