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Characters with standards in western animation TV.

  • Adventure Time:
    • Ice King is forever trying to kidnap princesses to become his "wife". When Princess Bubblegum is de-aged from 18 to 13, he declares his lack of interest and leaves the room immediately.
    • Lemongrab doesn't have a problem with hurting children and attempting to eat people. But he wouldn't dare do anything to (intentionally) harm any of his own children, whom he loves dearly. However, by "Too Old," Lemongrab's standards seem to have... slipped.
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    • Finn himself. While a Blood Knight, he largely refuses to kill anyone or anything that's not evil, to the extent that, in "The Enchiridion," he let out a Big "NEVER!" to being ordered to kill a "neutral" ant. Also, in "What Have You Done?", despite being enemies with Ice King, Finn made it clear that he wouldn't beat him up when Ice King hadn't actually committed any recent crimes, stating it as "against his alignment."
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: In the episode "The Words", Darwin holds the Jerkass Ball so firmly that even Miss Simian is taken aback.
    Darwin (angrily): AND AS FOR YOU! The only thing worse than hearing you slurp your coffee is watching stick to your RANCID LADY MUSTACHE!
    [Miss Simian runs off crying]
  • American Dad!: Bullock, despite being a selfish, crooked, and slightly unstable drug addict who runs the CIA like a daycare, is not a pedophile, as confirmed by Word of God. He's also deeply horrified when he recovers from the effects of a CIA brain scrambling chip and realizes that he stole a nuclear submarine. He chews Stan out for not stopping him:
    Bullock: (in response to Stan saying that he couldn't let Bullock get mind-wiped) You don't work for me, you moron, you work for your country! *looks around* Did you let me steal an armed nuclear sub?!
    • In "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever," Stan dies and is sent to Limbo where he demands a second chance on Earth. Stan's then put on trial to determine if he deserves a second chance, wherein his selfishness and egotism is reviewed for all to see. One example of Stan being a Control Freak showed him dragging a heavily pregnant Francine into a backpacking trip across Africa despite Francine's doctor stating she was likely to give birth soon. Even when Francine exclaims her water broke Stan tells her it's her period and ignores her concerns. He then wakes up the sounds of Francine screaming in agony as she's forced to give birth to Hayley with no painkillers or medical equipment. When the video of Hayley's birth is finished, Stan's lawyer Michelle, whose job it is to argue he deserves to go back to Earth, is angrily glaring at him alongside the prosecuting angel.
  • Archer:
    • The titular character is the biggest man whore you will ever meet, but he refuses the 16-year-old Anke's advances, even though she's legal where they are (in Switzerland). As the series takes a lot of inspiration from James Bond, this is a mirroring of Bond's reaction to a similar situation in For Your Eyes Only.
    • Agent Holly may be something of a jackass, but he appears genuinely horrified by the way that Malory denies baby AJ food, angrily demanding that somebody get them something substantial to eat. His buddy Slater isn't much better, but is similarly disgusted by the idea of sleeping with Dr. Kovac's mistress while inside him, flat-out saying the lady has problems.
    • When stuck in an elevator, Archer asks to borrow Cyril's sweater and then proposes to wipe up urine with it. When Cyril protests that the sweater is cashmere, Archer sincerely apologizes and gives it back. Archer's bullying of Cyril is normally relentless, but in this case, he explains that "It's cashmere! There are rules!"
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  • Arthur: Binky picks on George on a regular basis, but he's horrified when Molly made George cry by cruelly making fun of his dyslexia during "The Last Tough Customer".
  • Beavis and Butt-Head:
    • Even David Van Driessen has limits if anyone touches any student, Beavis and Butthead included. This was shown in "Manners Suck" when Beavis calls Mr. Manners/Candy a pervert upon being attacked, causing Van Driessen to take actions that goes against his 'hippie' ways.
    • Speaking of, the second time Mr. Candy shows up he ends up trying to physically assault Beavis and Butthead, and Mr. Buzzcut runs to their defense. Rarely does the man show anything but disdain for any of his students, and this is notably the only time in the entire show's run he ever stands up for the moronic duo, but when the chips are down he won't tolerate anyone outright attacking his students. He actually goes on to kick the ever-loving crap out of Mr. Candy when the man takes a swing at the muscular former Marine Corps drill instructor and Vietnam war veteran instead.
      "What the hell are you doing?! This is my classroom! I DO THE ASS-WHUPPING AROUND HERE!!!"
    • Out of all their actions, Beavis and Butthead themselves have limits. Butthead can’t stand seeing another guy’s privates, especially Beavis. This was demonstrated in "Tainted Meat" when Beavis has a problem with his privates and being told by Butthead not to show him... to the point Butthead gives suggestion like telling him wash it which, rarely happens, cured Beavis's problem. Also, while Beavis is generally an Extreme Doormat to Butthead, even he has his limits. When Butthead pushes too far, like calling him Butt-knocker one too many times, Beavis beats him up, such as kicking him in his privates as seen while watching some music video.
    • During the revival of the show, the duo would point out the stupidity of the people in shows like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore, delivering this line at one point:
      Butt-Head: I think these guys may be dumber than us.
