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— "Fire", The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Truly one of the most theatrical and pyromaniacal musicians ever. Arthur Wilton Brown (b. June 24, 1942) is an obscure man, but one revered as a shining, blazing example of Crazy Is Cool.

After some short stints in Paris doing soundtracks and work with small R&B bands, Brown formed his iconic band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown in 1966 as a trio of himself, keyboardist Vincent Crane and drummer Drachen Theaker. They recorded their eponymous debut in 1968 with the hit single being...

...well, take a guess.


The single shot straight to #1 in the UK, soon cracking charts the world over. It even managed to hit #2 on the US Billboard Charts, only beaten by another: Hey Jude!

The Crazy World was not long for our world, unfortunately, as Theaker's fear of flying had nearly surfaced the band's second world tour. He was quickly replaced by young virtuoso Carl Palmer, but the band didn't last as Crane had left to form Atomic Rooster, taking Palmer with him. With World gone, Brown soon became a prolific solo performer, making guest appearances on a multitude of albums ever since.

His solo projects shifted from another short-lived band, Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come, to self-credited stints in Synth-Pop. The Crazy World was born again in 2000note  releasing acclaimed albums including Tantric Lover, Vampire Suite, and the crowdfunded Zim Zam Zim.

While his mainstream success was short lived, he is still revered in Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal circles as one of their progenitors. He continues to tour with Crazy World, nearly 50 years after his landmark single.


  • 1968- The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  • 1971- Galactic Zoo Dossier
  • 1972- Kingdom Come
  • 1973- Journey
  • 1975- Dance
  • 1977- Chisholm In My Bosom
  • 1979- Faster Than The Speed of Light note 
  • 1981- Speak No Tech
  • 1982- Requiem
  • 1988- Brown, Black, & Blue note 
  • 1989- Strangelands note 
  • 2000- Tantric Lover
  • 2003- Vampire Suite
  • 2007- The Voice of Love note 
  • 2012- The Magic Hat note 
  • 2013- Zim Zam Zim
  • 2019- Gypsy Voodoo

"TROPES! I take you to learn..."

  • Careful with That Axe: Oh, absolutely. "Fire" in particular has Brown screaming at the top of his lungs in the first few seconds that it starts up.
  • Cover Version: Brown has covered both "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and "I've Got Money" by James Brown, on two of his studio albums with The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.
  • Kayfabe Music: An Ur-Example. Brown's theatrics and the absurd mythology he created with the "Crazy World" of Arthur Brown seem primitive by today's standards, but set the standard for future acts to follow.
  • Large Ham: It might be a bit tough to notice, but Brown has quite the lung capacity.
  • Special Guest: Brown joined Kula Shaker for this performance of their song "Mystical Machine Gun" on the show TFI Friday.