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WickedBinge is an Analysis Channel on YouTube that primarily ranks cartoon characters on "good to evil" lists, with variations like "good to most good"/"evil to most evil" or live-action works. They also produce theory videos.

They also have a spin-off channel, 1upBinge, which applies the same concept to video games.

The channel provides examples of:

  • Analysis Channel: The web series typically focuses on cartoons but also dips into discussing live action television shows and movies. Their spin-off series 1UpBinge concentrates on video games.
  • Catchphrase: "Stay wicked!"
  • Darker and Edgier: They have a playlist discussing darker episodes of animated shows, oftentimes when those episodes teach adult lessons.
  • Evil Versus Evil: When ranking villains from least evil to most evil.
  • Good Versus Good: When ranking heroes from least good to most good.
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  • Mascot: They used to have a succubus represent their channel. They still use her in the videos from time to time.
  • Top Ten List: They have variations of the list.

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