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Kodak's logo from 1987-2006. The 'K' logo (but not the font) was brought back in 2016.

A company known largely for cameras and the development of formats such as 35mm film, Kodak was established in 1889 by George Eastmannote . Besides doing for amateur photography what Henry Ford did for the automobile, and coming out with the first successful color film (the legendary Kodachrome), the company also provided film for hundreds of projects worldwide, including Lake Placid, True Blood, CSI, The A-Team and AVP: Alien vs. Predator, until their bankruptcy in 2012 at the hands of digital photography and its use in smartphones.

In 1994, the company established Cinesite, a European (and for over a decade, American) visual effects firm best known for films such as Space Jam, the Harry Potter series and John Carter.


Besides the above, Kodak has also helped out on (among others):

Alternative Title(s): Kodak