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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to moments pages. Read at your own risk.

As a fic based on Ashes of the Past, Pokémon Reset Bloodlines is quite capable of creating a few good jokes along the way.

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  • Apparently, even Ash doesn't know how old he was in the old timeline! Every time he and Pikachu try to figure it out, they are completely stumped. Sabrina systematically looking through his memories is equally confused, and even points out that it seems at one point May aged backwards between Hoenn and Sinnoh.
  • Thanks to being a massive Deadpan Snarker, Dexter is a fountain of this. He even defines his main function as "Providing Ash with battle advice and witty commentary".
  • From the moment his memories are restored, Ash's Charmander is a walking crowning moment of funny. To date: he has tried to train in every possible way without rest, has done badass speeches that put Gurren Lagann to shame, tried to think up on ways to make his evolutions sound more impressive, and has tried so hard to sound badass and manly that it loops back into being utterly ridiculous.
  • Tapu Koko. Every time the thing appears it causes trouble and acts in as hilarious a manner as possible. It really makes you feel sorry for Hala for having to deal with the thing all the time.

    When One Reality Ends, Another One Opens 
  • Shortly before being sent back in time, Arceus tells Ash that, among the major changes that can happen in the new timeline, it's possible that some people, including Ash himself, might be the opposite sex now. Ash is sent back in time before he can protest.
    • Arceus also tells Ash, completely nonchalant, that he will not remember meeting him in the new timeline, and that he might try to kill Ash if the two of them meet again.
      Arceus: No offense.

    Of Starters and Spearow the New Reality 
  • As soon as he wakes up in the new timeline, the first thing Ash checks is his chest, to see if he has boobs now.
  • While running from a flock of Spearows and Fearows, Ash uses Dexter to find information that might help. All Dexter gives are details on how dangerous they are and eventually, Ash gives up.

    Rocket'n the boat: A New Misty 

    A chapter in the Forest, answers or not? 
  • Pikachu worries that this timeline's version of Misty is a Serial Killer who hides the bodies of her victims in the Viridian Forest. Any indication of this is completely dispelled when it turns out she still has her comical fear of Bug-types.
  • Misty's reaction to seeing Ash's Caterpie for the first time. Doubly so with the narration's remarks about how irrational it is.
    Narration: At the moment that Caterpie looked more intimidating than her, which at this rate would take maybe...never to eat her.
  • Apparently Professor Sycamore doesn't suffer from budget cuts because he is popular with the ladies. The other professors are not amused.
  • Team Rocket accidentally disturbing a Beedrill swarm by starting their motto.

    The Stone Hearts of Pewter 
  • Don George shows a video of a Pidgey bravely staring down Brock's Onix, before being swatted in defeat.

    Of Memories, Hunger and a Bad Deal 
  • Upon realising Ash and Misty are heading to Rota, Team Rocket tries to convince them not to since the last Team Rocket members there were executed. They eventually resort to outright begging before Psyduck blasts them off.
    • Ash makes a mental note to buy a retirement house in Rota.
    • James, in his attempts to hype up Mount Moon, comes off as what the narration compares to a bad used car salesman.
    • And when James suggests Ash could search Mount Moon for a rare Clefairy, the Pokedex has this to say:
    Dexter: As Professor Oak has not had a Clefairy or one of its evolutionary family in his lab, he would appreciate it, but recognizes that asking you to drive yourself insane by looking for a Clefairy would be counter productive.
  • When an Aipom steals Ash and Misty's last rice ball, Ash asks Pikachu if it's the same Aipom he had in the previous timeline. Pikachu says it is, adding that he'd recognize her ass anywhere. Saying it so bluntly is already humorous enough, but imagining such a perverted line coming out of the mouth of a Pikachu is so jarring and wrong it loops back around to hilarious.

    Truths, both good and ill 
  • While in Orre, as part of being covert, Giovanni makes one of his grunts wear clothes a grandparent would be proud of, that is, "a hand sewn Mareep sweater, good slacks and dress shoes," and it causes the unfortunate grunt no small amount of discomfort.
  • After a phone call with Jessie, James and Meowth, Giovanni really realizes that the fate of his organization, and possibly the world, is dependent on those three. He copes with alcohol.
    • Said phone call ended with them offering Giovanni some piercings they stole from Damian, including a penis ring.

    Cerulean Arc Part 1, Despair 
  • When Gary questions why he and Ash are testing the H.O.P.E. gloves instead of the more elite trainers, Professor Oak's answer includes him not having hand molds of those trainers while he does have Gary's and Ash's. Gary's response:
    Gary: When did you get a mold of my hand!? Or Ash's for that matter.
    • What adds to that hilarity is the fact that the narration states that Oak got a lot of enjoyment out of NOT answering that question throughout the rest of the conversation.

    Cerulean Arc Part 2, Power 
  • When Ash tries searching for a Gyarados, Dexter describes all the ways Gyarados are dangerous, and becomes increasingly unsubtle until he outright says what Ash is doing is suicidal and requests to be removed from his person so Dexter himself doesn't get eaten.

    Cerulean Arc Part 3, Dominion 
  • Dexter's potshots at the Sensational Sisters and their out of shape Pokemon. Gems include:
    Dexter: Cloyster, the Bivalve Pokemon. Cloyster's armor, when in good condition, can whistand most modern armed explosives. When poorly kept, say, by a certain trio of former Toddlers & Tiaras stars, a simple Focus Punch should be able to shatter it.
    Dexter: Poliwrath, the Tadpole Pokemon. One of the two evolutions of Poliwhirl. A fit Poliwrath is said to be able to cross entire oceans. Yours...really shouldn't attempt that.
    • Even better, when Poliwrath is described as one of two possible divergent evolutions, Daisy is completely surprised.

    A Day in the Life (Nee Filler) 
  • When James brings up Juan in his conversation with Giovanni, Giovanni gets a haunted look. Apparently, he does not have fond memories of the Hoenn gym leader and after the call ends, Giovanni immediately goes for some alcohol, mentally cursing Juan while doing so.
  • When Bulbasaur asks why Ash's Unovan captures didn't utilize Counter Shield, Ash flashbacks to the disastrous results. In particular, Oshawott got very dizzy, Tepig ended up on his back and couldn't get back up, and Snivy death glared him.
  • Ash attempts to release Lucario from Aaron's staff. It's as successful as his attempts to teach his Unovan team Counter Shield.

    Shocking Vermilion Gym Battle 
  • Lt. Surge is introduced and he's such a Large Ham. And apparently, his portrayal was so well received it convinced the author to go the extra mile in fleshing out the canon gym leaders.
  • Dexter realizes Paul's Pokedex has no personality, so what does he do? He hacks it and gives it a Valley Girl personality!
  • After evolving during a battle with Surge's Joltik, Charmeleon looks rather contemplative. Initially, Ash thinks he might be pondering something deep, but it turns out he was trying to think of a more impressive story about how he evolved.
  • Impressed with Ash's Counter-Shield, Lt. Surge asks if he can draft him if they ever go to war. Ash replies that he'd have to ask his mother first, and Surge then says he's "an expert when it comes to wooing mothers". The look on Surge's face makes Ash oddly uncomfortable.

    Approaching the Hunter's Trap 
  • With the many Pokéballs Ash manages to win during his trip aboard the S.S. Anne, Dexter initiates his "Pokéball identification programs for Noobs" to describe each of the types he got. Some of them are useful, others... not so much.
  • Bulbasaur has many titles. One of them however, isn't very dignified, Bulbasaur the Sap Giver. He dreads the day Heracross will rejoin the team.
  • Dexter telling Misty that Ash went to take a leak, and also adding that he can analyze human excrements to know if he's eating properly. She definitely didn't need to know that.

    Escape the Hunter's Trap, Misty vs Iris 
  • The opening scene shows the Team Rocket trio landed in a mansion north of Lavender Town. James quickly realizes that it belongs to his parents and freaks out, but then he picks the locks to get them inside, and gives Jessie and Meowth free reign to do whatever they want and take whatever they want.
  • Upon meeting Iris, in an attempt to avoid being harmed or otherwise damaged, Dexter pretends to be a tree spirit!
  • Psyduck manages to make himself useful despite getting knocked out by Excadrill... by landing on top of a sleeping Emolga.
  • When Ash and his Pokémon get blasted out of Hunter J's ship due to Goomy's Bide attack, Pikachu grabs hold of Ash's leg, Pidgeotto and Butterfree try not to get blown away, Aipom flails around in panic and Charmeleon gets furious and tries to force an evolution. Squirtle, however, simply dons his shades and crosses his arms, unfazed at the whole thing.

    Then There Were Three 
  • An official looking person comes into the lab, and Professor Oak asks if he's from the government. Offended, he asks:
    Official: Do I look like a tax collector to you?!
    Delia: Well, yes actually.
  • The official explains that he represents Pokemon TV, and wants to purchase the exclusive rights to film and air Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum. Professor Oak was initially going to decline, mentally noting that he is resistant to corporate attacks, but then:
    Official: Did I mention the generous monetary compensation?
  • At the Battle Club, the author only showed brief snippets of the battles that occurred, which lend themselves well to this particular Noodle Incident:
    Opponent: How the heck did that duck...
    Misty: If I only knew.

    The Battle Dome Tournament: Ash and Red 

    Emotions of All Kinds: Ash vs Paul 
  • Remember how Dexter hacked Paul's Pokedex so it would talk like Valley Girl? It's hilarious:
    Paul's Pokedex: [while scanning a Glalie] Glalie, like, the Face Pokemon! It, like, totally freezes its prey, and then, like, eats it slowly. OMG it's totally horrible!
    Paul's Pokedex: [while scanning an Abomasnow] Abomasnow, like, the Frost Tree Pokemon. It makes snow which is SNOW cool! OMG, ya now the people who have Abomasnow have to, like, tell the school districts nearby that they do, 'cause reasons!
    • And Paul knows Ash has something to do with it, even if only as the owner of the responsible party.

    Celadon City Misadventures: John Archer 

    Vs Erika, Grass Weaknesses Sealed? 
  • Ash, while thinking about how some gyms have odd challenges to fight in them, starts to imagine possible scenarios in which he may have to face. They are all fairly funny, but the Chuck one stands out.
    Mental Chuck: You've got to beat my Machoke in a thumb war.
    Behind him, his Machoke flexed his thumbs threateningly.
  • The note Erika wrote for Ash is actually pretty funny. Even more with the little remark she makes about him wearing his pants when he arrives, and he actually has to fight the urge to look down and make sure.
  • To counter Erika's Rain Dance, he order his Sliggoo to use Rain Dance. In a moment of ingenuity that is so Ash, it actually works, stunning Erika.
  • After Ash wins the battle and Erika's respect, he's ready to take his badge and do his Victory Pose... only to discover that Erika won't let go of it because she fell asleep while standing, again.

