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"Where Bandwidth Commits Suicide and Cool Comes to Die"

Community Channel is the YouTube profile used by Natalie Tran, an Australian and Sydney resident of Vietnamese descent, in which she narrates every day events and then dramatices them in skits usually playing all the parts herself. Sometimes serious but almost always tongue-in-cheek, she will usually point to a common stereotype, trope, or mannerism and will subsequently subvert it in a short skit "because just once I would love it to go down like this". Her sense of humour, hobbies, constant Self-Deprecation, and the fact that she takes the time to talk about the favourite comments left by her video´s viewers at the end of the subsequent videos in the segment "porno music/comment time" has made her one of the most well known and successful youtubers, with a devout fan base, having over a million subscribers. All of this topped by an Australian Accent.


In 2010, she worked with Lonely Planet, travelling the world and making travelogues in a style similar to her Youtube videos.

Tropes used by Community Channel:

  • Adorkable: If her nerdy collections often shown in her videos aren't any indication, Nat is definitely this.
  • Asian and Nerdy: Young Nat. Adult Nat is not that far off.
  • Between My Legs: In "Towels and Code".
  • Bow Chicka Wow Wow: Porno-music-slash-comment-time.
  • Catchphrase:
    • On the (rare) occasions she compliments herself in a skit, she often says "Baby, I know."
    • Her cry of "Unbelievable" in an exaggerated accent (Un-boh-livable).
  • Everything's Cuter with Kittens: She recently got a Russian blue.
  • Fangirl:
  • Musical Episode:
  • Nice Girl: Nat IRL. Despite being a Youtuber even before the term was created, accumulating 500 million views and over 1 million subscribers, maybe even contributing to the creation of the format of vlogging that many modern Youtubers use, and overall just being hilarious, expect Nat to downplay her accomplishments and comment how she's just an average person going about her daily life.
  • Once an Episode:
    • "Hi", "Porno-music-slash-comment time", Your Mum Rates Me
    • Formerly, "Ugly/Attractive Word of the Video."
  • Profane Last Words: Natalie muses that despite most characters having dramatic secrets to reveal (e.g. "Agatha's not dead...!), her last words would mostly likely be something like "....fucking....... hurts..."
  • Running Gag: Whenever placeholder words appear in a skit, pausing the video will reveal that it's always a message from Nat to all the people who pause her videos to read the text ("Really, this? You'll even read this??").
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • Probably every other sentence she says. Most often when she's late (especially if she's several months late) with a video
    • She also has a tendency to feature comments making fun of her and her videos in the porno-music-slash-comment-time at the end of every video
  • Uncanny Valley Makeup: The abs video and the celebrity makeup video.
  • Your Mum:
    • ...rates me.
    • And numerous other riffs on this theme.


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