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     The Reharmonized Timeline 

Pinkie pie has different reasons for hating that stupid fanfic than one would expect
Rather, she doesn't hate it for the much more dark and twisted elements(her Medium Awareness would tipped her off that Dark Fics are common, and that the story could be much worse.) her reason for hating it? well one or both are these two reasons;
  • the jokes surrounding it are getting annoying for her.
  • Most people pulled a Ron the Death Eater on Pinkamena, who despite having to deal with the torment that Pinkie won't face(until her Split-Personality Merge, that is), isn't evil, which she didn't find right.

Golden Tiara will make a Heroic Sacrifice.
Giving up her sanity or her life in order to save her daughter. This will lead to Diamond completely breaking down, and a Bittersweet Ending where Onyx Tiara stands by his child rather than trying to ignore it or brush it under the rug, the way he tried to cope with his wife's insanity by not coping. Thus, the overall theme of facing reality no matter how painful or difficult it is will be carried through to the end.

Fluttercruel will Call The Old Man Out
It's all in the foreshadowing.
  • In addition, will be killed by Discord when he loses his temper.
    • Considering what happened last time she died, that probably won't work out nearly as well as Discord expects it to.

Other Elements of Harmony
OK; this is crazy, but it said in the main page that the author already has an ending in mind, but I have a theory. The author will never stop writing until he's able to flesh out one last plot point: the idea of other Elements of Harmony. This is also a forum for people to guess who might have a different way of expressing the elements.
  • Magic: Trixie. How it's expressed: While Twilight was the awkward glue that held the others together, Trixie is the brash yet curious learner who pushes them to do better. (Confirmed)
  • Kindness: Fluttercruel. How it's expressed: while "Shy" is unassuming kindness though pure gentleness and care, "Cruel" is a kind of Cruel to Be Kind, doing what's necessary in order to have others grow or be saved from themselves. (Confirmed)
  • Honesty: Luna. How it's expressed: Brutal Honesty, not censoring one's thoughts even while aware they might hurt others…and also by being fully aware of one's own flaws and failings. This was demonstrated in her handling of Fluttershy, and her honest dealings with Celestia on wanted to be forgiven, not excused. Being able to admit and face your weaknesses, as well as facing the full consequences of your own actions and mistakes. After all, she too looked into truth like Applejack.
  • Laughter: Celestia. How it's Expressed: The fact that her discorded persona was stripped of maturity makes an important distinction in how Celestia expresses herself when compared to Pinkie, in that Celestia is more refined and controlled in her expression, and being the rock that everypony turns to comfort when things get pear shaped.
  • Generosity: Sweetie Belle. How it's expressed: Showing generosity to those who may not be your friends, but need it the most. That was the lesson Rarity taught her and she's been trying to do it with Silver Spoon.
    • Alternatively, Apple Bloom. After she realized that she could have become no better than a bully after seeing The Truth, she now seeks generous redemption for others, whether they be friendly or hostile, giving her time and wisdom.
  • Loyalty: Silver Spoon. How it's expressed: While Dash is brash, straightforward and a fighter, she shows the quieter side of loyalty, by still considering Diamond Tiara her friend even while being ignored and shunted aside. Her desire to stand by her best friend and remain true despite Diamond not acting like much of a friend in return will show the importance of faith and trying to do what little you can for the sake of those you care about, even if you're not a fighter and can't 'save' them from themselves.
    • Alternatively, Scootaloo. As mentioned in the edit for RD reharmonizing, Scoots was the one mare who never gave up on believing Dash was a hero, always believed in her steadfastness, and kept devoted to her, despite the disdain Rainbow initially showed her. A loyalty no matter the ickiness that you go through is something similar to what Rainbow Dash has, though perhaps Scootaloo is better at showing it through an unquestioned loyalty to someone she considers her superior rather than an equal like Rainbow does with her friends.
    • Another possibility is Ditzy Doo. During the Princess Gaia incident, she never left Dinky and fought for her throughout the entire incident, even when tempted to be Gaia's knight. She'd certainly fit.
  • Golden Tiara with Joy/Laughter. Just because.

The Last story of the Reharmonized Pony POV Series will be…
  • An epilogue tale, saying how the cast grew in friendship and love, and how Ponyville and Equestria grew from the whole experience.
  • A Grand Finale where Discord is defeated by Every pony in Equestria summoning a reflection of the Elements of Harmony, leading to Discord not being Taken for Granite, but evaporating to the wind, stopping him once and for all.
  • A Bittersweet Ending where a Mane Cast member sacrifices his or herself in order to stop Discord once again.
  • The Reveal of who the interviewers really are.
  • A Bittersweet Ending where Discord has been stopped, but because the story has been taken to a logical conclusion, the shadows that watch come to destroy the world, and instead of fighting it, the ponies have one last party celebrating how they've grown, and then are erased from existence.
  • A Bittersweet Ending where instead of ending in peace, the people of the world fight to the end to preserve their world, ending in victory, but ultimately a hollow one where the world is now scarred beyond repair due to the cost of fighting the shadows off.
  • A Happily Ever After ending where the reharmonized series ends as Season 2 ends: with the wedding of Cadence and Shining Armor. Cadence will reveal to have survived her battle with Havoc, and has been hiding incognito within the POV series for some time, trying to learn about what it's like to have emotions and be like Celestia and Luna. However, after Discord's defeat, she decided it was time to go public and reveal to Equestria the existence of another Alicorn, and she decided to do that by marrying the Unicorn captain who charmed her: Shining Armor. Thus not only will the final story have the customary Wedding episode, but have a family reunion of Alicorns as the world move on to Happily Ever After.
    • This one's probably Jossed.
  • Earn Your Golden (Tiara's) Ending/Redemption Earns Life: Healing POV Discord

Ponies, deleted when the previous world was erased, actually are alive but not in this timeline
  • I have such a guess that probably all recycled ponies were actually used again but just in different timelines. For example, Starsong could be alive again in the same timeline as Orangejack thought probably under a different name and with different or not very different *hint-hint-Applejack-hint* appearance.
    • Hinted at, and in some places confirmed given what happened in the G2 ponies saga.

Razzaroo's book, and possibly the G3 world's destruction will be a Chekhov's Gun
Pinkie said that her story of the end of the G3 world had absolutely nothing to do with the plot. The interviewers promptly ask her about Diamond Tiara, who's absence is of huge importance to the plot. The interviewers' questions often result in influencing ponies and revealing hidden clues, this is probably no different.

There will be an 11th-Hour Ranger to face Discord
It's a given that most of the major players of the series will be there (the Mane 6, Fluttercruel, Celestia and Luna), but here's a place to guess if anyone else will arrive to save the day.
  • Shining Armor and the soldiers of Canterlot
  • Cadence
  • Other Alicorns of Celestia's family
  • Trixie
  • Onyx Tiara
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders w/Spike and Spoon.
  • The Pets (All of them)
  • Screwball/Golden Tiara
  • Optimus Prime!
  • Some or all of the above
  • Shady
  • Batmare and Superstallion, Equestria's Finest Team

The "Magician" Alicorn
The author has revealed names and corresponding tarot cards for every Alicorn…except Card 1, "The Magician". Personal PM inquiries led to the author's response that any Intel on him/her would be "a big spoiler". My personal theory: Twilight Sparkle is either the Magician Alicorn as an Amnesiac God, or is somehow his/her reincarnation. Magic is, after all, her special talent, she carries the Harmony Element of Magic, and she has clearly demonstrated incredible magical power.
  • Wouldn't that make this an homage to the Pony Psychology series where Twilight was the magician and immortal due to being magic incarnate?
  • The latest chapter seems to imply the interviewers, or at least the filly one, are actually Twilight…somehow, and it's been established that they're something not exactly normal.
  • Ever realize the foreshadowing in the title, "The One and Only"?
  • As it turns out, it was Dark World Twilight, having ascended in the aftermath of Dark World's Final Battle and engineered a massive and complicated Stable Time Loop, who is and always was The Magician. Oh, and it's all but said she's the Interviewers as well.

The Royal Wedding Arc will be cut short by Applejack's Truth vision.
Specifically, it will allow her to see through Chrysalis' Cadence disguise, and since everyone knows about it, they'll trust her, allowing Chrysalis to be exposed. Combined with the fact Alex has stated a desire to skip over the Royal Wedding altogether...
  • Jossed

The Royal Wedding Arc will be cut short by the use of the Magic of Common Sense.
Twilight and her friends have a very close bond of trust and once one of them notices that something is wrong, they will sit down, come up with a plan and not ignore events until the invasion is about to start. Besides Celestia is MUCH smarter then in the Heart World and her first reaction to Twilight acting slightly strange was to scan her mind if the unicorn was replaced or possessed. And the Princess has a much closer bond to Twilight making her willing to listen to her student instead of ignoring her.
  • Jossed, it's apparently just going to keep going and going...

Twilight will be killed by Discord during the Finale Arc, only to come Back from the Dead after a battle with Celestia's brother Mortis.
Think about it — it's been stated several times throughout the story (including by Mortis himself) that there is only "one destined to defeat death". Plus, one of the visions Applejack had the first time she looked into the Truth was of Twilight far outliving everyone else, with only the barest signs of aging, which implies that she's the one who'll defeat Mortis at some point, and be granted immortality as a reward. Therefore, unless the author is going to intentionally ignore all this foreshadowing, it seems that Twilight will die at some point during the story, confront Mortis in the afterlife/spirit realm/whatever, refuse to move on, defeat him, and be returned to life as a result of it. And the Final Battle with Discord seems the most likely time for all this to happen, as you've got to figure she's the one Discord will want dead most (being the leader of the Elements).