    The Poison War Prologue: Joy of the World 
  • The opening scene, with Ash trying to write a letter for Serena. After his first (failed) try, he holds the paper in front of his Pokédex, as if expecting it to be burnt away.
    Dexter: I'm a Pokédex, not a laser emitter.
  • Misty's Slowpoke catches a shiny Magikarp. This causes Dexter to lose its composure and demand that Misty capture it. It freaking out at her total lack of enthusiasm is hilarious, and becomes horrified when Misty lets it get away.
  • Later, it demands that Ash give it good data after Misty let the shiny Magikarp get away.
  • Ash wonders if the Fisher Family have been breeding to a Bellsprout who can judo flip Groudon, and admits to wanting to see it.

    Poison War: The Shadows of the World 
  • Upon noticing that there's something very wrong with the power plant, the group decides to investigate, but Misty is unsure on how much they can be of help.
    Misty: So, I mean this sucks, but none of us know how to turn on a power plant.
    Dexter: I do.
    Misty: No one asked you!
  • While in the Gringy City power plant, Ash recaptures his Muk... along with 32 Grimer. Needless to say, Professor Oak isn't happy when they all try to hug him. Bulbasaur who saw them try to hug Professor Oak decided it was best to hide at that point in time.
  • Charmeleon evolves into Charizard after casually flicking a Weedle with his tail. Like the first time he evolved, he then tries to make a up a more badass story. Snivy (who also just evolved into Servine) just rolls her eyes.
  • Red has a reaction to Alolan Exeggutor and being told that this was a 'real' Exeggutor.
    If that was the real Exeggutor, Red preferred fictional ones.
  • There are many ways Belladonna could have described her parents having a one night stand. What does she choose? Daycared.

    Family Stress (With A Side Of Filler) 

    Semi Canonical April Fools Chapter 
  • The author apparently writes the fic with a chainsaw. That could explain the occasional spelling error.
  • A big part of the chapter is dedicated to being a Take That! against Executive Meddling. When the executive insists on interfering, the author threatens him with the chainsaw.
  • The canonical bits have each a little fun themselves:
    • Otoshi and his Marowak have been trying to decipher the secrets of their acquired keystone... by sitting in front of it meditating for at least 48 hours straight.
    • With Max asleep and May out for the night with her friends, Norman and Caroline decide to enjoy some quality time together (AKA having sex). The scene gets censored by repeating the word LEMON over and over again.
    • Jeanette is Crazy-Prepared enough to carry paragliders for herself and for her Bellsprout.

    The Tag Tournament Part 1 
  • Even as he thinks he's about to die, Dan still thinks to himself that Sabrina is attractive, if crazy.
  • Dan once had the bright idea to visit casinos with his tournament winnings.
  • Upon learning about Arnold, Belladonna has the following thoughts:
    Belladonna: There was a saying about one is chance, twice is coincidence, third times a pattern after all. Fourth time made you wonder if your father had an off switch.
  • There is a song the author inserted about a girl trying to find her true love during the end author's note, only to discover all of them are her half brothers. One has a odd feeling that is a real concern in fic. The Merry Wives of Windsor's All the Lads in Town if one is curious.
  • The Aether Foundation are described by a character as being good men and women, and Faba.

    The Tag Tournament Part 2 
  • At the beginning, Serena is so distracted daydreaming about Ash, she ends up walking into a wall.
  • After Ash sees the description of an Alolan Exeggutor, he has the same reaction as Red a few chapters prior, that if those were 'true' Exeggutors, he had no problem with the fake ones.
  • While Ash and Pikachu are having a serious conversation, Dexter has to add that he can't understand what Pikachu is saying to his trainer.
  • Dexter apparently tried to upload a new personality on Gary's Pokédex. Gary's Pokédex refused.
  • Apparently Lt. Surge's granny is the arm wrestling champion of Agate village 20 years running. Considering that her grandson is at least 58 years old, she's probably in her nineties at the youngest and may well be over 100 years old. Apparently, raw power and aging well run in the family.
  • Even if it's after a tense moment, Dexter has a gem of a line after Ash and Red's argument ends.
    Ash: Maybe you can be confident in your own abilities instead of relying on a shortcut.
    Red: [just before leaving] I am confident in them. I just don't feel like running with only a single leg. Unlike you I don't think that's normal.
    Dexter: Red used Parting Shot. The humans' team Teamwork harshly fell.
  • The reaction towards Ash's plan to beat Lilo's Mudsdale.
    Ash: Pikachu, gather as much electricity in your tail as you can!
    Announcer: And Ash Ketchum is doing... something. It's something folks, I just don't know what it's supposed to be.
    Dexter: Human, you are aware that spontaneously trying to get Pikachu to evolve into an Ampharos is impossible, right?
  • After Ash pulls off his move to have Pikachu defeat Mudsdale, Silver is getting ideas on trying to do the same. His wife gently chides him not to do it, since it would just add more bans to his record.
  • Overlapping with heartwarming: Belladonna of all people begins cheering loudly when Ash turns the tide of the match.
  • At Ash's urging, Red attempts a Rousing Speech to trigger a mid-battle evolution in Charmeleon during the final match. The speech sucks.
    Red: You were the first Pokémon Pikachu and I ever caught. We've been through a lot together, haven't we? We've won a lot of battles, and this might be our toughest. Let's win.
    • Which only makes it funnier when it works.

    Safari Zone Adventures 
  • When fishing, Misty briefly catches a female Psyduck that hers says some things to that make her wish that Anabel was willing to wipe them from her mind, and then Anabel misses a Slowpoke completely because she's too busy blushing from being told what Psyduck said.
  • When Misty refuses to catch a Dragonair because it's not a Water-type, the Pokedex swears in frustration, causing the Dragonair to hit it before leaving.
  • Ash reminding himself to look up how breeding works in the new timeline.
  • On the hunt for his Tauros herd, Ash stumbles across a few bulls lying injured, defeated by a Farfetch'd of all things... a Farfetch'd that wielded three leek stalks at the same time, one held firmly in its beak, and determined to be the strongest "Leeksmon" in the world!
    • Ash wondering what happens if a Farfetch'd's leek stalk is damaged or eaten.
    • Said Farfetch'd is perfectly willing to walk to get to the locations where the foes it intends to face are, and Ash wondering how that would work due to the fact that some of them are on different continents.
  • When the Pokedex asks why Ash is catching so many Tauros, he says that it's because they live in herds. It replies that there is logic in what he says, giving Ash the impression that it's quoting something.
  • Ash lampshading how common Poison-types are in Kanto compared to other regions.
  • Red's dilemma over catching a Snorlax. Powerful, but eats too much, and he's not sure he can afford it.
    • One hand actually goes and tries to throw the Safari Ball, but the other actually holds it back.
  • When Red starts getting jealous about how Ash, as a Pokedex holder, has the resources to keep a Snorlax fed and keep his non-active team members in shape at Oak's ranch, Yellow calls him out by pointing out that by Red's own philosophy, Ash doing that is simply using the advantages he's gained by earning a Pokedex and thus perfectly acceptable. Red is annoyed to realize that she has a point, adding to his frustration over catching the Snorlax or not.
  • After learning of no less than two siblings in stable polyamorous relationships, Ash revised his expectations and lowered his standards, declaring that Meliae's openness is perfectly fine.
  • Ash's disbelief that Red wouldn't want a Dunsparce.
  • Apparently the fact that Gyarados deliberately blast canals in from the sea, possibly as a mating display, was missed for a while because it was thought to just be a result of them shooting lasers when angry. The researcher who discovered this also somehow ended up at Pinkan Island in the Orange Islands when he was heading for Dandelion Island in Sinnoh.
  • As Ash is leaving the Safari Zone, he catches a Shiny Chansey... by accident. The Pokedex is very pleased.
  • Professor Oak uses the Spearow Ash caught before by accident to keep away a bad smell.
    • And before ending the videocall, Oak tilts his head and causes the bird to fall off. Spearow is not amused and immediately attacks him.

    Battle! Janine, Heir of Poisonous Tricks! 
  • Paul, after beating a gym decides to try fishing for Magikarp. He hits a snag when he uses his Pokedex to examine their temperament:
    Paul's Pokedex: No way! This fish will go nuts when it evolves. It'll be powerful, but way too cray cray.
  • Richie ends up challenging the Vermillion Gym, where Lt. Surge immediately lampshades his resemblance to Ash and Red.
    Lt. Surge: Say kid, you wouldn't happen to know two other guys with in hats with Pikachu, would ya?
    Richie: No.
    Lt. Surge: Huh, well I guess hats and Pikachu must be in fashion then. I'll have to remember to bring out my old Army hat then.
  • Dexter revealing that Fuchsia City Gym alternates its trap methods for their challengers (and telemarketers). Apparently Tuesdays or Fridays can be pitfall day.
  • When Ash wins, he is again interrupted from getting his badge, this time due to Goodra hugging him too much.
  • Back on the road, Ash finds a rather secluded waterfall and decides to wash himself off under it. A few minutes later, Iris shows up too, much to his embarrassment.

    Stuff in Between with the Eevee Bros 
  • While Jessie and James are observing Ash, Meowth was sent to collect berries. Cut to Meowth surrounded by a group of angry Pikachu, while cursing James' ancestors, descendants and collecting bottle caps in general.
  • Ash tries to apologize to Anabel about their current training because it was Iris's idea and he didn't think she would drag her and Misty to it too. Unfortunately, Ash thinking of Iris and her offer to help him train leads his mind to the memory of them bathing together under the waterfall, and resident telepath Anabel sees it. They both blush in unison.
  • Ash notes that Paul, unlike him, had a vocal fan (Barry), and notes that Paul having a vocal fan is one of the three great mysteries of the old continuity, along with what was in the G.S ball and Ash's actual age.
  • While Misty watches Pyro and his Flareon performing a small presentation on the stage, Psyduck comes out and proceeds to give her a full explanation about Pokémon Coordination, surprising her. Turns out he watched it all on a late night documentary because he didn't have anything else to do.

