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Let's not deny it, there's a reason Seraph of the End resonates well with the LGBT community. For example, Yuu and Guren practically have a harem of both MEN and WOMEN. The author has made it known in a Q&A that Yuu's "unexpected special skill" is to make others love him — outright implying Yuu's whole squad (male and female) has crushes on him, even using Kimizuki in the manga as an example.

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     Mika and Yuu 
  • When Mika intimately hugged Yuu to silence him when he was about to refuse going to Ferid's mansion to let him drink his blood Mika replied in Yuu's place "He's too shy. Maybe another time." Given Mika's protectiveness of Yuu and his reaction when Ferid tried to drink his blood four years later (via cutting his arm off and issuing a death threat) one could say he's indirectly saying Yuu's off limits in a falsely nice way towards Ferid while hiding the deeper meaning behind it.
  • Yuu said he was already dead when his parents abandoned him and tried to kill him and if it wasn't for Mika's kindness and friendship he would've died.
  • When Shinoa intimately holds Yuu who's passed out and injured from going into his Superpowered Evil Side Mika looks angry. Is he showing jealousy perhaps in addition to protectiveness?
  • Mika openly declared he will make Yuu his, no matter what.
  • Mika thinks how Yuu is the most important thing to him in serapetit compared to how him being a vampire the most important thing should be blood.
  • They both enable the other to defrost and loosen up as well as become kinder. It's also due to the other's influence that they're able to learn to love and allow people to get close to them again.
  • In chapter 86, when Yuu met Mahiru for the first time since the prison, Mahiru taunted Yuu, asking if he found a new reason to live. Cue Yuu grasping his head in pain as he remembers their encounter and Mika desperately shouting for him to not let the taunting get to him. How did Yuu respond to the taunt? He grasped Mika's sleeve and smiled, saying Mika was his new reason to live. Mika's gentle smile shows just how touched he was by those words.
  • Chapter 87 is just FULL of shipping material. When Guren blasted away Yuu and Mika with a sword slash powered by his draining of Shinya's and his other teammates' power, Mika and Yuu made sure to hold hands to prevent them from being separated. If that was not enough, Mika once again shields Yuu with his body just as Guren would have killed Yuu, getting injured instead. How does Yuu react? By jumping away from Guren as fast as possible and fleeing with Mika in his arms. Looks like Yuu returned the favor for all the times Mika bridal-carried him. Not only that, but when Mika started drinking Yuu's blood to help him heal his back injury, Yuu cried out, complaining about why blood sucking had to feel so good and saying he hated it.note  Despite that, Yuu was not mad at Mika even when he had to knock Mika away to prevent being sucked dry, telling Mika he didn't need to apologize and when Mika told him that his blood was delicious, he seemed flattered.
  • In Chapter 106, Yuu offered to devour Mika and let Mika devour him, so Mika could become Yuu's demon. As to why Yuu had to say it that way...
  • Unlike with Asuramaru, Yuu trusts Mika wholeheartedly and lets his desires run wild so both he and Mika can be at full power. Yuu says ever since he and Mika joined together, he has been feeling awesome and he feels like he can do anything. He doesn't even care if Mika chooses to possess him.
  • In Chapter 110, after obtaining Yuu's memories after eating Yuu's desires and in addition to regaining his own memories, Mika told Yuu he was mad because Yuu tried to die so many times, which would have made Mika's sacrifice pointless. However, Yuu said everything worked out in the end, and Mika ackowledged that it was because of Guren; thanks to Guren, they found each other again. Before leaving Yuu's inner world, Mika and Yuu reached for each other's hands and promised to protect each other.
  • In Chapter 113, it was revealed that several millennia ago, a child Yuu would talk to Mika's corpse to try to wake Mika up. Yuu eagerly offered to kiss Mika awake with Yuu being a prince and Mika being a princess, and Shika Madu said he would love nothing more. Yuu also revealed that despite Mika being dead, Mika would still talk to Yuu, so Yuu would press an ear to Mika's coffin to not miss what Mika had to say next. Shika Madu said it was horribly cruel for Mika to talk to Yuu when Mika hasn't talked to him, Mika's parent.
  • In Chapter 114, Guren revealed that in order to resurrect all of humanity, three prices would have to be paid: everyone involved in setting the spell would be cursed with eternal life, seven Sinful Keys are needed, and all vampires will be sacrificed. However, Guren stated that those same three prices could be paid to instead bring Mika back to life. Because Mika isn't human and is instead Shika Madu's son, he cannot be resurrected with the humans, and the spell can be cast only once to either resurrect all of humanity or resurrect Mika alone. Despite Mika being okay with not being resurrected and despite Guren stating that choosing Mika would make Yuu everyone's enemy, Yuu chose Mika anyways and not all of humanity, even including Akane and the other orphans. In other words, Mika is more important to Yuu than everyone else in the world.
  • In a anime video where Shinoa described Mika the words she used to describe him came from what Yuu told her about him and she used words like “cool” and “kind”.
  • Yuu is willing to be experimented on if it'll enable Guren to help him get Mika back which kind of parallels Shigure's and Sayuri's motivation to be lab rats if it means it will help Guren (if Yuu really does have a crush on Mika as Sayuri and Shigure love and live for Guren).
  • In track 4 of the CD drama, so as to not worry others (Yuu especially) Mika always makes it a point to cover up his problems with a smile and also never complained about having to give his blood to vampires in return for favors to help make life easier for his family and Yuu.
  • In a stage event Mika's voice actor says for him Yuu is Mika's last hope, someone who can't be replaced, and takes note of how Mika has stalker tendencies towards Yuu and seems like he's always behind Yuu and thinking of him.
  • Yuu's stubbornness, lack of tact, tendency to act reckless, and act before thinking can be very frustrating for Mika and he is quick to reprimand Yuu for some of it much like a nagging spouse if you have your shipping goggles on but nonetheless remains caring and kind towards Yuu and doesn't give up on him.
  • Mika's way of teasing Yuu at times seems almost flirtatious.
  • There's quite a bit of merchandise that features only the two of them together.
  • Part of the two's character development and plot relevant flashbacks have to do with each other, not with girls.
  • When Yuu offers his blood to Mika in the anime, he stands before him pulling his shirt further open from after Mika pulled it open, revealing more of his chest (which is even more suggestive if you didn't know the context) so Mika can bite him. Even though he initially offers his slit arm to Mika to drink from, Mika still chooses to drink from his neck. The flying glomp as well and music makes it play out to be similar to The Big Damn Kiss.
  • They have some Held Gaze moments which tend to be reserved for romantic couples.
  • Yuu really only lets himself get emotional and cries when Mika is involved in the beginning. He dreams about Mika before they are reunited and once reaches out as if towards him with his hand in his dream and after waking up while crying profusely and blushing. Likewise the only thing that enables Mika to drop his stoic mask and become more open and emotional is Yuu.
  • Shinoa is implied to have a crush on Yuu and in one scene she says it's nice to feel needed by someone whom she considers family and it's implied she means Yuu. To parallel this Yuu mentions that Guren told him to live even if it was only for revenge until he found someone who needed him. Who fits that role? Mika and his other squad members.
    • Yuu is implied to try to kill him self because he hasn't saved Mika and Guren yet. He says if he can't save his precious family he'd rather die.
  • Yuu is asked who of his family (squad) he likes the most. He says they're all nice.
    • It's implied given their actions and undying devotion (from the past to currently) towards each other that they would die for one another.
    • Mika initially would rather die than become a vampire. It's implied he doesn't want to become a vampire because he knows Yuu hates vampires and he hates them too. There's also the implication that he would rather die than have Yuu hate him.
    • Yuu tells Mika to live for him when he's struggling against the temptation to drink his blood.
  • Yagami did an illustration which shows Mika looking sexy and he brushes back his hair revealing his pointy vampire ear. Yuu is shown in the background with a smile on his face, indicating he approves of the sight.
  • During their childhood and after they are reunited and Mika joins Yuu's squad they are never seen apart from each other.
  • Mika carrying an unconscious Yuu in a piggyback despite him (Mika) being severely injured and bleeding.
  • One episode has an ending card which features the gang together. Yuu and Mika are holding hands.
  • In several official artwork of Mika and Yuu teddy bears are featured and teddy bears are know to be a symbol of love, affection, and protection. Perhaps the best example is the official art of Yuu holding a teddy bear while Mika is sitting next to him and grabbing the teddy bears hand with an almost seductive and loving look on his face directed at Yuu.
  • Reminder that the one who made Yuu cherish the idea/word family he loves so much now was Mika.
  • After becoming a vampire And losing his family and Yuu, Mika grew cynical and didn't believe in things like having a family or being happy anymore. Yuu's influence eventually changed that part of him.
  • They're essentially each other's Living Emotional Crutch and have maintained their sanity/emotional well being knowing the other was alive and in their life.
  • In the first chapter we see Yuu being welcomed by Mika and says despite his being an orphan he and the other kids are not lonely because now they have Yuu as a new addition to their family.
    • When they were living in the Hyakuya orphanage Mika would tell Yuu to look after the other children and trusted him to do so. He would often tell Yuu it's their job to watch over the younger kids as they're the eldest so they depend on them to keep them safe. Still, it's not unlike something married couples/adopted parents would say to each other.
    • Yuu tells Mika the only thing that would save him (Yuu) and make him listen to him is if Mika sucks his blood and lives on with him.
    • Yuu deciding to forgo his humanity to his demon in order to get revenge for Mika and his family. He later decides to become a demon in order to protect his family and Mika.
    • Mika sadly calls himself just a filthy vampire because he doesn't think anyone could care for a monster like him. What makes him change this opinion of himself? Yuu's acceptance of Mika despite the fact that he became a vampire, the very thing Yuu hates, but he makes an exception for Mika.
    • When Guren tells Yuu to give up on the past Yuu's first thought is of Mika, the implication being that he could never do that, as above all others, it's Mika that left the biggest impact on him.
    • Mikaela's obsession with Yuichiro, full stop. He tears off Ferid's arm (granted, Ferid is a target of revenge for both Yuu and Mika) for trying to drink Yuu's blood, nearly makes off with Yuu in a Bridal Carry in a couple chapters, and has convinced himself (admittedly for good reason) that Yuu's human allies are just using him in order to justify taking Yuu back.
    • When Yuu is picked up in a Bridal Carry by Mika in the anime especially he's noticeably blushing and looking embarrassed.
      • Some fans have taken to have Yuu wear a bridal gown/veil in their edits of this scene in the anime/manga and add wedding music. The implication of Mika's words and his way of holding Yuu makes it not seem out of place.
      • In a later chapter Mika gets an angry look on his face and declares he will "never hand Yuu-chan over to the humans/vampires".
      • Mika is referred to as being Yuu's "dearest friend" in the fanbook and Yuu calls Mika his "precious family".
    • In the Unmei no Hajimari'' game Yuu blushes more times around Mika compared to his other friends.
      • When Ferid jokingly threatens to turn Yuu into a vampire just like Krul did to Mika, Mika turns to him without an ounce of fear and with a furious expression on his face he grabs him by the neck, and threatens "If you lay a hand on Yuu-chan, I'll kill you." This despite knowing how powerful Ferid is compared to him, and how he fatally injured him in the past.
    • When Ferid sees how cute Yuu looks when he cries upon seeing Mika Ferid blushes and says "Uwah! What's with that cute reaction? No wonder you're (Mika) so into him/attached" to which Mika does not deny and only blushes.
      • Ferid then says that everybody "except precious Yuu" should die and that Mika should go rescue his "precious princess" to which Mika doesn't protest against.
    • Mika is always insisting that he and Yuu and the other Hyakuya orphans are family much to Yuu's embarrassment. Later, after the other orphans die Mika insists to Yuu "I'm your only family!"
    • When Mika sacrifices himself to protect Yuu from Ferid he orders Yuu to run to safety but Yuu refuses saying that he can't abandon his family while crying and trying to forcibly take an injured Mika with him after holding him in his arms. When Yuu finally does leave he's crying his eyes out and Mika is also crying while whispering touched "Yuu-chan finally called us family..." It's later shown Yuu's been having nightmares every night since four years ago when the Hyakuya orphan massacre occured which depict his underlying guilt at failing to save his family and Mika.
      • In the Butler Drama CD translation Mika jealously tells Shinoa to "Get away from Yuu-chan!" He also says he can't let Yuu work alone in a shop full of humans and threatens to kill Ferid again if he lays his hands on Yuu when the latter jokes that he wants to drink Yuu's blood. When Yuu and the others are made to participate in a competition with Krul and the others as judges to show off their skills as butlers, Mika tells Yuu "Let's do our best together Yuu-chan" and when Kureto arrives to meddle in the cafe's affairs Mika worriedly turns to Yuu and says "Yuu-chan, its dangerous! Get back!" implying he means to protect Yuu.
    • Around volume ten there's an extra part where Ferid is talking about what to expect in the Mikaela light novels and teases Mika during this which annoys Mika and he leaves as he's uninterested in hearing what Ferid has to say. That is, until Ferid mentions Yuu will make an appearance prompting Mika to immediately come back and ask about Yuu to which Crowley comments "You sure came back fast."
    • In the anime, when Yuu goes into his Superpowered Evil Side Shinoa attempts to calm him down with a Cooldown Hug leading Mika to scream "Don't touch Yuu-chan with your filthy hands!"
    • When Yuu attempts to attack Shinoa when his Superpowered Evil Side takes over Mika shields Shinoa despite hating her because he knows if Shinoa were to die Yuu would be sad. He even says he didn't do it for her but for Yuu. Shinoa also stands against the JIDA with the others to give Mika time to take Yuu away and says if Mika were to die Yuu would be mad at her and sad.
    • Also, Mika’s reason to endure his bloodthirst and keep living as a “filthy vampire” (for four years) with Ferid (who killed his family) is to meet Yuu again.
    • Mika shows no resentment towards Yuu for him running to save himself, leaving Mika to become a vampire though Yuu's guilt makes him think it's the opposite.
    • Yuu states Mika gave him a reason to live too. He says he continued living on in the hopes that he could finally meet Mika again. Now that he has he asks Mika to live on together with him.
    • During and after their first reunion, both of them get very emotional, blushing and crying because they are happy the other is alive.
    • When Ferid says Yuu is cute with adorable reactions Mika doesn't deny this statement almost as if he's agreeing with Ferid.
    • In this interview Mika is implied by Wit Studio to love Yuu in a romantic fashion by saying he's in a Love Triangle of sorts over Yuu with Shinoa because Mika likes Yuu. Yamada of Wit Studio also prefers Yuu with Mika rather than with Shinoa. The following article reaffirms that they're devotion to each other is stronger than just wanting to protect the other and they've been attached to each other even before the death of the Hyakuya orphans.
    • The executive producers of the anime state they believe Yuu and Mika are going to end up together.
    • The anime dub makes them sound even more romantically interested with each other. Funimation also is not shy about stating their support for the pairing.
    • The Dubbletalk hosts talk about the MikaYuu pairing and how they want them to be together or think they have more chemistry together than they do with other characters.
      • One of the Dubbletalk co-hosts literally said “it’s 2016, okay? We can have two male characters that can have the vampire and human love relationship!”
    • Mika's voice actor states the following in this interview.: "Adult Mikaela is pretty arrogant. He looks down on humans, and says a lot of patronizing things. I think he’s likeable because he only lets down his guard and becomes honest in front of Yuu-chan (Yuichiro). There’s a big gap between his childhood self and his current personality. It’s a little tsundere (laughs)" He also says "Yuu is Mika's everything."
      • Yuu also shows tsundere tendencies around Mika. For example, he gets mad at Mika when he states he was giving his blood to Ferid in exchange for gifts and hits him. He says he doesn't care what he does to which Mika looks sad for having made Yuu mad and asks if he wants him to get him anything from Ferid. Yuu waits up for Mika when he was giving his blood to Ferid clearly worried about him. When Mika returns home he says "Welcome home" which Yuu ignores, still upset with Mika for his decision to willingly act as livestock in exchange for help from the vampires. He even offers to go in Mika's place to have Ferid suck his blood in exchange for supplies but Mika disagrees. Also, whenever Mika tries to do things on his own or despairs about their situation Yuu says he will beat Mika up if he doesn't cheer up.
    • Mika makes cookies with Yuu in one official art and one of the animators said she had a scenario in mind initially where Mika makes cookies for Yuu despite the fact that Mika can't eat them anymore. Yuu decides to share them with the squad which Mika wasn't very happy about.
    • The beginning page of chapter 11 has Mika calling Yuu "the only man I'm living for." Yuu also initially thinks that he has no reason to live on other than devoting himself to destroy every single vampire in existence to avenge the death of the Hyakuya orphans and Mika. He even forgoes common sense and let's his emotions get the best of him when it comes to revenge and Mika. After learning that Mika is still alive this changes to him wanting to get Mika back from the vampires.
    • In the manga, anime, and game, the way that Mika proposes that they run away and live alone together in the countryside carries serious undertones. The demonized Yuu in chapter 43 even attempts to use this desire of Mika's to try to get Mika to unchain him and gives Mika an almost loving look. Mika has Yuu put in chains and stands before him to watch over him when he's possessed which is suggestive enough on his own. When he's possessed and not himself he offers his blood to Mika again with a seductive look. He threatens to kill Mika which upsets Mika to hear and also for him to see Yuu this way. Whenever it seems Yuu is staying in his demon form longer than before or it's advancing faster Mika frets and gets very worried. He wants to find a way with the others to rid Yuu of his demon like Yuu wants to find a way to turn Mika back into a human.
    • Yuu and Mika are on a lot of manga/chapter covers together.
    • Chileanli on tumblr translated this commentary video from the anime who noted that the word Shinoa said about Mika's wish to run away with Yuu and live together was the japanese words 逃避行, which they say translates to either mean flee or elope.
    • Wordof God says that Mikaela's favorite phrase is "Yuu-chan" and Yuu in turn likes to refer to Mikaela with the affectionate endearment of Mika. Adding chan to a person's name is usually for when you are referring to a child, a dear loved one, or even a lover.
    • When they have their reunion in episode 11, Mika grabs hold of Yuu from behind in a hug when trying to keep Yuu from going back to his comrades.
    • Ferid quips in the manga and anime that Yuu is the "precious princess" and "precious angel" that Mika wants to save. He also says that Mika's wanting to protect/rescue Yuu is like "love" which Mika doesn't deny or object to and that Mika's aversion to drinking human blood is because he's afraid that "his beloved Yuu-chan" would hate him for it. It's implied he's afraid of Yuu rejecting him for becoming a vampire. This implies that Ferid sees Mika as Yuu's Knight in Shining Armor or Prince Charming and certainly there are hints pointing towards that assumption. When Yuu offers his blood to drink Mika is happy but still frustrated because he says he (Mika) was supposed to be the one saving Yuu not the other way around and he also comments appreciatingly that Yuu has grown stronger and more reliable. It certainly seems in some scenes that he would rather sacrifice himself/have himself get put into danger in Yuu's place and vice versa. They both want to take the others burdens on themselves so they don't suffer.
      • Whenever Yuu is mentioned as needing to find a lover as he's a "cherry boy" (virgin) it's noticeable that the term "lover" is used in a gender neautral term as if it could be a boy or a girl.
      • In regards to Ferid's assessment that Mika's aversion to drinking human blood is because he's afraid Yuu would hate him for it, that could be one of the reasons he was so reluctant to drink Yuu's blood as well as he knows Yuu hates being treated like a blood bag by vampires and that he hates vampires as well.
    • Reminder that Kagami conceded Yuu was like "the heroine", regarding the first time Mika had Yuu in a Bridal Carry.
    • Krul had to mention Yuu to keep Mika’s loyalty, implying that’s how she and Ferid made Mika actually work for them.
    • Mika even goes against Krul and Ferid, other dangerous vampires, and formidable humans in his quest to save Yuu.
      • The video game expands upon the scene where Ferid calls Yuu Mika's precious angel:
    Ferid: I heard that they finally seem to have found him. The precious angel that you’ve been searching for.
    Ferid: As I thought, he is being used by those filthy humans. Hyakuya ––.
    Ferid: Yuichiro-kun, right.
    Mika: …Shut up. Don’t you say his name.

