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  • The ending of the original version of ''Ice Hockey''. Keeping in mind that this episode aired around the time the Berlin Wall came down, it may be that the producers were trying to reflect this in the song. Not to mention it symbolizes the breaking down of the walls between the two hockey teams.
    • Even more awesome? That wasn't just any random pop song they picked. It was the anthem of the 1988 Olympic Summer Games.
  • A few times Pingu's Dad gets tired of his son's shenanigans and, rather than losing his temper, decides to beat him at his own game:
    • In Pingu Teases Pinga, Pingu's Dad discovers Pingu has placed Pinga's doll out of reach on their snowman (repeatedly despite warnings). When Pingu isn't looking, he places the doll on the ground and, with a big smirk, puts Pingu's toy on top of the snowman where even Pingu can't reach, leaving it there until he's assured he's learned his lesson.
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    • In Pingu and the Hose after Pingu pranks everyone with voice acts through a hose, Pingu's Dad and Grandpa take another hose, place it right next to an unknowing Pingu, and yell through it as loud as they can.
  • After more than a decade, Pingu's coming back with an anime series!
  • If you weren't convinced that Pingu needed a CGI revamp, Pingu in the City includes friggin' slow motion sequences. Imagine THAT in the claymation series.
  • Chef Fred holds up a toppling bread sculpture in Episode 14. Considering the size of the sculpture, you have to wonder how much that guy can bench-press.

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