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"She put him out like the burning end of a midnight cigarette..."
Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss, Whiskey Lullaby

"Well that's about enough life for me for one day. Let me check the time, yeah it's about dat time."
JonTron, while watching Birdemic

"It seems that my time is up. However, I will not die by your technique! Kenshiro... FAREWELL!!"

Bruce: I should have killed you.
David: Yeah? I should have killed you.
Bruce: I wish you had.

When lovely woman stoops to folly
And finds too late that men betray
What charm can soothe her melancholy?
What art can wash her guilt away?
The only art her guilt to cover
And hide her shame from every eye
And give repentance to her lover
And wring his bosom is - to die.
The Vicar of Wakefield

Today, in the year of our Lord 2005,
Tuomas was called from the cares of the world.
He stopped crying at the end of each beautiful day.
The music he wrote had too long been without silence.

He was found naked and dead
with a smile on his face, a pen and 1000 pages of erased text.
Nightwish, "The Poet and the Pendulum"

"Why is 3 o'clock in the morning always the hour of choice to put on Nick Cave, get depressed and kill yourself? What's wrong with the middle of the day when everyone's awake and ready to call an ambulance? "

Male, 48: Imagine God playing a dirty trick on me like another lie!!! I've lived 47 years-there aren't 47 days I would live over again if I could avoid it... Will you see Valerie through college-she is the only one about whom I am concerned as this .38 whispers in my ear.

Female: Don't let the kids in the bedroom I'm dead.

Male, 45: My darling, May her guts rot in hell-I loved her so much.

Single male, age 13: I know what I am doing. Annette found out. Ask Cara. I love you all.
— A list of Suicide Notes in The Book of Lists

To who it may concern
Though I am about to kick the bucket I am as happy as ever.
I am tired of this life so am going over to see the other side.
Good luck to all.
Benjamin P.
Suicide note

What is a few short years to live in hell. That is all I get around here.
No more I will pay the bills.
No more I will drive the car.
No more I will wash, iron & mend any clothes.
No more I will have to eat the leftover articles that was cooked the day before.
This is no way to live.
Either is it any way to die.
Her grub I can not eat.
At night I can not sleep.
I married the wrong nag-nag-nag and I lost my life.
to the undertaker
We have got plenty money to give me a decent burial.
Don't let my wife kid you by saying she has not got any money.
Give this note to the cops.
Give me liberty or give me death.
Suicide note (Wife also committed suicide after 2 weeks)

Dear Claudia,
You win, I can't take it any longer, I know you have been waiting for this to happen.
I hope it makes you very happy, this is not an easy thing to do, but I've got to the
point where there is nothing to live for, a little bit of kindness from you would
of made everything so different, but all that ever interested you was the dollar.
It is pretty hard for me to do anything when you are so greedy even with this house
you couldn't even be fair with that, well it's all yours now and you won't have to
see the Lawyer anymore.
I wish you would you give my personal things to Danny, you couldn't get much from
selling them anyway, you still have my insurance, it isn't much but it will be
enough to take care of my debts and still have a few bucks left.
You always told me that I was the one that made Sharon take her life,
in fact you said I killed her, but you know down deep in your heart it was
you that made her do what she did, and now you have two deaths to your credit,
it should make you feel very proud.
Good By Kid
P.S. Disregard all the mean things I've said in this letter,
I have said a lot of things to you I didn't really mean and
I hope you get well and wish you the best of everything.
Cathy — don't come in.
Call your mother, she will know what to do.
Cathy don't go in the bedroom.
Suicide note (Note that the insurance is void in the case of suicide)

My boss, Kenneth J., seduced me and made me pregnant. He refuses to help me. I had not had intercourse in two years. He says that I will have to suffer through it by myself.
Several people know about this — my doctor, Dr. James R., and Pete M., who works at Willams. Pete and I never had a love affair, although Kenneth would like to drag Pete into it. Also, Dr. Arnold W. knows about it.
I have always been such a good girl.

Daddy dear —

As much as it hurts me, I cannot make it this Friday. I may be in very serious trouble. I have always been a very good person, but it looks like I really got in a mess, through no real fault of my own.

I must have been born to suffer.

Love - Elizabeth

P.S. Call me if you can. When will Sally be back? I may need her desperately.
Suicide note

I tried it five years ago. I was at a neighbor's house and fired a gun at my head. Nothing happened; it seemed empty. I fired it at a wall and put a bullet in it. So a minute later I found some Seconals in a medicine cabinet. I remember watching cartoons and taking the pills one by one. A neighbor lady found me and couldn't wake me up. I couldn't open my eyes or move, but I heard everything. I remember the lady shaking me and saying, "Oh, my God." I remember the ambulance people taking off my clothes and making me throw up. There wasn't any pain. I don't remember having my stomach pumped.

When I woke up it was five days later. A big black lady kept tickling me. "'Bout time you woke up," she said. "I've been tickling you for three days." I thought I was in heaven — it looked like some place in heaven for the misfits. Turned out I was in the basement of a free clinic, a long room with rows of beds with all kinds of teenagers, pregnant girls, suicides, drug addicts. We walked around in gowns, smoking cigarettes and watching TV. The reason I tried was I was angry at my mother, but when she came in she just said, "Why'd you do this — to try to get attention?"

