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When I do my thing, it's so Ira Glass

Real name Eugene Ahn, Adam WarRock (Previously known as "Fist") is an attorney-turned-nerdcore rapper. He gained a fairly large following through his constant song production, sense of humor, and wide range of topics covered by his songs, from The West Coast Avengers, to Dresden Codak, to Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain.

He co-hosted the weekly comic podcast "War Rocket Ajax" until late 2010, and still records their theme tune.


His website is here.


  • The Doctor EP (2014)- Eight track mixtape about Doctor Who
  • The Middle of Nowhere (2013)- Third studio album
  • City Beautiful (2012)- Eight track EP
  • La Boheme (2012)- Four track EP, using samples from the opera of the same name
  • Neo-Tokyo (2012)- Seven track EP, about AKIRA
  • You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?(2012)- First full length album of 2012, released Feb. 13
  • Juggernaut (2011)- Seven track EP, last one of 2011.
  • No Rest (2011)- Six track mixtape recorded on an iPhone mic while on tour.
  • The Browncoats Mixtape (2011)- Fifteen track Mixtape about Firefly.
  • Irrelevant Vol. 1 (2011)- Mixtape of B-sides, bonus tracks, and unreleased tracks.
  • My New Warriors EP (2011)- Eight track mixtape about Marvel's New Warriors
  • This Man... This Emcee! (2011) his second official album.
  • My X-Factor EP(2011)- Six track mixtape about Marvel's X-Factor
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  • The West Coast Avengers Mixtape (2010)-A mixtape about Marvel's West Coast Avengers.
  • The Oni Press Mixtape (2010)- A mixtape about various Oni Press comics.
  • The War For Infinity(2010) His debut album.
  • The Long Road Home (2009)- A co-album with Charles Knox, under the group name "The Doppelgangers"
  • The Track Log(2009-Present) Not an album- 100+ songs downloadable for free on his website.

Tropes Associated With Adam WarRock and Used In His Songs
  • The Alcoholic- "PBR" tells a tale of a man's downward spiral into alcoholism.
  • Bad Santa- in "Gangsta Claus"
  • Chekhov's Gun- Referenced in "Epilogues"
  • Concept Album- The War For Infinity is a retelling of Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet saga as a series of rap battles.
  • Curse Cut Short- Subverted in "Bad Mother (Villainy)"
    "And if you're messing with this terrorist thug//I'll show you that I'm a bad mother...//Shut the fuck up!"
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  • Curb-Stomp Battle- Heroes Requiem. Not only does Demonos handily defeat characters from various Marvel comics, the way he does some in is a bit extreme- Professor X's cybernetic legs are crushed, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are de-volved into regular turtles, Storm is sent to space, Iceman is incinerated, Cyclops's eyes are sewn shut, Wolverine is decapitated, Spider-Man's back is broken, and Dr. Strange is skinned alive.
  • Deal with the Devil-"Crooked Deal" on The War For Infinity has Demonos making a literal deal with the devil for the Gauntlet of Infinity.
  • The Exile- Adam WarRock (the character) was once a great hero, a legendary figure. After defending the world for years, some felt he was no longer needed, so he went into exile in orbit until he such a time comes when he's needed again.
  • Expy - Adam WarRock for Adam Warlock; Demonos for Thanos
  • Freudian Excuse- "Bad Mother (Villainy)" runs through a list of possible excuses to blame for Demonos' rampage. It ends with "Blame on whatever you want if it helps; but the reason he's standin' here, you can blame it on yourself.
  • Growing Up Sucks- "Old Man River," from The Long Road Home. A great deal of the song's about outgrowing your dreams and just settling for "good enough". Knox's verse opens with perhaps the best example-
    "Beach-front architect, my castle it was gonna be something/Now I'm just trying to grab some sand before the tide comes in/Watch my ocean-sized dreams get whittled down to mere streams/Navigate the twisting turns ahead as pride runs thin"
    • The original was in fact, so mind-blowingly depressing, that he came out with a remix about how awesome life is in general. To demonstrate the 180 in tone, here's Knox's opening on it
    "Beach-front architect, my castle was a towering estate/Now I'm just working on improvements for my follow up take/Forget those ocean-sized dreams and admire the scene/Ain't nothin' better than a waterfront with hours to waste..."
  • Hoist by His Own Petard- Both Mysterio and Kraven in the Sinister Six Megatrack. Judging by his laughter and coughing, Mysterio is affected by his own gas, while Kraven is devoured by his wildcats
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game- Kraven The Hunter in the Sinister Six megatrack. His opening line even makes reference to The Trope Naming Book...
    "Life is a game, and I hunt the deadliest kind/With a face, a family, and a name..."
  • Identity Absorption- "Madrox" on My X-Factor EP follows one of Multiple Man's duplicates (#40) trying to absorb all the others as well as the original. Unfortunately, he the fails- the last line of the song is "Now I've just absorbed 40, you can call me 'Number One.'"
  • I Love the Dead- In "Zombie Girl", although the singer tries to justify it with "She ain't fully dead, she's undead instead."
  • Inspiration Nod- Heroes Requiem uses the same characters as Last Empire's "Secret Wars"
  • Masocore- Released a song about the genre, appropriately titled "Masocore".
  • Meaningful Rename- Maybe. See this line from "Six Million Dollar Flow"
    "Yo really, how bout this-I went from "Eugene" to "Fist", and now it's like "Adam WarRock" fits..."
  • Monster Mash- In "Zombie Girl", it's implied that the titular zombie girl hangs out with Dracula, The Wolfman and Frankenstein's Monster.
  • Nerdcore
  • Offer Void In Nebraska- Read the Fine Print below carefully— apparently you can't make a Deal with the Devil in Alaska.
  • Read the Fine Print- Used in The War For Infinity's "Crooked Deal". It takes a good 45 seconds.
    "Failure to abide by the terms of this agreement will result in an all-expenses paid, one way ticket to eternal damnation and exile. No purchase necessary, no half-stepping, and no one under 18 may apply without the express written consent of a parent or guardian. All signatures must be sealed, signed for, and written in the blood, sweat, and tears of the last gasp of air you have left in your pathetic existence as you waste away at your desk crunching numbers, figures, reading the quarterly report, and slowly dying one second at a time. Offer good only in the contiguous 48 states of the United States of America and Hawaii. All restrictions apply. Death Inc. reserves the right to revoke this contract at any time it so feels like it. All souls have no monetary value or cash equivalent. Contract may not be revoked for any reason. Death Inc., for 2010 and beyond."
  • The Bad Guy Wins- In Heroes Requiem, Professor X, Magneto, Thing, The Incredible Hulk, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joe, Storm, Iceman, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Doc Ock, and Dr. Strange are all defeated by Demonos.
  • The Reveal- In Zombie Girl—As it turns out, the singer is a ghost
  • Super Empowering- Before leaving for space, Adam transfers the vast majority of his power into the Infinity Gauntlet, allowing anyone who needed to to use his abilities.
  • Take That!:
    • My Tea Party is one to The Tea Party movement.
  • Take That Me: At the end of "Scarlet Witch" - "I done sold out on this Auto-Tune shit..."
    • His verse in Fuck The Doppelgangers is a dis song to himself to vent frustrations and self doubts while recording The Long Road Home. Charles Knox does the same.
  • Talks Like a Simile: Par for the course for a rapper, but "The Simile Song" on The Long Road Home takes it Up to Eleven.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: Happens "Sad Ultron"- due to a combination of malfunctions, his predecessor's reputation, and human intelligence, the titular robot turns evil after being shunned and hated by everyone he meets.
  • Third-Person Person: Kraven in the Sinister Six megatrack, although he swaps between using "Kraven" and "I"
  • Villain Song: "Lady Death Never Wanted Me For A Lover", the final track from "The War For Infinity" is sung from antagonist Demonos' point of view.
  • Voice of the Legion: "Crooked Deal", track 7 of The War For Infinity makes heavy use of this.
    • Oddly, in the final song of The Sinister Six megatrack, Doc Ock has this.
  • Was It Really Worth It?: Never stated, but used in "PBR" with the repeated line- "He said he bought the PBR 'cause it was cheap..."


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