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    Open Theories 
Serena's bloodline is...
  • Transform, given that her hair changes color at one point. And it'd be a tie-in to the games since she and Calem are the only two trainers with customizable appearances.
  • Kecleon Species Bloodline. Veiled chameleons, the real-life animal Kecleon is most likely based on, change to a much darker color when they are stressed; Serena's hair darkened when she heard the news of Ash's defeat.
  • Zoroark Species Bloodline. After all, who says she's actually transforming?
    • A little less likely imo. Hilda's a Zoroark Bloodliner herself, and like real Zoroark, she takes on the appearance of others. Serena just changes colors though.
Other Bloodliners include...
  • Sabrina as a Psychic type.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 24, and in Chapter 26 she's revealed as a Psychic Heart.
  • Red as a Technique Bloodliner with Future Sight.
    • Half-Jossed. Red is a bloodliner, but his ability is not Future Sight, and is in fact related to Ash's Empowerment ability.
  • Maylene as a Fighting-type bloodliner of some sort.
    • Jossed in her interlude.
  • Jasmine as a Steel-type bloodliner of some sort.
  • Lance since in the manga he had special abilities including manipulating the trajectory of a Hyper Beam launched by his Pokemon. What ability this could even be within the Resetverse though is harder to tell.
    • Or he could be a more standard Dragon-Heart bloodliner given his ability to control Dragon-types in the manga.
    • Jossed as of Chapter 24, as well as his cousin, Clair. The author does, however, offer the possibility that the two may have the genes of a bloodliner in their DNA.
  • Yellow would be a bloodliner with an Empowerment ability just like the manga.
    • Her power in the manga has more to do with healing than empowering Pokemon. It was more due to her quick thinking (and exploiting a rather ridiculous deux ex machina; seriously, sending up power through a Butterfree's String Shot?) than her "Psychic" powers that led to Red's Pikachu's "Megavolt" attack that scared off Lugia.
    • In the FRLG arc, during the climax, she boosted her Pokemons' levels from the twenties to the eighties, greatly freaking out the villains she was confronting. Yellow definitely has an Empowerment ability of some sort in the manga.
      • Yellow's powers are indeed healing, though whether this is Dominion based or one of the standard three is still unknown.
      • The blonde bundle of joy also has been noted to be extremely empathic, often saying and doing exactly the right thing at the right time for someone, whether human (more often than not Red) or Pokemon - a Dominion ability, perhaps? Or she could be a Gardevoir Species Bloodliner (it's category, the Embrace Pokemon, sounds pretty empathic) liberally using Heal Pulse.
      • In the Red Five Island Interlude, it is confirmed that her non-Dominion bloodline is Heal Pulse.
  • Leaf/Blue/Green (Female) and Silver who would have abilities related to a Pokemon's Evolution.
  • Gold who would have an ability related to hatching and raising Pokemon.
    • Or maybe he is a Species Bloodliner and is a species with an ability like Flame Body, which makes hatching eggs faster.
  • Crystal who could only be a Mega Kick bloodliner to go with how she catches Pokemon.
  • All important NPCs who canonically had Psychic Powers in the anime, games or manga will be a Psychic-type bloodliner of some sort. This includes:
    • Will of the Johto Elite Four, who was shown in the games teleporting Pokeballs from nowhere.
    • Caitlin of the Unova Elite Four.
    • Twins Tate and Liza of Hoenn.
  • Valerie of Kalos, thus explaining her odd eyes. She's probably a Sylveon bloodliner.
  • Molly, from Spell of the Unown (probably confirmed via Word of God in Ch. 5 review responses). Perhaps she has some kind of Unown bloodline?
    • Her having some kind of Unown bloodline might be Jossed, depending on the author's views of whether Unown is a legendary or not.
  • Sheena, from Arceus and the Jewel of Life - one of the characters that basically had a Bloodline-like ability from the anime series and movies.
  • N (which is practically a given) along with his two foster sisters, Concordia and Anthea.
    • N's canonical ability to talk with Pokemon will probably be featured. Assuming that Ash's prowess at the same talent is due to his Aura capabilities inherent in Lucario, it would seem that N's bloodline correlates with a Pokemon that can communicate with humans, like with the use of telepathy. Zorua, perhaps?
  • The Shadow Triad... perhaps they're related to certain triplets who were abducted from Striaton City Children's Hospital ten years prior? (The author has made quite a few vague comments about Cilan, from him and his brothers not having the most healthy of relationships to all three being dead. Sure, dead is about as unhealthy as you can get, but...)
  • Edmund a character of the day in Unova who causes rain around him. He's a Rain Dance bloodliner.
  • Rui: With Wes being teased she is going to appear at some point, and with how both Pan and Satoshi (the latter we know is a bloodliner) reacted badly to Shadow Pokemon she probably has something that goes beyond merely sensing the evil.
    • The author confirmed Rui would be in story and have a bloodline in his Review Feedback in Chapter 8.
  • Sketch, a Team Skull grunt, generates paint from her fingers. In other words, a Smeargle Species Bloodline.
  • Duplica, as a Ditto Species Bloodliner.
  • Lily, a Character of the Day from Johto who's responsible for turning Ash into a Pikachu that one time. Probably a Mismagius Bloodliner.
  • Zoey, with one that may or may not relate to her Glameow.
  • Karen as a Dark type, and a foil to Sabrina.

Giovanni is a bloodliner
Building on the idea that Giovanni is the Father, if two of Giovanni's children are bloodliners, it makes sense that they inherited it from him.
  • Whereas the idea of Giovanni being the father is jossed, the idea of him being a bloodliner is still open.

The meaning of the words in Chapter 8
The Redeemer, the Hunter, the Silent, the Lost, the Avenger and the Broken.
  • ...I got nothing, unlike the other two.
  • Maybe they refer to Ash's companions? The Avenger definitely seems to fit Iris given her motivation. I am not sure how the rest might correlate and Iris might as well be the Hunter, given she was the second to appear and it'd fit her...
  • Maybe they're referring to his rivals. Red seems to fit the descriptor of "The Silent" pretty well.
    • Confirmed on the part of Ash's female companions. Iris is the Hunter, as for the others, it's only known that Misty is not the Broken, and Dawn is not the Lost. The Silent is most certainly Anabel, since she's unable to talk.
  • I'm guessing the Avenger is Misty for wanting to prove herself better than her sisters. The Broken is Dawn for whatever the U.T.P. did. The Lost is Serena. And the Redeemer is May.
    • Serena could be the Lost in the sense that she hasn't found her path to follow in life yet.
    • Misty didn't really want to avenge any wrongdoings done by her sisters; rather, she wanted nothing to do with them, as seen by her lack of desire to take even one step in Cerulean and her personal reaction upon hearing Iris' family's fate.
    • This probably follows the same pattern as the next stanza, where Ash's Pokemon are given nicknames in the order of their appearance in this universe. Thus Misty is the Redeemer (though how, I'm not sure), Iris the Hunter (confirmed), and Anabel the Silent (practically confirmed). As to the Lost, the Avenger, and the Broken... well, only time will tell which one applies to Serena, Dawn, and May.
      • Keeping in mind that Misty's sisters were kidnapped by the Bloodliner King, there's a chance Misty will eventually learn of that, and might choose to save them despite everything they did to her, if only because she thinks it's "the right thing". In doing so, she might "redeem" them by showing that she still cares for them.
      • To redeem is either to compensate for either the faults or bad aspects of something or to gain or regain something in exchange of payment. Perhaps Misty's potential title refers to her second goal: to become the Cerulean City gym leader, thus redeeming her grandmother's legacy after her family neglected their responsibilities as both gym leaders and parents/older sisters.
  • MissingNo once said that a lot of terrible things have happened to Dawn, so I'm guessing she's the Broken.
    • She could also be 'the Lost', as she's the only one of Ash's partners in this storyline whose current location is completely unknown; Misty, Iris and Anabel are with him, and May and Serena are still living at home.
      • The author already confirmed via notes that Dawn is lost, but is not the Lost.

The Ace, the First, the Bird, the Performer, the Powerful and the Negotiator.

  • I think this describes the first six Pokemon Ash got in this timeline. The Ace is Pikachu, the First is his first capture, Caterpie, now Butterfree, the Bird is Pidgeotto, now Pidgeot, the Performer is Aipom, now Ambipom, the Powerful is Charmander, now Charizard and finally, the Negotiator is Bulbasaur.
    • Confirmed fully!! A pat on the back to whoever figured this one out.

The Don, the Corrupters, The Disruptors, the Destroyer, the Sage and the Fallen.

  • I'm pretty sure this describes the evil teams and their leaders. The Don has to be Giovanni. Cyrus is likely the Destroyer. Ghetsis is definitely the Sage. Archie and Maxie are likely the Corrupters and the Disruptors respectively. That leaves Lysandre to be the Fallen.
    • Alternately, both Archie and Maxie are the disruptors, while Gonzap and Evice are the corrupters.
    • Confirmed for the most part. The first three are spot-on, Maxie and Archie are the Disruptors, but not the Corrupters, and the Fallen is still in the air on who it is (except that it's not Lysandre).
    • With what they're doing with Shadow Pokemon, Team Cipher has got to be the Corrupters.
    • If Lysandre is not the Fallen, could it be Lusamine instead? She's the only other who could fit the bill for that, given her backstory.
    • Considering the prophecy predates Sun & Moon's announcement by years, it's highly unlikely that CPL could've assigned 'The Fallen' to her already by that point.

The meaning behind the other set of prophecies in Chapter 8
They are from the same tablet, and are "when the heir returns, peace and love will infect the lands" and "when the family civil war engulfs the world in death, humanity will fall".
  • "Heir" has got to refer to Ash. What "peace and love will infect the lands" even means remains to be seen.
  • "Family civil war" most likely refers to the Bloodliner war where Ash and his siblings were split between two sides.

Alternately, Dawn's not from Twinleaf Town
This would also explain why Dexter couldn't find her.
  • Dawn's game counterpart is from Sandgem Town if the player chooses male as their gender. Likewise, her counterpart in the Pokemon Adventures manga series is from Sandgem, too, though in that universe she is the heiress of one of Sinnoh's wealthiest families, the Berlitz. It is possible the the UTP and the Berlitz are related.

We'll see Gary meet Ash's father
And the resulting speech about how he sucks will be awesome!

