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The number of established groups, clubs, and cliques is astonishing for such a small high school; this is a list of the permanent ones which have an impact on the stories.

  • The Alphas, The Beautiful Elite of Whateley, the movers and shakers of the school, basically acting as an Absurdly Powerful Student Council. Officially, each club and training team is supposed to have a representative in the group. However, in 2005 the group was pretty much hijacked by a group of Chaotic Evil snobs who kicked out anyone who wasn't pretty enough and vicious enough for their tastes. This group was overthrown in early 2007, so things are getting back to where they should be - for now.
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  • The Wild Pack, a team of Security Auxiliaries who help keep the peace on campus. During his tenure as head of the Alphas, Don Sebastiano made a point of denigrating them as the Betas, a name that seems to have stuck.
  • The Future Superheroes of America, usually called the Cape Squad, students who aspire to being superheroes (though not necessarily in the US).
  • The Bad Seeds, the children of supervillains who have banded together for mutual protection from those who assume it is In the Blood. While some follow in their parents' footsteps, either by choice or from being hounded into it, several just want a normal life and do their best to dodge the fate many expect of them.
  • The Underdogs, a loose group of students with low power levels (and often even lower self-esteem).
  • Venus, Inc. - the fashion club, which doubles as a a modeling agency and studio. Despite the name, they do welcome male students, though they never really have many.
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  • The Dragons and The Tigers, two rival martial arts clubs. The Tigers were founded recently, by N'Dizi, who felt that the African-descended martial artists were being unfairly shut out by the predominantly Asian Dragons.
  • The Grunts, the students in the JROTC program. While most of these are American, the school has agreements with the militaries of several other countries, so their are international students in the group as well, and they all wear UN uniforms marked with national insignia.
  • The Parkour Hooligans, a group for students practicing Le Parkour. note 
  • The Superior Court of Kings and Queens of the Golden Circle and Platinum Diadem and Silver Crown, AKA the Golden Kids; children from families of wealth and prestige, who are mostly about making connections and rubbing elbows with fellow rich kids. They hold secretive monthly meetings which are known for their opulence, with each member tasked with arranging the soirée for a given month, leading each of them to try to outdo the last one. Not everyone who is eligible joins, and the group is also quick to blackball those who don't comport themselves appropriately.
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  • The Order of the Worn Wrench, a fraternal order for Gadgeteers and Devisors, originally founded by Gizmatic in 1970 as a mutual-protection group. While they now are mostly focused on maintaining a pecking order among the tech crowd, they still can and will organize to harass and humiliate bullies who make the mistake of assuming that the less physically intimidating nerds would be easy targets.
  • The Whateley Academy Automotive Club, better known as the Gearheads, a club for students interested in automobiles. Students who want to have a car on campus, or who are taking driver's ed classes (including the "Special Topics: Combat Driving" course) need to join this group, which deals with both driving techniques and automotive technology; members are expected to maintain their own vehicles.
  • The Whateley Robotics Club, AKA the Robo-Jox, the club for robotics and drone operation enthusiasts.
  • The '1337 Phreaks, the computer hackers' club.
  • European Promotional League, AKA the Beret Mafia, a social support group for students from Europe. Pan-Asia fills the same role for students from Asia. In the Gen 2 stories, a group for British students called Commonwealth seems to have splintered off from EPL.
  • The Nations, a group for Native American/First Nations students (mainly from the US, Canada, and Mexico, though other indigenous Americans are welcome). Anyone interested in indigenous American cultures can join, but only registered tribe members can vote in the group elections.
  • The Intelligence Cadet Corps, usually called either the Spy Kidz or the Secret Squirrels. Aspiring James Bond types who 'practice' by stalking anyone on campus they deem 'suspicious', especially the Bad Seeds and the Masterminds.
  • The Masterminds are, as you can guess, would-be Evil Geniuses and Chessmasters. They seem to spend most of their time trying to bait the Spy Kidz. While they are not officially listed as a school club, they do have a faculty advisor, who in Gen 1 turns out to be Amelia Hartford. The Cooperative Organization for Responsible Evil (C.O.R.E.) is a similar, but even more secretive, group who are making concerted efforts towards becoming Card Carrying Villains.
  • The Whateley Academy Literary Club, better known as the Lit Chix. They are all voracious readers and aspiring (or compulsive) writers, but some of them enjoy poking their noses into the odd events on campus as well.
  • The A Team, the school's wargaming and historical recreationist club.
  • The Whateley Gaming Club. Officially, this is the Tabletop Roleplaying Game club, but in actuality it is the cover for the Dream Team, Security Auxiliaries who patrol the astral space around campus.
  • Le Carnival, also called the Dylans, an officially-banned 'club' of stoners and psychedelic adventurers.
  • Faction Three, a social and support group formed by Thuban to help other students with severe GSD. It has been mentioned that there had been similar groups in the past which didn't last very long; however, F3 managed to break that pattern, and the group is still active in 2016.
  • Wondercute, a training team founded by Generator, Dragonrider, Superchick, Bugs, and Aquerna after Jericho went too far one day with his Impossibly Tacky Clothes; they are dedicated to Defending Cuteness. Unlike most training teams, the club survived their original members graduating, having been revived in the Gen 2 stories.
  • Flier's Club - introduced in the Gen 2 stories, the Flier's Club apparently is going to be founded some time coming up in the Gen 1 series. They focus on aerobatics, flying races (including obstacle slaloms and relays), and 'air-ball', a sort of aerial lacrosse which is described as resembling Quidditch.

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