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  • Out of the Dark” sees Laurel, mid-Season Two of Arrow, go so far as to stand on the edge of a bridge and prepare to jump before a passing Barry Allen manages to drag her back by sheer chance. A talk with Barry ends up setting Laurel on a path where she visits Central City at the moment the particle accelerator exploded, which results in Laurel acquiring her comic-style ‘Canary Cry’, and Barry saving Sara from the brainwashed Thea when he goes to visit Laurel on impulse after his talk with Oliver after he wakes up from his coma.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Animal Crossing

  • Destroy Me, Please is a fanfic where the protagonist plans to kill themself. They demolish their house in order to leave nothing behind. Isabelle catches them mid-suicide attempt and saves them in the end.


  • The Beauty and the Tragedy depicts a world where Booth's faked death lasted for a few months before he was 'restored' to life, resulting in Brennan dealing with intense grief over Booth's death. While Angela and Sweets agree that Brennan wouldn't explicitly kill herself as she has too much respect for life and pride in her work, if she genuinely decided that she didn't want to live any more, it wouldn't be difficult for her to just stop taking explicit precautions when going into dangerous situations to limit the possibility that she would survive. As a result, she takes part in an attempt to catch a serial killer and basically lets the man stab her before Booth manages to find her in time.

Code Geass

  • Darwin: After the Black Knights destroy the Mt. Fuji sakuradite mines and blow up the last shipment of sakuradite out of Japan, Vicereine Carine ne Britannia realizes that she's completely doomed, having already been in big trouble after the Black Knights retook all of the ghettos, and walks off the roof of her palace.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Through Their Eyes:
    • The story starts with a psychiatrist killing himself because of the recent cases he's seen.
    • Violet's abusive Stage Mom has made her suicidal.

Chick Tracts

  • Whatever Happened to Elfstar?: As in the original tract, Marcie hangs herself from a ceiling fan, though her motivation is changed- instead of being upset that her D&D character died, she is far more distraught that her friends have alienated her and kicked her out of their group just for standing up to Gina's favoritism of Debbie.


  • In Chapter Forty-Four of A Triangle in the Stars, all of Bill's depressing thoughts, and eventually suicidal thoughts, ultimately lead up to him taking this route, via lightning bolt, hoping it would overload him and finish what his parents had started. He fully and truly believed the world would be better off without him, that every single person hates him and wants him dead (which is and was actually true but for three genuine exceptions), and that he shouldn't have existed in the first place. He also had done such reprehensible things that he was almost constantly mentally being given hell over. Thankfully, after protecting him from the bolt Steven manages to talk him down, with a Cool Down Hug to boot.
  • In The Prayer Warriors, which features Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Carter Kane Chronicles, there are a few cases.
    • Percy Jackson, after converting, considers killing himself. It's later indicated that Grover felt the same way as well.
    • After Grover dies as a result of a failed attempt to exorcise the demon within him, Annabeth commits suicide.
  • Belief is a crossover of The Sandman and Frozen where Elsa befriends Death after a suicide attempt.
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • Played straight with Rei, who blamed herself for Shinji being in a coma and hung herself.
    • Subverted with Asuka. When people found out that Asuka was cutting herself, they thought that she was trying to commit suicide; but in reality she was offering her own blood to Khorne.
  • In the Magical Girl Crisis Crossover Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, Homura Akemi becomes suicidal after Madoka learns the truth about her actions in Rebellion, destroying Madoka's trust in her. It takes Fantine telling her about another seemingly damned soul finding redemption against all odds to start to bring her out of it.
  • In the Infinity Crisis spin-off Counterpart Conferences, it is revealed that Trixie was 'dusted' right in front of Chloe, and she was so distraught that she was prepared to shoot herself in the head if Lucifer hadn't intervened.
  • Justice League: The Spider opens with Spider-Man jumping off a building with the intention of killing himself after the deaths of May, Mary Jane, Harry, and the Green Goblin; he's only saved when he's caught in a teleportation experiment that transports him to the Justice League's new Watchtower.
  • As in canon, both Homura and Togo display suicidal ideation in Bloom Fully on the Tall Wall. Homura hits her Despair Event Horizon after being transported into a parallel universe (and three-hundred years into the future, if that wasn't bad enough). Her roommate Togo is also dealing with ideation of her own due to the looming threat of further disability or amnesia. Togo tells Homura that she likely won't have to kill herself because, if things get worse for her or her friends, then she'll end the world herself.


  • A New Hope (Danganronpa)
    • Much like in canon, Sakura kills herself in order to help everyone get past a motive that won't let anyone sleep.
    • Later, Nagito kills himself in order to prevent Kaede from becoming the Blackened.
  • Point of Divergence
    • Following Kuzuryuu's death, Pekoyama attempt to kill herself. She is just barely saved.
    • Komaeda kills himself during chapter five, for almost the exact same reasons as canon.

Death Note


  • In the original Bad Future of Zero 2: A Revision universe, Demon managed to kill off the entire Digidestined before dying to Omnimon. Having lost all their spirit due to their partner's death, the remaining Digimon (X-Veemon, Angewomon, and Omnimon) decides to kill themselves and each other. They ended up being Killed Off for Real after this, while they will be reborn in the Primary Village, they will not be the same Digimon that had appeared before death.
  • But, Just Why? is a Tear Jerker of a fanfic where Ken Ichijouji jumps off a bridge to his death, devastating not only the rest of the Digidestined, but the Ichijouji parents, who have now lost their last son.
  • Another Tear Jerker comes in the form of Destiny where Juri/Jeri attempts to kill herself after her father, stepmother, and half-brother are killed in a car accident in which she was the only survivor, consumed by grief from the deaths of her father, sibling, her Digimon partner Leomon, and TWO mothers. Unlike in the fic above, Juri is saved and talked down by Rika and Takato.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Ed, Edd n Eddy

  • In the alternate ending for the first Ed Abuse (which the author has removed for being too dark), after Ed not forgiving Sarah for her actions just before dying, she can not bear with the guilt and kills herself.
  • Dead Popular ends in Nazz committing suicide after she has a bad day where she realizes her perfect life is just full of fantasies.


