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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Reharmonized Ponies 
  • Pinkie Pie in general is just one big walking Funny Moment. What else can describe someone asking their split personality if they'll reenact a scene from the pony version of Naruto? And then there's this:
    Pinkie Pie: Maybe I can ask the pegasi to make it rain chocolate milk with cotton candy clouds on my next birthday! I asked Twilight if we could have that all the time, but she said the crops wouldn't like that, and that included wheat which means she said there wouldn't be any flour and that would mean no cupcakes and— WOULD YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THAT STUPID FANFIC ALREADY-?!
    • Becomes a Brick Joke when she gets stuck in Princess Gaia's Lotus-Eater Machine. Part of her ideal world is having that fic pretty much erased from existence.
    • The entire scene where she's reunited with the Mane Cast after her week long slumber and Split-Personality Merge. Especially the mass Jaw Drop in response to her not wanting to throw a party and then her explanation of how her Split-Personality Merge happened.
    • The audio adaption makes this funnier with the illustration.
  • A bit morbid as far as CMOF's go, but Doctor Whooves reenacting his bout as Time Lord Victorious with a bed sheet cape is just funny enough to offset the inherent Nightmare Fuel involved.
  • This conversation between Fluttershy and Fluttercruel:
    Fluttercruel: Shut up shut up! You don't know anything so stop spewing dragon fewmets like you know me or someone you met twice!
    Fluttershy: Oh my my my, such language. We're going to have to clean that mouth out.
    Fluttercruel: YOU WOULDN'T!
    • Even funnier, Fluttershy actually carries through with her threat. It's never really explained how one manages to wash out the mouth of their own Split Personality, but Word of God says she washed out her own mouth and forced Fluttercruel to feel it, which is a pretty funny image in and of itself.
  • The introduction of Trixie's sisters, the Mid Summer-Night Sisters. Complete with "Super Sentai" Stance and rolecall. It would seem Trixie's Large Ham tendencies are a family trait.
    • The Audio Adaptation takes this up to eleven with the images and background music for the scene.
    • The adaptation also adds a line where Twilight lampshades the fact most ponies have nouns for names and wondering who came up with specialized words for names anyway, inverting Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?.
  • The Audio Adaptation of Rainbow's true harmonizing actually has a picture of Pinkie's world record book. Next to Rainbow's entry is one of Derpy for 'Most Muffins Consumed It A Single Day'.

  • Fluttercruel taking over should be cause for concern…until her first action is to sing.
    • And the reason she actually takes over to begin with? Just so she can go get a burger.
      • Well, cows are shown to be self-aware in this world, so it's a little nightmare fuel-ish, but not as much as some of the other stuff.
      • Maybe it's made of Everfree nonsentient animals? Of course, to Fluttershy herself, even that would be Nightmare Fuel, seeing how she reacts to Fluttercruel's lesson.
      • It wasn't sentient when it was served, so shut up and and eat up.
    • Don't forget that the song is a reprise of Fluttershy's "I Love Everything" song. And not even really a Dark Reprise either. Plus, given how much her character has changed, Fluttercruel doesn't do much worse than Poke the Poodle.
  • Twilight and Trixie's conversation on the events of "Lesson Zero":
    Trixie: And you used a GEASS to make the entire town fall in love with your doll?!
    Twilight: I just meant it to happen to three little innocent fillies who I was then going to remove the spell right after…
    Trixie: Maybe the one and only Trixie should consider this sweet blackmail material.
    Twilight: Trixie. I was inside your head. I saw every last trauma and embarrassing secret in there.
    Trixie: Prove it.
    Twilight: Princess Star Flower.
  • Princess Luna is reading a tabloid article referencing one of Celestia's Alternative Character Interpretations to Celestia... Then she reads who wrote it:
    Luna: Wait a minute. Written by SUNNY DAY-!? CELLY! That's one of your alias'!
    Celestia: *chuckles* So it is.
    • Even funnier, her words imply she fools around with the tabloids like this on a regular basis.
    • The not so subtle Take That! to the Ron the Death Eater treatment Celestia goes through; she's described as shuddering when she remembers the "Molestia" rumors that apparently started circulating after she took Twilight in as her student.
  • Alright, it was followed by a major Tear Jerker, but 95% of what Fluttercruel does during her day in control. Including getting drunk on salt water! OK; at first that's not so funny, then you imagine Fluttershy of all ponies doing all of this and it becomes pretty dang funny!
  • Filly Celestia. That is all.
  • How Pinkie Pie and The One and Only Trixie break out of Princess Gaia's Lotus-Eater Machine. The former bites her own leg — then screams bloody murder and decides she should have just imagined plunging into ice water or something, while the latter takes a mallet to the head from her Imaginary Friend.
  • Filly Zecora manages to be hilarious, adorable, and somewhat creepy all at the same time.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction to the Everkind Forest's nature in general. Also, her reaction to a doll of her G3 counterpart. Pinkie Pie's Breaking the Fourth Wall by referencing the commercial makes it even funnier.
    Pinkie Pie: Oh look! Rainbow Dash always dresses in style!
    Rarity: (Laughing) I must say, this is an improvement for you dear!
    Rainbow Dash: (Thinking) If this wasn't Fluttershy, I'd hoof her in the face for this!
  • In "Playtime", Celestia is unbrainwashing and distracting the foals that used to be Ponyville's population disguised as an earth pony filly named Sunny Day. What is Luna doing? Drinking her morning (well, for her, since she's nocturnal) coffee while babysitting a group of guards turned into foals, apparently on Celestia's orders. She's not happy about it either.
    Princess Luna: Celly, you die for this.
  • Rainbow Dash Comically Missing the Point with Fluttershy.
    Twilight: But Fluttershy, you haven't answered the most important questions.
    Rainbow Dash: Yeah! Can I have Cloudsdale renamed in my honor?
    Twilight: That wasn't the question, Rainbow.
    Rainbow Dash: Oh.
  • Trixie getting drunk after hearing she's been hired to do a magic act at the celebration.
  • The Sea Serpent's reaction to Everkind Forest turning back into Everfree Forest.
    Sea Serpent: That's it, I'm moving.
  • As Celestia is discussing the Mane Cast to show Trixie that she can be an Element Of Harmony and part of a group without surrendering what makes her her, she has this to say about Pinkie Pie:
    Princess Celestia: And Pinkie Pie…I shall say only that she has a uniqueness that shall never be emulated within the lifetime of this universe.
    Pinkie Pie: ^_^
  • Drunk Trixie…Again.
    Trixie: And that is how I defeated twenty Ursa Majors In D Minor with my horns tied behind my back and my hoof shining as brightly as Princess Luna's sun!

  • When Rainbow Dash is visited by Spitfire, Spitfire asks to come in. In response, Dash does her best Twilight impression.
    Rainbow Dash: YES YES YES YES YES!
  • From the last story in "Butterflies", the antics of the Crusaders. A "Fire elemental incident" is mentioned. They did it with matches. And that's not even getting into the other Noodle Incident of Butterflies. They manage to break time by travelling sideways, break so many laws of the universe it takes Doctor Whooves to keep track, see multiple generations of the show (The Smooze from Gen 1 and Scootaloo singing a song from Gen 3 come to mind, keep in mind that according to Loose Canon Generation 3 was erased in a Cosmic Retcon, so that shouldn't even be possible) and even run into the Hasbro executives themselves, mentioning how their spin-off series was cancelled. Silver Spoon being the Only Sane Mare for all this just adds to the fun.
  • A substantial fraction of Fluttercruel's Cute-Ceañera.
    • L118 Party Howitzer (with balloon mushroom cloud). It's dismantled and disposed of with a petrol fire.
    • Hoof-wrestling is Serious Business. To the point that Spike and Twilight have both read books on it, and Rarity's father gave her special training.
    • Fluttershy getting an Imagine Spot of 'cruel mixed up with reality.
    • Another Imagine Spot of 'Cruel's, the idea that Rarity would respond to an invading alien army (of Blood Ravens from Warhammer 40,000) by critiquing their style choices and offering them better uniforms.
    • 'Cruel retreating into her own mind to escape Pinkie's singing - apparently it involved hard bass, dramatic chords, a rap section, backmasked messages, cannon, chimes and brass fanfare. It was the original version of the song for Baby Cakes.
    • Pin the Tail on the Pony. With a nail gun. Blindfolded.
      Trixie: AAGG! HOW DID IT CATCH FIRE?!!!
    • Fluttercruel discovers her tolerance for spicy food is much higher than 'Shy's. By letting her take back control after having enough for her.

    Generation Transitions/Origins 

    Mind Games 

    Dark World 
  • The play in the third Dark World chapter, in which various items from the Evil Overlord List are deconstructed in the most hilarious ways possible.
    • There's also the play's Running Gag of Angry Pie being lit on fire, and the real Angry Pie's frustration with it.
      Twilight Tragedy: Exactly how many times during that war did you get set on fire?