    Stuff in Between with Other People 
  • Apparently the hippie they met used his Snorlax to extort people in this timeline. What exactly happened was offscreen, but Charizard was complaining about hippies afterwards.
  • Ash's Pokemon various tries, and the resulting failings, to learn a fifth move.
  • The training bits between Ash and each of the girls:
    • Anabel removes her shirt because it's too sweaty, and when Ash gets an eyeful of her, she only slightly blushes, arguing that he saw more of Iris. Furthermore, she has to ask him to get closer when he uses Heal Pulse over and over, until she just tells him to come and touch her directly.
    • After telling Iris about his dream of being a Pokémon Master, Iris realizes that his dream is something flexible, very flexible. Ash immediately dreads what she might be up to next for training.
    • Later with Misty during the Water Pulse training, Ash realizes that he seems to pick up new moves better when he needs them, and considers for a moment asking Iris if she has any ideas. Misty quickly points out that her idea would probably be setting things on fire, and Ash realizes she has a point.
  • When Aideen says Serena must be smiling, at Kalos, Serena is not smiling because she's at the line of a pharmacy.
  • In a blind panic, Ash catches Jigglypuff, yes, that one. When Professor Oak receives her, Bulbasaur has already run like hell to warn the other Pokemon, while Prof. Oak falls asleep.
  • An upset Misty complaining to Iris that throwing her acorns will not help her learn a new move.
  • Iris thinking of Joshua as a 'Shiny Human'.
  • The Shopping Madness, all of it, including Ash using his Grimer and Muk to scare off wannabe item poachers.
    • Not even Pikachu was safe: he got his tail grabbed at least three times during a 90%-off sale in socks.
    • Ash almost got his Z-Ring stolen from him at least six times. The fourth and fifth attempts were foiled by a Death Glare from Iris and a shout of "That's not for sale!" from Misty, respectively.
    • James decides to bring his inflatable breasts to get into a women's only sale. Meowth doesn't want to know why he had them in the first place.
    • Iris wearing a Princess dress. She's not even sure how it happened.
    Iris: I.....honestly I'm not sure. It was all a blur.
  • As a reviewer puts the end of chapter scene.
    Story: Welp time for Cinnabar Gym!
    Sabrina: "LOLnope!" *yoinks*

    Short Stuff in Between: Gary versus Paul 
  • Paul's Pokedex provides a brief funny moment in an otherwise serious battle.
    Paul's Pokedex: Tangrowth, it is an evolution of Tangela that evolves with Ancient Power. So, spoilers, it probably knows that move.
    • And Gary's Pokedex calls whoever gave it the personality of a Valley Girl a twat.

    The Sabrina Arc: The Search for Ash 
  • The conversation between the girls and Team Rocket, from Jessie explaining why Ash isn't her type, to being reminded they met Jessiebelle, and it ends with Anabel blasting them away to end the talk.
  • While occurring during a serious situation, Anabel's Non Sequitur after teleporting are rather amusing to read.
    Anabel: Buttermilk waffles
    Anabel: Succotash
  • The conversation with Meliae is both informative, and amusing.

    The Sabrina Arc: The Battle for Ash 
  • When Ash and his Pokemon see Sabrina's Kadabra using their spoons and Psycho Cut to imitate a Laser Blade, Dexter mentions Sabrina is guilty of murdering, kidnapping and plagiarizing.
  • May aged backwards?
  • Pikachu making a comment to Sabrina about how there's a long list of people of multiple genders and species that he'd rather have Ash hook up with than the Psychic Gym Leader.
  • Sabrina's Affably Evil talk with Ash alternates between Break Them by Talking and reminding him she can hear everything he thinks to annoy him.
  • Crossing with awesome, but Charizard tossing Jigglypuff as an improvised bomb to a group of Psychic-types while yelling "Fire in the hole!"
  • The mental image of Ash's Farfetch'd going on a mad cackle as he fights the "spoonsaber"-wielding Kadabra. Despite the tension, the duck is clearly having a blast during the fight.
    • Also crossing with awesome, when Sabrina has her Kadabra use Protect against Ash's incoming Z-Move, he breaks it just by throwing one of his leeks at it using Feint.

    The Sabrina Arc: 4- 1 Complete Edition 

    Aftermath of Saffron 
  • Bulbasaur tries to cheer a newly evolved Serperior about the loss of her arms, but fails and decides to make himself scarce before things get bad for him.
  • The return of the Waterfall gag from Chapter 29, though this time Iris walked in and joined Anabel.
  • A newly caught Primeape decides to use Seismic Toss on Ash (when he wanted to show him Cross Chop instead).
  • Ash wondering how Brock and Cilan managed to stay smooth when he never saw them shaving their faces, and wondered if there's a new mystery to add to the others about the old timeline.
  • Ash tries to make a new Z-Crystal, and fails completely, again.
  • Drew is addicted to licking stamps.
  • The rather strange song sang by Fender, another Ash sibling, that makes Ash wonder if it was made on drugs, tiredness or an excessive amount of caffeine.
    • Said song is the Tigger Song, but with the song's theme changed from tiggers, to girls. Bouncy has a very different context in it.
  • During a visit to the Seafoam Islands caves the group comes across Articuno, and after it leaves Dexter makes a sound as if it has won the jackpot.
    Dexter: Data obtained. Let's do Zapdos next!
  • The omake at the end has Charizard practicing Seismic Toss, and Togepi adorably tries to imitate him. Then, Charizard begins to wonder whether he could teach Togepi to do that, or learn Flamethrower, or some other stuff. Pikachu senses a disturbance on the force of all things pure and innocent.
    • Even funnier when you remember that, indeed, Togepi can learn Flamethrower. And Seismic Toss.

    Cinnabar Chapter Major 
  • A group of boys attempt to peek on the women's side of the inn's hotsprings, and Ash chides on them for it. There's one who suggests that Ash has probably seen them and doesn't want to share. He's not that far off on the first part.
    • He even mentally snarks that if he really wanted to see one of them naked, he could just ask Iris. Ash then wonders where that thought had come from, and blames puberty teaming up with karma.
    • And then they trigger a security measure that causes the water to boil too hot if they stick close to the wall for too long. It's on both sides, as it was set up because a Dirty Old Woman tried to sneak with a screwdriver.
  • The first thing Blaine asks Ash when meeting him, after looking over his gym history, is wonder why he's still alive.
  • Ash refusing to explain all the profanities Primeape is saying during the battle.
  • The question of how a punch made an explosion.

    Cinnabar Chapter Minor 
  • When Ash catches the flying Goodra, Pikachu jumps off his shoulder and lands on the field. Unfortunately, the judge robot assumes this means Pikachu is in play as the fourth Pokémon.
  • After Ash and co. leave, Alish tries to ask Blaine something, but he quickly denies it, saying that she shouldn't be drawn into teen drama before her time.
    Alish: But wait, aren't I a teenager?
    Blaine: Yes, but one without teen drama. I'd like to keep it that way for a while.
  • While the group celebrates Ash's victory with some ice-creams, Iris finally succumbs to her lack of sleep... on Ash's shoulder. Misty is not amused.
    • And before Iris' ice-cream melts, Psyduck snatches it for himself.
  • Misty learning Aqua Ring by accident.

    Pallet Chapter Misty 
  • Delia hugging Ash as he comes in the door, and being caught off guard by all the new muscle mass.
  • One of Ash's Grimer had an egg with a Koffing, and is showing it around.
  • Misty being caught off-guard by Ash using Bulbasaur against Psyduck. Even more when Bulbasaur defeats Psyduck like in the anime: by tickling him and licking his head.

    Pallet Chapter Iris 
  • Remember that drinking contest that still haunts Prof. Oak? Turns out it was motivated by Charles Goodshow. Goodshow himself entered the contest as 7th drinker (or 6th, he doesn't remember).
  • Pikachu wondering if all Dragonites have Multiscale as an Ability, and not just Oak's, since he's too exhausted to have them still standing after a Z-Move.
  • Dexter gets annoyed that Ash and the rest are ignoring his briefing on the other trainers, comparing it to ignoring the T.V. in the background.
    • One of the trainers he names is named Phil Ein, or Fill in.
  • The way Mandi reacts to his Exeggutor getting defeated easily by Iris' Axew and his subsequent evolution. Poor guy can't catch a break no matter on which timeline he's in.

    Pallet Chapter Anabel 
  • Midori ending up forced to pose in his boxers so his companions can shove the painting in his face when he worries about being physically inadequate.
  • Ash's first thought upon seeing a Golisopod is wondering just how he'd explain the fact that Bug/Water types exist to Misty, and him claiming he can already hear her screaming in terror in his mind.
  • Some Pallet girls complaining about how Iris, Misty, and Anabel always "hog" Ash.
  • Anabel discovering her Dream Walker powers just in time to witness Iris's very first Erotic Dream. Awkward.
  • Delia's dream about her frantic attempts to get through a workday at her restaurant is pretty funny in its own Real Dreams are Weirder way.
    Delia: Where is the butter? Where are the onions? Why is there so much zucchini? Oh what am I to do, oh dear oh dear oh dear!
  • Just when Ash is finally getting used to lightly-dressed combat training with Iris, she brings in a shirtless Anabel to their sessions. Poor guy is so Distracted by the Sexy that Iris slams him to the ground as part of a demonstration on how to take down an inattentive opponent.
  • When Anabel decides to take Delia's suggestion to write a blog, she tries to get Dexter's help for it. While the device at first refuses, on the grounds that he's supposed to help Ash, not her, she takes a jab at his ego, suggesting that he's refusing because he can't.
    Anabel: [writing] So, even with all of that advancement you don't think you can make a simple little blog? One that couldn't show the entire world what you and the people you've worked with have accomplished?
    Dexter: I could do far more than a blog flesh entity. I can calculate fourteen different ways to restart the Trainer-Ranger wars right here and now and could implement them in seconds, just as easily as I could hack into Team Rocket's personal files and dump them out into the world at large for all to see in the most devastating leak in criminal history. I will do neither of course, but a blog is trivial. [...] In fact I could do beyond a blog. A blog is so easy a Lilipup could do it, and it wouldn't even need to be able to speak a human language to do so. I could make a blog that is practically untraceable, and have it appear first in countless search algorithms. I could make it the most accessible, visually appealing, and profitable blog in human history, and I wouldn't even take an iota of my processing…
    Dexter: Did you just employ reverse-psychology on me?
  • Togepi cheerfully demonstrating Flamethrower... in the middle of a Pokemon center. Making the other trainers nervous, Ash embarrassed, and the Chansey at the front desk upset.