  • In Left Behind, after over two cycles with only Kaarvok and the Xarai for ‘company’, after an impulsive starburst leaves most of his new crew complaining about being lost, the Leviathan Rohvu feels so disappointed with himself that he vents some of his internal fluids, basically the Leviathan equivalent of slitting his wrists. The crew have to install a control that will basically cut Rohvu off from his own systems until they’re sure he won’t do that again, as well as head to the Leviathan burial space to try and find new parts to help him recover.

Fire Emblem Awakening

  • After failing to save Emmeryn in Pretender, Robin attempts to hang himself thinking that he failed the only reason Chrom took him as a tactician in the first place. Frederick saves him before he can succeed and talks him down from committing any future attempts.


  • In Don't Breathe Too Deep Anna finds a suicide note Elsa wrote years ago and confronts her about it.
  • that perfect girl is gone is a drabble where Elsa is still suffering from her heavy depression post-movie and opts to commit suicide.
  • In Now That You're Bleeding Elsa develops suicidal and Self-Harm tendencies prior to her coronation.
  • The Night Will Always Win is a fanfic where Elsa commits suicide prior to her coronation and Anna finds her body a few days later. It is by inspired by this comic.
  • Erasing The Past is about Anna finding a suicide letter Elsa wrote before their parents died.
  • Awakenings has Kristoff stopping Elsa from killing herself.
  • Just Routine is an Elsanna fic where Anna commits suicide but is revived by Elsa's powers.
  • Strawberry Gashes is a fic about Elsa having suicidal and self harm tendencies most of her life.
  • Darkness Burning takes place in an Alternate Universe where Elsa's and Anna's parents didn't die. After Anna is sent away to live with her new husband, Elsa's depression and self-loathing continues to escalate until she attempts suicide. She survives but is deemed "ill". The rest of the fic is about her recovery and her relationship with her family.
  • No More Apologies has Anna, just before the day of Elsa's coronation, lets out all her pent-up resentment to her sister as to how she is never there for her for 13 years. Unfortunately, that act proves to be the final nail in the coffin for Elsa's mental state to the point that she is later found dead, having froze her own heart moments later causing Anna to be forever burdened with the knowledge that she is responsible for it and is now truly alone with no else left.
  • Ending the Curse is an alternate outcome during their confrontation at the Ice Palace where instead of accidentally striking Anna by the heart, Elsa chose to kill herself hoping to end the Endless Winter and keep Anna away from harm. She is later revived by virtue of The Power of Love by Anna proclaiming her love for her.
  • Elsa suggests that Karl is a Death Seeker at the end of Frozen Fractals and that he tried to coax Anna into stabbing him because he hates realizing he lost the war. She then proceeds to give him a knife, stating that he can either die a mad old man as a prisoner of Arendelle or he can just kill himself now. He opts to kill himself.
  • Gefühllos is a oneshot where a depressed and suicidal teenage Elsa has a dream where her powers kill her.

Haibane Renmei

  • Both Reki and Rakka committed suicide according to Before We Had Wings. They both felt depressed and ignored, so Reki ran away from home and let herself get hit by train while Rakka jumped off her apartment's balcony while her parents argued inside. These deaths are used to explain Reki's train scene in the final episode and why Rakka feels connected to the well.

Harry Potter

  • In My Immortal, Draco commits suicide at one point, leading Ebony to attempt the same. Draco is alive the next time he's mentioned.
  • In The Queen Who Fell To Earth, Harry is more affected by the negative opinions surrounding the Triwizard Tournament than in canon. He walks out to the first challenge with his wand in his pocket and thanks everyone present for providing a way to rejoin his parents.
  • In Flying Harry jumps off the Astronomy Tower after Umbridge tells him that due to a new Ministry regulation he's required to marry a sadistic man several decades his senior.
  • In Caught Between Narcissa Malfoy attempts suicide twice after Draco is hit by the Killing Curse. She succeeds the second time.

Hetalia: Axis Powers


How to Train Your Dragon

  • In The Blacksmith's Apprentice, after a series of events reinforce the idea that nobody in Berk (with the possible exception of Astrid) would care if he was there or not, Hiccup releases the Night Fury from its bonds in the full expectation that the dragon will kill him.
  • Lost Boy: Branded a slave by the Outcasts, unaware that Astrid and Fishlegs have been ordered to distance themselves from him, believing that Toothless died trying to save him from the Outcasts, and certain that Stoick now thinks he's just a bed-slave when Stoick witnessed Snotlout raping him, Hiccup slits his wrists after leaving a suicide note, and is only saved because Stoick found him before he had bled out too much