    • To Mika, because of what Ferid had done to them in their past and how it resulted in them being separated, Mika despises Ferid and Ferid drinking Yuu's blood, touching him, or even saying his name is enough to hit his Berserk Button. Jealousy could also be read into it.
    • And Yuu's occasional mention of Mika is also something to take note of. The earlier chapters featured scenes about how he's also going to get revenge on the vampires for killing Mika and his family. When he learns Mika is alive this changes to him wanting to save Mika from the vampires. There is literally TONS of examples of their obsession with rescuing/being with each other, to the point where other characters (like Ferid) even comment on it.
    • It's noteworthy how Mika smiles much less after becoming a vampire. In fact, he seems to only reserve his smiles for when he's around Yuu and it is cute. He also blushes and looks at Yuu a lot which some fans find rather telling.
    • Mikaela's ending in Unmei no Hajimari'' features the two giving a pinky promise to run away together with everyone. Mika even admits to Yuu that if he were taken away from Yuu and made unable to see him again it would be terrible to which Yuu agrees. Also, the following translation from the game: (CG where a blushing Mika is clinging to Yuu’s shoulders and getting close to him) Mika: "After all… Let’s run away, just the two of us." It's a very romantic statement/image.
      • Looking for emotional strength to keep going against Asuramaru, Yuu thinks of Mika and imagines himself intertwining his fingers with him (Chapter 20). He also refuses to give into his darkness by Asuramaru's hand because he "made a promise to him" (Mika) and "because he (Mika) was the first to ever need me." He also thinks "Because you wanted me Mika, I will definitely save you."
      • Yuu immediately begins to shed his vengeful ambitions after he sees that Mika is alive and becomes kinder and gentler, even though he still despises vampires. Shinoa even states after that moment, Yuu's reason to live had changed.
      • Even though Yuu despises vampires learning that Mika is a vampire does nothing to detract from his devotion towards him.
      • In chapter 39, Yuu's hatred and wanting revenge towards the vampires (at least towards the vampire queen) is immediately forgotten when he learns that she was the one who saved and kept Mika alive, stating that he's thankful to her for bringing them together and then expresses his willingness to trust her. Yes, that Yuu who holds a grudge as deep as the Mariana Trench against vampires is thankful to the leader of his sworn enemies and is willing to trust her "just" because she saved Mika and brought them back together. Mika notes that Yuu does have a point in being thankful that Krul had a hand in saving him and bringing them back together.
      • Also, Yuu's very merciful towards vampire Shahal and emotional about killing him which is implied to be from Mika's influence. He even comes to tolerate Ferid and Crowley and trust them some. This extends to him wanting to save Ferid and Krul from their sunlight torture and wanting to work with Crowley merely because he learned Crowley used to be human.
      • Even before that, Yuu willingly offers his blood to the dying Mika to heal the latter's wound (Chapter 36/Episode 10). Yuu states that he doesn't care about the fact that Mika is a vampire and tells Mika to keep living even if that means he has to rely on Yuu's blood to survive. It's noteworthy that Yuu absolutely despises being treated like a blood bag and having his blood sucked by a vampire (heck, a vampire managed to press his Berserk Button just by referring to humans as "livestock"). Also when Mika questions about how Yuu can easily tell him to become a vampire to save himself when he's been doing everything to avoid becoming what he hates and because he knows Yuu hates vampires. Then the following occurs:
    Mika: "Quit joking around! Are you telling me to become a vampire for your sake?!"
    Yuu: "Yeah, I am! Do you have a problem with that?!"
    • Yuu states of course if there was another way for Mika to survive he wouldn't want Mika to become a vampire. He also looks upset as he says if Mika died he would be sad.
    • Both openings of the anime have the two touching foreheads in a Headbutt of Love with their hands cupping each other's cheeks. And if you look closely during these scenes their heads and hands make the outline of a heart.
      • The lyrics of the second opening are quite telling with the song being almost entirely from Yuu and Mika's perspective. The song starts from Mika's perspective where he states he has feelings he’s always wanted to tell someone, and that his memories are the only thing that kept him warm in this cold world, that he looks at the sky and imagines someone's smile. Given the camera's focus on them and the reveals from the novel and manga it could be said he's referring to Yuu. The first opening features shots of Mika and Yuu with the lyrics "So don't take all of the blame we were all swept away. Don't take all of the weight you always do. There will always be something you cannot control. We will overcome. Your salvation has begun. Don't kill your hopes. You make me realize who I need. I'll be there hold on they'll change you somehow so where are you now? I'll reach you by dawn before you can be turned illusions are torn. Do they control you like a little marionette? I'll cut the strings off you dead. Come in with me. Let me free the wings of your soul. Can make it fly. We've been waiting here just to make you whole again. No more hating see I have always been your friend. If you wanna fight with me, then go ahead fight with me, cos all I wanna do is help you man, you will be the death of me."
    • There's also the line "It's my fear of love and what's dearest to us."
    • The lyrics to Insanity Love for the anime seem to parallel Mika and Yuu's relationship.
      • There's also the following lyrics: “This body that was wounded as I gathered up the fragments of lights. I’ll offer it to you alone."
      • One song features the two and talks about two souls heading towards the truth together. Some fans take this to mean "soul mates".
    • Mika notes to an unconscious and later awake Yuu that he has something important he needs to tell him while he's still sane. Although it's that Yuu and him were being used in a huge experiment by the army and he is therefore wanted by several organizations and vampires, some fans said they thought the implication of the important thing that needed to be said being a love confession remained.
    • In episode 3 (and Chapter 3), a Myo-O demon projects a vision of Mika who proceeds to intimately hug Yuu from behind and caress his face while persuading him to let it in inside his heart. Asuramaru also prefers to assume Mika's form over other orphans' forms whenever he tries to possess Yuu. The fact that demons are capable of peeking into the hearts of humans and using the truest desires and emotions inside against them certainly implies something...
      • Made even more interesting when one considers similar scenes in anime/manga where this usually happens between a female and male couple.
      • When the demon!Mika illusion intimately hugs Yuu in the manga his hands droop down to the small of Yuu's back near his butt.
      • When the demon assuming Mika's form tells Yuu to let it into his heart and give completely into revenge Yuu gets pissed and can see through the illusion. He says: "Who the hell are you anyway? Mika isn't the type of person who would tell me to focus on revenge. Mika was smart and stupidly kind to everyone." He then attacks the illusion even though it took on Mika's form and says "I'm going to kill you for trying to use my precious family against me!"
    • At the end of episode 12 (Chapter 15), Yuu and Mika look up at the moon, thinking of each other while miles apart. Yuu places his forehead against a glass window where an image of Mika is reflected in the same position making it look like their images are sharing a forehead touch. Then, with a determined look in their eyes, they mutually declare to save each other.
    • In the manga extra chapter and drama CD (Owari no Seraph: Ikebukuro kyuuketsuki kari-hen), Shinoa questions Yuu if Mika, the name he had called out during his sleep, is his former girlfriend. Yuu doesn't completely deny this and only corrects her that Mika isn't a woman. She then scolds him for screaming his past lover's name (Mika) while drooling in his sleep. Yuu doesn't completely deny this again and only denies the "drooling" part.
    • In the drama cd there's a part where Mika tells Yuu not to make a sour face while Yuu responds he always wears that kind of expression. Mika informs him "But around the children and me you always wear such an expression of affection on your face" to which Yuu denies embarrassingly.
    • The creator, Takaya Kagami, refers to Mika as "the one who suddenly died, the wife!" at the end of volume 1 to which Mika only denies that he isn't the wife, which certainly has its implications as he's never denied he's Yuu's signifant other (husband) or Prince Charming considering the times Ferid implied it.
    • Episode 10 of season 2 (Chapter 36 and 37), just that episode by itself is layered in Ho Yay. Heck, the episode is titled: "Yu and Mika".
      • Just to go further in, the anime version has Yuu holding Mika's face, touching his chin, and looking at him in a flirtatious and almost cocky manner. Before that, they back up into some shelves when Mika glomps Yuu so he can drink from his neck; During this moment, Yuu smiles blissfully and holds the back of Mika's head while Mika himself is holding onto the shelf as well while Yuu spreads open his knees. It's even more suggestive in the artwork done by Wit studio. He also holds Mika's face in his hands and brings him close telling him with a dreamy look in his eye that resembles one would give to a long lost lover: "Why Mika? We're finally together." That line and his behavior almost makes it look like he were expecting something other than a bite from Mika. Mika also tackles Yuu when pulled by the temptation to drink blood and they get really close to each other's faces with a close up of Yuu's neck when Mika is simultaneously trying to bite it and struggling not to. It's no wonder this entire scene comes off as pretty suggestive to viewers. Towards the end of the episode, Yuu hugs Mika from behind and a shadow silhouette shows Yuu holding Mika's hand as they walk away, with the sun setting in the background no less.
    • Krul seems to approve of their relationship, or at least realizes the importance they place on each other and wants them to stay by the others side. This is notable because Krul is like a mother figure to Mika and in serafest her voice actor states protectively "Mika has me, his mommy! I'll beat all the bad boys who'll try to hurt him so he is safe!" Knowing Krul, from extra materials, she seems to want Mika to be happy and knows he would be safe by Yuu's side. Almost like she is saying in regards to Yuu "I'll leave Mika in your hands."
      • It's worth noting Yuu is the first person Mika drank from and he seems to prefer Yuu's blood over that of the squads but opts to drink their blood as he doesn't want to drink Yuu dry. Mika is also the first vampire who Yuu has allowed to drink from him. It's also one of the few consensual bite scenes and an actual couple (Mahiru and Guren) have had a bite scene together as well as a parallel. Some fans said the bite scene and how Mika's eyes turn from blue to red remind one of the two having their first time with each other and Mika and Yuu loosing their virginity if symbolically.
      • Yuu tells Mika "welcome home" during the bite scene. Fans have noted that this most likely could be Yuu's belated reply to the words Mika had suggested he say to him back in episode/chapter 1 (after Mika's return from giving away blood to provide for their family)... which means Yuu hasn't forgotten that specific incident even after four years.
      • After the bite scene Mika tells Yuu "I'm not like those humans. I would never use you!" Yuu then lifts up Mika's face by the chin with his hand in the anime with a seductive gaze. He also touches the side of Mika's face with his hand in the anime while Mika kneels before him.
    • When Yuu tries to go back to his comrades to help them Mika points his sword at Yuu and says "I would do anything to protect you." It's implied to fall into If I Can't Have You… briefly here. Yuu also holds Mika's sword close to his neck as if daring him to attack him with his eyes but knowing that he won't as they both trust each other and he knows Mika cares about him.
      • At the beginning of chapter 37, there is a close-up of Yuu blushing while Mika is drinking from him. When Mika finally pulls away, it's shown that Mika has been as well.
      • In the manga when Mika drives to the airport, Yuu tells Mika that he can drink blood from him at any time and assures him that they will get through this together. Mika thinks about Yuu's words, glances at his neck where the bite he gave him is still visible, and blushes at this.
      • The official fanbook and light novels states that having your blood drunk feels good for both parties (which could explain Mika and Yuu blushing afterwards in the manga).
      • Mika and Yuu again blush when Yuu puts his arm around Mika and tells him to trust Yuu's squad as much as Mika trusts him.
    • In chapter 40, when Mika warns Shinoa's squad to get away from Kureto's lethal chains because he will take them on himself, Yuu refuses Mika's request by telling him it's about teamwork. After Mika replies he doesn't trust the humans, Yuu points to himself and says, "No, trust me". Mika then looks at him and blushes. When the others are worried about the war going on around them between the JIDA and the vampires Mika can only worry about wanting to protect Yuu. He protected Yuu when a possessed Guren tries to attack Yuu and when Guren does land a hit on Yuu Mika freaks out, rushes to his side, and demands they get him medical help.
    • It may be worth noting that Yuu's favorite color is blue because it reminds him of the sky (Mika's eyes are initially blue), his favorite pajamas are yellow (same as Mika's hair), and his favorite jacket is red (like Mika's eyes after he becomes a full vampire).
    • In Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the Endless Omake 1 for season two, when Mika asks Krul to tell him why she wants the Seraph of the End, she whispers into his ear. When Mika doesn't catch her words, she smiles mischievously (Blush Sticker included) and brings herself to his ear again. However, she's literally just saying "whisper, whisper", prompting a confused Mika to ask her to repeat herself a second time. She then whispers, "About Yuuichiro, actually—", followed by a long censored beep. Whatever it is she says, it causes Mika to have a fully red face and then promptly pass out while his soul happily ascends to heaven. Krul is amused.
      • Whatever Krul said that was beeped out its notable that it has the same number of letters that the word "homosexual" does. If not that it was about Yuu at the very least and Mika blushes at the mere mention of whatever it is about Yuu she said.
    • In the PS Vita game, Yuu tells Mika that after the war he wishes to take in the rescued orphans and care for them. Mika compliments Yuu on his kindness. Yuu then blushes and adds that he wants Mika to do it with him (essentially inviting Mika to adopt the orphans with him). Mika smiles and readily accepts.
      • In the video game and manga at certain points Mika is flustered and in pain from being thirsty for blood. To make this clear, even when Yuu isn't around he's grabbing his chest where his heart would be and whispering "It's painful, Yuu-chan...". If you didn't know it's because he's in pain due to blood thirst you'd think that was the behavior someone pining for a long lost love would do or how Mika would act during a certain intimate activity. It's implied he's trying to distract himself from the pain of blood thirst by thinking of Yuu and their happy memories together.
      • In the game, as Yuu and Mika are alone later, Mika starts heaving in pain, having not drunk blood for a while. Yuu and Mika have the conversation from episode 22, except Mika’s not dying but rather suffering a lot but that’s enough to make Yuu worry that he would eventually die from this because he would refuse to drink from humans. (you have the choices between letting Mika do w/e he wants or “forcibly make Mika drink from your neck”, in which Yuu says he will “force him to drink from him even if he doesn’t want to”.) When Mika drinks from Yuu in Unmei no Hajimari he clings close to Yuu with a flustered expression and heavy breathing sound effects which some fans have said can come across as sounding like moans.
    • In the game, Mika restores Yuu's resolve when he despairs that he feels like getting revenge didn't change anything.
      • Then we get a bit of a dialogue between Yuu and Mika, after which we get the CG where Yuu holds out his hand with a smile.
    Yuu: “Hey, Mika. I still have to save Guren.. save my family. that’s why, lend me your hand.”
    Mika: “…I guess I have no choice.”
    Then the CG with Mika patting Yuu’s head.
    Yuu: Hey, what are you doing.
    Mika: Ahaha.. I feel like a responsible older brother taking care of a troublesome, gentle younger brother.
    Yuu: Haa? Who’s the younger brother?! It's the opposite! Rather, aren’t we the same age!
    Mika: Even if we are the same age, one is still going to be the younger brother.
    Yuu: In that case I’m the older brother!
    Mika: Eeh~ Yuu-chan isn’t reliable though.
    Kimizuki: Get going already! We are seriously going to leave you two behind!
    Yuu: “Damn it.. when we get back let’s decide who’s the older brother!”
    Mika: “Yes, yes..”

    • In Unmei no Hajimari when Mika tries to persuade Yuu to run away with him, he tells Yuu "Only look at me. You're not going to leave me alone again right?"
    • It's actually an option in the game for Yuu to choose to run away with Mika.
    • In the manga/game/anime Yuu is always freely offering his blood to Mika when he suspects he's suffering from blood thirst.
    • There's a scene where Yuu gets protective over Mika because of his very wobbly way of walking (Mika's shoe is actually damaged) and worries about him, saying to rely on him more and that Mika can drink blood from him if he needs to. Yuu also attempts to forcibly take Mika to the hospital when Yuu is worried about him, much to Mika's protest. Mika then nags Yuu about how he needs to listen better to people when they are talking, and Yuu blushes in response. They both promise to tell the other if anything is bothering them.
      • There's the time when Yuu and Mika reminisce over memories, and Yuu tells Mika, "Let's do it" (they mean fighting) or Yuu asks Mika to "do it with me" (help adopt and take care of orphans), but when taken out of context...
      • In context their conversation goes like this:

    Yuu: Hey, Mika.
    Mika: What, Yuu-chan?
    Yuu: When I first came to the orphanage, I had a fight with you.
    Mika: What is it all of a sudden, bringing up something from so long ago.
    Yuu: Somehow, it feels nostalgic to talk with you. it makes me remember the things from back then.
    Mika: …It brings back memories.
    Yuu: Yeah.
    Mika: That time I told the sensei that it wasn’t a fight but..
    Yuu: It was definitely a fight.
    Mika: that time I was the one who won.
    Yuu: yeah yeah… hmm? mika won?
    Mika: yeah, that’s what i think.
    Yuu: nooo way. that was a draw, a draw.
    Mika: mmm… i wonder if that was so. i’m pretty sure it was completely my victory though..
    Yuu: at that time i was tired from moving. as i recall, i had a really bad fatigue.
    Mika: yes, yes, that’s fine already.
    Yuu: so, right now i’m deeefinitely stronger.
    Mika: indeed.. yeah, yuu-chan is strong.
    Yuu: what’s that, saying that with that tone of voice.
    Mika: i’m not doing anything like that.
    Yuu: shall we end this fight? which one of us is stronger.
    Mika: yuu-chan is the same as always, huh.

    • Mika sacrificed himself to give Yuu a chance to escape from Sanguinem after the other orphans were slaughtered right in front of their eyes saying if someone should survive it should be Yuu.
    • In the fanbook one of Mika's interests is stated to be "What Yuu is doing now" and Yuu's is similar in regards to Mika.
      • When Mika falls over from needing to drink blood in the game Yuu catches him with Mika's arm around Yuu's shoulder while Mika leans on him and Yuu is clasping Mika's hand.
    • By chapter 41, Mika completely leaves the vampires to join Shinoa's team so he can be with Yuu.
      • In the game there's an extra scene where they are looking for books that describe how to turn vampires back into humans (Yuu does a lot of research in the manga/anime in order to find out how to turn Mika back into a human despite hating studying and being nearly illiterate) and Yuu reassures Mika to not give up. They then bicker Like an Old Married Couple, with Mika telling Yuu not to leave everything to chance and Yuu saying Mika shouldn't obsess over every little detail.
      • There's also the following dialogue from the game:
    • Mika: "Yuu-chan, are you okay?!"
    • Yuu: "Thanks Mika. You saved me."
    • Mika: "Don't get that far away from me."
    • Yuu: "Don't worry that much."
    • Mika: "If you are too far I can't protect you."
    • Yuu: "If I'm too far I can't protect Mika either."

  • The official 4-koma spinoff Serapuchi! is full of moments between the two:
    • Yuu is confronted by Asuramaru taking the form of Mika as an abandoned wife with child, and Ferid gives Mika a collection of photos and dolls of Yuu and informs Krul it's the way to "handle" Mika. Mika snatches the pictures from Ferid and ominously tells Ferid not to touch Yuu's picture with his filthy hands. Also, Mika yells to Ferid that the Yuu doll isn't really Yuu but can't bear to throw it away and plays with it. When Mika gets these items from Ferid he is seen repeating "Yuu-chan..." in a dark speech bubble. In another illustration he is seen playing with a little Yuu doll and a Mika doll, making them interact with each other. M
    • Mika also destroys a robot Ferid made of him and declares that he will build a robot of Yuu instead. When Mika is made to fight a Yuu robot he declares that even if it's only taken Yuu's form he can't bear to destroy it.
    • The demon weapon training is placed in the form of a simulation game in which a pained Mika suddenly appears and Yuu offers him his blood, ending with hearts and a "Happy End". Shinoa puts Yuu in the game dressed as a girl on the second try, and after Mika appears once more this time offering his hand to Yuu, Yuu says he will save him, ending with a "True End".
    • In the school AU, Yuu and Mika have a Crash-Into Hello, and they blush at each other with Shinoa stating that she'll "provide the toast". When Yuu and Mika are forcibly separated by the class bell and are dragged off by Guren and Ferid respectively, they blush while dramatically reaching out for each other with a text that reads, "They can't leave each other again!" Mika even skips classes to go and watch whatever Yuu is doing, makes sure Yuu is doing well in his classes, gives him the answers, and also watches him from another bus.
    • Rene asks why Mika is staying at the academy when he hates vampires and humans. Lacus guesses its because of his attachment to Yuu-chan and Mika gets angry at him and tells him "Don't use your filthy mouth to say Yuu-chan's name." ** In the comic, Yuu is seen being followed by little chicks and they climb on him because of the bread he was munching on left behind crumbs. It's implied the reason Mika dresses up like a chick is because he's jealous of the chicks around Yuu and says "I will be Yuu-chan's sword." Yuu also offers some of the bread to Mika.
    • In this comic, Yuu enters the infirmary to get a cut bandaged and Mika worries over him saying "What happened? Are you okay? Were you injured? Are you not feeling well? Did someone do something to you?" Yuu says he's fine and also worries about whether Mika is unwell since he's in the infirmary.
    • Another scene has the two playing against each other in a soccer match and Mika goes out of his way to deliberately tackle his own teammate so that Yuu can score a goal.
    • Yuu talks to Yoichi about something when we see Mika appear at the window to their classroom sneaking a peek at Yuu.
  • A number of official art featuring Yuu and Mika are telling, especially the Valentine's Day official art:
    • There's art of Yuu and Mika reaching out for each other with Mika grasping onto his chest where his heart would be with a fairytale like castle in the background with roses. In context Mika is struggling with his vampire instincts and thirst for blood and trying to catch his breath, but out of context it looks like his heart is beating out of love for Yuu and he's reaching out to him like he's longing for him.
    • There's also this picture where they are making cookies together.
    • Volume 4 of the second season's BD/DVD cover features Yuu leaning on Mika's chest in between his legs; they both have their eyes closed and appear content. [1]
    • Then there's this picture of the two.
    • One official art had the two sharing a blanket while reading a book together.
  • In the fanbook it's stated that after Yuu saves Mika, Yuu wants to have curry with Mika like they used to.
  • The series's creator has stated that Mika's attachment to Yuu is stronger than his attachment to blood [2]. Mika is already known to be an exception to many of the established vampiric traits, such as being able to shed tears and his refusal to drink human blood because of Yuu. As a result, the fanbook brings his nature into question: “Hyakuya Mikaela…can it truly be said he’s a 'vampire'?"
  • Yuu tells Mika in Chapter 44 in regards to why he didn't notice Ferid the first time Yuu and Mika met: "I was just so overwhelmed that you were alive and all...I guess...I was too busy looking at you to focus on anything else." Mika is left speechless by this and blushes leaving the implication that Yuu was too busy looking at Mika not only because he's happy he's alive but because he thinks Mika is good looking. When Mika points out that it will be harder to turn him from a vampire back into a human when Yuu himself is becoming a demon Yuu happily exclaims "I don't mind, because we're the same/we match each other!"
  • The fanbook asks the characters what they look for in the opposite sex and everyone but Mika is asked this. Also he shows no interest in girls despite being a Chick Magnet (vice versa for Yuu too) and he cares more about helping/saving his friends and Yuu than having romantic interest in girls. Yuu in turn shows no interest in girls and when asked about what he looks for in the opposite sex he answers "Shut up."
    • In Chapter 18, Shinoa teasingly asks Yuu "What are you looking at? Could it be you see a girl getting undressed?" Yuu denies this and Shinoa asks "So what do you really look at? Could it be that there's something in this ruined world that you must look at no matter what?" To which Yuu replies, "I was looking to the west. There's no doubt that Mika's to the west, right? I heard that the vampire capital is located there".
    • In the Vampire Mikalea novel, Mika goes to Ferid specifically to allow him to drink his blood so he can get supplies to make the lives of Yuu and the orphans a little more bearable under the vampires and steals a map to get them away from the vampires. The text also states, as Mika's briefly giving into the weakness and immoral pleasure produced from after Ferid drinks from him that "No. For the sake of Yuu-chan and the children, he could not give in. Not like this. He could not face everyone so disgracefully." He then thinks "I want Yuu-chan to be as always, smiling strongly, saying stupid things like defeating the vampires. If not. If Yuu-chan doesn’t say those things or smile, if it comes to that, I’ll have to do my best.” Mika states that he doesn't want to let the children and especially Yuu to be near Ferid or have their blood sucked by him because of the immoral pleasure one feels from having their blood drank. He thinks "However, if Yuu-chan remains here, I don’t want to see him getting his blood sucked by vampires. I don’t want to think about Yuu-chan like that." He wants Yuu to remain pure and untainted and always smiling.
    • "I guess I'll have to try my best" is sometimes used by Japanese folk to refer to how they have to work hard to make a life for themselves and their significant other or to become a good spouse/lover to their significant other.
    • In the bloody blades idol event the song Yuu and Mika sing with Kimizuki has the lyrics: "I want to see your smile, your smile is beautiful. Here I don't want to see you look so sad. Yes, here we are becoming one." Some fans have a theory that the lyrics could also refer to how Yuu and Mika act around/feel about one another and it's nostalgic as it's implied to be a song that they sang when they were younger.
    • The following from the first volume of the Michaela novel reveals some of Mika's thoughts about Yuu:

    Yuu-chan is kind. Maybe even more than anyone else is. That’s why he can only think about the children or his friends. Even though he’s still a child himself, he doesn’t let the other kids lose their hope. So that their hearts wouldn’t be broken in such a wretched environment, he is always, frantically, talking about his dreams, about how someday they would defeat those freaking vampires.
    And so, Mika said,
    “Hahaha, so, you’re going to kill every single vampire and then build The Empire of Yuu-chan in here. Is that it?”
    “Hey, now you’re making fun of me!”
    Mika laughed at that, but then he stretched out his hand and touched Yuu-chan’s hand, gently.
    “I’m not… I believe you.”
    Yuu-chan looked this way. Then he frowned in embarrassment a little.