    • Beavis and Butt-Head practically thrive on laughing at anything sex-related, themselves being the Trope Namers for Heh Heh, You Said "X". So it's telling that Jersey Shore crossed a line when a sex joke is made and duo doesn't even chuckle.
      Vinny: She loves hot salami!
      Snooki: Vinny, shut up.
      Vinny: She loves hot salami!
      Beavis: (deadpan) Oh yeah yeah. "She loves hot salami." See, he means schlong.
      Butt-Head: (putting on an Italian accent) Oh, you think she-a slut. That's good to know, let's get back to making-a pizza.
  • Bojack Horseman: In Live Fast, Diane Nguyen, the episode starts with Bojack being his usual entiled self thinking he can go through airport security however he feels like (which includes bringing alcohol and a lighter shaped like a gun). Even though he responds well to their antics at first, even he seems disturbed when Diane's family uses her father's recently deceased corpse for a prank, AFTER they had all but forced Diane to pay for a funeral for him and couldn't be bothered to show up afterwards. When they have virtually no reaction to her understandable Rage Breaking Point, he for maybe the first time in the series, walks out on a chance to enjoy himself at a bar with them to give her a pep talk.
  • In Celebrity Deathmatch murder and torture are totally fine while in the ring (and sometimes outside), but in "Fandemonium II" when Ozzy Osbourne enslaves Rob Zombie and makes him give him a pedicure, Nick and Johnny think he's crossed the line. Referee Mills Lane has no such reservations, however.
  • In Central Park, Season 1 "Dog Spray Afternoon", when Owen meets with his tagger informant, Gooch, on who's leaving the "SHART" graffiti all over Central Park, Gooch tells him the other taggers are just as shocked at the graffiti, since there are certain spots even they wouldn't go near and they don't appreciate their tags being tagged over.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • The KND aren't fans of adults and fight adult tyranny, but what the bullies do to them in "Operation: M.A.T.A.D.O.R." (trapping them, giving them Klatchian Coffee until they fly into a rage, and then fighting them in an arena) is a line they will not cross. Numbuh Four is scolded by his teammates for participating in this demented pastime. Specifically, they acknowledge that for how anti-adult they are, the ones they go after are clearly insane super-villains. They fully refuse to go after adults that they know are just innocent bystanders. Later, Numbuh Four reveals to have standards too when he learns one of the adults he has to bully fight is his own dad.
    • Captain Stickybeard hates the KND and has battled them more than once. However, he's willing to aid them sometimes because even he thinks that eating vegetables is too cruel, and once saves them from getting eaten by a giant white asparagus.
    • While being Soopreme Leader is such a hard and tedious task (to where it is deciding with an extreme version of tag), when Numbuh 13 is tagged and announces he will become Soopreme Leader, the surrounding kids proceed to dogpile him to get tagged, since while no one wants the job, they know it still needs to be done properly, and not by a well-meaning but clumsy doofus like Numbuh 13.
    • In the same episode, the Delightful Children from Down the Lane help Numbuh 362 and Numbuh One sabotage Father's plan to turn every KND treehouse on the planet into a brocolli stalk. When Numbuh One asks why always-listens-to-adults goodie-two-shoes like the DCFDTL would help them, 362 responds as she watches them sulk off that they may be loyal to the adults but even they hate brocolli, especially since as "good kids" they'd be forced to eat it more than anyone else.
    • One episode features the kids heading to the villains' grocery store (yes, the bad guys actually have a dedicated grocery store) to get the last box of Rainbow Munchies Cereal in town. Turns out all the villains like it, too, and the entire plot is the two factions working to get the box and keep it for themselves. In the end, the Depraved Dentist Knightbrace is the one to finally take the cereal—and he plans to destroy it because of its high sugar content. The prospect of such an amazing cereal being destroyed is enough to get the KND and villains to agree to a truce (specifically "until breakfast is over"), and they work together to pummel Knightbrace into oblivion and share the Rainbow Munchies with each other.
  • Daffy Duck may have an extreme Money Fetish, but even he has limits in his greed. In "His Bitter Half," he marries a shrewish woman, but after being forced to become a Henpecked Husband and suffering constant torment from his Bratty Half-Pint stepson, he decides that no amount of money is Worth It, and ends the picture by walking out on them without looking back.
  • In one episode of Darkwing Duck, Darkwing has fought Megavolt, causing the villain to flee, and he and Launchpad prepare to give chase on their motorcycle. However:
    Darkwing: Come on, Launchpad! Let's get dangerous!
    Launchpad: Hold on, DW!
    Darkwing: What?!
    Launchpad: You aren't wearing your helmet! That's a little too dangerous!
    • Naturally, Darkwing ignores this advice, and an accident happens, leading to a Dream Sequence while he's out cold where he believes his own death. When he wakes up, he decides maybe he should have the same standards.
