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"Some men are born great and others have greatness thrust upon them. And some men, while we might necessarily be "great", it's not as though we are terrible or anything; I mean, there are definitely worse things on YouTube, right? I think we can agree at that much. And who asked you anyway? If you're so god-damn smart, why don't you go make your own videos, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought! My name is Bobby the Tongue, and without exaggerating at all; I'm basically the Pelé of complaining about video games. Meaning, not only am I staggeringly productive, (when I'm not taking an unannounced break), I execute with such skill and elegancy that it will take your breath away."
MrBtongue, "Introducing Me"

Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage is a series of what can best be described as a series of video essays detailing tropics relating to the video game industry with an educational intent and a twist of humor. Admitting upfront to draw a lot of inspiration from RedLetterMedia's Plinkett Reviews, the videos are made by Bob "MrBtongue" Case and hosted on his YouTube channel.

Discussing tropics ranging the from current state of gaming journalism and MMORPGs, over the use of classic storytelling techniques in video games, to selected video games, the videos combines academic discussion with copious amounts of sardonical humor and Self-Deprecation to achieve TUN's mission-statement: "To change the world for the better through strategic complaining."

Sometimes, MrBtongue also likes to do what he calls "reverse complaining", for that he uses the Spin-Off series Creepy, Obsessive Nerdlove wherein he takes a more positive look at certain titles, both films and video games. Nowadays, his most frequent activity is contributing to the Shamus Young's Twenty Sided blog.


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