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Considering how much of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines involves deep bonds, it only makes sense that there would be plenty of touching moments.

Main Story

  • Shortly after his arrival in the new timeline, Ash takes a Drill Run to the chest to protect Pikachu from an angry Fearow.
  • When Ash makes a possibly suicidal attempt to catch a Gyarados in order to save Misty, his Pokémon make it clear that they're right beside him. This is especially heartwarming in Squirtle's case, since he's not Ash's Pokémon yet/anymore, so he's not obligated to help him out.
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  • The developing relationship between Ash and Misty. While they're not romantically involved yet, it's clear from early on that he's having a very positive impact on her.
  • When his memories are first restored, Squirtle mistakes Charmander for one of Charizard's kids, and promptly tells him to call him "Uncle Squirtle".
  • In Chapter 18, Paul mockingly asks Ash if he's "collecting cheerleaders", referring to Misty and Iris. Ash replies saying they're his friends and he likes being with them. At first glance this doesn't seem like a big deal, but with everything that has happened to Ash up to that point, this is a testament of how much he values the bonds he has with Misty and Iris.
  • After Iris wins a double battle tournament with Misty, Lorelei offers to do her a favor as a prize. Iris asks if she can arrange for Ash to have a gym battle with Erika.
    • A bit of one in reference to the chapter's Swimsuit Calendar gag: the calendar in universe was created for an injured Charles Goodshow as a 'get better soon' present. A nice touch to show that it isn't just the fans of the League that care for Goodshow.
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  • When a little boy in Crimson City tells Ash about how he wants his Caterpie to get stronger, Ash immediately decides to help him out, having his Scatterbug battle the Caterpie. He didn't even have to think about it. The boy was moved to tears when Ash's efforts succeeded in helping his Caterpie evolve.
  • Ash entering a bug-catching contest... so he can win Misty a Water Stone.
  • Iris approving of a potential relationship between Ash and Misty. While she does want him to be her mate, she doesn't want Misty to be left out in the cold. Her obvious care for Misty's feelings just gives the warm fuzzies.
    • It's especially heartwarming considering Misty's earlier fears. She was afraid that Iris would (albeit unknowingly) take Ash away from her. Their conversation, however, establishes that Iris is perfectly willing to share him.
  • Belladonna briefly suggests her last name is Narec. This isn't worth much consideration until it comes up that the name Narec belonged to Evanna's adopted father. Beyond a subtle touch suggesting that Belladonna sees her relationship with her girlfriends as equal to a marriage, it's also a bit of a kind gesture to the one good parent that the four girls had.
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  • Upon realising that Ash did in fact once felt great anger similar to what she's feeling in her attempt to kill Aurora's father, Belladonna decided to comfort him, even if it came with a desire to hurt whoever it was that caused Ash to feel this way.
  • Misty inviting Anabel to tag along with the group.
  • In Chapter 24, Ash and his Muk share a hug. It's nice to see a 'mon that never got much attention in the anime get some love from his trainer.
    • The same chapter has Ash, in the midst of a strange dream, comments that he considered Cameron a friend in the same sentence as Gary. A nice touch to a character fans despise.
  • Chapter 26 has Future Clemont defend Ash from Latoya's racism. Friendship it seems can truly transcend universes.
    • The same scene also showed a vision of a possible Bloodliner War, in which Belladonna is among the many helping Ash and company. Clearly she did mean it when she said she wanted to help him. We'd see this in the present time in Chapter 33.
    • Also a part of said help for Ash: The Team Rocket Trio.
  • Misty's developing friendship with Iris. She goes from fearing the Dragon-type specialist will murder her in her sleep to trusting her with her life.
  • Gary running onto the field and hugging his Porygon after it defeats Misty's Poliwrath.
  • After Paul releases his Raichu, Ash offers to catch her in a Heal Ball, explaining that he won't force her to battle, and that she can stay at Oak's ranch, living in comfort, and without fear of being captured. She thinks it over for a moment, before tapping the ball.