    The Powerful Gym Leader Giovanni 
  • Steven is surprised to learn that the Draconids do have e-mail and that he could have contacted them that way instead of flying out to them. But as it turns out, they got it from the Rangers, so he can't contact them that way anyway without asking for legal problems.
  • Fresh out of losing Mewtwo, Giovanni is not happy that Ash is coming to challenge his Gym. All he can do is send Butch and Cassidy to buy some time while he thinks of something, after shooting down James' suggestion of bringing one of their mechas to try and stop Ash.
  • During the call, Giovanni wants to throw the phone down in frustration, but decides against it when he sees the millions of dollars of damage Mewtwo did on his way out.
  • Butch says that Ash is "light years from facing Giovanni". Anabel mentally corrects him on how light years are a measure of distance, not time.
  • During the entire scene, not even mentally Ash gets Butch's name right. At one point he refers to him as "Not James".
  • Ash proceeds to beat the crap out of Butch and Cassidy's Pokémon when they refuse to let him through. Special mention to Togepi who spins around a Hitmontop. Even Giovanni is shocked at that.
  • Squirtle feels relieved when he finally takes out Giovanni's Rhydon, and then asks how many more are left. Giovanni breaks it to him that Rhydon was just the first, causing him to have a Jaw Drop.
  • Squirtle tries to use his tail to sense Giovanni's Dugtrio underground... and it doesn't work.
  • Yanma uses a pseudo-Seismic Toss on Giovanni's Marowak. Dexter calls it an error because he can't learn that move.
  • Giovanni's Steelix uses Explosion to take out Yanma, blasting him away towards the group. Misty is the one to catch him... and she's left paralyzed until after Ash thanks her for doing so.
  • Giovanni unknowingly echoing Ash from the last chapter and wondering to him what will happen when her quest causes her to reach a Golisopod. Ash thinks that unless it or its previous evolution does one of the buggy things even he can agree on are gross, like fluid draining, whatever allows Misty to find Water-types like Gyarados and Tentacruel charming should win out.
  • Serperior finally gets to defeat an opponent using Attract: Giovanni's Rhyperior.
  • Back in Pallet Town, Delia wants to throw another party for Ash. Misty suggests they wait until before the League.
  • Among the replies in her blog, Anabel finds one from the Pokémon Mystery Club, of all people, asking her if Bloodliners are connected to extraterrestrial Pokémon.

    Mewtwo Strikes Back Part 1 
  • The beach scenes at the start are full of funny moments:
    • Anabel and Iris come over to Ash so he can rub suntan lotion on them. When Ash tries to slip away, Pikachu won't let him.
    • Iris tries to suggest that Ash rubs the lotion not just on their backs, but also on their fronts. Anabel has to tell her that doing that is considered creepy (though her inner thoughts reveal that she wouldn't mind too much).
    • All the while Ash is torn between feeling embarrassed and actually enjoying rubbing the lotion on the girls. He wishes he had whatever his age was again so he wouldn't get distracted with their bodies.
    • A trainer shows up and berates Ash on "selling his dignity". Anabel reads his mind and quickly realizes he's actually boiling in jealousy and can't help but get an eyeful of Misty.
    • Mewtwo's Dragonite shows up and blows everybody with a gust, knocking poor Psyduck on his back. Misty isn't annoyed by that; instead she's annoyed because Dragonite interrupted her flirting with Ash and she was having fun.
  • Mewtwo's thoughts about how humans are superior to Pokémon in mind... and sweat glands.
  • Ash calling out the girls on how they berated him over trying to surf the Humungadunga wave, and now they want to brave an unnatural rainstorm. Misty counters that riding on a Gyarados is safer than on a surfboard.
  • Even while mind-controlled, the Nurse Joy still has enough awareness to stay away from Ash's Grimer and their hugs.
  • Two of Ash's Vivillon preemptively put Jigglypuff to sleep before she does it to everyone else.
  • Pikachu spots Red's Clefairy approaching Fraxure, and obviously assumes he's out for blood again. Turns out he just came over to apologize for his behavior and promise not to do it again, leaving both Pikachu and Fraxure dumbfounded.
  • Mewtwo considers tossing Alexander Silph's submarine to the moon.
  • Misty finally discovers Golisopod, courtesy of Alexander Silph. Ash was correct in assuming she'd have a bit of a freak-out. She mentally compares it to how Iris needs to fight Hunter J in order to free her family.
  • Paul's "you can't be serious" reaction to Ash extending Mewtwo the olive branch.

    Mewtwo Strikes Back Part 2 
  • Despite the tension, Dexter's conversations with Paul's Pokédex and Cepu are full of this. Their reactions to his plan to blow up New Island to kill Mewtwo is that he's gone completely insane, so he just shuts them down.
  • After the whole ordeal is over, once again Professor Oak decides to avoid asking questions about Dexter having gotten blown to bits.
  • Ash asks Lucario if there's something he can do to help him. Lucario just asks for some more chocolate, having clearly enjoyed it.

    After the Storm, Before the League 
  • Ash has another strange dream: suddenly finding himself fighting against a girl with a Wooloo whose accent makes it impossible for him to tell what she's saying. Yes, Ash ended up encountering the Scottish Pokemon Trainer.
  • The conversation between Ash and Casey alternates between them talking about serious and funny bits:
    • Ash assuming that Casey can understand Pikachu's speech. Turns out that he can't and directly asks Ash to translate for him.
    • Ash imagines five Callistas from different points in time meeting to play poker.
    • When Casey refuses to divulge the reasons why they shouldn't use Z-Moves against Mega Evolved or similar Pokémon, Pikachu immediately assumes "You aren't going to tell us what it is because reasons". Casey correcly guesses what he meant by that.
  • Ash, Lucario and Pikachu stare wide-eyed when Muk accidentally loses an arm during training, while he just absorbs and regrows it without any trouble. Ash then wishes he had the Pokédex at hand so it would spit out random info.
    • Before that, there's their argument about their music preferences. Lucario likes country, which Pikachu hates, and the reverse is true for pop. When Ash says that he likes rock, Lucario replies that it's nothing to be ashamed of, causing him to have a Jaw Drop when he realizes he's serious.
  • Professor Oak mentions that Serperior got angry when she realized that she still had hands, but too tiny to be useful, and started destroying things in frustration. Apparently Bulbasaur managed to calm her down somehow.
    • It's implied that Psyduck of all Pokemon was the one who pointed this out.
  • When Dexter starts up in his new body, the first thing he asks is how they managed to escape Mewtwo alive... and why Ash has a Lucario registered to his ownership.
  • Professor Oak offers Misty a Water Pokémon that snuck aboard an Alolan ship. She accepts without bothering to even ask what it is and puts the ball close to her face... to reveal a Wimpod.
  • After Bulbasaur manages to catch Wimpod, and grabs him with the vines to bring him back to the others.
    Wimpod: Oh no! Vines! Tentacles! Stringy things that bind people! Help me, help me!
    Bulbasaur: (tries to put Wimpod on the floor)
    Wimpod: Oh no! Floor! Pain! Chemical cleaning that tastes horrible! Help me, help me!
    Bulbasaur: (tries to lift Wimpod away from the floor again)
    Wimpod: Oh no! I'm being raised again! I'm going to be smacked from a high height! I'm going to be torn apart by the ceiling fan! I'm too far from the ground! Help me, help me!
    Bulbasaur: (annoyed) I'm not going to win with this, am I?
  • Right when Misty and Wimpod are having a tender moment, a Venomoth teleports out of nowhere, causing Misty to run away in terror again, but this time with Wimpod. Psyduck remarks that at least that's a progress.
    • Meanwhile, the Venomoth (that belongs to Koga) wonders: "Why do people always do that when I teleport close to them? Even some ninjas."
  • That night, Misty can't sleep, so she brings Psyduck outside, telling him that he needs him to snore. Psyduck is understandably confused at that.
  • While relaxing at a pond, Ash and Lucario discuss the possibility of bringing Squirtle to learn Aura Sphere with them. Pikachu adds his own two cents:
    Pikachu: Plus you could even teach it to Misty's turtle troop. Just think of how happy she'd be if you taught Blastoise the move for her. She's be so happy she'd probably forget you are all confused teenagers unsure of what you all are doing and give you a big kiss right there.
    Narration: Yeah, that would be a good idea! Thank you Pikachu, that would easily be one of his best days ever… [...] He stopped the thought right there and glared up at his buddy, who had an amused look on his face.
    Pikachu: It's still a good idea, you can't deny that.
  • Meanwhile, the girls are relaxing at another pond.
    Misty: You know, when I imagined Iris being naked around me involving water, I was expecting a waterfall. That was how it seemed to happen the other times.
    Iris: We did not see a waterfall, so I could not do that. I could join you in a shower in Ash's house if you really want.
    Misty: Please don't.
    Narration: Ash's mom probably had some strange ideas as it was, and she and Iris in the shower at the same time would probably not help.
  • Misty starts feeling embarrassed when Iris looks at her body, and finds herself wishing that a peeping tom or Team Rocket showed up to interrupt them just to shake that feeling off.
  • Squirtle's first attempt to learn Aura Sphere. It didn't go too well.
    "Gah, curse evolutionary advantages!"
  • When Bruno shows up, the first thing Ash's mons start doing is arguing whether he might be related to Ash. Or to Brock.
    • Also, his casual mention about how he taught Agatha how to do a headlock on an assailant.
  • Pikachu's Really Gets Around antics finally got him in trouble, when he ends up mating with a Pokémon he really shouldn't have.
    Ash: Pikachu, you did what!?
    Pikachu: She was so squishy…
    Dexter: Congratulations human, you will soon have an Igglybuff registered to your ownership.

    Indigo League 1: Crush 
  • While the group is eating the night before the start of the Leauge, Iris asks Ash what he would do if he happened to win the League.
    Ash: Well, I'd probably jump for in the air and whoop in joy I guess. Probably throw Pikachu into the air before I realize that was stupid, but I don't think he'd be too angry at me for it.
    Pikachu: I wouldn't be at the moment, but I would electrocute you the moment you are done celebrating in public.
  • Ash mentioning how the girls have stuck by him through kidnappings, family madness, and completely logical surfing choices. The last one gets Misty in particular annoyed.
  • When Ash spots Ritchie's battle, Pikachu immediately bets a bottle of ketchup that they are related in this timeline. Ash wisely declines taking Pikachu up on that offer.
  • Pikachu and Dexter react in disbelief when Ash expresses his team plan, specifically regarding his choice of his two "trump cards". Especially because we don't get to hear what he's suggesting.
  • For a change, Iris doesn't walk into someone showering: she gets walked into by a still sleepy Ash. The sight of her naked and wet instantly wakes him up, and he forces himself to keep looking at her towel as she moves it around her body.
  • Jeanette sends out Bellsprout, her last Pokémon, against a Golem to both the trainer's and Pokémon's laughter due to them thinking that she sent a weak Pokémon and that this will be over quick. Once she gives Bellsprout the order to attack:
    Crowd: [Stunned Silence]
    Announcer: You are seeing exactly what you are seeing folks! I'm drug tested, and I am seeing Bellsprout slam Golem around like nothing!
    • For added hilarity, going by the official weights, Bellsprout weighs a little less then 9 lbs. Golem weighs nearly 700 lbs. No wonder the possibility of hallucinogens was brought up.
  • The Rookie Crusher and his fans start yelling out that there's no way Ash can be a rookie. Even Pikachu lampshades how weird it is that he's technically correct.
  • At the end, they need to call medics to take the Crusher out because he's not responsive after losing.

