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  • In his "Your Love is my Drug" review, a snippet of "The Piano Has Been Drinking" plays after he drunkenly passes out.
  • He references "Weird Al" Yankovic several times:
    • He calls "Bedrock" the first pop music reference to The Flintstones since "Bedrock Anthem".
    • "Eat It" and other food-related songs come to his mind while trying to figure out why "Carry Out" was ever written.
    • At the beginning of Usher's "OMG" video, he's wondering if he's watching Weird Al's "UHF" video because they both start by zooming in on an old-fashioned TV.
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    • In his review of "Telephone", he considers the reason for the recent trend of making references to cell phones in pop music. "RINGTONE!"
    • When he considers that Katy Perry's "Firework" would work better as something more permanent and useful, like firewood, he immediately sets the concept to music. "Watch out, Weird Al!"
    • He uses "Good Enough For Now" as the intro music for his Top Ten Songs About Mediocre Romance, and gives bonus points to anyone who actually knows it.
    • During his review of "Gangnam Style", he mentions him to explain how parodying an intentionally funny song doesn't work. And then cites "The White Stuff" as an example of how parodying an unlistenable song results in another unlistenable song.
  • He uses clips from How I Met Your Mother quite a lot.
    • It's no surprise that three of his One Hit Wonderland topics (500 Miles by the Proclaimers, Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Light, and Informer by Snow) were all featured on How I Met Your Mother prior to his reviews of them (though he never seems to reference this)
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  • After failing to play the Hannah Montana Pop Tour Guitar Video Game successfully due to its completely strumless controller.
  • The image of Satan seen in the "Like a G6" review is from the Doctor Who episode "The Satan Pit". (Although, in the commentary, he admitted that he had no idea of the source and had just Google image searched for Satan pictures.)
  • In the commentary for "Like A G6", he says that "Swear upon the good book" cutting to Johnny Cash's autobiography was a reference to High Fidelity.
    • He later uses a clip from High Fidelity when talking about Train lead singer Pat Monahan's overly generic music taste.
  • His speech after joining - and subsequently quitting - is a paraphrased version of Conan O'Brien's final Tonight Show "farewell speech". There is a chance that this, however, is a Take That! - it all really depends on whether or not Todd is a fan of Conan O'Brien.
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  • He's used the same clip of Nathan Explosion twice.
  • He makes a quick reference to Teen Girl Squad in his "Deuces" review, after they mention "Valentimes", and there's a clip of Homsar in the "We Are The World 2010" review.
  • Very subtle one in his review of "Club Can't Handle Me". When he is talking about the "lyrics" in the verses, he says "blah blah blah, Leonard Bernstein", which is a reference to a verse in the similarly incoherent "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by R.E.M..
  • He believes Akon's personality to be "soul-full-of-gunk, termites-in-his-smile kind of awful."
  • He explains that he thinks Lady Gaga is not evolving as an artist, she's mutating as an artist, and in a few years she'll be "an enormous blob of protoplasm crushing the world." Cue clip of AKIRA.
  • When Todd attempts to guess what rhymes with "Lehman" in the "Imma Be" review, his first two guesses are Freeman and G-Man.
  • Early on in the Worst Hit Songs of 1987 list, he asks "1987, what the fuck is going on?"
  • In his review of Ke$ha's "Blah Blah Blah", his montage of Blah Blah Blah clips from the song includes similar clips from Biz Markie's "Just A Friend", Bob Loblaw from Arrested Development, and Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
  • He once compared Lady Gaga's desperation to look unconventionally attractive to Chuck Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters, in which the main character is a model missing the lower half of her jaw.
  • Crossover example: in a Let's Play collaboration with Pushing Up Roses (Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise), Todd reacts to a living dish on the fridge with "a creature living in the refrigerator, behind the mayonnaise, next to the ketchup, and to the left of the cole slaw".
    • He later referenced this game by having a wallpaper with Fatty Bear inside a "no" sign.
  • His trucker lingo gibberish in "The Top 10 Worst Songs of 1976" eventually turns into the song-within-a-song from "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."
    • Since the number one song is "Afternoon Delight", he naturally includes footage of its use in PCU, wherein people jump off a balcony to escape the song after being locked in a room with it placed on repeat.
  • His avatar on most sites is Schroeder at the piano or an altered version thereof.
  • In his 'Top 6 Worst Songs of 2010', he explains that he contracted MRSA. Cue Massive Attack's "Teardrop".
  • In a three-part Let's Play of Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon, he describes a lever that is not supposed to be pulled as "The shining, CANDY-like lever." Later in the same review: "We're whalers on the moon..."
  • In the review of Katy Perry's "E.T.", he remarks "It's K-k-katy c-c-come to k-k-kiss me."
    • From Kanye's rap section:
    Kanye: I know a bar out in Mars where they drivin' spaceships instead of cars.
    Todd: Well, that's good, because I'm pretty sure the man from Mars eats cars and bars.
  • In his review of "Party Rock Anthem", he says "and then John was a douchebag!"
  • Early in his review of "Give Me Everything", he makes a list of words to rhyme with "Kodak" aside from itself. He ends the list with "ladies, ponies, at the track, this is my chocolate attack".
    • Later, he shows footage of Gorillaz' "DARE" video in the review of Bruno Mars' "Gorilla".
  • His praise for "In Too Deep" by Phil Collins is a word-for-word quote from American Psycho, with a clip from the scene in question fading into view.
  • It got to the point where he unsuccessfully tried to exploit Shout-Out in his review of "Dirty Bit", in order to get a better song playing.
  • He summarizes The Telltale Heart in his top ten worst songs of 2011 while discussing a song whose beat he find both repetitive and aggravating.
  • In his review of Bedrock, he used a clip from Flight of the Conchords.
  • In the entry for The Monster Squad on the "Top Ten Groin Shots In Movies", the clip is entitled "Basic Lupine Urology".
    • At the end of the "We Are Young/Somebody That I Used to Know" review, a review that discusses the influence of Glee on the pop charts, Todd plays Mr Rad's song about glee club.
  • In the "Black and Yellow" review, he says that he would be disappointed if Wiz Khalifa has not used the phrase "Nobody Beats the Wiz" in a song.
  • In his "Cooler Than Me" review, when they people are jerks he shows a picture of The Jerk starring Steve Martin.
  • In the crossover review with Film Brain for Sunday School Musical, he says that a character "has to go move in with her auntie and uncle in Bel Air".
  • From the "Dark Horse" review "Katy Perry sucks and I suck for liking her"
  • The endless sacrifice song in "A Certain Sacrifice" gets turned into Todd's own version of the "Tusk" mash-up song in the Werewolf episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • In his 2011 best list, while talking about how everyone loved Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You", he says this:
  • Before talking about "Nasty Freestyle" and its rise to prominence via Vine in the 2015 worst list, he says that he's "getting too old for this shit."
  • A case he lampshaded the origin by the end: "Denmark: a country you think about so little you don't realize windmills and tulips are Dutch! Know your national stereotypes, god damn it! ...HBO, don't sue me."
  • “Hey everyone, Todd in the Shadows here, the internet’s laziest music nerd.”
    • The description for the “Someone You Liked” review bluntly reads “NOT GOOD”, a rating that Fantano usually gives to his most hated albums.


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