  • The Safari Zone chapter made it clear that even with as large of a herd as Ash has, he does know many of his Tauros. Beyond the one he uses to battle, he can recognize several of them and knows their distinct characters. For a mon that usually is depicted as interchangeable, it's a nice showing that Ash cares for all his Pokemon, even the ones in multiples.
  • In Chapter 29, Erika finds Gary at a local Celadon restaurant, depressed after their battle despite having won. She takes a few minutes to assure him that he fought well, and gives him some words of encouragement to find what he needs.
  • It's made clear that the Eevee Bros. really do care about what is best for Mikey, even if they can be forceful about it. While the three are mentioned to be at each other's throats at the moment, the one thing they aren't doing is taking out their stress on their little brother.
    • During the same chapter, we see that Ash has become an inspiration for several young trainers, among them one who is implied to be a younger half sibling. Even if Ash isn't jumping on the sibling happy train, he's still inspiring his younger siblings to be the best they can be, and is willing to give them honest, heart to heart advice about Pokemon training.
  • Chapter 31 has plenty:
    • Ash comments that Anabel could be a great trainer if she wanted to, praising her tactical mind and thanking her for her ideas.
    • Harsh as she is with the training, Iris clearly cares for the wellbeing of Ash and the others and wants them to be safe.
    • Misty barters her spare clothes to get a Mega Stone for Ash. Even if he can't use it yet, he's genuinely grateful to her for it, making her very happy.
    • Madness as it was the shopping spree on Princess' Day, the girls didn't abuse Ash's goodwill by using him as a shopping mule, and made sure that he too could get some stuff for himself. Same with Midori and his friends, with the added benefit of them apologizing to him for unintentionally putting a target on his back.
  • In Chapter 33, Misty and the others end up running into Belladonna and company while searching for the kidnapped Ash. Despite their initial animosity, Belladonna immediately decides they will go along and help them find him. Her only reason? Because she's his sister.
    • Furthermore, Aurora quickly goes to find herbs to prepare something to heal Anabel without prompting. Anabel mentions that they might not have been the good guys before, but they want to be now, and maybe encouraging that is the best they can do.
  • Several in Chapter 34 during the fight against Sabrina:
    • In order to make Ash finally use his powers against her Sabrina proceeds to taunt him by hinting at the truth of who his father is and the circumstances of his conception, namely that it arguably was not consensual. It nearly works, until the rest of Ash's Pokemon stop him and calm him down. Muk's tidbit was especially strong:
    Muk: Professor Oak always said something about 'You teach me, and I'll teach you' when it comes to Trainers and their Pokemon. What you and the Professor teach us is obvious, but this is a moment we teach you something. Sometimes you need to not let rage control you. You taught that lesson to Infernape if I recall correctly, now you need to take that lesson to heart.
    • Then when Sabrina is just about to try again, Dexter reveals his emergency plan: Bringing in EVERY Pokémon Ash has caught so far who immediately came to save their trainer. This was heartwarming on its own, but it's shown to include Pidgeot's flock(many of whom most likely have never met Ash), and several Spewpa and Paul's former Raichu. The latter two specifically joined with Ash to not have to battle, but the moment their trainer was in danger, they immediately took arms to come to his aide solely from loyalty. True Companions indeed.
    • Primeape's rescue is this. At first, he's understandably not happy at seeing Raichu, the same Pokemon that nearly killed him under Paul's instruction, and its clear that his near death experience and resulting capture have taken their toll on him. Raichu, having experience with despair thanks to Paul won't have any of it and manages to convince him to regain hope by telling him of how Ash came to rescue him before placing a Timer Ball in front of him. Primeape goes into the ball and escapes without struggle or complaint.
