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  • Angel Beats!
    • Most of the SSS finds Yui incredibly annoying and immature. She's a groupie for Girls Dead Monster, and tries to replace Iwasawa as guitarist after Iwasawa manages to pass on, but they're rather exasperated with her lack of musical talent.
    • Ayato Naoi is even worse. He started off as an enemy of the group, who took over as Student Council President after the SSS managed to depose Angel, proceeding to torment NPCs, use said NPCs as human shields and trying to use hypnosis and manipulation to get Yuri to pass on. After Otonashi gets through to him and convince him that his life had meaning, Naoi undergoes a Heel–Face Turn, but makes it clear that he has utter contempt for all of his new colleagues besides Otonashi. The others don't hesitate to let him know that the feeling's mutual, but Yuri sees his hypnotic abilities as useful for restoring Otonashi's memory, making him a case of Necessity.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Russia is this through necessity for the Allies and fear for the rest, especially the Slavs and Baltics.
    • America can also fill this role. He's well-meaning, but tends not to notice the suffering he causes others. The other nations consider him young and inexperienced when they're feeling particularly charitable. Usually, they consider him an idiot who constantly gets into scrapes wanting to be "the hero".
    • Prussia fills this role due to how obnoxious he is towards everyone around him, particularly Austria and Hungary. The person who tolerates him the most is Germany, who is in a constant state of exasperation with him and despite being Prussia's younger brother, acts more like an older brother and caretaker towards him.
  • Azumanga Daioh: Yomi is best friends with Tomo, though their other classmates wonder WHY, since all Tomo does is cause trouble for them, for her own amusement. When they ask during episode 4, Yomi tries to think of a reason, only to end up asking herself the same question! It seems to be a combination of seniority and proximity, as Yomi also mentions at one point that they've been getting stuck in the same homeroom together for almost every year since grade school.
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  • Bloom Into You has Doujima, who comes off as fairly annoying and generally unable to take things seriously, resulting in most of his colleagues on the Student Council disliking him. That said, he came well-recommended by the previous Student Council President (who had a tendency to delegate tasks to others), so Doujima's usefulness makes him a case of Necessity.
  • Since the pilots in Bokurano have to stick together because of their contract, they have to tolerate disliked members out of Necessity.
    • Ushiro is widely disliked for his tendency to hit his younger sister Kana when he loses his temper. Among the few exceptions are Ushiro's long-time friend Kanji (who doesn't hesitate to snark at Ushiro or push his buttons), the similarly disliked Kodama (who admires the fact that Ushiro apparently killed Waku by accident), Kana (who endures the abuse out of love for Ushiro), and Machi (who eventually falls in love with Ushiro, having noticed him because he doesn't fit in).
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    • Kodama is probably even worse. He's a sociopathic boy whose Establishing Character Moment in the anime is to burn a beached crab to death with a sparkler, then rationalize his act by saying that it's no different from eating meat. Unsurprisingly, some of characters find him even worse than Ushiro.
    • Kako is also quite unpopular, due to his volatile nature, his somewhat creepy behavior toward Chizu and being overall unpleasant. In the manga, hardly anyone mourns his death when Chizu stabs him in the throat (despite being shocked at the act itself), although Chizu suggests that they're getting desensitized to their members dying. That said, in the anime, Ushiro, of all people, expresses pity for Kako immediately before it's his turn to fight.
  • Both Li's took turns as this in Cardcaptor Sakura, both Syaoran and later Meiling starting off competitive, arrogant and intimidating rivals. Sakura struggles to be contemptuous about it however, and is kind to them despite their abrasiveness towards her, something that wins them over and makes them softer, more genuine friends.
  • Death Note has Higuchi from the Yotsuba Group's Death Conference members. He often shows his arrogance despite being not as competent and smart as six of the other seven members, leading him to be disliked by his co-workers. Namikawa, Mido and Shimura conclude from his bad personality that he is the Kira among them. They are right.
  • Gian in Doraemon is this due to Proximity (he lives in the same neighborhood as the other main characters), Fear (he's both The Dreaded and The Bully with a Hair-Trigger Temper among the kids in the neighborhood, so the last thing any of the kids want to do is to get on his bad side), and, deep down, Caring (he does care for the well-being of the kids he interacts with, deep down, and vice versa — on his good days, that is).
  • Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z falls into this during the Android arc due to most of the cast fearing him, with the exception of Bulma (who had his baby) and Goku (who's more of the forgiving sort and actually likes having a rival like Vegeta around). Even his son, Trunks, spends about as much time berating him as he did seeking his approval. It's so bad that whenever Vegeta gets hurt, no one is in any hurry to heal him, even when he's demanding it. And when he first went Super Saiyan, the entire main cast all but groaned. After getting beaten unconscious by Cell, Krillin says point-blank that he didn't really care if he dies and is only doing this because Trunks believes in him. He lightens up slightly as time goes on, though he never quite grows out of it; the other fighters are more comfortable having him around but his arrogant personality still puts him off most of the cast. Hell, even in Dragon Ball Minus Vegeta's fellow Saiyans didn't seem to like him too much. Bardock calls him a pain in the neck partner when he learns Raditz is paired up with him.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has Yoki, who starts out as a villain of the week, but through happenstance, joins up with the good guys. However, his cowardly, unpleasant nature makes him the butt of everyone's jokes, particularly when a helpless Envy tries to take him as hostage, but everyone convinces Envy they won't care if he dies. He does prove himself useful at a couple of points, but it's still pretty telling that Ed and Al forgot he even existed when they first run into him again.
  • In Hero Union BBS, Legal Loli is a permanently youthful, immortal hero known around the forum for her obnoxious attitude. The other retired heroes become visibly annoyed when she loudly barges into a thread.
  • Ging Freecss (Gon's dad) in Hunter × Hunter is this to the vast majority of the Hunter Organization. He's highly regarded and admired for his skills and knows most, if not all of them on a personal level, and every single one of them can immediately agree that he is a colossal pain in the ass.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Santana, the first Pillar Man Joseph fights in Battle Tendency, is this to the rest of the Pillar Men, who choose to mock him after learning of his defeat and capture, and show no interest in rescuing him.
    • Diamond Is Unbreakable:
      • Toshikazu Hazamada, an unstable jerk who used his Stand to rip out his friend's eye over a disagreement about manga and, according to what Rohan reads from him using Heaven's Door, tortures animals and children and had planned to rape one of his classmates using his Stand. The only person willing to give him the time of day is Koichi, and even then it's mostly over a shared interest in Rohan's manga. Even his own Stand doesn't like him.
      • Rohan Kishibe, even after performing a Heel–Face Turn and joining the group to hunt down Kira, still absolutely hates Josuke, and Josuke and Okuyasu still think he's pretty creepy and insufferable and hard to be around. About the only people he gets along with is Koichi, who he tried to kill pre-Heel–Face Turn and was still a little uncomfortable around him for quite a while, and Joseph Joestar. Rohan even admits the only reason he puts up with Josuke was due to his connection to Koichi and Joesph.
      • Shigekiyo "Shigechi" Yanguu, though Josuke and Okuyasu tolerate him, they still find him despicable and don't trust him, owing to him stealing their lottery money. Despite this, Shigechi's death is the catalyst that gets Josuke's team to start fighting back against Kira—he may be a brat, but he was still just a kid and didn't deserve to go out like that.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War:
    • Iino worries that she's this among the student council after joining. Rather tellingly, her question during the 10 yen game was asking if the others found her useless and annoying (for the record, all of them answered no).
    • A more hilarious example is that Fujiwara starts becoming this to the rest of the Student Council in later chapters in the series. It's not that she is disliked per se as she is considered a good friend by them, especially by Kaguya who she has known since middle school even before Shirogane. But her flighty and unpredictable nature makes the others extremely weary of her. The only one who has a real positive opinion about Fujiwara is the aforementioned Iino, who looks up to her as a role model and even then, the others note that their relationship is more that of a Domestic Abuser and their victim since Iino is in denial of any of Fujiwara's rather obvious faults (Yes, this is all still played for comedy).
  • Haruo Niijima from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. He's a self-proclaimed evil genius, and is cowardly and manipulative. Even his "friends" often wonder why the heck they tolerate his presence. The only person who seems to genuinely like having him around is the resident Cloudcuckoolander Siegfried, everyone else was bullied, blackmailed, or otherwise manipulated into joining him... but at least he's good with information and a capable strategist, so he does make himself quite useful.
  • KonoSuba sees Aqua being this among her fellow gods, to such a degree that they used Kazuma picking her as his "cheat item" as an excuse to rid themselves of her and have the caveat of her only being able to return once the Demon King is defeated to delay her return.
  • The "Loony Gang" in Maison Ikkoku which consists of Mrs. Ichinose, Akemi, and Yotsuya.
  • Medaka Box: Seeing as he's formerly Medaka's Arch-Enemy, Kumagawa gets this treatment at times. Despite annoying many of the characters, the Student Council keeps him around to keep him in check.