The Identity of the Bloodline King:
  • Ghetsis
    • Ghetsis' main shtick was "I want to rule the world, and everything is either a tool or obstacle to that end," and the Bloodline King seems to give off very similar vibes.
      • Recent information about the Bloodline King puts this into question. In canon, Ghetsis does seek to rule the world, but his original plans involved ruling behind a puppet king, implying he doesn't feel the need to be seen as king by the public. Likewise, in this timeline the Bloodline King also works in the shadows, but we learned that he has reached out to Sabrina to become his "Bloodline Queen," despite having little - if any - affection for her and in no need of an heir, having one already. Now, while those two characteristics mesh well with Ghetsis' profile (someone who clearly doesn't care about anyone but arguably has an heir in the form of N), the offer itself throws the theory for a loop. A puppet master ruling behind the figurehead wouldn't need a queen. On the other hand, other recent information actually supports this theory: the Emissary and his brother, the Executioner seem to bear a likeness to the Shadow Triad, who were loyal strictly to Ghetsis in canon. That, and the Triad seem to teleport in game...
    • Chapter 26 has MissingNo "drawing" a vision of the Bloodline War where on the side opposite of Ash and his friends stands "a much older figure..., a crown on his head obscuring his face bar his glowing red eyes." Guess who just so happens to have red eyes?
      • In the very same paragraph, Ash notes that three "ninjas" facing away from him were "garbed in black." That's about as blatant a description of the Shadow Triad as it can get.
    • A minor point, but the Wicke & Nephew oneshot mentions Rood, one of the Sages of Team Plasma. She mentions his 'organization', though it is ambiguous if it is Team Plasma or some other group.
    • It appears that that heir actually has a title: the Bloodline Prince. Ch. 29 gives a couple intriguing facts about this new player: 1) One of his servants is the mysterious young woman who spied on Ash and Red, the Reset-verse's version of Hilda (according to Word of God), and 2) he's searching for a rival. A potential villain with ties to Black and White's protagonist and has need of a rival sounds awfully like a certain green-haired social activist who seeks the liberation of Pokemon from their human oppressors. And if it is N, then the King would be...
      • Hilda is also confirmed to be not only one of the Bloodline Prince's aides, but one of his lovers too. One of the more common pairings in the Black and White Games is is the player character and N, or more specifically, Hilda and N. Cross may be using Hilda as a subtle means of revealing the Prince is indeed N by simulataneously teasing a common Fan-Preferred Couple.
    • Also worth noting, Ghetsis has been noticably absent. Giovanni, Archie, Maxie, Cyrus, Lysandre, Lusamine, and Guzma have all appeared in person at some point or another in a Reset story, but no sign of Ghetsis or N for that matter....
    • Even more, has anybody noticed that Ghetsis has the same initial as the youngest Orre brother? Coincidence?
    • Also notably, all of the brothers' names have one of two themes to them: Music, and Dragons. Both are things that apply to Ghetsis: referencing Tritones and Diabolous in Musica/Devil in the Music in his name, and his ties to the Ying/Yang Dragon Legendaries and Hydregion.
    • Chapter 34 confirms that "G" is the Bloodline King. So if "G" is indeed Ghetsis...
  • Es Cade/Evice
    • Possibly Jossed. In Viroro-kun's Sanpei Interlude, Capriccio, a member of Team Cipher and one of the Seven Brothers, attempts to outright murder his potential Ash-look-a-like nephew under a slew of Sludge Bombs. That would seem to be counterproductive to the Bloodline King's goals, especially since Satoshi, Ash's probable half-brother hasn't been properly "tested."
    • Considering the other brothers were shocked to learn they had nephews, it's entirely possible the brothers are not acting in each other's best interest, especially since one of them had to have broken the pact they made to not have kids. The theory is still open for debate. The jossing also assumes that Es Cade/Evice is one of the seven brothers when there is no confirmation either way.
      • Hence the "possibly." This possible jossing wasn't assuming Evice was one of the seven brothers; instead, it was assuming that, had Evice, the leader of Team Cipher, also been the Bloodline King, he would have let the Ash-look-a-likes' probable uncle who wants his mother's bloodline stricken from history know about them ahead of time and ordered him not to kill them without his permission. Since Capriccio obviously wasn't aware of any nephews running around, chances are high that Evice is not the Bloodline King. Also, while there is no confirmation, it's almost impossible that Evice is one of the seven brothers, since the "E" brother is supposedly the "goody two shoes" and height and good looks probably runs in the family. Evice is not a tall, handsome man.
      • Further Jossed by the fact that in Chapter 26 Ash felt like he had seen the King before when he saw a partial image of him. He never met Evice.
  • Lysandre
    • Jossed. The author stated in Chapter 24 that he doesn't even feel comfortable writing about Lysandre.
      • Further Jossed by the fact that in Chapter 26 Ash felt like he had seen the King before when he saw a partial image of him. He never met Lysandre due to the timeline ending before he could.
  • The King of Pokelantis:
    • Ash has the feeling that he has seen the Bloodline King's face somewhere, maybe it could be the statue of the King of Pokelantis? Furthermore, we do know that the Bloodline King is an actual Pokémon character. What if he survived the destruction of his kingdom and seeks to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his? Immortality and/or longevity are not unheard of in Pokémon canon, after all. Or what if he's using the body of a bloodliner in the present time as a host, just like when he possessed Ash? We know that he doesn't have a kingdom now, but that's not to say he didn't have it in the past.
  • Grings Kodai
    • Ash saw the guy back in the original timeline, and with his Time Ripple power thefts he could have used that to work towards his evil goals. The Author mentioned in Chapter 5 that the Zoroark film won't be able to happen as it was in canon during Reset's timeline, and this could be a reason.
  • The Phantom
    • Ash knows him from the Manaphy Movie, and the Manaphy film was mentioned in Chapter 5 as a story that the author would not be able to apply to Reset easily, though that might be more from the Rangers involved. Perhaps the People of the Water are tied to Bloodliners in the Resetverse?
  • The Iron-Masked Marauder
    • Ash knows him, he's evil, and megalomaniacal enough. Sabrina hints that he has an ability to affect people, perhaps he is able to use the Dark Ball's corruption effect without capturing something.
    • Jossed as of Chapter 28.
  • Chapter 33 confirms that Ash's father is the G Brother of Orre. Which canon villains have the letter G as their initial, barring Ghetsis and Grings Kodai?

Ash will trade Ambipom for Buizel with Dawn
With luck, Dawn might even have Buizel in the ready when she finally shows up. Ash will propose a trade, since Ambipom was legitimately Dawn's Pokémon in the previous timeline, and Buizel is more of a battler suited for Ash.

Seven Brothers candidates
"G" is...
  • Gonzap. He's a criminal in Orre, after all.
  • Gorigan. He's a criminal in Orre as well, and he is smarter than he looks, a trait Ash has some of himself.
  • Grings Kodai: He's nasty enough.
  • Ghetsis. Chapter 34 reveals that "G"'s backstory was changed, meaning he doesn't have to be a character from Orre canonically. He's nasty enough, has red eyes, and is very tall (6 foot 6 inches). This of course means that the Bloodline Prince is N, which also fits. N hates humans but loves Pokemon, and one of the conflicts he has with the Bloodline King, who is "G" as revealed in chapter 34, is that the King also wants to cull Pokemon. This also explains why Hilda is working with N — there's a lot of fanwork shipping N and Hilda.
"A" is
  • Agnol. Because he's Orrean and starts with A.
"D" is
  • Duking. He does have that Plusle of his, a lot of like a certain someone's mouse.
"C" is apparently Capriccio, a member of Team Cipher, according to Viroro-kun's Sanpei Interlude. He's probably not the mysterious potential father, considering he tried to dissolve an Ash-look-a-like under multiple Sludge Bombs. B is a man named Balaur, a criminal Nanu had run into in the past. He, like his two revealed brothers, is also not the father, as Nanu notes. It's kind of hard to be when he was in jail when the majority of the kids were born, and especially hard when he had a vasectomy before that.
  • Considering there are no characters matching the three brothers already revealed in canon, let alone "Seven Brothers," it's more than likely that they are all original characters.
    • Except the youngest one. He's confirmed to be the Bloodline King, and the Bloodline King is confirmed to be a canon character.

The list of Ash's potential half-siblings/cousins.
Place all such guesses here that isn't related to Belladonna, John Archer or Red.
  • That boy whom Ash helped before they took part in the Bug-Catching contest. The one with the Caterpie who battled Ash's Scatterbug.
    • Jossed as of Ch 28.
  • The other boy from Hop-Hop-Hop town whom Giovanni noted looked a lot like Ash. His name is, according to Bulbapedia, Arnold.
    • Seemingly reinforced with the Arnold oneshot. Arnold and his mother saw Red and Ash on TV during the Battle Dome Tournament, and she suspects this might be the case.
      • All but confirmed with Belladonna's conversation with Anna.
  • Ritchie. He may not have shown up yet, but if he does, the resemblance between him and Ash will be stronger than it was in anime canon.
    • His oneshot says he had birthmarks like Ash, but they faded away as he got older.
  • Travis, the son of Luana from the Orange Islands.
    • Pretty much confirmed in the Luana Gaiden.
  • Yellow. She has the same birthmarks on her face as Ash (and, by extension, Belladona), which her Pokemon Adventures counterpart lacks.
    • Confirmed thanks to the mysterious observer in Ch 27, Hilda. What her bloodlines are, however, are still up in the air.
  • Jovi, the younger sister of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness's protagonist. She matches the "blue-haired woman in white" in Olympia's vision of Ash's future "good ending" family, though she might just be a family friend.
    • Jovi being Ash's little half-sister is Jossed as of Chapter 24. Jovi being the girl in Olympia's vision isn't.
  • Bianca or Lillie, who, like Jovi, may be referenced in Olympia's vision as "a thin young woman with blonde hair and a large hat," though Lillie probably fits that description a little bit better.
    • That description could also portray Yellow, seeing as she wore a large hat for much of the manga. Granted, it did make her look like a boy, though people eventually figured out her true gender.
      • She does still have the hat here, and she is confirmed both Ash and Red's little half-sister.
  • As for the "short young man who somewhat resembled the Boy (Ash), the Opponent (Red), and the tall woman (Belladona) who felt wild," ... maybe Tommy, the Kangaskhan Kid? He kind of looks like Ash from the original series, and he even comes with weird birthmarks on his cheeks, though his is spirals rather than Ash's zig-zags. And if you're wondering about the wild aspect, his Japanese name is a pun of Tarzan.
    • Possibly jossed, given that the description actually matches Hareta, the protagonist of the Spin-Off The Wild Boy from Sinnoh, set in the same continuity.
      • Definitely jossed with the Kangaskhan Kid Gaiden.
  • Angie, which would be awkward, given her crush on Ash in the anime, but personality-wise, she was basically a female Ash: loud, brash, active, a competitive streak a mile wide,... she even has just as big an appetite as him. She also had a talent at helping Pokemon learn moves (potential bloodline?).
    • I doubt it, considering she had both her parents in the anime. I don't think she would suddenly become the child of a single mother in the new timeline.
    • Jossed, as of Chapter 24, which wasn't surprising at all.
  • Let's see, odd birthmarks on the cheeks in the pattern of a z? Check. Eyes that flashed colors? Check. Vermell from the Astrid Gaiden is most likely another one, and if that's the case, then Ash's father really gets around. Based on the eventual champion of Lumiose Conference's foreign words (Catalan), he probably hails from Alamos Town (the Pokemon version of Barcelona), the setting for The Rise of Darkrai.
  • The waitress from the Baratie restaurant, Ashley. Ash noted that she looks a lot like his original drag disguise, and even has the same name.
    • A Helping Hand technique Bloodliner, perhaps? She clapped a lot.
  • Obviously, Satoshi from the Kalos Ninja Village. He's basically a fusion of Indigo League Ash with Naruto Uzumaki, and he even has Ash's original Japanese name.
  • Velvet and Frax Lono, twins from Professor Kukui's Pokemon school. Interestingly, they've gained the attention of Tapu Koko, enough to steal a couple of Z-Rings for them, just like Ash in the anime series.
    • Related: Frax sounds a lot like Fraxinus, an O.C version of Ash's father who the author previously used in a oneshot called Clash of the Ketchums. While Fraxinus is unlikely to be in the story due to Felgrand already using F, it's a hint that the two are connected.
      • It gets even better. It turns out that Fraxinus is an Expy of Ash from the current series, complete with a team of Pikachu, Rowlet, and Rockruff. Velvet is an Expy of the female protagonist of the game with Adaptational Curves.
  • A new one shows up in the Kiawe Interlude: Iolani, a Trial Captain on Akala Island and almost definitely a Flying Heart bloodliner. She's already noticed similarities with a couple of twins.
  • In the Skyla Gaiden, Betty Snyder who hails from Unova.
  • Fitzdane from the Ultima Interlude, who hails from Kalos.
  • Jane Jackrum, from Almia, a Ranger region.

The reason why there is a huge gender imbalance of modern day Bloodliners in favour of the females is...
  • The event that caused their huge numbers in the first place affected females more easily than it did males.
  • Something about the Y-chromosome in males makes it so that they are far less likely to be Bloodliners.
  • Or perhaps there is in fact, no gender imbalance. The number of male Bloodliners is actually approximately equal to the females, BUT, most of them ended up missing, thus making it seem like Bloodliners are mostly female.
    • Chapter 26 raises a interesting clue. The Emissary doesn't seem to be that fond of Belladonna, only referring to her as a 'byproduct', while using Ash and Red's names. Seeing as all of the male bloodliners look like Ash and Red and are likely their half brothers, it might be possible that the only male bloodliners out there are those who, like Ash and Red are hinted to have the same father, while all other Bloodliners not like them are female, at least after a certain point. How that is is uncertain though.
    • The Wicke & Nephew Interlude actually hints something. Apparently, the dormant Bloodliner gene is passed down in the shared X-chromosome, and DNA tests identify it as a rare genetic disease which only manifests in males, and women can only be carriers. The odds are: 50% of a perfectly healthy female, 25% an unhealthy male, and 25% a perfectly healthy male. It's further hinted that the brother from Orre spreading his seed has something that removes the 25% of the disease manifesting, which is why he's been able to produce a large amount of perfectly healthy sons.
      • Can't be, Wicke had her sister's DNA tested as well, and she tested negative for any genetic disease, and still gave birth to a Bloodliner son.
    • Chapter 38 sheds a bit more light about it. Blaine reveals that his daughter and her husband also had troubles to conceive a child, and Alish wasn't born until they took extreme measures due to the high count of Y-chromosome gametes her father had.

Mitsumi, the Dawn counterpart who appeared in Argenta's one-shot.
She says she was thrown out of her home, but didn't explain why.
  • She could have been thrown out of her home for being a bloodliner.
  • Or maybe she's on the run from either Team Galactic or the Bloodliner King.
  • Mitsumi may also know what happened to Dawn.
    • Or Mitsumi could be Dawn.
      • Mitsumi being Dawn seems unlikely, given that Word of God states that Dawn is 12 years old as of the start of the story, and Mitsumi is 14.
      • Mitsumi being Dawn is completely Jossed by Chapter 26 where Ash saw her in a dream sequence and noted that she's merely someone who looks like Dawn.

Which of Ash's Pokémon will evolve?
With Snivy evolving to Servine, and Word of God confirmation that several of Ash's Pokémon will evolve when they didn't before, how about we place some bets on which of them will?
  • Squirtle, although to keep a power balance with Bulbasaur and Charizard, he'll only reach the Wartortle stage, not the Blastoise one.
  • Totodile. Up to the final stage.
  • Cyndaquil/Quilava.
  • Chikorita/Bayleef.
  • Corphish.
  • Buizel.
  • Gible.
  • Oshawott.
  • Tepig/Pignite.
  • Scraggy.
  • Palpitoad.
  • Rogenrola/Boldore.
    • An interesting bit of hinting occured with the Red One Island oneshot, which featured a dream Serperior on Ash's team, suggesting that Servine will evolve further at some point. A poll by the author at around the same time also Gigalith along with said Serperior.
      • Confirmed for Serperior as of Chapter 36.
      • Also confirmed for Boldore, who evolves to Gigalith through trade with Anabel's Alakazam in Chapter 41.

Future Pokémon Ash will catch
Ash has already caught several Pokémon he didn't have in the original timeline. So it's not too much of a stretch to think that he might catch some others that he befriended but didn't officially own. For instance:
  • Larvitar.
  • Haunter.
    • Apparently disproved; Sabrina's words when she talks to Ash suggest that her Haunter is that Haunter, and it is now loyal to her.
      • Not really disproved, we saw no trace of any Haunter during the climatic confrontation, and as far as I can see she was never mentioned to own any Haunter in Reset officially. The wording used only means that making her laugh won't defeat Sabrina this time around, which doesn't imply that she got Haunter's loyalty in any way.
      • Furthermore, said Haunter appeared in the Ghosts of Maiden's Peak Interlude along with his other friends.
  • Lucario, when he gets him out of the staff.
    • He will only come out after Ash experiences a sudden spike in Aura, and will have his memory restored soon after. This will however cause a problem as Lucario's telepathy will accidentally reveal the truth to Misty, Iris, Anabel, and whoever is with them at the time, causing Ash to spill the beans.
    • He will also be Ash's first Pokemon to Mega Evolve, much like how Lucario is the first Pokemon you can have Mega Evolve in Pokémon X and Y.
      • Confirmed. According to Dexter in Chapter 45, Lucario is officially registered in Ash's ownership-
  • The Hippopotas from the Diamond & Pearl Episodes 44 and 65.
  • The Litleo from the X&Y Episode 97.
  • Paul's Raichu, whom Pikachu seemed to recognize when it took on Lt. Surge as a Pikachu. Judging by its moveset and timid personality, it's most likely the same electric mouse that Ash helped train at the Pokemon Summer Academy. Paul hasn't been impressed with it lately.
    • Confirmed.
  • Flygon from Jirachi: Wish Maker.
  • The Cottonee he trained in Best Wishes.
  • Latias from Pokemon Heroes.
  • Jigglypuff. It was a popular recurring character in the anime, and with Ash receiving a Moon Ballnote  in chapter 30, the chances look good.
    • Confirmed. Though neither Ash nor his Pokémon are very happy about it.
  • The Kangaskhan who raised Pikachu when he was Pichu, and/or her offspring.
  • With the author already admitting that Ash will be mostly a Sweeper user and his lone OC Pokemon catch to date, Yanma, following this trait, it's easy to assume that more OC catches will follow these lines. Expect small, fast types like Diglett, Sneasel, Misdreavous - heck, maybe even a Chlorophyll Tangela.
  • Many new OC Pokemon were added in Chapter 28, including a Spearow, a Vulpix, 14 extra Tauroses, ten Exeggutors (perhaps released following the mysterious death of a very untalented magician), a Farfetch'd capable of wielding three leek stalks (ala a certain First Mate from One Piece), and a shiny Chansey. In typical Ash-dom, the one he is least excited about is the one most trainers would sell their firstborn son for.

Lt. Surge was made immortal like AZ
Massive size? Check. Astonishingly young-looking? Check. Backstory involving a war? Check. Maybe there was some kind of mishap with an experimental weapon?

Ash's Pokemon will have children
The author wrote an unrelated one-shot where the Pokemon Ash left behind at Oak's ranch had children. As for what Ash might do with them:
  • He may keep them for himself and train them.
  • Alternatively, he may give some away as gifts to people he likes.
    • I don't see this happening, personally, Ash's Pokémon are very much like family for him. He'd only do that if it was the parents' idea to do so in my opinion, the only Pokémon he ever gave out without a second thought or regrets was his Beedrill, and that's because he had just caught it, needed to for the Bug Catching Contest, and knew Casey liked yellow and black Pokémon.
    • Confirmed for one of his Tauros, who fathered a Vulpix in the Safari Zone. The rest of his Pokémon, however, are still up in the air about this, though since in Chapter 30 Ash's Pokédex downloaded a program that will alert him when his Pokémon have eggs, it seems more likely to happen.
    • One of his Grimer also got a Koffing egg, so it seems it'll keep up. Another also got a Castform egg, apparently during the Mewtwo arc with Casey Snagem's Castform.
    • And now, Raichu gives birth to a Pichu with Pikachu, with an Igglybuff also on the way from Jigglypuff.

Ash's secret will be discovered by Sabrina and/or Anabel
Given that the two possess Psychic Powers, including the ability to read minds, it's very likely that one or the two of them will enter Ash's mind, and they will find not only the memories of the current timeline, but also from the previous one. Here are some potential scenarios:
  • So far, Ash has won against all the Gym Leaders on his first try. However, there's a chance Sabrina could be the one who breaks that streak. She decides to make good on her threats, but Anabel intervenes to get him out of there, although not before Sabrina could inflict Mind Rape or something on him that leaves him in some sort of mental coma. Anabel will then have to use her own powers to enter Ash's mind to bring him back, and in doing so, she'll see the memories and discover his secret.
  • Alternately, it'll be Sabrina the one who enters Ash's mind, maybe during the aforementioned Mind Rape sequence. She might see the memories regarding her, and will see how Ash (sort of) saved her from herself in the past timeline and helped her reunite with her family to resume a happy life. This might even prompt a Heel–Face Turn from her.
    • The scenarios for Sabrina are jossed in Chapter 26. Her knowing of Ash secret, however, is confirmed: she did enter his mind and found out about the past timeline.

Upon learning he has nieces and nephews, one of the other criminals brothers of the infamous seven brothers would actually be happy.
I'm drawing comparisons with Belladonna here. Iris speculated that the reason she latched on so quickly to the idea that she and Ash are siblings is because she desperately wanted a happy family. Living under an abusive mother, the seven brothers most certainly did not have a happy family. So if one of the unrevealed brothers sees a possible niece and nephew, he'd see this as his chance to have a happy family, not caring that one of the others had to have violated the pact they made for this to be possible, and try to involve himself in their lives.

Belladonna's harem will expand
Not only is Belladonna Ash's Shadow Archetype, her girlfriends seem to correspond to Ash's travelling companions (Aurora with Anabel, Vedia with Misty, and Evanna with Iris). With this in mind, it's only logical that she'll eventually meet and romance counterparts for May, Dawn, and Serena.As for the details of their characters? Well, we can only guess at the moment.
  • The author's notes at the end of Chapter 23 hint that he plans to expand Belladonna's harem.
  • Well if Belladonna and Co are expies of the Kanto Elite Four, let's look at the Johto Elite Four and see who's not represented. Koga and Bruno already have expies in Belladonna and Evanna, so that leaves Karen, Will and Lance.
    • Karen expy: So we'd have a Dark-type Bloodliner of some sort.
      • Game Karen espoused that people should fight with their favourites in Pokemon battles, so maybe she'd use lesser used Dark-types?
      • Adventures Karen however, was a criminal. Maybe she'd meet Belladonna by trying to steal from her?
    • Will expy: So we'd have a Psychic-type Bloodliner of some sort.
      • May have a fondness for clowns given what Adventures Will wore when introduced.
      • May also be a Stage Magician to pass off overt uses of her Bloodline as magic tricks.
    • Lance expy: So we'd have a Dragon-type Bloodliner of some sort.
  • Aurora, Vedia, and Evanna are all Technique bloodliners (Ice Beam, Shadow Sneak, and Power-up Punch respectively), so it wouldn't be surprising if the harem's future additions had the same abilities. If the Elite Four expy is taken into account, then Dragon, Dark, and Psychic moves should be under consideration (Outrage, Beat-up, and Future Sight perhaps?).
  • As a not-so-subtle shout-out to the WMG theories, Evanna doesn't seem to mind the idea of a few extra haremettes as of Ch 31, though she could simply be teasing her Harem Queen.

Belladonna will have an encounter with Paul
Knowing that Paul was the one who hurt Ash, she'll set out to punish him. However, despite what happened between them, Ash will intervene and tell her in her face that not only he doesn't want him dead, but that he's disgusted and terrified by her actions. This might even prompt a Heel Realization and My God, What Have I Done? moment, to eventually place her into the path to a Heel–Face Turn.

The big reveal the author mentioned as occurring as a result of Alola vs Cipher is....
  • The name of Ash's father
  • Something about Ultra Space
  • Lusamine being revealed early as out of her friggin' mind
  • Nebby debuting
  • Cyrus appearing in the flesh
  • Hau's father is revealed and he turns out to be related to the Ash quagmire
  • MissingNo's true plans
  • Giovanni's true plans
  • The Bloodline King's true plans
  • Revealing Kamehameha as the Salazar Slytherin of the setting
    • Or some combination of the of the above, maybe even all of them. They aren't mutually exclusive after all.

Swellow's Thunder Armor was BREAK Evolution
With the Kiawe oneshot hinting that the TCG evolution is canon, the author might use this to justify it in canon. Heck perhaps Swellow might even use it more regularly when the author gets to Hoenn.
  • There's a first view to actual Break Evolution in Chapter 28, and it seems to work similarly.
  • Break evolution is probably the author's attempt to even the playing field for Pokemon who cannot Mega-evolve.

Velvet and Gladion will have Ship Tease
It's common in fan art to pair him up with Moon (whom Velvet is based on) and with his anime debut soon he probably will have some ideas.
  • Does Velvet mistaking him for a peeping tom and then challenging him to a battle count?
    • Actually meeting each other is not Ship Tease, neither is one challenging the other to a battle when battling is an everyday part of being a Trainer.

When Ash challenges Sabrina...
  • The Busters will play a role, probably with Georgia and Tommy appearing. After what happened to the last group sent to arrest her, they aren't taking chances and sent a much larger group. They'll probably also solicit help from local trainers.
  • Sabrina will go all out, which forces Ash to use all his Pokemon.
  • To reduce collateral damage, Ash may challenge her under the Non-Travelling Trainer Protocol rules.
  • She'll be the one to challenge him. With the Bloodliner King not liking Ash much, and she not liking the King, maybe she'll fight him as some method of preparing Ash to fight the guy.
    • Played With. Sabrina doesn't necessarily challenge him, as she does send an Abra to teleport him to her Gym and then bombard him with attacks from her Pokemon while she watches from another room.

Ash will encounter some of the Pokémon belonging to his other travelling companions
Based on the What Could Have Been section, at one point Cross considered to have Ash find Dawn's Buneary. So it's not much of a stretch to think he might end up meeting some of the Pokémon that at some point belonged to his friends in the old timeline, if Pikachu recognizes them.

Deciphering the prophecy Hala read
The prophecy is as follows: Upon the mixing of two into one to the birth of those who hold the staunchest of opposites, the sleeping shall awaken. Born in number of ones, they shall always be support but not of two. The crown of the king is beyond them, and the twos shall be magnets to the ones. From lands without a crown, the shadow of the throne lingers upon all. Restrained by the shadow and judgment of the world, be opposites bound in blood.
  • "Shadow of the throne" has to be a reference to the Bloodliner King.
  • "Opposites bound in blood" probably means the opposites are blood-related. Combined with the above point, it adds fuel to the theory Ash's dad is the Bloodliner King.
    • Blood-related, yes. But that could easily mean half-siblings, which is supported by Ash's "vision" of the Bloodline War in Chapter 26, where he sees two groups drawn on opposite sides, facing each other. It just so happens that Ash-look-alikes are on both sides. As for Ash's father being the Bloodliner King: Are they related (not necessarily by blood)? Almost assuredly. But are they one and the same? Well, what is known is that the Bloodliner King is an actual character in Pokemon. The question is, is Ash's father considered a character, too? He never makes an appearance and is only mentioned a few times. Plus, the man is almost assuredly one of the Seven Brothers, and the two that have made an appearance are not canonical characters in any Pokemon setting.
  • "Upon the mixing of two into one" is the most interesting part of the prophecy. It implies that two separate beings or things merged into one entity, meaning the Bloodliner King is probably the result of a Fusion Dance.
  • Rebel Falcon Breaking it apart as best as I can. For the purposes of this analysis, lets assume "two" refers to Bloodliners and "one" refers to humanity.
    • "Upon the mixing of two into one" would mean the integration of Bloodliners into humanity.
    • "to the birth of those who hold the staunchest of opposites." We know that Bloodliners aren't universally accepted among humans, many parents casting children out upon the discovery, and that not all Bloodliner's trust humans, some going as far as to disassociate themselves from humanity. This could refer to someone born of a human who detests bloodliners and a bloodliner who detests humans, or one who wants peace between the two, and one who despises the other. As to how this could happen, the bloodliner could lie of their nature in order to be with the human. In the first case, for the purposes of breeding. For the second, not wanting to be rejected by Fantastic Racism.
    • "Born in number of ones, they shall always be support but not of two." The one born will live among humans and help people, but will not support the bloodliners.
    • "The crown of the king is beyond them," They are destined to lead the people, but can not presently due to the tension.
    • "and the twos shall be magnets to the ones." The Bloodliners will draw the attention of the humans, fitting as humanity is currently at an impasse over the treatment of Bloodliners.
    • "From lands without a crown, the shadow of the throne lingers upon all." Someone from a nation out of reach will ascend the unclaim throne and serve as a threat to the world.
    • "Restrained by the shadow and the judgment of the world, be opposites bound in blood." Both the true and false king are bound by the opinions and actions of the world, the ever living conflict between humans and bloodliners. The two serving as foes due to their conflicts in allegiance, but connected by familial ties.
    • Putting this all together, the prophecy reads as such: A bloodliner destined to be king will be born to a human and bloodliner of conflicting opinions, and cannot claim his throne due to the actions of the world. They will live among and protect humans while resisting the cause of the bloodliners, said bloodliners bringing attention to themselves in the process. A false king will claim the throne and come into conflict with the true heir, the heir leading humanity against the false king's bloodliners. The two being bound by their familial connection.
      • This prophecy could in turn refer to Ash and the Bloodliner King. The King has been confirmed to merely be a title, making him a false king. The father of the lookalikes comes from Orre, a land ruled by Cipher and hard to survive in, making it out of reach of the more governed parts of the Trainer Nations. Sabrina says the King has a reputation for being a sex maniac, and is attempting to recruit the lookalikes to his cause, and has no qualms with using humans as Breeding Slaves seeing as he's making the Sensational Sisters into one's. It would make sense that he was the one going around making offspring's in order to make an army. Delia would be the parent of conflicting opinion as she is implied to not discriminate between bloodliners and humans, whereas the King detests humans. Ash would be the bloodliner born among humans, and based on the paintings MissingNo showed Ash, when the conflict came to the forefront, Ash was leading the charge against the Bloodliner King, his own father. Clemont in the Bad Future didn't seem to have any anger at Ash after the war, nor did Hapu. Only Latoya did, and that could stem from dislike of Bloodliners in general. If anything Ash himself doesn't join in the Bloodliner superiority many have, which in turn draws attention to them. Admittedly I may be grasping at straws, but it's possible.

