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Episode One:

  • The flashback of Sei's Dad defeating two enemies with a RX-78-2 Gunpla model, and he does it with one shot.

Episode Two:

  • The entire opening of Gundam Build Fighters.
  • Notable moments include:
    • Build Strike Gundam facing off against Zaku Amazing in the opening.
    • The various Gunpla Builders with their Ace Custom Models. Enough said.
    • Build Strike Gundam combining with the Build Booster and pulls off a Gundam F91 moment.
  • Reji's battle with Gonda, in which the Build Strike Gundam speared Sumo through the stomach, and then the sudden battle with President Yuuki (who is known as the Crimson Comet, whose Zaku Amazing curbstomped the Build Strike Gundam within seconds.
    Yuuki: Burn! Burn!! BURN!!! GUNPLAAAAAA!!!

Episode Three:

  • Reiji defeats all the regulars at the bar (who were described to be playing Gunpla for more than 10 years) WITH JUST A RB-79 Ball. Shiro Amada will be so proud of you, Reiji.
  • Fellini's and the Wing Gundam Fenice's Big Damn Heroes moment, saving Reiji from being surrounded during a five-on-one fight by shooting down all five of Reiji's opponents with only two shots.
    • Followed up by Reiji fighting more than 200 battles with him. It was implied that it wasn't a one sided battle but Reiji is actually fighting on equal terms to an Italian Champion. And Reiji isn't even using the Build Strike by then.
    • Reiji accepting a five-on-one fight without hesitation in the first place is awesome in itself.
  • How Yuuki actually defeats the Gunner ZAKU Warrior without even harming the Gunpla.
    • First, he fires some precision shots to take out ONLY the sniper scope on the Orthros Beam Cannon.
    • Then, he closes in and holds the ZAKU Warrior and knife point to its neck, prompting the fighter to surrender.
  • Build Strike Gundam Full Package's first debut. Curb-Stomp Battle are the only words to describe what Reiji handed to his opponent.

Episode Four:

  • When Kirara sabotages Sei's Build Strike Gundam, Sei reveals to Reji that the BSG has a secret ace in the hole in slot 12. The Reveal was pure awesomeness, as the Build Booster Fighter (which is the BSG's backpack), which takes to the sky, transforms and proceeded to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle on Kirara's custom made AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra (from Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory).
  • Some fans rejoiced when Yuuki's Zaku Amazing defeats the Justice Gundam. It's a heavily modified version of Chars most famous mech defeating a Char Clone mech from a divisive series.

Episode Five:

  • When Gundam X Maou uses the Hyper Satellite Cannon on the Build Strike Gundam, it's Pure Awesomeness.
    • After Gundam X Maou fires its Hyper Satellite Cannon, we get The Reveal that Build Strike Gundam survived, and Reji is the pilot!
  • It's no combat-related, but anyone who's actually built a Gunpla (or any other model) will tell you that building an entire model from unboxing to completion in only a few hours (and a high-quality build at that) is pretty impressive. Doing that while sitting in the passenger seat of a moving truck is just amazing.
    • The fact that building even a "basic" model such as Extreme Gundam in a lunch time (no more than 2 hours) with everything perfectly made is the real testament. One may be able to just cut and snap them together, but then it will resemble a poorly made toy. Mao made the Kshatriya, which has a box as large as most basic Master Grade model kits, and has roughly just as many small parts.

Episode Six:

  • The entirety of the Reiji/Build Strike and Yuuki/Zaku Amazing battle.
    • Some more elaboration on the battle. Reiji and Yuuki throw everything at each other with the climax of the battle being a slug fest at close range. Then after that when it looks like both mobile suit destroyed each other the Build Booster Fighter shows up. That's right, it wasn't a one episode gimmick. The Zaku Amazing also has a fighter mode (known as Amazing Booster Fighter) which it used as well after it's destroyed. All in all, Reiji vs Yukki is what happens when you don't have lives, politics, or the world on the line.
      • Made more brillant by the fact that Ral actually explains why Gundam Build Fighters works - Gunpla is just a hobby, which you participate in because it's fun. But it's serious for people precisely because it's fun. It makes watching the subsequent brutal fight totally guilt-free.
      • Even more awesome when you think of other universes into the mix. For example, The original Strike Gundam has Phase Shift Armor, which is known to nullify all damage from Physical attacks. All the weapons carried by the Zaku Amazing are physical projectile and melee weponas. That's right, Yuuki manages to DAMAGE THROUGH PHASE SHIFT ARMOR. Then again, he manages to one-hit kill a Justice Gundam.
  • Sei and Reiji's reaction after the battle with the Zaku Amazing. No angst, no creating ridiculous feuds or rivalries. They instead cheerfully admit that they lost to Yuuki and plan to do better. Like actual good-natured kids would do. Which also sets up the reveal of the Gundam Mk II Build.