  • Kai Shiden in Mobile Suit Gundam started out as this. Late into the series, however, he got his breakout episode where he had a love interest only to see her die in the next episode. After this, he became a more sympathetic character. His cameo appearances in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam definitely showed a more mature Kai.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Bakugo is the most blatant example. His Hair-Trigger Temper, tendency to badmouth everyone and forget their names, and general No Social Skills, ostracizes him from much of the cast, with Kirishima, Uraraka and Midoriya being the only exceptions. This is starting to change thanks to Character Development, however, such as Jiro practically begging Bakugo to perform with her during the School Festival, which she probably wouldn't have asked him to do at the beginning of the manga. In Midoriya's case, it seems to be a mix of Seniority, since they've known each other since they were little, and Caring.
    • Mineta is even worse in this regard. Though he gets along somewhat with Kaminari (the only other guy in class who behaves like him) and to a lesser extent with Midoriya and Tsuyu (although the latter doesn't hesitate to smack him with her tongue if he gets out of line), his classmates see him as a nuisance at best, and spend most of their interactions with him in Pervert Revenge Mode.
    • Aoyama is usually treated as a minor annoyance. No one takes his Small Name, Big Ego seriously, and a few of the class members often poke fun at him to due his Awesome, but Impractical Quirk (which, admittedly, is partly due to a birth defect). Class 1-A does ultimately prove that they care about him when they come to his and Iida's rescue during the Hero Licensing Exam. Some time later, he and Midoriya strike up a friendship over how their Quirks harm their own bodies.
    • Class 1-B has Neito Monoma and his overly serious rivalry with Class 1-A. While for the most part he's fairly normal and gets along well with his classmates, whenever he gets near a Class 1-A member, it usually falls to Kendo to Dope Slap him and drag him off before he can embarrass them more than he already has.
    • Mei Hatsume, a Support Course student who was one of the few non-Hero Course students to make it past the first round of the Sports Festival, is this to Iida and Uraraka after the U.A. Sports Festival Arc. Iida dislikes her because she used him as a guinea pig for her inventions during their match in the finals, while Uraraka is often annoyed by her for getting too close to Midoriya (the guy Uraraka likes). Midoriya doesn't spend much time with Hatsume unless he needs her to upgrade his costume, making her a case of Necessity, but he gets along reasonably well with her, partly due to him being impressed with her inventions and often going to her specifically for new gear.
  • My Monster Secret has Shimada, who's a jerkish, perverted loser and is occasionally arrested for sexual assault, but who still hangs out with everyone. He's still a massive Butt-Monkey and Asahi desperately tries (but fails) to stop him when Shima talks about "conveying his love".
  • Pokémon:
    • Meowth initially started as such in the original series, considering himself "Top Cat" of the Team Rocket trio, despite Jessie and James often being irritated by him or even considering replacing him and their Pokemon refusing to obey him. This got downplayed as the trio's sympathetic characterisations became more prominent (of the three, Jessie is now more liable to play this because of her temperament, though even then she's not a full example).
    • Wobbuffet similarly had a bad debut with the trio, due to being a accidental replacement for the (comparatively) more competent Likitung and often irritating them with his dopiness and refusal to stay in his Pokeball. As time passed however, they warmed up to him, and by the time he returns to them in the Kalos region he's practically the fourth member of the team.
  • Naofumi, the titular Shield Hero in The Rising of the Shield Hero. Right from the start he gets no respect due to the reputation of the Shield Hero (both within the setting, and in the counterpart games each of the other three Heroes are familiar with) being the "loser's class"; all defense and no offense. And then Malty and the King enact their plan to crush his already abysmal reputation, turning him in the eyes of the public and the other three Heroes from an ignorant loser that nobody wants to associate with to a disgusting (falsely accused) rapist whose irrevocable status as the Shield Hero is the only thing keeping him from being put to death.
    • Motoyasu is the second most disliked of the four ahead of Naofumi, as his arrogance, lechery and general foolishness means that people only associate with him because of his status as the Spear Hero. Ren and Itsuki, meanwhile, can at least be occasionally seen willingly hanging out together.
    • Ultimately, all Four Heroes are this to each other. They frequently end up bickering amongst themselves for the slightest reason, and this animosity is further enforced by the fact that the nature of their legendary weapons prevents them from working together for any lengthy period of time, or else they'll end up interfering with each other.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: While he's certainly respected among the main characters, most of them still agree that Saitou is still rather unpleasant to deal with.
  • Sailor Moon:
  • Chiri in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei is a lot like Cartman. She's a very extreme Heroic Comedic Sociopath and everyone is afraid of her Ax-Crazy streak, but she's still part of the group. It probably helps that everyone else is pretty crazy/borderline sociopathic.