    • Raichu's appearance in itself is an example of Heartwarming. When she was first caught she was broken and depressed after being abandoned by Paul without even being healed. When she agreed to go with Ash, it was on the condition that she wouldn't have to fight. Now though, she's shown to be somewhat happy and all too willing to help, all thanks to Ash's kindness. Her words about Ash to Primeape can't help but put a smile on the reader's face:
    Raichu: He(Ash) is one of the kindest and most understanding humans I know. When my previous trainer abandoned me without treating my injuries, Ash found me. He offered to catch me and heal me, and told me he would never force me to fight if I didn't want to.
    • The Complete Version in Chapter 35 adds another nice bit, which crosses over to awesome: Papa Tauros with his Vulpix daughter teaming up against Sabrina's hordes. Despite being scared, Vulpix is more than willing to help her papa, and the bull is very proud of her.
    • At the end, when Sabrina's about to lose it, Ash's Female Companions show up along with Belladonna to get him out of there.
  • The chapter then ends, when Ash, completely exhausted collapses into his Secret Base to fall asleep. As soon as he falls in, his female companions come in and lay alongside him, wanting to be sure he'd be safe and wouldn't leave. It then ends on an absolutely adorable Sleep Cute moment between them.
  • Chapter 36 has these:
    • The morning after Saffron, while Ash is still somewhat wary of Belladonna, it's clear that he's genuinely grateful to her for coming to his aid. Likewise, she makes it clear that no matter what, in her mind they're still family.
    • Sabrina considering Ash enough of a Worthy Opponent to register the badge Squirtle grabbed to him.
    • Aurora liking how it felt to help Ash, and convincing Belladonna and the others to do it more.
    • Togepi's hatching and all the resulting cuteness.
    • Ash gives Midori some advice when he feel insecure about his physique, pointing out that his female companions don't seem to care too much about that. Looks like our hero is discovering more of his Big Brother Instinct along the way.
  • Despite what he's had to do to get her back, and the toll it's taken on his sanity, Amber's father truly loves her, and doesn't even care if he needed to make her a Bloodliner to bring her back.
  • Iris hoping that she can work things out with Ash and the others and her Dragonite family.
  • Anabel and Misty growing closer.
  • Axew evolves!
  • Pikachu's concern for Togepi's wellbeing is pretty touching, all things considered.
  • Pikachu and Raichu are having a kid, and Pikachu asks Ash to be the godparent.
  • In a dream/vision Iris has, the group has rescued Iris's adopted family and started having kids! The rest of it isn't very pleasant though...
  • Chapter 41 reveals that Midori's friends are working on helping Midori feel better about his physique. Their way of doing it is... unconventional, but it's the thought that counts.
  • The original trainer of Ash's Charmander, Kaia, has found her way to chase her dreams of being a trainer. Despite being blind, her Pokémon have become her guiding light.
    • Moreover, one of the members of the Squirtle Squad, Thinker, ended up under her care, and seems to be very happy.
  • Aster is joyfully happy to see Steven again, similarly Zinnia is much friendlier than she was in her last two appearances.
  • When defending Yellow from Mewtwo, he declares her his sister aloud.
  • Ash offering Mewtwo his friendship, even saying that he wouldn't capture him.
  • Combined with awesone, the family bond between Ash and Yellow gets reinforced in the second part, as Ash openly declares that he'll defeat Mewtwo not only with the power of friendship, but of family too.
  • Even though he treated them as tools, the clones willingly stand up to protect Mewtwo, since they consider him their father. This ultimately triggers his Heel–Face Turn, making him realize that he was never alone after all.
  • Chapter 45 has the following:
    • Despite her fear of Bug-types, Misty makes a sincere attempt to befriend Wimpod, once she sees he's afraid of her as much as she is of him. When Venomoth teleports and scares her, she runs away with Wimpod to protect him.
    • We get to witness the birth of Pikachu's offspring with Raichu. And it's adorable!
  • When Ash defeats the Crusher, he's not entirely happy with the victory because of how hurt Yanma got, so Pikachu reassures him by reminding him that Perfection Is Impossible.
