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  • Bugs' life is full of these, but we should sum them up by starting with the page quote from Bob Clampett (writing as Bugs): "...I always treat the contest with my pursuers as 'fun and games.' When momentarily I appear to be cornered or in dire danger and I scream, don't be consoined – it's actually a big put-on. Let's face it Doc. I've read the script and I already know how it turns out."
  • His trademark "Casual Danger Dialogue". It doesn't just apply to Elmer and hunting, either. In "Bully for Bugs", an angry bull was mere inches behind him and snarling furiously. Bugs responded by smacking the thing upside the head and telling him to stop breathing on his tail.
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  • A big achievement for Bugs is when he single-handedly win an entire baseball game. Not to mention him delivering well-deserved karma to a team of brutish, cheating baseball players.
  • Bugs saved the life of his voice actor Mel Blanc. In 1961, a near-fatal car accident which left him in a coma for three weeks. After many unsuccessful attempts to wake him up, a doctor thought of asking, "How are you today, Bugs Bunny?" at which point he replied (in character) and went on to have a full recovery.