  • In Sazanka, Tatsuki and Aoi's mutual friend, whom the author calls "Friend A," is this. Aoi considers Friend A loud and annoying, and Friend A has an unfortunate tendency to call Tatsuki an "aspie" whenever Tatsuki spaces out, since Friend A doesn't know what the term means or that Tatsuki has Asperger's. When Tatsuki has a one-on-one meeting with Aoi, Aoi says she's glad to not have "Friend A" around, and Tatsuki laughs and agrees.
  • Shimoneta: Ayame and Tanukichi are initially taken in by Kousuri's sweet and innocent act, but it isn't long before she reveals her true colors. They soon grow weary of her, because she only impeded SOX's efforts by treating ero-terrorism as a game. Hyouka is the only one to not be fooled by Kousuri's act and plainly calls her on it; making it clear she doesn't think highly of her either.
  • Shirobako
    • Tarou Takanashi is a useless and incompetent dumbass with the sensitivity and tact of a brick, and his bumbling (for which he consistently fails to show any shred of responsibility) has threatened the studio at least twice in just six episodes, but he still isn't fired yet.
    • Hiraoka quickly becomes this due to his tendency to cut corners and his abrasive personality. The only people who really like him are his old friend Yano, who understands why he became so jaded, and Tarou, who makes a sincere, if awkward, attempt to befriend Hiraoka, eventually succeeding. As such, he comes off as an example of Caring, as well as Seniority in Yano's case.
  • Sonic X:
    • Knuckles seems to be this to Sonic and the others, but this doesn't help that his hot-headed attitude and his disagreements with the group's thinking makes his bonding with them very difficult to handle.
    • Amy is the same way. Due to her bad attitude and violent behavior, the team prefers to work without her, despite Caring and occasional Fear.
  • Miu Matsuoka in Strawberry Marshmallow. She's usually only included because she's Chika's oldest friend and next door neighbor, although exceptions exist. Due to the lighthearted nature of the series, though, it's only really a recurring element for comic relief; if subjects get serious or Miu suddenly needs medical attention, the other girls (and notably both Nobue and Chika, who are the most aggravated with Miu) drop their displeasure of her to make sure she's ok.
    • The trope even comes to a head somewhat early on (and before a lot of other anti-Miu stuff comes up) when Miu gets fed up with Nobue treating the other girls better than her and demands to know where she fits in Nobue's totem pole. The answer Nobue gives, which was apparently supposed to be facetious, leaves Miu in tears. Nobue fixes it that night, by morning everything is back to normal, and the subject is never brought up again.
  • Downplayed and then subverted in Wandering Son. The only member of the group of friends Saori is consistently on good terms with is Kanako. Throughout the several years in which the manga takes place, Saori has gone through stages of either being a moody, sarcastic jerk or having everyone be nice to her. By the end of the manga, she's become a nicer person and is good friends with the others.
  • Nozomu "Baka" Tanaka from Wasteful Days of High School Girls elicits this from even her close friends Ota and Robo, who don't particularly like her, and eventually extends to most of her other classmates. She's a royal pain in the ass to most of the people that meet her.
  • Yanda from Yotsuba&!. It doesn't help that the person he will pick on most is five years old. Although, he quickly evolves into a Sitcom Arch-Nemesis for Yotsuba (and later even Friendly Enemy) and his antics don't trigger more than mild annoyance in other characters. Also partially justified, as he's a coworker and kohai of Yotsuba's father.
  • Played with in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Kaiba considers Yugi a worthy opponent and Yugi does consider him a friend, but he expresses indifference and disdain to everyone else in Yugi's group, and in Jonouchi's case there's a mutual hatred between them.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the group is friends with Manjoume, even though no one really likes him at first due to his arrogant attitude, although he means well. However, after getting Character Development and becomes more mature, the group start to genuinely like him, and even before that, Judai has always considered him a friend.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice has Jean-Jacques, because of his boisterous attitude and Awesome Ego, the other skaters can hardly stand him, to the point that, when everybody is having a get together and J.J. shows up, they all leave the party.
  • Zombieland Saga has Kotaro Tatsumi, the girls' bossy, completely over-the-top producer and agent. Even though he has shown to be capable of being kind, such as comforting Junko and steadfastly defending Lily in their focus episodes, he regularly levels exaggerated verbal abuse at them, with them responding in kind whenever they feel he goes too far. The only reason they keep him around is they have no other choice, since he brought them Back from the Dead and is keeping them from being sent back there by panicking humans.

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