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"Where Bandwidth Commits Suicide and Cool Comes to Die"

Community Channel is the YouTube channel of Natalie Tran, who makes videos narrating everyday events and then dramatising them in skits, usually playing all the parts herself. She mixes serious with tongue-in-cheek humor as she points to a common stereotype, trope, or mannerism and will subsequently subvert it in a short skit "because just once I would love it to go down like this". She ends videos by talking about the favourite comments left on previous videos in the segment "porno music/comment time". All of this is topped by her Australian Accent.

Tropes used by Community Channel:

  • Catchphrase:
    • On the (rare) occasions she compliments herself in a skit, she often says "Baby, I know."
    • Her cry of "Unbelievable" in an exaggerated accent (Un-boh-livable).
  • Once an Episode:
    • "Porno-music-slash-comment time"
    • "Your Mum Rates Me"
    • Formerly, "Ugly/Attractive Word of the Video."
  • Profane Last Words: Natalie muses that despite most characters having dramatic secrets to reveal (e.g. "Agatha's not dead...!"), her last words would mostly likely be something like "....fucking....... hurts..."
  • Running Gag: Whenever placeholder words appear in a skit, pausing the video will reveal that it's always a message from Nat to all the people who pause her videos to read the text ("Really, this? You'll even read this??").
  • Secret Handshake: In "Must Contain One Uppercase Letter" Natalie suggests that these should be used instead of passwords and security questions. A scene plays out where she performs an elaborate handshake with a hand coming out of a computer screen before reading that it doesn't meet the requirements.
    Natalie: Handshake must contain three fistbumps, two backslaps and at least one hi-five...
  • Self-Deprecation: She has a tendency to feature comments making fun of her and her videos in the "porno music/comment time" at the end of every video.
  • YouTuber Apology Parody: She parodies the apology video of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who apologized for failing to declare their dogs in Australian customs, but it's shown that the video's director is actually the Australian government holding them hostage and forcing them to read from a script.