  • In Daria, the titular character and her best friend Jane have their first falling out, after Daria continued to take shots at Jerk Jock Tommy Sherman, after he died. Although this is subverted in that Daria clarifies she was only being honest about what a jerk Tommy was and acknowledged that, while it sucks that he died, she's not going to hypocritically act like he was a good person just because he died. Jane later admits she was on edge due to how they joked about him dying moments before it happened and felt like she'd been responsible, misconstruing Daria's honesty as Lack of Empathy.
  • DC Super Hero Girls: In the episode "#ShockItToMe", Diana becomes concerned of the World of Man's moral integrity after discovering Leslie Willis' (later Livewire's) videos. Convinced that the people are better than this, she faces her off in front of her fans, resulting in Livewire getting the upper hand. However, as it becomes clear that this isn't a video and more of an execution, everyone stops laughing and even gasps in shock. They may find videos funny, but not when someone is actually getting killed.
  • In Drawn Together, Spanky Ham is a crass and repugnant individual, even by the standards of the Drawn Together household. However, whilst he laughs happily at most of the other exhibition cages full of racist caricature toons, he gets depressed on looking at the American Indian cage, proclaiming that they're "not funny" and "got a raw deal".
  • DuckTales (1987)
    • In the Series Finale, Flintheart Glomgold falls victim to his own machinations and is turned into a statue of gold. Scrooge is upset, saying "Ah wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! Come to think of it, that's what he was."
    • Also in "Master of the Dijini", Scrooge is vocally worried after Glomgold slides down a cliff during an avalanche, despite it being caused by Glomgold in the first place in his efforts to kill Scrooge.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy : Although the cul-de-sac kids (usually Kevin and Sarah) despise The Eds (usually Eddy), they are frightened, appalled and even outraged when they see Eddy's brother enacting violence on Eddy as well as seeing the sadistic smirk on his face and just how scared Eddy is of him. This makes their standing up for Eddy and buying the Eds enough time to take the Big Brother Bully down all the more satisfying.
  • Edgar & Ellen: In "Nuggets of Stupidity", Edgar and Ellen find gold on their property and become even bigger jerkasses than they already were. They use the money to buy things other people want or need so that the other people can't have them, pay to have the town reconstructed in a way nobody likes it except them, and cruelly mock the other townspeople for being poor. Even Stephanie is horrified by the way they're acting.
    Stephanie: I knew you were selfish and heartless, but I didn't think you'd sink this far!
  • Family Guy:
    • While Glenn Quagmire does a lot of perverted things, there are some lines he won't cross, like sleeping with Meg when she's desperate for affection (and underage). Of course, once she's 18, she's fair game. Quagmire also doesn't like when a woman is attacked, especially when he learns his sister, Brenda, was being abused. He goes so far as killing Jeffery Fecalman, Brenda's abusive boyfriend, for this.
    • Mayor Adam West is an incompetent lunatic, but even he feels that Peter shouldn't be allowed to be his own country. Although, he was much more sane at the time.
    • The Simpsons Guy makes it very clear that even if Springfield is an extreme World of Jerkass that has often been compared out-of-universe to Quahog in its horribleness, there is nobody in it that can withstand the extremes that the Griffins reach.
      Bart Simpson, to Stewie: You creep me out! (this is after Stewie prank calls Moe and tells him that Moe's mother is being raped and kidnaps everybody that could be considered Bart's enemy in one way or another (even Apu) with the goal of killing them alongside Bart, as a gesture of their friendship).
    • Vern and Johnny, the recurring vaudeville duo, are shot to death by Stewie with the latter winding up in Hell. Vern's explanation says it all:
    Vern: You're probably wondering why he's in Hell. (stern expression) Johnny liked little boys.
  • Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends may be a Jerkass, but even he can't stand how snooty and rude Duchess is.
  • In Futurama, Fry and Bender are discussing Leela's love life, under the assumption that she wants to find a fellow Cyclops to date. She replies "I don't care how many eyes a man has, as long as it's less than five."
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy has Fred Fredburger, one of the other stupid characters on the show besides Billy. In comparison however, Fred is beyond idiotic and Billy (who has an I.Q. of -5) finds him to be absolutely insufferable.
  • Hercules: The Animated Series: When Cassandra saw a vision of her kissing Icarus, she was so disgusted that she willingly made a deal with Hades to stop the kiss for her soul on weekends. She made it clear to Hercules she does not care for the consequences of her actions as long as she gets out of the kiss. However, when it appears that Hades killed Icarus with an energy bolt, she was shocked and horrified, even saying that while she didn't want to kiss him, she didn't want him dead. When Hades revealed that he put him in an eternal sleep, and only a kiss can wake him up, she was willing to kiss him to wake him up.
  • Hey Arnold! : While Arnold is an All-Loving Hero, even his forgiveness and compassion have limits:
    • Mainly whenever he's dealing with Oskar Kokoshka, Arnold will be pushed past his breaking point and call Oskar out for being a hopeless, lazy loser. Normally, it's knowing that he managed to get Arnold to lose faith in him that gets Oskar to realize just horrible he is.
    • Arnold can only tolerate so much of Helga's bullshit before he snaps, such as in "Girl Trouble" where he threw yellow paint on her after constant torment during an art project.
