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Main Story

"Unlike Dialga, I need more focus to send someone cleanly through time like you experienced before. You will be able to restore memories, but not as perfectly and evenly as I'd had hoped to grant you, and not as flexibly, and the distortions to the original timeline may have unpredictable consequences, but it's the best chance we all have..."
Chapter 1: Arceus as he prepares to send Ash with his memories intact to the past to prevent the collapse of reality.

Ash: Alright guys, we have to become stronger. Stronger to ensure that what friends we have left, will not be harmed in any way. For that, we all have to train. You, and I. Who's with me!?
Narration: Though his Pokemon noticed his determined grin, he did not let them see his eyes. He could certainly say it and force himself to at least appear confident, but inside he was still a raging bundle of emotions that he was still trying to tamp down. He'd lost people he cared about, his Pokemon had too and they were probably suffering just as much as him, but he knew he needed to at least pretend to be strong…for their sake.
Chapter 9: Ash's Heroic Vow.

"I know that you went to the extreme to save my life Ash and I appreciate it, I really do. I can't think of anyone else who'd get a Gyarados to obey them just to save my life. I just want you to know how much I am thankful to you for saving me. However, I have no happy memories of this place now Ash, none whatsoever, as any happy memories that I might've had of this place were ruined by my sisters a long time ago. That badge you won here Ash, the badge that Inspector Joy gave you as they took my sisters away, while you truly did earn it, used to be a great challenge, one that few managed to complete. It was what I had hoped to one day be the master of, it was one of my two dreams in life. But, the name of the Cerulean Gym was tarnished by my sister's laziness and stupidity, now that dream is gone for good."

Paul: Done talking with your girlfriend Ketchum, or she some idiot groupie of yours? You collecting cheerleaders or something, last I checked one you only had one in Vermillion? And why did you turn your hat like that, it makes you look like some kind of kid?
Ash: They're my friends Paul. I know you might not understand that, but some people actually like being with others. As to my hat, well sometimes connecting to your inner kid helps you win.
Chapter 18: Paul and Ash, about to begin the final round of their battle.

"Ash Ketchum, you've proven to be a quite exceptional battler, one I rarely see in my Gym at any time, let alone in my male challengers. Giving you this badge, I recognize I am probably going to have to let all challengers in again, but perhaps they'll be more like you and less like… some people. However, you have earned this badge, and all the headaches it's going to give me. Good luck in the Pokémon League, no matter how many more badges you may choose to earn."
Chapter 21: Erika, deciding to lift her ban on male trainers after Ash defeats her.

"You are a prime example of what your kind does to the truly talented Dario. You had no remarkable skill at anything, you're driven on to produce inferior results, where better talented people could have easily been obtained if you weren't given your cushion of family blood. You couldn't even bother trying to fix yourself; you instead looked at actual talent around you, like Lara Laramie, and tried to bring her down to your level with trickery and sabotage. In trying to make yourself, a waste of space with no talent, look good, you made so many with actual skill and brains look bad. You cost them business, reputation, self-esteem, and caused actual injuries to themselves and the Pokémon they put more time into than you ever did yours. Yet, you can't even manage that, you failed and made yourself so exposed that no one will be surprised when they find your dead body in the water tomorrow. You were so pathetic you reacted the same in two timelines."
Chapter 26: Sabrina, giving Dario a "The Reason You Suck" Speech right before telekinetically snapping his neck.

"I don't expect him to understand, but I won't force him to agree with me. These powers might be part of me as a person, but not as a Pokémon trainer. I want to believe in my Pokémon, that they can grow to their full potential with their own hard work. If they grew too reliant on my powers, what's gonna happen if they fail one day? I'll do things my own way. I am not Red, and I'll never be."

Expanded Universe oneshots

"With my words, I hope to convince people that there is more ways of being a Pokemon Master than just winning the league. That they don't deserve getting shit thrown at them if they don't win, and that they are still great and wonderful people."
Gary Interlude: Casey Snagem, discussing with Gary about the meaning of being a Pokémon Master.

Now he knew the answer to his question. He wasn't worthy. But he wouldn't rest until becoming worthy. But deep down he knew he had a long road to walk. After all, did he really expect to just waltz in and capture one of the strongest Pokemon which ever existed? He had underestimated Ho-oh. And those who underestimate the power of the bird Pokemon are in for a rude awakening.
Falkner Gaiden: Falkner, chiding himself for underestimating his opponent.

"You've been the talk of Hoenn since your battle in Lilycove, everyone knows your name now. You became the most famous trainer first. You almost got yourself killed, but you still did it. Congratulations!"
Wally Interlude: Sawyer to Wally, commenting that the latter became Famed in Story.

He hoped that, no matter what happened, his mate could find the happiness she deserved. Even if it might not turn out to be as great as being with her, it was still nice to be with Ash again. Thus he turned around, leaving his old life behind. Now it truly was time to truly dive into this new adventure.
Butterfree Interlude: Butterfree, accepting that For Want of a Nail, he had lost his mate, but he still has Ash.