      Angry Pie: Too many!
    • The Brick Joke about "Tom's contribution to the war".
    • Play!Discord hitting Grogar over the head with a Sherman Tank.
    • Evil Overlord List #140
      Do we have enough time to complete the escape tunnel?
      Don't worry I hid the chamber pot.
    • When the rule about not having goatees gets brought up, Grogar and Play!Discord team up to beat up the minion who suggested it then called a temporary truce to celebrate.
      • Funnier? According to Word of God, that one actually happened!
    • At one point Greedity subverts the whole 'give your mooks clear Plexiglass face shields so they can tell each other from the enemy' by knocking several of them out and then sticking masks of herself on their faces. When they wake up, they attack each other.
  • Apple Pie's When Life Gives You Lemons... speech:
    Apple Pie: When life gives ya lemons, don't throw 'em back, and don't try to burn life's house down with a combustible lemon. Ya'll be left with nothin' except yer pride, which ya can't eat. Or ya'll be hated by everypony who actually LIKES lemons. And ya'll only get squashed by the skyscraper sized angry mommy-lemon as it falls on ya anyway.
  • Liarjack is chasing Apple Bloom around the Castle eventually ending up at the Truth, this is what happens.
    Apple Bloom: Big sister, Ah just wanna say first, thanks fer everything, and Ah love ya very much, and always will, and Ah'm sorry 'bout this next part.
    Liarjack: WAIT A SEC'! Ah remember now! Apple Bloom! YER DEAD!
    • A little later, Applejack asks the god she's talking to, the Father of All Alicorns why he didn't just tell her in the first place she was an Element of Kindness. Does he respond with some big speech on why he works In Mysterious Ways? Nope:
      Applejack: Yah couldn't have just told meh from the start!
      Father of All Alicorns: If I Had Just Told You, You Would Have Treated It As Nothing More Than A Lecture.
      Applejack: Ah guess yah got a point there.
  • Some of the worlds seen in Truth by Liarjack:
    • Twilight and Discord fighting an epic mech battle, only for the entire thing to be revealed as them being actors for a movie.
    • After the numbers of her friends came up Pinkie Pie forces them to sing all vocals from every season of Pony Rangers and Bug Masked Rider.
    • Everything Applejack as the Element of Laughter does, even as she is dragged with her brother to Nightmare Mirror she just finds it hilarious that she will enter a new universe naked.
    • One world appears to be Discord's victory played for laughs rather than drama. Aspects of it are still somewhat disturbing, but the whole sequence is still pretty funny.
  • Epilogue!Discord apparently once spent ten years straight just staring at a test pattern on a TV.
    • Apparently, the Equestrian Santa Claus breaks into Discord's castle every Hearth's Warming Eve to hoof-deliver lumps of coal.
      • We finally get to see an example of this in "Omake Hearth's Warming Eve". Santa Hooves reads off a very long list of the naughty things Discord's done this year, casually ignoring everything he and the Chaos 6 throw at him in the process. Oh, and he stole the Valeyard's TARDIS keys and the battery to his sonic screwdriver and replaced them with a lump of coal and a candy cane, respectfully.
  • Twilight, Applejack, Spike, and Sweetie Belle are trying to get into Rarigreed's room. This is how Applejack gets them in past the door golems:
    Applejack: Darlings, Abigail Jacqueline The Fifth of the Fifth Line, I believe I am on the permanent guest list. I have some delightful companions with me this time, so could you both be dears and let them all through for me? Miss Rarigreed would be so disappointed if I couldn't make it because you wouldn't let my friends in.
    Everyone Else: [Jaw Drops]
  • Twilight Sparkle distracting Rarigreed by use of No. 25. (Yes, seriously.)
  • While defeating the blackbirds that have tormented Derpy for one thousand years was awesome, the moment following it was hilarious. They throw it into the portal to Ponythulhu's domain. Ponythulhu is simply about to take a dip in his hot tub, presently wearing his favorite bathrobe and carrying a crossword puzzle when he opens the door and gets floored by the entire murder of blackbirds, followed by the polite note from Twilight with instructions on how to make them into a pie. Made all the funnier by the fact this is an Eldritch Abomination we're talking about!
    Ponythulhu: What a nice pony. How polite.
    • Ponythulhu gets another moment in Dark World 12. Just after Twilight mentions that all the sentient cows in Equestria long ago ascended to a higher plane of existence, we cut to one offering Ponythulhu a salad, which he tops with a special spice his cousins gave him. Said "spice" is the mad wailings of lunatics.
      • It's safe to say that Ponythulhu is the designated comic relief of Dark World at this point. Which is itself hilarious, since we're talking about an Expy of Cthulhu himself here.
  • The reaction of the voice to Derpy being the Element of Loyalty.
    ???????? ??????? You're kidding, you're kidding right? You have got to be clopping me! *The Obscenities printed here are so ugly that Sane Reality Himself rejects them*
  • Rarigreed indulging in a little Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking when describing Discord's atrocities:
    Rarigreed: He likes to see ponies squirm like a rat in a trap, he likes people being as insane as he is, he likes emotionally breaking ponies, he likes people to be like him. He is vain. And that shade of green of his tuxedo Ponythulu gave him was garish.
    Twilight: What does that last one have to do with anything?
    Rarigreed: It's true, isn't it?
  • Twilight and the gang decide to take a bath to make themselves more presentable to the Apple/Pie family, and make Rarigreed, the filthiest of them all after a millennium of wallowing in dirt, go first. Hilarity Ensues once Twilight has to magically lift Rarigreed over the tub.
    Rarigreed: Put me down!
    Twilight: Alright. (drops Rarigreed over the tub)
    Rarigreed: (while clinging to the edges of the tub over the water) Spike, help!
    Spike: Whatever you say. (pushes Rarigreed into the tub)
  • Apple Pie reveals that she is in fact the new Element of Laughter and has already awoken her Element, which causes Twilight, AJ, and Rarigreed to faint simultaneously.
  • Pinkie's opening and closing bits in the "Hearth's Warming Eve" omake. Especially when she says that she's announcing from on top of the fourth wall.
    "I can see the toy factory in China I was first produced in from here…I bet it's full of love and happiness!…Never mind."
    • Pretty much all of that omake, really, especially Discord's frustration with dealing with Santa Hooves.
  • When Twilight asks the voice whether it's a repressed part of Discord, it's reply is a Big "NO!" so loud it leaves Twilight cross-eyed and temporarily aphasic.
  • Twilight gives Spike, Derpy, and Apple Pie a lecture on how to deal with Discord:
    Twilight: Even if you turn left where he thinks you're going to, do it in a way that makes him think you were going to turn right, maybe even think you actually DID. And if he tells you to go right, don't go left.
    Derpy: Go sideways!
    Twilight: Exactly! That's right, Derpy.
    Derpy: Yay! And my flight instructor said that was wrong.
    (Groans abound.)
  • Shortly before going into the Dark World arc, Alexwarlorn gave us all a journal entry written by Twilight Tragedy, begging for help against her master. Several fans gave 'her' advice, only for Tragedy to say, "Thank you so much for showing me weaknesses in the Master's defenses! As a reward, you can choose whether you become a statue in the garden or a lovely pony maid or a singing sea pony!" Quite a few of the respondents chose to become maids. Then, later on when she broke from Discord's spell, one of the things she did was to transform most of the maids back into their original forms. However…
    Twilight: Wait, why are some of you still pony maids?
    Pony Maids: Oh, we like being cute pony maids!
  • Dark World 15 makes this fan scene canon.
    • Discord gets several this chapter:
      • Turns an After the End style biker gang into circus clowns.
      • Preparing to send his remaining troops after the redeemed Elements of Harmony, he tries to read from a script, only to pull out one for what appears to be a video game battle sequence, and attacks his minions when it says to.
      • Listing his plan for dealing with the Elements of Harmony, before Traitor Dash interrupts:
        "Alright, first part of our stratagem, you all get some brooms and dust bins, and I drop this really big mountain on top of them. Second part, we all go out for tacos. Third, you chip in to pay my tab. Fourth..."
      • His interactions with Rancor.
    • During Rancor's entrance we get this:
      Apple Pie H-h-h-h-ey! This-is-is ma-ma-ma-kes ma-ma-ah vi-vi-oice s-s-sound sil-il-ily!
      Angry Pie I-I-I ha-ha-ha-hate h-h-how th-i-i-s m-m-makes m-m-my v-v-voice s-s-sound!
  • Somehow, as of Dark World 16, Rancor has become The Ditz of a Draconequs, making for some great comedy in regards to the fact that on one hand she needs to fight the elements of harmony eventually, but she keeps finding excuses not to do so. For instance, wanting Rarity's autograph because she has a universally good singing voice (and it's implied that in a past life, she was a member of Rancor's favorite band).
    • Rancor makes her entrance by appearing from nowhere and interrupting Traitor Dash confronting Twilight and the others.
