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Now That You're Bleeding is a Frozen fic by Keyboard Cabaret. It originally was a one-shot but it was later expanded into a 14 chapter story.

As a child, Elsa secretly began expressing her self-hatred externally by harming herself. The story depicts various events from the movie and just afterwards through Elsa's point-of-view as she struggles with her secret and her depression.

Now That You're Bleeding provide examples of:


  • Covered with Scars: Due to her history of self-harm, Elsa has quite a number of scars and other injuries that won't heal.
  • Dark Fic: It's a fanfic about Elsa having a history of self-harm and suicidal ideation. The last several chapters lean towards Hurt/Comfort Fic as Elsa starts recovering with the help of Anna.
  • Despair Event Horizon:
    • Elsa hit it at around age eight or nine. She realized that she wasn't making any progress in controlling her powers.
    • The summary to the fourth chapter outright mentions this trope: "The consequences of Anna's visit to her sister finally push Elsa over the Despair Event Horizon". Realizing that Anna will most likely die and she's condemned her country into an eternal winter, Elsa tries to kill herself. She's stopped by Marshmallow.
  • Interrupted Suicide: Before Elsa can jump to her death, Marshmallow grabs her and stops her.
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  • Mental Health Recovery Arc: The arc of the story is Elsa starting to recover from her depression and also stop self-injuring.
  • Self-Harm: The fic revolves around Elsa's self-harm as a form of self-punishment. It started accidentally when she was hit with an ice shard during a storm she created.
  • Trauma Button: Elsa was doing fine for almost a week after she came back to Arendelle. She lapsed again after a startle caused her to lose control of her powers, making her worry that she is dangerous after all.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Elsa's suicidal depression and Self-Harm began at nine at latest.

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