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ComedyShortsGamer, or CSG for short, is the online identity of Oladeji "Deji" Olatunji. You may know him as KSI's brother. Deji began in 2012 (two years after his brother), initially uploading a limited slew of games, with some emphasis on Sketch Comedy, but now he uploads various types of videos. In his brother's roots, he has grown prominently due to his FIFA videos. If you've seen KSI's videos, you'll find Deji's prospect to be very similar. Aside from LPs, he has a variety of other videos consisting of things like challenges and Q&As.

His channel can be checked out here, where he has over eight million subs.

Deji also has his own soundboard app that's 99 cents on the App Store and free on the Play Store.

Additionally, Deji participated in 2015's Legends of Gaming competition alongside the likes of wroetoshaw and Calfreezy. Deji was revealed as the competition's second legend. You can see a playlist of Deji's LOG videos here.


Outside of YouTube videos, Deji works as a landlord and operates a clothing and merchandise line called Tank. He also worked on a graphic novel, Kung Fu Hero and the Forbidden City, which was released in November 2017.

Like his older brother, Deji has also been getting into boxing. He made his boxing debut on 25 August 2018 when he faced off against infamous American YouTuber Jake Paul in the last undercard match before the main match between their elder brothers KSI and Logan Paul. While Deji lost to Jake Paul, he manages to give him one hell of a fight for four and a half rounds before his team had to throw in the towel.


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