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Awesome / My Dad the Rock Star

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  • Despite knowing full and well it would cost him his chance to date Angela, Willy's epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards her parents, especially for insulting the Zillas without knowing them (including thinking Crystal, his mother, is a tramp, gold digger, and horrible mother for no reason whatsoever) is one of his best moments in the series.
  • Willy's calling out of the Moral Guardians in a snit over Rock's song "Rulebreaker" is equally awesome.
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  • Willy's trumpet performance moved his dad amazingly, to the point where Rock decided to try adding some classical music to his repertoire (in an admittedly Rock Zilla fashion).
  • Willy managing to "out-scoop" Scoop (a tabloid reporter) with a video of his dad that not only doesn't ruin his dad's career but in fact, makes his dad even MORE popular with his fans is certainly worth mentioning.
  • Serenity managing to become a lifeguard in "Saving Sawchuck" arguably counts. While she only did it to get the attention of a hunky lifeguard, it shows that Serenity IS capable of achieving her own goals if she applies herself. She is even offered a job as a junior lifeguard to boot.
  • Rock getting a measure of revenge on Principal Malefactor for using Willy's discomfort with Rock working at the school as a music teacher. He announces his departure in front of a crowd of parents protesting his presence, taking advantage of their uptight natures to point out that he had never had any extracurricular activities and he'd turned out fine. The horrified parents then make Malefactor reinstate the budgets for the activities he'd cut (what Willy wanted) which forces Malefactor to choose between the superfluous new uniforms he'd gotten for the football team and throwing off his budget irreparably (the revenge).