    • When Stinky keeps rubbing in the fact that Lila prefers Arnie instead of Arnold, Arnold tells Stinky to shut up.
    • But the biggest example comes from "Arnold Betrays Iggy," when it's only after trying to do everything he can to gain Iggy's forgiveness for leaking his secret (which wasn't even his fault, but Sid and Stinky's) and humiliating himself in front of the whole city does Arnold sever ties with Iggy; the next day, Iggy has realized that Sid and Stinky were the true culprits and tries to make amends with Arnold, but by that point, Arnold refuses to even give him the time of day.
  • On Johnny Bravo, the titular character is a major Casanova Wannabe who hits on every attractive woman he sees, often totally disrespecting their personal space and using extremely bad pick-up lines; he's also 100% convinced that he's the handsomest guy on Earth (his Catchphrase? "MAN, I'm pretty!") and acts as though women would be lucky to date him. However, he's completely honest about his shallow nature and would never stoop so low as to deceive a woman into dating him. We see this firsthand in "The Sensitive Male," an episode which parodies Schoolhouse Rock!: a tutor (voiced by Jack Sheldon, who wrote and sang many Schoolhouse Rock songs) offers Johnny some lessons on how to be nice and polite to get women to like him more. Johnny naturally screws up every attempt, but the tutor tells him that it doesn't matter if he fails or not—as long as he sounds sincere, women will buy his act. He even freely admits to not believing a word of his own philosophy, pointing out that all that matters is faking sensitivity, not actually being kind. Johnny is immediately disgusted by his two-faced nature and arranges for the girls the tutor was hitting on throughout the episode to hear what he actually thought of them. As they carry him off to get revenge, Johnny remarks "Man, what a jerk."
  • Kaeloo:
    • Mr. Cat may be a jerk, but even he won't let Kaeloo feel bad about something which wasn't her fault.
    • In the episode "Let's Play Trap-Trap", Quack Quack becomes a crazy cannibal and the only way to cure him is to give him some yogurt. Mr. Cat suggests that Stumpy goes to him to give him the yogurt, but it turns out that even Stumpy isn't dumb enough to confront an insane cannibal, so Mr. Cat is forced to do it himself.
    Stumpy: I may be nuts, but I'm not crazy.
    • Mr. Cat may be extremely perverted, but he draws the line at kissing people who are unconscious.
    • In Episode 72, Stumpy gets Sudden Intelligence and decides to Take Over the World by threatening to destroy the planet with a bomb. Even Mr. Cat is unsettled by the plan.
  • King of the Hill:
    • In an episode, Hank loses faith in George W. Bush just because he has a weak handshake. Even Dale thinks he's crazy.
    • Dale also stands up to Peggy when she gains a reputation as "Paddlin' Peggy". Her spur of the moment spanking of Dooley gains her a reputation as a fearsome disciplinarian, which goes to her head and causes her to almost hit Dale's son Joseph for stealing her paddle. Dale intervenes and says he took it, because "Somebody had to stop you! You're crazy!"
    • Speaking of spanking: Hank, despite his outdated, controlling and borderline emotionally abusive style of parenting, he draws the line at spanking.
    • Similarly, for all his faults, Dale simply will not cheat on his wife. Not even when a smoking hot female exterminator who also happens to be his personal hero comes onto him. This is, of course, contrasting the fact that Nancy had been shamelessly cheating on him with John Redcorn for over a decade (although she had stopped by the time of this episode), which only Dale and Joseph are unaware of.
    • There are plenty of people who have earned Dale's scorn or fear, like Jimmy Wichard, or Bill, when he tried competitive eating.
    • Also John Redcorn who, although a womanizer, will not sleep with the wives or relatives of his friends. He tells Hank this in the season 3 episode "Peggy's Headache," and him becoming friends with Dale plays a role in his and Nancy's breakup.
      John Redcorn: Hank, you are my friend. I would never heal your wife the way that I heal the wives of others.
    • Bill is usually desperate for any sort of female companionship but he was horrified at the thought of sleeping with his cousin.
    • When ZZ Top makes a reality show out of pissing off Hank, they and their producers come up with almost everything they can to make him furious, including having Peggy talk on camera about Hank's narrow urethra. But when someone suggests making fun of propane, Dusty shoots it down and says that there are some lines they should not cross.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts:
    • Wolf doesn't like mutes very much at all, but she won't eat ones that can talk.
    • Dave and Benson rob Kipo and Wolf, but Dave is outraged when Kipo (seemingly) gives them up to the Mod Frogs and claims it goes against "the code." Benson has no idea what he's talking about—probably because Dave calls it the secret and unspoken code that they never mention.
  • The Mask:
    • The Mask is chaotic, wacky, fun loving and a troll but he does still has morals such as when he refuses to team up with skillit because of the fact that his idea of fun involves hurting people and also that despite being lazy he still does his job as a superhero and despite being too strong towards any girls he comes across he is very polite towards them and also pretty much cares about his friends as well like Milo and Peggy.