  • Misty encourages Ash to accompany her as she explores some of the benefits the League has to offer trainers outside of the obvious details like free food, and they basically end up having what even Ash is eventually willing to consider their first date.

Expanded Universe One-Shots

  • Butterfree and Ash reconciling after the former blew up at Ash over the fact Butterfree lost his mate in the new timeline.
  • Unsurprisingly, the Holiday Special 2016 has quite a few of these moments:
    • Brock deciding to give an Aron he caught to his siblings, since they always wanted a Pokémon to care for. And of course, his happiness of spending the holidays with none other than the Pike Queen herself, Lucy, who came to his life after his parents died and he almost lost his will to live.
    • Whitney finds a young man freezing in the streets, so she takes him to her home. Upon waking up, the guy is quick to compliment her on her looks, and when he finds out she carried him all the way by herself, rather than feeling intimidated by her strength, he's delighted, making her extremely happy.
    • Skyla delivering presents to the people of Lentimas Town.
    • Frey and Lorelei's gift exchange. Lorelei buys Frey a muffler to replace his previous one that got burned. He loves it, and gives her a precious gold bracelet. As a cherry on top, it ends with them Under the Mistletoe.
    • During Olympia's gazing into possible futures, she sees a potential future involving Ash: in it Ash has a large family including an older Delia, several children, the six girls in the harem fic, and several of his post Chapter 23 hinted half siblings like Red and Belladonna celebrating the holidays with him. He's also hinted to have become a Battle Frontier Brain and the Team Rocket Trio have become if not his friends, non-antagonistic forces to his life. Olympia outright calls this an ideal good ending for him.
  • In the Joey oneshot, after Joey runs off in tears, unable to bear that everyone still makes fun of him and consider him little more than a meme, Tristan tries to come to offer him the egg that was offered as a prize in the tournament, because he feels he didn't earn it. Joey turns it down, and when he thinks Tristan came to mock him even more, Tristan tells him that he wanted to thank Joey because his words actually inspired him and other friends to use their favorite Com Mons as their starters, even when everyone else made fun of them. The two quickly become friends afterwards.
  • The Arnold oneshot shows a nice display of motherly love from Anna. Doubly so because not only did she do everything she could to keep Arnold safe from harm when she learned he was a bloodliner, but also because she takes in Laila (also a bloodliner), whose parents kicked her out.
  • In the end, after Denki Tekina and his entire team died fighting Twenty Gyarados Bill, the T.A.T.O. honoured his memory by naming the agreement to limit the number of Pokemon a Trainer is allowed to designate as active after him, and made it specifically six because that was the size of Denki Tekina's team throughout his entire career.
  • In Oak's Summer Camp Gaiden:
    • When Serena runs off crying, and trips and injures her leg, Ash finds her and comforts her, even bandaging her leg and helping her back to class.
    • Elwood and Aideen apologizes to Serena for laughing at her earlier.
  • In the Sanpei oneshot, having to choose between friend and duty, Sanpei chooses to save his friend Satoshi over making sure the village knows about the attack Cipher is planning. He is later vindicated when it turns out Satoshi's Double Team clone made sure the village knew of the attack and they drive out the Peons.
  • The Jeanette oneshot is one from beginning to end. Jeanette's parents not only did not reject her for being a bloodliner, they celebrated it. On top of that, she now has a new traveling partner in A.J., whom she's already seeing as her future life partner for the same reason (and she still doesn't know he's taken a shine to her as well.)
  • In The Stinger of the Hala & Hau oneshot, Frax and Velvet have had to do volunteer work for the Aether Bug Catching Contest for extra credits, and they're clearly tired (not to mention wearing heavy Pokémon costumes). Hala decides to pay them an entry fee so they can have some fun themselves in it after so much hard work. In his own words, it is a Kahuna's job to make people's lives better after all.
  • Luana showing her motherly love to her son Travis. While he's not confirmed to be a bloodliner yet, she makes it clear that, should that be the case, she would never stop loving him.
