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  • Pyrus to King Mantle. "I am not a boy. I am ruler of Planet Fire and Jade is under my royal protection. Now let us do what we must!" Mantle was speechless.
  • The Alliance coordinating its efforts to try and stop the Beast approaching Planet Fire. Even though its all in vain, its just awesome to see groups of different races, peoples and cultures working together. Worlds who once before couldn't even fend off Beast drone scouts, now unify their forces into a formidable response, that manages to annoy even the Beast itself.
    • The Battle Moons and their crews bravely fighting a hopeless battle, yet they keep on orbiting and blasting away, until Graveheart orders them to retreat, to avoid any further casualties.
  • Vizier's sacrifice.
    Grand Vizier: "And you, Eater of Worlds. May you taste our RIGHTOUS FIRE, and choke on it. For my Planet's sake, I SPIT MY LAST BREATH AT THEE!"
    • Planet Fire crashing into the Beast Planet counts as well.
  • Ragnarok parts 1 and 2 gives everyone a chance to shine, even Femur who initially does the most damage. In Femur's case, it doesn't last.
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  • The Uneasy Hangs the Head episode that outlines every part where Graveheart saved the day.
  • In Blaze of Glory, Cryos threatening Mantle with brute force.
    Cryos:"Graveheart may not wish to strike a king, but I have no such compunction. Now stand aside!"
  • The bar fight in Girls Night Out.
  • Fake Planet Fire imploding then exploding outwards, in a massive blast that destroys the Beast Armada and slows the pursuing Beast down. The Alliance heading away from the destabilizing null-matter and not toward, barely escape.

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