    • Eve despite being much more stronger than The Mask doesn't try to do anything to Stanley other than trying to kiss him lots of times and like The Mask still has morals such as rejecting Pretorius because of the fact that he tried to hurt the man she loves and at the Coco Bongo while whipping the floor with Stanley she throws him through the celling which she pretty regrets straightaway as she went on her way to get Stanley out of it and notices that he's shaking which he said he is frozen with fear which Eve feeling gulity about throwing him through the celling decides to warm him up so that he is not shaking anymore.
  • The Legend of Korra: In season four, Varrick and Zhu Li are experimenting with spirit vines as an energy source when it explodes and nearly kills them. Varrick immediately realizes the potential this has as a weapon, and is horrified. He tries to shut the experiment down, but unfortunately for him, Kuvira also realizes its potential as a weapon and orders the research to continue. Later, President Raiko tries to order Varrick to build Republic City its own spirit vine weapon to oppose Kuvira, but Varrick flat out refuses.
  • The Loud House:
    • Luan Loud may be willing to go to extreme lengths for a laugh, especially on April Fool's Day, but she would never film someone in an embarrassing situation and then post it without their permission and is clearly disgusted when her little brother Lincoln does just that.
    • Lola Loud is by far the girliest out of all the Loud siblings. She's in her Princess Phase, has tea parties with her many stuffed animals and dolls, and competes in beauty pageants. However, the Princess Pony comic book series is so invokedextremely, sickeningly girly that even she is repulsed by it.
  • In Miraculous Ladybug Lila Rossi steadily becomes more villainous with each major appearance, but absolutely refuses to actively go after anyone who isn't already an enemy or has somehow provoked her first (her very low clearance for provocations being in fact the reason she became a villain in the first place), and even then tries to get them on her side first. She also reserves outright violence for Ladybug only.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Pinkie Pie is a prankster and loves pulling one over on her friends. However, she absolutely will not prank the sensitive Shrinking Violet Fluttershy, acknowledging that even her softest prank could potentially hurt the shy pony's feelings. As a result, a massive Broken Base emerged when Pinkie broke her own rule in "Filli Vanilli".
    • The Mane Six's pets unintentionally cause havoc for Spike in "Just for Sidekicks" but if there's one thing they all have in common, it's that they share an extreme dislike for Angel, Fluttershy's bunny, who deliberately makes her miserable. Twilight's owl, Owlowiscious, gives Angel an Implied Death Threat and even Opalescence, Rarity's cat, can't stand him.
    • "The Perfect Pear", Granny Smith may have a strong hatred for the Pear family, but she would never go as far as to disown Bright Mac, which was she was upset with Grand Pear because he disown his daughter on the spot when she denounce the Pear family for the Apple family after marrying Bright Mac.
    • Even when corrupted by the Alicorn Amulet, having enslaved and trapped all of Ponyville, and being willing to unleash all manner of nasty spells on ponies for anything from talking back to just for kicks, Trixie still doesn't harm the group of beavers that are angered by her force field around the town: she rolls her eyes and lets them go instead.
  • In Phineas and Ferb, Perry the Platypus had thwarted many of Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Evil Plans, no matter how silly they would get. But when his scheme was learning whale speak, just so he could insult a whale for stealing his girlfriend, Perry left in disgust.
  • Pinky and the Brain: There are some lines Brain won't cross in his schemes to Take Over the World. For example, in "Inherit the Wheeze", at the last minute he backs out of a plan that would have involved marketing cigarettes to young children.
  • The Powerpuff Girls
    • The original series episode "Curses" features a giant potty-mouthed monster whose swearing is so vulgar that even a pair of bikers and a convict are offended by its foul language.
    • A similar gag occurs in the 2016 reboot in the episode "In the Garden of Good and Eddie". When the Powerpuff Girls chew out Eddie for eating their giant tomato, Bubbles cusses up a storm (which is censored by a truck backing up). Buttercup, the resident Jerkass, comments that not even she would say that.
  • Rick of Rick and Morty is almost a completely Sociopathic Hero and unrepentant Jerkass who constantly endangers/traumatizes his grandson and other family members for usually selfish reason. But even he occasionally has lines he won't cross:
    • After being transported to the perverted dreams of a women in Morty's math teacher's dream, (It Makes Sense in Context) Rick has no problem what so ever in engaging in her fantasies, but even he's disgusted when Summer, his own granddaughter is revealed to be part of her depraved fantasies.
    • Rick also complains about his family spending Christmas on their phones and other devices, on Jesus' birthday, despite not exactly being the wholesome type.
    • Despite Rick being happy for any chance to prove Morty's idea for an adventure sucked and win their little bet, when Morty almost gets raped by King Jelly Bean and admits that Rick was right Rick immediately tries cheer him up by consenting the victory to him, before taking him home, and shoots his would be rapist on the way out.
    • While he has no problem hosting a wild party against his daughter's wishes and ignoring Morty's protests, Rick criticizes his granddaughter for only wanting to hold the party to increase her standing with the popular kids and later, trying to get rid of her old unpopular friend, instead of just partying for its own sake like himself.
    • Also in one episode parodying The Purge, Rick is at first excited to see the lower class citizens of a race of cat people slaughter each other... at first, but even he is disgusted after a minute of seeing this and helps a young cat girl turn the tables on the upper-class who have been using The Purge as a means of staying in power.
    • In general, Rick seems to dislike discrimination, as he has little to no issue with helping a cat girl turn the tables on her oppressive and elitist government, despite just wanting to get off planet minutes earlier, and after Morty criticizes him for looting a (seemingly) abandoned ship and leaving some graffiti to make any police that come by think it was the work of an unrelated alien species, the only thing Rick seems to think is wrong, is that the police would pen the blame on said species, just because they found some graffiti.
    • Though it doesn't stop him from crafting the Love Potion (his standards waiver in the face of getting rid of an annoying Morty), nor does he exactly care when said potion causes The End of the World as We Know It, he never the less is disgusted by Morty wanting to use a love potion on Jessica, equating it to a date rape drug and calling Morty "creepy" for even considering it.
    • Played for Laughs when in one episode they're gleefully razing an evil alien species entire civilization to the ground and enjoying every second of it... until they have the option to destroy the alien's version of The Twin Towers. They silently look at each other, and gingerly fly around it being glad they're above doing a 9/11... but not above doing a Pearl Harbor.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Lots of people have this attitude towards the title family, either towards individual members or the whole group. A great example would be in "The Cartridge Family", where Homer joins the NRA, a group notoriously in favor of the right to own guns. After seeing him fire guns in an extremely reckless way and endangering everybody, they kick him out and try taking away his gun.
    • In "Love, Springfieldian Style", Marge and Homer play Bonnie and Clyde, while Flanders is their unwitting getaway driver. Upon seeing that they're outlaws, he is shocked, but cuts them some slack. It's the Depression, and people are desperate. However, once Flanders learns they are an unmarried couple, he decides to turn them in.
    • In "A Fish Called Selma", Troy McMcClure hasn't acted in twelve years, so he's anxious to accept the offers that his agent says are "pouring in". Except the one from Paramount for "a buddy comedy with Rob Lowe and Hugh Grant". ("Those sick freaks?" he shouts.)
      • In that same episode, Selma ends up marrying Troy, but learns it's just a ploy by Troy to improve his career. She is convinced to continue the marriage, citing all the perks, until Troy decides to have a baby with Selma. She leaves Troy, not wanting to bring a child into a loveless marriage.
    • Ned Flanders often acts like The Fundamentalist and crazy, and turns everyone else off by doing so, but he can usually count on his family to back him up. But even Rod and Todd won't support him in "You Kent Always Say What You Want", after his crusade against Kent Brockman (who cusses once on the air, when nobody is watching, which he apologizes for quickly) results in poor Kent being fired and fined $10 million dollars. They even tell him "you should find a new mommy."
    • "Kamp Krusty" established Krusty the Clown to be the type of corporate whore that would sponsor anything (and that is anything), no matter how horrifyingly unsafe, as long as he got paid for it. He still burst out in tears and tried to make things right when he heard how badly children were treated on the titular camp, including a child being eaten by a bear (although he went there because they had taken over it Apocalypse Now-style, and still burst into tears when Bart corrected himself and said that it was only the child's hat that had been eaten (it was a Nice Hat, though)).
    • In "King-Size Homer", Homer willingly makes himself morbidly obese to be able to work from home. However, he gets offended when a movie theater owner tries to bribe him with a garbage bag full of popcorn to get him to leave.
    • Bart Simpson may be an unrepentant serial prankster of a caliber so huge that at one point Lisa says he has officially become a sociopath, but there are just some things that he either finds too unsettling to try to do in the first place or at least has the kindness to regret having done after the fact. For one, he always regrets upsetting Marge. As well, he's pretty comfortable being "just a petty crook" and the idea of becoming a full-blown member of organized crime (or being believed that he would become one when he grows up) or doing such things as stealing from the church upsets him. Finally, as much as he has zero problems swindling people into saying funny words or doing funny things and laughing at them when they do (such as his constant prank calls to Moe), he prefers just regular Toilet Humor and he draws the line at rape jokes and full-blown "attempted murder" levels of violence (which is why in a crossover with Family Guy, Bart pretty quickly comes to see Stewie as a horrifyingly creepy kid rather than a kindred spirit).
    • The plot of At Long Last, Leave happens because even if Springfield is the self-proclaimed (and very proudly at that) "meanest town in America", they still make a pretty good point with being fed up with the Simpsons' antics, which have gone past "mean" and have actually endangered the town and the lives of everybody in it several times over.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: J. Jonah Jameson may be a big-time Jerkass who hates Spider-Man with a passion, but there are still lines he won't cross. In "The Alien Costume," he was thrilled when he thought he had evidence of Spider-Man robbing the shuttle, but then he learned that the Rhino was actually responsible and Eddie lied about it to get his job back. He immediately turned on Brock in a fury for playing on his prejudice to make him commit libel, firing him before publicly announcing his mistake and retracting the reward he offered for Spider-Man's capture.
    Jonah: I can't have someone who works for me coloring the truth and leaving out facts! It's against everything I stand for. You're history, Brock! Outta here! Fired!
