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Love Gun is the sixth studio album by American hard rock band KISS, which was released in 1977. It was the first album in which Ace Frehley had a lead vocal in a single song, and the last in which Peter Criss played on all tracks.


Side One
  1. "I Stole Your Love" (3:04)
  2. "Christine Sixteen" (3:14)
  3. "Got Love For Sale" (3:29)
  4. "Shock Me" (3:49)
  5. "Tomorrow And Tonight" (3:40)

Side Two

  1. "Love Gun" (3:18)
  2. "Hooligan" (3:01)
  3. "Almost Human" (2:49)
  4. "Plaster Caster" (3:27)
  5. "Then She Kissed Me" (3:02)

Principal Members:

  • Peter Criss - drums, percussion, lead vocals
  • Ace Frehley - guitar, bass, backing and lead vocals
  • Gene Simmons - lead vocals, bass
  • Paul Stanley - lead vocals, guitar, bass

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