    • There's also the fact that as the Draconequs of violence, she just causally gets Rarity's autograph, then teleports over and breaks Traitor Dash's wing as part of her promise. And so nonchalantly.
    • Also, she spends part of the battle sketching everyone, and when Traitor Dash goes into her Super Mode, Rancor was still sketching the trapped Elements of Harmony, so she deflects a blast away from them.
      Rancor: I'm not done with my sketch!
    • The Ham-to-Ham Combat between Traitor Dash and Pegasus!Twilight/Half-Light Noon:
      Traitor Dash: You're good, Twilight Sparkle, but I'm better.
      Twilight: When I'm like this, call me Half-Light! Half-Light Noon!
      Traitor Dash: Since when are YOU into cool names?
      Half-Light Noon: I must have copied over some of your personality traits when I produced this form, you are the pegasus I've spent the most time with!
      Traitor Dash: So... uh... how many alter egos HAVE you got rattling around that skull of yours, Miss Identity Crisis? Six? More?
      Half-Light Noon: HEY! You're one who started this Miss McAwesome Name!
      Traitor Dash: No you were! And it would it be McCool Name fillystine!
      Half-Light Noon: No, you! And it's awesome!
      Traitor Dash: You! And no it's cool!
  • Dark World 17: Apple Pie defeating a zombie with a Logic Bomb.
    • Just the fact that Apple Pie managed to defeat a zombie with a Logic Bomb, and not even on purpose! She just thought it was a funny observation! Twilight then has her wipe out the entire army with it combined with the Royal Canterlot Voice.
      Apple Pie: Hey, Mr. Zombie! Don't ya know the dead don't move? But yer movin' but yer dead! So ya'd have 'ta be alive, but alive things are warm and don't rot! So ya have ta' be dead too! But you're supposed to be alive and dead, but can't be alive or dead. Then what are ya exactly? Ya can't really be 'half-dead' or 'half-alive' so ya can't be any of those. 'Undead' is 'un' as in 'undo' so 'undo-death' so ya'd be alive right? And if yah are alive, shouldn't yah be eating yourself cause zombies eat living things? If yer not alive and yer dead, then shouldn't ya stop movin' now?
    • Also in that chapter, in keeping with the theme of everyone getting the Valeyard's name wrong to insult him, Rancor calls him "Barnyard", something that Apple Pie and Applejack find insulting — to barnyards.
  • Dark World 18: Even the Valeyard gets one as he briefly talks about all the yard-related insults he got in his long life.
  • 'Love/Hate Bedlam Part 1': While Storming the Castle, the girls discover the castle is actually sentient and capable of dodging the Elements when they try to blast it with them. How do they manage to prevent a repeat of the hedge maze? Applejack reasons with it with the Royal Canterlot Voice (thanks to Twilight). The castle then performs the Pinkie Pie/Pinkamena Swear!
    • Derpy's response when the castle first dodges?
      "That's just cheating!"
    • We get a scene inside the castle while it's dodging, and get to see Discord and his minions being tossed all over the place — Discord at one point ends up buried under a pile of records and 8-tracks.
    • Earlier, when Discord tries to unleash his "League of Auxiliary Minions", he finds that they're all dead, apparently having suffocated since he last locked them in the room. Becomes less funny when we find out Angry Pie killed them all.
      Fluttercruel: "Bloodthirsty psychotic ponies still need AIR, Master!"
      • And it goes from funny to awesome when we find out why Angry Pie did what she did. Also in that chapter, we get a flashback to a time when somepony tried to bribe Angry into leaving them alone by giving her an adorable little foal as a 'gift'. Angry calms down and sweetly asks the little filly if she wants to go with her. The filly agrees, at which point Angry says:
      "Okay, but first, watch me beat the crap out of the nasty pony who tried to bribe me with you, okay?"
    • There's also Discord holding a funeral for the Valeyard. This includes a dirt maid playing a funeral dirge on a kazoo.
  • In part 2, when Discord summons his remaining minions to fight the Elements, Rainbow Dash wakes up from her healing coma…and is instantly knocked back out by Minty, who smacks her in the face with a pie pan. For bonus points, it's a Call-Back all the way to Pinkie's Reharmonization chapter, where Fluttercruel did the same to Pinkie.
  • In Dark World Part 20: Angry Cruel Love, Spike manages to gain an advantage on Rancor by tickling her.
    • At which point Apple Pie sees it, laughs, and opens up one of her wounds by doing so. AJ's reaction: "AH DANGIT!"
    • When Rancor says that a uniquely passionate dragon like Spike would be a wonderful champion, he rejects the offer and asks what kind of person would want to be Rancor's champion. We then Gilligan Cut to a pony version of Lobo fighting Superstallion, with the implication that he'd be good for the role.
  • In "The Real Hoof Blues", Discord, despite spending most of the chapter in a Villainous BSoD over Fluttercruel's death, gets one by reaching into a candybar and pulling out a fridge to snack on..
  • "Dark World 22: Off Da Rails" has Applejack and Rarity having a civil discussion on politics, in the middle of a huge fight with Discord's remaining Mooks. Spike has to remind them that they're in the middle of a fight to get them to focus.
    • Said mooks promptly quit the second their contract with Discord expires and leave the castle, one of them commenting on hoping they'll turn into hot virgacorn supermodels on the way out. Spike adds that maybe he ought to accompany them to keep them safe, only to stop when Rarity reminds him that she's the only horned beauty he should be thinking about.
    • Not to mention simply what the Mooks are. They include ninja-pirate-mutant-killer-bees, a giant-cyborg-spider-vampire, and the Magnificent 300 Goblin Cowboy Samurai (who are the mooks that quit when their contract expires). One moment of note includes, during the aforementioned Casual Danger Dialog, Apple Pie manages to convince one of the Goblin Cowboy Samurai to take up knitting in the middle of the fight.
    • While otherwise a really serious moment, Pinkie Pie shields the group from a resurrected Fluttercruel's Storm of Blades by building a wall of mattresses via a weaponized Hardwork Montage, managing to get into a labor depute with herself and renegotiate her own contract in the matter of seconds it took her to build it.
    • At one point Discord offers to wed Pinkie if she'll become his "Queen of Madness". Pinkie politely says that he's too nasty and he'd never change in a zillion years. In a brief aside we're shown an Alternate Universe in which a zillion and one years later, Discord swears off being evil and his wife Pinkie kisses him.
    • Rainbow Dash finally recovers from her discording, flies to reach the others, only to run directly into another swarm of dragons. She wasn't very pleased, but the irony is still enjoyable.
  • Dark World 26: Princess Luna and Princess Celestia are freed from their prisons. As fillies!
    • Basically everything that Filly!Celestia does is hilarious.
    • While giving a Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to the Nameless Passenger on why she isn't going to kill the Sea Pony that want to take two of Celestia and Luna's feathers, Twilight finds a soapbox materialize underneath her. She dispels it and continues talking...only to suddenly hit her head on the ceiling, having somehow manifested a giant soapbox during her speech.
  • Black Comedy example — in one of the previous time loops, Discord killed all the Chaos Six to prevent them turning on him. They then proceeded to turn into various monsters and attack him.
  • "Give A Reason": Discord's utterly nonchalant and blase reactions to Anarchy's tortures. He truly has seen and felt it all.
  • Minty Pie arrives to the Final Battle with Nightmare Paradox by throwing her sword at her...only for it to bounce off without doing any damage.
    Minty Pie: "Huh, that always works on Pony Rangers.
  • Fluttercruel's Punishment has this moment while the Draconequi are trying to convince Fluttershy to let them punish Fluttercruel for what she did in Dark World.
    Rancor: Hi
    Fluttershy: Hello. Good bye.
    [Door Slam]
    Rancor OW!
    Fluttershy: There's a band-aid box right outside and some going away muffins.
    Rancor: ...Thanks.
  • When Twilight explains to the rest of the Dark World heroes how she became an Alicorn, she comments in the narration that no, she did not conjure a temple of soapboxes to do so... just enough for everyone to sit on.

    Shining Armor Arc 
  • "ecnarbmemeR-Remembrance" has several, particularly since Shining Armor is somewhat of a Deadpan Snarker at times. One that stands out is Blueblood getting his mane dyed neon green. Literally neon (pranks are apparently a lot more extravagant in the world of magical ponies).
    • Speaking of Blueblood, there's his Verbal Backpedaling when he realizes he just insulted Twilight in front of Shining.
      Blueblood: That antisocial bookworm? Hm, well, if she does not know a solution she would likely seek one…She may not be entirely useless.
      Shining Armor: (Death Glare) I'm sure Princess Celestia will be thrilled to hear you feel she did a good job mentoring my little sister.
