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  • The fact that Tuca has apparently completely kicked her alcoholism and is fully dedicated to sober living, not once slipping despite constantly being in situations where she would be expected to. Anyone who knows anything about how difficult it is to overcome addiction knows that that is a serious accomplishment.

The Promotion

  • Tuca jumping on the board room table and screaming in Dirk's face when he keeps talking over Bertie, calling it "the alarm that sounds when no women have spoken for three minutes." Before that, she stops Dirk from stealing any more of Bertie's notes... by eating them.


The Open House

  • Speckle ordering the jaguar to halt and even lightly scolding due solely that he didn't want it to hurt Bertie or him.

The Jelly Lakes

  • Bertie overcoming her childhood trauma and finally accomplishing her lifelong dream of swimming all the way from the shore of Jelly Lake to Peanut Butter Island, all while Coach Meredith, her wife Pat and Tuca all cheer for her from a motor boat.
    • Tuca giving the best response a best friend could give after Bertie confesses her trauma to her.
      "You're so brave to tell me this."


  • Tuca effortlessly ruining Pastry Pete's business for good by taking a video of him threatening Bertie, which the two of them share to as many women as possible online until he becomes public enemy #1.
  • And then, just to get the last laugh, they get a giant hawk to shit on him. Petty? Sure, but who hasn't wanted to do that to their enemies?


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