The Hunger Games

  • Some Semblance of Meaning: Depressed about the bleak future that awaits him in the arena, Kit tries to kill himself by jumping off the roof of the Training Center, only to be stopped by the force fields. He ponders whether or not it would be easier to just end his own life than to go through the horrors of the Games on other occasions, as well. Also, Blake, the blind boy from District Eleven, actually did commit suicide after he and his district partner escaped the bloodbath.
  • The Last Tribute by fernwithy has O.C. Stand-in Foxfsce deliberately poison herself out of guilt from thinking she’d killed Cato.
  • The Victors Project series has several. Crystal and Wren kill themselves with slit wrists and a shot to the head respectively to avoid being reaped for the 3rd Quarter Quell. Wonder slits his own wrists after nine years as a Sex Slave. Platinum stops taking cancer treatments after his Mentor/best friend dies of pneumonia. Camden walks up to an electric fence, and grabs it until it fries him after his younger sister is reaped as a Tribute and he fails to save her. Cora jumps to her death after breaking out of her cell, where she’d just been tortured into naming an important member of the rebellion and feared she’d end up naming more.
  • The Parts We Play
    • Not explicitly confirmed, but strongly suggested to be the case for a past Victor; officially, Doria Fitzgerald from Six fell out of the Tributes’ Tower during a morphling high in the Fifty-First Games, but Haymitch observes that popular opinion is that she did it on purpose after winning the Third Games and failing to bring any of her tributes back for the next forty-eight years.
    • Rani, the District Five Tribute known as 'Foxface' in canon, commits suicide after Peeta and Thresh decide to dissolve their alliance against the Careers now that the Capitol has announced a new rule that partner Tributes can be spared if they're in a prior alliance. As Rani is on her own where every other remaining Tribute has a partner, and has fallen for Peeta while knowing he's in love with Katniss, she deliberately eats nightlock berries rather than keep trying to win a Game she can now see will never end well for her no matter how it unfolds.
  • Johanna Mason: They Will Never See Me Cry has Johanna’s mother hang herself within minutes of the 3rd quarter quell being announced, knowing that, as District 7’s only female Victor, her daughter will end up back in the arena and being unable to face living through that again.

Inheritance Cycle

  • This is the eventual fate of the main character Loivissa from the "A Dance of Shadow and Light" series by Ocadioan. And just to top it off, her fate was only revealed in a sidestory to the main series, at the end of an otherwise cheerful (for the series anyway) poem that she wrote herself shortly before her suicide.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Queen of All Oni: A flashback in one interlude chapter reveals that Blankman's father shot himself after losing the family fortune and using what was left to secure his son's future.
  • The Ultimate Evil: It's eventually revealed that Lo Pei's daughter Mei impaled herself with a sword after being taken as a bride and Forced to Watch her beloved one's murder by Shendu shortly before his imprisonment in his statue form.


  • In Lasting Fame, a depressed and alcoholic now 40-something year old Kimber threatens suicide in one chapter. She is narrowly interrupted by Synergy. Kimber later tries to insist the attempt wasn't serious, but her sister Jerrica doesn't believe her.
    • A past bandmate of Minx killed himself. Due to Minx's reputation as a vamp, rumors began that she drove him to suicide.
    • Minx's father only learned about his step-brother's abuse of Minx after Minx attempted suicide at 12.

Kill la Kill

  • In Second Story Window, we have this with Ryuuko, who is five, and, the narrator, Satsuki (her age isn't mentioned) who jumps out the titular second story window as an attempt to escape their psychotic mother Ragyo, which they do survive. Also in the story, it was mentioned that, in the same year, Rei had hanged herself in the room where Satsuki and Ryuuko were hiding and she did so out of fear. In chapter 2, when it is told from Ragyo's perspective, Satsuki had attempted suicide by jumping through the titular second story window, after dropping her sister out of it. True to the aforementioned POV, Rei still hanged herself, although Ragyo doesn't know her reasons.
  • Played straight to a heartbreaking effect in Fragile Thread when Mako after she summons Ryuuko (who works as a prostitute), to her side to be with her in her last moments and while disclosing her motives. She dies as the story ends. It was mentioned that Ryuuko's mother had killed herself, leaving her to be the first to find her body.
  • In Maim de Maim, Nui, as an attempt to keep her split personality from taking and so she could die as herself. However, due to her genetic makeup, she fails.
  • Rei in Frozen due to the guilt she felt over past events.
    • Once again, this is reprised in chapter III of Cellar Secrets, when she commits suicide for similar reasons or, rather, because of what she knew, leaving her motives and the titular cellar secret to be revealed in her diary.
  • A mentally ill and traumatized Ryuuko in Ch. 17 of Concerning a Drifter attempts suicide in the ruins of her old home by overdosing on pills but Satsuki manages to intervene and get her to a hospital. Later, we find out her motives were that she "loved Satsuki too much" and, according to her note, she initially wanted to take Satsuki with her but couldn't find it in her to ask, regardless, she attempts suicide to save Satsuki any more suffering.

Kim Possible

  • In The Ronless Factor, while it never goes as far as her making an actual attempt, Kim privately admits to Bonnie that after she first heard that Ron was dead, she briefly considered joining him, reinforcing her joy when Bonnie revealed that she was talking to Ron's ghost.
  • Paragon (Kim Possible) ends with Kim and Ron killing themselves in a Suicide Pact.

Kingdom Hearts


  • Shockingly enough, this happens to Meta Knight in The Dream Land Story. His one goal was to destroy Dark Matter, and kills himself after Kirby beats him to the job.

The Legend of Zelda

The Loud House

  • This is Lincoln's ultimate reaction to the mixture of emotional pain and spiritual emptiness he experiences in the Deconstruction Fic Inadequate.

Lyrical Nanoha

  • In MGLN Crisis, Raquel Benna commits suicide after telling Fate the truth about her origins, not wanting Fate to have to arrest her.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, Nanoha learns that her previous incarnation Princess Serenity killed herself after Prince Endymion died. To say Nanoha was not thrilled about learning this bit of news is probably an Understatement

My Hero Academia

  • One of the most popular Fandom-Specific Plots in the series considers what the consequences would be if Midoriya were to actually take Bakugo's advice in Chapter 1 and jumped off a roof from despair.
  • Subverted in Karma in Retrograde. Touya admits to thinking about suicide due to how miserable he was at U.A. because his father trapped him in general studies. He'd never actually go through it because he was too focused on trying to become a hero and spite Endeavor. But after his disappearance, his family assumed the worst. After learning what he becomes, Touya wonders if it would have been better if he had offed himself.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

  • A Brief History of Equestria: During the Lake Trot Crisis/Celestine Civil War, a communications mishap led to General Downpour accidentally launching an attack that claimed the life of her fellow rebel, and friend, General Torrent. When she realized what she'd done, she appointed her adjunct Major Wind Tailor commander of her forces, then slit her own throat. (The author's notes specifically compares it to sepukku.)
  • Played for Laughs (incredibly gory laughs) in Celestia's Big Day, where Celestia asks herself Who Wants to Live Forever?. She then tries to kill herself in a number of ways. The operative word here is try. She is an immortal goddess of Equestria, so she simply cannot die, not for lack of trying however. Also it's not the first time either. Both Cadence and Luna treat it like she's just having an off day.
  • Inner Demons: After Queen!Twilight Sparkle cements her Face–Heel Turn, Fluttershy is left so far past the Despair Event Horizon that she attempts to throw herself off a cliff. Fortunately, Big Mac shows up in time to stop her, and her talks her down.
  • Considering what the Mane Six have spent the last thousand years doing while under Discord's corruption in the Pony POV Series Dark World timeline, it's understandable Rainbow Dash feels this way when she discovers Discord's Sadistic Choices were all lies and she failed to kill Twilight and get Discord to reset time to before his reign. She doesn't even struggle when Rarity tries to rip out her Element and even tells the others to let her. They even have to leave her on what amounts to suicide watch for a time. She later admits after recovering that if they hadn't, she might actually have torn her Element out to end it and thanks them for stopping her.
    • Dark World!Fluttershy later admits that by the time Cadance saved her soul from her psychotic daughter, she had gotten to the point where she wanted to die to end both her suffering and the suffering Cruelty had caused others.
    • Professor Kabuto attempts to kill himself and has to be heavily restrained after his Villainous Breakdown due to feeling his Karmic Transformation into an Earth Pony is a Fate Worse than Death.
  • In The Best Night Ever, Prince Blueblood goes through a phase where he kills himself in ever more elaborate ways due to Sanity Slippage caused by being trapped in a "Groundhog Day" Loop that forces him to relive the day of the disastrous Grand Galloping Gala over and over and over again. Killing himself only makes the loop start over quicker.
  • The plot of The Strange Destiny of Prince Blueblood is kicked off by Miss Cheerilee's class doing this to Blueblood -entirely by accident, mind you- after one awkward question too many causes him to undergo a Heel Realisation. He fails, and then his day just gets worse from there.
  • In Pages Of Harmony, Rainbow Dash kills herself through Autocannibalism after believing that any sense of loyalty has to be purged from her due to the Mind Rape that Twilight performs on her.. And she still behaves that way after she dies.
  • In The Light Never Goes Out, Rarity attempts this when she sees a letter from Sweetie Belle when she dies. Unfortunately for her, her attempts to slit her hooves with scissors fails due to her immortality.
  • Too Far deals with Dinky doing this after Diamond Tiara's bullying goes too far, jumping off a cliff. In the end, Discord gives Diamond, who has seen the consequences of her actions on the town, a chance to Set Right What Once Went Wrong and this is avoided.
  • In Solitary Pinion, Doctor Remedial Oath believes that a teenage filly purposely jumped into a lake, after what he believes to have been a lifetime of abuse. Subverted, because said filly is actually a transformed human unused to her new body that refused to give in to despair; she was actually trying to adapt to her new body, walk away, and find civilization.
  • Misunderstandings:
    • During his attempt to escape from Canterlot, Peter encounters Princess Celestia. The reason she approached was to get him to surrender himself, wanting to help. Unable to communicate with her, aware of her vast power, and thinking she is there to kill him- or worse- for being a threat to her ponies, he puts on gun to his head. Thankfully it didn't go off. Celestia herself is dismayed she could appear threatening to an individual unacquainted with her.
    • Sveti's father himself committed suicide. Big Top blackmailed him with knowledge of his Interspecies Romance. When Sveti learned of it, she offered to work as Big Top's exhibit. Her disappearance and Big Top's continued extortion drove him to suicide.
  • The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle
    • Regal, the nephew of one of the conspirators that killed Twilight, shoots himself in the head in front of his class after endless bullying for what his uncle did.
    • Flash Sentry decides to do this in order to be with Twilight again.