Adaptational Badasses in Ash's Team
  • Unlike his anime counterpart, If Ash will obtain Haunter in this timeline, this version WILL be both able and willing to fight. It's not hard to expect for this kind of Haunter to become one of Ash's main pokemons. Great counter for Sabrina's and Gary's Psychics.
    • Unfortunately, Haunter's secondary typing kind of negates that counter, and I doubt the author would ignore that, unlike the anime. Also, the author has basically admitted he kind of ignored the whacky Ghost/Poison type in the review responded in Chapter 20. Sure, he might bring him along later on, but it doesn't seem like the chances are high.
      • This problem can be solved by giving original Ghost line some kind of hidden ability, that makes this weakness much easier to play around. For example, while psyhics attacks are potentially effective vs Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, they appearance is so horrifying that psychics Pokemons have problem with concentration around them. After all, author will also have to explain why Dark Pokemon are immune to this kind of attacks.
    • Seconding the above, given that Ash and Co. already passed Lavender Town and didn't even visit the Pokémon Tower, it's unlikely that they're going to backtrack all the way to get Haunter at this point.
      • Charmander and Krabby showed up in different places, so Haunter could be somewhere else this time around.
      • Or Ash will catch just completely different Haunter this time around.
      • We're about to start the Indigo League and it didn't happen, so unless it happens during the Battle Frontier, chances now are slim to none, at least for that specific Haunter.
  • Totodile will be much more effective in combat, with a chance to evolve. It's very likely that he will be a Dance Battler until his evolution into Feraligatr, when he will become a Mighty Glacier.
  • Swellow will probably gain Break Evolution, as a nod to that one-time Thunder Armor.

If the group eventually goes to Alto Mare
  • The Eon Duo's fates will differ greatly from Canon.
    • Ash will try to prevent Latios from losing his life this time in a case of Set Right What Once Went Wrong. He will either:
    • Latias will join his group if not his team this time round. Pokémon Heroes does suggest it was considered but decided against as she would be from a Non-Serial Movie, and would cause Ash's team to be Overshadowed by Awesome. With Arceus showing up at the very beginning the Non-Serial Movie problem is solved, whereas the Over Shadowed By Awesome problem can be fixed by:
      • Having Latias be more pacifistic, meaning she'd serve more for transport aide like in the 6th Generation or serve as a courier like Pidgeot.
      • Have her not allowed to be used in League sanctioned battles such as Gym Battles and Tournaments, similar to the Battle Frontier restricting Legendaries in the games.
    • If Latias does join the group and Latios is still alive, he will either:
      • Remain in Alto Mare with Bianca and her Grandpa to guard the Soul Dew.
      • Join the group himself, either being another member of Ash's team, or joining Iris or Anabel due his types.

Alternate timelines will come into play
Assuming MissingNo is telling the truth, we can extrapolate from its claims that there are multiple possibilities for the future. Moreover, we can logically conclude that the same was true of other crucial moments of the past. Such alternate timelines will include:
  • One where King Kahele's dynasty continued to rule Alola, either because Kamehameha's plot failed or because he never turned traitor to begin with.
  • One where the Bloodline King is a more sympathetic Well-Intentioned Extremist, much like Magneto. Or hell, one where he's an outright hero.
  • One with an Ash who goes into the story without the benefit of Peggy Sue.
  • One where Twenty Gyarados Bill never went on his infamous rampage.
  • One in which Ash actually went back in time as a girl
  • One in which Ash left home a lot earlier
  • One that leans a lot closer to Shudo's old notes than Reset does
  • One where Aurora managed to stand up to Belladonna regarding the plan to kill her father
  • One that has a plot and backstory akin to the fan manga Festival of Champions.
  • One where Ash was started his journey with Squirtle.
  • One where Ash is gay.
  • One where Aya is still alive.
  • One where the Sensational Sisters were closer to their canon counterparts.
    • One does appear in the Wicke & Nephew oneshot. Specifically one in which Wicke had a daughter named Pannonicia as a result of Ash's dad.
    • There's also another that would have started with Red wishing for Mega Stones on Seven Island, which would have led to him and Ash clashing against each other over Kalos' Ultimate Weapon to revive someone.
    • The oneshots Evolving Fears and (NON) Reset Bloodlines take place in alternate timelines, the former having a Queen Acerola still ruling in the present time, and the latter heavily hinting that Ash and Dawn are half-siblings.
    • The Glitch War ends with MissingNo trapping ZZAZZ in Wes' Bad Future, with seemingly no way to escape.

Cyrus is responsible for most of Ash's misadventures in the Anime-Timeline
Not only that he had messed with Ash's skills. He also forced young trainer to suffer during countless incidents. This is why Ash's bad luck seems to be almost unlimited. The S.S. Anne, Lavender Town, evil Gym Leaders from Kanto... It's because of him. Cyrus probably had a lot of fun watching his former/would-be enemy's many misadventures. It is quite possible, that Ash's original adventure in Kanto was more similar to Pokemon Yellow than what we saw in the anime (More battles, fewer pointless side-quests, no pity badges, fights with Team Rocket not so common), then Cyrus changed everything to have some fun while mastering his new gained abilities.
  • Unlikely, given that the story all but states from the beginning that Cyrus didn't get his Reality Warper powers until after he was trapped into the void dimension.
    • Actually, given that Cyrus is responsible for Ash's Vague Age, plus the fact that we're dealing with Reality Warper powers here, I see no reason why the timing of when precisely Cyrus got his powers should be relevant in determining whether or not he's responsible for Ash's misadventures.

Jessie, James and Meowth will play important role in future events
They are able to survive so much thanks because they are protected by some deity, which knows that their help will be needed by Ash, Red and Co. Notice that in Bloodline-verse James and Ash have no problem having fun during their fight, and both groups could get along in anime-verse, Team Rocket even helped Ash few times. It is quite possible that in the future, they also will have to help him to save themselves.

Sorrel and Verity will appear in the Resetverse
Because Cross showed up in the Charmander oneshot they might appear in other Viroro-kun entries or possibly the main story.
  • Verity could have some issues due to her role as Cynthia's daughter in the M20 verse. Sorrel is certainly possible, but the closest to seeing Verity in the Resetverse is Verity's role in one of Cross's oneshots.

Charizard will get his revenge on Damian
And it will be utterly awesome.
  • Perhaps that will be Ash's first match in the Pokemon League?
    • Didn't Jessie, James and Meowth steal all his Pokemon? Unless he got a new viable team, and managed to avoid being arrested for Pokemon abuse and abandonment, it's unlikely that he'd be at the Pokemon League.
      • Besides that, there really isn't a reason for Charizard to show his old trainer what he's missing. The reason why the flying lizard is such a workout enthusiast this time around is to get back to his former awesomeness, unlike last time when he felt like he needed to prove himself. Besides, Charizard's already taken revenge on Damian, even if it wasn't in this timeline.

The Author is hinting at something with the O.C names he picks out
It doesn't seem like he's picking them out of nowhere. Is he hinting at something with them?

MissingNo isn't actually evil
It sure talks a big game about being awful, and claims to have done horrible things to Ash's friends, but what have we actually seen it do? Well, first it told Ash about how his friends have suffered horrible tragedies... thus letting him know that Brock's case wasn't unique, and that his other friends are at risk, which also motivates him to get stronger. Then on board Hunter J's ship, it tells Ash about how he used to have a Goodra, and is implied to have helped free him from captivity. During the tournament, it showed Ash a vision of the Bad Future, which gave him a warning about something he might have been totally ignorant of otherwise, as well as giving him something to avoid. Finally, its first conversation with the Dude inspired him to prove it wrong, thus accomplishing his goal. Judging by what we've seen so far, it kind of seems as if MissingNo is only pretending to be evil, but in reality helping people improve themselves and inspiring them to try and prevent things from going pear-shaped. As for why it pretends to be evil? Who knows? Maybe it thinks people would accomplish more if they have an "enemy" to strive against.
  • It's probably fair to say that MissingNo's actions are more along the lines of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." The abomination is the only other being in the entire Reset universe outside of Ash and his team that knows what a certain nihilistic Team Galactic boss will do in a few years time, and he probably would very much appreciate not being erased; thus, he ends up giving Ash annoying tips every now and then to ensure the protagonist survives long enough to stop Cyrus. Basically, the glitch is probably more of a cosmic Giovanni: he is simply using Ash to get what he wants. As for the whole Dude episode, well, it's not like he really thought the side character could do much (he was legitimately surprised when the catching expert announced his success), and he was bashing on Ash, whom the Dude had never before known, without any prompting. MissingNo's just not very nice.
    • The Glitch War reveals that MissingNo is content with causing misery to others, but draws the line at causing The End of the World as We Know It, hence why he chooses to fight against ZZAZZ so he doesn't destroy reality.

Ash's Charizard will Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard Y
Since Mega Charizard X is already tied to both Origins Red and Alain, Ash will get the other Mega Evolution to stand out from them.

The siblings inherited emotional issues from The Mother of the Seven Brothers
The mother is stated to have been an abusive monster, and Belladonna is said to have inherited her looks, but the children quite possibly inherited emotional imbalance from her. Of the siblings heavily focused on, all seem to display a sort of heavy emotional imbalance.
  • Ash is much more easily angered in this timeline, with his rage at Paul being justifiable, while also turning up during his confrontations with Belladonna and Red. Iris even notices and decides she needs to find a way for Ash to control his anger, or at least channel it in a productive manner.
  • Belladonna has been commented In-Universe about her mood swings, by not only others but also herself, which range from overzealous to vindictive.
  • Red is implied to be purposely repressing his emotions if Anabel's observation is anything to go by, and his Fire Type Bloodline seems to be connected to his emotions.
    • Notably their uncle, Cappricio, shows similar signs of mood instability with how rapidly he can swing from normal to casual kin murder, then back to normal.

Dawn's existence isn't public knowledge
With Johanna currently missing, and assumedly with the U.T.P. due to her last seen meeting them 13 years earlier, it's possible Dawn was born in secret while Johanna was there. Dawn is 12 according to Word of God, so her age could correspond to Johanna joining the U.T.P. and giving birth the following year. With the U.T.P. being a shadowy agency, it is quite possible Dawn's existence was kept secret for the U.T.P. to use her as an agent.

The fact that most of the Duals are tall means something
Given the status of their father as (most likely) an OC, the fact they are tall might have some reason behind it beyond the author liking tall characters.Two reasons spring to mind.1: Being tall is often considered a trait of royalty, along with good looks. Perhaps there is some set up for the fact that the Duals are meant to rule among the regular Bloodliners and dethrone the Bloodline King.2: The author mentioned being a fan of Gnoggin, who had a lot of work on a Pokemon Reset Theory. Pun aside, among the commentary were the biblical Nephilim, who were mentioned to be really tall among other aspects. Given the height aspect of the characters have been emphasized more over time, perhaps the author is reinterpretating the ideas of Lockstin, and taking advantage of Arceus jokingly suggesting he might kill Ash one day in Chapter 1.3: Simply logical genetics. Anna states that the man who sired Arnold was about six and a half feet tall, perhaps a bit more, and most of his children have grown similarly tall (likely to grow as much if not more so given that they still have a few years ahead).