    • Likewise, when Spider-Man rescues him and other "tormentors" of Norman Osborn from the Green Goblin, he's aghast when Wilson Fisk tries to blow both Spidey and the Goblin up; even if he does distrust the vigilante, he's not that ungrateful.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • Squidward is cranky person who couldn't tolerate SpongeBob's shenanigans, but he hates to see the guy in any form of pain and sometimes shows his support to him.
      • In "Pizza Delivery", after SpongeBob and Squidward go through hell and high water trying to deliver a pizza to a customer, the customer chews SpongeBob out for forgetting his drink, something that the former didn't ask for in the first place. Squidward is infuriated that the guy sent SpongeBob to tears, so he retaliates by telling the customer he can have his pizza "on the house".
      • In "Fools in April", Squidward gets annoyed with SpongeBob's innocent pranks and tries to get him back for it, but his prank involved him being flown around in the Krusty Krab and ending up in a garbage bin. The reaction from SpongeBob the other customers only made Squidward realize that he went way too far and had to apologize for it, though he found it to be very difficult.
      • In "Born Again Krabs", Mr. Krabs is willing to sell SpongeBob's soul to the Flying Dutchman for all the money the ghost has in his pocket at the time, a mere 62 cents. Squidward is absolutely disgusted with Krabs for doing so, especially since the entire reason the Dutchman offered said money to Mr. Krabs for SpongeBob in the first place is because SpongeBob stuck up for Krabs to save him from the Dutchman, and flat-out tells him that he should be ashamed of himself for doing so.
    • Mr. Krabs may be someone who will do anything for a quick buck, but even he has his limits:
      • When Squidward's rival Squilliam comes to town with the express purpose of humiliating him in "Squilliam Returns", Mr. Krabs reveals that even he doesn't like the snobby Squilliam, and offers to help Squidward turn the Krusty Krab into a gourmet restaurant to "wipe the floor with him."
      • In "Yours, Mine and Mine" when he realized Patrick's lack of sharing led to he and SpongeBob fighting over Patty Pal, he angrily calls them out over letting a simple toy get in the way of their friendship.
      • As the series went on and on, Mr. Krabs went from a well-rounded character who cared about money a little too much to a character who hardly cared about anything except money. But the one thing that no amount of money could change his mind over is the love that goes into making Krabby Patties. In an early post-movie episode, "Selling Out", he barely hesitated to sell the Krusty Krab to a corporation for an obscene amount of money, but after coming back and finding out that they used synthetic goo to make the burgers on a conveyor belt, he sabotaged their operation and didn't hesitate to spend every cent they gave him to buy the restaurant back, even when he only needed half.
    • In the episode "One Krabs' Trash", Mr. Krabs finds out that a novelty soda dispenser hat he sold SpongeBob is worth a fortune and tries to trick SpongeBob into giving the hat up by claiming that a curse will fall on him if he doesn't return the hat to its original owner Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. When Mr. Krabs finds out that Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen was real and that the novelty hat really did belong to him when he was alive, he ends up having to fight against Smitty and other undead fish over the hat. When surrounded, Krabs worries that the undead fish will eat his internal organs and leave what's left for the buzzards. Smitty replies that that sort of thing is disgusting and that he only wants Krabs to give the hat back.
    • In "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic", the members of Jellyfish Club join in with their leader, Kevin the Sea Cucumber on laughing at SpongeBob's misery but when Kevin still refuse to let SpongeBob join in despite saving them from the King Jellyfish, the spotters turned against him and name SpongeBob the new leader of the club (although SpongeBob turned it down later).
    • "Dying For Pie": Squidward hates SpongeBob, but he’s not willing to kill him and is horrified to learn that he has apparently sentenced him to death.
    • Sure SpongeBob is intent on protecting the secret formula from Plankton at all costs, but in "One Course Meal", he was angry with Mr. Krabs disguising himself as Pearl and taking advantage of Plankton's fear of whales to scare him into eventually committing suicide.
  • South Park:
    • The remaining Goth Kids and the Vampire Kids team up and summon the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, the founder of both their subcultures. Even they can't stand his constant whining, smoking, and the fact that he insists on being called "Nightpain."
    • When Mrs. Garrison rants about same sex marriage being against the sacrament of holy matrimony, she's met with applause. But when her plan to get that message across is by having a Fag Drag, the audience stops cheering and suggests they should instead appeal to the governor about vetoing the bill.
      Man: We don't "hate" homosexuals, we just don't want them to be able to marry.
    • Pre-op Mr Garrison also had a moment of this in "Trapper Keeper". Despite being as prone to Serious Business as every other South Park civilian, when a harmless kids school presidential debate escalates into ceaseless fights and convolution (it was meant to satirize the 2000 United States Presidential Election, which saw numerous recounts for the state of Florida and wasn't called for George W. Bush until a month and a half after Election Day), he calls out the ridiculousness of the situation. He also furiously rebukes Rosie O'Donnell for exacerbating the situation as well as venting her discrimination for "country bumpkins" by having bias towards her nephew's side.
