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  • Creator's Pest:
    • There are several notes at the beginning of the story, one of them being how much the author hates Paul, and what he represents.
    • John Archer, who took up sizeable parts of Chapter 20. Cross outright states at the start of the chapter he really does not like writing him. He outright compares it to Akira Toriyama's dislike of Vegeta, except he won't 'Dragon Ball him back'. He even later admitted he regrets the name as it was suggested by an old correspondent and he didn't know that the name was shared by a Starfleet captain at the time.
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    • Comments made by Cross suggest that his least favorite of Ash's Pokemon is Poipole and that, along with the logistics of Ultra Space, will hamper the mon's inclusion into the fic in any capacity.
  • Development Gag:
    • Originally, the name for the team Maxie and Archie splintered from was supposed to be "Team Utopia". However, Viroro-kun suggested to Crossoverpairinglover that the name was changed to Team Zenith, while still keeping the original aims. The attempt to rename the team to Utopia is mentioned in the Holiday Special 2017.
    • The two divided Sabrina arc chapters were originally a single chapter, depicted as such for the April Fools 2018 chapter.
  • Exiled from Continuity: The writer eventually decided to not use Lysandre in the main story or oneshots he writes, specifying personal issues with modern politics and bleedover (The author is American and the period he made the statement was a point of high political tension in the country). He did admit this applies only to him and that other writers are free to use him.
  • He Also Did:
  • Hostility on the Set: Crossoverpairinglover and the fanfic image creator Vinylshadow vehemently dislike each other, and any interaction they have on involves the two taking jabs at the other until they are told to break it off, quite often pages later. The reasons for this is mostly a clash of writing styles and preferences (Cross prefers long chaptered stories led by canon characters while Vinyl prefers shorter chaptered stories with original characters), as well as Vinyl's preference to trolly responses which easily rile up Cross.
  • Jossed:
    • After a comment about it on Spacebattles, the author confirms at the end of the Gary Oneshot that Tobias is not the Iron Masked Marauder in Reset Continuity.
    • Early on, the three confirmed male bloodliners in the story were Ash, Red and John Archer, all whom share an uncanny resemblance towards each other. This made some readers wonder if all male bloodliners are Ash/Red lookalikes, something the author denied (though he did admit that their resemblance is not a coincidence). Chapter 23 suggests that this relation is due to a shared father.
  • Meaningful Release Date:
    • "Happy Birthday, Ash!" was released on May 22, which is Ash's birthday in the Reset-verse.
    • Lorelei, whose canon birthday is listed as March 15, also got her own oneshot posted on that same date.
  • Memorial Character:
    • In Cerulean arc part 2, the author mentions obtaining a shiny Sunkern. Later during the Gary oneshot we meet Casey Snagem, who has a shiny Sunflora.
    • An Arcanine named Emma is based on a dog the author had in the past.
    • In the Sho Interlude, an "Auntie Agnes" is mentioned as a tribute to Fox's recently passed grandaunt.
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • The Dude Gaiden is this in two respects: it celebrates both the one-year anniversary of Viroro-kun's first contribution to the Reset-verse, and the fiftieth one-shot to be published.
    • Similarly, Jane Jackrum Interlude was posted on the anniversary of partner555's first Resetverse contribution.
    • Fox McCloude follows suit with the Sir Aaron & Lucario Gaiden.
    • The Glitch War celebrates the 100th sidestory milestone in the Expanded Universe note 
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The writer allows people to write stories taking place in the universe of Reset Bloodlines. The only condition is that they check with him first.
  • Saved by the Fans: Fan response was able to save Paul's Hypno from being released. The author has also stated that fan reaction may determine the fate of Ash's Primeape. In the end it stuck, and he was rescued during Chapter 34.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • Chapter 22 was posted in August of 2016, and Chapter 23 didn't follow until Christmas Day that same year. The author explained that there were a lot of reasons for this.
      • The chapter's length may have also been a factor, as previous long chapters like chapters 17 and 20 suffered similarly long writing times.
    • Chapter 27 also took several months to release, and notably like the above two was immensely long.
    • Chapter 39 was meant to come out in June, missing it by one day because Cross forgot that June didn't have a June 31st.
    • Chapter 42 was announced as missing September by Cross due to a new job draining his energy. The chapter after that was delayed until February of the following year, according to Cross for reasons involving job stress (including nearly losing his job) and holiday stress.
    • Chapter 44 released in September after a previous release in March due to a need to rewrite it with the other authors and various real life factors on all their ends. Meanwhile, Chapter 45 didn't come out until November for similar reasons.
    • Following that, Chapters 46 and 47 were not released until April 2020, even though they had been finished for quite a while.