Lt. Surge's family is unusually long-lived
Considering his grandmother is an arm-wrestling champion, which implies she's in excellent shape for her age, maybe the ravages of time affect him and his relatives more slowly than the average human.

Iolani's Dominion-class ability
Since it seems that all of Ash's siblings has Dominion powers, Iolani likely has one as well, and with the way she uses her glasses to reflect light, it's probably to mask when she uses her power. It's likely some sort of profiling ability that allows her to see a person's information, considering the knowledge she can have on a person.

Ash's first Mega Pokémon

Ash so far has two (maybe three) Mega-capable Pokémon, but given that he's encountered a few of them earlier than in canon, there's a chance some of them could find a compatible Mega Stone (maybe even having one when he finds them). The first one will be:

  • Charizard.
  • Pidgeot
  • Lucario.
  • Heracross.
  • Sceptile.
    • Ash has already gotten a Sceptilite, so chances for him look good.
  • Glalie.
  • Gengar. Ash got a Gengarite during the Indigo League, plus he got an Early-Bird Cameo during the Holiday Special 2020, hinting that he might show up soon.

The good Brother is Eagun
The Holiday Special 2017 had the youngest brother suggest that E got away with the help of 'a rodent'. A Rodent is a common insult thrown at Pikachu's evolution line, and Eagun is a famous Pikachu user in Orre with a lot of similarities to Ash.
  • Not sure if that's possible. It's strongly implied the brothers were named in alphabetical order, meaning the E Brother is the third youngest. The youngest brother, Ash's dad and the G Brother, remembers a time before Oak, making them all at least over 40, bordering on 50, yet of the ones seen, none of them look that old. Eagun is a very old man, Rui's grandfather, and the village elder. While 50 year olds having grandchildren in their teens isn't uncommon, the fact he visibly looks his age unlike the brothers would imply he isn't one of them.
  • People can age differently than family members. Perhaps Eagun doesn't use skin cream, or he didn't inherit the family's long youthful looks we joke Ash has in canon the rest of his family did.
  • Another possibility, he could have been flung through time somehow, via Celebi or an Ultra Wormhole.
    • Chapter 35 shows Belladonna having a dream from what is implied to be Heratia's POV, and she's seen confronting an elderly Pikachu who attacks her, leading credence that it was a Pikachu who helped the good brother get away from her.

The last Pokémon in Ash's Dream team
In Red's dream during his One Island Interlude, he dreamed of fighting against Ash, whose team had Pikachu, Charizard, Serperior, Snorlax, Heracross, and a sixth one that was only described as "bipedal". Given Red's limited knowledge about Pokémon outside of Kanto, this could be:
  • Lucario, complete with Mega-Evolution.
  • Greninja.
  • One of his Alolan Mons in final form, perhaps Decidueye or Incineroar, if the ring Ash taps is his Z-Ring as opposed to a Mega Ring.
  • Feraligatr.
    • Possibly jossed with Red's Two Island Interlude. Ultima has a Feraligatr that Red saw, and he didn't seem to recognize it.

Aster's father is one of Ash's brothers
Aster's been teased for a while, as has the idea of a truly evil Ash sibling who takes after their father's habits. Cross specifically mentioned that Ash has no siblings in the Draconids, but a niece wasn't covered. While Zinnia didn't recognize J. Archer and freak out over trauma, it is possible the sibling is more on the less visibly similar spectrum like Betty Snyder.

Ash will re-obtain one of his old Pokemon from the Dream World
Red popped in the Dream World at one point, and Gray seems to have gotten his Scraggy/Scrafty from it (Dream Ball). Not sure which mon Ash might obtain from it though.

Paul's mystery Pokémon from Chapter 32 is...
  • A Haxorus.
  • A Mimikyu.
    • Jessie's canon Mimikyu.
  • His canon Drapion.
  • His canon Ninjask.

Ash's future Z-Crystals
Ash has discovered he can create Z-Crystals, managing to create a fully functional Psychium Z while fighting Sabrina. By the Indigo League, he'll also have:

  • Electrium Z.
    • Confirmed.
  • Normallium Z.
    • Confirmed.
  • Firium Z.
  • Grassium Z.
  • Waterium Z.
  • Rockium Z.
  • Dragonium Z.
  • Flyinium Z.

Sabrina has legitimate (not necessarily good) reasons to want Ash to be ruthless
She hates the Bloodline King, and as such, probably wants to undermine and spite him. She also told Ash a few things about his father, which will almost certainly put him on the road to conflict with the Bloodline King. So with that in mind, it seems rather likely that she's so adamant about getting Ash to shed his restraints at least partly because she thinks it'll help him oppose the Bloodline King, and possibly even bring him down.

Ash will fight Koga at the League
Janine hinted it would happen, and the writer does like foreshadowing.
  • For Ash to fight Koga both will have to reach the finals, according to the tournament bracket.
'Foongus Hair' is a version of Rosa
Specifically Whitley/White Two of Pokemon Adventures, who worked with Team Plasma and adored N.

Mewtwo blew up the lab on New Island in self-defense
It was established that powerful psychics like Sabrina can read minds as easily as they breathe, and since Mewtwo is far more powerful than even her, it's not much of a stretch to imagine that it could read the minds of the scientists. And since it happened almost right after Dr. Fuji thought about destroying "Subject #150"...

Ambertwo is still alive
Assuming she was still Mewtwo's companion in the dreamscape, I doubt he would want to kill her.
  • Jossed. Mewtwo in the main story is still bent on trying to revive her, plus the Mewtwo Interlude confirmed she died when he destroyed the lab.

Delia's dream was of 'That Twerp is Trouble'

The author hints that she didn't sleep well in chapter 37, and that reading That Twerp is Trouble makes the entire thing funnier. It's possible that the fic was the dream she had. Or at least a Broad Strokes version of it, given Delia has no way to know about most of the Pokemon or companions mentioned in it.

Wes will be motivated partially to be The Atoner

In Chapter 38 we see a list of Pokemon Wes has some responsibility for sending to Cipher, among them are several Pokemon available in Colosseum. It's possible that this is set up for him to be horrified as to the end state he left them in as a result of his actions, which will set up up his Establishing Character Moment of explosions and bike escape.

Sabrina will ally with Mewtwo
During the arc nope, but during a later arc...
  • Seems unlikely, given that she's locked up in a prison.

    Confirmed Theories 
The sixth member of Ash's harem will be...
Place your bets here.
  • Giselle, seeing as she's the only girl he was ever explicitly attracted to in the anime.
  • Bianca (either one)
  • Melody, seeing as she was attracted to him in Movie 2.
  • Miette
  • Casey
  • Janine
  • Zinnia
  • Korrina
  • Moon
  • Leaf
  • Kris
  • Hilda
  • A female look alike of Ash/Red/John Archer
    • Didn't the Author say the sixth wouldn't be an original character?
  • Macey
  • Anabel
  • Angie
  • Mallow
  • Lana
  • Lillie
    • Chapter 23 finally gives us the answer: Anabel.

Brock's girlfriend is...
  • Pike Queen Lucy. Confirmed, as of the Holiday Special.
  • Holly. Jossed.

Red's other Bloodline is...
Since James found his body temperature to be unusually warm, Red has got to be a fire-type bloodliner of some sort.
  • A Charizard Species Bloodliner.
  • A Flamethrower Technique Bloodliner.
  • A Fire Heart Bloodliner.
    • Fire Heart seems unlikely, since so far we haven't seen any hints of him being able to understand his Charmeleon. The first two however, do seem plausible.
  • Well, if Dominion Bloodliners have powers from Legendary Pokemon, add Fire to Victory and what do you get?
    • If the above suggests it's Victini, then it's jossed, since there are no Legendary Bloodlines at all.
  • Red's higher-than-normal body temperature, as noted by both James and Ash's Pokedex, could imply a Species Bloodliner with an Ability like Flame Body or Magma Armor.
    • Confirmed as a Species Bloodliner, Fire Species to be specific. The Two Island Interlude explicitly confirms it's Charizard.

Krista's girlfriend mentioned in the Holiday Special is Ymir
Because the author loves references, and he wrote several loops with the two in the Infinite Loops.
  • Confirmed.

Ash's partner in the Fuchsia Tournament
Everything points that Ash will have to take part (and win) in the tournament to enter the Safari Zone in order to recapture his Tauros. The question is: who's going to be his partner? My guess is that it'll be chosen at random, like in the Hearthome Tag Tournament.
  • Paul, like in the aforementioned Tag Tournament. And they will NOT get along.
  • Gary. Likewise, they could see a bit from each other's skills, and Gary might even gain a degree of respect for Ash.
  • One of Ash's female companions. This could make some interest development, depending on who gets chosen.
  • Red. It'll be a chance for them to learn from each other more, and perhaps even become friends to an extent.
    • Confirmed, which Ash isn't too excited about, what with Red probably being one of his long-lost half-siblings, and the different beliefs in regards to their Dominion Bloodlines.

Elwood and Aideen will take part in the Fuchsia Tag Team Tournament
And they'll be glad to see Ash again, with Snivy recognizing them and Ash's memories of them returning to him.
  • Confirmed, and they battled Ash and Red. Snivy (or rather Servine) didn't get to see them, though.

The sixth girl's Bloodline ability is...
With Sabrina revealed as a Psychic-Heart, it's unlikely for Anabel to also be a Psychic-Heart, and she's definitely not a Technique class, so she could only be a Species class Bloodliner, so place your bets!
  • An Alakazam Bloodliner
  • A Gardevoir Bloodliner
  • A Slowking Bloodliner
    • It's also possible they are distantly related. It's hardly like the fic hasn't teased that before, recall Siebold and Misty being related?
      • While the two do share the same Bloodline, they are not related, according to the author in Chapter 28. Says he, "two of their ancestors were simply affected by the same set of conditions at different times and places."
      • Confirmed as Psychic Heart in the Big P Pokémon Race Interlude.

Cross will appear in the main story
And Ash will smack him 5 ways to Sunday with Charizard.
  • Confirmed in chapter 29. Cross did appear, but hasn't met Ash yet. Instead, he's about to battle Solidad.

