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Drinking Game / Todd in the Shadows

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  • Take a sip if Todd indulges in alcohol, with additional sips for each separate scene.
  • Take a sip if Todd talks to God.
  • Take a sip if Todd thinks the subject song is eerily similar or identical to an earlier work.
    • Take another sip if he thinks that the songs are too niche for both to catch on.
    • Down the bottle if it's by the same artist.
  • Take two sips if Todd says something is tested, focused grouped, and works.
  • Take a sip if Todd plays "Finish the Rhyme."
  • Take a sip if Todd mentions white guys with acoustic guitars.
    • Take a sip if Todd mentions white girls with pianos.
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    • Down the bottle if the guy or girl swaps instruments.
  • Take two sips if Todd says the artist's name in a gravelly, irritated voice.
  • Take a sip if someone other than Todd appears (DO NOT PLAY DURING THE "WHIP MY HAIR" VIDEO.)
  • Take a sip if Todd thinks the One Hit Wonderland subject repeated their hit on the follow-up single.
    • Down half the bottle if they repeat their hit for the rest of their career.
  • Take a sip if Todd prefers the follow-up single on One Hit Wonderland.
  • Take a sip if Todd injures himself.
  • Take a sip for every ten seconds Todd rants about the personal scandals of an artist.
    • Take two sips if it's someone other than Chris Brown.
  • Take a sip whenever Todd thinks something is too depressing.
  • Finish the glass if Todd's verdict seems pretty clear throughout the episode, until he reevaluates everything and gives the opposite verdict.
  • Take a sip if "Toddstradamus strikes again."
  • Refill the glass if Todd brings up a prior prediction of his to gloat that he was right.
  • Take a sip if Katy Perry appears on his one of his year-end top 10 lists, best or worst.
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  • Take a sip if he admits that he likes a song by an artist he typically hates.
  • Finish the glass if the One Hit Wonderland format suddenly makes a guest appearance in a regular Pop Song Review.
  • Finish the glass if you're watching OHW and the segment title cards are somehow edited or modified from their standard appearance (different font, transitions, etc).
  • Take a sip if you're watching a OHW or Trainwreckords episode that was sold off as a request on Patreon.
  • Refill the glass if you're watching the "One-Hit Wonderland Spooktacular Edition!"
  • Finish the glass if he plays his "Itchy Leg" song.
  • Finish the glass if one of the one-hit-wonders he covers went on to become massively influential behind the scenes.

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