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" 'Sup, my well-read ballers?"
Classical Literature. Original Gangster.

Yo yo yo, what up, dawg? This week, we gettin' up in this crib with Thug Notes, by Sparky Sweets, PhD.

A collaboration between comedian Greg Edwards (playing Dr Sweets), Napkin Note Productions (Jared Bauer and Jacob Salamon) and researcher Joseph Salvaggio, Thug Notes is a weekly Web Video series. Each five-minute episode is devoted to a brief summary and analysis of a particular work of Western literature as explained by a Soul Brotha and punctuated by deliberately unpolished illustrations. The result is half irreverent, half educational, and completely hilarious.

Books analyzed by Thug Notes include:

...and many more.

Thug Notes is available for viewing on its official site or on its Youtube channel.

This series contains examples of:


Example of: