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Music / Revenge (KISS album)

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Revenge is the 16th studio album by the American hard rock band KISS, released in 1992. It is the first to feature Eric Singer, the drummer that replaced Eric Carr who died in November 1991.


  1. "Unholy"
  2. "Take It Off"
  3. "Tough Love"
  4. "Spit"
  5. "God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You II"
  6. "Domino"
  7. "Heart Of Chrome"
  8. "Thou Shalt Not"
  9. "Every Time I Look At You"
  10. "Paralyzed"
  11. "I Just Wanna"
  12. "Carr Jam 1981"

Principal Members

  • Paul Stanley - rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Gene Simmons - bass guitar, vocals (rhythm guitar on "Domino")
  • Eric Carr - backing vocals on "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You II", drums and guitar on "Carr Jam 1981"
  • Bruce Kulick - lead guitar, backing vocals (bass guitar on "Tough Love", "Every Time I Look at You") (all guitars on "Carr Jam 1981")
  • Eric Singer - drums, backing vocals


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