Discord's plan is to rewrite history so he never lost 3000 years ago
One of his replies, when mocked about losing to Mimic, was he'd already gotten the last laugh on those who beat him in the past. His goal is to somehow alter history so he never lost.

Diamond Tiara will have to be put out of her misery
Considering how Princess Celestia has talked about how Rarity and Rainbow Dash are willing to kill, it will most likely lead to them planning on putting Diamond Tiara out of her misery by Rarity calming her down and trying to bide some time for Rainbow Dash to make her final strike on to Diamond Tiara in Nightmare Form, using, a Sonic Rainboom and then all of the Mane Six will have a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Discord and finally seal him away for good. All leading to a Bittersweet Ending with Golden Tiara sane, but Diamond Tiara died for it.

Shady will appear again in the finale arc
And she'll give the truth on the relationship between Nightmare Shadow, Discord, Golden Tiara, and little Nightmare... Diamant? Anthracite? Ash?

This is because she became Nightmare Shadow during the thousand years of Discord's first reign, and then was hit by the Elements of Harmony, completing her 'Alicornification'. In fact, given her nature with voids (the shadow is a void of light), it's almost as if Shady is an aspect of Entropy, the nurturing part that was cast off so long ago, and was small enough to take form in the material world. Also explaining why Discord would call Diamond Tiara a "bearer of the cursed bloodline" (a relative), when otherwise she has no direct descent from Discord or the Draconequus family.

Discord's siblings will reappear during the finale arc.
Most likely to aid him against the Mane Six and the princesses, on orders from Havoc and/or Entropy. Through them, we will also learn whether any other Alicorns survived. More importantly, fighting them will somewhat give Pinkie a chance for closure for what happened in the Gen 3.5 apocalypse by allowing her to fight Anarchy. Also, if the rest of the Mane Six were ever going to learn about all that, this seems like the best way for them to.
  • Alternately, Discord is able to create copies of them and the heroes are forced to fight against them. Eventually he continues mocking his siblings until the real ones appear and keep the fakes busy as the Mane Six and the princesses go after Discord himself.
  • Alternately, they appear to fight Discord with the Mane Six on Havoc's orders. Havoc was a Mad God, it's likely he's recovered his senses since his avatar was destroyed. Discord committed a horrific crime by eating two of his own kind, which is explicitly stated as being a taboo by his species' standards.
    • If so, then perhaps there will at least be a bit of Let's You and Him Fight initially, if only because of Pinkie and the princesses' personal experiences with them, and the stories Twilight's heard.
    • At the very least, either way it'd be interesting to see how they interact with Fluttercruel — no matter what happens, she's technically related to them after all.

Twilight and Captive Audience will become an item during the Royal Wedding.
Twice now, Shining has stated that he thinks Captive would be the best match for Twilight, and they do have a lot in common (they're both Badass Bookworms with Adorkable moments, for example). So maybe they'll meet during the preparations for the wedding and hit it off. At least, there'll probably be some Ship Tease between them.

Celestia LIED to twilight
Specifically, she lied about Her alternate self existing in the spirit world. If there's a unity of worlds such as that the spirit realm is relatively unchanged in them all, then Celestia must have left out the fact that Amicitia was there at her trial as well. Or, alternatively,

Hers. Celestia actually had no idea that Amicitia was the one who saved her from Strife, and thus she is actually unaware who saved her.

During the fight with Diamond Tiara...
...Rarity will try to save Diamond by using the Memory Spell, but it backfires. Discord, who knew that was going to happen rubs it in her face which leads to Rarity becoming a Nightmare

Shining Armor is The Nail
That is, Shining Armor's presence is the difference between what happened in the reharmonized timeline, and what happened in the dark world timeline. Shining Armor was actually a natural part of the timeline, but as part of some sort of Evil Plan, Discord sought to erase Shining armor by using the Wolf, because he saw a prophecy or something that Twilight would be his downfall. However, he decided to go after the one thing that twilight couldn't protect: Her Brother, and without his strong presence as a pullback from her brink during Discord's 2nd coming, she fell, allowing Discord to take control. The main reason that everyone seems to be having some trouble remembering them is because the timeline where he defeated the wolf doesn't exist (yet). Thus in a very meta move, Shining Armor's victory over the wolf will be some kind of World-Healing Wave, keeping the world somewhat saner, reminding them of the defending champion.

The Hooviets have their own Elements of Harmony team.

One that is, surprisingly, Not So Different from the Mane Six.

The names of Elements they represent have undergone a slight cultural (and lingual) translation, each corresponding to the closest Hooviet virtue(s).

Unity (Magic): Represented by the granddaughter of the Supreme Marshal of the Hooviet Union. She came up with the idea of forming a team after becoming enamoured with the tale of six heroes saving the day from Nightmare Moon. Hopelessly naive, having been pampered her entire life. Conversable in Equestrian.

Selflessness/Sacrifice (Generosity): A doe from an upper-middle class family, of whom she estranged herself from as the result of (heated) disagreements over the state of socioeconomic equality in the Hooviet Union. Radical, outspoken and quick to point out injustice, she's avoided the usual fate of those like her soley by virtue of being the same race as the ruling caste, but even if that weren't the case, she's prepared to give up a lot more to help those with even less.

Duty/Obedience (Loyalty): A perpetually conflicted griffoness who recognizes the failings of her government, and even the schism between what the group believes their purpose to be, and their actual purpose. She carries on only out of a sense of obligation, to the comrades who depend on her, and because she's also aware that 1) there aren't many alternatives, 2) most of them are much, much worse.

Sincerity (Kindness): A very intelligent griffoness who always speaks formally, but only out of respect and sincerity. She understands (all too well) that occasionally, one must be Cruel to Be Kind, and does not hesitate when she identifies those occasions. After all, she believes in the Greater Good, and she is supposed to be sincere, isn't she? Fluent in Equestrian.

Honor/Humility (Honesty): A hard-working jenny, her perseverance under challenging circumstances and the care she has for her fellow comrades contrast an unquestioned belief in the leadership and doctrines of her country. She is the model citizen of the Hooviet Union: Someone who sees no reason to lie, only speaking of what she believes to be the truth. She tends to be very modest in regard to her own work, while vicariously parroting the official line. In other words, she's an Expy of Boxer from Animal Farm.

Optimism/Contentment (Laughter): A young immigrant from Zebrafrica who's lived most of her life under war, disease, slavery and famine. She looks forward to living in the Hooviet Union, which has professed itself to be a peaceful and equal society. Can speak a bit of Equestrian.

True to Hooviet operating procedure, they were semi-randomly cobbled together in hopes of recreating even a fraction of the essence of the Elements of Harmony.

And hilariously enough, they do. Though united by chance and initially as miscible as water and fluorine, with time, their comradery grows into what may save the Hooviet Union... or destroy it.

Yes, their primary purpose is to serve as a propaganda tool, a symbol to unify the country and reduce social unrest (AKA promote harmony), but isn't that the point of every national team in existence?

Whether Shining and the Misfits will ever encounter them, well, the Hooviet Union is a very large place with very many denizens/citizens.

D___t's name
Assuming it's five letters long:

  • Daunt ("To intimidate", an "Awesome McCool" Name for Havoc Jr., but very generic, and thus very unlikely)
  • Daint ("Light and slim", Unfortunate Name and loaded with Unfortunate Implications, specifically Sissy Villain and Bury Your Gays. Very unlikely)
  • Doubt ("To disbelieve, to be a heretic, infidel, atheist", it's the seventh Element of Chaos, counterpart to Trust, and an awesome reference to Faith and Doubt. The one concept that would abhor Natural Law, possibly due to being the Concept of Atheism, and a very good indicator of Havoc's view about his son. Extremely likely.)
    • Can somebody make this argument without the religious bias and with adherence to real dictionaries? I love the idea of D___T being Doubt but I'd prefer an argument that's not based on somebody's chosen redefining of words and concepts. "Doubt" does not mean atheist and "Natural Law" doesn't automatically mean god.
  • Here are some of my guesses:
    • My first guess is Deist. A deist is someone who practices deism: belief in the existence of a God on the evidence of reason and nature only, with rejection of supernatural revelation (distinguished from theism ). 2. belief in a God who created the world but has since remained indifferent to it.
    • My second guess is Dixit. A quirky name, it comes from the logical fallacy, ipse dixit. Ipse dixit (Latin for "he himself said it") is a term used to identify and describe a sort of arbitrary dogmatic statement, which the speaker expects the listener to accept as valid.
    • My third guess is Droit, which means legal right. Considering his past lives and what he did, this could fit.

Each Element of Chaos represents one of the Draconequi.

  • D___t: Doubt. That which opposes Heaven (and Hell).
  • Strife: Cruelty. Natural selection is cruel.
  • Anarchy: Deception. The one Draconequus who has gotten away with lying to his Parents, isn't that right ________ ?
  • Destruction: Rage. When he loses control... things tend to explode.
  • Pandora: Desire. So says the birth certificate.
  • Discord: Tragedy. His entire existence is best described as pain & failure. He's had more friends than any other Concept, but he's also lost more friends than any other Concept.

Of course, that only leaves:

  • Rancor: Betrayal. Which makes you wonder...

It really does explain why the Elements of Chaos grant super-regeneration, a universal Draconequus ability.

Diamond Tiara will play a crucial role in defeating Discord
After being purified by the Elements of Harmony she becomes the Alicorn of Family, which not only makes her immune to almost all of Discords Power (thanks to the Fact that they are related) but also gives her the Power to bring Discords good Half back

Umbra Breeze's true identity is...
Nyarlathotrot, Discord's cousin who once lost against Amicitia and was forced to accept that he had to stay out of her sphere of influence. Now that the Alicorn is gone he is back to corrupt the world she sacrificed herself for into a miserable tragedy.

