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Primal Dilaga is equivalent to an XD Pokémon, and due to what Shadow Vicinti did to the Creation Engine, they have reverted to that form.
  • Besides, at one point, we see the future which Darkrai was trying to create starting to slowly spread across the land.
Hoopa is The Man Behind the Man. To the ENTIRE comic.
  • Think of it. Hoopa turned Wes, N, and Lovrina into Pokemon. Its safe to assume that it may have turned Jen into one too concidering Jen is Lovrina's sister and the fact that she in page 602 its about to make a Deal with the Devil with Mewtwo. It may also have helped in turning Victini into what it is now.
    • Problem with that theory, Jen was brought to the PMD world by Darkri and Hoopa was in the possession of Team AWD for who knows how long, make the possibility that it had anything to do with Victini's creation highly unlikely.
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    • In meta sense, the comic started long before Hoopa even announced.
Hoopa needs Mewtwo to retrieve it's Prison Bottle.
  • Hoopa Unbound is such a pain for the other legendary pokemon, or "The Family" as they seem to be refereed to, that they trapped it's essence in a bottle and hid it where only someone as strong as them could get it, but since they know how bad it would be if Hoopa regained it's strength they would never in a million years do that. In enters Mewtwo, who is strong enough to retrieve the bottle from it's hiding place, and since he's not part of "The Family" and as such has no context, ignorant enough to not know how bad it would be if Hoopa Unbound were to be released.
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