      Blueblood: (Realizes who he's talking to) Oh, er, Twilight Sparkle?! I was mistaking her for…Twilight…Sharkle. A different pony entirely! Miss Sparkle is a unicorn whilst Miss Sharkle is a…shark…I mean Pegasus! Twilight Sparkle is a fine young mare, very attractive and…No, no, not attractive! I mean she is but she is not my type and, I mean, er…I think I left the toaster on in my haste to leave the shower! Good day, Captain!
  • The Running Gag that nobody recognizes Shining Armor without his armor on. It's been implied by Alexwarlorn that there are darker reasons for that.
  • In the third part of the Shining Armor arc, Commander Bond is reading a letter from Celestia to Shining Armor and Cadence, regarding the events of the previous night. When he gets to Rainbow Dash's name, he and Commander Shepard pause to put in earplugs.
    Cadence: What are they for?
    Bond: (reading) "And my personal student…"
    Shining Armor: (narrating) We both answered Cadence's question by loudly shouting, "WHAT?!" I think Cadence may have used the Royal Canterlot Voice accidentally, but I'm not sure; I was too busy trying not to have an aneurysm.
    • In the same chapter, Shining comments on his poor aiming skills:
      Shining Armor: (narrating) This wasn't to say I can't hit the broad side of a barn. The problem was, I can and I did. And our archery range was three miles from the farm I hit.
  • The Running Gag in Shining's arc that hoofball is Serious Business.
  • Cadence's hoofmaidens ship her and Shiningnote . And they're not subtle about it. At all.
  • In part 5 of Shining Armor's arc, he discovers that a mistake by a photographer has resulted in the photos for Cadence's press meeting, rather than being headshots, are all of her rump. Shining then has to replace the photos with proper ones…only to realize that the replacements are the same as the ones needing replacing. The griffin bureaucrats he's working with suggest that he just retake the photos himself and throw out the old ones.
    Pegasus Interviewer: Did ya keep any for yourself?
    Shining Armor: NO!
    • When the Presidential Marshals (basically the griffin Secret Service) assigned to look out for Cadence while she's in their country are explaining their duties, they say that if there's any shooting she shouldn't be alarmed when they jump on her for her protection. She then says that since Shining is her bodyguard, he should be the one to jump on her. The room goes dead silent for several minutes.
    • Cadence's reaction when hearing that Shining stayed up all night doing research:
      "I knew it! It IS genetic!"
    • It seems that since the large number of ponies in Colombia tend to burst into musical numbers a lot, which causes disruptions and traffic jams, the griffins have passed laws banning it in public places during business hours. As music is one of the concepts Cadence represents, she finds this offensive. Shining Armor, on the other hoof, is delighted and says so — earning him a Death Glare from Cadence and her hand, er, hoofmaidens.
  • Part 6 of Shining Armor's arc has this exchange that shows Shining is completely clueless about the Interviewers.
    Shining Armor ...Actually, at this point, the foal might want to leave.
    Earth Pony Interviewer: Uh, I'd rather not, I want to hear the end of the story.
    Pegasus Interviewer: She stays, Captain, we already covered this.
    Unicorn Interviewer: I'm sorry, Shining, but we agreed she stays. If she leaves we'd have to leave. Besides, she's more resilient than you think.
    Shining Armor: ...But her tender, innocent young ears are unfit for such indelicate...
    All Three Interviewers: Get on with it!
  • Shining Armor 7: Everyone conks private Gag so he doesn't use a joke to break a tense dramatic scene.
    • Shining trolling the interviewers, leading them to believe that he trained Gag and rubbed off on him.
    • While being examined by a medic and Minuette (who has training as a nurse), they find Shining is bruising from a wound to... a private area. He then quickly asks the interviewers to move on.
      Earth Pony Interviewer: I don't get it, what was the problem?
      Shining: Oh, hay no, I am not trying to explain. Moving on!
      Earth Pony Interviewer: But...
      Pegasus Interviewer, Unicorn Interviewer, & Shining Armor: MOVING ON!
      Unicorn Interviewer: Also, Captain, please don't write in our notebooks.
      Shining Armor: =(
  • "Shining Armor 8" reveals that Running Gag has two younger twin siblings named Couch Gag and Overly-Long Gag. They earned those names due to the circumstances of their birth — Mrs. Gag went into labor at home and gave birth to Couch there, but then for some reason her labor ended up lasting thirty-six hours (every mare in earshot winces in sympathy) before Overly was born. Another Guard hearing this story then jokingly asks whether, if a C-section had been necessary, the second child would have been named Cutaway Gag.
    • Also in Shining Armor Chapter 8 Pt. 2, we get some references to various oddball groups that were fighting for supremacy in a nation that hired Diamond Dog mercenaries. Groups with names like the New World Order and Nation of Domination and the Radicals. One character even lampshades it with, "They sounded like wrestling tag teams or something from Saturday Morning cartoons!...Join Captain Kundu as he fights the evil Nation of Domination, and their vicious Diamond Dog allies, the Nasty Boys!"
    • Also in that chapter, the characters have a conversation next to the 'Germane' Embassy. A kid there speaks to them in German(e), leading to the following between Shining Armor and the Interviewers:
      Shining Armor: I have no idea what they said. I think Reiter is some kind of spaceship...
      Interviewer (Unicorn): If I recall right, it's Equestrian.
      Shining Armor: No it's not, it's Germane. Hey, why are you facehoofing?
    • When Shining recounts a particularly slow day when his squad was on desk duty back at the castle, the Pegasus Interviewer checks the dictionary to see if his picture is next to the word "Boring". Shining is not amused.
  • When Cadence visits a Griffin religious order, they offer to sing her a hymn. However, the hymn that's randomly selected is, well...
    "Our god's bigger than your god,
    Our god is just in a different class!
    Our god's bigger than your god,
    Our god could whoop your god's ass!"
    • Cadence at this point figures that Celestia helped the order write their hymns, using her own brand of humor.
    • According to the pamphlets they get, hymn 42 is about the meaning of life, hymn 47 is about aliens, and hymn 63 is actually is actually a hyrn.
    • Also, Cadence blushing and pleading that they not say what Hymn 69 is about.
  • Shining Armor Part 11 has the eponymous unicorn stallion mention that he tended to overthink things even as a five-year-old. Cadence's response?
    Cadence (stage-whispering): It is genetic...
  • Earlier, the group are looking through the library of the ship they're on. Shining finds a book written by Captive Audience's mother. When he goes to tell him...
    Shining Armor: Wait, what's that?
    Captive Audience: Your mother's book, Sir. Minuette spotted it.
    Twinkleshine: 'A ship in space collides with a comet. Causing a lowly ship's maid to be the only unattached mare in an escape pod with five upper-class stallions and her childhood friend leading to an Equestrian take on the Neighponese 'harem comedy', revolving around...'
    • And then we find out both siblings got a copy when it was published...
      Shining Armor: Mine met an 'unfortunate accident'. As for Twilight.
      Spike: Okay Twilight, put it underneath 'Equestria's Most Boring Facts' and 'The Wonderful World Of Snails Expanded Edition,' just like you told me.
  • "Shining Armor 12" has quite a few.
    • After mentioning how he keeps waking up early, the Unicorn Interviewer points out it might be the salt air or goat cheese common in the country they're in. Shining replies that he can hold his salt well...
      Pegasus Interviewer: I seem to remember you mentioning something about when you got drunk and tried to learn a fireworks spell to shoot 'Maresenal for the Cup' into the sky.
      Shining Armor: That involved rather a lot of it, hehehe...
      Unicorn Interviewer: You look far too proud of that.
    • Apparently, Cadence once decided to race Sunset and needed some weight to slow her down so it'd be fair. Twinkleshine was the weight.
    • Captive Audience's Adorkable moment talking about bread cannons.
    • Shining Armor mentions that he once made a tank-box from Peace Trotter, leading to this conversation.
      Pegasus Interviewer: How old were you at the time?
      Shining Armor: Twenty-two.
    • This:
      Shining Armor (Narrator): Anyway, we were given the usual sort of welcome in the town full of goats: Town chief said hello outside the town hall, a few foals were paraded out to say hello, us Guards stood about stone-faced, a band played some music, and people applauded before we were led around town. Cadence was shown a few interesting things and chatted. A goat tried to eat Garnet's medical saddlebag.
    • Private Ranger tries to get love advice. Shining Armor proves to be surprisingly knowledgeable. Why?
      Shining Armor: Observation, and Dad. And if you mean the flower language, well, mom's writings are all romances, so the obligatory read a good son gives each one teaches you a few things to do...and a lot of things not to.
    • And that was the good advice poor Ranger ended up with. Sargent Thunderchild's advice?
      Thunderchild: Guitar Solos.
      Ranger:...What, Sarge?
      Thunderchild: Chicks dig guitar solos.
      Ranger: But Sunset's a Pony, not a Griffin!
      Thunderchild: Oh. Sorry, I thought you said Gundette.
      Ranger: Who?
      Thunderchild: That griffin pilot on Enterprise. She's the kind of griffin that makes you know where hippogriffs come from...