    • Mika also reaffirms to himself about Yuu: "But I know he’s kind. He looks after the children, so much that everyone is dependent on him now. That’s why I have to be the only one establishing contact with the vampire Noble."
      • He later uses the lie that he's going to get food from Sakuma's group when he's really going to establish contact with Ferid in order to secure goods for the children and Yuu. Yuu expresses worry about Mika and insists on going with him but Mika tells him to stay and watch the kids which sounds like something one parent would say to another.
      • When Yuu is presented with the curry Mika specifically got with his blood he doesn't seem to have eaten it as if he couldn't stomach it knowing how Mika got the ingredients for it. He repeatedly tells Mika that it should've been him to offer blood to Ferid instead of Mika.
    • The illusion of Mika makes curry for himself and Yuu saying he knows Yuu didn't eat the curry before and needs his strength.
    • When they were kids Mika was always using his more level headed reasoning to stop the Hot-Blooded Yuu from causing trouble with his temper with the vampires or the older kids. He would step in when Yuu tried to start fights to keep him safe.
      • In the manga/anime/novel Mika thinks about how seeing Yuu again inspires him to keep going and survive in their messed up world despite his tough circumstances. He sustains his resolve by thinking "Yuu-chan, I'll try extra hard today" something he said to him as a kid.
    • After Mika drinks Yuu's blood in the manga Yuu says "If you get sick of being a vampire go ahead and tell me. I'll find a way to change you back. So don't you ever try to go off on your own and die again!" Also, when he tells Mika in the manga that now that they found each other again they need to live on together. Mika responds by crying Tears of Joy.
      • When Mika sees Yuu when they reunite initally his eyes open wide and when he sees Yuu with the Shinoa squad he says "Today you humans are going to give Yuu back." Mika goes against the Japanese Imperial Demon army on his own at the risk of losing his own life purely to protect and get Yuu back. His drive to be with Yuu again and save him enables him to keep going despite the illusion making it seem like his legs are melting off as well. He also makes a grab at Yuu (who's being carried by Kimizuki) and knocks Kimizuki away before grabbing Yuu in his arms. He later cradles Yuu's body to his and carries him to safety. He also says "Give Yuu-chan back!" in the manga and anime with an enraged expression on his face. He seems almost jealous initially when he sees Yuu with his new human family.
      • In the anime when Yuu is having his final fight against Kureto and the army to protect his friends Mika and Yuu take turns holding the other protectively. Yuu also holds Mika and when the latter tells him to leave him to go and rescue his friends Yuu says "There's no way I can leave you behind! I finally got you back! I can't leave you!"
      • In the novels there's the following line: "Seeing Yuu-chan and the children’s smiles, Mika felt strength return to his body that was completely exhausted from having his blood sucked." Mika thinks about how he loves Yuu's smile and about how his determination and smile give him and the children hope and resolves to protect his smile and light. Ferid even notes that Mika has this light/hope about him when he meets with him and it's implied to be because of Yuu and the children. Mika thinks about how in order to protect Yuu and his smile he would do anything like sell his blood, flesh, and body. He also protects himself and Yuu from some older kids attacking them, threatening to get vampires involved if they laid a hand on them and says if it's to protect his family he'll do anything. He later offers an injured Yuu his shoulder to lean on and gives him a glance to which Yuu smiles awkwardly. Yuu says he's sorry as it's because of him that Mika got hurt and they got attacked. Mika notes that it's not Yuu-chan's fault. It's the worlds fault. He thinks "Yuu-chan did nothing but right." Mika made Yuu promise him that he will forgive him with a smile if he messed up because that is just how much he loves and wants to see Yuu's smile.
    • Adding more implication towards the theory of them being parents to the Hyuakuya orphans is one scene in the anime which had Yuu carrying one of the kids while turning to Mika and saying "Mika come play with the kids". Yuu shares a look in the novels with Mika who knows he's smiling so the children won't suspect the dismal nature of their situation. Mika notes that he and Yuu often think about how they can protect the children together.
    • Yuu punched Mika when they were kids when he was angry at him for giving his blood to Ferid. After he thought he lost Mika and later after being reunited he's shown crying into and looking at the hand he punched Mika with, and clutching it to his body if he can't forgive himself for punching Mika.
    • Yuu is often teased and called an idiot by Mika which like the other members of the Shinoa squad do (Mitsuba and Kimizuki and Guren to Yuu) seems to be an Insult of Endearment. He also crawls on his hands and knees towards Yuu when teasing him in chapter 1 and fakes crying (but it's implied he actually means to cry and that whenever he's troubled he hides it behind a smile for Yuu's and the others sake) while telling him that his statements of rescuing the family and his optimism towards the future gives him and the children hope and strength. This resembles Hinata's Hyuuga's crush on Naruto originally stemming because she thought his determination to never give up and his cheerful optimism was admirable and motivated her to try hard at whatever she set out to accomplish as well, and her motivation was described as wanting to be near him as well kind of like Mika and Yuu's motivation being to get the other back to have them by their side.
    • Mika is on his hands and knees before a standing Yuu in the anime during the bite scene and Yuu holds Mika's face in both his hands.
    • When Mika and Yuu hear a girl crying for help when some boys are trying to rape her, Yuu tries to go to her only to be restrained by Mika as he doesn't want them to get involved or Yuu to get hurt. Mika is forced to go when Yuu still goes to help them anyway and when they try to hit Yuu for throwing a rock at them Mika kicks one of them in the stomach. They get a hold of Yuu and hit him while Mika moves to attack them while thinking about how he has to protect Yuu. Mika gets knocked down with a hit and Yuu worries about him. Mika notes "Looking at him with worry was Yuu-chan. Yuu-chan was there. He ended up sitting next to Yuu-chan."
      • In the novel it's stated about how despite the fact he lives in a cruel and terrible world "it was really because Yuu-chan was there that Mika was able to smile."
    • The fanbook states that Mika had a habit of hugging Yuu, and in the manga/anime there are glimpses of Mika hugging Yuu when they were kids. Although Yuu makes more attempts to initiate contact between them after they meet again Mika is no less clingy towards Yuu, especially in Unmei no Hajimari. In several of their scenes in the game together he holds/clutches Yuu to himself rather intimately.
      • When Yuu blames himself for what happened to their family in the past and how Mika was turned into a vampire Mika is adamant at trying to convince him otherwise, instead wanting to take the blame all on himself. Yuu is also adamant that Mika not blame himself.
      • Yuu frequently tells Mika not to take everything on by himself and to depend on him more and Mika tells him vice versa.
    • The following from Unmei no Hajimari and the manga/anime when Mika worries about Yuu's health:

    • Mika: You’re not going to drink the nutrition jelly again? You’ll get sick.
    • Yuu: How could I drink that stuff? We don’t even know what it is or how it was made.
    • Mika: But you had blood taken, so you need nourishment.

      • The show’s producer, Kentaro Hattori, compared Mika and Yuu to Romeo and Juliet, saying that, “Just like Romeo and Juliet, Yuu and Mika have been torn apart.” [3] [4]
      • Chapter 46 gives a strong hint of it with Yuu being to talk with Ferid, the man who killed his family and fatally injured Mika, for the sake of possibly working together to help his family, Mika grabbing Yuu from his front and trying to appeal to him with reason when Ferid riles him up with Akane's head, telling him they need to run away together when Crowley comes to start trouble. Mika tries to encourage Yuu to run because he doesn't want Yuu to become livestock again. Yuu says he won't lose because he'll fight fate this time and says last time Mika became a vampire when he (Yuu) abandoned the others. Mika says that was his fault but Yuu disagrees and says it wasn't and says he'll fight together with Mika and they'll both leave with the others. Mika grabs Yuu's sleeve from behind and says Yuu's plan would just end up with the same result as his past one, with Yuu's family killed. Yuu is insistent that Mika gave them a future. He asks for Mika's help and Mika agrees with his plan despite his hesitance. Later, Mika is clinging close to his back while grabbing him from behind and talking to him to try to calm him down when he's about to loose control to his demon and he acts just as worried for Yuu as Shinoa. He knows Yuu can't win against Ferid and tries to get him to restrain himself against using his demon. He says "Listen Yuu, didn't we agree to do this together?" and Yuu looks like he's fighting with himself as his demon is taking over and he looks pained as he tells Mika: "Move Mika, or I'll kill you too" who looks upset to see Yuu this way. Yuu then fights with his demon for control of his body, at war with himself because of the fact that he threatened Mika as he doesn't want Mika to think he hates him. When Ferid approaches Yuu to give him a curse suppressant Mika is adamant to keep Ferid away from Yuu and he says while touching Yuu's shoulder protectively "You stay away from him, Ferid! I won't let you have your way with him!" with an enraged expression on his face. When Ferid says he just wants to help him Mika states it was Ferid who set him off in the first place. Ferid maintains he just wants to save Yuu and Mika angrily states "Not on your life! I'm not going to let you touch him!!" He thinks Ferid intends to hurt Yuu with the drug and tries to engage him in a fight to stop him. Crowley blocks his blow and while they're fighting Ferid says "Now precious Yuu is all mine" with Mika cursing in response. Mika acts furious when Ferid manages to overpower Yuu, bite him while holding him intimately, and give him an antidote. Mika rushes to Yuu's side after he collapses in exhaustion and with a furious expression tells him "You bastard. I will never forgive you for this ever!" Mika says he's going to keep himself and Yuu out of Ferid's plot while hovering protectively over Yuu and clutching him close. Also, when Yuu is struggling with his demon side Mika looks upset at how Yuu looks to be in pain and states "Damn you demon! Let go of Yuu-chan!"
    • Mika also appears to have his hand on Yuu's thigh when holding him close after he goes unconscious.
    • In chapter 47 Yuu is unconscious and is held briefly by a worried Mika before it cuts to the two on a bus and Yuu in a Sleep Cute position next to Mika who has his arm around Yuu's shoulders. Yuu wakes up to tell Mika he's sorry for going into demon mode again and threatening to kill him and Mika assures him with a caring glance and smile "It's okay, it's not your fault Yuu-chan." Yuu is willing to listen to and work with Ferid for his family and Mika's sake and is being extra serious and cautious rather than overly emotional like usual when dealing with the one who hurt him so deeply as he knows how serious the situation is which is also thanks to Mika warning him/informing him about Ferid and their situation.
    • Mika sometimes remains The Stoic following becoming a vampire but whenever he's around Yuu his face seems to light up and he blushes which is a stark contrast to how he behaves around other people.
    • There's a small moment in chapter 48 where Mika walks up to Yuu who is kneeling next to Yoichi, blushes, and kneels in between them.
    • When Yuu responds a bit harshly to Mika with "I know, he killed my family as well" when Mika warns him not to trust Ferid, Mika looks hurt. It comes off like Yuu is being a little colder/serious than before because the situation demands it not because he's angry at Mika.
    • In chapter 49 Mika gives an unknowing Yuu a concerned glance and when Yuu hits his head due to Crowley stopping the bus they're on abruptly Mika gets worried and asks Yuu if he's okay.
    • The beginning of Unmei no Hajimari follows the anime perfectly, but it goes a different route at the Nagoya mission: When Mika splits up with Lacus and Rene to save Yuu, he goes alone instead of taking random vampires with him. He approaches the human army when Yuu is about to take the other pill, talking about how he would rather die than be unable to save his family. However, seeing Mika makes him realize that what Guren said happened that one day someone would show up who would need him and that he should live for that moment: he actually says “Live and meet.. Mika came to meet me..” referring to the reason for him living appearing. Before screaming Mika’s name from the top of his lungs.
      • Crowley appears with Horn and Skuld in the game. He finds it interesting that a vampire is together with the humans and comments on it, but Mika doesn’t answer him. He says to capture Mika since he has things to ask him, as well as Yuu, but to slaughter the rest as they might become troublesome later. Mika tells Yuu to fight together with him and they stand back to back with their swords, making Yuu happy, and Mika says that the opponent is strong. He continues, saying he will protect Yuu, who replies that he will protect Mika too.
    • These moveable icons from the main site feature primarily Yuu and Mika.
    • These pictures of Yuu and Mika from fanbook 108 feature the following text:

    • Orange pentagon:
    • Verification!
    • The burdened one
    • The carrying one
    • Orange bolded lines:
    • Alternating over time!?
    • Yuu and Mika’s relationship!!
    • Top lines: At 8 years old, Yuu was taken into the Hyakuya orphanage where Mika extended his hand. Yuu who’s heart had been opened came to call Mika and the orphanage children “family”.
    • Bottom lines: Mika once had the habit of hugging Yuu. But after a period of 4 years the two’s relationship changes!? Yuu was held in his (Mika’s) arms when he aimed to run away.

    • Mika's profile in the game Bloody Blades reads as follows:

    • “A young child who was a captive of the vampires in the underground city of Sanguinem. Even as a child he was really intelligent and became a good big brother figure to his family comprised of the orphanage children. He cares a lot about Yuuichiro, who is the same age as him. Hyakuya is the name of his orphanage, and his original name is Mikaela Shindo.” The interesting thing is that 大切に思う can be seen as “cares for” or “treasures” and even “thinks fondly of”. It’s definitely not something you can say about anyone.

    • In Chileanli's tumblr page there's a translation of a bloody blades card featuring Mika which says the following:

    • 0324: Heartfelt feelings for family || Hyakuya Mikaela

    • {credit: lovely-midnight-haze}

    • “Mikaela was nearing his limits as he hadn’t drank blood during the large-scale war. However, he decided to drink Yuu’s blood after being convinced by Yuuichiro’s speech full of love. Mika got depressed because he had become a complete vampire, but after he decided to live on with Yuuichiro, his face was brightened with a smile.”

    • Yuu tells Mika he doesn't mind being used by him in the manga to which Mika replies "I would never use/betray you!"
    • In the idol event for the Bloody Blades game Krul comments to Ferid "I want you… to bring me a picture of Yuu and Mika dancing happily together on stage!" which Ferid does. When Mika and Yuu encounter each other again at the event Yuu runs over and Glomps Mika. Mika recalls about how nostalgic a song is because he used to listen to it together with Yuu and the other orphans. He also compliments Yuu's singing and dancing skills saying "You've always been good at performing Yuu-chan" which seems like flirting. When Krul comes to retrieve Mika Yuu comments "Are you leaving already?" as if he's not happy about that.
  • When Mika digs into Yuu about where he gets off saying he'll turn Mika back into a human when he's becoming a demon himself he adds at the end worriedly "And now you've probably done irreversible harm to yourself!"
  • Kagami, the creator of the series, talks about MikaYuu in the following translation found on no sign no lights tumblr:

    • Kagami didn’t laugh when he was asked his thoughts on people wanting Mika and Yuu to be together romantically. He aw’ed (06:33) and answered, according to the translator, that it’s a perspective thing.

    • Most detailed translation done by @isabellelightwhip:

    • “So the next question is […] There are a lot of people, who want Mika and Yuu to get together. Evidently, many wish for that to happen.”(after that comes the “aww”)

    • “He [Kagami] says he’s never gotten that question before.“

    • "Es ist halt ‘ne Ansichtssache.” which means something like “It’s a matter of perspective.”
    • “[Owari no Seraph] depicts a destroyed/shattered world, where the focus lies heavily on "over”-familiar relationships between the characters, specifically relationships where the characters aren’t related by blood, but bond and grow closer in this destroyed world and basically find their own/new family within each other.“(the word he used was "überfamiliär” and I can’t really directly translate that and “overfamiliar” doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it basically means something like, you’re not related by blood to those people, but they’ve become your family in a sense, but your bond with them goes even deeper and more significant with them. basically, it’s a kind of bond you couldn’t have with people you’re actually related to.)
    • “He’s also aware of [mikayuu/the mikayuu fanbase] in the sense that he sees/notices some of it on twitter.” The translator also said that “he gets asked a lot if there will finally be something more between the both of them“.
    • Question: “Why are the main characters both male?”
    • Translator: ”(Because) he likes to write male characters [crowd whooping] and because it’s directed to males, since it’s a shounen manga”

    • Their relationship is written as the very center of the story as Yuu and Mika are either helping the other heal or searching for each other. At the beginning of the story, Mika and Yuu found support in each other, as Mika helped Yuu heal and open up to others. Even after they separated, Mika’s memory kept Yuu going and gave him strength, and searching for Yuu was what did this for Mika as well. Then, when they meet each other again, both of them start their journey with the purpose to find each other. And now, Yuu is trying to help Mika open up to others which seems to be working.

    • Yuu's birthday illustration features the following translation:

    Yoichi: Yuu-kun, it’s your birthday!
    Shinoa: In that case, I shall make the cake.
    Mitsuba: Alright, I’ll help you.
    Kimizuki: Don’t. Just don’t, I’m begging you. I’ll make it.
    Mika: …Yuu-chan, what’s wrong?
    Yuu: Hm? Ah, I just thought that I can do without the cake.
    Mika: Why?
    Yuu: You can’t eat it anyway.
    Mika: Haha. Forget about it and just have it. Happy birthday.
    Yuu: …Okay. Thank you, guys.