Twilight will die during the Final Battle, but will Come Back Strong
Building off the theory above that Umbra Breeze is Nyarlathotrot, he knows that Twilight has the potential to become Amicitia, and is thus working with Discord only so that he can assure she never achieves her Concept. During the fighting, he'll kill her, but this will end up backfiring on him — it's been hinted throughout the series that Twilight is the foretold "only one to defeat death"; she'll refuse to pass on and leave her friend vulnerable, so will fight off Mortis to keep him from taking her, ultimately managing to somehow beat him. As a result, not only will she resurrect, but she'll be rendered immortal. So, while she might not become Amicitia, she'll still become strong enough to defeat Discord and Nyarlathotrot.

Nyarlathotrot will betray Discord during the finale arc
He's very clearly a nasty dude far worse than Discord. And not only that, but this betrayal will lead to a Heel–Face Turn from Discord after Fluttershy (and, reluctantly, Fluttercruel) actually comfort him after he's betrayed.

Princes Gaia does battle with Discord
Seeing that Princess Gaia is of nature and creation, and Discord is of chaos (and destruction), it would seem like the perfect yin and yang fight.Plus, the fight could be personal as his evil plan with the fog seems to be a Take That! towards Princess Gaia.

Princess Gaia will reign over the Everfree Forest
Given that Sunnytown is within vicinity of the forest, and that Flutter-, ahem, Princess Gaia, is bent on seeing to it that the town is freed of their curse, this is very probable. It is also important to note that the Castle of the Two Sisters/Gaia Castle, is one of the three places of power where the nine leylines intersect. That, and also possibly owning The Castle of the Two Sisters might result in giving her closure to her time as Nightmare Whisper.

     the Dark World Timeline 
The Benevolent Interloper is Alicorn Trixie
The timing of when the BI first appeared fits with Twilight taking Trixie's Element of Magic. And judging by the burn she left on Eclipse's face, there's no reason Trixie wouldn't be rooting for Team Harmony here.
  • Jossed. It was actually Twilight's future Alicorn self as part of a complicated Stable Time Loop.

Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox/Twilight/Groundhog Day will be defeated, but not purified
Instead, she'll be thrown into the gap between timelines, with her remnants somehow making their way to the Reharmonized Timeline... There, she'll merge with Diamond Tiara and become the source of her Nightmare self (which otherwise shouldn't exist as DT doesn't wield an Element of any stripe).

The Fading Futures story by Kendell 2 did already happen.
  • Twilight did sent notes back to her past self, which to avoid a time paradox resulted in the timeline splitting into two. There is one world where the main timeline erased the Epilogue timeline and another world where that didn't happen and that is the Epilogue world as seen in the Dark world stories.
    • Confirmed in a way. It was one of the timelines created by Paradox's "Groundhog Day" Loop and its implied she originated from a similar timeline.

The interventions in the Dark World Timeline are intentionally happening right now all at the same time
After one thousand years, there are finally the right conditions in the Dark World to conduct Operation: Glass-Cleaner (never put the actual objective in the title of an operation. Standard Military speak). This operation involves a coordinated move by the spirit realm stepping in to fix the discorded 6 once and for all, and could not have happened without each of the mane 6 losing someone or hearing something important so they then could be open to change. Cadence and Trixie? lead the charge with Twilight after Apple Pie confused her understanding of tragedy, and now, Saint Apple Bloom had help from The Father of all Alicorns to change Liar Jack by (ironically enough), using the same technique as the reharmonized Applejack through the pool of truth. So now, we're going to see which of the Alicorns survived The War, and with the help of earthly companions, they will help restore the 6, and bring down discord once again. Below are a space for guessing who and how the rest of the cast will be restored.
  • Greedity
    • Sweetie Belle will be the personal changer, and Mortis, Alicorn of Death will be the talker. In some ways, Greedity doesn't want anything to leave her, so she greedily holds on to them in the form of rocks. Mortis will be there to remind her that for now, nothing lasts forever, and that the best thing you can do for people is to honor them by being willing to let them go.
      • While Mortis is a no show, Sweetie Belle is confirmed.
  • Angry Pie
    • In a twist of silly proportions, one of Pinkie's apprentices will be her Morality Pet from the living, and she's gonna get a personal visit from the Alicorn of laughter to deal with her laughter issues: Puerillis.
  • Traitor Dash
    • Scootaloo will be the personal, Leo will be the Alicorn as the personification of power given purpose might make for a good leader to talk about the limits of power to help others.
      • No alicorn again, but Scoots did come to help as well.
  • Fluttercruel
    • This one's gonna require a special intervention since Cruel's been under Discord's wing for so long. Twilight the Unicorn will be the personal, while Fauna Luster herself is going to show up for a long talk with Discord's "girl" on Chaos, life, death, and trying to get both of them a new element, since Kind Applejack now has that covered.
      • Jossed. Rarity said the only pony that could help her is Fluttershy, but given that she was taken to pony heaven, Rarity killed her to bring her there.

the Dark World Elements of Harmony
The old bearers have become too twisted in who they are to hold on to most of their elements, so I foresee a new team arising to finish Discord in this world.
  • Magic: Twilight the Unicorn: magic is tragedy and friendship. Confirmed
  • Honesty: Rarity/Rarigreed, no longer blind to her faults. Confirmed
  • Kindness: Applejack: Lying to be kind to them, and seeking the best for others. Confirmed
  • Laughter: Apple Pie: seeking joy even in the darkest times. Confirmed
  • Generosity: Spike. Willing to give his all for the sake of Rarity. Confirmed
  • Loyalty: Still Traitor Dash: still loyal to something, but also a traitor to something else.
    • Spike, who stayed with the six for a thousand years, and refused to abandon Rarity. A hereditary trait and mythology gag all in one, too.
    • Angry Pie, who believes in keeping her promises.
    • Jossed. It's actually Derpy, due to her loyalty to her children.

(Note: these guesses are going off of recent developments in Dark world, and partially from a hunch I have regarding an older chapter. If you disagree with this theory, post below your dark elements of harmony)

The voice is the draconnequi sibling who was erased by Entropy.
Somehow __ survived Entropy having Ret Goned ___, and is now working to undermine her by helping bring down the most active of ___ siblings. Note that the voice did sense Rancor's birth.

Who comforted Dinky and passed the memory spell onto her?
A flashback in the latest Dark World chapter shows someone comforting Dinky during the initial days of Discord's reign, and shortly after she was able to instinctively use the memory spell to free Derpy from her Discording. Twilight doesn't find it possible that it could have been Cadence as she was elsewhere, and Word of God has confirmed that it wasn't. So who was it? Feel free to post theories below.
  • Fauna Luster, planting a seed of hope in order defy the Draconequi.
  • Mimic, because spirits can do that.
  • Rota Fortuna, because the Alicorn of fate has seen that all roads eventually lead to Discord's downfall.
  • As it is now, Chrysalis was the only one available during that time frame.
  • After putting some more thought into this, it's most likely Venus.
  • What about maybe a unicorn parent of one of the mane cast? Family saving family? Twilight Velvet is my vote.
    • Twilight's parents were plants at the time, remember?
  • SHINING ARMOR!!! It makes so much sense it hurts. Who could Cadence have taught the memory spell? Who could have gotten back to ponyville if things went crazy? Who keeps getting mentioned willy nilly in the fic without actually being directly mentioned?
    • Shining Armor doesn't seem to exist in the Discorded->Epilogue->Dark World timeline...
      • BUUUT, that doesn't mean that he didn't use to exist, and somehow got retconed out of memory previously.
      • Neither Discord nor Cadence nor Spike nor Twilight mention him at all. Even if Tragedy's account of events can't be trusted, Spike's can, and Discord or Cadence would have noticed any anomalies.
  • All the above are jossed: it was Twilight/Amicitia, going in back in time as part of her long Stable Time Loop.

The elements of Chaos are also going to significant in ending the Dark World Saga
If there's one thing that we've learned from the dark world, and the fic, it's that Chaos in of itself is not pure evil. Destructive and dangerous, but depending on who's there, not inherently evil. More significant, when Twilight, AJ and Rarity were harmonized, their "elements" weren't eliminated, but rather altered to a more neutral state. Deceit over Lies, Desire instead of Greed. I'm thinking that so long as the remaining members of the chaos 6 accept a Heel–Face Turn, they too will attain new more fitting elements for a chaos that helps rather than destroys. This will lead to an awesome moment where the 9 elements of harmony and chaos finish off Dark World Discord, bringing his reign to a glorious end.
  • Jossed, and yet Confirmed in a matter.

Rancor's gonna hear the voice…
And will become insanely powerful thanks to it if she ever gets a chance to fight "the rebels". Because really, if the personification of Revenge is with all passion and vengeance always, than does that mean strong passions around the multiverse make her stronger?
  • Well, she heard it. But it didn't make her any stronger.

The mysterious voice is Discord's host body.
Okay, so, we know that Discord possessed someone during Origins (Celestia refuses to say if it was Wind Whistler or Galaxy), but who's to say that the host mind was destroyed? And I think several thousand years trapped in your own mind with Discord in control of your body would be enough to drive anyone to the brink of rage-filled madness that the voice seems to be suffering from. As for being able to talk to everyone, maybe she somehow learned to tap into Discord's powers and use them to a mild extent, all in the hopes of bringing about Discord's destruction. And bear in mind, the voice did once respond to Twilight's accusation of not understanding friendship with "I know more about friendship than you ever will" — and didn't the G1 ponies really set the standard?
  • Jossed according to Rancor, but until SHE reveals who she figured out who the pony is, it's technically up in the air.
  • Jossed. She's Twilight's Nightmare.