    • And then, he makes the mistake of asking The Lord Flashheart, who Shining states is best described as "an erotic adventurer of the most deranged kind." Ranger ends up in serious need of Brain Bleach.
      Commander Hornblower: Okay, Private Ranger? Everything he said, try to forget it. In fact, if you like I can get you an appointment with Doctor Crusher, get your memory of the whole thing erased...
      Ranger: Why a flying helmet... And wet celery... And how can you even do that with an egg whisk? I... I don't think she'd like it....
      Commander Hornblower: Oookay, with me, coming through, traumatized pegasus on his way to sick bay...
      Ranger: Where would I even get that much oatmeal?
  • Shining Armor 13.5 (a side chapter) has a few.
    • Thunderchild finishes up his explanation on the Wonderbolts by going fancolt:
      Thunderchild: Oh, that one's easy, Fleetfoot is the fastest, Rapidfire has the best endurance, Soarin's the best jack-of-all-trades, but Spitfire has the best flank....
      Pegasus Interviewer: Er, thank you, Sergeant, that'll be all....
    • Rainbow Dash gets a section as well and ends it with this:
      Rainbow Dash: I mean, sure, the Army are cool... Navy are kinda dweebs... but the Royal Guard is kinda cool. But the Wonderbolts are supercool. Scale of Wonder to Bolt they're Wonderbolt!...It totally is a real scale!
  • The second half of Shining Armor 14 is full of funny moments, mostly because of the presence of the Doctor. There's him and Shining comparing notes on being Weirdness Magnets (and actually arguing on who's a bigger one at one point), the fact that he apparently chose the alias Doctor Livingstone just so someone would say "Doctor Livingstone I presume?" (and is downright giddy when Shining does), his reaction to the spot they're investigating being a quarry, and then there's this gem after he's explained that one of his devices will explode after doing its job if it's working properly:
    Doctor: Now, any other questions?
    Shining: Yes; why do your machines keep exploding?
    Doctor: You know, I've often wondered that exact same thing. The only danger from them is supposed to be to hens, and I thought I worked that glitch out while staying in Ponyville.
  • It turns out that songbirds follow Cadence wherever she goes, which she seems completely unaware of. And Shining figures Celestia never told her about her connection with the songbirds because she was afraid of what a teenage mare might do with that kind of spying power... or that she might use them to sneak into hoofball games.
    • The songbird in general, really.
    • Mother Deer confirms that Father Deer is a fictional figurehead created by the Hooviets. Then she says it's a shame, because the propaganda made him sound handsome.
  • Shining Armor 16-1 is a Breather Episode, so is mostly humorous. For example, the Interviewers' warning to the Hoof Maidens that life forms might mutate from the magic in Cadence's mane comes true (a giant bug that freaks everyone out); Shining has a dream conversation with Pandora, who gives him pointers on his novel; the Shipper on Deck gag between Shining and Cadence is extended to Princess Euphie and her samurai and ninja bodyguards; and possibly the best of all, the entire meeting with the envoys from the Brotherhood of the Scorpion.
  • Shining Armor 17-3: A light moment among all the action, but when Shining outright admits to his squad that he's getting help against Makarov from the Goddess of Imagination, they take it in stride, having long since accepted Shining's status as a Weirdness Magnet. Thunderchild's reaction is merely to ask what her wingspan was.
    • A few things involving the Diamond Dog cyborg guarding Misfit Actual. The first one being after Shining realizes it wasn't the Wolf:
    Shining Armor: I never thought having to fight a cyborg Diamond Dog would be a relief...or that I'd have to fight one period! Why is that even a thing?!
    • And then during the fight...
      Shining Armor: OH CELESTIA! IT HAS A CHAINSAW!
      Pegasus Interviewer: What?!
      Shining Armor: It started cutting through my riot shield with a bucking CHAINSAW that popped out of its back! Who equips a cyborg diamond dog with a chainsaw?!
    • And then when the fight is finished:
      Shining Armor: Ok...a chainsaw wielding cyborg diamond dog just tried to kill me...what's left on the 'list of cliche things Makarov can try to kill me with'?
      Pegasus Interviewer: Falling, in your dreams, the kitchen sink, and a forklift.
  • The aforementioned list of cliche things? Guess what tries to kill Shining in 17-4...
  • After Shining and Ellis jury-rig a cider sill as a makeshift mass driver to blow open a door, the Interviewers warn Shining that if he ever meets the CMC, not to tell them about it.
    • There's also the reaction to the Cider Still Mass Driver in general, especially Thunderchild's, as he remembers the last time they built one.
      Sandgriff: ...So you two made this when you were younger?
      Thunderchild: Yes, and got building homemade cider stills put on the 'banned from the premises' list.
  • Chapter 18 has some revolving around the Cosmic Retcon Makarov's demise triggered. One of which includes the giant bug from before still existing. Another is Shining Armor's reaction to their 'second' encounter with the Doctor.
    • The 'Scan-Cats' (Roedina biotechnology) turn out to hate Gag more than normal cats.
    • Maasailand again. Including 'the Crown of Peace and Happiness'. Which looks like something Makarov would have worn, but is surprisingly comfortable.
  • When the group is in Neighpon, they get constantly pranked by the Empress' pet kitsune (including repeatedly dumping buckets of water on Shining's head). When Shining worries about kitsunes ending up in Equestria, we get a Meanwhile, in the Future… moment, where that does happen... and the kitsune gets scared off by the CMC.
    Apple Bloom: Cutie Mark Crusaders Mikos! Yay! ...Dang, still no cutie mark.
    Silver Spoon: Can I have those dresses back?
    • Minuette offers to try and figure out how to trap the Kitsune a couple seconds into the future to keep it out of their hair. The Interviewers, who stay a couple seconds into the future while they're The Voice, don't like the idea...
      Earth Pony Interviewer: Do you think the Kitsune would be fun to play with?
      Pegasus Interviewer: DON'T LET HER DO IT!!!
    • It turns out that Fluttershy's brief modeling career has made her quite famous in Neighpon. Cue another Meanwhile, in the Future… moment, showing the Flutters still getting fanmail.
    • Shining says that it's obvious Princess Euphie and Suzaku were going to get married, since it's obvious to everyone but them how they feel about each other... in other words, the exact same situation between him and Cadence. The Interviewers lampshade the Hypocritical Humor, but don't directly address it.
    • In yet another Meanwhile, in the Future… moment, Celestia gives Luna a gift — a Neighponese plushie of herself.
  • In the first half of chapter 21 of the Shining Armor arc, Shiny gets deathly ill and hallucinates(?) several very bizarre things, with the prize winner being him as 'S-Dawg' having a rap battle with 'DJ Maka-ROV'. All poor Shiny can think is that whatever they put in that IV, it's too strong.
  • In Shining Armor 21-2, while doing its duty of eating creatures that don't belong in the universe, the Blank Wolf pauses to pee on Discord's statue. While it is not allowed to directly harm deities, even it thinks Discord is a prick.
  • When the group arrives in Ponsia, Shining recites all the things invented there, which leads to this exchange.
    Shining Armor: ...the first ever cultivation of spinach...
    Earth Pony Interviewer: Euyuck!
    Shining Armor: ...the invention of ice cream and cookies...
    Earth Pony Interviewer: Yay!
    • Later, when Shining asks Minuette to schedule some time for him to check out a local library, Twinkle Shine decides to tease him a little.
    Twinkle Shine: ...When did you take your brother's place, Twilight?
    Shining Armor: Ha ha. I'm just wanting to do some research into something.
    Twinkle Shine: You're sure you're not purple?
  • In Chapter 23 of the Shining Armor arc we get to see what it was like for Shiny and his father when Twilight's mother Starlight was pregnant with her. Suffice to say that she became rather a difficult mare, and everyone is happy when she finally comes to term. Among other things she kept insisting on having eggs, nuts, cheese, and peaches mixed together!
    • Also in that chapter, little Shiny once played 'submarine' with an upended vase over himself, which lead a neighbor to run screaming that the house was haunted. Little Shiny's response to being told this?
    "COOL!... I mean, uh, sorry?"
  • In the Epilogue chapter for the Shining Armor arc, we find out what the last memory Shining Armor had to see for his timeline to catch up was: The night his parents conceived him. His slow realization is priceless (Paraphrased):
    Shining Armor: (thinking) Why am I even here? If that calendar's correct, I'm not supposed to be born for 11 months after this!
    Wait... 11 months?
    Starlight Sparklenote : You ready, sweetie?
    Nightlight Sparkle: Oh, I'm more than ready!
    Shining Armor: OH NOOOOOOOOO!

    Not the Wedding You Remember 
  • "Lots of foreshadowing and character driven stuff":
    • The Doctor has gotten in trouble for tax evasion. He apparently thinks taxes are scarier than evil aliens and robots and repeatedly tries to weasel out of paying them, but Mayor Mare, Princess Celestia, and the tax men don't listen to his excuses.
