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"A media criticism site with a deliberately vague name."
— One of the changing site headers

Launched in early 2013 but significantly longer in planning, Chez Apocalypse was originally envisaged as a dedicated site for Team NChick, intended to give them an identity separate to Channel Awesome. When the time came to actually create the site, however, Lindsay Ellis decided to expand its focus and make it a gathering place for the more analytical Internet reviewers.

Chez Apocalypse announced in July of 2014 that all of its shows (excluding The Bunny Perspective, which had been dropped the previous year) would be joining That Guy With the Glasses (now Channel Awesome) as part of that sites talent pick up. In January of 2015 Lindsay Ellis announced that she was leaving Channel Awesome and retiring the Nostalgia Chick character, although she would still be producing new shows for Chez Apocalypse. A few days later it was announced that Oancitizen would be leaving Channel Awesome as well.

Blip's shutdown on August of 2015 has more or less permanently put the site out of commission. The creator's videos are still available on their YouTube or Channel Awesome pages.

As of April 2018, all Chez Apocalypse contributors who were on Channel Awesome have now left.

Series hosted include:

Series formerly hosted: