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  • In his "Like a G6" review, he objects to the fact that the people in the video are up at 7:30 the following morning, claiming that if they're throwing a good party they should not be awake at that time. He doesn't give any reason why, though, so what's wrong with being awake then? Should they be up earlier or later? I don't really understand that.
    • He means that if they partied that hard all night, they should be so tired as a result that they would sleep in and wake up well past 7:30. Most people can't wake up at 7am if they were awake 'til 3 in the morning.
  • Why does Todd wear a mask while in the light? He said something about it on WTFIWWY but what was it? I can't find the episode.
    • Because in lighted places his hood is insufficient to keep his face covered.
    • I am so sorry, I meant to ask what did he say on WTFIWWY (What the F*** is Wrong With You)? They mention something about it on the main page, but never elaborate.
  • In his Worst Hit Songs of 2012 video, in addition to including the Billboard Year-End 100, he expanded it to any single that was in the Top 20 that year because he didn't want to have to go through anything like when he put Fuck You on the 2011 list even though that song debuted in 2010. What exactly did that have to do with anything that ended up Top 20 in 2012? For that matter, he had One Thing by One Direction in his dishonorable mentions, which was not on the Year-End list and peaked at #39.
    • He stated a change in rules for what he considers eligible for the list, since the year-end 100 isn't always accurate in documenting every song that could be considered a hit in the year. Also, "I would've put this song on the list if it had been an actual hit."
  • If he had "I Knew You Were Trouble" in his dishonorable mentions in his Worst Hit Songs of 2013 video and that was able to stay with no problem, then why was he forced to edit out the bumper that used a clip from that song?
    • As he put it on his Twitter, "new management, new rules". The bumper didn't count as directly relevant to the video, according to Blip.
  • In that same video, he mentions that EDM isn't list-worthy bad unless it "goes the extra mile". How exactly does Feel This Moment compare to the other EDM stuff he's ragged on? Guessing because it samples a-ha, but when he gets to the song on the list his take gives him nothing to say about it and is extremely short.
    • He has whole review of Feel This Moment where he talks more about it. Or rather, tries to, because, as he puts it, the song is no different from any of Pitbull's other songs.
  • In the prelude of his "Party Rock Anthem" review in 2011, he uses a clip from Jason DeRulo's "Don't Wanna Go Home", then in 2014 in the prelude of the "Talk Dirty" review he said he recognized the song even though he claimed he didn't know it was DeRulo. He didn't recognize "It Girl" or "The Other Side", but if he used a clip from "Don't Wanna Go Home" (which he says his name at the beginning of), then how did he forget he was around?
    • It's a joke. He's making fun at how generic and forgettable Jason Derulo is as a performer.
  • Why is Kali too small?
    • Born that way?
    • Why is Kali? Why is small? Why is is? Why is Why?
  • I'm actually not sure why he thinks 50 Ways To Say Goodbye sounds similar to Drive By. Other than the chord progression maybe, they really sound different. Different tones, rhythms, and tempos. Plus the trumpets on 50 Ways (at least he brought those up).
  • If "Don't Tell 'Em" doesn't actually have a video, then where did he get the footage that he used in his dishonorable mentions? Was there a video made early this year or something?
    • It's apparently a video from an official remix of the song, according to his Twitter.
  • So he says that because of how awful 2014 was, he only had room for one song by Iggy Azalea on his list...before proceeding to put two songs by Jason Derulo and Chris Brown?
    • I don't see how that is mutually exclusive.
    • He probably just thought those songs were all worse than "Fancy." Not much more to it than that.
  • So if Nickelback is Todd's most hated act...then how did neither of their two representations on 2009's Year-End Hot 100note  make his Worst list for that year?
    • It's probably exaggerated hatred due to Acceptable Targets. Either that, or he simply considered everything that made it to be much worse than anything they put out.
  • So in the "O.M.G." review, he made a big deal out of the fact that Usher rhymed "style" with "wow," which, to be fair, was a pretty Painful Rhyme. But a few years later, during his review of "Thrift Shop," he doesn't even mention the fact that Macklemore rhymes "style" with "hand-me-downs" ("Imma take your grandpa's style, Imma take your grandpa's style/no, for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?"). What's up with that? If anything, it's less excusable in Macklemore's case, since he's a rapper while Usher is a singer.
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  • I read in the comments of YouTube user TheDoubleAgent's Worst Hit Songs of 2013 video that Todd said on Twitter that if he were to remake his, "That's My Kind of Night" by Luke Bryan would top it. If that's true, could someone show where this was mentioned? Because I've searched his tweets and saw nothing of the kind, unless I missed it.
  • This isn't exactly related to anything of his but it was mentioned in his Worst of 1987 video... The Final Countdown is seriously considered one of the worst songs of all time? This is news to me.
    • A Rolling Stone Poll declared it the second-worst song of the 80s. While certainly not a perfect metric of public opinion, it does establish some hate. I think it's because it's pretty much typical 1980s arena rock fare with a much more repetitive riff and chorus.

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