    Indigo League 2: Forward 
  • Right before the start of the battle between Ash and Joshua, the announcer has this to say before stating the rules of the battle:
    Announcer: Now I'm sure that you've all grown tired of hearing this by now, but we have to say it for legal reasons!
  • After Raichu defeats Joshua's Magneton, Joshua's left so flabbergasted that the announcer has to call "How does his opponent respond?" three times in a row. When that doesn't work, the referee cuts in with "Make your selection or be disqualified by mental collapse".
  • Ash and Misty's Date, no matter how much they try to deny it:
    • Misty is playing a Luvdisc Scooping Game. When Misty catches two non-shiny Luvdisc, Dexter is insistent that she also grab the shiny Luvdisc that happens to be in the tank, when Misty points out that she left the rest of her money back at the cabin:
      Dexter: I can pay as many times as you want. You can't just leave it.
      Ash: Hey, that's my money you're offering there!
      Dexter: It'll be worth it. Besides, it won't be too hard for her, as she just proved. Also, as the one who handled your bills and expenses, I can certainly tell you that you are hardly in any financial concerns from this activity. You could spend the rest of the League trying it and still afford to feed all of yourselves without issue.
      Misty: I'll pass.
    • Then as they leave and Dexter tells Ash not to be distracted by their little date.
      Ash & Misty: IT'S NOT A DATE!
      Dexter: A boy and a girl, hanging out together in a street full of game stands during a festival, and even winning prizes for each other. If that's not a date, then I should update that word in my dictionary.
      Pikachu I agree.
  • There's something rather amusing about the fact that The Samurai, of all people, somehow managed to not only make it to the League, but outlasted several League veterans by advancing through multiple rounds.

    Indigo League 3: Reunion 
  • Pikachu wakes up in the early morning and spies on a videocall between Professor Oak and Professor Sycamore. He manages to catch that Ash's Froakie is there with Sycamore, and the frog has some snarky comments about the scientists' conversation:
    Sycamore: No need to strain yourself on my behalf. It could probably have waited until morning; the answer was pretty obvious. I don't get how something that simple could have slipped my mind.
    Froakie: Probably because you were so busy with that youth camp these last few weeks, and philandering with female politicians to not have to worry about your budget when you returned and before you had departed. Though seeing as none of you see the mouse spying on us you are probably both too tired to make the best decisions today.
  • Right after Oak hangs up, he gets another call from Professor Ivy almost immediately, and Pikachu hears him utter an archaic swear word that we don't get to know
  • As soon as Ash wakes up, he hears Delia trying to get Misty to spill the beans about their Not a Date yesterday. Anabel offers to distract her while he and Iris escape through the window, adding that he'll owe her a date later.
  • The first stop for Ash and Iris' date is a mirror house. Iris gets interested in trying to find a mirror that makes their chests look like Misty's, much to Ash's amusement.
  • When they come across the Curry-Eating Contest, Ash is left wondering how the announcer manages to speak that much without breathing.
  • Towards the end of the contest, Iris lends Ash her spoon so he can wield it with his own to eat faster.
  • Right after they return to the cabin, Iris gives Ash a kiss on the cheek, asking if she did it right. Ash meanwhile is left standing there with the basket they won at the contest in hand, without moving.
  • What was supposed to be a strategy meeting end with Ash's Pokémon snarking about how their trainer is more afraid of romance than he is of losing.
  • As usual, Misty cannot resist using her physical appeal to tease Ash while they're lounging at the pool, while Ash tries too hard to not to ogle her. Then when their conversation turns into a heart-to-heart, Elwood and Aideen show up to spoil it.
  • During Ash's match against Kaia, at one point Misty mentions having to deal with fans of the Electabuzz baseball team, in a match against the Cerulean Starmies. Apparently they're loud enough to cause Oak and Delia to have the chills just at their mention.
  • Pikachu gets affected by a Swagger from Kaia's Crobat, and starts yelling about wanting May's Purple Surprise all for himself before knocking himself out. When he regains consciousness later, he feels the urge to wash his mouth.
  • Towards the end of the chapter, Red wants to ask Ash and his companions to take care of Yellow during his next matches, and even after they say yes, he continues to ramble about how they're the only ones he can trust with that.
  • Not long after, a group of thugs who were rooting for the Rookie Crusher come to avenge him. Naturally, Curb-Stomp Battle ensues when Ash's companions decide to step in.
    • Also, one of them calls Ash "Taffy Cheat", and another calls Red "Vampire".

    Indigo League 4: Charizard 
  • Anabel remarks that there's one thing Misty could do to be less prepared for the Whirl Cup: getting a swimsuit like the one her grandmother wears in the video they're watching.
  • Pikachu teasing Ash by suggesting a couple of feminine bodies sharing a bed with him would help him sleep.
  • Later when they're walking through the Dream World, Charizard suggests that if Ash is so worried about relationships with his female companions, he should just wing it and do what half of his siblings seem to do. Ash tries to argue that it's not even half of them, and Charizard shrugs and quickly points out Ash didn't say no to that option.
  • The Pokédex wakes Ash with option fifteen in the random alarm, the worst of all.
  • According to Lucario, Sir Aaron apparently learned the hard way not to step on wet shed dragon skins.
  • Several during Ash and Cross' battle:
    • Ash ends up causing the Announcer's drink to spill multiple times on him during the battle. At one point he even calls him "Ketchum, enemy of drinks".
    • During the battle between Muk and Lycanroc, Muk does a new attack. As they are wondering what that was, it is announced as Moonblast to the surprise of all four of them that Muk (a Poison Type) is able to learn a Fairy type move.
      • Professor Oak's haiku about it:
        Oak: Pokémon, are strange. Muk, are strange. Strange does as strange does.
        Delia: Samuel, that doesn’t explain anything.
        Oak: I know.
    • And when the battle is over and Ash has won:
      Announcer: And with that the battle is over! Ketchum has won an intense battle, and spilled three of my drinks on my pants in the process. He should be very proud of himself.
      Ash: I can't tell if he's actually congratulating me for winning or he's angry at me.
  • After Cross leaves, this little exchange between Ash and Charizard:
    Ash: Wonder if he got it, now...
    Charizard: Oh, he did. He just doesn't want to admit it. I know a thing or two of those prideful and stubborn types.
    Ash: Oh, I'm sure you do.

    Indigo League 4: Anabel Date 
  • When Anabel approaches Ash to ask him for a favor, Pikachu quickly enough guesses she's going to ask him out on a date.
  • Anabel takes Ash to a bar, deciding to drink some alcohol since now she's legal enough to do so. She brings one of the Monodexes as a talking device, though it still has a few bugs to iron out:
    Ash: This place serves stuff I can drink right?
    Anabel: (talking through the Monodex) Milk. (through telepathy) I mean to say a lot of things. Like I said, it isn’t the perfect translator. Especially given I think it found that translation funny.
  • The Team Rocket trio is also hanging out at the bar. Meowth voices concern over Ash drinking while still underage, and Ash quickly retorts that he's getting milk, easing their worries.
  • It took Ash two whole timelines to realize that Jessilina was Jessie all along.
  • Once they get their drinks, they make a toast:
    Ash: To strong bones!
    Anabel: To tasting what being an adult is like!
    Pikachu: To a second round of dates for the best of sixteen, eight, and four rounds!
    Meowth: To Jessie’s depression at her hard work rendered completely pointless!
  • Poor Anabel couldn't even finish a full glass and she's already unable to keep her balance.
  • Seems Misty has rubbed off on Anabel on the teasing of Ash, as she tells him they'll be doing Sexy Surfacing Shots for him, and they expect him to do the same for them.
  • Their dance date ends with them encountering a Moltres who attacks them, but once satisfied stops. The bird is so happy for having such a great battle in a long time, it even lets Charizard and Espeon get away with calling it things like "oversized Pidgey" and "crazy bird".
  • The Pokédex quickly suggests they don't tell Delia about this encounter. Everyone agrees.

    Indigo League 4.5: Misty and the Whirl Cup 
  • Just like Pikachu a couple of chapters earlier, Locke's Drednaw starts saying nonsensical things after getting confused by Poliwrath's Dynamicpunch.
    Drednaw: Merry be merry life is but a dream.
  • Delia overhears Misty and Marina's conversation, especially the "lovers" part. She comes and offers Misty something that will "help" her and the others, when they decide to take their relationship with Ash to the next step. Misty can only beg mentally that they hurry up with the battlefield's repairs to spare herself of the embarrassment.

    Indigo League 5: Gary 
  • During the girls' talk at the beginning, Misty and Anabel are wearing their sleeping clothes, while Iris is only covered by her hair. The narration reveals they locked the door before turning in for the night just in case.
  • Misty's Love Epiphany is on equal parts heartwarming and funny. She starts rambling on everything she loves about Ash (including helping people despite having Caterpies or death wishes riding giant waves), until she runs out of breath. At the end, Anabel calls it enough bravery for one night.
  • When they meet the next day, Gary mentions having invited Ash for breakfast once, and his wallet still being upset about it. The two start arguing over who owes who, Ash for Gary treating him, or Gary for still having a tab in Pallet House (which Gary claims he owes to Delia, not Ash).
  • When the battle starts, and Paul is announced as Reggie's brother, one of the members of the crowd remarks that Paul isn't as cute as Reggie.

    Indigo League 5: Farfetch'd and Marowak 
  • Almost at the start of the battle, Otoshi switches his Tangrowth for a Politoed, and Dexter immediately says that its cries could be terrifying to the unprepared. Mentally Ash muses that "It's not a Gyarados", only to immediately take back his thoughts when it uses Hyper Voice.
  • During the second half, Ash sends out his Yanma against Otoshi's Electivire, and orders him to destroy the Rain Dance clouds. Both Otoshi and the announcer are confused, but the latter quickly realizes what it means and orders the deployment of the sound-blocking Kadabras.
  • Anabel's speaking Monodex swears upon seeing Marowak's Break Evolution.
  • When Ash finally reveals his final Pokémon, both Otoshi and the announcer are puzzled to see a three-leek Farfetch'd.

