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Characters with standards in web original media.

  • In Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series, the boys have no qualms about murder, trickery, and even outright cheating - but if there's one thing that's agreed on, it's that Ryan's imprisonment of Edgar the cow is fucked up.
    • And in some of their Let's Plays of other games, they've had to censor certain answers to quiz questions because they cross the line that far - they still laugh at the audacity of them, but they refuse to put it out for their viewers to see.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd is well known for his vulgar humor and foul language, but some things disgust even him:
    • During the Bible Games episode, the Nerd shows us one of his limits (though he had said the first sentence straight in an earlier review, so he was probably trying to make up for that).
      Nerd: You would rather listen to your own infant child puking to death. That is, choking on his own puke chunks... That's disgusting, I apologize.
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    • He also apologizes for something he says in his Indiana Jones review. "I'd rather drink buffalo shizz! That's a combination of shit and jizz. Yeah, that's foul. I apologize."
    • In the Atari Porn episode, the Nerd is utterly revolted at the sight of an old witch shooting milk out of her breasts, calling it "fucking nasty, man!"
    • While reviewing the Sega Genesis version of Action 52, he was shocked to see a dog in the game Freeway being ran over by a car, in surprisingly graphic detail. He also demanded to know what was the deal with "dead cats" in another game on the same cart.
    • The Nerd is infamous for making heavy jokes involving bodily fluids, but when he says the title of the game Seaman, he simply looks at the camera with a blank stare and shakes his head before saying "No, I'm not going there". Then the first line in the manual starts "You are free to enjoy Seaman..." and he just gives up and goes there anyway.
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    • He's also disturbed upon seeing, what looks like a screenshot of an actual dead body, as the game over screen in Hong Kong '97.
      Nerd: (Looks in disbelief at the game over screen) No. That better not be a real dead body. There's.. no way they would have such bad tastes. (Looks unsure.) Or may that's someone who died on that date and time, in 1992.
    • After discovering that modern Godzilla games are much better than the shitty ones he grew up with, the Nerd is so angry that he feels no curse word in existence is powerful enough to let him fully express his anger, so he has to come up with a brand new one on the spot that is apparently so obscene, even his show has to bleep it out.
      Nerd: Oh yeah! It's that bad!
  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
    • 90s Kid loves extreme things, but killing pregnant women is not extreme to him. Thus a scene in a comic where that happened got him depressed, and it took a Rob Liefeld comic to get him better. Much later, his fondness for "Extreme" names wavers when even he admits the name "Death Blow" is kinda lame.
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    • When everyone is turned True Neutral from the final Warrior comic, Linkara and Spoony still find they can't bring themselves to watch TNA Impact.
    • In his review of Superman Saves the Animals, Linkara begins the review by clearing up that while he has criticized authors for portraying (non-sapient) animal life as equal to human life, (among other things) and is admittedly kind of an asshole himself, he is still disgusted by people who are needlessly cruel to defenseless creatures and does not want to see them suffer anymore than anyone else.
    • Professor Linksano is all for making concoctions to melt his enemy's faces off, but even he's disgusted when the Big Bad of The Spirit melts a live cat.
    • Linkara has refused to show certain panels due to finding such things (including the death of Lian Harper, Chapel's suicide, Black Adam's killing of the Psycho-Pirate, and The Joker straddling Donna Gugina's body and strangling her to death, in a very suggestive manner) and the way they were depicted to be in bad taste.
  • Bad Movie Beat Down:
    • Despite his dislike of Twilight and its fan base, Film Brain still thought Breaking Wind: Part 1's jabs at the the fandom were overly harsh.
    • In his review of Blade: Trinity calls Wesley Snipes laziness "Seagal-level bad", but also point out that at least Steven Seagal kept that level of laziness to his direct to video movies and not a theatrical movie.
  • In Brad Jones' Demo Reel, Henrietta is willing to do many things if it will get her a heroin fix, but not have dirty sex with a guy while she's wearing an E.T. costume.
  • Despite his love for explosions, mayhem, killing, and destruction, The Courier in Courier's Mind: Rise of New Vegas, still thinks The Boomers are out of their minds, and understandably feels that their plan to restore a pre-war bomber will either end in complete failure or a disaster for everyone else in The Mojave. Also, while The Courier enjoys killing and can even be sadistic a times, he is still disgusted by indiscriminate killing, and makes it a point to give The Legion a taste of its own medicine after seeing their overly cruel massacre of Nipton.