  • There's loads of these moments in "Happy Birthday, Ash!" To wit:
    • Despite being forced to give up her dreams when she got pregnant with him, Delia never resented her son Ash.
    • Serena sent Ash a birthday gift. It may not seem like much, but the girl took the time and effort to make the gift herself so she could send Ash a hand-knit muffler, with Ash's name on it too.
    • Ash and Gary make The Promise to be rivals, cementing their relationship as frienemies.
  • In the Sabrina Gaiden, despite everything she did to her hometown, the fact she spared her father's life shows that she's not completely heartless. Maybe there's still hope that she will redeem herself.
  • Lara being moved by how much Ash and his friends want to help her after her injury.
  • After bidding goodbye to Lara, Ash shares how he used his Super Empowering ability during the final part of the race, and doesn't feel it was fair to win that way. Anabel cheers him up by telling him that he didn't do it for himself, but to help someone in need. It works, and Ash becomes more comfortable with using it in the future if ever there is someone else in need.
  • In Brock and Lucy Gaiden, not only was Lucy able to help Brock move on from his parents' death, but their developing relationship throughout the one-shot was a nice touch.
  • Sho managing to snap Volkner out of his funk and giving one of the best battles the latter had in quite a while.
  • Despite the ongoing conflict between the T.A.T.O and the Ranger Union, Leeroy and Jenkins are the living proof that trainers and rangers are capable of understanding and working with each other. One can only hope they will work to spread their message so the opposing philosophies can embrace each other in peace.
  • The fact that Lara and Hex's families were completely accepting of their status as Bloodliners.
  • Intended as a Mother's Day tribute, the Frax and Velvet Interlude shows a nice display of family love between Jasmine Lono and her children.
  • Despite being set up for a massive Tear Jerker, the beginning of the Charmander Gaiden is pretty adorable, with Charmander and Kaia's interactions and how quickly they became friends. And even though she only owned him for one day, she still remembers him fondly almost one year later.
  • After spending a decade running away, Krysta reunites with her parents, who spent all that time looking for her, not caring she was a Bloodliner.
  • Despite being an Affectionate Parody, Dude Gaiden shows Dude managing to find a successor to pass his teaching too. Marina Crystal accepts his offer to teach her, and Dude couldn't have asked for a better student.
  • S.S. Anne Interlude has the following:
    • Ash accompanying Misty on board the titular ship despite his worries because he wants her to be happy.
    • The way Ash and Misty interact throughout the whole interlude, perfectly showing how close they are and both slowly realising they have an attraction to the other.
    • Misty being so happy to see the Magikarp she once saved from being abused, so much so that even though as a Gyarados, he didn't want her to remember the weakling he once was, he couldn't help but not mind it.
    • Misty's Gyarados is also supportive and approving of Ash being a mate for Misty.
  • Many in Jane Jackrum Interlude:
    • The biggest one has got to be in that in spite of all the prejudice and fear against Bloodliners, the leaders of the Ranger Union decided this bigotry made no sense and was excessive, and moved to openly accept Bloodliners.
    • Jenkins shows how much he cares about his family by protecting his daughter Jolanka from anyone who criticised the fact she got pregnant and gave birth out of wedlock, and for being there when her biological father wasn't for his granddaughter Jane.
    • While helping her fellow Bloodliner Rangers come out to their parents about being Bloodliners, it turned out Joli's parents already knew, and already accepted her for what she was.
  • Tommy lost his family, and the Kangaskhan he meets lost her baby. But in spite of what they lost, they found each other who could fill the void left in their hearts.
  • In Clair Interlude:
    • Clair finds Gregory, a challenger she defeated thanks to just a lucky blow, coping with alcohol in the local bar. She assures him that he fought well and encourages him to rest and try again the next day to earn his Rising Badge.
    • Throughout the one-shot, Javelin has consistently proven himself the most reasonable and most appreciative of Clair out of the clan elders. Is it any wonder he's Clair's second-favourite relative after Lance?
