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Zsdav Adventures by Dávid Zsidakovits is a Hungarian Minecraft machinima series on YouTube. It was originally a Let's Play series on a survival island map titled Zsdav és a haverok (Zsdav and the dudes). The fictional narrative started in the Aranyalma (Golden apple) Story Arc after the completion of the map when they left the island on boats. Kiválasztott (Chosen one) was the second and final arc of Zsdav és a haverok then the Zsdav Adventures series offially started. It has been on hiatus for a while and it is currently unknown if it will continue.

It centers around Zsdav who goes on many adventures, either alone or with friends and Ödön the pet pig. It experiments with as many genres as possible, such as fantasy, Science Fiction, horror, mystery, and disaster.


  • Aborted Arc: The series is infamous for this. There are many arcs that never got finished.
  • Accidental Murder: In Zsdav adventures: A film (The Movie), Zsdav and Agzt01 build a ceremony to bury Freezzy's corpse where he gets exploded by TNT. Turns out Freezzy is still alive and wakes up, but it is too late and gets killed by the TNT. He gets better by the next episode.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Darth Maul appears as the ghost of Christmas present to teach Zsdav the true meaning of Christmas in Karácsonyi külön kiadás (Christmas special).
  • Adaptational Villainy: Tiny Tim appears as a recurring villain in the series where he lost his legs and tries vile and cruel methods to grow them back. He debuted in Karácsonyi külön kiadás (Christmas special) where he shows no signs of villainy but after-coming episodes do portray him as evil.
  • All Just a Dream:
    • Szent block 3 (Holy block 3) ends with Zsdav falling into a lava pit. Then he wakes up in his house.
    • The Space Pig arc turns out to be Zsdav's dream in the Sötét tenger (Dark sea) arc.
  • Alternate Reality Episode:
    • Zsdav is a knight in Burzsúj erdő kronikái (Chronicles of the bourgeois forest), taking place in a Medieval European Fantasy.
    • Knights Of The Air takes place in a World in the Sky where people use zeppelins to travel from one floating island to another.
    • Fiú és a robot (Boy and the robot) is where Zsdav is a robot and there is a war between the humans and robots.
  • Animorphism: In A torony (The tower), an Evil Wizard gets invited by the king to lunch and they ask him to wash his hands, the wizard curses the king and turns him into a pig in response.
  • Badass on Paper: Zsdav has fought many villains and saved people, yet still remains as average who gets called an "idiot" by many.
  • Big Damn Movie: Inverted with Zsdav Adventures: A film (The Movie) when compared to the series itself. Most of the time the series is an action packed Genre Roulette adventure edging on bigger scopes. The film is about Zsdav surviving a plane crash in the jungle with the diamond that meant to be used as payment to the woodcutters, and Zsdav gets wanted by the president to get the diamond back.
  • Bizarre Human Biology: In A torony (The tower), Zsdav and Freezzy try to sneak behind the Evil Wizard. But he tells them he has eyes on his behind, this freaks them out and they retreat.
  • Book Ends: Subverted in the finale of Aranyalma (Golden apple), the arc begins with Zsdav and his friends traveling on boats in the ocean to arrive at land. And it ends with them leaving the land... then server connection gets lost.
  • Brain Uploading: The Boxtron arc centers around Zsdav getting a job of an antivirus where his mind is uploaded into the main computer where he kills computer viruses.
  • Call a Human a "Meatbag": In Fiú és a robot - A találkozás (Boy and the robot - The meeting) where Zsdav is portrayed as a robot, there is a war between humans and robots. Zsdav meets SaskaYT the human and calls him a meatball.
  • Captivity Harmonica: Discussed in Kiválasztott 1 (Chosen one 1), when Zsdav gets captured in prison he complains he is bored because he did not get a harmonica.
  • Characterization Marches On: Tiny Tim first appeared in Karácsonyi külön kiadás (Christmas special) where he lost his legs and is never shown what his character is like but Zsdav goes out to give him a gift to make him happy. After-coming episodes however depicts him as a cruel villain whose only goel to get legs, no matter what vile acts he has to do, and his Arch-Enemy is Zsdav.
  • Chosen One: In the Kiválasztott (Chosen one) arc, Herobrine wants to Take Over the World by destroying the chosen one who is the only one who can defeat him. Zsdav and his friends go out to find the chosen one before he does. Turns out Zsolti is the one.
  • Companion Cube: Zsdav has an iron sword named Jessica.
  • Compressed Vice: Zsdav is usually an easy going and cheerful character. But in Karácsonyi külön kiadás (Christmas special) he is portrayed as grumpy and sour who hates Christmas, just to be visited by three spirits and learn the true meaning of the holiday.
  • Death Is Cheap: Played With. There are some justifications why some characters are still alive after dying, such as getting ressurected by Notch, Escaped from Hell, and Herobrine having Resurrective Immortality. That or there is no justification at all.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In A torony (The tower), an Evil Wizard gets invited by the king to lunch and they ask him to wash his hands, the wizard curses the king and turns him into a pig in response.
  • Dream Within a Dream: In episode 2 of Space Pig, Zsdav dreams about Ödön getting shot by a Space Police. In episode 3, it turns out the entire arc was a dream in the Sötét tenger (Dark sea) arc.
  • Driven to Suicide: Zig-Zagged in Kiválasztott 1 (Chosen one 1), it begins with Zsdav walking to a ledge and says this world became "too empty" for him. Freezzy tries to talk him out of it but Zsdav keeps insisting he has to kill himself.
    Freezzy: Jump then. *Punches Zsdav and falls off the ledge*
  • Escaped from Hell: After Freezzy and Zsdav get banished to the Nether in Kiválasztott 1 (Chosen one 1), they work together to build a nether portal to come back to the overworld.
  • Everybody Must Get Stoned: Zsdav, Freezzy and Zsolti smoke mushrooms in Kiválasztott 2 (Chosen one 2) and together they start a forest fire.
  • Evil All Along: In the finale of Aranyalma (Golden apple), Darkness who helped Zsdav and his friends, turns out to be Herobrine who slaughtered the entire village.
  • Evil Sorcerer: A torony (The tower) has an evil wizard as the villain. He gets invited by the king to lunch and they ask him to wash his hands, the wizard curses the king and turns him into a pig in response.
  • Friendly Enemy: Tiny Tim is a recurring villain in the series whose target is always Zsdav. In part 3 of Út ami hazavisz (Road that leads you home), Tiny Tim is invited to the birthday party of Zsdav's mom and no one seems to be bothered by it.
  • Genius Loci: In episode 1 of Space Pig, Zsdav lands on a planet that can talk and it gets offended by creating a crater on it.
  • God Is Inept: Downplayed with Notch in Kiválasztott 2 (Chosen one 2). He explains he sent Zsdav to the Nether as punishment by mistake.
  • Murder by Mistake: In part 1 of Út ami hazavisz (Road that leads you home), after Zsdav killed all the cave spiders in the arena, he attempts to shoot Ödön who forced him into this situation. But accidentally shoots a random bystander.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: In the final battle of Kiválasztott 3 (Chosen one 3), Zsdav gains the ability to fly because Freezzy asked Notch to help them.
  • No Fourth Wall: There are many episodes where Zsdav directly talks to the viewers.
  • Origins Episode: The Rejtelmes és sejtelmes (Mysterious and reconditeness) arc shows us how Zsdav and Ödön first met.
  • Piggybacking on Hitler: Inverted in Kiválasztott 3 (Chosen one 3), one servant of Herobrine reveals himself to be Adolf Hitler.
  • Plot Armor: Zsdav uses this many times as being the protagonist.
  • Power Trio: Zsdav, Ff111 (Freezzy), and Zsolti are the protagonists of Zsdav és a haverok (Zsdav and the dudes).
  • Resurrective Immortality: Played for Laughs with Herobrine. Final episodes of some arcs end with him dying but comes back to life in later arcs.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Left 4 Dead soundtrack is used alot in the series.
    • In part 1 of Aranyalma (Golden apple), Zsdav mentions they are jumping on trees like Predator. Then Zsolti replies they are jumping like Tarzan instead.
    • In the finale of Aranyalma (Golden apple), when Zsdav falls into water he mentions Puff the Magic Dragon.
    • Zsdav yells "This is Sparta" in Szent block 3 (Holy block 3).
    • Zsdav calls himself Jack Sparrow in Kalózok kalóza 1 (Pirate of pirates 1).
    • Michael Jackson and Darth Maul appear in Karácsonyi külön kiadás (Christmas special).
    • In Burzsúj erdő kronikái 1 (Chronicles of the bourgeois forest 1), Elmo worked as a hermit since he got fired from Minimax.
    • Bear Grylls, Chuck Norris and Robin Hood appear in Burzsúj erdő kronikái 2.
    • In Bajos utazók: Ismerkedés és repülés (Problematic travelers: Acquaintance and flying), Zsdav and Bence711q arrive at a planet populated with hostile pedobears.
    • When Freezzy gets shot in Zsdav adventures: A film (The Movie).
      Agzt01: Oh my god! He killed Freezzy! You bastard!
    • The A-Team theme is played in Zsdav adventures: A film (The Movie).
    • In part 1 of the Origins Episode Rejtelmes és sejtelmes (Mysterious and reconditeness), Zsdav thinks what name to call Ödön. He thinks of Hufnágel but reconsiders it because it was from Mezga Family.
  • Sole Survivor:
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Agzt01 is almost always shown drinking palinka and saying how much he loves it.
  • Trapped in Another World: The Út ami hazavisz (Road that leads you home) arc is where Zsdav, Ödön and Vinmar fall into a well and get transported into another dimension.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: In part 2 of Út ami hazavisz (Road that leads you home), when Vinmar and Zsdav run away from their guards, Spiler_RRR chooses to stay behind to fight the guards. After he kills one of them, the other one runs away and Spiler_RRR chases after him. Their fate is left ambiguous.
  • Weird Weather: In Bajos utazók: Agzt pálinka robotai (Problematic travelers: Agzt's palinka robots), the characters crashland on a planet where palinka rains instead of water.
  • Yet Another Christmas Carol: Zsdav hates Christmas and gets visited by three spirits in Karácsonyi külön kiadás (Christmas special).