The Doctor will reappear before the finale.
After all, The Valeyard's template was destroyed.
  • Jossed. Nightmare Paradox got him first.

Angry Pie and Fluttercruel will be "stopped" in different ways.
  • With Angry Pie, I anticipate something similar to Rarity's change. Entering Pinkie's mental scape, where Twilight finds out about her split personality, thus in a nice Call-Back to the reharmonized series, Pinkie will be reunited without creating Angry Pie, but rather, through a long hard talk about her It's All About Me feelings about laughter, and then the reunion of Pinkamena Diane Pie in that universe.
    • It's unlikely that Pinkie Diane could appear in the Dark World timeline, but perhaps an alternate combination such as Pinkamena Diane is possible.
    • Confirmed.
  • Fluttercruel is going to be a tricky one, but I anticipate they'll take her on as a Token Evil Teammate by reminding her of Discord's inconsistencies, before they figure out how to split Cruel from Shy, making an even more neat parallel to other timelines with Cruel and Shy having two bodies, AND both of them existing physically on the same plane.
    • If 'Shy is too damaged, they can always bring out Flutterage to suppress Cruelty for the time being.
    • Alternately, Cruel will be the one defeated in a Battle in the Center of the Mind, in a Call-Back to the fight with Loneliness.
    • None of the above, Rarity killed Fluttercruel because Fluttershy's spirit was released five hundred years prior.

Angry Pie and Fluttercruel are going to have to die in the dark world.
It's neatly foreshadowed in Mind Games 8 with the interviewers getting so up close and teary around Fluttershy and Pinkie Diane about them being "So good to have you as friends." Why would they be so unprofessional if there wasn't something awful in an alternate timeline for them to base it on?
  • Maybe they will at least die as themselves?
  • Discord will show how much he really cared for Fluttercruel after she is dead.
  • Alternatively they do survive but are completely broken by the experience of 1000 years as Complete Monsters.
  • Fluttercruel has been killed by Rarity and it turns it Fluttershy's spirit was taken to Pony Heaven five hundred years ago by Cadence, so partially confirmed.
  • Pinkie Pie dies of Rapid Aging due to her Element of Chaos shutting down and Fluttercruel is killed by the Bearers.

Dark World!Twilight's apparent death will cause her to ascend into an Alicorn, at which point she'll become the Interviewers.
Okay, bear with me because this is a long one and actually incorporates a few of the Interviewer guesses.

So, we know it's possible for ponies to become Alicorns under the right circumstances — like what happened to Fluttershy — so maybe the stresses of Dark World!Twilight's impending death will cause her to ascend. And as for becoming the Interviewers, let's break it down:

1) Twilight's "Half-Light Dawn" form is an Earth pony filly, her "Half-Light Noon" form is a young adult pegasus, and "Half-Life Dusk", as Angry Pie nicknames her aged form, is a unicorn. That all matches up with the physical appearances of the Interviewers.

2) In Different From Everypony Else, Celestia said that it's possible for an Alicorn to split into the three tribes.

3) We know that for a spirit outside the mortal plane, time is meaningless.

Therefore, we can assume that Twilight will somehow ascend — and being at the brink of death seems like the best time — and after beating Discord will enter the spirit plane, where she'll then travel back in time to the first fight with Discord and somehow alter events, thus branching out into the main POV!Verse. And then, she'll somehow perform a Literal Split Personality, becoming the Interviewers in order to aid her younger/alternate self and her friends.

  • And erase Apple Pie, Minty Pie, the Sea Ponies of Sky Ocean, the Virgacorns, the Hippogriffs, the Diamond Dogs, the New Avalon Changelings, Tiamat's entire nation, and everyone else born in Dark World from existence.
    • Which, if you'll remember, Twilight the Unicorn swore she'd fight for to fix what's there rather than try and undo these mistakes.
    • There is a much, much better reason for why the Nightmare Whisper timeline is the main timeline of the Pony POV Series. It is related to the fate of Dark World.

    • ________ and _____-_____ say hi.

The voice is Nightmare Purgatory
We know it's a she thanks to Rancor, we know she hates Discord, and Discord's comments imply that whoever she is, she's suffering from He Who Fights Monsters syndrome. And since we know Purgatory is a version of Twilight Tragedy who went Nightmare after her own attempts at redeeming her friends and defeating Discord only led to her world being Retconed...

Now, I'm not saying this is the Fading Futures Nightmare Purgatory. She could be from a similar Dark World alternate reality, and she somehow found a way to move between universes (hey, if Nightmare Mirror could do it, why not Nightmare Purgatory?) determined to punish Discord in all of them. If nothing else, look at her reaction when Twilight jumps off the slippery slope and prepares to kill Angry Pie. If that's not proof, I don't know what is.

"Say goodnight and welcome to purgatory!" (Evil Laugh)
  • Hmmmm, we also know from that certain Fading Futures that Twilight willed the world to vanish, by reminding her past self of the importance of friendship. She knew what would happen, and she took on the form of Purgatory to unleash her vengeance upon the one who ruined so many lives, trying to make him beg for mercy, feel the pain as he inflicted pain for so long. But in that story, twilight was horrified enough that she'd let discord have the last laugh, she pulled back. I suppose it's possible that this purgatory came from a world where she didn't, but at the same time, there's a few little things that makes me concerned about this WMG.
    • The voice calls rancor "worse than pinkie pie." Why would she have such a reaction to a friend she was avenging?
    • Discord says the voice needs everything to go just so, indicating it's a fan of order. While one could call this vengeance righting the world, doesn't vengeance naturally belong to draconequi?
    • Her disbelief at Derpy being element of Loyalty. What would the voice have against Derpy? Derpy's love for her child was one of the things that pushed her forward. Why be so angry?
    • Considering the heavy He Who Fights Monsters vibes coming from her, it's possible she's become so consumed by vengeance that she's forgotten what she was seeking it for in the first place.
  • Confirmed.

The element of Desire is the most powerful element of existence ever
Namely, it's like the element of magic, allowing for channeling the power of ALL other elements, since desire is a base feeling that fuels honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, loyalty, deciet, anger, cruelty and treachery in some way. A wielder of the element has the potential to channel every element in her system, and this is why Rarity didn't despair in losing twilight. She knew that she could use the element of magic, and become temporary twilight to beat discord.
  • Heh, that would be a hilarious, aesop-breaking way to use the Elements of Harmony. Who needs friends anyways?

The second voice Twilight did hear is...
  • Fluttershy's spirit who is still trying to help her friends.
  • Trixie's spirit who is talking with her over her own Element of Friendship and is still speaking in third pony.
  • Chaos Verse!Discord repaying the favour of her restoring his own hope.
  • An alternate version of Twilight that managed to become an Alicorn.
  • Shady, who loved Discord enough to try and prevent others from hurting him too badly.

The second voice is Princess Gaia
in respones to the above WMG, I believe voice number 2 is Princess Gaia! hear me out on this but she is sensible, cares about her friends and doesn't want anyone to suffer plus she wanted to help redeem discord if possible. Dark World Fluttershy mentions the queen of cups which is the arcana minor that Princess Gaia represents. to me it seems like a logical assumption. and as stated by Alex the timelines are intertwined.
  • It can't be Gaia for the sole reason that Gaia doesn't fit the currently revealed name: Princess A******* (8 letter word starting with 'A'). Abbatissa, Amaterasu and Applejack are all 9 letters and don't fit either. The only name in the entire series that does fit is Applepie, which implies that the second voice is a new character or has never been previously named.
  • Ironically I was jossed the same day I posted this theory as I got to see the ending from one of the audio adaption scripts.
Dark World Fluttercruel's transformation into a Draconequus is a Chekhov's Gun for the Reharmonized world.
  • Because of Fluttershy technically being an Alicorn, Fluttercruel going full Draconequus would make a Draconequus and an Alicorn in the same body, in way one being.

The Dark World is stuck in a Time Loop
However, it's like a series of figure 8's rather than a simple back and forth. The loop in question is in part because the alicorns and draconequi are perpetually remaking the world, and thus existence is constantly being made and remade, with the Mane 6 destined to be made, remade, brought in and out of existence for all eternity. And why? Because a shadow-who-watches has rebelled against his noninterference, and sought to perpetually make it so that Discord would always lose, and never change out of his ways. A perpetual movement, seeking to trap Discord in existence, and thus forever have him experience rejection, hate and pain for all eternity. Therefore, before this, every time a group of heroes came at Discord, they froze him, outed him, or did something in some way so that Discord would be hurt, but not change. HOWEVER, this time, the gods decided that enough was enough. And thus the Dark World Series is how they're finally going to change the outcome of things. Namely, that this time, thanks to the power of Free Will, they will find a way to expose the traitorous shadow for who he was, defeat it, and finally send Discord back to the Draconequi realm to rest and learn about what his family wants for him.

The Dark World will end on Chapter 30
And it will be the mother of all Wham Episodes, showing just why this extended stay in the dark world was so important, and completely changing how we saw the old timeline, making Nothing Is the Same Anymore.
  • Jossed.

The Dark World is going to end with 2 new alicorns
Principle Theta on alicorns is that the elements of harmony complete the nightmareification of a pony. And Rancor also said that she knew rarity's real name. Put on top of that the lines along rarity's BACK and HOOVES, and it's possible that absorbing all the elements of chaos has prepped her for becoming an alicorn. And if Nightmare Paradox can be harmonized then that means that her alicornification can be finished, and the magician alicorn can finally enter into the family.

The Other Elements of Chaos have Super Modes as well
We've seen Dark World!Rainbow Dash hers to transform into Ender Dash (and it's implied there's a purified version of it she's just hesitant to use), perhaps the others all have them, she's just the one who was actively training to unlock hers. The Elements of Harmony may have them as well.