The Santa Claus in Mina's dream wasn't just her imagination.
Santa appeared in the original series. Perhaps Santa in Reset exists as well, who spends his off season fighting eldritch abominations.
  • Confirmed in the 2017 Holiday Special. He apparently has some story with MissingNo, if the latter's comments are an indication.

The man who tried to hit on Johanna
What if he's the brother spreading his seed around every region as much has he can? Whatever his reason for it might be, maybe he's aware, at least to an extent, of which women carry bloodline genes that can produce offspring with the powers, since when Johanna gets away he does mention something about "other candidates".
  • Whatever he tried to do on Johanna, it could have been the same thing he did to Luana in her Gaiden.
  • Given the Holiday Special 2017, this seems more likely than ever. It's just missing Cross saying it is the case.
    • Confirmed via notes in Chapter 31.

The reason there even is a Bloodliner Baby Boom is...
  • Someone found Jirachi and made a wish for there to be more Bloodliners.
  • Grings Kodai drawing power from the Time Ripple turned him and lots of others into Bloodliners. By the movie, Grings had done the deed twenty years ago. Since it's in Sinnoh, give or take a few years, Grings actions can easily coincide with the start of the boom.
  • A Bloodliner has the power to turn non-Bloodliners into Bloodliners and has been using it.
    • Closest to the third one. Ash's father has a Dominion Bloodline that awakens the dormant genes carried by the women he sleeps with in their children, and in turn, they somehow affect others who develop powers of their own.
    • Anabel questions Raikou about this, and while he cannot give a conclusive answer, the Pokemon does note that a past Bloodliner baby boom occurred after AZ set off the Ultimate Weapon 3000 years ago and was repeated "in the aftermath of some but not all meteor showers." So there is a chance that it wasn't just the product of the Bloodline King sowing oats, but a combination of factors. Infinity Energy, a topic broached a number of times in the Reset universe and directly correlating to the Ultimate Weapon, may play a part of it, perhaps as a byproduct of the overuse of Mega-Evolution?

The explanation of Dominion class powers
  • They're what Legendary Pokemon can do. Dominion-class Bloodliners have the powers that are exclusive to legendary Pokemon. For example, Ash has Empowerment and Red has Victory Sight. It could be related to Victini's ability to guarantee victory. And Belladonna's power to force a person to speak the truth is based on Reshiram representing truth.
    • Jossed as of Chapter 24. There are no Legendary Pokémon Bloodlines.
  • With the above jossed, another possibility could be they are a manifestation of the users' "inner desires" so to speak. This can easily be seen with Ash, who is able to give his Pokémon temporary power boosts and wants to become strong enough to be a Pokémon Master as well as protect his friends, and Belladonna, who is able to force people to tell the truth and wants to learn the truth about her father and her origin.
    • Except Red's Victory Sight is implied to have existed since he was a kid, and had to be told by his mother it was alright to use it, so I'm not sure it's something he wanted.
      • Confirmed, sort of. According to Hilda in Chapter 31, the Dominion Bloodline manifests depending on the definition of "power" each one of them has. Sabrina reinforces it in Chapter 33.

Aster's conception was not consensual
The John Archer chapter hinted that Aster was a baby and from there probably Zinnia's daughter, and given that I got a serious native american vs settler vibe from the description of the Draconid-Sootopolian conflict that has some... scary implications. It could also explain her more aggressive behavior.
  • All confirmed in the Steven Interlude.

Bloodliners can create Z-Crystals
Given that Frax and Velvet both seem to have managed to create crystals without origins, and how King Kahele is said to have made them and also lacks any blood descendants, it stands to reason.
  • Ash has also had some interesting experiences with 'sand' in chapters 27 and 31 that support this idea...
    • Confirmed! Ash himself ended up creating a Psychium-Z during his fight with Sabrina.

Or, for the hat trick, Ash's father is the Bloodline King
Because that possibility is still up in the air.
  • Jossed. Word of God is the Bloodline King is a canon character, and Ash's Father, a member of the Seven Brothers, is an OC.
    • And now confirmed with a vengeance!

The Bloodline King's bloodline is...
  • A Legendary Pokémon Species Bloodline. It would make sense for him to be incredibly powerful, considering his social Darwinist views and desire to rule the world.
    • Jossed as of Chapter 24. There are no Legendary Pokémon Bloodlines.
  • Maybe he's a Malamar Bloodliner?
    • As of Chapter 33, according Sabrina he only has the Dominion Bloodline, but lacks any of the others.

The Future Battle for the Marsh Badge
  • Sabrina will send a personal "invitation" to Ash to ensure he stops by Saffron City, perhaps by extortion (kidnapping Delia or one of his traveling companions?).
    • It would be intriguing if Anabel were her chosen hostage, to see if she could either sway her fellow Psychic Bloodliner to her way of thinking or possibly train her. Considering Ash and co. will inevitably fight against her backer, the Bloodline King, it might seem counterproductive, but Sabrina's motives do not align with the man. She, like Giovanni, might consider using Ash against him. And it's not like the two strongest Kanto gym leaders haven't teamed up in Pokemon lore before.
    • Partially confirmed in chapter 31. Except that she basically yanked Ash from his way to Cinnabar Island, and her chosen hostage is none other than Primeape.
  • Ash's reward for the badge will be information on the man who has been manipulating everything from the shadows and, by extension, his father.
    • Confirmed. Sabrina revealed a lot of info about Ash's father to get him angry and use his powers against her. She ommited the most important detail, though.

Ash's father was able to seduce so many women because of his Bloodline
Considering how far he's spread his seed, it certainly seems likely he had a little "extra help".
  • Chapter 26 strongly hints that this is the case, if Sabrina's words are an indication.
  • Further reinforced by the Luana Gaiden. Whatever he did to her, he must have done the same to all those other women.
    • Confirmed as of Chapter 34. See below for further details.

Ash's father IS the Bloodline King
The theory is out there, and it would help the author avoid having too many characters. Plus, it's a way for him to do the 'evil father' thing without Giovanni.
  • Probably Jossed. The Bloodline King is someone Ash has seen before, and Ash doesn't even remember what his dad looks like, partially cause of canon, partially because he never met his dad in this timeline. Plus, the too many characters ship has already sailed.
  • It's possible he met the guy in the old timeline, but didn't know he was his father. Heck it is even possible that Ash's father is different in each timeline. I think that might have been hinted at before, and if not it would explain some difference in how Ash looks and acts, such as his height and rage issues. In addition, one of the biggest observations here is that the Bloodline King is Ghetsis. One thing to note about Ghetsis....he's tall. Really tall. In fact the author even noted his height at one point being six foot six/seven, a fact Ghetsis is one of the few characters with a canonical listed height. Ash and his siblings are all quite tall, and that range of height was what Anna gave for Arnold's father. Plus let us not forget that several of Ash's siblings, the King, and Ghetsis all have red eyes.
    • Well, what do you know. CONFIRMED!

Casey Snagem will become a mentor to Gary
He seems to be the most popular O.C in the universe so far, and seeing as he is most likely not Ash's father that is probably the only way he can show up again
  • Casey Snaggem is not an O.C. He actually appeared in the Red/Blue era of the anime as Ash's friendly rival.
    • That's Ritchie, or the Electabuzz baseball who is a girl.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 36. Gary went to his house to ask for training after losing to Paul, and Casey agreed to it.

Red will suffer a case of Power Incontinence
The implication is that Red's stoicism is in order to control his Fire Type Bloodline. Something however will cause Red to emotionally lash out and lose control of his fire. As for what:
  • Memories of his past. His past isn't fully known, but the nightmares he has implied his house burned down with his mother Shinku dying in the fire, quite possibly due to his bloodline. His repression of his emotions may be a subconscious way of burying his memories of the past, and if the memories are unearthed, he'll lose control.
  • Someone insulting his mother. Red is shown to value his Mother greatly, Shinku's ideals on not holding back influencing his own. With Shinku being a former Women's Boxing Champ, she undoubtedly has some people who didn't like her, so anyone insulting her may cause him to lose control.
  • Ash arguing with his ideals again. While Ash says Red is welcome to his own morals, it is possible another argument will ensue, considering the emotional imbalance Ash seemed to gain in this timeline. With Red's morals being tied to his mother, if pushed too far Red may see it as an attack on his mother and lose control.
    • It's doubtful that this would be the reason, since while he doesn't agree with him, Ash understands that Red's morality is different than his own. Sure, a relapse may occur, but for the moment our hero has chosen not to force his opinions on his similarly-gifted rival.
  • Confirmed, although the reason wasn't any of the above. Red ended up losing it due to Clefairy not listening to him and going on another murderous rampage.

Professor Hastings helped Samuel Oak in making the world better decades ago, and only Samuel Oak and his cousin Samson know because of the whole Trainer-Ranger conflict
It would make sense since it was mentioned that they collaborated in secret on several occasions. Why not on Samuel's most important research?
  • A vision in the G-Men Gaiden seems to hint this is the case.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 2 of the G-Men Gaiden. Elder reveals to Fabron that Oak and Hastings indeed worked together to pacify wild Pokémon, but the latter's involvement was kept a secret to avoid any potential backlash to either of them.

Pikachu will have some children over the course of the story
Considering it's mentioned that he might've fathered some in the previous timeline, and considering he seems to have a rather active sex life, it's probably inevitable.
  • Confirmed. His Pichu offspring with Raichu has already been born, and there's an Igglybuff on the way.

Raikou will appear, and be caught by Anabel
Her Special's/Adventure's incarnation is infamous for having Raikou as her partner Pokemon, so if The Legend of Thunder! occurs here, Ash and his group will take part this time, meaning Anabel will be involved and she will catch Raikou.
  • Confirmed on the appearance part, jossed on the capture. Raikou did appear and interacted with Anabel before leaving, though the possibility of its return is open.

Cross is going to deconstruct and reconstruct bits of the Harem genre of fanfiction
Given the guy already had Ash point out that Polygamy is illegal (a deconstruction) and that one can have it work as long as the people involved are able to get along without devolving into Nohrian violence (a reconstruction as it acknowledges the bad possibility) it's possible he'll do more of both down the line.
  • It can be considered confirmed. There's the Bloodline King aka Ash's father, who deconstructs the typical harem protagonist archetype, while Ash and Co. reconstruct it by starting to open up to the possibility of having a relationship, while still being aware of all the implications, such as Ash not being Oblivious to Love anymore and acknowledging that he finds his female companions attractive while having no favoritism for any of them.