    • Sunset Shimmer, unable to deal with with feeling all the pain she'd caused due to being hit by the power of the Elements and the hatred of the entire school (which got so bad that she occasionally had to go to the nurse), tried to walk off a bridge, and was only stopped by Human!Twilight.
    • This happened with Granny Pie, but the exact circumstances of this are still unclear. It's later revealed that Hearing Voices affects whichever Pie family member has Pinkie's abilities each generation, and many end up taking their own lives.
  • An interesting twist on this trope shows up at the end of Just Us Little Ponies. After finally realizing that no matter what he does, Princess Luna will never restore his political power, Duke Greengrass attempts a form of political suicide. He makes a bargain with Archduke Fisher to restore his power in exchange for taking down Baron Mounty Max, but does so while he knows Max is evesdropping. Greengrass knows that when Max reports him he will be stripped of his titles and the last vestiges of his power, but this will also take out the corrupt Fisher and give Baron Max's career a boost (and Max is one of the few members of the Night Court Greengrass actually respects).
  • In Cheerilee's Garden Twilight throws herself off a roof when she realizes even Celestia thinks she murdered all of Cheerilee's victims. Too late, Celestia realizes that Twilight was innocent and concludes that a society that drove her student to her death didn't deserve to live, resolving to raze Equestria and form a new Solar Empire.
  • The Not-So-Great and Powerful Escape is a oneshot where Trixie is comatose after a Bungled Suicide. Twilight feels guilty for Trixie's suicide attempt.
  • Words From Our Heart is a oneshot featuring Twilight reading Trixie's suicide note at her funeral. Trixie expected to be forgotten about, but the entirety of Ponyville attended.
  • Sunset's Recovery Arc involves Sunset Shimmer recovering from suicidal depression.
  • In Everypony Lives, Twilight has created a utopia where everyone is immortal. A few ponies, however, don't want to live forever and ask her to let them die.
  • The titular character of the oneshot Forever Mare is a pony who was transformed into a stallion by Discord's magic. Due to the transformation, Sorrel Lace also lost the foal she was pregnant with. She wants Celestia to change her back, but Celestia can't. In the end, Sorrel ends up committing suicide.
  • We Are Okay is a short Equestria Girls story where Pinkie notices something is wrong with Twilight and tries to help.
  • Touch Me, Please, Don't Touch Me is an Equestria Girls oneshot about how Twilight wants to ask her friends for help with her depression but can't get herself to reach out.
  • The Flash Sentry Chronicles: After Springer spends countless times reliving the same hour again and again in a loop before dying in an explosion each time, he becomes bored after failing to find the culprit and having fun around town by doing everything he can until nothing is fun anymore. Believing there is nothing else he can do, he tries to kill himself with Flash’s sword, Lightbringer, believing that will stop the loop. His suicide attempt fails when Twilight casts a spell that makes the blade transparent so Springer cannot stab himself with it. It is later revealed that the experience was All Just a Dream, and Springer could not die anyway.
  • Some Mistakes Are Forever: The plot is Sunset remembering how she ruined the reputation of a classmate, Solomon Tary, with a bunch of nasty rumors, and wanting to make amends. When she tries to get in touch with Solomon, she learns from Wallflower that Tary killed himself. To say that Sunset doesn't take this well is a massive understatement.
  • Last Light is a story where a depressed Sunset decides to kill herself due to the bullying she's received thanks to Anon-a-Miss. Rarity and Rainbow Dash try to stop her but aren't able to stop her from jumping in time. The sequel, Passed On, involves Twilight returning to the human world after learning of Sunset's death.
  • Runaway Train is a dark oneshot that delves into the other Sunset Shimmer. It turns out that she ran away a few years ago and has since become a homeless, drug-addicted prostitute. At the end of the story she jumps in front of a train.
  • The Quiververse offers two examples, with both thankfully averted.
    • In Wherever You Find Love, Sunset Shimmer makes a deliberate suicide attempt as a result of the Anon-A-Miss incident and the realization of her greatest fear - that she'd be abandoned by her friends and seen as nothing more than the monster she became at the Fall Formal. Twilight Sparkle, thankfully, is able to stop her in time.
    • In New Horizon original character Quiver Quill has spent his time since moving to Ponyville being manipulated, used and treated like dirt by his roommate, with the final straw being her stealing a desk that he'd bought for himself. Faced with either staying in Ponyville and contining with things as they are or returning home, losing his job and having his emotionally abusive father rant at him about how he'd failed for the rest of his life, Quiver comes close to walking into the Everfree Forest and letting nature take its course, only to hesitate at the last minute. That, thankfully, leads to him meeting Derpy, and buying time enough for the Mane Six to find him.
  • Jacob in Upon This Shelf is a Shell-Shocked Veteran who's implied to be abusing painkillers to try and cope with his suffering. After a disastrous date, he comes home and prepares to commit suicide by overdose, much to the Sweetie Belle plush who's the story's narrator's horror. He stops in time, but it's left ambiguous whether he decided not to do so on his own or if Sweetie's reaction was so powerful she somehow made him hear her scream for him to stop. Thankfully, he proceeds to get help and manages to begin recovering.
  • I'm So Sorry: Instead of apologizing for her pranks, Rainbow Dash is able to escape from the zombies by bursting through the ceiling.After returning to Sugarcube Corner and killing the "zombified" Pinkie Pie, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake, a guilt-ridden Rainbow heads back to the barn and sets it and herself on fire to atone for her actions.