    • In the omake when Mika is telling Yuu he needs more flair as a main character he grabs onto Yuu's shoulders and gets really close to his face. He also jokes that everyone (Guren, Shinoa, himself) is beautiful/handsome except Yuu in the extra text at the end of one manga volume but its clear he's joking, leaving open the implication that he considers Yuu good looking as he has joked about Yuu and his goals of defeating vampires in the past as being stupid before becoming serious and saying he believes him.
      • Mika at first only ever consensually and directly drinks blood from Yuu and never drinks blood directly from the Shinoa squad (they give him their blood to drink from a bottle) and given the implication from above that he secretly considers Yuu attractive and the parallel to Ferid only sucking the blood directly from those he finds attractive...He also calls their blood gross and says he's afraid if he drank from Yuu again he would drink him to death which implies that he thinks Yuu's blood is delicious.
    • In the beginning at the orphanage despite Yuu's initial abrasion towards Mika's offer of friendship he remains insistent in getting Yuu to be a part of his new family and doesn't relent in his kindness towards Yuu. Like Yuu he had it rough with his parents and was abandoned by them as well and feels he can relate to and sympathize with Yuu. When Yuu finally refers to Mika as his family Mika is touched and whispers to himself "Yuu-chan you finally called us your family" despite his life threatening injuries.
    • Yuu thinking of Mika and vice versa.
    • Yuu and Mika sometimes act like they're in their own little world when they're together which results in the squad having to regain their attention a couple times as they need to be serious and they have a war to fight.
    • In chapter 51 Yuu is unsure about saving Krul and Ferid from their sunlight torture and looks to Mika who asks him what he's going to do now. After looking at Mika as if for assurance/guidance he then decides to save Krul and Ferid.
      • In general Yuu seems to consider Mika's feelings about things before deciding to do anything or wants Mika's approval/help before doing something at least when he's more level headed and mature.
    • It certainly seems like Yuu can't stay mad at Mika for long and vice versa and Mika has trouble saying no to Yuu.
    • On chapter 52 Mika gets his arms cut off by a vampire and Yuu reacts as you'd expect. Also Mika says he's afraid Yuu will become a demon and doesn't want him to become the next Guren. He also seems jealous when he says Yuu loves Guren and tells Yuu that even though they're in a dangerous/messed up situation he's happy he's at least still alive since he got to see Yuu one more time which seems romantic. Also, when Narumi talks to Mika Yuu thinks he's being mean and yells at him not to be rude to Mika. Mika seems to come to care more for Yuu's friends due to their kindness and Yuu's attempts to get Mika to become closer with his friends. Mika has come to realize Yuu's warmth towards his family is genuine and worries for Yuu's telling him he doesn't want Yuu to end up losing them, either him or Yuu's other friends. He is implied to be happy now that Yuu has a new family and helps Yuu protect them. He says wanting more than that when they have each other and the others is just reckless and worries for Yuu. At the beginning of the chapter he also worries whether Yuu is feeling unwell.
    • This chapter gave a Hypocritical Heartwarming moment of how no one except him is allowed to talk in a stern way to Mika as after Narumi did so Yuu yelled at him.
    • When Mika is attacked by the vampire and has his arms sliced off its noticeable that despite Mika warning Yuu to stay away and the clear danger Yuu immediately calls for Asuramaru and rushes in front of Mika to protect him without a moments hesitation, a notable reversal of how Mika always protected him. Mika is notably worried more about Yuu than himself despite just having his arms cut off and Yuu is relieved that Mika is alive.
    • Narumi notes that Yuu turned into a demon for Mika's sake and argues that Mika only thinks about running away with Yuu.
    • When Mika is about to get even angrier at Narumi during their argument he takes a glance at Yuu who looks unhappy either at perhaps the fact that Mika doesn't agree with bringing Akane back because it could lead to more destruction or because he's not getting along with Narumi. One look at Yuu's expression makes Mika calm himself and back down from arguing. He looks hurt that Yuu is unhappy with him as Yuu is his first priority and he looks like he realizes the importance of bringing Akane back to Yuu. He then makes it a point to be nicer towards Narumi and to tell the others that he doesn't mean to run away with just Yuu, he was just anxious at the thought of losing Yuu or the others.
    • Yuu proclaims he should've been the one to give blood again and Mika's response is to say "So it would've been fine if I was made a demon?" and Yuu sees his point. Neither want the other to be suffering from either being a demon or a vampire.
  • When Yuu and Mika have their first reunion Yuu doesn't recognize Mika at first and stabs him in the chest. Mika's response? To look at Yuu, blush, and breath heavily. When Guren distracts them from their moment Mika looks annoyed/angry. He doesn't even get angry or hold a grudge on Yuu despite the fact he stabbed him twice and made him drink his blood to become a vampire. For the latter he said he would never forgive Yuu and calls him a horrible person but seems to get over it later and not blame him.
  • Whenever Yuu's demon is showing signs of overtaking Yuu or its power is advancing Mika especially takes notice and worries about Yuu.
  • In Unmei no Hajimari after Mika learns from Ferid that Yuu is alive he says he hopes he'll stay safe until he goes to save him. Yuu also gets more family events with Mika than with anyone else of the Shinoa squad and Mika only gets family moments with Yuu.
    • Yuu says he has no good memories from his time in the vampire city and that the only salvation was that Mikaela, Akane, and everyone from the Hyakuya Orphanage was together.
  • Shinoa informs Yuu: "When you were a child, your entire family was killed by vampires so you are unable to connect with others. You are afraid of losing people close to you again. Since you are so afraid, you can’t get along with a team, make friends, or find a lover." Given all the romantic Ho Yay with Mika there's the implication Mika that fulfills the lover role since he shows no interest in girls.
  • Yuu showing no interest in the girls who show feelings for him as he says he has to focus on getting revenge for Mika's death/saving Mika and Mika also shows no interest in anyone except Yuu.
  • When Mika hugs Yuu and bites him they both make the very same expression Shinoa did when he told her “we’re family, right?” and wasn’t that supposed to be because she’s implied to be in love with him?
  • In the anime before the bite scene Mika tackles Yuu to the ground and appears to be pulling the top of Yuu's shirt open if you look closely enough so that he can get at Yuu's neck better when struggling to not bite him despite the temptation.
    • Also of note is that after Mika bites Yuu in the anime he pulls himself away in a downward direction and we see the blissful expression remain on Yuu's face. Although we know Mika just pulled away to gather his bearings it looks like Mika is going down on Yuu in a discretion shot. Although he struggles not to bite Yuu he still gives Yuu a tender look and smile after drinking his blood. And when his eyes turn from blue to red he gives such a look of utter tender adoration while looking at Yuu that must be seen to be believed.
  • A bloody blades card says Mika is a part of the memory of Yuu's family that he holds dear in his heart and that Yuu communicates to his family with affection.
  • In the anime even though Yuu breaks the illusion of Mika trying to tempt him to give into revenge and clarifies the illusion isn't Mika he still expresses concern when the Mika illusion crumbles and rushes over while shouting Mika's name.
  • Mika refuses to trust humans after learning that they experimented on him and Yuu and only trusts Yuu but decides to trust Yuu's friends after seeing how they brought them together and are kind to him and Yuu. He attacks a female soldier on Yuu's whearabouts who refuses to sell out Yuu and tries to kill herself with a poison pill in her mouth. Mika takes it from her mouth because he wants to know about Yuu and he'll lose his chance to find out where he is if she dies. When she ends up dying he looks at her sadly and seems to second guess his thoughts towards humans as he wonders "Were you trying to protect Yuu-chan?" He then decides "No you were just using him."
  • There's a couple examples in the anime/manga of Mika ignoring everything else to gaze in the distance and say "Yuu-chan I'll come save you/I'm coming soon, Yuu-chan."
  • Because Mika informs him in a dream that Yuu he's happy Yuu made friends and that Yuu should cherish his new friends Yuu decides to agree to become friends with Shinoa and Yoichi. It seems Yuu looks to Mika for guidance/approval and vice versa. Almost like the idea of being happy when he thinks Mika is suffering and alone is unthinkable which is confirmed somewhat by the above illustration translation for Yuu's birthday.
  • Yuu states he initially became friends with Shinoa and the others because he couldn't save Mika without help.
  • Mika often reminisces about happier times with Yuu when separated from him. In bloody blades a New Year's Eve card says he's spending New Years thinking of past nostalgic New Years events with Yuu. One card has him wishing Yuu a Merry Christmas.
  • In the fanbook when Crowley and Ferid kiss we see Yuu showing up to work and greeting Mika while blushing who is speechless and blushes while thinking "Yuu-chan..."
  • Like Yuu, Mika thinks that the time he spent with Yuu and the kids during their imprisonment was the only saving grace.
  • In a talk show about the anime Mika's voice actor is showing off his sword skills while Yuu's voice actor goes into fanboy mode and comments on how cool and nice it is.
  • Yuu's nightmare in the anime is comprised of Ferid grabbing Mika, pulling his shirt down and sensually biting him while he struggles. Yuu screams Mika's name during this and the nightmare has the implication he's either jealous of Ferid for his attentions towards Mika or can't bear to see Mika being treated in such a fashion. In the manga too he seems annoyed/mad when Mika seeks Ferid out because he knows he has interest in him. And Mika in turn seems very pissed off whenever Ferid shows interest in Yuu.
  • In the anime relationship chart a arrow connecting Yuu and Mika reads "I will protect you."
  • Ferid seems to be a mixture of being a Shipper on Deck for MikaYuu while simultaneously trying to come between them or even in chapter 46 and an earlier chapter he shows interest in the both of them getting together with him if only to drink the blood of two people he finds interesting.
  • Everyone Can See It can be implied to the two's relationship in that Ferid, Shinoa, Crowley, and Krul notice it. It's even implied that Narumi and Kimizuki notice it when a couple times they have had to get Yuu and Mika's attention when they ignored everyone briefly to talk to each other. Narumi also notes how Mika's only thinking about running away with Yuu in chapter 52 to which Mika corrects him that now he wants everyone to be safe together and run away if that's what it takes.
  • The musical has an entire song about the two singing about their dedication to saving/rescuing one another.
  • Yuu and Mika are compared to "Romeo and Juliet" much like Guren and Mahiru. To go further from an above mention where Yuu is implied to be willing to turn into a demon/die for Mika (and the others) sake it parallels Guren in the light novels where he tries to die/becomes a demon to get more power for Mahiru's sake. Mito (who has a crush on Guren) also is willing to use demonic power for Guren's sake.
    • The two would often pass the time as kids talking about what they want to do when they escape from the vampires. In one cd drama Mika asks Yuu what kind of food he would want to eat and warns that if he struggles when they are getting blood taken the vampires might kill him which he doesn't want to happen.
  • In Chapter 53, Mika is asked by Narumi if he feels like he had some humanity left despite being turned into a vampire. He wonders about his feelings for Yuu. Mika says he's steadily loosing his humanity and is composed whenever the topic of Akane's head, though he was angry at seeing her head, and bringing her back to life is brought up. He confirms Narumi's statement that he's feeling less and less emotion towards the family that he lost but notes that he has feelings for Yuu (it's ambiguous as to whether its romantic or platonic though) and says that the only thing that remains unchanged are his feelings.
    • A blink and you'll miss it moment in chapter 53 has everyone in the squad saying they'll go to the kitchen in Ferid's mansion to eat. We see Yuu undoing his dollar and turning to Mika with a smile saying it's about time for Mika to eat too (meaning for him to drink his blood) but Mika politely declines.
    • Some fans note how when Narumi asks Mika if Yuu was the first person he ever drank from Mika confirms it to be true. Some have read the bloodsucking in the series and all the immoral pleasure it gives to be a parallel to sex. Therefore, some have read the lines as being similar to Mika saying when he drank blood from Yuu he lost his virginity to Yuu and indeed he did lose his innocence since drinking from Yuu and becoming a vampire. He lost the innocence and humanity he once had more and more and his eyes changed color too.
  • In a translation of Kagami's twitter Shinoa asks Mika if he's happy with reality and he says he's not. What does he initially hope for that is definitely not doable in reality? Running away with just Yuu to live in the countryside alone together.
  • Mika and Yuu are featured in a chapter together at the end the title of which is called arrogant love. The episode arrogant love is after the episode featuring the blood drinking scene between the two.
  • The following dialogue from Unmei no Hajimari:
    • Mika: "I'm glad you're okay. I've come for you, Yuu-chan."
    • Yuu: "Mika..."
    • Mika: "Lets run away together this time, the two of us."
    • He explains how the end of the world happened and the experiments done on the two of them. He says because of that he can't leave Yuu in the hands of humans. However, he decides to help save Guren with Yuu, despite his dislike/distrust of Guren for using Yuu in experiments, because Yuu wants his help.
    • In a picture from the anime omake both are in the picture while eating and blushing at the other.
  • In chapter 54 Mika is looking distraught when he asks Crowley how long till all his human feelings vanish since becoming a vampire. It's implied that he's worried not just that his human feelings and his feelings for his family will disappear but that his feelings for Yuu will disappear as well.
  • In chapter 55 Yuu cries in a moment of vulnerability and from the situation and Mika notices and tenderly takes Yuu's hand in his own to comfort him who accepts. Yuu also offers his blood to Mika again when asking him if he's hungry and the two make declarations of protection again to the other. Yuu even states he doesn't care what happens to the world as long as he can protect Mika and turn him back into a human.
  • In chapter 70, Mika is causally seen drinking from Yuu's arm, with Yuu not looking at all disturbed by it.
  • In chapter 71, Mika and Yuu visit Yuu's old apartment together. Yuu says he's glad to hang out with Mika in his old room again alive. When Mika questions if he really is alive, Yuu takes off his glove and touches Mika's chest to check if his heart is beating. In the same chapter, Mika puts his finger to Yuu's lips, tells him that he's amazing and a big help.
  • Chapter 90 is a veritable feast for MikaYuu. With Mika prepared to die, Yuu is looking for something, anything, to save his best friend and most treasured person. His talk with Asuramaru indicates that at his lowest, he'd rather die than be without the one person who unconditionally supported him and only continues to live when he points out his death would go against Mika's own desire to protect Yuu. The chapter emphasizes just how much the pair mean to each other, ending with Mika giving Yuu a Dying Declaration of Love while the latter is desperately pleading not to leave him alone. For extra points, Mika says his goodbyes while crying, an action already stated to be impossible for vampires.
  • When Asuramaru encourages Mika to fall into despair and enact his worst nightmare/greatest desire (to be blamed for the slaughter of the orphanage kids), Yuu senses the danger and is quick to retaliate to save him. He even calls him "my Mika" when he enters the realm.
    • Let's not forget that happy place mindscape is simply him and Yuu raising their orphanage siblings in a "mama and papa" role like they used to do.
  • On a purely meta example, just look at the sheer length of this "Mika and Yuu" section on this very page. The fact that there is more evidence of this relationship than most shows get in their entirety on ALL subjects is pretty telling!

     Ferid and Mika 
  • For that matter, Ferid seems to have distinctly rapey overtones whenever he is near Mika, talking to/about Mika. This may fall into Squick or No Yay depending who you ask.
  • In serapetit an illustration under a chibi version of Ferid states that he loves Mika. He also makes several robot versions of Mika one of which is shirtless which Ferid is dressing up.
  • Mika acts kind to Ferid in the beginning when playing along with Ferid's liking of him for the benefit of his family.
    • Ferid pats Mika's butt in chapter 22, calls him his favorite servant, and says he can't bear for him to leave his side.
    • Ferid drinks Mika's blood a couple times with the feeling of it described as feeling like immoral pleasure to both parties in the fanbook and novels. Also, their blood sucking scenes together are paralleled with others Ferid has had with other children which play out oddly like something sexual/resemble a violation. In the novels a group of boys wonder if Mika sold his body to Ferid. Ferid also comments on Mika's blond hair and blue eyes as being to his liking when practically flirting with him.
    • In the 5 track of the cd drama after Mika leaves after Ferid sucks his blood he comments about Mika "Ah how delicious. Moreover, such a delicate body almost breaking and shivering...I'm looking forward to next week."
    • Mika is noted to be Ferid's favorite "pet".
    • Ferid touches Mika's face and comments on how delicious his blood is. He again comments on how he wants more of Mika's delicious blood in the butler cafe cd drama. When Mika serves him in the cafe Ferid demands he calls him master and is happy that he is the master to Mika's butler even more so when Mika is forced to act pleasant to him.
    • In the anime relationship chart a line can be seen pointing from Ferid to Mika saying "You're so cute, Mika!"
    • Yuu has a nightmare of Mika being grabbed from behind by Ferid who bites Mika's exposed shoulder in a suggestive fashion.
    • When Guren tries to kill Mika Ferid appears just in time to save him.
    • In the fanbook one of Mika's interests is why Ferid is smiling.
    • In this translation from Bloody Blades its mentioned that Mika received Valentine's day chocolate from Ferid and Krul. Later, after Mika gives return chocolate to Krul Ferid appears:

    Ferid: Mika-kun~
    Mika: What is it Ferid?
    Ferid: You just gave the Queen something right~?
    Mika: ….
    Ferid: Don’t you have anything for me~?
    Mika: I don’t have anything for you Ferid. Goodbye.
    Ferid: Aww, Mika-kun, you are so heartless. But Mika is a tsundere so I’m sure he will give me something later~ I’m looking forward to it~

    • In the idol event for Bloody Blades Ferid says to Krul in regards to her turning Mika and Ferid into idols "No no, wait a second~ Wouldn’t Mika-kun be fine on his own? I think Mika-kun’s coolness and cuteness would stand out more if he was alone. What about it?"
    • In the fanbook Ferid comments on Mika's coolness when he's wearing civilian clothing.
      • In the translations for Bloody Blades events Ferid is stated to have made Mika's stylish and occasionally form fitting costumes. He also designed Mika's fanservicey Idol Event costume complete with leather, peacock feathers, gloves, and cape which shows off Mika's Pretty Boy looks.
    • In Serapetit when Mika destroys something Ferid made Ferid calls him "cute" again and it's implied he's making a Mika robot. It's confirmed when he's standing before a shirtless Mika robot who he is dressing up. Mika's response is expected.
    • Mika plays into Ferid's fondness for him back when he was livestock in order to get special food for his family and says it's thanks to Ferid's tenderness that he and his family are doing okay.
    • Ferid likes the blood of beautiful young girls and boys. He especially loves Mika's blood which means he finds Mika attractive.
    • Ferid comments that Mika needs to rest up when they are on the bus together.
    • Ferid comments in the summer event for bloody blades that his reason for setting off fireworks was because he wanted to cheer Mika and the others up and have fun. He says he wanted to show Mika the fireworks and in this event and the idol event Mika actually goes along with what Ferid asks him to do.
    • In chapter 43 Ferid informs Crowley that they are headed to where Yuu and the others are in order to "become comrades with dear/lovely Mika-kun and Yuu-chan."
    • Ferid wants to be friends with Mika, Yuu, and the others so much that he's willing to have Crowley physically harm them if they don't agree. Not to mention his other yandere moments towards Mika, like in the first episode/chapter where he waxes poetically about how delicious Mika's blood is before cutting off his arm and stabbing him through. Though he did this in such a way that he was still alive like he was planning to have Mika be found by Krul and turned into a vampire to ensure he would never die. Makes sense for Ferid to go that route as he considers Mika his "favorite pet" and this way he would never be able to leave him. He also comments that he gets pleasure and the shivers at the sight of Mika's desolate facial expression.
    • In chapter 46 Ferid tells Yuu and Mika: "I heard you two were being attacked by a scary vampire, so I came to your rescue" with a flirtatious look as he holds out his hand to them.
  • Ferid and Mika have the following extra scene together in Unmei no Hajimari:

    Ferid: Hi, Mika-kun, what a coincidence it is to meet you here.
    Mika: …….
    Ferid: You don’t have to glare like that. Don’t we get along? Why don’t you come to my mansion again ––.
    Mika: …Shut up.
    Ferid: Wooow, so scary.
    Mika: What do you want, Ferid Bathory.
    Ferid: I can’t talk to you if I don’t need anything?
    Mika: I don’t have anything to say to you.
    Ferid: How cold, Mika-kun. …Well, that’s fine. See you later ––.
    Mika: Later…? Is he plotting something…?

    • As revealed in bloody blades game Ferid takes secret photos of Mika during the idol event.
    • Ferid grabbing Mika in a Neck Lift and telling him to be a good boy and shut up before retreating from a fight with him seems almost like a BSDM dynamic or like Ferid and Mika have the master/slave relationship. It's further enforced when we see Ferid claims he knows Mika well enough to know how to handle him by giving him Yuu merchandise to please him.
  • Ferid realizes Yuu's importance in Mika's life and seems like a Shipper on Deck for them to be together at times which makes it seem like he cares that Mika is placated and happy.
  • In an illustration in a beginning page in the serapetit manga for Ferid it says he loves Mika.
  • Ferid says he thinks Mika is just at that age that he likes as he finds him beautiful, and is insistent that he drink blood so that he will become a full vampire, never age, and stay young/pretty. He obviously wants him to experience the pleasures of blood sucking as well.
  • When Mika (and Yuu) prepare to fight against Ferid in Unmei no Hajimari Ferid demands that they "entertain" him.
  • Ferid's implied stalker tendencies towards Mika. In the game Unmei no Hajimari Ferid shows up and tells Mika "I thought I could meet you if I waited around here." He also demands that the squad hand over Mika and Yuu for experimental purposes possibly.
  • Ferid would directly drink from human!Mika even though its taboo and against the law for a vampire to drink directly from a human.

     Shinya and Guren 
  • It seems like Shinya can't go two minutes without trying to flirt with Guren, who always gives some sort of Tsundere reaction back.
  • From the moment they met despite Guren's dismissal of him and insistence he's nobody special Shinya is still interested in him.
  • Shinya stares at Guren a lot and reserves his smiles for him.
  • In the first light novel when Shinya shows up to class late rather than sit up front where the teacher says there is spot specifically for him he goes to Guren's side, grins, and says he'd rather sit next to Guren.
    • Not only that but when the teacher labels Guren as a "mongrel" Shinya takes offense and requests that she treat Guren with respect as a fellow classmate.
  • They are in a picture together in the anime omake with Guren smiling.
  • This picture which has Shinya winking at Guren.
  • In the novels, Shinya is adamant to become Guren's friend and seems to have No Sense of Personal Space around him.
  • There's a small omake of the two where Shinya acts like a stalker noting that he always watches Guren through Byakomaru's eyes and he goes further by showing Guren embarrassing (and rather cute) photos of himself. Shinya calls the album his "treasure", Guren reacts predictably.
    • In the fanbook translation (credit to Chilly Territory on tumblr) the omake is expanded upon where we see Shinya and Guren talking about it. He asks Guren why he didn't call him and says he may be a Hiragi but he's also Guren's family. He jokes that Guren may cry always in his bosom. Guren exasperatly orders Shinya to go home and go to bed who comments that he doesn't want to and that he's always near to watch over him. Guren discovers that Shinya kept the album containing the pictures of Guren even though Guren told him to get rid of it. Shinya ignores him and teases Guren about the photos again.
  • Oh, and Word of God states Shinya sees Guren as his sun. The other person to do that, for reference, is Guren's girlfriend.
  • When Crowley intercepts their attack in episode 7 of season 2 he throws Guren into Shinya with Guren landing in Shinya's lap.
  • When they're running away from Crowley Guren is shown supporting Shinya who has his arm around Guren's shoulder. Also, Guren saves Shinya from getting attacked by Crowley and Shinya reacts with horror when Guren is sliced through his shoulder with Crowley's blade.
  • In chapter 45 Shinya’s been thrown in prison, so he’s probably going to be tortured interrogated by the Hiiragis and heaven knows what’s gonna happen to him after that but despite the danger he faces he's still shown to think and worry about Guren.
  • Chapter 46 ends with Guren making a special trip to visit Shinya in jail.
  • The CD drama has Shinya and Guren falling into a pool while fighting and then Shinya twice comments on how beautiful the moon is before looking at Guren and asking him to look at it too.
  • In one chapter Shinya puts his hand on Guren's arm and tells Guren he's there for him if he wants a shoulder to cry on because he's concerned for him and says Guren never was good at handling the deaths of comrades. Despite Guren’s cold attitude, Shinya doesn’t blame him; he understands. As someone who was adopted into the Hiiragi family, he probably knows how harsh they treat those of lower status. Guren cares about his friends – he truly does – however, he also has a habit of keeping secrets and distancing himself from everyone. Shinya uses Guren’s own values to remind him of this.
  • Guren sees Shinya as a Hiiragi, but this is a thought the latter keeps trying to dismiss. He came for Guren in the Nagoya Arc of his own accord, as a friend, and always backs him up during meetings.
  • When Guren is captured by Crowley it's especially evident how much Shinya didn't want to leave Guren and wanted to go rescue him even while possibly knowing they didn’t have a chance. He gets all mad after finding out Guren's betrayal, but he changes his mood to worrying about Guren being possessed. He even got scared that Guren wouldn’t remember him.
  • Shinya rescues Guren from a vampire in the second light novel and Guren saves them both something which Guren thanks Shinya for. Shinya later teases Guren about thanking him.
  • In the fanbook Shinya models civilian clothing and asks Guren how he looks something which the girls asked Guren when they did the same thing. The following conversation takes place:

Shinya: So Guren, how do you like it? Is it good?
Guren: Shut up.
Shinya: Some things need to be put into words for them to be understood though, right Goshi?
Goshi: Right you are, Shinya-sama.
Shinya: I'll give you two choices. Do I look nice or do I look cool? Which one is it?
Goshi: C'mon Guren, say it already! That you're ready to fall in love with Shinya-sama in civilian clothes-
Guren: Hey Sayuri, make Goshi shut up.