      • Mr. Garrison may be an extremely Depraved Bisexual, but even he draws the line at pedophilia.
    • In "Fun With Veal", the South Park kids (except Cartman) are horrified by the idea of eating baby cows.
    • In "Cartman Joins NAMBLA," the episode ends with the head of the titular organization (the North American Man/Boy Love Association) delivering a speech about how he and others like him are being persecuted for something they can't change. The kids of the town refuse to accept this, outright saying: "Dude—you have sex with children." They remark that while they do believe in equality for everyone and "all that gay stuff," there's nothing redeeming about people who trick kids into sex.
    • In "The Jeffersons", Randy maybe immature, but he is appalled at how inappropriately childish Mr. Jefferson is and forbids Stan from going near him.
  • Star Wars Rebels, "Steps Into Shadow": When Ezra has the AT-DP fire on the other Stormtroopers (which the others find very handy) and then forces the pilot to walk it off the platform into the abyss, Sabine, Zeb, and Hondo are disturbed.
    Sabine: When did Kanan teach you that?
    Ezra: (Kubrick Stare) He didn't.
  • Steven Universe:
    • As kind, empathetic, and patient as Steven tries to be towards everyone, even he has his limits when it comes to Lars' Jerkass behavior, Onion's disturbing or illegal activities, and Kevin's creepiness.
      • As much of a Cuddle Bug Steven is, even he finds the Post-Heel–Face Turn Diamonds' behavior towards him to be far too overbearing.
    • The titular cool kids in Lars and the Cook Kids are presented as your typical rebellious teenagers, albeit nice ones, who don't care for authority and rules. But they do agree with Steven on the importance of not taking off in their car until everyone is buckled up.
    • Pink Diamond/ Rose Quartz started out as a Royal Brat that was eager to get her own colony just so she could prove that she was worthy of respect to her "sisters" the other diamonds without out actually understanding what running a gem colony entails. After developing a fascination with the organic life on Earth and realizing that continuing with the creation of her colony on it would mean killing it all, Pink did everything in her power to try to save Earth and when that proved to not be enough, she took up the identity of Rose Quartz to lead a rebellion against herself.
    • Both Blue and Yellow Diamond's Pearls seem visibly uncomfortable when the subject of Pink Diamond's Pearl comes up, despite generally being mostly stoic and haughty respectively. This is for good reason...
      • Also, Yellow Pearl seems genuinely worried about "Pink Diamond"/Steven's safety if "she" fails to keep proper composure in front of the other diamonds during the era three ball.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine:
    • In the episode "Dirty Work", Diesel blames Duck for making the troublesome trucks laugh at him in the previous episode "Pop Goes the Diesel". Henry points to Diesel that Duck wouldn't do such a thing, and states that while all the engines have their differences, they would never talk about them to the trucks, which would be seen as (in Gordon, James, and Henry's words) "disgraceful, disgusting, and despicable".
      • Note that what caused Diesel to blame Duck was that he sent him on a fool's errand with some broken trucks after Diesel had boasted too much for him to bear. When the other trucks start mocking Diesel relentlessly however, Duck is shocked and shuts the trucks up before apologising. He thought Diesel needed a good humbling, but not to be bullied himself.
    • Since Diesel's antics from "Dirty Work", many steam engines have gained a contempt and distrust for him and even the whole diesel line. Thomas got into a rather vitriolic competition with him in "Misty Island Rescue" in particular, but when Diesel's war with Thomas leaves him dangling on unfinished tracks over a cliff, Thomas is horrified and wastes no time trying to rescue him.
  • In the Tom and Jerry short, Million Dollar Cat, Tom is told that he will inherit a million dollars, so long as he doesn’t harm another living thing, not even a mouse. Jerry spends the entire short taking advantage of this, and humiliates Tom at every opportunity. By the end of the short, Tom decides that enough is enough, and beats up Jerry, as spending the rest of your life being humiliated by your mortal enemy is not worth a million dollars.
    Tom: Gee. I’m throwing away a million dollars... But I’m happy! Yeah!
  • Total Drama
    Duncan: Ooh, that's cold, bra.
    Heather: Oh, like you're such a team player! All you do is go around scaring the crap out of everyone.
    Duncan: At least I'm straight with people!
    • When Gwen asks Trent to tell Courtney she was just friends with Duncan, he stays silent, too heartbroken from their breakup to defend her. However, when Geoff wants to throw Gwen in a dunk tank full of piranhas, he puts his foot down and tells Geoff that that is enough, he was the one who threw the game, not Gwen, and it was not her fault. Gwen thanks Trent and apologizes to him, with him telling her that they're cool.
  • In the special Why, Charlie Brown, Why?, Linus, normally weak, builds up the bravery to defend Janice, who was sick with leukemia. First, his sister, Lucy, after giving her a drink when she yells at him for having contact with a sick person, Linus, who knows cancer isn’t contagious, yells at her for that. When Janice is a target of a bully because the chemotherapy made her lose all her hair, Linus almost gets into a fight with him, forcing the bully to return Janice’s hat and apologize.


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