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The entire anime is an allegory for smoking.
As partially explained in this comic, lifting is an allegory for smoking. Renton wanted to be cool and smoke like all the cool people he read in the magazines but no one in his town was really that into smoking. Eureka is a metaphor for peer pressure, as she is the one who leads Renton into Gekkostate. Gekkostate, in this interpretation, is a major tobacco company that produces pro-smoking propaganda in the form of ray=out. LF Os are cigarette filters and battles between them are symbolic for gang wars. As well, when Eureka falls ill and is covered in a layer of scub coral, she is actually diagnosed with lung cancer but goes into remission. When her coralian features begin to show towards the end of the series, it is the cancer making a reappearance.
  • As well, Dewey is representative of the government's anti-drug efforts, with Anemone and theEND being promoted as a legal high.
    • No. Just no. Don't ruin this series for me, PLEASE! Besides, (while I realize this probably isn't meant seriously) it's loaded with holes. For instance, when Eureka's Coralian features manifest to their full extent, Renton calls it "beautiful." Nobody, not even a smoker, thinks lung cancer is beautiful.
    • He was saying she was beautiful despite the chemotherapy. Duh.
      • Weirder interpretation immediately below...

The above WMG is true, but it's all taking place inside Renton's head.
Eureka is really a symbol for an I Wished You Were Dead. He thinks her transformation is beautiful because it was what he really wanted, but earlier he was overcome with guilt over his wish starting to come true.

It takes place after Neon Genesis Evangelion
And not just because all anime are somehow related to Eva.

After the events of End of Evangelion (using the interpretation that mostly everyone lived and Shinji and Asuka were just the only ones on the beach), the Coralian came into being. Mass-production-like Evas were used to fight it off, but failed miserably, becoming entombed. Humanity fled to the stars in a WALL•E-style escape, and then returned much later. Most of history was erased, with the exception that the Novak family kept very detailed records. Upon landing, the Vodarac took up a form of land-worship as opposed to... whatever the main religion of the settlers was.

It's an allegory for Vietnam.

Gekkostate are the hippies. Dewey and the federation are the U.S. Armed forces. the Coralians are the VC. Dewey's "Orange" superweapon is a reference to Agent Orange, a chemical Defoliant used in the war. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Charlie don't surf."

  • While not an allegory, the number of references to American counterculture of the Vietnam War era do majorly intersect with the war, making for references. The Orange probably being a major one.
  • To further this theory, Agent Orange is a chemical defoliant in a series of them used in the Vietnam War. They were used to destroy the vegetation in Vietnam which both cut off the supply of food to the Viet Cong and decimated the landscape so that they couldn't hide in the trees and grass. The name of this group of dangerous chemicals? The Rainbow Herbicides. What's Renton and Eureka's most powerful attack? A giant rainbow of energy called the Seven Swell that destroys everything around it, including the plants, and turns it all into salt/dust/stone. Coincidence? I think not.

The Movie is a Fix Fic written by Renton.

In the movie, Renton is portrayed as being closer to Eureka from the beginning, and having more respect for his piloting skills. Simultaneously, the crew of Gekkostate are shown as being selfish and immature. The whole setting seems like revenge against them for their neglect of him.

  • The fan fic was written by Renton from the manga out of guilt for losing the girl he loved. Dominic had a fatherly-like roll in the movie because Renton looked up to Manga!Dominic and wanted to learn from him.

The reuse of series footage in the movie is intentional.
Considering how a major theme of the Eureka Seven movie is about "rebirth" and "creating your own story" (e.g. Anemone's subplot, the movie's ending theme being titled "Storywriter"), it can be argued that the movie itself is a Subversion of the standard Clip Show movie, inviting you to draw parallels with the series:
  • In series, the characters of Holland and Talho are shown as being mentally immature adults, while in the movie they, and the rest of the Gekko State, are really physically-mature children.
  • The new characterisation of the Sages as not being Always Chaotic Evil, and in fact taking measures to preserve humanity. On that note, the most level-headed members of the Gekko State, Hap and Stoner, are the ones who decide to kill Eureka out of fear and paranoia.
  • Dewey, the series Big Bad, is practically dropped from the storyline, and Anemone and Dominic are upgraded from Anti-Villain to The Mentor.
  • Renton is now the Child Soldier in Eureka's place.
  • The book with the Contemptible Cover, originally The Golden Bough (a study of comparative mythology and religion), is now presumably a copy of Anemone's memoirs titled "New World Story".
The two kids seen on the cover for the last dvd are Renton's and Eureka's
  • Which would make the end of the series Babies Ever After. The pic is here for reference.
    • side-note, Does anyone get reminded of 60s/70s depictions of space and the future when they look at this particular picture? Because I do...
    • Holy shit...that could actually be true. They share a lot of features. In fact, it could be a bit too obvious. My guess is it was intentional.
      • I'd hope it was intentional. I'm not sure if it's canon or not, but I'd guess it is - it is on the boxart, so it had to be at the very least approved by Studio BONES.
  • Sadly Jossed by Eureka Seven Ao though it's funny that Ao may have a sister somewhere. That said, they could certainly be grandchildren.

Eureka IS a Voyager Probe.
  • In episode 31, Eureka was described as being akin to the Voyager Probe, carrying a message to potential alien intelligences about humanity (Coralians in this case). The Coralians noticed the human presence and, despite not coming off as an intelligent species, created Eureka for the two-fold purpose of figuring the humans out and becoming friends with them. Thus her being a "voyager probe" and a blank sheet of paper. Also, it might being doing what ancient kings have done: Sending their daughter to marry one of their own as an agreement. This wouldn't have worked if Eureka knew why she was there because, much like her past self, it would've been a calculated move and ruined the results of their test.

You could exchange the name 'Coralian' for 'Black People' and experience little to no change in Dialogue
  • Or at least, this holds true near the end of the anime.
    • Applicability. Renton and Eureka represent an interracial romance.

The series was an attempt to make "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously" into a series.
The sentence was created by Noam Chomsky in 1957 to be grammatically correct but completely nonsensical in meaning. Since then, people have attempted to prove Chomsky wrong by putting them in context. Eureka Seven, however, takes the sentence and makes a whole series out of it, describing the Scub Coral, who furiously sleep to hold back the Limit of Questions, and their colorless green ideas, the Trapar Waves.
  • I read some of the article... and all i can say, is that this is freaking genius.

Anemone's actions and drug habits before battle are comparable to doing a line of coke.
Think about it! She doesn't seem to need it, is kinda depressed without it, gets crazier on it, experiences a boost of energy and will to fight after it. in the end, when she realizes her feelings for dominic, she needs and wants less of it.

The process of converting humans into artificial Coralians isn't as cruel as it seems.
Yes, it nearly always kills the patient, but it is the only known treatment for Desperation Disease. Everyone knows it's a long-shot, but the alternative is just watching as the patient degenerates.

Renton is WALL•E
  • Eva is Eureka
  • The Ship Wheel is Dewey Novak

Some group of really obsessed people might make a religion or cult out of this show
And they'll shill the heck out of this love and harmony idea.

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