Guren closed the door and went back to the living room, picking up Shinya’s phone. When he switched on the phone, there was no passcode required. What appeared before him was an unsent SMS that read,
‘Oh my, checking out another’s phone without permission, what a perverted Guren ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’ (note: Shinya really used this emoticon here)
“That bastard still has time for emoticons.” -Guren

Shinya (to Guren): Under such circumstances, driving (a motorbike) without a license won’t make any difference. But if we slow down now, we’ll be very obvious right? With you helmetless and hugging me this tightly coupled with the fact that we’re both guys, what will this look like huh?
Guren: Shut up and slow down

Shinya: But you probably can’t see the wound on your forehead right?
Guren ignored him and pressed down on the wound.
Shinya: Don’t be so rough. If you don’t treat it well, you’re going to have a scar there.
Guren: Oh really? Thanks for your care
Shinya: No one will want to marry you~
Guren: Ah—, I know I know. So noisy, shut up.
Shinya: Ah Haha

Shinya (to Guren): Ha, you better not think you can die so peacefully after sleeping with my fiancee. I will forcefully get you to safety. After that, I will not let anyone else kill you apart from me. If not, my entire life will become a failure.

Shinya: Clothes can be obtained from supermarkets located in the suburbs. After that would it be alright if we spend the night at a love hotel?
Guren nodded.

  • When they enter the love hotel where the others are resting, and a pair of students in sailor uniforms mistake Guren and Shinya for a couple.

In this time, he (Guren) had been wrapped with chains along with Shinya, the two of them tightly pressed together. Goshi and Mito had also been there, watching with moist eyes like idiots.

  • Before being wrapped in chains Guren receives a Cooldown Hug from Shinya.

Shinya (to Guren over the phone): Alright. Then we’ll talk when we meet. I’ll head to your house tonight.

Shinya (to Guren): But despite all things said, you’re still cute in some ways, so we’ve also become wanting to help you.

  • Shinya tells Guren in the novels the when he heard his fiance was was in love with Guren he became jealous and started to imagine things like what it would be like to fight him and what he looked like.
  • In the novels Shinya recalls that Guren has desires, ambition, and a purpose in his life unlike him. He then says "I guess that's why Mahiru chose him over me. Not that I can blame her. There's just something about him." He then realizes that he idolizes Guren for being so brave as to give up his humanity for the sake of his friends. The text reads "Shinya had killed countless people in order to ensure his own survival. Guren, though, was trying to live for someone else's sake now. He dazzled so hard in Shinya's eyes that it was almost blinding." He then admits how Guren is stupid and crazy for doing that but still wants to save him anyway. He wishes to wash his hands of the whole business with Mahiru and the war but seeing as how Guren is involved he ignores his intuition in favor of saving Guren. He does whatever it takes to save Guren and notes sometimes that all he thinks about is Guren. He thinks again in a later chapter that he can understand why Mahiru favors Guren over him and why the rest of the squad wants to save Guren as well as there's just something about him.
  • In chapter 47 Guren says about Shinya to Kureto "I need him" and Shinya confronts him when angry with him for betraying and killing his comrades. He says because of that he doesn't think he can forgive Guren and has a breakdown where he begs Guren to say that he didn't mean to betray them and that it was all Mahiru's influence that made him do it.
  • Ferid reveals in chapter 47 that Guren brought back Shinya and his other friends to life after they died at the cost of humanity's adults being wiped out by the virus.
  • Guren gets Shinya out of prison by chapter 51's end. Despite Shinya's earlier insistence that he doesn't think he can forgive Guren for his betrayal of his team he seems to have forgiven him.
  • Shinya's profile in the fanbook seems to imply that he's tired of woman and a cd drama line supports this. And who does he enjoy spending time around and follows devotedly instead of his supposed fiance (because she shows no interest in him)? Guren.
  • Mahiru says that if Guren loves her and wants to be with her, he must kill all of his comrades (Shinya included), but he cannot do that.
  • Shinya seems to like teasing Guren, this includes sexual topics about how Guren probably wanted to spy on couples getting it on, and gets enjoyment out of his reactions to his teasing.
  • In the novels Guren calls Shinya and reports to him that he had sex with Mahiru. Shinya says he feels horrible after hearing that. Given his ambiguous sexuality and devotion to Guren compared to Mahiru who he seems almost indifferent towards even though she was originally his fiance one wonders if he's upset Guren slept with Mahiru because he was promised to Mahiru or if because Guren gave himself to Mahiru that means his affections lies solely with Mahriu and not him or both. Evidence implies Shinya has a case of Incompatible Orientation.
  • Guren says if he dies he leaves Mahiru in Shinya's hands and trusts that things will work out if he loses control of his demon with Shinya in charge.
  • Mito, Goshi, and Shinya overheard his conversation with Kureto about Kureto threatening to kill his followers should he fail to kill Mahiru and try to comfort him. When Guren denies having companions, Shinya disagrees and tells him to take responsibility and lead their squad. All three hold out hands to him. He takes their hands and calls them tiring.
  • Guren and Shinya playing Bomberman and shogi while elbowing each other. This is significant because it's noted Guren is spending more time with his friends in order to resist the growing influence of Noya his demon.
  • Shinya often makes a point to visit Guren to tease him almost like he wants to give Guren company and cheer him up.
  • Noya tempts Guren with power, desire, and knowledge. He says he was first a human, then a vampire, and now a demon. If Guren takes his hand, he promises to give Guren Mahiru's secrets. Guren recalls the fun times he had with Shinya and the others and resists Noya's temptation.
  • After talking with Noya, Guren wakes up on the truck with Shinya watching over him. He slept for seven hours, but no one wanted to wake him because he was talking with his demon. Goshi and Shinya have been taking shifts looking after him.
  • Asuramaru drops down in front of Guren at one point, but Shinya quickly knocks it away before Guren comes into contact with it.
  • When Guren heads home, Seishirō attacks him with a group of ten soldiers, but Guren is simply relieved it is not a vampire. Seishirō orders Guren to kneel down, but Guren refuses. Seishirō picks a fight, and Guren finishes it. Shinya prevents Guren from landing the final blow. Shinya convinces Seishirō to leave Guren alone. Another time in the first novel he stops Seishiro from attacking Guren further.
  • Guren steals a motorcycle and escapes from traitors, but a van chases and crashes into him. Traitorous soldiers face him, but Shinya attacks them with Byakkomaru to protect Guren while pulling up on another motorcycle.
  • Another reason Shinya has interest in Guren is because of Guren's Hot-Blooded and defiant nature, as well as his suspected hidden power. When Guren hides his potential, and acts weak and polite Shinya grows disgusted with him. However, when Guren drops the ruse and reveals his true strength and fiery nature Shinya almost seems like a low key version of a Dogged Nice Guy to Guren. At the very least, he admires Guren for his courageousness and strength when he chooses to show it.
  • In Shinya's birthday illustration he says he will go to where Guren is and make him give him a present.
  • In Kagami's twitter feed he once posted a picture of Guren who said he tried cutting his own bangs before. Then there's a picture of Shinya who says he happens to need his bangs cut almost like he's asking Guren to cut his bangs for him.
  • In a cd drama Shinya says Yuu and Kimizuki should practice the same "get along mission of love and youth" that he and Guren used to grow closer.
  • In a tweet from Kagami from 2015 its Shinya's birthday on November 22 which is known in Japan as "Good Married Couples Day" and it's a day where people get married or spouses spend time together. Shinya usually likes to spend time with Guren on his birthday which is certainly interesting...Also Shinya teases Guren and asks him if he put his heart into his birthday message to him to which Guren responds with a "Shut up."
  • Shinya is very loyal and willing to use the power of a demon and put his life on the line, despite his instincts telling him to stay out of trouble, for Guren's sake. Even though Guren doesn't always treat him kindly and calls him annoying.
  • Shinya doesn't believe Guren when he says he always wears a sour expression in his presence and that he's always hated him. Shinya says Guren must be secretly hiding the fact that he's actually happy that he and the others are always visiting him.
    • Based on the above, some fans are of the assumption that Shinya thinks Guren looks good when he smiles or is at least pleased when he can get Guren to loosen up and catches him smiling. He also tells Guren that breaks are important to have and insists on them all hanging out whenever he's done working. And when Guren begrugingly asks Shigure to keep an eye on Yuu and the others Shinya teases "That was very caring coming from you, Guren."

     Goshi and Guren 
  • Goshi, despite being a ladies man gets some moments with Guren, including being touched when the latter remembered his birthday and got him a present in the video game.
    • Goshi is very loyal towards Guren and is also willing to use the power of cursed gear and put his life on the line (as well as get seriously injured by a possessed Guren), despite his survival instincts telling him to stay out of danger, for Guren's sake. Even though Guren doesn't always treat him kindly either. He, like Shinya, is also insistant on visiting Guren while he's working because he knows Guren has few friends due to his attitude so he must be lonely.
    • Goshi is occasionally shown to be worried about Guren and wanting to help him in the novels. It's noted that Goshi's worried all for Guren's sake.
    • In the fanbook there's a picture of Guren smoking and Shinya and Sayuri comment on it being bad for his health and wonder if he's trying to copy Goshi. Goshi catches wind of this and acts touched while commenting to Guren "I didn't know you admired me that much..." who responds "I'LL PUNCH YOU..." Goshi later comments that he feels sorry for Guren so he'll keep him company while he smokes.
    • In the novels Goshi is adamant to become Guren's friend after he saves him and Guren scoffs and says "So now you'll dedicate the rest of your life to me?" Goshi laughs and says "Stop joking. But I will become your friend!"
    • In the novel Goshi competes with the others over who gets to play shogi with Guren first.
    • the following from On S Light Novel 4 Chapter 2:

    Goshi: …… Hey Guren.
    Guren did not reply.
    Goshi: If you always run to save me, I might fall in love with you ya know?

  • After Goshi jokes about the Rescue Romance thing Guren looses further control against his demon and Goshi worries about him. Guren fights the urge to kill Goshi. Despite his serious injuries and self preservation he resolves to save Guren because they're friends and resolves to come back for Guren after taking Mito to safety when demon!Guren was threatening to rape and kill her. He and the others fight a demon possessed Guren to save him from himself. When Guren comes to after being relinquished from the demons control for now Mito and Goshi are so relieved that they have tears in their eyes.

    Goshi: But are we going to pee standing up? Then there’s no helping that we’ll compete to see who exerts more force. Ah! Or is it because of that? Guren, you, are not confident enough to let others see your ‘thing’. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Come on- let us see it-” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Guren frowned, his mouth opening and closing as if he was about to say something. However, it was too troublesome to argue with him. So, he ended the conversation with one sentence.
    Guren: If you want to see it then be my guest.
    Goshi: Eh, don’t show me, so lecherous.
    Guren: Ha? Who is the lecherous one here?”

    • Ferid reveals in chapter 47 that Guren brought back Goshi and his other friends to life after they died at the cost of humanity's adults being wiped out by the virus.
    • In the novels Guren wonders if he has the heart to kill Goshi when the time comes.
    • Mahiru says that if he loves her and wants to be with her, he must kill all of his comrades (this includes Goshi), but he cannot do that.
    • Mito, Goshi, and Shinya overheard his conversation with Kureto about Kureto threatening to kill his followers should he fail to kill Mahiru and try to comfort him. When Guren denies having companions, Shinya disagrees and tells him to take responsibility and lead their squad. All three hold out hands to him. He takes their hands and calls them tiring.
  • Noya tempts Guren with power, desire, and knowledge. He says he was first a human, then a vampire, and now a demon. If Guren takes his hand, he promises to give Guren Mahiru's secrets. Guren recalls the fun times he had with Goshi and the others and resists Noya's temptation.
  • After talking with Noya, Guren wakes up on the truck to find Goshi and Shinya have been taking shifts looking after him.
  • Goshi makes it a point often to visit Guren to spend time with him and cheer him up even when he doesn't want him to.
  • In the novels Goshi doesn't want Guren to take all of the problems on his own shoulders and wants Guren to depend on him and the others more. He also calls Guren a cute person that secretly likes it when others help him.
  • Goshi is just as determined to save Guren and is as worried about Guren as the others in the novels and manga. He makes a pledge to forever follow him. He even takes up cursed demon gear at a risk to his humanity to help Guren despite receiving several bone breaking hits from a possessed Guren.
  • In the novels when Guren gets something to cover a sleeping Mito with Goshi jokingly comments "Such a gentleman! I think I've got a crush!"
  • Guren watching Goshi sleep in some scenes in the novels.

     Yoichi and Yuu 
  • Yoichi acts very friendly around Yuu, glomps him in the manga along with other moments of No Sense of Personal Space including one where Yuu comforts a crying Yoichi who is hugging him and affectionately rubs his head, waits by his bedside for him to wake from passing out implying he was watching him, and gets very blushy around him.
    • The glomp occurs when Shinoa is observing with others as Yoichi lays on top of Yuu in between his legs after hugging him and shaking as he is crying while holding on to him. From our angle it looks very suggestive. He also cries and runs to Yuu before glomping him, saying he was worried Yuu would die and freaks out when Yuu passes out from his injuries resulting in Yoichi to demand someone call a medical team for him. Later he profusely apologizes for Yuu fainting due to him.
    • The dub has Shinoa refer to Yoichi as Yuu's lover.
    • Yuu gets moments where he acts very concerned about Yoichi's well-being when they're in battle, praises his combat abilities and bravery and calls him "cool" much to Yoichi's embarrassment, and strives to save him from danger, even standing up for him against some bullies and vowing to do so again.
    • Yuu placing his hand on Yoichi's when Shinoa and Yoichi welcome Yuu as their new family.
    • In the fanbook Yuu acts disinterested in Mitsuba wearing civilian clothes but when he sees Yoichi wearing some he exclaims "Oh! Those civilian clothes look seriously good on you, Yoichi!" which results in Yoichi thanking him.
    • In Unmei no Hajimari Yoichi tells Yuu he worries about how if they (them and their comrades) will all be separated after they save the world and there's no need for a military anymore. Yuu hugs him from behind with both of them blushing and tells him not to worry about it, they'll always be together and he'll help rescue Yoichi if he's bullied again. Yoichi acts reassured and says when Yuu says it he feels like everything will work out.
      • At the end of the game when Yuu is mentioned by Kimizuki that he needs to train if he wants to get stronger Yoichi smiles at Yuu and comments "Let me know when you're going to start training, Yuu-kun. Let's do our best together!" and Yuu looks and sounds touched upon hearing this.
    • In Serapuchi Yuu asks Yoichi why he's following him and Yoichi says its because they're friends and asks if he wants juice. Yuu says he has no need for friends before seeing how upset Yoichi looks when he says it. He then agrees to be friends with Yoichi who offers him juice.
    • Yoichi carries Yuu on his back and shows concern for him after he went unconscious after using his demon form in the manga.
    • Yoichi is very concerned for Yuu when he is attacked by Guren's sword and demands they take him to get healed.
    • When Kimizuki punches Yuu out in the musical Yoichi rushes to his side in worry.
    • Yoichi acting upset when Guren hits Yuu in class.
    • Yoichi excitedly greeting Yuu on the battlefield.
    • Yoichi defending Yuu against their classmates ridicule for his bad grades saying Yuu is probably better at other subjects when Shinoa trolls him and shows his test paper to the class. He also is the only one of Yuu's family to not call Yuu an idiot on a semi regular basis.
    • Yoichi's profile in the fanbook states that the one he thinks about/likes the most is Yuu. And Yuu in turn says that he likes everyone.
    • In chapter 48 Yoichi takes a moment to comment on how even if they are in a dire situation now he's glad they at least got medicine for Yuu to reverse his demon's curse and said he feels reassured that Yuu seems like his old self and is not cold like before.
    • Yuu wanting to save Yoichi in an earlier chapter when he's overcome by his demon and refusing to kill him and give up on him when Guren orders him to. He also pulls "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight on Yoichi to try to snap Yoichi out of his demonic possession. He says he believes in Yoichi as he knows he would never kill him.
    • Yoichi asks Kimizuki who he likes in this translation from the Bloody Blades game. Kimizuki responds that it would have to be someone who would help take care of his sister and their family. Yoichi immediately thinks that means he's talking about Yuu and brings up that he must really like Yuu. He gets this disappointed expression on his face too almost like he's jealous...though whether he's jealous of Yuu or Kimizuki isn't made clear.
    • In chapter 51 Gekkoin asks if Yoichi's going to use Yuu and the others to get his revenge and Yoichi says no and says he refuses to allow Gekkoin to use and I nvolve Yuu and the others in his revenge. Gekkoin says Yuu is the same as him because he's using his comrades to further his own ends but Yoichi says Yuu is kind unlike him and talks about how amazing he is. He says Yuu refuses to give up even in such a desolate world and calls Yuu incredible. He says if it weren't for Yuu and becoming a family with him he would've died a miserable desperate existence. He says he's nowhere near as kind as Yuu and he can't allow for his violent dark side to be seen by Yuu and the others. On Yuu's side, he expresses great concern for Yoichi when he sees him struggling with his thoughts of revenge and says he should rest. Yoichi puts on a smile to not trouble Yuu and says he will.
    • When Yuu is facing a mental battle for control with his demon Yoichi worries that Yuu will catch cold lying like that and offers to get him a blanket. He also holds him down when he tries to go berserk and worries about him during the times he learns he's loosing control to his demon.
    • Yoichi decides to trust Mika, a vampire, purely because he can tell he means Yuu no harm. Also, he physically tries to keep Mika from running away with an unconscious Yuu.
    • Yoichi hugs Yuu with Kimizuki to restrain him from going back to rescue Guren from Crowley.
    • When Kureto has Yoichi captured with Kimizuki and stabbed in front of Yuu he cries out in alarm and reasons with Kureto that he'll do anything he says if he lets them go.
    • When Yuu overdoses on pills and is close to dying Yoichi freaks out and tries with the others to force Yuu is vomit them up. He also refuses to leave his side and worriedly watches him when he thinks he's died.
    • Yoichi seems reluctant to give up on being friends with Yuu despite Yuu's initial coldness to him and even comes to his aid against a vampire. He also is very scared for Yuu when a vampire attacks Yuu and throws him out a window. Yuu eventually warms up to him.
    • Yuu implores Yoichi to give up on joining the army and seeking revenge as a kind guy like him doesn't belong in the army and says his sister wouldn't want him to get revenge.
    • In Unmei no Hajimari there is a translation of a Yoichi/Yuu scene where Yuu is comforting a sad Yoichi and promising to get revenge for his sister for him.
  • Yoichi expresses concern for Yuu whenever he's in the slightest bit of danger like when he acts reckless and goes against a demon in the forbidden area in an earlier chapter.
  • Yoichi acts concerned when Yuu shows up with his face all bruised from being hit by Kimizuki.
  • When Yuu is supposed to chose a partner for an exercise he'd rather choose Yoichi than Shiona and Kimizuki as he can't stand either one of them at this point compared to Yoichi.
  • Yoichi protests when Yuu is made to be the demon that they have to throw beans at in the setsubun bloody blades event.
  • When Yuu dresses up in the bloody blades idol event Yoichi comments that he looks great.
  • In Yuu's birthday illustration Yoichi happily wishes Yuu a happy birthday and Yuu to Yoichi as well during Yoichi's birthday.
  • In a cd drama Yoichi protests when Shinoa trolls Yuu by pouring too much soy sauce on his curry and when Shinoa says Yoichi made her do it Yuu protests that Yoichi isn't that kind of person.
  • Yuu freaks out when Yoichi is attacked and bitten by a vampire with the other members of the Shinoa squad and goes into Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Yuu notes to Mika that they have to help Yoichi and the others as they are all good and kind people.
  • In serapuchi after Yoichi gets rewarded with a steak for the groups success in battle training he offers some to Yuu but a barrier hits Yuu which prevents him from taking some of the steak. Although Yoichi doesn't know how that happened Yuu is shown upset and saying ""
  • Yuu going into his Superpowered Evil Side to help Yoichi and the others at the end of the anime's second season.
  • Yoichi goes into fanboy mode at times when Yuu demonstrates how strong he is and when Kimizuki says once that Yuu is nowhere near as strong as him Yuu gets pissed almost like he's annoyed that Kimizuki is trying to garner praise from Yoichi.
  • In the cd drama Yuu argues with Kimizuki that his shouting and fighting with him is just causing Yoichi distress.
  • In chapter 53 Yoichi agrees with Kimizuki's statement that the reason he thinks he and the others are willingly working with Mika and Crowley who are vampires (humanity's enemy) is because of their trust and faith in Yuu.
  • Yuu agrees to run away with Mika so long as Yoichi and the others run away with them as well.