    • The Frax & Velvet Interlude was supposed to be released on Mothers' Day, but unfortunately, it didn't come out until late July.
    • The first chapter of "The Wild Boy From Sinnoh" was released on February 19, 2017. However, the second chapter didn't come out until the very last day of that year.
    • The Melemele Grand Trial oneshot was meant to be released much earlier, to a point Cross compared the delay of it to Deathmate.
  • Trolling Creator: An interpretation of why the author had Ash not only capture the 30 canonical Tauros despite how common it is in fanfics to not do this, but then go on to capture a grand total of 44 Tauros.
  • Throw It In!:
    • The Author confirms the part of The Poison War: Joy of the World with Ash having Pidgeot fly to Serena's house with a warning was written because a fan mentioned the possibility of it happening.
    • Az appeared in the Holiday Special, by the author's own admission, because of Pokémon Generations episode 18, which aired on the 23rd of December.
    • Ash catching the Exeggutor group that was originally Melvin's in the Safari Zone came from a review in the Spanish translation suggesting that Ash should catch one.
  • What Could Have Been: The authors are fond of sharing scrapped ideas at the end of chapters.
    • Chapter 23 reveals several bits of this
      • The writer says that he was originally planning on making James a bloodliner, but changed his mind.
      • He had wanted to do more with Anabel in the chapter but didn't have the time to. He also originally had a darker backstory planned for her than what followed.
      • He also had ideas for showing more with the backstory of Belladonna, Vedia, Evanna, and Aurora, but he decided to save it for later due to time issues.
    • Chapter 24 mentions he was interested in doing an Alain oneshot, which would have been the place Vermell debuted. However when the author decided against using Lysandre in his works due to political bleed the project was scrapped due to Alain's closeness to Lysandre. Vermell's debut was instead shifted to the Astrid oneshot, possibly the replacement for the Alain one, and a bit of the potential oneshot was put at the end of Chapter 24.
    • In the April Fools 2017 chapter, the author reveals that he once planned for Ash to also get Dawn's Buneary at the same time as Snivy, and that the original plan for Ash meeting Anabel involved Anabel lying on the side of a road. Belladonna and her girlfriends also were not initially in the script, so it's likely there was a different plan for Ash meeting Muk again during Gringy City.
    • The Gardenia oneshot used one shot character Sho, though Fox comments he had originally thought about using Lucas or Barry for the role but 'they were not available'.
    • Chapter 26 has in the author's notes a previous draft of the potential Bad Future scene, going very different from the definitive one.
    • Looker Interlude, according to Viroro-Kun, was meant to be written a lot earlier than it actually was. Given that the Wally Interlude was given as a time placement for when it was meant to be written, and said oneshot predates Sun and Moon, it is likely that had it been written then Nanu would not have appeared in it at all.
    • Fox McCloude and partner555 tried to do a collaborative oneshot about Lara Laramie. However, due to each of them wanting to put more focus on a different element (partner on Lara's backstory, Fox on the race itself), they ended up deciding to do separate oneshots. It was hardly fruitless, however, since Fox admits he did borrow some of partner's ideas.
    • At the end of the Sho Interlude, Fox says he originally intended for Jasmine to give Sho the Key Stone. However, he decided that Flint would fit that role better, due to his friendship with Volkner. Jasmine still appears to give Sho some crucial advice about Mega Evolution.
    • The Laramie Gaiden was set to be more of a prequel to the Big P Pokémon Race Interlude, as part of how partner and Fox intended to work together initially, but after receiving some feedback, partner shifted the focus to Lara's grandfather Leeroy and how he adopted the philosophy of "living in harmony with Pokémon", as well as give the Resetverse the first look into the Ranger nations.
      • The collaborative between Fox and partner eventually did come to pass in the Lara Gaiden, which also acts as the prequel to the Big P Pokémon Race Interlude proper.
    • Kaia from the Charmander Gaiden, was originally supposed to be killed by the Spearow flock, but Viroro-kun enjoyed writing her and decided to spare her, although she did end up losing her eyesight from the attack.
    • The Pokémon G-Men Interlude was originally going to include an Early-Bird Cameo of the Red Gyarados from the Lake of Rage, but after some feedback from Cross, Fox decided to change it.
    • Wicke, according to the author, was originally going to be Zilant's mother instead of his aunt.
    • Chapter 27 was originally going to feature AZ, but he was cut by the Author. Also originally the final battle was going to end up being Red vs Paul with Torterra defeating Servine, but this changed after the writing process made a solo victory by Charmeleon repeating what Cynthia did to Garchomp (a bash to the head) difficult to replicate reasonably. He also mentioned Sabrina was going to have killed Keith, the Farfetch'd trainer character of the day, but the author wasn't able to bring himself to do it and so killed Seymour instead.