    • Although his lust for revenge against Benny is unwavering, The Courier is still willing to help end the stand off between The NCR and The Great Khans who aided Benny peacefully, reasoning that they were just hired guns, so it was nothing personal. note  Afterwards, The Courier actually scolds an NCR officer, after the latter received orders to move in and kill The Khans hostages or not, convincing him to disobey a direct order and allowing The Khans to leave safely.
    • Though The Courier has no problem with killing raiders for money and hacking off the limbs of fallen Legionaries to make a point, even he's off put, when the NCR officer in charge of the bounties asks that he bring him their heads as proof.
    • Despite not being particularly found of children, The Courier makes it clear that anyone who seriously tries to hurt them will be immediately introduced to his gun.
    • Despite being a hardened Cold Sniper with a burning hatred for The Legion, even Boone refuses to take part with The Courier in mutilating dead Legionaries.
    The Courier: (After killing a Legion officer) Boone you want the right testicle or the left one.
    Boone: You sick son of a bitch.
    The Courier: Fine! have them both, you greedy prick!
  • In Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged President Shinra is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who's willing to kill hundreds of innocent people and waste a large amount of resources just to get rid of AVALANCHE, whose membership is about six people plus a child of one member. When he hears Palmer, head of the space technology department has been literally burning one billion gil thinking that it will let him buy parts of outer space (and has done this ten times), Shinra removes his budgeting privileges.
  • Hat Films typically style themselves as morally grey, if not outright villainous. However, Ross commits genocide against villagers because their Speaking Simlish annoys him in Hat Pack. This unnerves the other two, although Trott mentions he's both horrified and aroused. The trio have also become known for forcing one another through horrible challenges on their birthday, but ruled out making Ross eat mayonnaise because Smith felt he couldn't bring himself to do it.
  • In DarkMatter2525's If Muhammad Replaced Trump:
    • The Right-Wing is willing to support Trump (or rather, Muhammad disguised as Trump) when he displays barbaric sexism, misogyny, antisemitism, hatred towards outside religions, and support of torture. But when Muhammad-disguised-as-Trump claims he will bring back Black Slavery, the voices on the Right-Wing start to die down.
    • Parodied near the end of the clip, when everyone finds out that "Trump" is actually Muhammad in disguise. At that the point, the Left-Wing, who was disgusted at Trumps intolerance were suddenly afraid that this made them Islamophobic, whereas the Right-Wing, who went with nearly everything Trump said, was horrified at the fact they were supporting Muhammad.
  • Amir of Jake and Amir is a selfish, manipulative, idiotic, obsessive narcissist with No Social Skills, incredibly bad hygiene, virtually no empathy for anyone, and a penchant for doing insane (and often illegal) things. In "Gay Marriage," he assumes that people are against marriage equality because if it becomes a reality, everyone in the United States will be forced to marry someone of the same sex. When Jake explains that this isn't the case and that "some people just don't believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry," Amir bursts into laughter, but upon learning that Jake isn't kidding, remarks, "Jesus. That's fucked up." When Amir thinks something is bad, you know it's awful.
  • The Key of Awesome has this in their video "Modern Monster Mash", where Frankenstein's monster tries to update his party by inviting modern movie monsters such as Freddy Krueger and Hannibal Lecter, only to be disgusted by how violent they are.
  • The Music Video Show had the host get angry when R. Kelly for pulling a gun out on a female couple. This is the same host who makes jokes about child abuse, child murder and abuse towards women.
    • An earlier example is in Episode 25, when the music video shown is so bad, the host drops all jokes and states that this episode was supposed to be shown earlier but he couldn't go through with it so soon.
  • The My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series versions of Rarity and Twilight (especially the former) are racist to non-unicorns ponies, but they still seem to at least try keeping racism away from the children, as shown when Rarity was happy her little sister Sweetie Belle had made friends and doesn't even bring up the fact that they are not unicorns.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter has reviewed some of the most disgusting, mean spirited, and just downright horrible animations in his Animated Atrocities series, Where the Dead Go to Die was just too horrible to qualify as an atrocity or be reviewed by him in general.
  • In Noob the reason Omega Zell hates Gaea is multi-layered. On the surface, he's a misogynist and Gaea happens to be a woman. Just under this, he and Gaea are Too Much Alike. Careful study of his rants reveal berating of the fact that Gaea is an immoral Dirty Coward, Manipulative Bastard and greedy penny-pincher, which suggests that he'd be holding these things against her even if she were male.
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
  • SF Debris was noting a particularly sexist scene in a Star Trek episode, and said he was offended, even though he thinks porn should be on the food pyramid.