     Yuu and Kimizuki 
  • In unmei no hajirmari Kimizuki is nitpicky about Yuu only showering for five minutes almost like he's worried that he's not washing himself properly.
  • Yuu going into his Superpowered Evil Side to help Kimizuki and the others at the end of the anime's second season.
  • A Q&A reads that Yuu's strongest skill is making people love him and below the answer we see a picture of a blushing Kimizuki which hints that he's an example of someone who loves Yuu.
  • This is helped by the constant Ambiguously Gay and Mistaken for Gay implications made in regards to the two. Sayuri and Shinoa even note (in the manga/anime and fanbook respectively) that they think Kimizuki is gay. And in bloody blades even Yoichi comments on the two's relationship and in canon always tries to get them to stop fighting and get along with each other.
  • Yuu freaks out when Kimizuki is bitten by a vampire as Mika is trying to take him away in a Bridal Carry and goes into his Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Yuu notes to Mika that they have to help Kimizuki and the others as they are all good and kind people.
  • The implication in serapuchi where Yuu jokingly refers to Kimizuki as the family dog and it was earlier shown that he thought dogs were cute.
  • Kimizuki gets a Chained Heat moment with Yuu in the manga, acts especially tsundere towards him, and carries/watches over him when he's injured or unconscious.
    • Kimizuki is asked who he likes the most/thinks about the most in the fanbook to which he answers: "Baka-yuu! If you don’t babysit him /look after him, he’ll do something very stupid and things will end up terribly" and on Yuu's side it's noted in the fanbook that he likes everyone.
    • Yoichi asks Kimizuki who he likes in this translation from the Bloody Blades game. Kimizuki responds that it would have to be someone who would help take care of his sister and their family. Yoichi immediately thinks that means he's talking about Yuu and bring up that he must really like Yuu. Kimizuki gets flustered and insists Have I Mentioned Im Heterosexual Today.
    • Although Kimizuki insults Yuu a lot and vice versa the two genuinely care about each other and fight for each other's safety at a moments notice. Kimizuki also trusts Yuu to save his sister.
    • In episode 2 of season 2 and in the manga we see that Kimizuki had placed his jacket over Yuu's body to keep him warm when he had passed out and denies that he was doing something to help Yuu, he just didn't want Yuu to catch a cold that would hinder his own training to conquer his demon.
      • In Serapuchi when they're in a simulation game Kimizuki tries to put his jacket on Yuu's shoulders and asks him "Are you cold?" with Love Bubbles in the background.
    • Kimizuki is also implied to seem resentful of the group keeping secrets from Yuu and possibly using him before changing the topic to saying he's actually just there for his sister, not Yuu.
    • In season 2 episode 8 and the manga he restrains Yuu to keep him from going back to help Guren.
    • In the manga after Yuu goes into his demon form, Kimizuki is clearly worried about Yuu and states: "This time I'm going to rescue you." This is probably his repaying his debt for Yuu saving him before. When he uses his demon's special ability to get Yuu out of his demon form he warns his demon not to attack Yuu and then he catches him in a Bridal Carry.
    • Kimizuki is able to resist the lure of his demon's control on him by thinking of Yuu and how much he riles him up and how his devotion to his family is admirable to him.
    • There's one scene in episode five where they are getting really close to each others faces when arguing and Yoichi's head is blocking their faces almost making it look like a Kissing Discretion Shot.
    • They have moments where they get along and Yuu praises Kimizuki for being awesome while blushing when he learns he can drive and hot wire a car. Kimizuki blushes in response to this. He also praises Kimizuki's cooking skills and loves to the food he makes. And even though it doesn't seem like Yuu can cook and is Book Dumb Kimizuki doesn't insult Yuu in one chapter and instead says it's Mitsuba and Shinoa who suck too much.
  • Kimizuki is implied to disapprove of Shinoa and Mitsuba getting him to drive away and leave Yuu behind. After he gets left behind himself later he states he doesn't like Shinoa and Mitsuba because they left their comrades behind and drove off without them.
    • At the end of Unmei no Hajimari Kimizuki tells Yuu he needs to train more to get stronger when he blames himself for being weak and says he'll accompany Yuu in his training. The word he used in Japanese for "accompany" can also be used to refer to going around/out with.
    • When Mika tries to get Yuu back from Shinoa's squad (Yuu is unconscious and being carried by Kimizuki) he reaches out a hand to try to forcibly grab Yuu out of Kimizuki's hands. Kimizuki responds by stopping Mika by grabbing his hand and screaming "You can't have him!"
    • Shinoa teases Kimizuki about his and Yuu's relationship by saying that Kimizuki tenderly nursed Yuu back to health when he was unconscious and fighting a mental battle with his demon. She and Mitsuba then comically impersonate Kimizuki and Yuu as lovers, complete with blushing and a passionate embrace.
    Mitsuba: (as Yuu) You're so gentle, Kimizuki... sooo gentle... your gentle charm is so nice...
    Shinoa: (as Kimizuki) Aren't I?
    Mitsuba: But I won't be fooled. Aren't you nice to everyone?
    Kimizuki: ...
    Shinoa: No, Yuu!! The one I love is you and you alone!
    (they hug)
    Shinoa: YUU!
    Mitsuba: KIMIZUKI!

    • In the anime as Mitsuba and Shinoa are comically impersonating the two as lovers we see a picture of the two together with longing looks in their eyes while surrounded by roses and bishie sparkle.
    • In the Bloody Blades game Shinoa teases Yuu and Kimizuki saying that she misses the passionate love the two used to engage in. They deny this and Mitsuba teases "It's true that stupid lovers stick together."
    • In episode 2 of season 2 Kimizuki briefly touches Yuu's shoulder and reprimands him on his Messy Hair while saying he should fix his bedhead and says he agrees with Yuu's definition of what a family is and the importance of having one.
    • In a anime omake they take a Love Potion and after coming on to Yoichi they redirect these feelings towards each other while walking away hand in hand either looking like they're going off to elope or dance together.
    • In chapter 49 Yuu moves to step in when Ferid forcibly takes blood from Kimizuki to protect him but Crowley stops him.
    • In chapter 50 Kimizuki is exhausted from when Ferid forcibly drank blood from him which worries Yuu. Kimizuki says he's hungry so Yuu decides that he'll go to look for food for him but Kimizuki tells him not to.
    • In chapter 53 Kimizuki states that the reason he thinks he and the others are willingly working with Mika and Crowley who are vampires (humanity's enemy) is because of their faith and trust in Yuu. He also looks annoyed (he looks like he's sighing) when Mika mentions he has ambiguous "feelings for Yuu".
  • In bloody blades there's the following translation from Shinoa in response to Kimizuki's cooking skills: "As expected of Yuu-san's bride".
  • This screenshot from Unmei no Hajimari.
  • Here's a post talking about their relationship.
  • In the bloody blades idol event, Unmei no Hajimari and in the manga he seems almost annoyed/exasperated with Mika's closeness to Yuu and interrupts their bonding moments occasionally.
  • In bloody blades when Yuu offers Mitsuba and Shinoa all you can eat cake for white day Kimizuki chooses to comment kindly on how generous Yuu is.
  • When Yuu overdoses on pills and is close to dying Kimizuki freaks out and tries with the others to force Yuu is vomit them up. He also refuses to leave Yuu's side and watches over him when he thinks he died.
  • Kimizuki occasionally uses Suspiciously Specific Denial when the others catch him blushing and caring for Yuu which compliments his Tsundere status. It also makes him look like a Loving Bully considering how much he tends to bully Yuu. He tends to call Yuu an idiot like Mitsuba (who seems to have a crush on Yuu) which starts seeming more and more like an Insult of Endearment.
  • Kimizuki holds down Yuu's body when he's threatening to go berserk during his inner mental battle for control with Asuramaru and Yuu does the same for Kimizuki when it's his turn.
  • In Unmei no Hajimari there are scenes where Kimizuki acts like a typical tsundere to Yuu. Yuu challenges him to compete with him which makes Kimizuki rise to the bait and agree to compete even though he was uninterested before. In another scene Yuu prods Kimizuki for information about his sisters health to which Kimizuki responds its none of his business. Yuu says as his family its his job to worry about him to which Kimizuki scoffs and asks if he means to antagonize him to fight him. Yuu says if that will "satisfy" him then he should go ahead and fight him all he wants until he's satisfied.
  • The two frequently feel the need to compete with each other over who is stronger. You'd almost think they were trying to impress each other or satisfy some hidden satisfaction from beating the other. This hints that despite Kimizuki's put downs of Yuu he does hold Yuu in high regard and acknowledges his strength and vice versa with Yuu.
  • On Yuu's birthday illustration Kimizuki decides to make Yuu a cake for his birthday.
  • Kimizuki tells Yuu to not go into demon mode when they wonder over how to challenge Ferid and Crowley as if he doesn't want Yuu to get hurt.
  • Yuu hits Kimizuki to get him to come to his senses when they get news that Kimizuki's sister is in trouble and Kimizuki wants to continue their class evaluation. Yuu talks him out of competing in favor of going to visit his sister which Kimizuki later thanks him for.
  • In a cd drama Guren jokes Yuu and Kimkzuki initially had a bad relationship but have since grown closer that he'd wouldn't be surprised if they started sleeping together. Shinya says Yuu and Kimizuki should grow closer using the same "get along mission of love and youth" that he and Guren used.
  • In a cd drama it's implied Kimizuki is pissed off when Shinoa trolls Yuu by pouring too much soy sauce in his curry so he demands Mitsuba to pour a lot of salt on Shinoa's food.
  • Yuu freaks out when Kimizuki and Yoichi are captured by Kureto's soldiers. Yuu immediately gives into Kureto's demands when he has them both stabbed.
  • It's implied because of Yuu taking the incentive to try to come to a compromise with Ferid in chapter 46 Kimizuki is too. He also looks worried when Yuu engages Ferid in conversation and when Ferid baits Yuu and makes Yuu give into his Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Kimizuki is implied to have wanted to learned how to control his demon/use his demon to get more power not only for his sisters sake but for Yuu and the others sake as well which is proven when he uses his powers to negate Yuu's demon influence.
  • They are always quick to get in each other's face and argue Like an Old Married Couple. They also easily get the other riled up.
  • Yuu says he would run away with Mika as long as Kimizuki and the others were with them.

     Yoichi and Kimizuki 
  • In the cd drama Kimizuki argues with Yuu that his shouting and fighting with him is just causing Yoichi distress.
  • In a cd drama Kimizuki is either pissed that Shinoa messes with Yuu or Yoichi or both by pouring too much soy sauce in Yuu's food and saying its Yoichi's fault and gets revenge by ordering Mitsuba to over load Shinoa's food with salt.
  • In the anime Yoichi praises Yuu for his fighting skills with "Wow, Yuu!" to which Kimizuki replied with a smirk and the line "He's still not as strong as me though." It's like he's trying to compete with Yuu because he's jealous and wants to earn Yoichi's praise.
  • At one point in the manga, Shinoa jokes that Kimizuki "swings that way" to the rest of the squad who all look visibly shocked. Yoichi reacts with, "He does?!" while blushing.
  • In seraph of the endless there's a picture of Kimizuki looking proud over having cooked a meal for Yoichi who is blushing.
    • Kimizuki and Yoichi get their share. In the anime he grabs hold of Yoichi's shoulders to steer him on his way with him and protects him from a vampire.
    • Yoichi asks Kimizuki who he likes in this translation from the Bloody Blades game. Kimizuki responds that it would have to be someone who would help take care of his sister and their family. Yoichi immediately thinks that means he's talking about Yuu and brings up that he must really like Yuu. He gets this disappointed expression on his face too almost like he's jealous...
      • Kimizuki gets flustered and asks "Why do you guys keep thinking I have these preferences?!" Yoichi responds "It’s okay. Even if you do, I won’t mind!"

    • Later there's a scene where Yoichi continues to ask Kimizuki questions who blushes and acts embarrassed when he compliments him.

    Yoichi: There’s something else I would like to ask you.
    Kimizuki: What is it? I’m not gonna talk about my favorite type anymore.
    Yoichi: Hahaha, that’s not it. I was wondering how come you’re so good at cooking.
    Kimizuki: Ah… After the world ended, I, my sister and other children about our age gathered together. I realized we would die if no one cooked, and I happened to find a cooking book in a library and took advantage of it.
    Yoichi: Oh, I see. So you’ve always been a dependable person!
    Kimizuki: W-Well, I did like cooking anyway… It wasn’t much. Is that all you wanted to ask?
    Yoichi: Ah, while we’re at it, I have only one more question! Why do you have piercings?
    Kimizuki: You’ve been barraging me with question today…
    Yoichi: Well, I already know a lot about your good points. You’ve been doing your best for your sister’s sake. You’re kind to everyone and you’re a very reliable person!
    Kimizuki: !! You know, you say embarrassing stuff like this a lot. Come on, let’s go already!! We’re still in the middle of a mission!
    Yoichi: Hey wait! What about your piercings?!

    • Kimizuki is very kind to Yoichi in the Unmei no Hajimari game in one scene, offering to eat his pasta he has no appetite for and taking the time to make rice porridge for him.
    • On the official website for the game there's a picture where Yoichi tries to take a picture of Kimizuki who holds him back while blushing.
    • When Shinoa and Mitsuba pretend to be Kimizuki and Yuu respectively Yoichi agrees with their assessment and calls Kimizuki "gentle". Shinoa jokes that he shouldn't let himself be fooled by Kimizuki's charm.
    • In the idol event of the Bloody Blades game Yoichi hurts his leg fighting the Four Horseman Of John leading to Kimizuki to express concern for him. When Kimizuki dresses up for the idol event Yoichi states that he looks great.
    • Kimizuki wanting to save Yoichi in an early chapter when Yoichi was overcome by his demon.
  • In one episode of Owaranai Seraph, Shinoa and Yoichi give Yuu and Kimizuki a couple of antidotes that Shinoa claims would help Yuu and Kimizuki "get along". Hilarity Ensues when the effects of each set in, the latter of which turns out to act as a Love Potion. Yuu starts hitting on Yoichi kabe-don style while blushing and leans in towards his face. Yoichi runs from Yuu only for Kimizuki to also begin making advances toward Yoichi. Yuu intercepts and the two start to fight over Yoichi before their amorous behavior is suddenly redirected toward each other and Shinoa has to hit them with a baseball bat for it to end.
  • In the anime, when Kimizuki is injured at one point Yoichi carries him on his back.
  • Yoichi is concerned when Kimizuki is hit by Guren in class.
  • Kimizuki seems reluctant to fight a demon possessed Yoichi when Guren orders him and Yuu to kill Yoichi.
  • When Kimizuki announces to his squad that he wouldn't hesitate in betraying them if it meant he could save his sister Yoichi in particular looks very upset upon hearing this.
  • Kimizuki agrees when Yuu implores Yoichi to give up on joining the army and seeking revenge as a kind guy like him doesn't belong in the army and says his sister wouldn't want him to get revenge as he thinks the same about Yoichi that Yuu does.
  • Yoichi thinks in the bloody blades valentines event that Kimizuki's homemade dessert is delicious and says "As expected of Kimizuki-kin!"
  • In the anime fanbook (family talk section) Yoichi defends Kimizuki against Yuu's accusation of him having No Sense of Direction.
  • Kimizuki has to cook a birthday cake for his own birthday which Yoichi apologizes for to which Kimizuki thanks him and calls him the only decent person in the squad. On Yoichi's birthday he bakes Yoichi a cake as well.
  • In a cd drama when Kimizuki answers that he's fighting to get his sister medical treatment Yoichi expresses his sympathy and gently says Kimizuki's name.
    • In one anime episode ending illustration Kimizuki is smiling with his hand on Yoichi's shoulder who is also smiling.

     Ferid and Yuu 
  • Ferid also shows interest in Yuu and is very friendly towards him, teasing him, ignoring his personal space, playing mind games with him, blushing and calling him cute when he cries (he says "Uwah! What's with that cute reaction?"), and saying it's no wonder Mika is so into Yuu as if he's saying in a round about way that its no wonder Mika likes Yuu so much as Yuu is attractive and has cute reactions, considering he (Ferid) wants to drink from Yuu and only does that to attractive people. He also tries to suck Yuu's blood while saying "Let's have a taste of you" with his hand on his shoulder and refers to Yuu as the "beloved/precious angel" and "beloved/precious princess" that Mika intends to save.
    • In the anime he seems very interested in how cute a crying Yuu looks. He blushes and sort of twirls his finger in the air, with his expression and mannerism making him seriously look like he's hitting on Yuu.
    • Ferid seems to have a soft spot for Yuu/likes Yuu to the point where Mika notices and acts in manner that is implied to be jealousy or at least protectiveness. He cuts off Ferid's arm for his forwardness with wanting to drink Yuu's blood and joking about turning Yuu into a vampire.
    • Ferid, like Mika, primarily calls Yuu with the affectionate endearment of "Yuu-chan".
    • In the Unmei no Hajimari game Ferid tells Mika that if he's feeling hungry he should drink from Yuu. He then says that if he drinks from Yuu he should also let Ferid drink from Yuu as well. Some fans have said there's the implication that he wants to "share" Yuu with Mika.
    • In chapter 43 Ferid informs Crowley that they are headed to where Yuu and the others are in order to "become comrades with dear/lovely Mika-kun and Yuu-chan."
    • Ferid wants to be friends with Yuu, Mika, and the others so much that he's willing to have Crowley physically harm them by cutting off their limbs if they don't agree.
    • Chapter 46 has a lot with Ferid showing up. He drives up in his car and holds out his hand to Mika and Yuu, with a flirtatious look and teasingly saying "I heard you two were being attacked by a dangerous vampire so I came to your rescue. Come take a ride with me. I'll save you." He plays mind games with Yuu and Mika throughout the chapter, and when Yuu turns into a demon to attack Ferid for showing them Akane's head Ferid tells Mika he's "worried for the poor guy (Yuu)" because he's says Yuu could turn into a full demon. He states he has an antidote to cure Yuu and tells Shinoa "Let us go rescue dear Yuu." Mika is adamant to keep Ferid from getting near Yuu and says "I won't let you have your way with him!" Ferid smiles and says he just wants to help Yuu. Mika says he's not going to let Ferid touch him. Crowley engages Mika in a fight while Ferid states cheerfully "Now precious Yuu is all mine." Ferid approaches Yuu and blushes with an almost gentle and tender look on his face while saying "Wow! Haven't you grown into the cute one! Your demon is on the verge of rampage yet you still have such clear and beautiful eyes. No wonder you are the extra special guinea pig." He then lifts Yuu's face by his chin, rubs his lips, and gets close while staring into his eyes and saying "Perhaps before I heal you I'll take a little sip of your blood." Yuu asks if there's something in it for him if he allows Ferid to suck his blood. Ferid says he got the curse surpresent from Guren and it's the same one he takes. Yuu demands Ferid tells him everything he knows and Ferid smiles, covers Yuu's mouth with his hand, says "Oh, you are cute" and bites him while gripping his shoulder and hand. He then "cures" Yuu of his advancing demon curse while holding him close and leaning his head on Yuu's shoulder.
      • Ferid drinks directly from Yuu in chapter 46 even though its considered taboo for a vampire to drink directly from a human.
    • Chapter 46 and earlier chapters brought up the fan theory that Ferid likes Yuu as well as Mika and simultaneously is a Shipper on Deck for them while also wanting to get between them or get together with both of them (to drink their blood).
    • In chapter 47 Ferid asks Yuu how he's feeling when he wakes up from being injected with the curse suppressant drug. He also seems irked when Yuu talks to him in an unkind manner and almost annoyed when Yuu is obsessed with hearing about Guren though he hides it with a smile as he says "Guren this, Guren that. You guys sure are close, huh?" He perks up in his own way when Yuu wants to hear more from him about some hidden truths and happily divulges these secrets to him and the others while wearing a teasing grin.
    • Chapter 48: Yuu goes off on a rant that seems almost tsun (of tsundere) as he complains about Ferid not telling them the whole story about Guren.
    • Ferid warns Yuu to be careful around the vampires as trouble could start if he acts up in chapter 49 and Yuu acts hurt when he thinks Ferid set them up as he had decided to trust Ferid somewhat.
    • In the Butler Drama CD translation Ferid tells Mika that he wants to drink Yuu's blood.
    • Ferid is said to only like drinking the blood of beautiful young girls and boys. Therefore, he wants to drink Yuu's blood so he finds Yuu "beautiful". In this series, drinking blood is pleasurable for both parties, and is like sex for vampires as they find no interest in nothing but blood.
    • In chapter 50 Yuu actually acts concerned despite his dislike for Ferid when Lest Karr tears out Ferid's heart making Ferid almost become a demon.
    • Ferid referring to Yuu and his friends as his new favorites.
    • Ferid having faith that Yuu and the others will save him from his sunlight torture and fate. He has a look of utmost confidence on his face.
    • In chapter 51 Yuu decides to save Ferid and Krul from their sunlight torture and before that Ferid waves hello to Yuu.
    • As revealed in serapuchi and bloody blades Ferid takes secret photos of Yuu. He also has a Yuu doll for some reason which he is implied to have made himself.
    • After seeing how cute Yuu is when he blushes as he's crying he tells Mika they should "kill everyone except precious Yuu."
  • Chapter 52: Yuu reaffirms his goal to save Ferid and Krul from torture.
  • In an earlier chapter Ferid is confirming with Mika that he'll come to his mansion again to offer him his blood while acting affectionate with him before looking at Yuu and asking if Yuu is coming as well. Mika denies this saying that Yuu is shy. Ferid looks disappointed that he won't get to drink Yuu's blood this time.
    • Yuu is willing to work together with Ferid from chapter 46 onward to help his family despite their past together.
  • Chapter 53: Crowley finds a note from Ferid which says he should make sure to help their new friends (implied to be Yuu and the Shinoa squad) and to help calm them if they don't like what they should find later (ie: the bodies of their family). This leads to the implication that he didn't want Yuu or the others to go on a rampage when seeing such a sight due to their demons being triggered indicating that he actually cares about their well being to an extent.
  • It might be notable that Ferid either killed or maimed every Hyakuya orphan except for Yuu.
  • When seeing Yuu loosing control and going into his Superpowered Evil Side after Mika and Yuu's first reunion he looks disgusted at the sight; which is coupled with how he says he is worried for Yuu when he lets loose with his demon in chapter 46 and how he wants Crowley to watch over Yuu and the others should he loose control at the sight of their friends corpses. It seems somehow (unless he's playing mind games again) he feels sympathy for Yuu having dabbled into cursed gear and is displeased with the outcome, not just because he's very strong but because he feels Yuu is going to destroy himself and the world with cursed gear.
  • When fighting Yuu (and Mika) in Unmei no Hajimari Ferid laughs and demands that Yuu "entertain" him. He also teases Yuu when he's glaring at him saying playfully "I don't know what you are angry at, but there's no need to glare at me, Yuu-chan" and orders Shinya to hand over Yuu (and Mika).
  • In one image from serapuchi we see the characters in chibi form with Ferid gazing at an unknowing Yuu with an interested expression.