As for that boy Ash Ketchum... he had been an interesting opponent. If Joe had decided to leave and follow the advice of that trainer to become stronger, maybe she should do the same. Learn from her mistake, and become stronger. Yes, she had to bring out something good out of this defeat. To analyze what she did wrong, and use it to improve herself. Plus, her plans for the break after the term had just gone down the drain, so she'd have plenty of time for that. And in case she ran into Ash again, to be ready to face him again.
Giselle Interlude: Giselle, reflecting on her loss to Ash Ketchum.

"For years, I've always felt that in some things... in many things, actually, you've always been one or seven steps ahead of me. But from now on, that's going to change. I'll become stronger, and I will catch up to you. When the day comes, we'll face each other, as equals, and we'll see who's the stronger of the two."
Happy Birthday Ash!: Ash, making The Promise to Gary.

"I had always been disgusted at how mediocre this town and all its inhabitants were. I tried to suppress those feelings, I really did. For my father's sake, at least. Hell, I even followed his wishes and used my powers to make your life easier. I knew that was a mistake, since that would make you even more complacent. But in the end I couldn't take it anymore. So I attempted to test a certain theory of mine, and went on a daily rampage, hoping that somebody would gather enough courage to face and try to stop me. Everybody thinks I'm special because of my powers. But that doesn't make special, no. It's my determination and ambition what allows me to achieve greatness. I've read in history books people who started out poor, and became rich thanks to their efforts, as well as others who inherited vast fortunes, only to lose it all thanks to their incompetence. I know for a fact that everybody has the potential to be extraordinary if they just work for it. But sometimes, people need a little push. I was on the verge of losing all hope, and then you came and challenged me. And what a challenge it was! At first I was angry, due to how much you hurt me, but then I realized that this is what I was hoping to see. That with enough motivation, even the most mediocre person can do something great."
Sabrina Gaiden: Sabrina's Motive Rant to Tommy.

"I can't say I really understand what you are going through, but one thing I know for sure. Just because someone is a 'nobody', doesn't mean they can't have good adventures, or that the universe is any worse for it. Everyone's special in their own way, and have their own stories to think about and go through. You are no one to judge us."
Dude Gaiden: Dude, speaking back against MissingNo when the latter complains about many minor, one-shot characters getting their own stories.

"And finally, three, you are the ones doing unspeakable things to Pokemon. Everyone can sense the sheer wrongness of what you guys did to the ones you call Shadow Pokemon, though for some reason, some can feel it stronger than others. You have no right to call anyone an abomination, not when your actions make you the biggest scum on the planet. Take them away!"
Jane Jackrum Interlude: Top Ranger Sven, giving an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to the Cipher Peons who called Jane an "abomination".

"We humans are powerless and weak by nature, the only reason we came up on top is because we're smart."
Kangaskhan Kid Gaiden: Mr. Marshall, talking to his son Tommy.

Clair: "Look Gregory, you are a good trainer. All those people who tried to make you feel better, they are losers. They are not capable of beating me, but you were. You just got bad luck. It happens all the time, and it won't change with copious alcohol."
Gregory: "Not that I am able to be that good twice. You know all my moves, you know I have a Slyveon."
Clair: "And I only beat it because it accidentally sprained its paw tripping over a crack in the floor, which Nurse Joy can fix by tomorrow even before one of my groundskeepers plugs the crack up with quick cement or whatever they use on cracks. Plus, now you know what I can do just as much as I know what you can do. We'll still as equal as we were round one. [...] You still have to get an eighth badge for the Silver Conference, and I'll be here tomorrow. I've got nothing else to do after all, you might as well entertain me. Get to bed, wake up, make sure you aren't hung over, and try again. I'm sure you can win this time."
Clair Interlude: Clair, trying to cheer up a depressed challenger in the local bar.

Sam: "Nobody should go through nightmares like this just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I want to find a way to prevent this, no matter how much time it will take."
Agatha: [smiling sadly] "You really sound like Pallet Oak now."
Sam: "I'm not Pallet Oak, I'm Samuel Oak. And I will make sure to help everyone in my own way. No one should have to pay so much to be a trainer."
Agatha & Sam Gaiden: Young Samuel Oak, determined to make the world a safer place for Pokémon trainers in the future.

"And the stranger who came to town, creating a day of friendship and love, with the oddest tint of commercialism, was a cloaked man, with hair between blue and gray. To those who were against it he unleashed a nightmare, and to those who needed a lift he gave a beast of the winds to them."
Reset Bloodlines Holiday Special 2017: Clembot, recounting the origin of Christmas.

"You can't beat the magic of Christmas. Most people will always find a way to be happy, sooner or later."
Reset Bloodlines Holiday Special 2017: Santa Clause to MissingNo after the Dude thwarted the latter again.

Trainers and Rangers
May there be peace between us
Now and forever
Reset Bloodlines Holiday Special 2017: Professor Oak's wish for peace to Professor Hastings.

"Many people have a certain vision of how the future has to be, and strive to make it a reality. It's just human nature. But no matter how noble your intentions are, it means nothing if other people have to suffer to make them real."
Steven Interlude: Steven, commenting on Team Zenith's goals and how they plan to achieve them.

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