/The Queen of Cups will help the Dark World Elements of HarmonyGiven how far Nightmare Eclipse has fallen, Fluttershy would probably feel that it would be a kindness to put her out of everyone's misery, plus Nightmare Eclipse has hurt Fluttershy's friends, and we all know how she reacts to that.

The Power of Friendship and the will to live
Is how Nightmare Paradox is going to be defeated. Namely, it will be a very specific crafted series of events that will lead to defeat. The only way the elements of harmony can beat Paradox and her sextuplet of backup nightmares is if they have help. And actually, they have tremendous resources to end things that are currently in motion.

1. Rainbow Dash and the returning princesses. If so desired, they'll land at Sweet Rock Acres, and we can then have Dinky use the memory spell on Celestia to bring back the mind that had 1000 years to sharpen itself. And of course, Dashie can come back to fight as well.

2. The rebels. They might have heard of discord's weakening, and feeling something wrong, come all the way to hold as a distraction and meat shield to let the elements preserve their will to live in this world.

3. The Dragons. At the very least, the apple dragons can bring in some heavy Cavalry to hold back the tide.

4. Minty Pie. The last piece of the puzzle. With that sword, she can place a final blow to end the war once and for all.

The Benevolent Voice is Rarity
She doesn't have a Nightmare counterpart, so it's entirely possible that she either managed to escape her Nightmare problem, or she skipped the Nightmare phase and went directly to being Alicornified. This would also explain why she knew what Paradox was up to when she started summoning the Nightmare versions of the Elements of Harmony.

The Benevolent Voice is Twilight
To go into more details she is the Twilight from the second circle of the Dark World. The first one produced Nightmare Paradox while in the second one Twilight managed to purify herself with Discord's unintentional help. As we know after a Nightmare is healed, it becomes an Alicorn. So one version of Twilight had already become an Alicorn but maybe she was struck im limbo for a long time before she learned to understand her new state and how to make any influence on the tragic events.
  • Somewhat jossed. The Benevolent Interloper is Dark World Twilight, but the present one, who fused with the defeated Nightmare Eclipse/Paradox, who in turn had absorbed every other previous version of themselves, including the above.

Apple Pie is secretly the champion of Buddy
Just as Patch was secretly Puerellis's champion, Apple Pie is secretly a champion of Reality. Apple Pie is optimistic, believing that there can be good even in the worst people, and is willing to forgive people if they're willing to show their sincere desire to never repeat it. Sounds very Fatheresque to me. I suppose this would slightly diminish her status, but at the same time, Patch being the champion of potential and fools didn't diminish the fact that SHE was the one to retrieve the shards. In the same way, while Apple Pie might have been a great hope for reality and wisdom itself, it was by her growth and responsibility that she became element of laughter and went on her grand adventure.

Alicorn Twilight
started out as an Split Personality of Twilight the UnicornMuch like how Purgatory was created out of twilight's rage, Amicitia was harmonized out of her newfound appreciation for the balance of magic. Seeing all the magic and tragedy and friendship as they are meant to be seen, thus allowing her an existence to try and nudge twilight away from darkness in the last cycle of the dark world. Then after ascension proper, she was able to exert a more easy influence over herself just as Paradox did.

     the Overall Plot 

Nightmares and their characteristics
Theory: We will eventually see another Nightmare character in the story and in story canon. This is for people to give their ideas on who's going to become the nightmare and what their purpose and reason for being there is.
  • We kinda sorta see one here.
  • Diamond Tiara: Considering how Discord's already twisted her desire to 'save' her mother to suit his own ends, a full-fledged Nightmare Diamant could easily be unleashed. Driven by a single-minded need to protect Golden Tiara at all costs, with a heart hardened against stupid ponies who just don't understand how important she is...
  • i get some hints about the Nightmares and the Alicorns, this is how I think it works:

    • Nigthmare's are born from ponies who used the Elements of Harmony and became obsessed over a part of her personality -Anger, Rage, Fear, Love, etc-, overloading her-his element.

    • But as Star-catcher/Celestia used the Rainbow of Light she only became a "Proto-Nightmare", a shadow mode she could give up anytime -She just need to cool of, or something-

    • Also, The nightmare's are like the "corrupt" evolution -Think of Skull Greymon- , and the correct one should be the Alicorns, even though its much more difficult to get the correct one -like, only if you were an Alicorn in your past live, like Celestia just did, or if you have the sheer will to go through the process, like Twilight could hope to do in a distant future

Unicron is behind all of this

Tarot motifs

  • Interestingly, the Magician in Tarot has two meanings - the wise, confident magician and the trickster magician. Possibly this duality relates to the two Elements of Magic?
  • Apart from that, it might be possible to predict what the others' tarot motifs might be, since 'shy is Queen of Cups.
    • Twilight: Queen of Wands.
      • Jossed, this tarot goes to Alicorn Trixie.
    • Dash: Knight of Swords.
    • Rarity: Queen of Coins (this is the suit also associated with diamonds).
    • "Pinkie", nominally Three of Cups, is only one of many numbered cards associated with Pinkie Diane. The wild card is not a tarot card, but it is the best card motif that represents her.

Redemption for Discord?

  • Since this series has redeemed some unlikely individuals, and since mindscape/alternate personalities come in a lot, perhaps even Discord could be brought around to the side of Harmony. All long-shots, but these might work:
    • Mindscape archaeology (Find kid-Discord!)
    • Rebuild the Element of Trust (or find someone capable of using it otherwise) so as to add extra punch.
    • Find some way to get him to Comprehend Good (since it seems like he actually doesn't understand it, especially in the Epilogue timeline where the idea of feeling sad for someone else confuses him).
  • I dunno, it's gonna be really hard to pull off something like this. This Discord already reached the Complete Monster rank, so as readers, already that's one strike against potential redemption. Second, we have had quite a few different characters redeemed, but imagine how hard it will be to get a Draquonus who not only killed his own family and helped ignite a war of the gods and rubbed it in Celestia's face, but also proved unrepentant even after years of just doing Chaos, so he's not exactly bound to get bored of Chaotic evil. Further, notice how he keeps railing against any memory of Love, and since in so many of these situations Love Redeems, this is gonna be a long-shot indeed.
  • None of those will work, especially not using the Elements of Harmony nor Rainbow of Light. As Strife showed, those are not effective against a resisting Draconequus. 'Dissey' won't be of much help, because he's just an amnesiac Discord, and amnesiac Discord + memories = regular Discord always. If they really choose to redeem Discord, they have to go beyond the Elements of Harmony, beyond Fauna Luster's power, and do what Celestia & Luna couldn't, by using friendship in its rawest and most powerful form.
  • Dark World!Discord is implied to have seen the error of his ways at some point.

Morning Star will become a major villain
  • With the various mentions of Celestia's brother Morning Star, who taught Discord everything he knows and is implied to be the Pony equivalent of Lucifer, it seems obvious that he's going to come into play. Plus, with the recent comments being left to readers by a certain unknown entity, it's quite clear that this story isn't going to end with the Discord arc...
    • Except I'm pretty sure Word of God stated that Morning Star was killed during the war.

The mysterious entity in the reviews is the Magician Alicorn.
  • The Magician is the only one of the Major Arcana not covered by the family members Celestia's mentioned so far, so it's obvious he/she will have to show up at some point. And the entity is definitely an Alicorn, as after mentioning the father-of-Alicorns, it starts referring to it strictly as Father, in the same way Celestia and Luna usually do.

The Element of Trust WILL return.
And its bearer will be Traitor Dash.

Ultimately, the Element of Generosity will be revealed…
…when Fluttercruel and Angry Pie are fought. After all, it seems that not much is left in the "Dark World" story arc: fix those two (and maybe Traitor Dash), confront Discord with Elements in hoof, and undo his reign of tyranny.
  • Sorry, past me, but it got Jossed.

Chrysalis is the Magician Alicorn
She fell from grace, like Morning Star, which caused her to be transformed into a monstrosity that only vaguely resembles her old form. This would explain how the Dark World version of her was able to reawaken Cadence's memories, something that she shouldn't have even known how to do.
  • She doesn't appear to be an Arcana Concept, because she doesn't sense the Elements of Harmony seal being broken. It seems more likely that she's the heartbroken assassin who annihilated Cupid, and now forms a trinity of sorts with Venus and Cadence, of making, breaking, and amending love. Holes in her hooves, holes in her hair, and courtesy of Venus' Wave Motion Gun, a hole through her heart.
    • Half Jossed. It turns out that Chrysalis is the shadow of Cadence!

General-Admiral Makarov is a servant of Strife
I have no real evidence for this other than a gut feeling, the fact that Makarov has definite General Ripper vibes, and the fact that we know the Alicorns and Draconequi like to select "champions" in the mortal world.
  • If this turns out to be true, maybe it'll end up being like Thanos' relationship with Death — he loves her, but she sees him as only a useful pawn. Hell, maybe she even ends up finding his methods repulsive.

Alternatively, the general is a champion of Morning Star
Think about it. He believes in his perfection above all, despite very little evidence beyond his word provided by him. He acts much like an evil force in his dealings with other nations. He overreacts when he believes one has gone against his perfection? Seems pretty Morning Starish to me. As to why Morning Star decided to take a champion, he wants to get back at his family since he was unable to truly win the war of the gods, and decided on Revenge by Proxy against his sister Celestia.

In response to above, Shining Armor is Justitia's current champion
Because if Batmare and Bane say anything about champions, Strife and Justitia do love having competitions between the two of each other. After all, he's a captain of the guard, serves to protect the laws of Equestria, and is an all around Lawful Good. Just a guess.