  • In A Teacher's Glory Temari suffers this after being captured during the invasion. Sick and unable to use chakra, she attempts suicide-by-ANBU by stealing a knife and attempting to force them to kill her. Also, after the Third Hokage's death, his closest advisors officially, but only one actually choose to join him out of respect.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars:
    • Before the beginning of the story Asuka had tried to commit suicide several times. Daniel remarked that she would attempt to kill herself again sooner or later unless she got help.
    • Shinji also thought about killing himself several times as he was exiled in Boston.
  • Advice and Trust:
    • In chapter 8, Ritsuko was so depressed because she'd committed all kind of crimes for the love of a man who didn't care about her that she started drinking wine copiously after taking painkillers. And then she attempted to take more pills, knowing fully well what would happen if she mixed sedatives and alcohol.
      You're halfway into your fourth bottle of wine and trying to take more pills. You're a goddam doctor, Ritsuko. Are we still going to pretend you don’t remember what happens when you mix sedatives and alcohol at this dosage? Are we still pretending this isn’t a half-assed suicide attempt?
    • Kaworu also becomes suicidal after being Mind Raped by Arael, as shown by his comments while watching reruns of M*A*S*H.
      The humor appeals to me, and I like the opening song. It feels more fitting to me right now than 'Ode To Joy'.
  • The Child of Love: Shortly after her birthday Asuka could not take it anymore and locked herself in the bathroom and swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills.
  • Doing It Right This Time: In the immediate aftermath of Third Impact, with the whole of humanity wiped out and the world in ruins, Shinji and Asuka ended up walking into the sea together; they didn't know if they'd enter Instrumentality or drown, and neither of them really cared by that point. Instead, they ended up going back in time. Then Shinji nearly ends up putting a bullet through his head when they meet up just after the Third Angel happens, and he realises she remembers everything, including the whole "Dude, She's Like, in a Coma!" incident he thought she was unconscious for. This is not his last fit of self-destructive behaviour, but fortunately Misato and his fellow pilots are aware of it and doing their best to help.
  • Evangelion 303: After her failure with the NF-14 Asuka was so angry with herself that she decided to shoot herself. However she was ultimately unable to go through with it.
    • A line in chapter 12 suggests that she has attempted to commit suicide before the beginning of the story.
  • HERZ: Seven years before the start of the story Shinji slit his wrists after an argument with Asuka because he believed that she hated him and never wanted to see him again. The scene was very similar to Asuka’s own suicide attempt during the series.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: When the story begins, Asuka is hospitalized after having attempted to kill herself.
    Asuka had once felt like dying too, several times in fact, but there was always something that kept her going.
    No, not always. She had wandered the streets for days. She had starved herself. She had stripped naked and climbed into that bathtub. And she had waited, her life meaningless, her pride destroyed, her whole being slowly slipping from reality.
  • Once More with Feeling: Invoked. After Shinji reveals his whole story to him, Kaji wonders how the kid has kept himself from "eating the gun", so to speak.
The One I Love Is...: Asuka had been completely beaten, humiliated and even MindRaped, after which she knew she would be replaced. She regarded herself as an utter, worthless failure, and the only thing keeping her from falling apart completely was Shinji loving her. However, when she thought Shinji had chosen Rei over her, she lost her only reason to live left. She wrote a good-bye note, ran away and slit her wrists. Fortunately she got found in time to save her life.
  • The Second Try gives these examples:
    • When Gendo arrives in Terminal Dogma and finds that Rei isn't there he tries to kill himself in a last ditch attempt to be with Yui again. It doesn't work.
    • The epilogue reveals that two SEELE members also tried to do it to escape arrest after their group was publicly exposed by Kaji. One succeeded, the other didn't.
  • RE-TAKE, the most famous Evangelion doujinshi series, does this to Rei, who hangs herself after being rejected by Shinji. The fact that before when she was confessing to him she splashed red paint on her self to make it red and chanted "anta baka" makes even more chilling.


  • I, with a Reputation For Follow-Up Suicide (based on the MAD of the same name), as its name implies, consists of this...a lot of it, as all six of the brothers kill themselves in quick succession.
    • Todomatsu is the first victim, overdosing after a hacker got into his blog and destroyed his reputation. Chillingly, he managed to hide his pain perfectly, making it impossible for his brothers to help him until it was too late.
    • Jyushimatsu, depressed after his brother's passing, sinks into the Despair Event Horizon, unable to even smile afterward...until he stands in the path of an oncoming train.
    • Choromatsu tries to help support the family after all these tragedies by moving out and getting a job. Unfortunately, the stress ends up being too much for him and, after sending one last letter to his family, he hangs himself.
    • Karamatsu, sinking into a worse depression than Jyushi's, ends up drowning himself in the sea after claiming to be going on a fishing trip.
    • Osomatsu, being as selfish as he usually is, tries to kill himself by burning the entire house down while everyone else is out. Ichimatsu tries to talk him out of it, to no avail.
    • Finally, Ichimatsu, who was already suicidal before all of this, breaks in the absence of his brothers, and throws himself off a building.
  • Ichimatsu wanting/trying to kill himself is a borderline Fandom-Specific Plot for the series and often times involves at least one of his brothers, usually Karamatsu or Jyushimatsu, trying to help him out of it (whether they succeed or not is directly proportionate to how much the author wants you to cry). This may be due to his canon habit of acting like an antisocial jerkface to cover up his cripplingly low self esteem. It's worth noting that he has tried to kill himself/get himself killed in canon a few times, though all of those attempts were Played for Laughs and none of them had anything to do with the aforementioned character trait. Here is an example from the fandom that is definitely played for laughs (though it goes off the rails very, very quickly).
  • Homura from i'll take you somewhere even more brilliant met Jyushimatsu during an Interrupted Suicide.



