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  • Flurry Heart (a BABY alicorn) beating the hell out of a Changeling trying to kidnap her. See the Funny Moments page for details.
    • Later on she saves Thorax from an assassination attempt by one of Queen Chrysalis's loyal Changelings in much the same way. It's even lampshaded by the assassin.
  • Session 8.13 gives us Queen Supia, a gigantic Neighponese Changeling Queen who resembles a Japanese giant hornet. When Chrysalis bans King of Manehatten, an in-universe board game with a character similar to Supia in it (something Chrysalis claims "steals the terror-spotlight" from herself), Supia shows up and delivers a terrifyingly awesome speech about who makes a better Kaiju that leaves the normally arrogant Chrysalis a trembling wreck:
    "...And then I learned of your tantrum over the game." Supia's voice was a demonic, buzzing hiss. "Sending some of your soldiers to harass the poor developers just for NOT making YOU their monster? Do you even KNOW size-shifting spells? Have YOU ever caused a tsunami with just the force of your wings? Have YOU ever crushed a mad daimyo's army LITERALLY underhoof?" A slim pink tongue shot out and licked at those horrible mandibles. "Do YOU know what kappas taste like when you swallow them whole by the dozens?!"
    • Chrysalis then promptly revokes the ban.
  • The round of Go between Scorch and Master Babylon. Two dragons the size of MOUNTAINS, using huge boulders as game pieces , trading some friendly trash-talk...and all the while a crowd of smaller dragons watch as if it were a tense standoff or epic battle. Mundane Made Awesome at its absolute finest.
    • Then there's how Master Babylon wins said game. He distracts Scorch with some banter just enough for the latter to set down a piece without thinking....while it's still technically Babylon's turn, thus making an illegal move and making Babylon the winner by default. Quite the Magnificent Bastard indeed.
  • A flash forward reveals that Gilda ascending to goddesshood due to making a strawberry-topped cheesecake for Griffonkind's gods after getting zapped with Starswirl's spell in a thousand years or so. Arguably outstrips the above for Mundane Made Awesome.
    • Even better, Gilda wears a chef's outfit as her holy/royal attire.
  • Basically any time somepony pulls a successful derailment and either completely breaks a game, or effectively ends its story on a happy note. Shining's alien war game; Twilight's steampunk RPG; Human!Shining's fantasy creatures-vs.-real militaries game...they all get more or less uprooted and turned on their heads. And it's never through cheating or exploits, just creative use of the games' mechanics and rules.
    • Often doubles as Funny, due to the Oh, Crap! reations this produces from the Game Master (usually Twilight or Shining Armor) at seeing everything hijacked.
  • The entirety of session 25.0. Hoo boy, let's run things down:
    • Ember, for starters. Not only has she grown into a beautiful and utterly gigantic dragoness, she's also proven quite a capable Dragon Lord: most dragons now acknowledges her as their ruler, and she's already putting a plan to modernize and reform dragon-kind into motion. She's come a long way from the defiant daughter she once was.
    • Meanwhile, Mina of Dragon Town has also grown into a titanic beauty. She's also become something of a champion for Dragon Town, stubbornly (yet peacefully) holding onto her home's independence even as Ember has been consolidating power and influence all this time. Ember couldn't have asked for a more worthy rival.
  • The Curb-Stomp Battle the Mane Six dole out in March of the Giants in Chapter 9. Lucky dice rolls and some quick thinking on everypony's part let their giant characters make quick work of the pony Baron's forces and castle: Half a company of Mooks is Squashed Flat in one stomp by AJ, Rainbow sends a squad of archers flying with a wing-gust, and the castle's wall is demolished via a good old-fashioned tackle. To end with a bang, a potentially lethal cannon brigade is turned into ice statues by Rarity, and the Baron himself and his last flunkies are ensnared in vines courtesy of Fluttershy. Even if only a board game, still quite impressive.
  • During the Storm King's take over, Cheerilee, Zecora, and the Deer mount a rescue of the captured foals. The Deer use their Green Thumb magic to attack the Storm King's Mooks after Cheerilee lures them into Everfree. Aspen then interrogates one of them to find the foal's location, at which point Zecora uses an Invisiblity potion to sneak in and rescue the foals, losing the guards int the Everfree with help from the Deer.
    • And then for good measure Aspen gets some reinforcements from the Everfree. The URSA MAJOR
    • We also see the Crystal Empire and Diamond Wolves, the Yaks, Daring Do, and the Hooffields and Mc Colts briefly fighting the invaders off in different battles. Briefly, that is, before the reinforced Yetis beat them.
    • Also Starlight Glimmer briefly holds the attackers back at the very door of the Friendship Palace before she is taken prisoner. When she discovers that Tempest and the Storm King mean to visit Earth after the invasion to learn how to make nuclear bombs, she teleports Twi's notebook on how to use the mirror gate far far away. And is beaten savagely.
  • Amethyst Star letting herself be captured by the Storm King's Mooks so her little sister and the Doctor can escape.
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  • Silver Spoon managing to completely destroy the Defiers by effectively delivering a Logic Bomb on their entire organization with the lore of the game.

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