The Discord's Epilogue is actually the prologue for Reharmonized Pony POV
Reasoning being an early reference to Rancor's birth in Mind Games, and why it goes back-to-back with Shining Armor POV, the actual prologue set during Season One of the show.
  • Doesn't this create a great deal of Fridge Logic if this is the case? I mean, for one, this means all the cutie mark crusaders should be dead in the reharmonized series, when they're so obviously alive. Also, notice that the way Twilight thinks about Dark World makes it seem that instead of destroying the world, they'll just rebuild from the ruins and work their way back from the darkness to a new dawn. It just seems a bit weird to me.
    • It makes more sense with the use of time travel, inter-dimensional transit, and Retcon's (for when regular continuity isn't good enough).

There is a "good" elements of Chaos that exists somewhere in the multiverse.
Not pure good per se, as chaos is always unpredictable, but at the very least, far more noble than what Discord's working with. This is going off the ideas of how some of the elements have been in the Dark World, and speculating from there.
  • This Twilight wields magic still, but it is a magic that is tragedy that refines.
  • This Applejack wields the element of Deceit: but it is a deceit that hides pain necessarily.
  • This Rarity wields the element of desire. Desire isn't really generous on its own, but it does help motivate others to move forward in their lives.
  • This Rainbow Dash wields the element of Choice: we can choose whether to follow or betray others, and how we choose isn't necessarily negative.
  • This Pinkie Pie wields an element of seriousness: being overly serious makes all the joy in life drain out, but it can help in situations when you need to be focused on a single goal.
  • Finally, this Fluttershy wields an element of tough love: doing something not out of meanness or necessarily out of kindness, but "leaning" on someone to push them farther than they've gone before. Sort of a tougher version of the reharmonized Fluttercruel.

The Shadowy Wolf in Shining Armor's story is....
A piece of Entropy. More specifically, it's a Shadow of Existence who tries to align side-worlds with the Heart World, just like how Pinkie Pie fretted about waaaayyyy back in Butterflies 10. This is the beast which she so feared, and it's trying to get rid of both Shining and the special tech to make it closer to the more ambiguous situation of the main cartoon.

Thunderchild will end up dating Fluttershy/Fluttercruel
Thunderchild claims to have Love at First Sight after seeing 'Shy's picture. Meanwhile, we know from New Game Plus that 'Shy and 'Cruel do both want a relationship, but with someone (or several people) who can handle the whole Sharing a Body aspect of theirs. Presumably, Thunderchild and the rest of Misfit Actual will show up in the main series during the finale arc, and he'll start courting her, and when he finds out about 'Cruel, he'll be able to handle it because of all the weird stuff he'll see with Shining.
  • Confirmed at the end of the Wedding Arc.

Shining Armor is, in some way, Suzaku from Code Geass
They are too disturbingly similar to each other to not note:
  • They're both chosen as the first one to form a Royal Guard for a princess.
  • They develop a relationship with that princess, bonus points for Cadenza looking and acting like Euphie.
  • They've each killed someone they knew in the past, and definitely regret doing it, trying to atone for it in various ways.
  • For that reason, they're very careful when fighting, always going for non-lethal incapacitation unlike everyone else.
  • Their comrades ridicule them on that idealism.
  • Their coloring schemes match.
  • They've both fought mechas, are extremely talented in combat, and are overall nice guys.
  • But the most important one? They both get geassed.

Ironically, the writer has apparently never heard of Code Geass, making this completely coincidental…unlike all the (Western) expies featured in the arc.

  • The writer had heard of it - he just didn't care for it. Jossed.

The most dangerous weapon in Discord's arsenal... not an army, an artifact, an attack, or a scheme, it's an ordinary mare. Operating under the alias, "Screwball", she's been Discord's first enforcer, last resort, and prized pretzalmaker. No one would understand the latter two until it's too late - and they are on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle. A biologically 50+ year old mare turns out to be Not So Harmless, yet she was never counted as a potential foe because she has been too dangerous to keep as anything other than a mindless doll. Fancy schmancy magic? Nah, just good ol' fashion flank-kickery, mixed with some crazy and her own brand of Mortal Kombat. Derpy? Neck Snap. Spike? Meet distinguished serial dragon slayer. Twilight? How about Twi-Knot? Applejack's illusions? She can smell fear... and cold sweat. Dear Rarity? It's very convenient that there are an even number of Elements of Chaos, it allows her to easily slam them together 'til they crack. Cue anguished cries of "You're just an ordinary Earth pony!" and in the end, it is that kind of prejudice that will get you killed.

Unfortunately, insanity is not conducive to Moment of Awesome or Funny at all. "Screwball" is actually extremely demented, to the point of being able to violate Rancor because she can't understand that her actions are disturbingly violent, her mind simply does not comprehend pain; she can't recognize that others may be in pain. With the rest of the bearers dead or incapacitated, Apple Pie will see just how demented that thing can be, the life being slowly strangled out from her, but hope does not die out that easily. Where old heroes fall, new heroes are born. "Mad Tiara" wouldn't stand for this kind of injustice, and Minty Pie and her sisters are always ready to assist with Dinky.

And so the end begins and the torch is passed, to a band of young fillies fending off a crazy old mare while their world falls apart around them. What lays after the end of Dark World is for them to decide.

  • Jossed. Discord does free Screwball and Mad Tiara, but promptly tells them to leave and strictly forbids them from fighting with the bearers before or after his death, as he cares too much about them to let them die.

The real reason Makarov is so obsessed with Shining Armor...
  • because he is a Stalker with a Crush to Cadence, and is trying to Murder the Hypotenuse, in this case Shining Armor. It seems like he finds power sexy, and what better to love than the ladies with wings and a horn? It'll definitely be interesting to see how he reacts to Chrysalis. He's like Tirek all over again...
  • Alternately, he's somehow aware of the plot, knows how important Shining Armor is, and is trying to eliminate him.

The Hooviets have their own version of the Truth, and Makarov looked into it.
That would explain how he seems to know about the Wolf. Moreover, his Charm Person spell could be a side effect, like Applejack's truth vision — it allows him to make people believe his version of events as true. This would certainly explain how it even affects Cadence, and might even explain why it doesn't work on Shining; he's a bit of a universal anomaly at the moment, so as such doesn't quite fit in the universe, and therefore is free of things that affect the perspective of it.
  • Jossed

Secret Alicorns
After what was revealed in Shining Armor 10, I think that there's something very secret under the surface of that story. Namely, Shining Armor is actually an amnesia prone Turris, the Alicorn of Defense. Hence Shining's desire to always protect. And he fears being forgotten because he was almost consumed by entropy and had to make the same kind of crash landing Cadence made. Makarov on the other hand is one of Entropy's shadows of existence. Namely, the extremely strong willed one named Morning Star. Killed in the war, given flesh by the weakening of one of the points of Truth, and now out to conquer the world to prove his perfection to all. Of course, this could make things VERY awkward at the wedding, as this is essentially brother and sister marrying in the divine sense.
  • Princess Incestia approves of this WMG!

Discord is an Immature Concept
We've seen by now that there are differences between Complete/Mature Concepts and Incomplete/Immature Concepts. I hereby postulate that Discord still hasn't actually fully developed as a Concept, for the following reasons:
  • His Curb-Stomp Battle against Galaxia is clearly the result of his eating Destruction and Havoc's Avatar. By doing so, Discord was powered well beyond what a 'fully-empowered senior alicorn' i.e. a mature Concept could handle. Galaxia's bewilderment highlights that until he got that power boost, Discord was not a match for her...even during Ragnarok.
  • Discord focuses almost exclusively on destructive ways of using his powers, without even trying to find constructive methods for his chaos. Even his 'mercy' acts as an Evil Overlord are simply because those are unexpected and therefore chaotic acts. He uses them to enhance his destructive acts rather than balance them out.
  • He's noted to lack the same Healing Factor that Strife and his 'matured' siblings have...the same way Rancor did before she stole and absorbed Destruction's essence and became mature.

Hence, it's clear that Discord still has some growing up to do.

Link will show up to help out in the main timeline.
He already made a cameo appearance during the Pearls arc, so who's to say he won't ultimately be a Chekhov's Gunpony?

The Theory of diverging timelines & Ascension
Whenever a mortal ascends, they technically create an alternate timeline with their ascension, since Rota Fortuna presides over the creation of many worlds, and as Owlman most succinctly put it, "With every choice we make a world. History branches in two, creating one earth where we made the choice, and a second where we didn't. That's the secret of the universe you know. Billions of people, making billions of choices, creating infinite earths." Since Ascension is essentially a choice, that means that the choice to ascend creates an alternate timeline, and thus there are actually a near infinite amount of alicorns running around, creating an near infinite amount of spirit and mortal worlds, resulting in near infinite copies of the alicorn and Draconequi Gods for near infinite sources. The only limitation is that their ascension causes the creation of a timeline where they always existed instead of one where they might not have at first. That way, even if they use their powers to affect a world, it's technically not the world they came from, allowing for the paradox of having Twilight the Alicorn help with her own ascension.

Draconequification reveals the greatest Secret of the Multiverse
According to Nightmare Paradox, technically Draconequification shouldn't exist the same way Alicornification does. Nightmarification is focusing on one part of one self. Alicornification is seeing the universe in total enlightenment from their point of view as a specific concept. However Draconequification is a rare occurrence where a draconequi sub-being will consume the shadows of existence in order to become a concept that is dangerous or leaves a hollow feeling if pursued too simplistically rather than mixed with more complex understandings or logics.(Like how destroying everything will leave you with nothing left to destroy. Living only for survival will leave you with little joy in your life other than making it through the next day, or will turn everything into a duty rather than bringing in desires/culling all things that have "no life value". Imagination can lead you to hallucination, confusing reality with your altered reality or neglecting the real things around you. Constant Revolt means there's no space for peace and growth if you're always trying to leave or destroy what's there. Revenge might give you some satisfaction, but leaves you with no idea of what to do except maybe revenge the next person. Feelings can lead you to decision you would never make except that it "feels right". Following your fears might lead to either paralysis or emotional instability. Nothingness literally is literally not survivable whether literally or metaphorically.) These concepts are necessary for life to grow, be challenged and progressed, make no mistake. However, there is something that happened in the Dark World that reveals something odd about the draconequi.