  • There's no suicide attempt in the oneshot Achilles' Heel, but it's implied that Lusamine sometimes suffers from suicidal ideation.
  • All These Stars, And You're Flickering is a Lillie/Selene oneshot where Lilie comes back to Alola months after leaving for Kanto, only to find that her friends and family have shut down in her absence. Moon tried to kill herself but was saved and ended in a coma. This made Lillie guilty and depressed, which sent her into a spiral of suicidal ideation, drug abuse, and Self-Harm until Moon awoke.
  • Amethyst Remembrance is a Pokémon oneshot where Giovanni is Delia's abusive ex-husband (and the father of Ash). One day, he comes back home with plans of killing her. He ends up killing Delia and her lover Professor Oak. Giovanni also tries to kill Tracey but fails. The fic ends with Tracey killing himself due to his Survivor's Guilt.
  • It's implied in Anachronism that Sonia is suicidal due to her poor self-esteem and inability to achieve her dreams.
  • Gym Leader Wiki: Nicholas Piedras, the Olivine Gym Leader before Jasmine, commited suicide at age 66. In 2009, Jasmine started the "Piedras Project", the first anti-suicide organization in Johto, which offers support for people with depression and helps to prevent suicide.
  • Lost is a fanfic where Delia learns about Ash's incident on St. Anne. After losing her son, she wants to kill herself, but Professor Oak stops her. He tells her how years ago he almost killed himself after his son and daughter-in-law got into an accident, but he was saved by Spencer.
  • In Olivine Romance, Jasmine decides to take her own life as a result of a string of relentless abuses and hardships, including a loss of her home, job, and Pokemon, the betrayal of her friends, and the hateful treatment by her own mother.
    • In the side-story Path of Least Resistance, Volkner is confronted by Morty after a suicide attempt. The trigger was Volkner's guilt over failing to intervene in his childhood friend's suicide.
  • Gloria killed herself prior to Pokemon Light AU. A fight with Bede set her off into a several-month spiral of anger and depression.
  • Pokemon: Shadow of Time;
    • When a Hypno tries to read Ash's mind, it subsequently kills itself from the sheer horror of what it found there.
    • It is noted that everything Ash experienced before the reality reset would have made lesser men kill themselves from the horror of it; the spirit that was the King of Pokelantis, which has been trapped in Ash's subconscious since his first battle with Brandon, intends to drive Ash to suicide so that the King will be able to take over Ash's body.
  • In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Defenders of Warmth, Vulpix committed suicide as a human as part of a deal with Kuyurem to ensure she becomes important. Kuyurem simply wants to devour her spirit. She is turned into a vulpix and, ironically, becomes important as the Hero who awakens Reshirem, and thus becomes instrumental in defeating Kuyurem.

The Powerpuff Girls

  • Depressed by his worsening dementia, Mojo Jojo attempts to shoot himself in The Utonium Trials. Buttercup misunderstands his intentions and attacks him.


Saved by the Bell

  • Weakness is a Death Fic based around "Jessie's Song" where Jessie intentionally overdoses on caffeine pills.

The Slender Man Mythos

  • In the Slender Man fic By the Fire's Light, Jared Holloway despairs of ever being free of the Slender Man and ends up taking his own life.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Chasing Dragons: After Jaime calls off their betrothal in order to return to Myr, and she realizes that Tywin and her father are going to foist her onto Tyrion in order to maintain their alliance, Lysa crosses the Despair Event Horizon and leaps out a window.
  • Robb Returns: Patchface the fool, after he becomes a Mad Oracle. Interestingly, he claims it is "A life for a life". In his last moments, he is surprisingly calm and normal.
  • The Raven's Plan: Selyse Baratheon, after being sent back in time as part of the Remembering and realizing she really did sacrifice Shireen, once again hangs herself.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In the Sonic X: Dark Chaos rewrite, it's heavily implied that Cosmo's crash in the first episode was actually her trying to commit suicide by destroying her pod after learning she was being followed by Tsali. However, by sheer luck, she found Sonic's world in the process.
  • It's mentioned in Echoes Of Eternity that Maria's father killed himself when she was a baby. His wife died of NIDS and his daughter had the same illness. Most babies with NIDS don't survive, so he killed himself thinking that he had nothing to live for with his family dead. This is why Maria was raised by her paternal grandfather Gerald. Gerald doesn't tell Maria about how her father died until she confronts him about it at age seven, already having overheard details but wanting to hear it confirmed by Gerald.
  • Ocean Blue is a oneshot where Shadow adopts a Chao whose owner gave her up. As it turns out, she's a service Chao (which is similar to a service dog) whose previous owner worked for G.U.N. Shadow guesses that her previous owner killed himself.
  • The oneshot Veritas Dolor revolves around Shadow's Dark and Troubled Past. Not only did he see everyone on ARK (including his sibling figure) die, but he was tortured and raped after he was captured. Shadow currently works with G.U.N. and it's not uncommon for other G.U.N. members to die on duty. Shadow feels especially guilty on the anniversary of the ARK massacre and almost shoots himself, but Rouge talks him down.

Spongebob Squarepants

  • Plankton in Plankton's Eye View, after seeing everyone become a success in the ten years he was imprisoned after The Movie. He became so bitter about his failures and how it was too late for him to redeem himself and make things right. However, The Flying Dutchman gave him a second chance.'
  • Guilt is a drabble about Squilliam reacting to Squidward's Bungled Suicide.

Steven Universe

Story of Seasons

  • The Things We Know is a Chase/Angela-themed Death Fic where Angela commits suicide, shaking the residents of the normally peaceful Castanet.

Super Mario Bros.


  • Time Passes is a fanfic about Rapunzel being immortal. She can't die by her own hands or in any other way.
  • Prisoner Of Time has an immortal Rapunzel. Despite her various attempts at suicide she can't die.