    • Apparently, Gray constantly does his pose as his way of remembering his murdered gang.
  • The reason why the Black Arachnid became a thief: to encourage his friend Ito Jenny to live up to The Promise they made as children. While she's saddened to see him go down the path of the criminal, she ultimately understands he did it all for her and decides she will become the best officer she can be, even if that means having to eventually arrest her friend.
  • The Holiday Special 2017
    • Sho's influence helped put Volkner out of his funk, meaning this Christmas, he's actually happy.
    • Grace and Y teasing Serena about her crush on Ash.
    • Blaine and Alish spending their last Christmas together before Alish leaves on her journey.
    • A younger Lillie assuring a not-insane Lusamine that their Christmas tree looks perfect.
    • Krysta setting up a private skating rink for Lorelei and Frey.
    • Korrina assuring Astrid that whatever she gets for Mabel, as long as it's from the heart, she'll love it.
    • Guzma getting his grunts a gift, adorable Charjabugs in little cars!
    • One grunt honoured her boss by naming her Goomy Goozma.
    • Byron & Roberta getting their son Roark an Archen as a gift.
    • AJ's Sandslash, Jeanette's Bellsprout, and Jeanette's parents conspired together to get AJ & Jeanette Under the Mistletoe, and it works, resulting in their Relationship Upgrade.
    • Pendula specifically seeking out Vermell out to give him a happier life with more human contact.
    • An Officer Jenny getting a gift for a young Misty so her Christmas wouldn't be so lonely.
    • Emma gifting food to AZ, a simple action that warmed the latter's heart.
    • Professor Ota taking Eve under his wing, and Eve's smile at being given a name.
    • Giselle calling Joe and being honest about her feelings for him.
    • The Safari Zone Pokemon celebrating Christmas so Tommy wouldn't feel homesick.
    • Professor Oak's anonymous Christmas Card for Professor Hastings, a wish for peace in haiku form:
    Trainers and Rangers
    May there be peace between us
    Now and forever
  • Iris Gaiden has many:
  • In the Steven Interlude, as it takes place during the period of time Wally is missing, even in the middle of the adventure Sawyer takes a bit of time to think about his friend, hoping that wherever he is, he's alright.
    • Despite her implied origins, Zinnia and her grandmother obviously love Aster very much and vice versa.
    • When ending up in a Draconid village, Sawyer meets up with a Draconid boy named Ryuga and an injured Bagon. While at first hostile to Sawyer for being a Sootopolitan Ryuga mellows out a bit when the former helps treat the Bagon's injury.
    • Ryuga returns the favor in the next chapter when he saves Sawyer from Team Zenith Admins and the two of them quickly work together to come up with a plan to fight back. Shows that for all the bad blood between the two sides, the chance for reconciliation isn't completely impossible.
    • On the villains' side, criminals and terrorists as they are, it's rather touching to see that the Team Zenith admins, Taylor and Carly, have such Undying Loyalty to their leader, as well as camaraderie with each other. Case in point, Carly tries to comfort Taylor over Zevie's apparent death and manages to convince her to carry on with his will no matter what.
  • The developing friendship between Tracey and Minuetto. The former is going through an artist's block due to being rejected by a harsh judge in an interview, while the latter is dismissed as "garbage" for being a Street Urchin, but they manage to help each other through their respective issues, and even get those who formerly dismissed them to eat their words about them.
  • In the Ghost of Maiden's Peak Interlude:
    • The Gastly from the anime still continues to keep the Maiden's legend alive so she won't be forgotten. And even if he does it partly to earn a few bucks during the festival, he takes his time off to travel around the world and try and find her lover so they're reunited.
    • Agatha, despite her experience in Drowning Woods, managed to come through and have a happy and full life, getting married and eventually having grandkids who adore her.
    • And to top it off, when she and Tony reveal their secret to her grandkids, they happily accept him as their uncle. Being family transcends species and even death, it seems.