    • The letter inviting Twilight and her friends to the Royal Wedding has a mark of priority. Spike says it means, 'Show this to Twilight Sparkle right now Spike, or I'll turn you into a hand bag!'
  • In part 5 of the Wedding Arc, we see what the CMC got up to on the train trip to Canterlot. They were trying for cute marks as chiropractors with the "help" of an unwilling conductor. He briefly escapes and when the Mane Six decide to intervene...
    "Sit tight girls Ah've got it this time," AJ said as Pinkie Pie provided her an Columbia army helmet and AJ dove head first into the other car, and then rolled right back out like a ball now hog tied."
    "Stir crazy foals make dragons themselves tremble," Rarity said flatly."
    "In you go!" Twilight said magically lifting up Spike and throwing him into the train car. "Prisoner exchange girls!"
  • Remember that joke in the original episode about Spike not knowing what a bachelor party is? Well, in this version, Silver Spoon tells him. He takes it about as well as you'd expect.
  • In part 9 of the Wedding Arc Blueblood and his girlfriend Arcane Spell go down into the abandoned mines beneath Canterlot for some privacy. The whole thing turns into a Humiliation Conga for Blueblood. Once there they hear Cadence singing (without knowing it's her) and go to find her, with Blueblood thinking:
    "If it turned out to some ancient evil using a siren song to lure victims to release it from its eternal prison, at least we were likely to be eaten together or we'll have a nice tale share over tea of when we were turned into an evil overlord's brainwashed minions."
    • Then when they find Cadence:
    "I gently held her chin in one hoof. "Cousin? Is it really you?"
    "She slapped me."
    "It's really you," I said."
    • Also in this chapter, Starlight Sparkle (the mother of Shining and Twilight) wonders at one point if Blueblood's interruption is what her horoscope meant by warning her that her son's wedding would be full of bugs.
  • In Chapter 10 of the Wedding arc Pinkie argues that even Chrysalis must have a good side. Even Chrysalis jeers at this. So Pinkie yanks out a cloud that displays the truth of Chryssy's soul: the Changeling Queen dressed like a devil and dancing around a grave with her name and bearing wings and a halo.
  • The Breather Episodes are full of this, mostly Cadence and her entourage having to adapt to the strangeness of the Ponyvilleans (primarily Pinkie Pie).
    • Pinkie Pie putting Silver Spoon in the corner for lampshading a piece of Dramatic Irony. And her father agreeing with her.
    • Pinkie throwing out a copy of the canon episode's script because of how far off the rails they've gone. And later, being completely surprised by a subversion of Tempting Fate.
    • The numerous examples of Let's You and Him Fight caused by the various groups of heroes not having all the same information should be a cause for alarm, but how they play out is played for laughs.
  • In the Big Theater Fight chapter of the Wedding Arc the ponies try to rescue their friends from Chrysalis, only to learn that it's all a trick to lure THEM in. In the ensuing wild battle one Changeling tries to distract Pinkie by telling her that "Pages of Harmony is the best fanfic ever!". Pinkie just laughs and shows him some fan art of Chrysalis and Discord. The poor Changeling's response? "AHHH! My eyes!"
    • And shortly after the art gets snatched away by the now-evil Diamond Tiara on Discord's orders.
  • In the Notes Get Scrambled chapter of the Wedding Arc, at one point we get a vignette of Silver Spoon and Bon Bon's reaction to learning that Fluttercruel is Discord's daughter: they wallop her with a pew and a full-sized statue of Celestia.
  • In the Orange Butterfly chapter of the Wedding arc at one point Jet Set and Upper Crust are having their usual lunch date — because breaking their schedule simply because Canterlot's being invaded is unthinkable — and a wounded Changeling crashes into their table? Their response?
    The stallion gave him a nudge, " you surrender?" He looked closer, "Dear I think it's hurt!" Indeed, the bug monster was bleeding badly.
    Upper Crust took off her sweeter/scarf, then looked at her scarf, then the monster, and her scarf again and put her scarf back on. She then pulled the cloth cover off the table they were sitting at and used it to bandages the unconscious bug monster.
  • Twilight explains their plan in full, inverting Unspoken Plan Guarantee. Pinkie expects this to backfire...and the story skips past it, as the plan went perfectly, exactly as Twilight said, so there was no need to show it.
  • The Interviewers doing a group Jaw Drop when they realized that Scootaloo has her cutie mark.
    • Golden Tiara's appearance. And the reaction of two Changelings to the "mutant".
  • In Smiles Guaranteed, Twilight has to face up to her friends and admit that she endangered Scootaloo and everypony else by trying to save Shiny and Sweetie single-hoofed. Her punishment? She gets turned into a filly and finds her angry friends standing in line to spank her. Cadence refuses to let Twi get spanked — by anyone else, that is.
    • And then afterwards Pinkie is taking pictures of little Twilight, and Trixie asks for some copies while a grinning Apple Bloom asks if she wants to join the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Twilight is not amused.
    • Twilight accidentally making a soapbox appear under Cadence.
    • Everyone's reactions to Scootaloo's getting her cutie mark.
  • Bombardier's dialogue during The Reveal of her true gender.
    Bombardier: Save my sister and stop the psychopath first! Question my sex later!
    • Bombardier reveals she used love she passively got from foalsitting, and Ellis jumps the gun. One misunderstanding later, she has a black eye.
  • The CMC wreaking havoc against the changelings by simply being themselves. It's a good thing they're on the good guy's side.
  • The note inside the Element Box.
  • Fluttershy cowing a monster with the stare.
  • Trixie admitting that she could see Lemon Hearts creating a race of Lemon Ponies.
    • Funnier? Word of God and the Interviewers imply she's the one who made the Lemon Ponies/Sun Spirits Minty Pie met in Dark World.
  • The fact that Cadence and Shining made sure their honeymoon site wasn't on an ancient burial site.
  • The Lovecats aiding Luna's Guard in the big battle in the Princess Luna Returns chapter. It manages to be equal parts absolutely ridiculous and completely amazing.
    • At one point a Changeling tries to get rid of them by saying "Shoo, clowns, shoo!" The 'allies' promptly clobber him.
    • Made even better when Luna explains their presence to Twilight:
      Princess Luna: They said their goddess may have shown them the 'comic book of doom' and warned them the 'bug ponies' were 'bad guys', except 'the one who looks like Bon Bon and her friends'.
      Twilight: [Blinking] What?
      Princess Luna: We art serious, the prophecy literally said 'except the one who looks like Bon Bon and her friends. Tell the Night Alicorn not to attack them, the running gag is getting old'...
    • Oh yes, the best/most terrifying part? The Lovecats worship Pinkie Pie as their goddess. And once Twilight points that out, Luna immediately understands who wrote the prophecy for the Lovecats.
  • Also during the wedding arc, Vinyl Scratch was brainwashed by Chrysalis after arguing that her goggles would protect her. How did Chrysalis bypass them? By appearing as Octavia and saying, "Say, Vinyl, could you take you glasses off and see if I have something in my eyes?"
    • There's how Octavia planned to free Vinyl Scratch from her brainwashing, by giving her a hug to distract her before belting her over the head with a vase. Thankfully for Vinyl the hug was enough.
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, Discord building a stalker shrine to Pinkie Pie, while denying having feelings for her.
  • After Sweetie Belle gets her cutie mark, Pinkie Pie burns a stack of canon Season 3, 4, and 5 scripts, since she decides that things are too different now for them to be relevant. Ironically, this chapter was written BEFORE any of season 5 (when the CMC got their cutie marks in the actual show) had aired yet.
  • The Changelings misinterpreting Cadence's decree and freaking out.
  • Shining Armor comically screaming when he realizes being married to Cadence means he's now related to Blueblood.

     7 Dreams/Nightmares 
  • In Patch's Gaiden story, she was about to go through a gauntlet of adventure which included six hours dressed as a maid, two gauntlets of death traps, and a climactic sword fight on the top of the tower to recover three of the Rainbow of Light shards…Except Doctor Whooves pops in, hands her the shards, and tells her the above. After recovering from the sudden strangeness, Patch, understandably, is not pleased with being cheated out of a grand adventure and throws a frying pan at the Doctor's head. We then cut to the present, where the Doctor shows up at Derpy's house, asking to borrow a bag of ice for the resulting bump on his head.
  • Part 1 of Starlight's 7 Dreams/Nightmares entry has Patch introducing her friends to the Paradise Estates ponies, resulting in a quick Running Gag of someone fainting each time they meet something thought mythical (unicorns, pegasi, dragons). Though Starlight proudly says that no one fainted on meeting the gem-eyed ponies.
  • In 7 Dreams/Nightmares Melody Part 1. We learn that when G2 rolled over to G3, Melody's husband Ace got transformed into G3 Cheerilee and ultimately into G4 Cheerilee and Melody became Princess Rarity who ultimately became G4 Rarity. This leads a curious Pinkie Pie to ask Twilight if that makes Rarity Cheerilee's ex-wife. Twilight's response?
