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  • At the end of episode 8, when Cryos abdicates his throne Femur is shocked and begins listing the reasons why it's a horrible idea. As the episode pans away and ends, you can still hear him ranting and giving increasingly nonsensical reasons while everyone ignores him.
  • In the episode where Femur steals the battles moons. Pelvis faints on sight from Graveheart stepping into the control room ready to kick his and Femur's ass.
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  • Pelvis attempts to kill Femur for the throne.
  • Femur and Pelvis rehearsing a meeting with Lord Mantle. Pelvis yells the line, "Guards, destroy these pathetic intruders!" Mantle yells the exact same thing at Femur a scene later.
    • When Pelvis stops the guards from doing as ordered by threatening to detonate his belt of dynamite, Lord Mantle commands the guards to beat up the "pathetic intruders". Everyone at the scene knew Pelvis wouldn't kill himself just to avoid a beating.
    • From Cryos later in the episode, "Guards, seize these pathetic intruders!"
  • Femur and Pelvis are talking and Femur motions for one of his guards to test his food. Guard takes a very hesitant sip as Femur and Pelvis continue to talk. A bit later in the conversation, Femur's about to put the drink carton to his lips when the guard starts choking. Femur casually puts down the carton and continues the conversation without missing a beat
  • "Pelvis has left the building."
  • During the battle for Remora, Lamprey yells at Blokk to stop his "blasted jittering" (referring to his habit of jittering his skull) since it was getting on her nerves. Blokk actually stops and sheepishly apologizes.

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