  • In the Melemele Grand Trial Interlude, we learn that Frax tends to get his Pokemon by making friends with them, much like Ash does.
  • The Red Five Island Interludes showcases how far Red has come in bonding with his Pokémon: he's seen getting along rather nicely with his newest captures, and is more willing to trust Clefairy to hold back his killing impulses. But to cap it off, when he runs into the Berry Forest Hypno he attacked and drove off Three Island, he offers him a spot in his team so he doesn't feel lonely anymore.
    • Yellow also bonds with this world's version of Ratty when they work together to escape Team Rocket.
  • Mewtwo's interactions with Ambertwo in their mindscape are really adorable. No doubt she had become a beacon of light in that void of darkness he was born in.
  • The Holiday Special 2018 continues the tradition:
    • Rosso genuinely regrets acting as a bully and wants to make amends for his previous attitude.
    • Zinnia, despite being irritated by Ryuga's antics in trying to celebrate Christmas (which the Draconids don't celebrate), admits to herself she's going to miss him when he leaves the Meteor Village.
    • Tracey and Minu meet each other again in Sinnoh, and even exchange some gifts with each other. No matter how much time since they saw each other, they still remain good friends.
    • Steven still keeps an eye on Sawyer, and even offers to do some battle training with him. While he partially does it to skip his paperwork, it's clear that he does it because he genuinely sees potential in Sawyer and wants to help him develop it.
    • We get to see how much Fitzdane's mom loved him while she was alive, comforting him when he got beaten up by bullies and giving him a Pokémon egg as a Christmas gift, since he dreamed of being a trainer.
    • Despite being separated from each other, the Squirtle Squad members managed to keep their promise and made it out alive from that cave in.
    • The snips involving the Maple family, fullstop: first, May using her Bloodliner powers to get some extra money to buy gifts for her family; Max trying to get the perfect gift for his big sister (and she accepting it despite previously saying that she thought it was ridiculous), and lastly, Norman telling May firmly but calmly that she shouldn't rely on her luck-based powers all the time, making it clear that he cares deeply for her wellbeing.
  • The 2019 Holiday Special didn't have as many as the previous ones, but still has a fair share:
    • Ciel finds out Fitzdane is making her a Sky Trainer suit for Christmas, making her so happy she sets out to get him a gift too. When she finds a cap in a Battle Club, the Don George quickly realizes her intention, and despite her being too young to own Pokémon, offers to let her take part in the tournament so she can have a chance to win it.
    • Scorbunny, after sneaking into the bakery to steal some cake wearing it, quickly goes to share them with his Nickit friends.
    • Tony has found his purpose in pacifying wild Pokémon. He feels happy doing so, since it makes his existence feel less of a curse.
    • Ayumi finds a lonely Pichu hiding in a hollow tree, and takes her home so she doesn't have to freeze to death in there or end up as the snack of a wild Pokémon.
    • The Bridge Bike Gang finds a man trying to cross the Cycling Road to see his daughter for Christmas, and he won't make it in time since his bike is busted. Rather than try to extort money out of him, they offer to help him get there, with style!
    • Later we see his daughter, Luna, who spots him with the help of her Scizor right when she had lost the hopes of seeing him for Christmas. She makes a point of inviting the gang for dinner to thank them for it.
    • Despite the potential scandal of having a daughter out of wedlock, Elizabeth Snyder made it through, thanks to the support of her family and friends.


  • The beginning of Chapter 18 includes Cross giving a heartfelt thanks to his story's fans.
  • In the April Fools chapter, the author took the time to mention how much he appreciates the contributions made by other Resetverse writers.
  • In Chapter 27, Gary uses a Porygon in the semifinals, which wins the round for him and Paul. This might not seem like much, but considering how badly it got shafted in the anime through no fault of its own, seeing it get another chance to shine is rather nice.
  • Chapter 27 ends with a thanks to the readers for giving 1000 reviews to the story.

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