When Fluttercruel "ascended" by become a pure concept of Cruelty, she was hauled off to her uncles, aunts, grandparents and the like, who treated her like her actions in the dark world timeline were all she'd really done. This is in stark contrast to what happened with the alicorns, who treat ascension as an "always there" rather than a "concept was there, but you weren't there" deal like with Fluttershy as the Queen of Cups or how Fluttercruel turned out. This could mean 1 of 2 things. 1. Cruelty is a minor Draconequi trait that doesn't treat ascension the same way the alicorns do. Or 2, and this is the more shocking choice: The Draconequi do NOT share the spirit realm the same way the alicorns do, and are technically secondary to _______(YOU DON'T EXIST!!!!!)__________(OH, hush up Entropy. You have no power here)

  • You see, this leads me to the....staggering conclusion that the draconequi as deities actually came SECOND to the Alicorns, and in fact in the time before anything, there was fauna luster and the father, NOT those two along with Havoc and Entropy. However, when those 2 came into existence, like the existence of Typhon in greek myths, they were too powerful to simply ignore, and so a great secret was created in the cosmos that all 4 elders always existed, when in fact, Entropy and Havoc actually were not "always there". (please don't hate me for this you two.)

Azerhorse's meaning.

When a concept gets erased. Like D__T. There's still SOMETHING there. Some undefinable, unquantifiable existence, but it still EXISTS. Not in any term that can be defined by the other Four Primaries, but it DOES have a presence in the universe. It can be considered, imagined, even interacted with.

Maybe THAT is what Azerhorse represents.

The ___ In D__T.

     the Interviewer(s) 

The mysterious interviewer is... the author himself
To me, it makes sense, considering he is the one putting out these stories…though this is only speculation.
  • maybe Jossed. There are in fact 3 interviewers, and they are a Pegasus, a Unicorn, and an Earth Pony. Maybe dead spirits?

The Interviewers are future/AU versions of Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, & Sweetie Belle
They've been revealed to be one Earth Pony, one Pegasus, and one Unicorn, they speak of various Mane Cast members as if they know/knew them personally, and they're heavily hinted (confirmed?) to all be female. If there's further evidence that I've missed, please add it here.
  • I don't know if it came up in earlier chapters, but Mind Games part 5 has the Earth Pony interviewer speaking with the same accent as the Apples, and the Pegasus has the same type of attitude as Scootaloo, which would seem to further back this theory.
  • But, in Mind Games Part 4, the interviewers are described as, "three ponies, one my age, a mare, and a really old unicorn". In addition, when questioned about the interviewers in part 5, Rarity says, "Do I look like I have a purple coat to you?" This indicates that…

The interviewers are the dead helping the living
More specifically, Older Applejack, Firefly and one certain purple Unicorn are stepping in to change this world for good.

The interviewers are sisters of Celestia and Luna
Key facts about the interviewers:

  • Discord recognizes the little filly interviewer, and tells her to run off to her sisters in MG3.
  • In MG2, the youngest & oldest interviewers assign a special meaning to "starting over".
  • Also in MG2, the eldest interviewer mentions humans in the G2 era, and claims to know even more about them than just that.

So who's who? Based on the above evidence:

  • Earth Pony Filly: Cadence, the youngest of the sisters as an interviewer and in true form.
  • Aged Unicorn Mare: Galaxia, the eldest of the sisters, and participated in the Cosmic Retcon of G3 along with Cadence.

Which leaves the middle-aged mare and 5 sisters: Justita, Rota Fortuna, Venus, Imperatrix, Abbatissa. Depending on how Queen Chrysalis is treated, it might be possible to remove Venus from the list.

The Interviewers are actually Celestia's sister Rota Fortuna doing a Hecate Sisters/Hive Mind thing.
When Rota Fortuna showed up during Origins, she was shown shifting between three ages — young, adult, and old, just like the interviewers. It's possible she came to Equestria and somehow split herself in three in order to blend in. As for the interviewers' ability to be wherever something important is happening, she is the Alicorn representing the Wheel of Fate/Fortune tarot, which — going by comments made by Celestia — implies that she's omniscient, so it fits with this scenario.

The Interviewers are Twilight Sparkle from the future
In the latest installment, Different From Everypony Else, Princess Celestia says that if she exploded, it would produce three separate beings; an Earth Pony, a Pegasus and a Unicorn. We also see the interviewers have purple fue and the Earth Pony filly had a Smart Pants doll. Therefore, in the future, Twilight will undergo Alicornification and split into three beings, possibly during the fight with Death.
  • Is starting to look more likely as of the Duel of Tears, as during the fight Twilight turns into a Pegasus in order to fight Traitor Dash.
  • It finally makes sense why they would be of different ages. They come from different points in time, simultaneously being from the past and future. The Unicorn interviewer is likely none other than Twilight the Unicorn, G1. The Earth Pony filly? Minty (Pie), G3. The Pegasus certainly acts like TD/RD, and could be Half-Light Noon, an OC from G4.

The interviewers are highly related to the Epilogue MC
Given that the Earth Pony interviewer slips into an accent, the Pegasus interviewer is impolite, and the Unicorn interviewer calls Celestia her teacher, they seem to act like Liarjack, Fluttercruel, and Twilight Tragedy, respectively. However, two things that don't add up is why they call each other sisters, and why they appear to be different ages.
  • There's also the fact that according to "Different From Everypony Else", they're all purple.
  • And according to one user's comment, this is almost confirmed, since the author has gone back to the Epilogue timeline.
The Interviewers are an Alicorn of Twilight Tragedy
In Different From Everypony Else The Pegasus interviewer says that she wrote all the Daring Doo stories from memory and in Dark World the first section of the Library that Twilight Tragedy burned happened to be the Daring Doo stories. It is too unlikely that these two details are just a coincidence.

The interviewer in the Epilogue MC is the mysterious voice Twilight keeps hearing and NOT the interviewers from the other timeline
The voice talks to her similar to how the interviewers left their notes in the story, hinting that the voice is the interviewer, maybe gathering information about the world to destroy it.

The Dark World interviewer is the other voice Twilight heard

The Interviewers are the purified Voice
Okay, this is a combination the theories about the Voice being Nightmare Purgatory and the Interviewers being a split up Alicorn Dark World!Twilight. Presumably, the Dark World Elements of Harmony will fight her and end up purifying her. Now, as we all know, the use of the Elements on a Nightmare causes them to become an Alicorn. It will be this alternate Twilight who ends up traveling to the main POV!Verse and splitting up into the Interviewers, in an attempt to help one version of the heroes so as to atone for her attempts to corrupt the Dark World versions.

The Interviewers are the fusion of Dark World Twilight, Minty Pie, and Rainbow Dash
Word of God at one point said that if Minty Pie and Twilight kept touching for too long, they'd become one pony in two bodies. Rainbow Dash joining the gestalt would result in them having unique personalities thanks to the Element of Free Will, as well as explaining where the pegasus interviewer comes from (Minty Pie and Twilight provide the earth pony and unicorn interviewers, of course).

The price of Diamond Tiara's Deal with the Devil
She breaks him free in order to help her mother. Discord will twist this deal around by:
  • Making Golden Tiara the Only Sane Pony, breaking her already damaged mind and painfully piecing it back together so that she can see his chaotic world in all its insane glory — and making her fully aware that her daughter ushered all this in for her sake.
    • Semi-confirmed. Golden Tiara is now sane again - with all that entails - but is not aware of Diamond Tiara's recent actions. And seeing that GT passed out about a minute after getting her mind back, she probably won't find out for a while. That being said, the author has stated that now she can't go insane again, and "when Discord turns the whole world crazy, she'll be the odd one out".
  • Rendering Diamond Tiara just as mad so that she truly understands her mother's mindset.
  • Switching their sanities, effectively 'Screwballing' Diamond while sanitizing Golden — and again, making her aware of what he's done.
  • Create a World Gone Mad that to her, makes sense.
  • Something darker, like turning Diamond Tiara into some twisted entity for example.
    • Got it in one. Diamond Tiara turned into a Nightmare.

Onyx Tiara will have to face his Fantastic Racism firsthand in order to save his daughter.
At first, he'll refuse the help of a bunch of 'Feather Dusters' and 'Narwhals'. He may even choose to turn his back on his daughter entirely when he learns what she's done. This will only fuel her spiraling into Discorded insanity, much to his private dismay — for despite everything, he loves his family dearly, and has simply struggled to show it after watching his wife go mad, and to see his precious daughter taking the same path will be utterly devastating. Eventually, he'll admit that his daughter means more to him than his pride and prejudices, and ask for the mane cast's help…or, rather, accept that they're already helping to the best of their ability.
  • As of Mind Games Part 2, he has overcome his racism with the help of The Interviewers and Silver Tongue.

Luna was still weakened when she fought Celestia as Nightmare Moon.
When punishing her, the Father of All Alicorns said that a part of her power would be locked away until she once more proved worthy of it. We never see her doing so. This means likely Nightmare Moon was weakened...And Celestia COULD have beaten her without the Elements but couldn't bring herself to defeat her own flesh and blood.


