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  • How do Bloodlines work on the genetic level? Including the question on why male bloodliners are so rare, how do their general genetics work? What would the child of two different bloodliners end up with? Would they have the powers of the more "dominant" parent, a combination of the powers of both parents, or something new altogether? Do normal humans have a dormant gene that only awakens on every number of generations or so?
    • Additionally, Felgrand said his mother is a Bloodliner, but he himself isn't one. How does genetic inheritance of Bloodliner powers work? Word of God at the end of Chapter 24 confirmed King Kahele was a Bloodliner, and some, but not all, of his wives were Bloodliners. But because Kahele was the father, his children all were Bloodliners, so Bloodliner powers could be inherited. So why not Felgrand?
    • It's also hinted that some characters, while not Bloodliners themselves, are or might be carriers of the gene, so their children or further descendants could theoretically be born with the powers. If it correlates with the X-Gene from X-Men, then it means that the powers they receive are mostly random, as opposed to the Meta-Gene from the DC Universe, where metahumans tend to pass on their same powers (or at least most of them) to their descendants.
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    • It seems to be a mixture of both. A mother and a daughter are shown to share the same main bloodline, and others like Jeanette and Ash share the same as their ancestors, correlating with DC's metahuman genetics. The secondary/Dominion one, however, seems to be the tricky one, since most of those who display it have something completely different to the others (barring the twins Frax and Velvet, who have the exact same one).
  • For Species Bloodlines, do they have the four-move limit? Or over time, they could use more moves, like Pokémon who are trained strong enough to take on a League tournament? Furthermore, would they have also a special ability? For example, in Ash's case, he could have either Inner Focus or Steadfast (or Prankster, the Hidden Ability). Also, since Lucario is capable of Mega Evolution, does that mean Ash could eventually have access to a Super Mode of sorts to increase his powers?
    • Bloodliners can do what a Pokemon can within reason. As per what Ilene said in Chapter 8, a species Pidgeot Bloodliner can move as fast as a Pidgeot can fly, but she didn't say anything about them actually flying, so there are likely limits. However, if they try hard enough, I don't see any reason why Species and even Type Hearts can't learn more than four moves. As for abilities, I don't see why they can't have them, and nothing Ilene said could point otherwise. Whether a Species Bloodliner could Mega Evolve though, remains to be seen.
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    • The John Archer chapter all but states that he has the ability Cloud Nine, and if Gardevoir's comments are anything to go by, he might be a Psyduck Species bloodliner.
      • Ultima Interlude more explicitly shows Fitz activating Torrent as a Greninja Bloodliner.
    • The fic has the Four Move Limit apply to only Pokemon at a certain level of training. If they can break it after a while, so can Bloodliners. This is confirmed in the Jeanette Interlude, since the founder of the Fisher clan was a Victreebel Species bloodliner and was eventually able to break the limit.
  • In regards to Ash's secondary Bloodline: the presumable Dominion Bloodline offers a brief power-up to his Pokemon, but is that all? Belladona used hers to force Ash to speak the truth; Red looks at opposing trainers to determine winning percentages, and John Archer was able to figure out relationship statuses on both Pokemon and people. So does Ash's bloodline also extend to humans and, by extension, other bloodliners? Would he be capable of strengthening his own powers as well?
    • I don't think so. Ash's trick seems to be more akin to what Victini does than anything, and Victini last I checked couldn't boost itself.
      • Then again, Word of God confirms that there are no Legendary Bloodlines whatsoever, so it's not like Ash's comes from Victini anyway, is it?
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    • The Big P Pokémon Race Interlude confirms that Ash's ability isn't limited to his own Pokémon, since he was able to give Lara's Rapidash a boost to win the race during the final stretch.
    • Dominion Bloodlines seem to be a special power that is a culmination of a person's character. Belladonna hates being lied to. John Archer wanted friends. Red desires victory through logic. Ash believes in FRIENDSHIP...he likely couldn't use his power to increase his own ability...but can power up 'all who he believes are his friends', it's quite likely he COULD power up other bloodliners....if he thought of it.

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