     Guren and Yuu 
  • Guren and Yuu occasionally get Tsundere moments towards each other. Guren informs Yuu that he saved him, taught him how to fight and live. He also tells him that being his general (team leader) means that he "owns" him. In one translation he says Yuu can call him "daddy".
    • The manga has a scene where Guren describes Yuu's crying as cute.
    • The fanbook has Guren describing Yuu as a "cute kid".
    • Yuu holds Guren when worried about him in one scene after they find Mika for the first time in the anime.
    • Before Yuu realizes its Mika in front of him he stabs him through in a rage when he sees him stabbing Guren while saying "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO GUREN?!"
    • Yuu giving up his humanity and becoming a demon so he can rescue Guren.
    • The sight of Yuu's crying face and his question over whether or not Guren has betrayed them is enough to bring tears to Guren's eyes as well despite being possessed.
    • Yuu is adamant to not leave Guren behind with Crowley and has to be restrained to keep from going back to help him.
      • Upon retreating, Yu was then heartbroken that he failed to save Guren. In a flashback, Guren was shown trying to comfort Yu from a nightmare. His desire to save Guren and failure to do so led to Yu overdosing on the pills which was then followed by his death as he says he'd rather die if he can't save his family. He later on wakes up with Asuramaru's power to rescue Guren once more from Crowley. When Yu turns into a half-demon, Guren tells him to get back to his senses.
    • He's just as obsessed with rescuing Guren like he is with Mika if not more so (something which Asuramaru lampshades) and doesn't want to believe that Guren could be betraying them since he saw Guren cry when he was being possessed by Miharu.
    • In chapter 46 Yuu gets very emotional when Ferid mentions Guren and how he knows Guren from high school.
    • Yuu doesn't mind being used by Guren as he states in the manga. Even after learning that Guren is experimenting on him, Yu remains loyal to Guren.
    • In chapter 47 Yuu demands that Ferid tell him about Guren and Ferid quips "Guren this, Guren that, you two sure are close huh?" Yuu agrees.
    • Asuramaru notices Yuu's focus on rescuing Guren and comments that Yuu acts like he's obsessed with Guren which Yuu doesn't deny.
    • Guren occasionally rubs Yuu's head when proud of him or teasing him.
    • In the what if chapter it's a business au where Yuu apologizes for getting Guren in trouble who pats Yuu's head and tells him not to worry. He then takes Yuu and the others out to dinner.
    • Guren appreciatively comments in the manga that he likes how Yuu will take the heat for his friends and how he's steadily coming to rely on them more. Yuu blushes in response.
    • In the anime, Guren asks for Yuu to join the army who wraps his arms around Guren and sort of pushes them both to the ground before agreeing to join the fight against the vampires.
    • In a flashback where Guren told Yuu to live until he found something worth living for he told Yuu (who was having nightmares) that he would sit by the bed until Yuu fell asleep.
    • In an earlier chapter Guren saves Yuu from a female vampire that was attacking their school and in the pilot chapter steps in to save a younger Yuu from a noble vampire. The pilot chapter is titled "Yuu and Guren" and on the cover Guren seems to have his sword in front of Yuu almost like he's protecting him.
    • It's one of Yuu's goals to be recognized by Guren for his strength.
    • Guren seems to want Yuu to become happier and stronger by finding friends/family to care for in his own roundabout way and to give up on revenge on the enemies from his childhood as he knows first hand it's never good to live solely for revenge.
    • One of Guren's insults for Yuu is "cherry boy" (virgin) and "idiot Yuu". Given his growing closeness towards him this seems to have developed into a Insult of Endearment.
    • Guren says a meeting he went to was boring and though he says dealing with Yuu is tiresome he thinks with Yuu around things have gotten more interesting and seems to perk up when Yuu makes his presence known with a flying kick.
    • Yuu struggles to avoid injuring Guren when he's trying to attack Crowley for capturing him who plays dirty by protecting himself with Guren's body.
  • Mika sounds jealous almost when he mentions in chapter 52 that Yuu seems to have "love" for Guren. Yuu also seems upset when Mika implies its Guren's fault that the end of the world came upon them.
    • Mika is implied to be jealous/distrustful towards Guren in general because of his closeness to Yuu and Yuu's devotion to him. He thinks he's using Yuu for less than moral means so when Yuu brings him up Mika alternates between glaring or yelling that he could care less about Guren.
  • Yuu being willing to work with Ferid, the one who killed his family, if it means he can help Guren.
  • In serapetit Guren trains Yuu when doing push-ups by sitting on him. He also has Yuu wait on him like a maid and serve him tea.
  • Guren specifically waited for four years before putting Yuu on the battlefield because he wanted to make sure he was strong enough and wouldn't be vulnerable to being taken over by his demon like he was in his youth.

     The Girls 

  • Shinoa and Mitsuba have a shower scene together where Shinoa teases Mitsuba before it mysteriously cuts away. Shinoa also generally likes to tease Mitsuba with Mitsuba acting like a Tsundere in response and sometimes calls Mitsuba "cute" while blushing. Shinoa's teasing also makes Mitsuba blush.
    • In a newer manga cover the two are shown sitting back to back with Shinoa giving Mitsuba a mischievous look.
    • In the fanbook Mitsuba comments that other than Yuu the one she thinks about/cares most about is Shinoa.
    • When Shinoa and Mitsuba pretend to be Yuu and Kimizuki as lovers they act affectionate towards each other and hug each other. When they pull away a little from the hug to say teasingly "To be continued..." in the anime we see Shinoa with her hand on Mitsuba's butt.
    • In the PS Vita game, Shinoa teases Mitsuba about their time in the shower together, telling her that she has a nice body and that she would like to see it "once more in detail".
      • In the fanbook Shinoa teases Mitsuba, stares at her, and calls her "sexy" with Mitsuba getting all flustered.
      • Shinoa having a tendency to comment on Mitsuba's boobs and it's implied she groped her before when both were naked.
      • In chapter 45 Shinoa expresses much concern for Mitsuba when the latter gets attacked by Crowley.
      • Yuu comes across them in the shower while Shinoa is teasing and wrapping her arms around Mitsuba when both are wearing nothing but towels.
    • Mitsuba stands up against Kimizuki for Shinoa when the latter gets mouthy with Shinoa.
    • The two hold each other close in a scene in the anime.
    • In Shinoa's birthday illustration the two argue Like an Old Married Couple.
    • This picture of the two sharing a scarf from Serapuchi.
    • Chileanli on tumblr translated this scene of the anime with Shinoa giving an introduction of Mitsuba. She comments on her boobs and says she's so cool since she's also been an elite soldier since age 13 that you just want to admire her. She says Mitsuba is so serious that its cute and that she she is kind-hearted despite her Tsundere nature. She sounds sympathetic when she talks about Mitsuba's flaws and hidden pain due to her backstory.
    • This picture from the 8.5 fanbook features the two sporting Intertwined Fingers underwater.
    • Shinoa says she gets much enjoyment out of the reactions Mitsuba makes when she teases her and sometimes likes to tease her by calling her a "virgin" or in the opposite direction she implies she isn't a virgin and teases her about her "promiscuous chastity".
    • Mitsuba says in the bloody blades Valentine's Day event that their fight against the four horseman went well because Shinoa's strategy was good and says she thinks they both make a good combination. She says they make a good pair/combination in the summer event as well.
    • There's moments where Shinoa is teasing Mitsuba who reacts predictably but she acts calmer and at ease when Shinoa decides to try being nice to her and getting her to go somewhere with her or wants to take her to a fancy restaurant. In Shinoa's birthday illustration Mitsuba teases Shinoa which gets Shinoa fired up.
    • Mitsuba wanting to compete with Shinoa in cooking to show who makes better food and sometimes they cook together.
    • Shinoa asking Yuu to forgive Mitsuba for her violence towards him and calls her cute and brave.
  • Chess drapes herself over Mitsuba when sucking her blood.
  • Chess and Horn have a Vitriolic Best Friends dynamic going on with Chess sometimes chastising Bell for her unladylike manners.
  • Noin Teta, a female vampire, knocking out Yuu's female classmate and attempting to drink her blood.
  • In the novels, Mito greatly admires Sayuri and especially Shigure for their abilities and skills as bodyguards. She spends a lot of time in their company and gets put out when they ignore her or act cold to her. In the fanbook she comments on a picture of Shigure wearing civilian clothing as Shigure looking "stylish". During the qualifying exams, Shigure fights Mito and loses. Mito tries to persuade Shigure to join her but Shigure is very adamant about staying loyal to Guren.
    • Shigure says with Mito's help they won the volleyball match in the bloody blades summer event who says she should've helped Shigure and Sayuri sooner. Shigure says it can't be helped because Mito was dealing with a physical condition.
    • Sayuri and Mito have some moments in the anime.
      • Sayuri praises Mito for her skills at volleyball in the bloody blades summer event.
    • Mito calls Guren in the novels and says she is trapped in the audio-visual room with some other students. She thanks him for treating her like a normal girl instead of an heiress and tells him not to come. She says there are blood and enemies everywhere and that Goshi, Sayuri, and Shigure protected her.
    • In return the light novels states that after Mito and the others risk their lives for Guren that Sayuri and Shigure (who both love Guren) both soften up to Mito and the others. They are much kinder, making them food and the like.
    • Sayuri even makes Mito a birthday cake in one of the translations for her birhtday illustration.
    • Sayuri and Shigure decide to fight Ferid in Unmei no Hajimari with Mito saying she'll support the two of them.
  • In the first novel Mito refers to Mahiru as a goddess and says "Lady Mahiru is so beautiful." Guren notes that Mito was the second person to refer to Mahiru as a goddess and comes to the conclusion that everyone must love Mahiru. Mito goes on about Mahiru being smart, kind, and strong and says its an honor to serve her while blushing in adoration and staring at her in awe.
  • Mahiru whispering in Sayuri's ear in the novel when manipulating her.
  • Shigure and Sayuri are rather close despite being rivals for Guren's attentions and tease each other at times. There's also a scene from the novel where Mahiru and Saito cast a spell to heighten everyone's dark desires and Shigure notices and yells at Sayuri to warn her about not succumbing to the spell. She also seems worried despite her stoic expression when some men try to rape Sayuri. Shigure also tells Sayuri to stay focused and be calm when they are playing volleyball in the bloody blades summer event.
    • In the light novels the two have a Sleep Cute on a bed as described by a watching Guren and Shinya: "Shigure rolled over again and her thighs were hidden by a futon corner but instead her arms snaked around Sayuri's chest and gave her large chest a more vulgar feeling."
    • Shigure and Sayuri occasionally fight together and support each other in battle. In the novels Sayuri is hospitalized because of a match and Shigure watches over her.
  • Mahiru and Shinoa have a bit of Incest Subtext at times. In the novels Mahiru is mentioned to have taken a demon that exists inside Shinoa into herself in order to protect Shinoa. When Shinoa assumes Mahiru to have betrayed her and abandoned her she looks deeply hurt. Guren asks Shinoa how she feels about her sister. She says Mahiru would be the one most against her death while no one else would care at all. Mahiru shares intimate secrets with Shinoa including that she had sex with Guren and trusts her to tell Guren things on her behalf. In the manga, when Shinoa learns Mahiru turned into a demon and is now in Guren's sword she attacks Guren with the intent to kill. She also seems distraught talking about Mahiru's downfall. Even after becoming a vampire Mahiru feigns surrender before passing Shikama Dōji to Guren. She instructs him to give it to Shinoa to protect her after the Apocalypse begins.
    • Mahiru mentions in volume 3 of the light novel that despite how she seems to given up her humanity and worldly attachments she still cares for her sister Shinoa and thinks she's adorable.
    • Shinoa also refers to Mahiru's big chest and beauty occasionally.
  • Akane tells Mahiru she's very beautiful and gentle in the novels who is very kind towards Akane.

     Demons and their wielders 
  • In chapter 51 Gekkoin, Yoichi's demon, is revealed to be a hunky male who says because Yoichi has a dark side and is determined to get revenge on Lacus for killing his sister he likes him and will help him. Yoichi also states in an earlier chapter that he and Gekkoin sometimes have conversations together where they talk about the others interests like their favorite color.
  • Kiseki-o, Kimizuki's male demon, licks his face, sucks his blood, and puts his hand on his face in a seductive manner on one volume cover.
  • Asuramaru, Yuu's demon partner, frequently tells Yuu he likes him for how strong he is, uses double entendre to Yuu (he wants to possess him) and tells him he wants his body and blood while trying to influence his darker side. There's also the time he tells him "I want to ravish you!" and intimately sucks his blood while telling him to "break" in much the same manner that Mahiru did to Guren in the light novels (In an interesting parallel Guren and Mahiru are a couple). Or the time when he offers to be Asuramaru's friend and Asuramaru blushes and asks "So you'll love me then?" They also have deep heartfelt talks together and Asuramaru, despite his demonic nature, sometimes attempts to reason with Yuu and talk him out of making rash decisions like taking the angel's trumpet and begs him to choose him instead. He seems hurt when Yuu is tempted by the angels call thinking he means to betray him. Also, when Yuu defeats him he says: "Alright, I like you. As long as your heart is strong, I’ll follow you. But, if I think your heart is weak for even a moment, I’ll take over your body." There's also Asuramaru taking on the form of Mika when trying to trick Yuu with an illusion of his precious family because he wants him to accept him into his heart.
    • They certainly seem close despite the fact that Asuramaru states in chapter 46 that demons do not make friends. In serapuchi Yuu has Asuramaru help him with the littlest of tasks such as getting him up in time in the morning and Asuramaru has tsundere moments towards Yuu occasionally.
  • Guren notes Noya's effeminate looks who tells Guren in the 4th volume of the novel that "I thought you were adorable the minute I laid eyes on you" and goes on about the qualities he possesses that Mahiru and he like in Guren. (Miharu is Guren's lover by the way) He also has No Sense of Personal Space around him, messes with his mind, and his interactions with Guren read eerily like he was attempting to assault him in a sexual manner. Later, Guren meets with Noya in his mind. Chains bind Noya and weaken him, pulling him into the ground. Noya warns Guren that his allies will betray him, but eventually he says that he will patiently wait until Guren joins hands with him. Noya tempts Guren with power, desire, and knowledge. If Guren takes his hand, he promises to give Guren Mahiru's secrets. Guren later meets with Noya. He orders Noya to become his friend, which makes him blush from such overt craving. In exchange for feeding Noya with desire, Noya agrees to give Guren power. Noya says he likes Guren the best and will be very happy if he becomes a demon. He says he must thank Mahiru.

  • According to the fanbook, Lacus apparently only prefers the blood of young boys.
  • The fanbook states "The reason why Rene partners up with Lacus is because Lacus was his first ever comrade" and they are never seen without each other. They also shower together and see each other naked.
  • Lacus expresses curiosity and awe at how powerful Mika is and seeks to find out more about him and Yuu. He also takes a shower with him and sees him shirtless and naked. In the bloody blades game he worries when Mika is up against a strong opponent. He also seems put out whenever Mika is cold to him and wants him to drink when they have a chance to as he knows suffering from blood thirst is hell.
  • Ferid having a self professed love for beautiful boys and girls and drinking the blood of those he finds attractive. Blood drinking is pleasurable for both parties.
    • In the novels,Ferid rises out of the flower bed with trails of blood dripping from his lips. A young boy also emerges. When he sees Mika, he covers his neck in shame. Ferid tells the boy he may now leave and can take anything he likes from the grounds. The boy thanks him graciously and runs off.
  • Saito's fatherly relationship with Ferid with Ferid seeking approval from Saito and Saito choosing to affectionately pat Ferid's head instead of killing him in chapter 50.
  • Lest Karr and Urd occasionally spend time together and express concern when the other is hurt.
  • Lucal Wesker seems to place importance in Crowley's words over Krul's despite Krul's higher rank indicating respect towards Crowley.
  • Lacus and Rene are incredibly devoted to Ferid and warn him when humans are approaching.
  • Saitou and Urd talk about they both had their hearts broken by Jessica in the volume 13 omake. It is then asked who Jessica is before Ferid pops up and says "I'm Jessica."

     Ferid and Crowley 
  • Ferid teases and plays mind games with Crowley a lot and in the light novel Crowley repeatedly describes Ferid as being "beautiful" with the kind of beauty that can corrupt people.
    • Ferid says that with Crowley's looks and body no woman would leave him alone while reaching out to touch Crowley's chest.
    • Ferid gives Crowley chocolate cookies for white day, which is the holiday presents are usually given to girls.
    • Ferid and Crowley are noted to have spent the last 800 years together as vampires.
    • Ferid has a lot of male and female children in his manor whom he dresses in lewd see through clothing that reveals their nude bodies. He then jokes about getting Crowley to wear it. When Crowley rejects the offer, Ferid insists they would look great on a man as well-developed as him. Crowley asks if Ferid is into children, but Ferid says he is not and only that he wants to please Crowley with them. Ferid tells him he can sleep with anyone there, boy or girl. Ferid has a fancy dinner served for Crowley and Jose and has genuinely silver silverware for them. When Crowley asks Ferid why he will not eat, Ferid says he is a light-eater. Crowley suggests the food is poisoned. When Ferid asks why, Crowley asks if it might be to make him wear the transparent clothing. Ferid laughs and says he should have poisoned the food in that case.
    • The fanbook states that Crowley's favorite spot is "where Ferid is". Also, he states in the manga that he's often bored and Ferid's antics keep him entertained and motivate him to do things. He also always answers when Ferid calls for him.
    • In the novels Ferid gets sad when Crowley says he doesn't consider them friends and doesn't want to investigate vampires with him anymore. When Crowley tells him they should stop investigating Ferid even asks "But what about our relationship?"
    • In the CD drama Ferid tells Crowley he should say he prefers spending time with him above all others and Crowley agrees after being threatened by Ferid which pleases Ferid. He also offers Crowley some blood to which Crowley comments is rare. Ferid says that's not true as he's always thinking of Crowley.
    • In the 108 fanbook translation by lestkarrkingofeurope on tumblr here when Ferid tells Crowley he's tired its when the two are at work in a AU scenario. He tells Crowley he has good stamina and asks with a seductive look if he can receive some of that liveliness before pulling Crowley into a kiss while releasing heart bubbles. Afterwards the two hold hands and blush with Ferid asking Crowley how the kiss was. Crowley says they should go to the backroom with a text reading "To be continued behind the scenes." Krul yells at them to stop flirting and get to work.
    • In the intermission part of the first Mikaela novel the following conversation takes place:

    “How and when did you become a vampire? In fact, I’m interested in the story of how you became a vampire.”
    “Are you interested in me?”
    “I’m interested in how a pervert like you came to be. Even you can’t have been a vampire from the start right?