When Togepi hatches, it'll see both Ash and Misty
And so it'll regard them both as its parents.
  • Or perhaps all of the group.
    • That seems to be the case, as of Chapter 36.


    Jossed Theories 
Giovanni is Ash's Father
Why else would he have the Trio stalk Ash, and he was linked to the 3 days to Viridian City information from episode 2. He also was shown looking at a photo of a Ash-Clone, and similar Ash clone Red comes from Viridian City. He's all their fathers.
  • Unlikely, considering how many potshots the author takes at the "Giovanni is Ash's Father" Fandom-Specific Plot.
    • Lying Creator perhaps?
    • Jossed. Chapter 23 strongly hints that Ash is the son of one of the Seven Brothers.

Giovanni is aware of the Old Timeline to some extent
  • Specifically, when the TR Trio sent that first report after trying to rob the Viridian Pokemon Center, in addition to the deja-vu Misty and Iris got, he gained some knowledge of Ash's "past" exploits, or at least a very strong impression that this kid is important for the general wellfare of the planet. His reaction is particularly telling:
    • He was shown a picture of some 15-year-old newbie trainer who's only notable feature was possessing a relatively impressive Pikachu. His reaction, after staring gobsmacked for about 30 seconds, was to reassign the TR Trio, whom he only kept around for their undying loyalty and ability to regularly survive things that could kill Pokemon outright, to stalk the kid wherever he goes. He also cancels a potentially lucrative operation because it could endanger the kid.
  • Jossed. Chapter 23 reveals that this was in part him researching Ash and his possible half-siblings.

Jessie and James are bloodliners
They keep inexplicably surviving events that should've killed them. Since it's been established that bloodliners are tougher than ordinary humans, it helps to explain why they're still alive. As for why they haven't shown any powers, maybe they're late bloomers.

"Dawn" is a nickname this time around
Hence why Dexter couldn't find anybody by that name from Twinleaf Town.
  • Jossed. Nicknames often appear on Facebook, which the Pokedex did search earlier and thus can be presumed were searched by it.
    • I'm not sure why this is jossed. It has already been established that some parents ban their children from using Facebook in this universe, which would mean their nicknames would be pretty hard to come by if looking for them on the site. Plus, it isn't established that Dawn is from Twinleaf in this continuity; Platinum Berlitz, Dawn's counterpart in the Pokemon Adventures manga series, hails from Sandgem Town, as does Dawn from the games if the player chose male as his gender.

Giovanni is actually Ash's uncle
My theory is that Ash's father and Giovanni's brother (possibly Silver from Pokémon Chronicles) was the White Sheep of his family. After cutting ties with his relatives, he had an affair (or maybe something more) with Delia, resulting in Ash.
  • Jossed apparently, as of Chapter 23 it's strongly hinted that Ash's father is one of the Seven Brothers, and despite being around one of them he was not recognized as a family member.

Ash's "sixth" will be a Johto girl
The confirmed girls are Misty (Kanto), May (Hoenn), Dawn (Sinnoh), Iris (Unova), and Serena (Kalos). All generation regions are present and accounted for, except one: Johto.
  • With the coming of Sun & Moon, it could also be one of the Alola girls (see above).
    • Jossed. Ash's sixth girl is Anabel.

The Bloodline King will be an Original Character
Because what little we know of his agenda doesn't seem to fit in with any of the canon antagonists.
  • Jossed. The author says explicitly in Chapter 24 that "the Big Bad... is in fact a legit Pokemon character." Chapter 26 even has Ash, after seeing an image of said King, feel like he saw him somewhere before.

The Bloodliner King is one of the Seven Brothers
But he's not one of the infamous criminal brothers. The goody two-shoes pulled a Face–Heel Turn and became eviler than his criminal brothers ever were.
  • Jossed. The Bloodliner King is confirmed a Canon Character, while the "E" brother is an OC.

Ash's father is the E brother
The one who is not a criminal, and he left him and Delia not out of malice, but to protect them from potential harm. Furthermore, Ash is not Belladonna's brother, but her cousin, if her father is one of the evil brothers.
  • Jossed in Chapter 24. The father of Ash and all of the supposed half-siblings is indeed one of the six criminal brothers, Word of God confirming it is not E and the story itself hinting that Balour, Cappricio, and Felgrand are not the fathers.

Yellow having the same marks as Ash where she didn't in the manga is a Red Herring
The author is going to keep us guessing rather than let us assume everyone with the same marks is blood-related.
  • Jossed. Hilda, the mysterious observer of the Safari Zone Tag Tournament, confirms that they are related.

Ash's father is Felgrand.
In order to ensure that he would not have children, but unwilling to exercise restraint, he got a vasectomy. However, because of his situation, he got one from an unreputable surgeon who did it wrong, making the operation useless, so he is the brother who broke the pact all along, without meaning to! It would be one hell of Dramatic Irony.
  • Jossed by author responses in Chapter 24. The author states Felgrand is not the one who broke their pact.

Misty is also Ash's half-sister
It's kinda obvious that Ash's father really liked traveling and "spending time" with as many women as possible. Either shortly before or after his trip to Pallet Town, he visited Cerulean City, where he had an affair with Misty's mother. Truth could be revealed later, and it could explain why Misty's childhood was so unhappy.
  • Unlikely. All of the potential siblings have shared at least one of two traits: the cheek markings (Yellow, Belladonna) or similar facial structure (Red, John Archer, Arnold, Frax, etc.). Misty would have been noted to by Ash if either was the case, the first of which is rather obviously not the case. In addition, unless the author is willing to partake in Brother–Sister Incest, it would go against the established idea of Misty being one of Ash's haremette's. As for the unhappy childhood, it's strongly implied to be a result of Misty being left to her sisters' care, as the Waterflower parents are deceased and the Sensational Sisters having been spoiled by them made them not care for Misty. An affair could explain how she is a Bloodliner and the others aren't, but that could just as likely be the result of a latent gene.
    • Jossed. Upon revealing five of Ash's harem members in Chapter 5, the author immediately shot down Delia as the sixth, "as [he does] not support incest pairings." Chances are that isn't limited to parent-child relations and includes half-siblings as well.

Gary is a bloodliner
And this is why Professor Oak is so interested in them. He is trying to protect his grandson.
  • Jossed. Chapter 13 gives a list of "major" characters who will not have a bloodline, and Gary is among them. The reasons behind Oak's interest in Bloodliners probably run along the lines that he's just a really good human being and looks at Ash as his second grandson.

Ash's father is from a neutral country
Considering he was apparently able to have children in both trainer and ranger nations, which have a deep mutual hatred of one another, it's the most logical conclusion to be drawn.
  • If the prevailing theory that Ash's father is one of the Seven Brothers is true (and since two of them completely freaked out at seeing some Ash-look-a-likes, it probably is), then that would mean he's from Orre, a member of the Trainer Aligned Treaty Organization. Chances are he is simply a career criminal who entered Ranger regions illegally.
    • The original theory is Jossed. Anna, Arnold's mother, says the man she met before having Arnold was Orreian in apperance.

Ash will find an Alola Pokémon in the Safari Zone
Lilo's presence suggests that the Safari Zone might have Alolan species when Ash enters it. Given that we've had several of Ash's Pokémon appear as early as Kanto, there's a chance he could find one of his Alola mons, although in canon he's only caught Rowlet and Rockruff (with Litten being a possible candidate for the next one).
  • It's highly unlikely for a starter to be at the Safari Zone, though Rockruff is possible.
    • Jossed as of Chapter 28. Ash didn't catch any of his Alolan mons, instead he found Roggenrola.

The U.T.P. has something to do with the Bloodline King
Maybe they do research for him, or maybe they help induct people into his organization.
  • Tying this in with the WMG linking the U.T.P. to Dawn's lack of records, perhaps Dawn will show up as a minion of the Bloodline King that pulls a Heel–Face Turn?
    • Jossed as of Chapter 28. In fact, the author states that, should the two be aware of the other, they would probably fight. This might imply that the U.T.P. is strongly anti-Bloodliner, which could possibly explain the tragedies that Dawn has suffered; after all, the organization would not be very pleased if the daughter of someone they reached out to was the very creature they wished to cull.

Red and Yellow will travel with Ash and Co.
With the two lookalikes currently teamed up in the Tournament and Red's interest in Ash, along with Ash thinking of all his "siblings", they may stick together as a group for mutually beneficial reasons, including training, Ash finding any family links, and Red studying Ash's training techniques and skill. Yellow may even suggest it as a way for Red to work on his No Social Skills.
  • Unlikely, given the aftermath of the Fuchsia Tournament and how their opposing views on using their powers clashed with one another. Chances are that after they leave the Safari Zone, they'll go their separate ways.
    • Jossed as of Chapter 28. Red has decided to travel to Vermillion and from there go to the Sevii Islands, while Ash still plans to challenge the Fuchsia Gym, and he'll most likely go to Saffron next.

Ash's father is a minion or ally of the Bloodline King
MissingNo did say that Ash wouldn't have a good relationship with his dad. And the Bloodline King does seem like he wants to increase the numbers of bloodliners. Maybe the Bloodline King sends Ash's father around to sleep with women with the "right" genes and produce more children with bloodlines.
  • Chapter 26 seems to hint that this is the case, if Sabrina is to be believed.
    • Jossed. Ash's father is the Bloodline King himself.

Alternately, Ash's father is an enemy of the Bloodline King
And having a lot of children is part of his plan to defeat him.
  • It could tie in with the above, thus making him The Starscream.
    • Jossed, see above.

As of Chapter 25, Caroline is pregnant
The author seems to have implied that her (mostly censored) sex scene with Norman will be plot-important. Pregnancy seems to be the most likely conclusion to be drawn.
  • Jossed as of Ch 28. The author merely used Caroline and Norm, the most plot-relevent characters who would conceivably do the nasty at that particular moment, to show he could write a "lemon."

When the first movie adaptation comes, Mewtwo will be gathering Ash's siblings
Because they were, like him, created basically as a science experiment/to be tools for world domination. He may think that they will share his desire to punish their maker.
  • Jossed. He's gathering strong trainers to try and test his superiority and amass an army of clones. His only interest in Bloodliners is for the potential they could have in aiding his revival of Amber by making her one.

Misty is afraid of bugs because of something her sisters did to her
Her nightmare in Chapter 22 seems to hint that's the case, and it would hardly be out of character for them.
  • Her trauma might make her dream difficult to reach. After all, Golisopod and Araquanid are not as cuddly as Surskit.
    • Jossed. For a change, her sisters were not responsible for this.


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