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The Show:

  • The entire sequence where Sanjay and Craig fight a Puma in "Day of the Snake"
    • Craig taking on all those animals at once, despite not really eating them it was still pretty cool.
    • Unlike a lot of schoolboys on TV, Sanjay attends a stuntman class of all things!
      • Not to mention, they've made a full half-hour special taking place at the stunt school in Season 3!
  • Craig revealing himself as a talking snake after so long of masquerading himself as a human/non-sentient animal at the end of "A Tale of Two Slithers".
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  • You gotta admit: there was a lot of elaborate and brilliant pranks that where featured in "Kerplunk'd", even if you couldn't survive a number of them in real life.
  • Season 12. That is all.
    • And they manage to make a whole episode dedicated to this in Season 3!
  • Anytime Vijay lets himself loose, such as in "Partybot" and "Shirts Off".
  • Set for a TV Commercial or not, "Be Like Tufflips" was the first episode that proved Sanjay and Craig where both very capable of kicking butt and taking names.



  • This was the first American kid's cartoon on television to star a Hindu protagonist rather than having one as a Deuteragonist/supporting role.
  • The fact that Nickelodeon went out of their way to hire Marc Summers and Harvey to reprise their roles for the Double Dare (1986) tribute episode has to say something.
  • At this point, the show has received a whopping 11 guest stars within 3 seasons.

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