    • In chapter 44 Ferid and Crowley are taking a car ride together with Ferid saying that even though he killed Crowley's friends he and Ferid are all buddy buddy now. When Crowley denies this Ferid says "Don't be shy!"
    • Crowley defending Ferid from Mika's attack in chapter 46 and Ferid calling Crowley "dear" and playfully asking Crowley to save him when demon!Yuu attacks him.
    • Chapter 48: Crowley and Ferid tease the other about being perverted.
    • Ferid calling Crowley his precious brother when Crowley asks about how he was turned.
    • When Crowley stops the bus they're on abruptly making Ferid fall out of the back window Crowley makes a joke about how that was his revenge on Ferid who forgives him and laughs it off.
    • Despite Crowley sadistically enjoying Ferid's screams of pain when he's being punished by sunlight torture he agrees to help Yuu rescue Ferid and Krul from their fate in chapter 51.
    • Ferid sometimes talks about Crowley's body, even if its in a joking manner. He mentions his muscles in a q&a and his birthday illustration, and his chest in a tweet by Kagami.
  • In another tweet he asks Crowley to praise him.
    • In chapter 52 Crowley defeats a progenitor vampire because he recalls Ferid had asked him to do so.
  • On a twitter translation we have the following where the two talk about Crowley's past:
    • Ferid: You were still so cute back then.
    • Crowley: Well, my appearance hasn't changed since then though. After all, I don't age.
    • Ferid: What are you trying to be cute?
    • Crowley: Nope, I'm making resentful complaints.
    • Ferid: Haha.
      • In the novels Jose returns to Crowley at a crime scene and says the Knights Templar are coming. Instead of waiting for their arrival, Crowley leaves, and Ferid joins him while stating he will become a target for a witch hunt if Crowley is not around. Unfortunately, they run into Gilbert and more of Crowley's supporters. Crowley assigns the murder investigation to them and says he has somewhere to be. When Gilbert calls him out on his lie, Ferid speaks up and says he invited Crowley to his mansion for a dinner party. Ferid grabs Crowley's hand and pulls him along. After they reach the first corner, Crowley pulls his hand free.
      • When Ferid invites Crowley to his house, Crowley refuses the invitation, stating that he does not want to go to the house of some pervert he just met.
      • After Crowley tries to get more information from Ferid, he absolutely refuses until Crowley comes to his dinner party. He invites Jose as well before prancing away. Crowley sees Ferid as a man so beautiful he seems to corrupt people. In retrospect, Crowley sees this fascination with Ferid as the start of everything.
    • Ferid keeps having Crowley's glass refilled with wine to make him more and more drunk. He manages to pry and charm Crowley into talking about his past.
    • Ferid's interest in Crowley's sex life and whether he ever slept with anyone. Some fans have said it seems like Ferid's roundabout way of saying he'd like to sleep with Crowley.
  • When Crowley makes to leave after revealing his backstory to Ferid, Ferid tries to convince him to stay for the night, but Crowley leaves anyway.
  • Ferid joins him and appears to have noticed something. However, he refuses to divulge anything since Crowley called him a stranger earlier.
  • Ferid has a way of manipulating Crowley to do what he wants and almost has him wrapped around his finger.
  • Ferid has a tendency to refer to Crowley as "dear Crowley".

     Crowley and Yuu 
  • Crowley seems to be flirting with Yuu in the manga/anime when he touches his back from behind with his hand and calls him "my cute livestock." He also informs Yuu he'll be back to drink his blood. Later, when Yuu goes into demon mode Crowley gets excited at how powerful and full of energy Yuu is now and says "Sorry Ferid, but next time he gets close I'm going to drink him dry."
    • Crowley offers his hand to Yuu in chapter 51 and agrees to help him rescue Ferid and Krul by saying he'll help him tame the seraph inside of him.
    • In chapter 52 we see the cover page has Yuu and Crowley on it with Crowley smiling at Yuu. In the chapter upon learning that Crowley used to be a human he is interested in finding out if its the truth and despite everyone's protest proclaims he wants to be comrades with Crowley. He also praises Crowley as being awesome when he sees him defeat a vampire.
    • Yuu congratulates Crowley on his birthday in an illustration who thanks him.
    • After fighting Yuu Crowley says things may have gotten more interesting and expresses regret that he has to retreat with his squad.
    • He compliments Yuu and calls him kind for how he struggles to avoid injuring Guren when he's trying to attack Crowley for capturing Guren.
    • Crowley warns Yuu in his own way about jumping into action as he doesn't want him to alert the vampires when Ferid has his heart ripped out and when Ferid forcibly drinks from Kimizuki. He's a bit harsh with the way he says it but he seems to be looking out for Yuu and the others here.
    • Crowley expresses sympathy that Yuu and company got mixed up with Ferid and his games which is rare for a vampire.
    • Since becoming closer with Yuu he goes from threatening to kill him/calling him mere livestock/fighting him as an enemy, to working together with him, trusting him, giving him advice, divulging secrets to him, training him, and helping him hone the power of the seraph of the end. He and Yuu also can relate over how they get annoyed/exasperated by Ferid's antics. He also teases him when training him telling him he was going easy on him and seems to be endearingly calling him an "idiot" in chapter 53 while being amused by his antics and teases Yuu that he can actually be smart when he wants to be which embarrasses Yuu and Yuu again goes on a somewhat tsundere rant about why Crowley didn't talk about his strength and his past as a human before.
    • Crowley also says he's flustered and blushes about becoming comrades with Yuu and the others while giving Yuu a kind smile. When Crowley is pondering over a letter from Ferid Yuu notices he seems to be lost in thought and asks whats wrong who says he'll tell him later. He is fretting over having to show Yuu and the others the bodies of their friends as Ferid told him to protect Yuu and the others by retraining them if they lost control of their emotions. He seems to be worried by how Yuu and the others would react. Yuu gets put out when Crowley ignores him and acts in a somewhat tsundere manner around him, getting annoyed at him one moment and attacking him with his sword when he's not looking and praising him for his strength the next.
  • In Unmei no Hajimari Crowley informs his subordinates not to kill Yuu but that they're free to kill the others.

  • Narumi's loyalty and willingness to follow Shinya.
  • Guren describes Mika in the novels as being pure and cherubic with golden hair while watching him and Mika thinks his gaze is creepy with Guren being mistaken as being a pedophile towards Mika.
  • Guren doesn't want Kimizuki to live for revenge only and informs him he would be overtaken by his demon with his dark desires. He also likes Kimizuki's food enough to have him make Goshi a dessert for his birthday.
  • Shinya is very friendly towards Yuu and he and Yuu get a scene in the manga where Yuu boasts that he's tough enough to beat Shinya in a fight and Shinya smiles and says "You're so adorable when you act tough. Just like Guren at your age." Shinya also gets close to look admirably at Yuu in one scene when he concedes defeat to Guren and says something to the affect of "How humble of you." Also, in a bloody blades event translation for White Day Yuu offers Mitsuba and Shinoa all you can eat cake at a restaurant before it's attacked by the four horseman of john. They celebrate with cake and Yuu is told the bill to which he answers he doesn't have that much money on him. Shinya decides to be nice and says the food is on the house because Yuu helped defeat the four horseman of john who were attacking the cafe. Yuu is genuinely touched by this. When Yuu overdoses on pills and is close to dying Shinya freaks out and tries with the others to force Yuu is vomit them up. In the game when Yuu asks Shinya to trust Mika, despite Mika being a vampire and their enemy, Shinya agrees to Yuu's wishes and decides to trust Mika. He also likes to call Yuu "Yuu-chan." He places his hand on Yuu's shoulder in serapuchi when telling him to abandon Guren while leaning close. When Ferid asks Shinya in the Unmei no Hajimari game to hand over Yuu (and Mika) and he'll let the rest go free Shinya is quick to refuse. When Kureto orders Shinya in the manga/anime to fight Yuu Shinya seems reluctant to attack him and initially refuses. When Yuu tries to fight Krul in Unmei no Hajimari Shinya stops him as he informs him they and the others can no longer fight with how tired they are like he's trying to protect Yuu from stepping into a battle he can't win in his current state.
  • Shinya is very friendly towards Yoichi and gets along with him as he's a fellow sniper. He helps him relax by telling him to breathe and gives him other pointers when they're getting ready to shoot a vampire enemy.
  • Goshi comments that misbehaving kids like Mika need to be spanked. Some fans may read it as Kinky Spanking.
  • Narumi goes from calling Mika "vampire" to calling him by his actual name indicating growing respect for him. He also listens to him put his two cents in during conversations and agrees with him. Mika expresses concern for Narumi in chapter 52 saying that he should be careful around Ferid and shouldn't trust him when he says he can bring Narumi's friends back which Narumi takes into consideration. He seems to consider Narumi a comrade and tells Narumi he acted anxious because he was afraid of losing other comrades. Narumi also expresses his uneasiness with Mika's initial desire to run away with just Yuu to which Mika reassures him this isn't the case anymore. When a vampire attacks Narumi Mika steps in to protect him willingly while shouting "STOP!" Narumi tests Mika in chapter 53 to see if he will drink his blood so he can see if he can trust him as he wants to be able to.
    • There's a bit of Kimizuki/Mika in chapter 53 with Kimizuki disapproving of Narumi's above methods and way of speaking towards Mika to see if they can trust Mika or not.
  • Shinya/Mika have a bit with Shinya deciding to trust Mika when Yuu asks him to and in the Unmei no Hajimari game he proclaims that he will protect Mika. He also is quick to refuse when Ferid demands he hand over Mika (and Yuu) in return for his and the others safety.
  • Kureto says he has an "interest" in Guren and calls him "interesting as always" in a cd drama. In chapter 47 he holds out a hand to Guren and says Guren is one of his best comrades while also ordering Guren not to betray him and he also shares secrets with Guren that he doesn't share with anyone else.
    • Guren in turn grows to trust Kureto to take care of things in his place should anything happen to him and to put him out of his misery should he go too far in his venture with demonic possession.
    • In the novels after class, Kureto calls Guren. Goshi asks if it is Guren's girlfriend on the phone, surprising Mito. Kureto orders Guren to go to the student council room during lunch tomorrow. When Shinya asks if that was Kureto, Guren jokes that it was his girlfriend, causing Mito to become even more flustered.
    • Kureto says Guren's weakness is that he becomes shaken when anyone riles him. He says that he is actually protecting all of Guren's family and subordinates. Kureto says he is protecting them because he wants Guren (on his side). He also has Guren in neck lift while putting his face close to Guren's and whispering in his ear.
    • In a drama cd Kureto shows up expressing annoyance at Guren for how he's ignored his calls.
    • After Tenri dismisses him and stomps on his head, Guren leaves to find Kureto is waiting outside for him. He joins up with Guren and asks him what happened and gives him a handkerchief to wipe away the blood. Guren ignores him. Kureto even offers to take him back to his apartment.
    • In bloody blades one of Kureto's cards describes him as being worried for Guren and in a tweet Kagami comments he wanted the "What are you, a kid?" "It's cool though, right?" scene between the two to convey the idea that they've known each other since their high school years, have been through the end of the world together, and that Kureto "has a tiny bit of a soft spot" for Guren.
  • Kureto seems to have an interest in Yuu, to an extent, for his power and will to defeat vampires as well as his obedience.
  • Yuu gets real close to Narumi's face to tease him after prodding him to tell Guren about how good Yuu and his comrades fought. Narumi responds in a tsundere manner to Yuu's antics normally and does a Declaration of Protection to Yuu in the manga. He also seems to be trying to protect Yuu from Ferid in his own way in the manga, telling him to keep quiet when talking about their plans around Ferid and warning him not to wave back to Ferid in chapter 51. In chapter 52 he blocks a blow from a vampire who was trying to attack Yuu. He also points out his uneasiness with Mika initially wanting to run away with just Yuu. In chapter 53, he states he and the others are willing to work with and trust Mika and Crowley to an extent because of the faith and trust they have in Yuu. He even states how unusual it is for them to to follow Yuu as he thinks Yuu's an idiot which is weird to be in such a world, though he seems to be using "idiot" as an Insult of Endearment like the others.
  • Yoichi grabs Mika in a hug from behind to stop him from taking Yuu. Mika tells him to get out of his way and Yoichi says "Go ahead and kill me! But if you're Yuu's family then you're our family too!" He then gets a horrified look on his face when Mika gets stabbed. He seems to genuinely like Mika, offers him some of his blood with the others while looking upset when Mika says it tastes bad, and says Mika looks great when he's dressed up in the bloody blade idol event. In another chapter he looks on with a huge smile on his face when Mika decides to sit next to him and Yuu and also tries to placate an argument between Mika and Narumi as if he also wants Mika to get along with the others and grow closer with all of them. He says except for their actual enemies, he said he would be willing to get along with a vampire like Mika and he seems willing to trust him. Mika also says he'll agree to save/help Yoichi and the others because of their kindness towards him and Yuu.
  • Crowley becomes Yoichi's and the others comrades and Yoichi says he's willing to trust Crowley too despite him being a vampire.
  • Goshi has a great admiration for Shinya, referring to him as Shinya-sama. In the Unmei game when Yuu introduces Mika to everyone he says “Please believe in him. Mika is my family. That’s why he.. Please believe in him.” Shinya replies with “See Goshi, in that case we have no choice but to believe in him~” to which he agrees to with a “if Shinya-sama says so”. (He says that phrase sometimes in the novel too) He also jokes in an extra material illustration that Shinya looks cool enough in civilian clothes that its a surprise Guren hasn't falled in love with Shinya yet and implores Guren to wish Shinya a happy birthday with him despite Guren's refusal. In the light novels they both work to save the other in different ways.
  • Some fans have pointed some out between Saito and Guren in the novels with Saito's obsessive tendency to praise Guren for his strength and his friendly way of speaking to him. He also calls him "cute" and tries to goad Guren into giving into his desire and the sweet taste of revenge and offers him a We Can Rule Together offer multiple times. Saito tries to awaken Guren's dark side and when he talks to Guren this way it sounds similar to how Mahiru talks to Guren. He also tells him whenever they are made to leave the other that he looks forward to seeing him again in the future.
  • Narumi and Shusaku are mentioned in the omake of one volume to have been friends since high school. Another character comments in the omake as they banter that the two are really close. Also, Narumi was really upset when Shusaku died and its because of Shuusaku's and the others deaths that Narumi decides to protect Yuu as he won't let their deaths be in vain. Also, a scene redraw of the final battle in season 2 here shows Shusaku jumping in front of Narumi to take an attack aimed towards him. He looses his sanity somewhat when Shusaku and his friends die and seems almost swayed by Ferid's offer to revive Shusaku and the others despite knowing the risks it entails to trust someone like Ferid. Mika notices his desire bring his friend back makes him vulnerable to enemy manipulations and his demon.
  • A male character is held by Guren as he lay dying and he comments it's been an honor to serve Guren who gives him a polite send off.
  • Some fans got some vibes from Ferid towards Narumi with his friendly way of speaking to him and in Narumi's birthday illustration and the manga he offered to bring Narumi's friends back to life and seems to imply he'd be willing to drink Narumi's blood if he gets hungry which he only does to people he finds attractive.
  • Ferid is revealed to work with Guren behind the scenes who he calls his "amusing partner" and "my lion" when fighting him.
    • According to the fanbook, one of Ferid's biggest fantasies is Guren's blood in front of his soldiers and comrades.
    • In a serapuchi illustration Ferid is gazing at an unknowing Guren with an interested expression.
    • Ferid saying they need to go to Osaka because he made a promise to meet Guren there.
    • Ferid gets along with Guren in serapuchi and teases him by getting in his face while he's trying to work who responds by throwing an eraser at him.
    • They get along even more in the What If au chapter. In general he teases Guren a lot with Guren responding in a tweet how he gets annoyed when he's around him.
  • Ferid sucks Kimizuki's blood in chapter 50 to prevent turning into a demon and also acts friendly towards him, referring to him as one of his new favorites. It's mentioned that he only sucks the blood of girls/boys he finds attractive. Kimizuki mainly just seems creeped out by the attention.
  • Ferid refers to Yoichi as one of his new favorite human friends and is very friendly towards him and implies he'd be willing to drink his blood.
  • For a dose of double Ho Yay (Ferid/Jose and Crowley/Jose) in the novels, Ferid tells Crowley that the boy (Jose) following him in admiration is "cute" and asks if he's Crowley's lover as they act close.
    • Ferid jokes that he has transparent clothes ready for Jose as well and that all he needs is for Jose to drink himself silly. Ferid says he has a place for Jose to sleep and summons Ella, the most beautiful girl serving them, to take Jose to a room to sleep. When Jose becomes flustered with her, Ferid tells him he can sleep with her if he wants.
    • Jose often visits Crowley who reminds him that he does not want Jose to visit him anymore, but Jose insists—and has kept it up for the past year already. Crowley tries to send him home, but he refuses to leave. They walk through town, and Jose beams up at Crowley whenever the people greet them. Jose says he prays every day to become tall and muscular like Crowley. After becoming a vampire he meets Jose on the battlefield who's now an old man and gives him a honorable send off while complimenting him on being a good man.
  • Guren seems to be hiding the fact that he doesn't want to resort to having to kill Yoichi when he's possessed by his demon and running rampant. He manages to be the one who snaps Yoichi out of his demon possession and Shinoa comments that despite his denial of not caring that Guren looked worried that they wouldn't be able to save Yoichi. He informs Yoichi that they're family now and to give up on revenge as he has a new reason to live, protecting his family. When Kimizuki and Yuu fight in class and cause a ruckus Guren kicks them and when Yoici acts concerned Guren makes a point to reassure him that they're fine. In serafest Guren's voice actor is asked who he prefers Mitsuba or Shinoa and he says neither. When Yoichi's name is added to the mix Guren's voice actor says he prefers Yoichi. He says he agrees that Yoichi is cute and his voice is gentle.
  • Yamanaka, Yuu's fellow classmate follows Defeat Means Friendship after Yuu saves him from a vampire and says "Thank you so much, Boss Yuichiro! I’ll follow you forever!!" in response to Yuu agreeing to save his friend from the forbidden area.
    • Yamanaka also quits bullying Yoichi after his and Yuu's display of heroics and becomes much kinder to him.
    • Yamanaka implores Shinoa, Yuu, and Yoichi to help save his friend Yuji from the forbidden area after they went there to test their strength and he was arrested and possessed by a demon.
  • Saito tries to cheer up a young Yuu in volume 7 of the Guren novel by telling him he's not a demon child and he'll find someone who needs him at the Hyakuya orphanage. He also tells him to smile as he looks cuter that way. In chapter 3 of the volume 7 light novel he calls him beautiful and a cute kid.
    • Saito also has a soft spot for Mika and is very kind towards him who seems fond of him as a child.
  • In the light novels, Junji and Mika. The narrative describes Junji as being completely charmed by Mika as he has charisma as are the other kids.
    • "I want us to stay together, too. But you’re going to be part of a new family now."—Mika to Junji, Chapter 2
    • "It’s because we’re family," said Mika, hugging the boy gently, "that we all want what’s best for you. We’re rooting for you, Junji." Then, Mika hugged him as tight as he could.
    • "Don’t cry, Junji. You’ve got to be brave now. Everything will be fine. And if you ever want to run away, you can always come back to us. Anytime."—To Junji, Chapter 2
    • Mika shook his head and said in the kindest voice, "I wouldn’t be disappointed. I could never be disappointed in something someone from our family chose to do. But I know you’ll choose to go forward in life, Junji. Because you’re strong. I know that better than anyone else."—To Junji, Chapter 2
    • "Junji really likes picture books. Especially old fairytales with adventures in them, like Momotaro… He’s afraid of ghosts… but actually brave, so if you tell him to be strong like Momotaro he can sleep on his own… And he’s a real hard worker… Taking care of the younger kids without being asked… His parents abused him and abandoned him, but he’s so kind he doesn’t even hold a grudge against them. So… So if you’re going to save Junji and take him away from here," he said, returning her gaze, "please treat him right. He likes studying, and he’s really smart. He should get a good education… He’s gone through enough already. I think he has the right to finally be happy."—To Miyuki Yamada (Mahiru Hiragi), Chapter 2
  • In the story of Vampire Michaela novel Gilbert Chartes talking about Crowley's past in the 13th centure, Gilbert now a Templar Knight and candidate to become the next Master of the Order, arrives. He asks Crowley why he no longer attends church. When Crowley tries to avoid the topic, Gilbert says he and his comrades believe Crowley is most suitable for the Master position. Unfortunately, Crowley experienced so much that he can no longer believe in God. Crowley rejects the offer and says he prefers teaching students, who have a future ahead of them. Gilbert says he will return every day until Crowley caves and insists he will put Crowley in center stage the same way Crowley saved Gilbert during the war. Gilbert also tries to stay behind despite the danger to fight with Crowley.
  • Crowley realizes that all of the children in Ferid's mansion, boys and girls, who are wearing see through clothing appear as though they will grow up into stunningly beautiful adults some day.
  • Later, Crowley and Jose visit Ferid's estate. Many boys and girls reside there and greet them. They wear thin transparent clothing. With the right light, the clothes show off their nude forms. Jose turns red and asks what on earth this is.
  • In Crowley's past story to Ferid, Victor is stated to be popular with both men and women and Crowley has a lot of fanboys (in addition to Jose) as well who put their lives on the line for him in battle and despite Crowley's assistance otherwise, state he's a great man who deserves honor and other great things bestowed upon him.
    • Victor seems oddly interested in Crowley's sex life and getting him laid.
    • Crowley heads outside and Victor exits as well before puking from intoxication. Crowley takes care of him.
    • Victor makes up a funny story about Crowley's sex life with a woman, and Crowley responds by saying she told him Victor could not get it up with her.
    • Victor tries to protect Crowley against a vampire on the battlefield.
  • When Crowley is a human he is bitten by a male vampire named Raux which Crowley desribes as being pleasurable and the guy seems disappointed when Crowley gives up on struggling/fighting against him as he likes his prey to have some fight in them.
  • Ferid/Shinya: Ferid rings for assistance in the butler cafe cd drama and Shinya serves him food and calls him master. Ferid wonders if they've met somewhere before as he feels like he remembers him. He also informs Shinya in Unmei no Hajimari he'd really like to make him and the others livestock (blood bags for him to drink from) but as he's kind he'll let him and the others go if they hand over Mika and Yuu.
  • In serafest Guren's voice actor (Nakamura) acts like a fanboy for Rene's voice actor (Ume). He excitedly calls him "Ume-chan!" and when the others tell him to calm down he says "Seeing such a nice guy got me all excited so I can't help it."