Am I glad I was rescued? Oh yeah. I was so glad I didn't die. It made me realize how much I appreciate myself, because I had a glimpse of what I might have lost. I had some friends and I would've missed them. I didn't have to go home after that. They put me in a foster home. The State made me go to a psychiatrist. I never liked the man. I thought he had more problems than I did. I felt drugged and slow for a couple of years. Every now and then I'd take speed to feel normal. Downers still make me feel speedy. If I had a suicidal friend now I'd ask them, "Why don't you have any alternatives? Could it really be so awful?" That's what I say to myself now.

No way out...suicide!
Rage, "Suicide"

Holy lord, I'm falling fast — Bring me back!
Testament, "Falling Fast"

I'm near the edge
I'm on the edge
I'm off the edge! JUMP!
Forbidden, "Off the Edge"

To my friends: My work is done. Why wait?
— The suicide note of George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak

"No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun — for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax — This won't hurt."
— The suicide note of Hunter S. Thompson

"Forgive me, John. I never meant to do this. Oh God, forgive me."
Magda Sorel converting her home into a Gas Chamber for herself, The Consul

I am reaching, but I fall
And the stars are black and cold
As I stare into the void
Of a world that cannot hold
I'll escape now from the world
From the world of Jean Valjean.
There is nowhere I can turn
There is no way to go on....
Inspector Javert as he throws himself into the Seine river, Les Misérables

Dear World, I am leaving because I am bored. I feel I have lived long enough. I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool. Good luck. [signed]
— Suicide note of George Sanders

Life, it seems, will fade away
Drifting further, every day
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters, no one else
I have lost the will to live
Simply nothing more to give
There is nothing more for me
Need the end to set me free
Metallica, "Fade to Black"

Shepard: Take my hand, and live!
Clone: For what?
Shepard's Clone, Mass Effect 3: Citadel

"God, forgive me..."
Johnny, The Room

For all the things I had witnessed and took part in
This ending is just
—>—The final lines of Reis suicide note, Frozen

"Hours grew longer. Employees were not allowed to leave or to take bathroom breaks. Wide scale experiments were undertaken on pretty much everyone. We’ve never seen such casualties. And from our own! We had to install nets along the rooftops to… um… keep people from flying away."
Corin Deeth III, Kakos Industries

Then I see Ma's pill bottles open on the table, they look mostly empty. Never more than two, that's the rule, how could they be mostly empty, where did the pills go?
Jack, Room

A woman I knew just drowned herself
The well was deep and muddy
She was just shaking off futility
Or punishing somebody

Asuka had once felt like dying too, several times in fact, but there was always something that kept her going.
No, not always. She had wandered the streets for days. She had starved herself. She had stripped naked and climbed into that bathtub. And she had waited, her life meaningless, her pride destroyed, her whole being slowly slipping from reality.

Just think of what my life might be
In a world like I have seen
I don't think I can carry on
Carry on this cold and empty life, oh no
(one guitar solo later)
My spirits are low, in the depths of despair
My lifeblood spills over...
Rush (as the song's protagonist), 2112

Goku: Wait, you didn't mention Yamcha!
Trunks: Oh, um... I mean, he dies, but... See, after he found out that my mother was pregnant with Vegeta's child, he sort of...
[Cut to Yamcha's body swinging in darkness]
Goku: Dark.

People today are obsessed with anything shiny and new. But it's all an illusion. Everything new fades. But forgotten hotels are still good for some things: drug deals... May-December indiscretions... and ending it all. I'd know that look anywhere. Seen it many times. These two lucky birds are content. At peace, even. It's their wedding anniversary: sixty years, four kids, nine grandchildren. They've had a good run together... but she's not quite the same anymore, since the cancer spread. And he can't imagine his life without her. The last thing she wants is to be a burden. So they come here, to be alone - so they never have to be alone again. I... envy them.

I know that I’m stronger, broken heart of a fighter.
My scars remind me that i’m a survivor.
This life is a tough game and I don’t wanna play it,
I’m reaching for a hand, help me make it.
It’s too much and I give up,
Just please don’t hate me.
My letter’s on the pillow win a kiss goodbye,
I’m sorry mom but I promise that I tried.
Scratch 21, The Rhyme.

Ann? I'm sorry. I... I can't take this... anymore...
Shiho Suzui, following what thankfully turns out to be a Bungled Suicide, Persona 5

Solution gone, emotions ablaze
A life so strong just faded away
You find yourself searching for a quick release
A new belief
Feeder, "Comfort in Sound"

"They ain't gonna get Honey Mustard twice... FUCK YOU, GOOOOOOOOOOODS!!! I've got a date... with oblivion."
Honey Mustard, Sausage Party

It's time to leave this place. I held out hope for months that I'd see my family again, but it seems like this rope is my only ticket to freedom. I'm sure Ryan has seized the bookstore, no telling where Gloria and Billy will have to... live... Can't seem to form a complete thought anymore. Can't sleep with that glow coming in the windows. Things out there watching us. Maybe I'll get to sleep now...
Harold Parson, Bioshock 2

"And by the way, if Square doesn't add voice overs to Final Fantasy IX, I'm commiting suicide. I'd hate that!"


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