    • During the same scene, a DVD falls out of the journal. Twilight and Pinkie have no idea what it is. Ironically Luna does and has to explain it.
    • In part 2, Melody's completely nonchalant reaction to being dead.
      Melody: I guess I'm dead.
      Starlight: (stares in shock) You know I'm kinda used to more denial than that.
      Melody: (Puts hooves on her hips) This doesn't feel like any dream. If this was all in my head there's no reason the rest of us wouldn't be here if I was dreaming about you. There is way too much correct detail for this to be some unicorn's sick joke. And... I can't feel my heart beating or breathing, and for the first time in decades my body doesn't hurt. Oh, and I can talk, which I haven't been able to do in decades.
      Starlight: And I thought Bright Eyes would be the one to be all objective about dying
  • Bright Eyes' Gaiden Story at one point has Patch visit Bright Eyes, who has amnesia. She mentions pranks, triggering Bright Eyes' regaining her memory of one of Patch's pranks that went over the line. This leads to Bright Eyes chasing Patch all over the estate in an Unstoppable Rage until Patch climbs a wall, triggering her memory of how that ended. They then laugh and tell Night Eyes they were playing tag.


    Side Stories/Recursive Fanfiction 

  • While not actually a part of the fic, this "ad" calling for help with the audio adaptation certainly has its moments.
  • The "Another Happy Birth" omake, in its entirety, as we watch a newborn Discord get Unicron and Galvatron as toys, and promptly abuses and smashes them. Then we see at the end that little Celestia has likewise gotten Primus and Optimus as toys, though she's nicer to them (though they probably don't appreciate being used as dolls in a tea party). Sadly, Word of God is that this is as far from canon as possible.
  • A fanart example, Havoc courting Entropy. Entropy's expression sells it.


  • From "New Game Plus":
    Fluttercruel: "I understand because my 'dad's' a sick brat with the world's worst sense of humor and my 'mom' is a Shrinking Violet still scared of her own shadow!" 'No offense, 'Shy.''
    Fluttershy: 'None taken. It follows me.'
    Fluttercruel: Oy. (mental Face Hoof)
  • Applejack taking advantage of Pinkie Pie's hypnotic ability to make somepony want to eat a food just by describing it to make Apple Bloom eat her asparagus.
    Apple Bloom: (as she's scarfing her asparagus, which she hates) "Why can't Ah stop?!"
  • The Reveal (via Dramatic Irony) that Trixie is also an Element of Harmony, just after they wrap around the fact Fluttercruel is one as well.
    Rarity: (Faints)
    Fluttershy/Fluttercruel: You just couldn't let us have our big moment could you?
    Pinkie Pie: Humph! About time. (Beat) Don't tell me you guys didn't figure it out? You didn't see all the Foreshadowing?
    Rainbow Dash: YOU'VE GOTTA BE BUCKING ME! Is this gonna be like buckin' DragonEggs Z where everybody gets an Element?!
    Pinkie Pie: Nah, pretty sure this is like Pony Rangers RPM, when the two other Rangers show up and make the team stronger, silly!
  • One minor bit in one story is Celestia remembering how once two stallions snuck into the royal treasury using magic to impersonate her. When Celestia caught up with them, she decided that since they enjoyed looking like a lovely mare so much, she'd make it easy for them by transforming them so they wouldn't need magic to do it any more. That is, they'd both been under the same illusion as her, so she turned them into one single mare. Celestia then assures the reader that they eventually got used to it. Indeed, they became Fleur's grandmother.
    • There's also the mention of the two assassins who decided to knock before entering her bedroom. She responded by teleporting them to a tropical island paradise for the rest of their lives. Note, this isn't two assassins working together, but two separate instances of this happening!
  • During "Origins", when Celestia and Luna are fighting their siblings for the right to bring the Windigos into Equestria, Discord saves them from some magic constructs…by running them over with a bulldozer while waving a Civil War-era sword and blowing on a cavalry horn (Celestia herself admits that, since they were in a void, there shouldn't have been any matter for him to create it from). Shortly after, Celestia's brother Leo grabs him, but Discord escapes by tricking him into thinking Havoc has shown up:
    Leo: Who's your daddy?
    Discord: HIM!
    Leo: WHERE!
    Discord: (hits Leo with something unspecified)
    Leo: I can't believe I fell for that!
    • Made even funnier by the fact they're in a plain of existence Leo knows Havoc is physically incapable of manifesting in.
  • Even though it's probably not that funny, the fact that Doctor Hoof Wave managed to come up with an accurate picture of Discord's family life only a few seconds after he rolled in was kinda funny, especially since Discord responds to the diagnosis with Bad "Bad Acting".
  • In New Game Plus, Pinkie Pie complains about not being able to find a copy of the script for "A Canterlot Wedding". It becomes a Brick Joke in "Different From Everypony Else", where it's shown that she at least got her hooves on the script for "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" (Celestia has it burned as soon as Pinkie's done with it).
  • "A Day at the Circus" has a few moments. Like Apple Bloom using Puppy-Dog Eyes on Applejack to convince her to take her to the circus and AJ complaining that it's not fair. Or later, Spike using the same tactic (having learned it from AB) on Twilight... and complaining that it makes his eyes hurt.
    • When Fluttershy says she and Fluttercruel agreed to see the early show, 'Cruel adds under her breath that she only did so in order to get it out of the way; Pinkie comments that she should keep her thoughts to herself, where only the Shadows-Who-Watch (the readers) can see them.
  • When the Interviewers are talking with Celestia on Nightmare Night, it's revealed that the Earth Pony interviewer had a bit too much sugar, leading to her literally running up the walls and on the ceiling, including somehow ending up on a chandelier.
    Pegasus Interviewer: Only Pinkie Pie's supposed to take metaphors literally!
    • When Celestia is worrying about the effect Luna's entrance in Ponyville will have, she mentions her wearing a cloak.
    Pegasus Interviewer: That doesn't sound so bad.
    Celestia: It's made of living bats.
    Pegasus Interviewer: ...I'm not sure how that's physically possible.
    • According to Celestia, Ponythulhu was ring bearer at Mortis and Strife's wedding. Picture that.
  • In Reharmonized Ponies POV Under The Stars chapter 2 the Interviewers find out that Twilight Sparkle had a nightmare about becoming a Nightmare. Given their history they are immediately worried until they find out what she dreamed of becoming: Nightmare Library.
    Twilight Sparkle I shackled ponies to books and made them read forever!... Then Rainbow Dash turned into Nightmare Mare-vel-DC-IDW when I tried to ban comic books!... Why are you all face hoofing?

  • In Button Mash Level 2 of 2 the Interviewers learn about what became of Button Mash and his mom when he first went to Ponyville. Button was approached by Pipsqueak who tried (and failed) to become his friends. This leads to Button getting a visit in his dreams from Pip's friend Princess Luna in the form of Nightmare Moon. She starts in on Button, who reacts with:
    Button Mash: "Wow! Nightmare Moon! Secret hidden boss! Equip UltraExcalibur+++! Equip Armor of InvincibilityZero! Select Skill 'Pierce Of Heaven' Level Star!"''
    Luna/Nightmare Moon: "What?! Wait! WAIT!"
    • It all ends the next morning with a furious and rather battered-looking Luna demanding that her big sister issue a Royal Decree banning her image as a 'boss villain' in these 'vid-te-oh games'. It doesn't work.
    • When he first met the CMC, he shocked them by saying he wasn't interested in getting a Cutie Mark. Sweetie Belle dramatically pretends to faint, then hits the ground hard and complains that the Fainting Couch didn't appear like it does whenever Rarity does that.
  • Sweetie finding and taking in the reborn Blank Wolf and naming it "Blanky".
  • Luna deciding to give AJ "The Talk" when asked what a centaur orgy is and inadvertently scarring her for life.
  • In Somepony Everypony is Wrong Rainbow Dash figures out that something has gone very, very wrong with Ponyville. She decides that 'going off the script' will break the spell. Her efforts at doing this all backfire outrageously. And horrifically.
  • The army of Scootaloos\ that pull a Big Damn Heroes moment for the Nightmares trying to break out of Fluttershy/Nightmare Whisper's fake Ponyville calls itself the Scootaloo Alliance Army of Awesome. Nightmare Manacle lampshades that it sounds like a name she would've come up with.
  • Manacle!Rainbow Dash playing video games with Patch, who mops the floor with her. Then Granfalloon!Pinkie Pie joins in and beats both of them. And then the Scootaloos notice and join in, leading to Rainbow Dash ending up taking gaming advice from her Wonderbolts action figures due to how long they played, and one of the Scootaloos noticing she's very similar to Patch, including being Weirdness Magnets and Patch wondering if they're related.
  • After Scootaloo purifies Cheerilee, they end up meeting Phobia (read: Havoc...disguised as a little foal) who's busy stuffing his face with cookies.
  • There's also this joke:
    Scootaloo: Well, I wouldn't say easy considering I still had to escape a nasty death trap and all, but...doesn't it sound like the way the world should work instead of all this grimdark horseapples?
    Sweetie Belle: Scootaloo! That's a dirty word!
    Cheerilee: Hmmm, did I hear one of my foals say something she shouldn't?
    • And this:
      Scootaloo: I didn't feel like tasting soap... again.
  • Phobia "breaking character" and screaming, "Hey! Wait! What! Let me go! I command ye mortal!" when Nurse Tenderheart tries to take him inside for treatment. He resorts to screaming, "Booga-Booga!" and making a scary face to make her let go of him.
  • Anarchy being stunned to near speechlessness by Princess Erroria's incredibly flawed logic on what defines good guys and bad guys and her bad grammar.
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, Button Mash managing to avoid a bunch of monsters attacking him while following the CMC to Zecora's during a flashback, some of the monsters even randomly dying right before they get him. All while he's playing his Joyboy, completely oblivious to any of them.
  • At one point, Button Mash assures Sweetie Belle that they'll fix Rarity (his exact words). This leads to a bit of a Non Sequitur where Apple Bloom wonders what "fixing" dogs like Winona means. Cue Blanky crossing his hind legs.
  • The CMC being stunned to near speechlessness when Spike mistakes Nightdrake Bannerette for his and Rarity's Kid from the Future.
  • Nightmare Granfalloon, while disguised as Surprise, convinces Maud that she's her 'fourth cousin twice removed by a fifth cousin' and that is a thing. Due to Maud being Entropy's mortal incarnation, this ''makes'' it a thing.
  • When Luna's explaining that primitive ponies' 'language' was just barely above animal speak, Applejack asks what it sounded like. Applejack is left very confused by the result.
  • Heathspike fainting when the ponies speak for the first time.
  • Discord giving Bill Cipher a funeral. Being Discord, this goes about as you'd expect, with mad ponies and hippies as the guests and Discord not caring he's the only one who has any idea who the funeral is actually for. The kicker is he represents Bill in the whole thing with a bag of Doritos, and literally has to stop himself from eating one.
    Discord: Ugh, why can't I keep control of one chaotic wake?!
    Nightmare Diamond: Because it's a chaotic wake?
    Discord: ...Point taken.
  • When Apple Bloom encounters Bon Bon, Moth, and Lyra on her way up the tower, she starts to realize that she really doesn't have time to keep getting into so many pointless fights and just brute-forces her Truth Vision on the three. Her line as she comes to this realization makes it even funnier:
    Apple Bloom: I've been such a yo-yo!
    • Then later she encounters statues of most of the previous monsters they had defeated. They all come to life and prepare to attack her... only for her to brute-force the Truth Vision again by pointing out how boss rushes are usually pointless narrative-wise, causing all the statues to crumble instantly.
  • As the world is being reset, Spike suddenly exclaims, "I wish that I'd become the legendary hero of a great civilization and they'd praise and worship me until the end of time!"
  • In "Legend of Everfree Flash Sentry Memories", Flash Sentry and the Doctor are going over Flash's memories to find out which ones are fake. Flash recalls a time he rescued the Equestria Girls from the human Sombra, who acts like a stereotypical Card-Carrying Villain. Flash curb-stomps Sombra while dressed as Tuxedo Mask and wielding Superman's powers, while all the girls swoon over him. Flash and the Doctor quickly agree that didn't happen.
  • Twilight is oblivious to the fact she is a horrible dancer. She says she learned to dance from her mother, and her father claims she dances just as well as her.
  • Upon learning that Trixie's mother is named Morgan, Pinkie Diane asks Trixie, "What's a Morgan? And what's a Trixie?" Trixie retorts, "What's a Diane?"
  • "Pony POV Equestria Girls Special Mirror Magic" shows Starlight and Maud Pie's interaction. Starlight asked Maud why she was so causal about telling her where to find a rock that could contain an entire village's Cutie Marks. Maud's response?
    • She then returns to talking blandly about enchanted rocks like nothing happened.
  • In chapter 8 of the Final Battle against Discord, after Twilight defeats the shadow-copy of Nightmare Eclipse, this exchange occurs between her and one of the Half-Lights.
    Half-Light Noon: You beat her!
    Twilight: Well, of course! I'm not going to lose to Nightmare Library.
    Half-Light Noon: Nightmare Library... Right.
  • Pinkie Pie vs Seacord. Just Pinkie Pie vs Seacord. All of it.
  • After Diamond Tiara/Nightmare Nhilis' mane is damaged, she complains about it. Trixie asks why she is complaining; since Trixie casually uses magic to style and repair her mane, she should be able to do it too. Nhilis and Twilight are utterly shocked, as using magic to affect a mane is supposed to be impossible, but Trixie was never taught that.
    • The implication that mane-care product companies are running a full-blown conspiracy to have unicorns taught that mane-restoration magic is "impossible" so they'll keep buying products.
  • A blob of black goop lands in Twilight's mouth, causing her to choke. Apple Bloom feeds her a potion that dissolves it, saying she knows a thing or two about clearing up snot. Everypony wretches in disgust when they realize that's what the goop was.
  • Nhilis tries to teleport away Pinkie Pie...only for her to reappear out of nowhere in a Yellow Submarine and land on her.
  • While Nightmare Nhilis drags her into her dimension, Rainbow Dash sees an Apple Bloom standing with a 'Battle Does Not Go Beyond This Point' sign (a representation of Apple Bloom trapping Discord and Nhilis into a Final Battle at a time and place of her choosing while she was The Omnipotent), and is extremely confused by it.
  • "Pony POV Series: Tag! You're Not An 'It!'". All of it. It consists of Imperatrix and Princeps, the Anthropomorphic Personification of being male and female, playing a game of tag with the other Concepts, deciding whether they're male or female. Highlights include:
    • Azerhorse not caring or even noticing (and producing Dra-Gon on the spot as if to show how much he doesn't care)...until he borrows the sanity of one of the doomed souls in Havoc so he can be aware enough to play cards with Havoc (a game that's as nonsensical as one would expect the Anthropomorphic Personification of Mass Hysteria and the Blind Idiot God to play). He's surprised, but still doesn't care. Heck, just the fact Havoc and Azerhorse play cards.
    • Morning Star instantly inventing lust upon having a gender and seeing himself in the mirror. Princeps is freaked out. Morning Star's also upset that by introducing gender, they also accidently invented sex.
    • The two realizing that somehow, Fauna Luster and the Father were already their mom and dad and questioning it.
  • In the final battle, Trixie is hit by a curse that is slowly turning her to crystal. She's thinking of how she will be mourned and lamented, maybe a statue in her honor... and then Princess Luna casually dispels and reverses the curse. Trixie proceeds to gripe at her for ruining her dramatic heroic death scene.
  • One of the spells that Fidelitas uses against Nhilus? 'Irresistable Dancing'. Even funnier given Nhilus's personality.
  • The demons Discord hired to keep anyone from interfering are a riot. Especially when they decide to lie about Flash Sentry and Deathstalker when they get home so they're not humiliated for losing to ponies.
  • Pinkie Pie revealing that she's now pregnant with the reset Discord and everyone's reaction, including deciding to just accept it after all the insanity they've experienced in the last year.
  • "Pony POV Series Omake On a Horn and a Prayer":
    • The kind of prayers that Ponythulhu gets are hysterical.
    • Tempest Shadow refusing to allow a toy of her Storm King is selling to have removable armor or make her a blank the designer merely makes one with Storm King underwear underneath the armor, which she finds acceptable.
  • Applejack receives a package from Princess Luna...and discovering that her new intent to become an Alicorn will require a lot of studying and books.
  • When visiting Trixie and family in Hoofington, the Mane Six are taken offguard by how many ponies look very similar to ones in Ponyville. The Mid-Summernight Sisters greet them with their "Super Sentai" Stance, now with Trixie partaking. Rainbow admits upfront she will likely mistake the sisters for each other, which they in turn admit is part of the game.
  • Pinkie reveals to her parents and sisters she's now pregnant with the reset Discord in the most blunt way possible. In the end pretty much the whole group just rolls with it and her parents still want grandkids.
  • Shining Armor is informed of what all happened. His response?
    Shining Armor: You did WHAT while we were on our honeymoon!?!?
  • Twilight is told the true origins of the Interviewers. Her response is to laugh hysterically and then faint when she realizes they're being truthful. The Interviewers expected this.
  • Pinkie Pie had the Luv Cats set to return for the Crusaders all getting their marks. They do.
  • Sweetie Belle kisses Button Mash. The end result is his beanie spinning so fast he launches to the ceiling.
  • Garble ultimately becomes the Ryujin of Hugs. He doesn't want to talk about it.