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Awesome / Scary Godmother

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Halloween Spooktackular

  • Everyone Hannah meets on the Fright Side helping Hannah get back at Jimmy, Bert, Daryl, and Katie for trying to scare her.
  • Scary Godmother's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Harry.
  • Max getting full on Papa Wolf on Harry, when the latter accidentally suggested ordering pizza with garlic. The skinny vampire overpowered and nearly choked a more bulky werewolf. Thank God Orson was there.

Jimmy's Revenge

  • Hannah Took a Level in Badass in this sequel. She manages to use her creativity and love of Halloween to (albeit unknowingly) outwit Jimmy's attempts to sabotage the holiday.
  • Jimmy managing to scare Bug-A-Boo of all people! And by accident to boot!
  • For some reason, Boozle's "sounding the alarm" moment.
  • Katie saying she and the other teens deserved the scare they got in the last movie after the way they treated Hannah. Just seeing a teenager willingly admit that they were wrong about something is awesome in a maturity sense.