  • Roboshi, the infamous fav'ing machine of the Ponibooru Crufavers, has notoriously low standards, but there are still images so poor in quality or distasteful that he will never fav. There's even a tag called "No favorite from Roboshi" on Derpibooru. It currently has about 180 images.
    "No fav for you, goo man chu!"
  • Hilariously lampshaded by Mexican mock-newspaper (like The Onion) El Deforma: When Enrique Peña Nieto was featured on the cover of Time Magazine with the caption "saving Mexico", Mexicans were outraged at what they perceived was a propaganda stunt. El Deforma then issued a statement that said that "there was a fine limit to the jokes" a newspaper can publish and that Time Magazine had taken it too far by "mocking our President with such a sarcastic cover" and that even they "would never have the courage to come up with such a controversial title that would cause anger to the Mexican people".

    Triples as Hypocritical Humor and Hilarious in Hindsight because El Deforma had done exactly just that a couple of weeks before when they published that the Mexican National Anthem's copyright had expired and therefore had no official owner because "the Secretary of Interior had forgotten to renew the contract", setting off many Mexicans' anger to the point that even serious newspapers thought the story was real.note 
  • In Todd in the Shadows' One Hit Wonderland episode on "Beds Are Burning", Todd says that Midnight Oil is so political that even Rage Against the Machine would tell them to talk about something else.
  • Homestar Runner:
  • Kirito in Sword Art Online Abridged is at best a Jerkass and at worst is The Sociopath, and once killed someone who was all but incapable of harming him because she made the mistake of slamming several of his Berserk Buttons. But in Episode 6, he explodes with an outraged "The Reason You Suck" Speech when he learns that the Villain of the Week murdered his wife because she once spent an evening planning a raid with her guildmates instead of making him dinner.
  • r/ReactGirls might be a subreddit to appreciate the female cast of React, but their very second rule is "Any kind of inappropriate or suggestive content regarding minors will be removed."
  • is equally disgusted about Carbombya from The Transformers episode "Thief in the Night" as the late Casey Kasem. Likewise, the site features a Preemptive "Shut Up" about Hiroshima Prime and is of the opinion after seeing the design for Thunderblast that the animators of GONZO need a cold shower and to see their wives.
  • Played for Laughs in the Abridged Series Ultra Fast Pony, who's creator is known for relishing in indecent lowest common denominator humor, purposely poking fun at very controversial issues, throwing in sexual innuendos, and playing his own poor/lazy editing and lip syncing for laughs, but even he adamantly refuses to have uncensored swearing in his show.
    • Despite being far from a good pony herself, Twilight is still marginally better than the rest of The Mane Six, as while they are more or less indifferent about anything that does not directly concern them she at least tries to be a hero if she has to. Also, she is possibly the only pony in Ponyville who is not racist. Or the very least, willing offer non-ponies friendship.
    • Though he is usually too much of a push over to stand up to his "mother" and will often just go with what ever she wants of him, Spike will sometimes try to call out Twilight for some of her actions, like when she made Sunset Shimmer cry at the end of The Movie.
    • Applejack, despite being an amoral Jerkass on the best of days, she finds making fun of Rainbow Dash's illiteracy a little too low.
    • Rainbow Dash herself is an unrepentant jerk that never thinks of anyone but herself, but she was also the only one who tried to call out Twilight, when she killed the real Pinkie Pie and just replaced her with one of the clones.
    • Discord of all people finds Fluttershy's utter lack of logic annoying.
    • And of course, every single character in the show will lampoon any and all possible Unfortunate Implications, that may be found in the shows writing and morals.
    Applejack: The important thing is, no matter what someone does, you should forgive them if they say they're sorry.
    Applebloom: That sounds like great advice for either a beautiful relationship or an abusive one.
  • In Welcome to Night Vale, Cecil's horrified reaction to the blood-and-guts covered recording booth in Desert Bluffs really gives perspective to how horrible it must be, since he is used to calmly reporting on awful situations and gruesome deaths (including but not limited to: ritual sacrifice, vaporization, and being eaten by dinosaurs).
  • While pretty much every character is an Adaptational Jerkass in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, that doesn't mean they're not without standards:
    • While not exactly the All-Loving Hero he was in the original, Yugi was still the only who had a problem with Yami's willingness to kill Kaiba. He also repeatedly criticizes his friends for trying to keep people as slaves and at end of Battle City, tried to convince Yami to go easy on Joey in their duel, not that Joey needed any help.