    Indigo League 5: Red 
  • Alexander Sliph sends out a Alolan Marowak to begin his battle with Red. After Dexter tells the group that Cubone evolves into a Fire/Ghost type due to the danger of Grass types in Alola. Iris points out it doesn't that make much sense for that to be the reason.
    Iris: I was actually talking about the Grass Pokémon part. Alola actually does not have a lot of carnivorous Grass Pokémon other than Lurantis, Dhelmise and Rowlet and its evolutions. Lurantis also are not all of that common and Cubone do not live in forests where they would live. A Pokémon called Shiinotic also lives in forests that could be a threat, but it does not really seem to fit. Rowlet are even rarer and Dhelmise are only found in or near water.
    [Beat as they realize the point she just made.]
    Oak: I'm going to have a long phone call with my cousin after this battle.
  • Ash tries to encourage Red, suggesting that his Dodrio could just Mega Kick to jump in the air to get close. Delia chides him for "backseat battling", considering it rude and embarrassing, while Oak points out that Dodrio can't use Mega Kick.
  • Dexter casually mentions one recorded instance of a village in Hoenn that defended against the wrath of Kyogre using an army of Shedinja. Of course, they didn't do so good against Groudon later on.
  • Red's Pikachu ends up learning a Water-type move in the nick of time to turn the tide around. Dexter insists that it's Surf, while Ash suggests it's a different move and wants to call it Splishy Splash. Dexter tells Ash to never name anything again.

    Indigo League 6: Fire, Ice and Lightning 
  • During the morning training, they decide to have a running race, and bet that the winner gets to kiss Ash. Anabel ends up cheating by teleporting during the last lap and steals the kiss from Ash, so she ends up having to do an extra lap as punishment. Not that she minds.
  • When Ash sees a photo of Professor Ivy, his reaction to her attractiveness is so shocking to him that he briefly wonders if this is how Brock felt in the original timeline whenever he saw a pretty girl, and is simultaneously understanding of why Brock left to stay with Professor Ivy and apologetic towards Brock for making fun of his crushes.

    Expanded Universe 
Johanna Gaiden
  • As a cash strapped Johanna ponders which bills to skip out on paying, one of the possibilities is the gas bill for heating. Glameow's response? Give her a look that said, "Take away my heated vent and suffer the consequences."

Koga & Janine Gaiden

  • One of Koga's students uses a jetpack jutsu. Yes, that's right, a jetpack jutsu.
  • The sixth rule of the Ninja: lawyers are one of 5 mortal enemies of the Ninja.

Cynthia Gaiden

  • When exiting the Tomb of the Ice King, Cynthia and Gible are mostly fine, but Riolu is trapped in a large ice cube!
    • Riolu himself is a walking CMOF during the entire oneshot. Just try to imagine him acting and freaking out like Courage the Cowardly Dog and not to laugh.
  • Cynthia attempts to deal with the hostile Spiritomb with a hammer, and it works.

Gary Interlude

  • Most everything Casey Snagem does. Given he's basically a older Canon Ash, it isn't hard to see why he is this.
  • The mental image of Reggie in a bar fight.

Whitney Interlude

  • A challenger is happy because he defeated Whitney's Miltank. Whitney's next Pokemon? Another Miltank. Said challenger promptly cries.
    • Even funnier with this fancomic depicting the scene. You can see the terror in Skarmory's face!
  • Curious about win percentages, she calls up the Johto Gym Leaders for further information. When she calls Pryce, he immediately hangs up on her.

Falkner Gaiden

Holiday Special 2016

  • A Team Skull Grunt traveled all the way to Hoenn to fight Wally because of his adventures in his oneshot and beyond. Gallade was not amused, and the Grunt had a bad holiday.
  • Volkner isn't very fond of Christmas. Flint tries to pull off the "Three Christmas Ghosts" act with help from Crasher Wake and Fantina to try and cheer him up. He fails, partly because Volkner sees his afro and his Infernape's tail through the disguise, and partly because he tries to pull this off every year.
  • Erika's confusion while at a videogame shop, not understanding things like games being for multiple platforms. Krista's explanations only leave her more confused.
  • The image of Team Aqua engaging in caroling. Their Spheal seem to enjoy their singing. Their Poochyena... not so much.
  • The owner of Scarf it Down has the back luck of running into Drayden right when he's about to close shop. He shakes in fear when he realizes the Valerie scarf he's come to buy is out of stock.
  • The Samurai finds out the hard way why you shouldn't make Abomasnow angry.

20 Gyarados Bill Gaiden

  • Dark humor, but Chapter 23 of the main story mentions that the largest amount of people killed by a Gyarados in one bite is '24 humans and a Pidgey'. We see it happen in 20 Gyarados Bill Gaiden, and we see Bill congratulate the Gyarados who earned the record. Said Gyarados beamed over it.

Astrid Gaiden

Erika Interlude

  • After her battle with Ash, news that Erika is accepting challenges from males again spread within hours. That's right, hours.
  • The males who challenged her ranged from the inevitable jerkass, to the ones that were just, well, bizarre.
  • After A.J., a challenger comes in and gives a dramatic speech, only for Erika to have a narcolepsy attack.

Kiawe Interlude

  • Gligarman apparently contributed in breaking the "Golden Age of Crime" during the last war. It's much harder not to imagine him as the "Adam West-Batman (1966)" equivalent of the Resetverse now.
  • The thugs whom Kiawe faces in the flashback, sheer numbers aside, are too pathetic to actually be taken seriously. To wit...
    • Several of the lower ranked ones are surprised to see Alolan Marowak and assume it's a shiny Pokemon set on fire.
    • Reacting in shock that Turtonator's shell exploded.
    • One assumes that, because Rowlet is round, that it's an Alolan Jigglypuff.
    • The boss is better informed, and criticizes his men for not watching the documentary he picked out.
    • One of the thugs giving a Too Much Information retort after being called "diseased".
  • Frax decides to face Kiawe as an equal... so he promptly removes his shirt and begins showing off his muscles. Even more, Kiawe himself can't resist to respond in kind. Lana approves.
  • The Skull Grunt from the Holiday Special returns, and he's just as dumb as ever. This is a guy who broke a Pokeblock machine by putting a potato in it. To make french fries.
  • The return of the 'Daycared' euphemism.
  • The mental image of Hau and a Munchlax having a tug of war over Malasada.

Hala & Hau Interlude

  • In The Stinger, Hala and Hau decide to go to the Aether Bug-catching Contest. They find that Frax and Velvet had to volunteer for extra credits due to failing their assignments. Which includes having to wear human-sized Ledian and Ariados suits.
  • Hala notes during the oneshot that Tapu Koko's tendency to pester him is much worse than the other two guardians. They only give dating advice, and sudden urban landscaping, in the cases of Tapu Lele and Bulu. While the latter is canonical, there is a odd mental image of Tapu Lele trying to get Olivia a boyfriend that is oddly hilarious.
  • According to Hau, Velvet and Frax eat more than Sophocles, and just get taller instead of chubby. This hint of their status as Bloodliners is followed by Velvet snarking about a couple of future chubby kahunas.

Looker Interlude

  • According to Looker, there was apparently an attempt at making a Aether Foundation theme song. Apparently it was immensely, immensely bad. Note this came from Nanu, who likely has to listen to Team Skull all the time. If he calls it bad, you know it sucked.

Luana Gaiden

Happy Birthday, Ash!

  • Ash may not have been amused, but it was to everyone else when Delia said the winner of the musical chairs event gets to dance with Ash.

Gladion Interlude

Big P Pokemon Race Interlude

  • As per usual, Dexter gives off some brilliant snark when he comments on Ash's talents:
  • Misty finally learns about Serena, and demands more information from Ash. Ash's Pikachu and Lara's Ponyta shared a look and quickly vacated the area.

Black Rose Tournament Interlude

Sho Interlude

  • The first thing his new Electrike does upon meeting Sho? Bite him the way Ash's Gible bites him.

Laramie Gaiden

  • Despite the seriousness of their situation, Leeroy takes his chance to snark at Jenkins when a Pidgeot he attempts to capture breaks the disk of his Styler, rendering it useless:
    Leeroy: How impressive of ya.
    Jenkins: Shut it!

Frax and Velvet Interlude

  • Velvet tells Frax that saying "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" is asking for everything to go wrong. Not that it prevents her from saying it when they get an ancient vase for their mother, almost dropping it during their flight on Kiawe's Charizard.
  • Remember the brief flashback where Hau and Munchlax had a tug-of-war over malasada in Kiawe Interlude? We get to see the full scene in its entirety here!

Wicke and Nephew Interlude

  • Remember the Aether Foundation anthem song? Turns out it was Wicke who tried to make it. And she admits to herself that her musical composition skills suck.
  • Zilant rejects the Z-ring from Tapu Koko, with Tapu Koko reacting to the aftermath by drinking more of Hala's root beer. Hala for his part decides to practice helping other people deal with rejection, seeing as his grandson is at the age to be heartbroken.
    • Before the rejection really sets in, you can see Tapu-Koko seemingly struggle to comprehend that it's even being rejected.
  • After Zilant manages to get a hostile Skarmory to leave, it ends up at Team Skull's territory where it ate their cereal. Guzma decided to beat it down down down into the ground. Plumeria considered stopping her boss before she realized it ate her favourite cereal as well, in which case she decided to join in on the beating.

Dude Gaiden

  • Intended as an Affectionate Parody of the Resetverse, this oneshot is hilarious all over the place:
    • After waiting for a successor for several hours, Dude considers ringing fate to remind it he existed.
    • MissingNo is angry that its attempts to torment Ash aren't working, and goes on a tirade on how the minor characters are getting their own adventures. A World Half Full seems half-empty to it.
    • The Dude meets Casey Snagem's daughters, and he saves them from a vicious Rattata. He's expecting a Rescue Romance with all of them... only for them to just thank him by paying some money and go their own way.
    • Later, he goes on a quest to help a girl catch a Legendary... a Mini-Arcanine.
      Narration: That capture was sure to leave its mark on history, and whoever underestimated the power of the Dude was in for a rude awakening.
    • You think a Splash Bloodline would be useless? Think again: it actually comes in pretty handy for fishing Magikarp and Feebas.
    • Dude ends up in an underground catching tournament, where participants have to steal each other's Pokemon. Everyone quickly realizes Dude isn't a criminal and tries to steal from him, until they learn he doesn't have any.
    • A Team Rocket grunt is attacking a girl, and the Dude rushes to help by throwing a Pokéball at him. The girl takes the chance to smack him with her purse, and by the end, it's the grunt who flees in terror from the girl's assault.
    • At the end, MissingNo is not amused that "the most random dude out there" is talking him down. Epic Fail at trolling and tormenting, as it were.