Trixie is NOT an Element of Magic
The entire drive behind Trixie's arc thus far is being able to keep herself an individual without isolating herself from the world, and becoming an Element of Magic is something she actively fights against in part 2 of the Gaia arc because she does not want to become a product of the "Friendship is Magic" groupthink, because then she is just one of the herd, and the One and Only Trixie ceases to be. She will have to get over that, compromising complete autonomy to gain strength through others, but as far as being the glue that binds the group together, that's not her. Twilight would walk on water to help her friends, but Trixie would do the work to make the bridge.

Not to say that Trixie wouldn't fight for her friends with every iota of will in her body, but she knows when to fold and ask for help, and she knows when to push even harder than she ever has before. Sort of the Simon to Twilight's Kamina. This may make the case for her being an Element of Magic stronger, but she did tap into her Element as Magic, she would be conditionally choosing it instead of it choosing her.

I may be way off base here or just as conflicted as Trixie, but my guess is that she will eventually come out as the Element of Providence or some derivative thereof. (Hope, Ambition, Insight, et al.) The underlying theme being that she is not what keeps the group together, but what keeps the group going past all since of success and focuses the groups efforts into a defined goal over the Friendship is Magic creed. She's the focus of the group, and when all hope is lost, she's the one exploits Loneliness to give her the insight she needs to get the group back on track.

  • Jossed, she is an Element of Magic, and additional non-duplicate elements are not in play.

Nightmare Whisper is pulling power directly from Discord
We know that Discord has been in play since the blood ritual, and unless something is going on with the narrative timeline, Gaia and Discord are coexisting. Who's to say one doesn't have fingers in the other, mainly the one with fingers.
  • Jossed, Diamond Tiara was still heading to free him when the Gaia arc transpired, and Gaia was powered by the Elder Horn.

Somebody's going to die in the Duel of Tears
Even though that would be extremely sad and tragic, I just have this uneasy suspicion that unless they can convince Rainbow Dash to stop, they new elements might have to kill her to stop her, or they might end up with a nasty loss to leave a dent in their current elements count. I know it's dark, but this is WMG, and what's crawling out of a pit without a few more setbacks.
  • After looking back over AJ's Dreams, I predict it's going to be Spike or Rainbow Dash.
    • Jossed.

     The Wedding Arc 

The ponies have been hoist by their own petard.
It will turn out that, by both breaking from the heart world AND Shining and Cadence defeating the wolf, Chrysalis will have been able to get away with her more egregious acts that defied the timeline... if, in fact, by being one of Pandora's creations she isn't already identical in nature to Makarov as it is! Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
  • In a way, confirmed, but possibly inverted. While the break presumably allowed Chrysalis to deviate from the actions she saw from the heart world and change her plans, it may also be her undoing as it's why she was taken offguard by things that didn't happen there, such as Blueblood finding Cadence and the Hoofmaidens saving Moondancer.

Makarov will return in the Royal Wedding arc.
Okay, stick with me while I lay this out. Since we all know we haven't seen the last of Makarov in Shining Armor's arc, it stands to reason he'll try some more to capture or kill him. My theory is, he'll try repeatedly, causing him to start suffering Sanity Slippage with each failure. This, combined with the increasing unstable political situation caused by his attempts, will lead to the Hooviet leadership (whoever operates under the Father Deer figurehead) to attempt to relieve Makarov of command at the end of the arc, causing him to go rogue. Then at some point between the end of this arc and the Royal Wedding arc, he'll run into Chrysalis, who'll talk him into an alliance, helping her impersonate Cadence in exchange for another chance at revenge against Shining and the opportunity to weaken Equestria from within and open it up for a Hooviet invasion, granting him a chance to reclaim his position. Who'll double cross who first is up to debate.

Cobweb is a Not Quite Dead Queen Cocoon
First of all, with a name like that she has to be a Changeling (something both Moth and Rarity have noted but kept to themselves). Secondly, the brief look into her POV shows she's definitely malevolent, but no so much towards the ponies as much as she seems to be using them to reach her real target. My bet, Cocoon somehow survived Chrysalis' coup and has been plotting her revenge ever since, and is planning to use Chrysalis' own plan against her.
  • Jossed. It was actually Trixie in disguise.

After Chrysalis' Plan fails...
she's going to try to reunite with Cadance where they gonna have a Fight. Thanks to the Love of all the Ponies Cadance wins and gets all her Memories back.


     Just for Fun 
Strife and Mortis were once part of a political marriage
In the time before time, The alicorns and Draconequi were just beginning to establish themselves, and both sides were uneasy of each other. The top Gods felt uneasy knowing that they would have to share existence (literally, in the father's case, despite the Mind Screw that would involve), and Entropy was still rather miffed at the time that the alicorns would disturb the silence that her nothingness had. So, as a way to start getting the gods talking and becoming personable, they arranged for Mortis and Strife to be married. Strife could not complete her work without Mortis's help, and so the two were united.

Their Marriage was an uneasy one though. Strife thought Mortis focused on the past a little too much, while Mortis sometimes complained that all Strife did was talk about the future. Thankfully, they enjoyed each other's company well enough not to split up. (think, a less violent version of Havoc and Entropy's marriage) And when Mortis mounted Strife, it lead to...complications in their children. War, pestilence, famine. All these things were in part the tools of Strife, but needed Mortis's duty in order for them to mean anything. Oddly enough, both parents loved their children, although they had the odd distinction of being the first dracon-alicorns in existence, and technically not allowed in either realm for too long. (particularly when they visited their father's family).

However, despite their instrumental role in connecting the families, when Ragnarok rolled around, they met briefly before the battle. Strife was happy to go to war, but Mortis just thought that it was a duty he'd never want to perform, as his siblings can't be escorted in the same way mortals are, taking all the joy out of it. So, as the war would ruin ties for eons to come, they had a formal seperation (not divorce, just seperation) right before the first battle. They weren't exactly angry with each other going into the war, but they both understood that their marriage was essentially over, even if they'd have to work together eventually.

     Season 3 related guesses. STAY OUT ALEX! 

  • Virtually all of these have been effectively jossed by the fact Alexwarlorn has no plans to continue the POV series into Season 3, as well as a few other jossings in other cases...

was a disciple of Grogar A fallen unicorn who was taken over to his side during one of his unsealing periods. He took over the Crystal empire on Grogar's behalf, and the machine like slavery he ran was because of his time under him. Further, Celestia and Luna defeated Sombra after they beat Grogar, because they couldn't stand to see any legacy of that evil goat floating around. As for why he stuck around? Maybe he was given a personal version of the curse that seals Grogar's domain?
  • Jossed

The Crystal Empire
Is powered by harmony crystals. Pure extensions of Cadence's power, left over from when she fell after her battle with Havoc. She cast a spell upon herself to heal (perhaps the same way that allows alicorns to be born to mortal), but after her disappearance, ponies settled near the crystals that kept harmony in the bare north. However, said crystals were also near Grogar's lost city, and after he returned, he corrupted one of their own. King Sombra then overtook their magic, and the harmony that use to pervade equestria was corrupted to its core in the name of absolute order. Celestia and Luna banishing Sombra was a way to prevent him from perverting the powers of their sister, but his influence had become too strong, and the city was lost to the same curse he had: banishment to the incorpreal. 1002 years later, with the powers of harmony growing stronger in Cadence, the empire returned, in part because of the blast she and shining used against Crysalis, unlocking a part of the seal. Thus, in the Reharmonized universe, there will be a couple twists from the original episode.

1. Twilight and team harmony try using the elements, which will not work due to extreme dodging skills, just like in Dark World 19.

2. Twilight will use the memory spell at some point as an alternative strategy.

3. Fluttercruel will try tough love tactics, and get no further.

4. We will get a different worse fear for twilight, who will have picked up something different due to her many quests and discoveries of the true nature of equestria.

5. It is the moment that Cadence touches the real crystal heart that her memories of eternity will kick in, and the reaction will be something like from Dark World 3.

Crystal Ponies: Long Live Harmony. Long Live Princess Cadence! Long Live the Alicorns! And Long Live her Prince Shining Armor!
  • Jossed

Magic Duel will never happen in this world.
Trixie has become too good a friend to ever even try what happened in that episode.
  • Not jossed by default

After the fic "finishes", one of the legions of cocreators
Will do a fic with the lore of POV adapting Season 3. Kinda like how New Game Plus was. Because this story has become way too good, and like with New Game Plus, there is a TON of alternate angles one could work with the upcoming stories.
  • Still possible

Alexwarlorn loves this story too much.
And he will eventually find a way to sneak season 3 into the story without it upsetting everything.
  • Technically correct.

Shining Armor will be completely unsurprised by King Sombra
Considering how often weird things happen to him in this universe, why would a thousand year old unicorn king turned Living Shadow surprise him? Considering his Deadpan Snarker status, he'll probably lampshade this somehow.
Shining Armor: An evil Living Shadow that escaped from a prison he was put in by the gods that's neutralized my magic and is trying to kill me and Cadence. *Sigh* Not again...
  • Probably jossed

Keep Calm and Flutter On Will Not Happen
Considering the fact that Discord has already become a Complete Monster in the main timeline, this already seems to be confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt.
  • In addition, Discord already escaped his prison and has been confirmed by Word of God to be the Final Boss, meaning unless he's turned back to stone, the episode couldn't happen.

Rainbow Falls would happen entirely differently in this universe
Rainbow Dash learning to make Sadistic Choices is a lesson she already learned. So if it did come to choosing between teams, she'd not hesitate to make the right choice. Also, Spitfire in this verse has already gotten passed her feelings inadequacy at being unable to be the hero in this verse, removing the one motivation that could have worked for the character in that episode. So while Spitfire might still offer Rainbow to fly with Cloudsdale, she'd not be so focused on winning she'd forget her friends.


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