Teen Titans

  • Count Logan's plan in The End of Ends is essentially to destroy all the universes, destroying himself along with it. Why? Because he got dumped and decided that if he can't be happy, no one can.
  • Cowardice is themed around Raven walking in on Terra mid-attempt. She finds Terra in the kitchen with a knife held to her wrist. Raven's unsympathetic and doesn't try to talk her down, though she makes Terra double-think her actions.
  • There are so many stories about Raven committing or attempting suicide that one, Failed, was written to poke fun at them. Raven shoots herself with a toy gun for laughs.
  • Terra spends most of the We'd Fly Away Together series suicidal.

Total Drama

  • In Cheater, Bridgette commits suicide as a result of being completely ostracized and relentlessly bullied by the entire cast for falling for Alejandro and getting manipulated into cheating with him during Total Drama World Tour.
  • Six Reasons Why, Courtney kills herself after the fourth season, and her reasons for doing so are given posthumously in secret to Duncan, Gwen, Noah, Trent, Heather, and Bridgette through a series of recordings she made specifically for them.
  • Total Trauma: Duncan throws himself in the path of a speeding truck after failing to get his life back in order and ending up on the streets.


  • Touhou Ibunshu has this as the impetus behind the fifth and eleventh arcs, Remixed Cherry Blossom and Reenactable Night, with Yukari and Mokou implementing schemes to end Gensokyo in the hopes it will end their endless existences. The former chooses life after a fully-deserved Villainous Breakdown after being confronted by Ran and Chen, while the latter gets her wish. Earlier, Reisen and Youmu are so consumed by guilt by losing the last Lunarian child to Remilia and being duped into aiding Yukari's scheme, respectively, that they try to commit suicide. Both are saved in time and calm down, Reisen by Tewi and Youmu by Yuyuko.
  • In Chapter 44: Early Preludes to a New Winter of Sorrow of Gensokyo 20XXI, Eirin, surprisingly, succeeds in killing herself (by severing an artery), dying with a smile to know that she could. She is supposed to be immortal but her willingness to die overrode her ability to resurrect upon death, effectively granting her wish, even though her motivation was unclear at the most. It is never exactly stated why she killed herself, besides, "Is it wrong to want to feel death, even though if one cannot experience it?" but it is implied that she killed herself out of the uncertainty of their situation, which caused her a lot of stress (leading to her developing anemia and to suffer from alopecia) and depression and, apparently, she might have done so way of escaping capture.
    • In 20XXIII, we do eventually find out her reasons for suicide and it was because of all the hell and uncertainty. The entire diary entry was basically her suicide note
    • Later on, in 20XXIV, we have Ran, chapter 9, after a near-miss with a rogue male kitsune. According to Mokou, she's attempted suicide more than twice by slitting her wrists. She fails at it nonetheless. She attempts it again when she think she's killed Reimu. In Chapter 62, she was apparently contemplating it. Later on, we have Chen, in chapter 60, attempting suicide drowning herself, that of which she gave no motives for and probably can't on the grounds that brain damage from said failed suicide attempt possibly rendered her unable to talk, however, it is known that she wanted her mom back and had given up on life, which would be as far as motives go. Two chapters later, she does seem to have her motives somewhat explained in her suicide note, the which Flandre finds.
    • In 20XXI, we have Nitori attempting suicide by ramming herself into wall, the which could have broken her neck. She failed.
    • In 20XXIV and The Unsaid Rivalry of the Youkai and the Shrine Maiden, we had Yukari contemplating suicide due to whatever sadness and pain she was suffering. Both times she is convinced not to.

Touken Ranbu

  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords has Ishida, who is so convinced that every single one on the planet is a traitor, including himself, that he intends to kill himself after finishing his master off. Lucky enough, his brother Kiriha stops him and beats him to a bloody pulp before he can put any of his insane plan into motion.
    • Sasanoyuki, after a training journey to the past re-triggers his self-hate problems relating to his Sympathetic Murder Backstory, decides to end his life after concluding he can no longer put up with his intended purpose as a weapon, before Kasen conveniently interrupts him.


  • In Repair the Damage, the abuse Starscream suffers from Megatron finally gets to the poor Seeker, and he tries to shoot himself with Megatron's alt mode. If Hook hadn't intervened, Starscream's suicide attempt would have likely been successful.


  • In Before The Dawn, while Bella is being held captive by Joham as part of his 'breeding program', one of the other girls commits suicide by strangling herself with her own bonds.


  • Chara attempts suicide no fewer than three times in You Can Only Use Your Own (granted, one was before the beginning of the series). Asriel ends up saving them every time.
    • Prase, Innig, Holly, and Frisk also tried to kill themselves shortly before their respective introductions.
  • Applies to Cumulus in Not As Simple As A Happy Ending.

The Wicked Years

  • In The Love Club that Elphaba's mother turned to drugs after her lover Turtle Heart left. It's implied her death was a result of suicide.

Yin Yang Yo!

  • Of all places, this fanfic: prior to being Dave's father, he had a wife and child, Amandine and Ava; watching one of them die was one thing but losing another in the war made him jump off the waterfall. However, he lives and gets better.

Your Lie in April

  • What makes the fic His Lie in April considerably darker than the original is that after enduring three episodes of head trauma, and after his successful surgery (that, however, left him in a worse off state than before), Kousei decides that his life is no longer worth living and he ends his life via overdose, making this decision after he sees the ghost of his mother Saki telling him that she is waiting for him.

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