SS Anne Interlude

  • Doubling as awesome, but Misty faked enthusiasm and passion convincingly enough to get the Magikarp salesman to fall for her ruse hook, line and stinker, and got him to give her his contact details so she could report him to the authorities.
  • Misty has fun being The Tease to Ash, making him stumble over his own words.
  • Dexter appears to be annoyed by Ash's tendency of defeating evolved mons with their pre-evolved forms.

Jane Jackrum Interlude

  • Jane being a little too enthusiastic for her first mission before Wendy calms her down and says it's just a simple bodyguarding mission.
  • Jolanka's bosses at Altru Inc didn't initially let her have the day off to attend her daughter's graduation ceremony, but Jenkins' Pidgeot managed to convince them otherwise.
    Narration: Said Pidgeot looked all too proud of himself.

Clair Interlude

Agatha & Sam Gaiden

  • In spite of the dark tone of the story, there is one funny line by Agatha:
    Agatha: Professor Oak. It has a nice ring to it.
    Sam: You think so?
    Agatha: Yeah, too bad it will never happen.

Holiday Special 2017

  • Cynthia apparently once got in a fight with another girl over a swimsuit, giving a headlock.
  • Flint is ready to snap Volkner out of his holiday funk, and once again enlists Fantina and Crasher Wake's help. Problem is, this year Volkner is not depressed anymore.
    Flint: Say, Fantina, you don't happen to know someone else that needs some 'Ghosts of Christmas' treatment, right?
  • As a child, Lillie once overheard her parents making a lot of mortifying sounds and moans. Lana had to explain it to her.
  • Bonnie's Christmas present for her brother: a long line of beautiful young women for him to marry. Poor Clemont just faints at it.
  • The Pichu Bros and their posse decide to compete in a Christmas Tree contest in Big Town. At first, it looks like they're gonna win... until Pichu Big calls a small army of Voltorb to end the show. The audience and the staff are not amused.
  • Guzma's Christmas present for his grunts: a bunch of Charjabug with racing equipment. The grunts love them.
    • Furthermore, Plumeria forces him to climb on roofs and pretend to be Santa, complete with the costume.
  • Clay calls Elesa an "underwear model". His subordinate quickly clarifies:
    "Elesa doesn't model underwear. Believe me, I checked..."
  • Tobias discovers that he created Christmas. He asks Clembot to find him a world with rum.
  • Skull Grunt Macross went through a bunch of trials in order to get a traded Carnivine to give as a gift for another grunt, leaving her a complete mess. But when she opens the ball... it's a Weepinbell.
    "I despise this season."
  • During Vermell's encounter with Hilda, he couldn't keep his eyes off her shorts.
  • Maxie still keeps the backscratcher he got the previous Christmas, and quickly hides it in his desk when Courtney comes in. At the same time, Shelly thinks Archie is in a funk because he didn't like the cake Matt brought, so he quickly makes it clear that he loved it.
  • MissingNo once again tries to troll the Dude, and fills his bag with infinite Poké Balls. What does the Dude do with them? Catch almost all of the Rattata in Route 29 and help Joey and Tristan with their holiday giveaway event. To add insult to injury, Santa rubs it in MissingNo's face.

Red One Island Interlude

  • Red's dream: probably the only time you will ever see Ash quote Blue's 'I am the Champion' speech nearly word for word, which is a strange mental image in of itself.
  • Over the course of the oneshot Red realizes that he's going to need The Power of Friendship if he wants to achieve Mega Evolution. Problem is, he still continues to have No Social Skills. To wit his rather awkward attempt to bond with his Poliwrath, who expects a battle and is surprised to see there's none. Clearly Red doesn't let his Pokémon out unless there's training or fighting to be done, or to feed and care for them.
    "So... how are you?"

Iris Gaiden

  • After realizing Iris knows nothing of human reproduction, Dexter decides to give a very lengthy explanation on the subject, much to Ash and Misty's consternation.
  • And it turns out Iris freaked out during her first period. Misty has to stop her from going into detail.
  • Emolga still has her old habit of using Attract on the boys for her own benefit, to Iris's consternation.
  • Iris had got a little savvy and before Simisear admitted he was just a Jerkass, Iris wanted to make sure of a little something:
    Iris: Please tell me he did not move here because was kicked out from his home by another Pokemon.

Head Gym Leader Drake Interlude

  • Apparently, there are nude beaches in Kalos.
  • Drake gets so annoyed at a political conversation during his flight to Kalos, he even considers sending out his Dragonite to glare at them.
  • The mental image of Drake's Dragonite flipping off Gurkinn after their conversation goes south.
  • Tea seems to disagree with Dragonite's stomach.
  • Basically the entire interaction between Mabel's kids and Team Flare's grunts. The former see the latter as nothing more than a nuisance, and even their Pokemon seem tired of beating them.
  • Drake referring to Herbert in his mind as 'punchable kid'.
  • Pendula's Zoroark using Double Team in tandem with her illusion powers to turn herself into the Power Rangers.

Steven Interlude

  • As soon as the secretary arrives to tell Steven that Roxanne and her students have arrived and are waiting for him, he's all too happy to dump his current paperwork on her.
    • It becomes a Brick Joke at the end: once he returns from his adventure, the secretary is not happy about it. Steven is quick to remind Roxanne that they promised the students to have a battle for them to see, and he quickly uses it to get away from the "evil paperwork" for the time being.
  • The Elder in the Draconid Village calling Steven "a silver-haired dreamboat".
  • Doubling as awesome: Steven managing to persuade the Zenith Grunts into spilling the beans about their plans, by pointing out everything his Metagross did since it was a Beldum.

Happy Birthday, Lorelei!

  • The offhanded mention that Professor Oak and Gengar are trying to keep Agatha away from the alcohol.
  • The rather hammy way Lance reveals the gift painting for Lorelei, and the clamor after that. Lorelei can barely hide her embarrassment.

Lord Helix Gaiden

  • A Helixian goes preaching his teachings about the Helix to a group of kids. When he looks again, they're all gone.
  • MissingNo is upset that he's been trying to get a cult that worships him, only to end up having them worship Omanyte and Omastar instead.

Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: The Movie - The Fanfiction

Ghosts of Maiden's Peak Interlude

  • Tony calls Gastly a con artist for his antics during the festival. Gastly replies he prefers the term "interactive storyteller".
  • The Ghost trio from the Lavender Pokémon Tower decide to spice up the Maiden's legend with some pranks. Surprisingly, Gastly seems cool with it.

Pokémon G-Men Gaiden

  • While it happens during a serious moment, as they're checking their moves before facing Accentus and Dainsleif, there's this little bit between Elder, Fabron and Feu.
    Elder: Feu, tell him your moves.
    Feu: Slash, Flamethrower, and Quick Attack.
    Fabron: Only three moves?
    Elder: (crossing his arms and tapping his foot) Feu...
    Feu: ... and Peck.

Red Three Island Interlude

  • The conversation before the fight between Red and the Kanto Pokémon Federation. Even while trying to be threatening, Yellow can only laugh at their ridiculous name.
    Leader: I told you we should've gone with Team Bikers! Nobody ever takes our name seriously!
    Thug: But that's boring and predictable, boss! Kanto Pokémon Federation gives us an important-sounding and ambitious name!

Melemele Grand Trial Interlude

  • Frax meeting Gladion and mistaking him for Lillie's ex. He then gets snatched away by the Bewear.
  • Velvet using Switcheroo ends up causing both her brother and Kukui to lose their shirts. Later Sophocles offers his own shirt.

Holiday Special 2018

  • The storytelling Gastly comments that he wishes drink companies would pay for the trademark of using Santa's image. Santa replies that if Gastly were a kid, he'd be on his naughty list for being so greedy.
  • A guy tries to con May out of her money with scratch cards. Little does he know, she has luck powers on her side and she makes it off with a few hundred bucks for Christmas gifts, causing him to have a Jaw Drop.
  • Captain Crook feels nothing can ruin his good mood on Christmas... except Scuz reminding him that they still need to get a new ship.
  • Ryuga grabs a banjo and tries (key word being tries) to play some Sootopolitan Christmas songs. Hey, points for effort at least!
  • Max overhears May talking about how she hopes nobody gives her a Pokémon-shaped USB charger (with the plug on the butt) as a Christmas gift. He desperately tries to slip away before she finds it, but unfortunately, he's not fast enough.
    • He manages to pass it off as a "desk ornament for a special stand that looks like a USB charger", and May buys it. Problem now is, where is he gonna find something that he can pass of as the desk ornament?
  • Mizu asks the Hiker how can Santa travel across the entire planet in a single night. The Hiker makes up that it's because Santa is a bloodliner, and Mizu buys it... then she asks why he uses a sleigh pulled by Pokémon and how he makes it fly.
  • Steven runs into Sawyer and offers to do some sparring with him, but suggests they go somewhere else to do it. Meanwhile, Mr. Stone's secretary is snooping around looking for Steven, who is all too happy to have a reason to skip his "evil paperwork".
  • Cheryl goes to bring Gardenia a cake, but drops it because the latter has her head in a Carnivine's mouth, with it seemingly munching on her.
  • Norman makes a reference to Gladstone when he says that he doesn't want May to just coast through life with her luck powers. May doesn't get it.
  • The Running Gag of the Three Christmas Ghosts between Volkner and Flint continues. Only this time, it's Volkner trying to snap Flint out of his funk.
    • To top it off, Flint is outraged because Volkner is doing the act all wrong, and drags him to show him how it's done. Well, at least it worked in snapping him out of his funk, right?
  • Charizard's Badass Boast while training with Primeape using some practice dummies:

Evolving Fears

  • At the end, Batuan is having some coffee when he sees Queen Acerola on TV, and recognizes her as the girl who helped him before. He ends up having a Spit Take and soaks Tsareena with his coffee.

