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  • More like a Crowning Series of Crazy Awesome, but Robo's entrance is particularly awesome.
  • In the second episode, Chief Chuujou is preparing to evacuate, then self-destruct the base, while he battles the two invaders. But he hears a voice asking him to wait - Issei and Youshi are on their way! They can't quite get there in time, but make up for it by (quickly!) declaring to each other that they'll stop the Magnificent Ten, and do so with magic. ...While "NO MERCY OF THE BUDDHA FOR THE WICKED" appears on the screen in brush-written kanji. All while "Rush! Issei and Youshi!" (an Eastern-style arrangement of "How The West Was Won") plays in the background.
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  • Chief... no, "Silent Chuujou" of the Heavenly Nine stands up to the Monster Sphere at the end of episode 6. He takes a few practice punches, actually forcing it back for a bit and rockets up to it, intending to use his ability the Big Bang Punch ( a double-edged blade technique ) while feeling guilty about not being able to do anything up until now, even knowing he is on his attack while powerful is a death sentence. Even after he stops the attack at the last moment due to Ginrei's pleas, the miss is still enough to rock the entire Monster Sphere.
  • The whole of Episode 7. Starting at about the point where Daisaku reaffirms his belief in his father and takes off towards a faraway Giant Robo. EVERY living Interpol character (and a couple of dead ones) help him get there. A couple of Not Quite Dead guys even show up. We learn that Robo carries enough ordnance to level a city. Most importantly: Dr. Von Fogler was a good guy all along, and when the three tubes are put together, they purge a dangerous substance caused by the Shizuma drives from the atmosphere and save the world.
    • Alberto revealing himself to be alive and hiding on Giant Robo since Genya tried to kill him several episodes ago and using all of his power to help Robo bypass the power of the Monster Sphere.
  • Big. Bang. Punch. The several-hundred-foot-tall, armed to the teeth Eye of Vogler floats over a hill and is greeted by Chief Chujo, by himself, on foot, who is about to beat it down with his bare fists.
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  • Shockwave Alberto jumps out of Giant Robo before it's engulfed by the Eye of Voglers's energy blast and deflects it with a shockwave. After giving a badass speech and lighting his cigar on the energy blast he absorbs all of the Eye of Vogler's energy, causing its shields to drop and the machine to collapse.
  • Nearly every living Expert of Justice gets one as they help Daisaku charge to Giant Robo.
  • Giant Robo blasting out and pushing the Eye of Vogler back using cables to help power it even further.
  • Ginrei using her powers to move all of Ryonzanpaku to St. Abbe so the Experts of Justice can defeat the Eye of Vogler.
  • Kenpu Clan's introduction which sees them coming out of the river to attack the defenders of Ryonzanpaku
  • Koumei telling the leaders of the Magnificent Ten to shut up, and kneel before their leader of Big Fire.
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  • The leaders of the Magnificent Ten easily escape, and remind Koumei that they could have easily escaped earlier but didn't because Big Fire's bodyguards where helping Koumei.
  • Taisou giving his life so that the rest could escape by keeping the net containing the Eye of Vogler from destroying Shanghai.

  • The Giant Robo Tokusatsu. All of it. Most notable the fight between Giant Robo and GR-2 in episode 16 and 19 and the battle in episode 25 with the Space Vampire.

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