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  • Whenever Rodney takes the opportunity to devour a whole plate of food samples. It's kind of a Jerkass move for the next people who want to try a sample, but getting that much free food is a rare opportunity.
  • Andy and Rodney get the last laugh at Kyle at the end of "Flatbottoms Up".
  • Rodney writing "Happy birthday Andy" on the grass in "Birthday Boy". While the aftermath isn't really awesome,note  the fact that Andy loves his gift surprise nevertheless makes it all better.
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  • Whenever Rodney uses the loophole method, it's pretty impressive and clever.
    Rodney: Mr. J, tell Andy he's sadly mistaken.
    Mr. J: No.
    Rodney: Andy, could you tell your dad to tell you you're sadly mistaken?
    Andy: Dad, Rodney wants me to tell you to tell me I'm sadly mistaken.
  • Rodney's out-of-character niceness in "Be Careful What You Fish For" make him much more likeable, at least for the time being. He helps out people with pretty much anything, even when he doesn't have to.
  • In the short "See Food Breakfast", Mr. J of all people gets to eat the last doughnut in the end. This was done through beating Andy and Rodney at their own gross-out contest. Turns out the boys don't like sardine and garlic almond.
  • Mr. J gets a happy ending in "Harried Treasure": He sits back, relaxes, and watches Andy, Rodney, Kyle, and Salty Mike polish every glade of grass as punishment for breaking his brand new lawn.
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  • Kyle and Salty Mike are forced to do community service at the end of "Hole in the Story", due to demolishing a historical establishment. Serves them right.


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