Holiday Special 2019

  • We get to see the beginning of Flint's yearly tradition to set up the Christmas Ghosts act for Volkner. When he gets the idea, his then-Chimchar gives him a scowl:
    Flint: Oh, don't give me that look. How many times did my plans fail?
    Chimchar: (starts counting with his fingers)
    Flint: Very funny.
  • Leon escapes the Wyndon Stadium and trying to use his Rotom Phone's GPS to get to his hotel, immediately crashes into a lamppost. Later he runs into Sonia, who mercilessly teases him about him getting lost.
  • Jimmy Ray thinks himself a superhero, and at one point mistakes a man dressed as Santa Claus for a thief. Turns out the guy was just trying to sneak into his own house to give his children a surprise. Then he sheepishly offers his help with it.
    "That Christmas, the man's children were certain they had been visited by Santa Claus and they'd never forget it. Neither would they forget the army of Patrat who helped Santa."
  • Gordie's reaction to his mother's invitation to spend Christmas in his old home. When he finally decides to go, his Coalossal gives him a cheeky grin:
  • When he gets his new bike for Christmas, Chopper tries to hug Tyra, who quickly shoves him away. And she's apparently used to it.
  • Tony invites the Gastly from Maiden's Peak to come over to the Elite Four's Christmas party as Agatha's guest. He takes the form of an elderly gentleman and starts flirting with Agatha, who seems amused and flattered. Tony, not so much.
    Tony: Hands off! She's my sister, you know!
    Gastly: Come on, I was just trying to make a nice impression! You sure lack in manners, for a negotiator!
    Tony: I'm not taking lectures about manners from someone who cons people for a living.
    Gastly: I told you already, I'm an interactive storyteller!
  • Scorbunny's plan to get his Nickit friends some Christmas food. And the result:
    "Yeah, he knew that tossing himself into a half-ready cake, rush out of a window and then place all the icing and frosting as the guards pursued him was probably a very stupid plan looking back on it, but he also knew that it was crazy enough that nobody would bother preparing for it. And he was right!"

(NON) Reset Bloodlines

  • Ash's habit of wrecking his alarm clocks in his sleep. Not only does it seem to take a huge chunk of his earnings from Pallet House, but it happens so often that Delia orders new ones in advance.

Butterfree Interlude II

  • Butterfree is trying to find a quiet place to eat a Tamato Berry, only to run into loving couples everywhere. He sets for a fence near Ash's Tauros herd:
    "There, nothing but males here. Plus Tauros only care about fighting and competing with each other and stuff like that. No happy couples rubbing their love in my face and reminding me how alone-" [spots two Tauros licking each other's faces] "OH COME ON!"
  • Before the Mood Whiplash in the fight club kicks in, Butterfree shows that he's very creative when it comes to Trash Talk.
    [To Growlithe]: "You're nothing but a puppy. Puppy, puppy, puppy! Go back to your mom, puppy!"
    [To Graveler]: "I've fought Oddish that were harder and more resilent than you, you dumb piece of rock! They could throw a punch better than you, and they had no arms!"
    [To Golbat]: "Go back to live to a cave, you big-mouthed loser!"
  • At the end, when Butterfree decides to use the Affectionate Nickname of "Viv", the latter replies deciding that she has to use one for him... "Butt".
    • Also when he says "You might like to call me Butt, Viv, but of the two of us, you're the one who's full of shit." Viv finds it Actually Pretty Funny even if it's at her own expense.

100th Sidestory Special - The Glitch War

  • One of ZZAZZ fragments tries to take over Guzma. At first it seems to be doing well, until it makes the mistake of calling him "frail". Guzma then proves himself Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth.
  • The Storytelling Gastly collaborates with MissingNo on finding the ZZAZZ fragments in exchange for money. After he provides a solution to deal with ZZAZZ permanently, MissingNo smiles triumphantly, until Gastly tells him he's gonna charge him extra for that, killing the mood.

Holiday Special 2020

  • Professor Sycamore tells Ash's (future) Froakie that he's been told he's excellent company. Froakie internally muses about him "securing his grants" with government officials, yet he's definitely better than the worst trainers he's had.
  • Squirtle and Bulbasaur help Butterfree wrap a gift so he can give it to Viv for Christmas. She's delighted, but while thanking him, calls him "Butt". Bulbasaur and Squirtle can't hold back the giggles when they overhear it hidden in a bush, and after Viv leaves, start making fun of Butterfree for the nickname.
  • Flint passes his yearly act to Will in Johto, who decides to try it on Pryce. It goes as well as you'd expect.
    • Also, Volkner wondering if he should have gotten past his funk, seeing that no matter what happens, Flint still loves the act.
  • Jimmy Ray storming into a meeting of his "rogues gallery". Turns out they were having just a normal Christmas party, and he promptly leaves.
  • When Ash's (future) Gengar makes a mess in the Cerise lab, Chloe decides to take advantage of it and arranges the Christmas lights in a spider-web manner, much to Gengar's puzzlement. According to the author who wrote this, it's a reference to a fanfic where Chloe is into nightmarish things.
  • The Dude asks Goh about how he plans to catch Mew. Goh sheepishly admits he hadn't thought about it yet.
  • MissingNo gets a gift from Santa. At first he refuses by virtue of being evil, a being of chaos and destruction, but saving the world in the events of the Glitch War seems to count enough to put him in the "nice" list of that year.

  • In Chapter 11, we are first introduced to the Ketchumverse, with a version of Ash who came from a raised-by-Ghetsis AU and asks Bloodliner Ash if he's evil out of the blue!
  • In Chapter 13, Don Ash, leader of a reformed Team Rocket, is introduced.
    • He's loaded:
      Bloodliner Ash: Um,, I drink coffee?
      Don Ash: Only the finest imported coffee from the coffeemon universe. It's between a Moemon and a Pokemorph verse, above a Spellermon verse, below a Cardverse and diagonal to a Rapidestria and Pokegirl verse if you look at the map with 19D glasses, rather nice place really. I prefer the finer things in life you see, like this brew.
    • And is completely nonchalant about having to execute Bloodliner Ash for the destruction of his universe:
      Don Ash: So tell me, are you aware that resetting your timeline is illegal?
      Bloodliner Ash: Okay, for one, Arceus technically reset time, not me. Second, how would I even know that?
      Don Ash: Ignorance sadly does not work in court, though circumstances do. Considering your timeline was being destroyed, I can safely assure you we probably will not have to execute you for your crime. Good thing to, setting up execution equipment takes paperwork I'd rather not deal with.
      Narration: Ash and Pikachu really had no response to the guy being rather chill about the idea of being executed by, well, themselves.
  • It later turns out Don Ash has a fear, taxes.
  • Don Ash also turns out to be a Grammar Nazi, and insists Ash takes remedial lessons. When Bloodliner Ash asks for an alternative, he gets one and learned to regret it.
  • Bloodliner Ash with Ash Bond have to capture a Discord. It starts with both of them wearing suits. It ends with Ash Bond becoming blond, having a goatee and dressed like an archer, Bloodliner Ash wearing a Star Fleet Redshirt and neon lime-green shoes, and Pikachu somehow having a glowing lime-green moustache.
  • Ranger Ash and Bloodliner Ash visit the world of Too Many Ashes and end up being dragged into the fight they all had.
  • There's an Ash whose encounter with Mewtwo led him to fully embrace nudity. Don Ash politely demands that he gets dressed.
    • The reason itself is pretty funny: As a result of a minor difference in the dark balls they didn't absorb clothes. Meaning Ash and co had to do the entire thing naked, which burned out their ability to feel shame. Not that, as it turned out, it was as hard as expected.
  • In the pre-League Omake, a slight divergence causes Ash and Misty to grow closer a little faster. The end result is that Ash's Pokemon become fired-up to win the league with their motivation being: "This isn’t a battle just for glory, or victory, or being the best! If we win this, Ash loses his virginity! We can’t lose this battle everyone! Ash and Misty forever!"
  • The (probably) canon omake of Chapter 49 has the mons at Oak's ranch setting up a betting pool on Ash's future in his relationships. Not only Ash's mons, but also Misty, Iris and Gary's get into the game:
    • Togepi bets for them getting together "tomorrow". Charizard supported it arguing that he needed to learn to be more responsible through failure.
    • Gary's Nidoqueen bets for Ash and Gary getting together.
    • Misty's Slowpoke gives her bet several hours later.

Omakes of the Tie-In Sidestories

  • "S.S. Anne Interlude" has an omake where Ash and Misty see a bunch of Ice-type Pokémon converging on a particular spot... in order to create an iceberg right in the ship's path.
  • The Holiday Special 2017 has another, with Santa Claus coming to greet Arceus, using Celebi, Meloetta, Victini and Mew instead of his usual Sawsbuck and Stantler to pull his sleigh. And according to Santa, it was their idea.
  • The Akala Adventures side story first chapter has Hala teaching Olivia the Charleston to try and avert the Old Maid trope, declaring it a dance that helped him avert the trope. The image isn't seen, but it was mortifying enough to make Hau wonder if he's gone to hell, and this is before Hau's mother and Tapu Koko join in the dance.
  • Four Island Interlude's omake is basically entirely made up of Diantha noting that Siebold isn't dressed like other water-type specialists, i.e not in a swimsuit of some sort.

  • In the first chapter, Arceus' comment about Ash's voice changing and that "he liked his original voice better" might be a reference to Ash's voice change in the English dub. Now with the Spanish translation, this statement actually goes well in line with the V.A. change that Ash went through starting on season 13 of the Latin American dub, when Gabriel Ramos was replaced by Miguel Ángel Leal, since the former is still for the most part acknowledged (and loved) as Ash's official voice in the Latin American Pokémon fandom.
  • The Author specifically feeling the need to mention during Chapter 24 that he is not making up a lot of elements of Hawaiian history and that no, King Kamehameha is not a Dragon Ball reference.
  • Chapter 26's pre story author commentary has him briefly go into a bit of a ramble on Code Geass and character heights after commenting on reader reaction to Sabrina. He sounds notably weirded out at the fact that not only Euphie is taller than his mother (who's taller than the average American woman), but also that Nunnally is taller than a Darkrai or Greninja. He then snarks about how fans ignore official Pokemon heights more than they ignore Ash's post BW stated age of 10.
  • This review in the "Happy Birthday, Ash!" oneshot:
    *gasp* Ash AGES?! 10/10 best fanfic ever!
  • One for Chapter 28's plot overall: most stories that have Ash get to the Safari Zone have him only catch one or a few Tauros, and many reviewers requested that Ash not catch all of them again. What was the author do? He has Ash catch 44 Tauros. Clearly the author meant it when he said he really doesn't like that fanon trend.
  • Due to a proofreading mistake by the beta, Alish was accidentally edited to be named Ash. Cross took it well.
  • Given how the poll went on Cross's FF page, it's not a surprise that Misty ended up getting a Wimpod sooner rather than later.