    • Chapter 28 reveals that Ash was going to tell Red about possibly being related in the previous chapter, but due to conflicting advice (and the in-story fight they had), the author decided to leave it ambiguous and flesh it out as the story progresses. He later clarifies that Ash did tell Red in the One Island oneshot.
      • According to Chapter 29, Cross was considering giving Red a Masterball, but the idea was apparently talked down by the other writers.
    • Maylene Interlude was going to feature more backstory for Reggie and Paul, but Fox decided to leave this for a separate future oneshot. It also was going to include some Ship Tease between Reggie and Maylene, but Fox decided against it due to their age gap.
    • Fox planned to have Lorelei's Slowbro to be able to Mega Evolve, but other writers told him that he should gave her an actual Ice type that's able to Mega Evolve, even if she didn't have one in neither the games nor the anime. Eventually, he changed his mind and decided to give her an Abomasnow.
    • The end of chapter 30 mentioned Midori's original partner Pokemon was going to be an Abra, but due to some talk among the other authors about too many megas, he changed it to keep away from a possible Mega Alakazam down the line.
    • He also mentioned Brock, Lucy, and Croagunk were originally going to appear during the Fuchsia Tag Tournament Arc, which would have involved a scene of Brock and Lucy mutually "Brocking" at one another — and giving Anabel one heck of a Dirty Mind-Reading moment in the process that would have made her faint — until Croagunk jabbed both of them. Croagunk would later appear in Chapter 31.
    • Chapter 30, again, has the author mention he was originally going to have Ash obtain Lara's Ponyta.
    • The same chapter also noted that at one point early in development, Jasmine would have been a main character.
    • Chapter 32, a short chapter showing part of the Gary versus Paul battle, was originally not going to be made but was created as a fill in chapter while the confrontation with Sabrina was being developed.
    • Chapter 33 was divided into Chapters 33 and 34 due to risks of tone whiplash.
    • In Chapter 36 Cross mentions that the Fender and the evil sibling from Chapter 33 were originally the same character, but split per Viroro's request. He was originally meant to feature in a Black Arachnid oneshot along with a mayor named Rock Peregrine, who also appeared in the chapter.
    • Misty was originally going to use Golduck in Chapter 39's battle with Ash, but the author decided to substitute in Poliwrath instead.
    • Mandi was originally supposed to come off as more of a dick in Chapter 40, but the other writers thought Cross was going a bit too far, so his scenes were tweaked to make him less of an asshole.
    • A oneshot involving Sun and Moon Ash going to the bad future of Reset was once in development early on, but it fell apart and was never finished.
    • The Bloodliner Hunter Interlude's second chapter was going to have several different bits. First, the author was planning to reveal that Kibou was Not Quite Dead. Second, the Gray Poochyena was going to know about the Bloodline King and his plans, and lastly in the end she was going to be rescued by a team of Bloodliner heroes in lieu of the Character of the Day who ended up doing so. The first was discarded so as to keep the emotional impact, and the last two due to them being hard to explain and leaving too many loose ends.
    • Chapter 45 has Cross mention he had originally meant for Ash to obtain Zorua and Zoroark at some point during Kanto for use against a Proto-Sabrina. This is tied into earlier plans to not go into that film specifically.
    • A bit briefly released from the (then) yet unreleased Chapter 48 on the Spacebattles forum showed a scrapped Omake cut for being a bit too sexy: mostly for use of the Breast Expansion trope in relation to Gigantamix Curry.
    • Among other elements, the Katie Gaiden was originally going to feature Enta from the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga as Katie's league opponent, but as Viroro-kun had already called dibs on using him, Rubrum was created to fill the role. Also, Katie was originally going to lose her match, but at the suggestion of Fox and the other writers, the result was changed to avoid turning her into a Decoy Protagonist.
  • The Wiki Rule: As of November 2019, though still a work in progress.
  • Word of Gay: In response to a review, the writer has confirmed that Melissa is a transwoman.
  • Word of God:
    • The author has confirmed that Ash's sixth girlfriend will not be any of the following: a Pokémon, an Original Character, Erika, Pike Queen Lucy, Hunter J, Solidad, any female member of a villain team, or Delia. The character was later revealed in Chapter 23 as Anabel.
    • The teams of Pyro and Sparky were revealed in the author notes of Chapter 30, having been decided at the same time as Rainer's but having no real way to be brought up in the chapter proper.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: The Author, Cross, has implied that while he has the ending in mind and a rough view of the stuff that happens between it plenty of stuff is made up as he goes along and adjusted accordingly.

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