    • Joey repeatedly tries to politely tell Yami to stop making sex related jabs at Mai, while she's in a coma. Joey is also not pleased with Tristan and Duke's attraction to his underage (but surprisingly developed) sister, despite not being nearly as great an older brother he was in the original series.
    • All of the guys, even Yami were shocked, when Mai pretended to have died for good, just to mess with them.
    • By the time of their second match, Yami has had it with Raphael's hypocrisy and double standards towards them sacrificing monsters, and tells him off for taking his personal issues out him and the rest of the world. He also wasn't found of Kaiba being... Kaiba while they were meeting with the military.
  • The Last Podcast on the Left:
    • The hosts are not typically ones to shy away from going into the nitty-gritty of the depravities of serial killers. They'll often discuss the specifics of a murder in graphic detail. One notable exception to this is Pee-Wee Gaskins. The main source of the man's misdeeds is the man himself, and the hosts note that he really likes to exaggerate how far he went in certain acts in ways that are impossible to confirm. Partly for this reason, the third episode of their series on him features the hosts deliberately shying away from describing the process of a murder Gaskins talks about. The farthest Marcus Parks will go is to say to imagine the "worst scene" in A Serbian Film taking place in the back of a hearse and realize it might have taken place in real life.
    • They're also much more somber when discussing the victims of a heavy hitter's crimes in-depth. For all the Black Comedy Rape thrown around making jokes about how the Children of Gods' founder, David Berg, was an incestuous Dirty Old Man pedophile, they're more serious in the fourth part of the series, focused on describing the life and death of a young man raised within the church and sexually abused growing up.
    • In Last Podcast on the Left: Live in Chicago, the hosts express amazement that not only was it very briefly considered to pair up two people acquitted of murder despite significant evidence of guilt, O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony, in a reality show, but that the idea was rejected for being too classless. It is not, however, too classless for Last Podcast on the Left. Cue Marcus creating a mockup of such a show, with O.J. and Anthony standing back to back next to the title "The Didn't Do-Its" while the theme of Perfect Strangers plays in the background.
  • Joe Rogan was the host of Fear Factor, a show where contestants were often challenged to eat disgusting things like buffalo testicles or rat stew. In 2007, Rogan made a 2 Girls, 1 Cup reaction video and had to turn away several times. Let that sink in.
  • In The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles, the people of Nova Scotia are so desperate for a football team of their own, they launch a massive naval offensive as a gambit to get a team. Leland Melvin tries to reward their assistance by pulling some strings to have an existing football team move to Halifax: the Browns. The Nova Scotians reply that they may be desperate for a team, but they're not that desperate—and they hold out until Melvin offers them the Titans instead.
  • In Trapped In The Birdcage when the team goes to the bakery where young Strix works Everyone but Wilis very concerned that the children who work there might be being exploited.
  • In 64 Things Wrong with Mario Kart, Josh, who will go out of his way to criticize classic video games, refuses to say anything critical about Mario Kart DS. Its Mission Mode most likely had something to do with that, and Josh even admits as much.
  • Terrible Writing Advice: The whole point of the series is JP Beaubien giving terrible writing advice, but even in-character, he refuses to endorse copying HP Lovecraft's unapologetic racism.
  • Screen Rant Pitch Meetings is a series about a screenwriter who pitches scripts full of plot holes, Unfortunate Implications or other problems, and a producer who will greenlight the scripts after making only a token effort to point out the problems. That said, the two men have at least a few standards.
    • The Producer is usually very willing to accommodate the Screenwriter, even the more insane and nonsensical idea. In It (2017) Pitch Meeting, however, when the Screenwriter talks about putting a scene of child-orgy, the Producer looks absolutely livid and Screenwriter wisely chooses to leave it out of the movie.
    • While the Screenwriter's the source of all those terrible ideas, even he questions whether it's a good idea to reboot Spider-Man again in the video about Spider-Man leaving the MCU.
  • In Sanity Not Included Season 5, The Religion Guy sings about leaving "religion" as he treats it as an old fad with God "not being hip", and he joins Scientology, pretentiously singing praises of how great it is while having wild sex, which is no different then what he's done in "religion". However he drew the line at their Holocaust Denial, which caused him to go back to religion and smite them. The credits had a reprise where he insults Scientology.
  • In Farce of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang appears to have no morals whatsoever. However, in the campaign against the Mang, he finally finds something he won't do: Blackface. He also refuses to offer human sacrifices, but that's because, if his calculations are correct, it would put him just over the Moral Event Horizon, coming right after the genocide of the Wugo.


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