Episode Seven:

  • Reiji curbstomping 12 G-Bits. The Double X pilot tries to retaliate with the Twin Satellite Cannon but Reiji's already there before Mr. Kato can set it up. The Badass Boast is just the icing on the cake.
    I'll tell you one thing. Fighting is about quality, not quantity!
  • Apsalus III vs Gundam X Maoh. Mega Particle Cannon vs Hyper Satellite Cannon.
    • When the Apsalus III has the Gundam X Maoh and the Build Gundam Mark II trapped, Mao uses his ability to manipulate Plavsky Particles to free their Gunpla before activating the Hyper Satellite Cannon. Keep in mind that he does the latter without using the microwave laser.

Episode Eight:

  • This episode gives a preview of the kind of opponents that Sei and Reiji will be facing in the World Tournament with the on-screen debut of Nils Nielson and Aila Jyrkiainen, both of whom completely demolish their opponents during the episode.
    • Nils faces off against Greco Logan, an American Gunpla Fighter who had made it to the previous world tournament, and his Tallgeese Valkyrie with his Sengoku Astray. After effortlessly dodging the Greco's shots, he uses a sword beam to deflect a fully charged shot the Tallgeese Valkyrie's mega beam cannon. He then easily trumps Greco in a melee fight (starting by PIERCING A BEAM SABER BLADE WITH A KATANA) by using the Plavsky Particles to to create a massive shockwave that creates a crater around him and trashes the Tallgeese Valkyrie.
    • Meanwhile, Aila defeats not one, but TWO Mobile Armors throughout the episode. The first is when she defeats Gawain, the top Gunpla Fighter for Team Nemesis, despite the fact that A): she does not have her own custom Gunpla with her (she's stuck with with a regular Jegan), and B): Gawain uses the friggin' DEVIL GUNDAM during their fight. She beats him by easily dodging his attacks and stabbing it through the head with a beam saber.
      • Her second fight occurs off-screen against the former World Champion Carlos Kaiser and his Alpha Azieru, this time using her Qubeley Papillon. Mr. Ral arrives a few minutes late to find that not only is the battle already over, Aila has completely annihilated Carlos' Gunpla.

Episode Nine:

  • Rinko roped China into pulling Sei out of his funk by telling her that she's his precious girlfriend, cue newtype scene.
  • China defeating Caroline in the Girls Only Tournament. Keep in mind, Caroline was coached and had her Gunpla built by Nils, one of the World Tournament finalists. Not to mention that the token girl winning a battle without one of the guys stepping in is pretty much unheard of in shonen anime!
  • The Training Montage done to the theme song.

Episode Ten:

  • Aila destroying three opponents (who had wisely ganged up on the bigger threat) within the first ten seconds of her first match.
  • Sei shows his World Tournament Gunpla: the Star Build Strike absolutely annihilates everything thrown in its way, No-Sell beam-based weaponry, and moves so fast it can destroy multiple funnels in a few seconds. Lightning Bruiser doesn't even begin to describe this mech.
    • Even better is the collective Oh, Crap! expressions of all of the other finalists who are watching the match. Even Aila acknowledges their strength!
  • A more subtle moment is Ricardo Fellini winning his battle despite suffering from a massive hang-over. He's the Italian representative for a reason.

Episode Eleven:

  • Any battles involving Meijin Kawaguchi.
  • Luang Dallara, the Thai champion, maneuvers his away around Reiji and Mao, firing a beam at the Star Build Strike to force Reiji to block with the shield, only to reveal that he had already fired missiles at Reiji. He somewhat damaged the absorption shield and left the Star Build Strike to be able to use discharge only once for the rest of the battle.
  • Aila, once again destroys everyone that comes close to her.
    • Props to the Heavy Arms Custom pilot, who actually learned from past footages, stay his distance and fire a shot at the Quebeley Pappilon, and lived to tell the story.
  • Ricardo taking out 3 opponents with his Wing Gundam Fenice, while riding a Bird Mode Bike!
  • Cziommer, the German champion, brought a Gaw attack carrier and formed an alliance with 6 other players, all to defeat Ricardo. He would've defeated Ricardo too, if not Sei and Mao's interference.
    • Also to Cziommer as a modeller. They don't make Gaw models at 1/144 scale (used by most HG/MG gunpla in the series). That was scratch-built.
    • Mao's Big Damn Heroes moment when he saved Ricardo from a kamikaze Gaw, allowing Reiji to take down the Gundam Epyon while it was distracted.
  • The appearance of the Colossal Zaku II.
  • A small one for the custom Epyon which gave a beating towards the Star Build. For a non major rival, that's really impressive.

Episode Twelve:

  • Attack on Mega Sized Zaku. Unlike Eren, this time, the Colossal Zaku was bought down. And it went out with a boom, a big bada boom.
    • Mao and Fellini refusing to run away (even though they could as the Zaku was only targetting the Star Build Strike) shows that even though they are fellow rivals, they are still True Companions. Also worthy of note is that their most powerful weapons were out of commission at the time (the Wing Gundam Fenice's Buster Rifle was out of charge and the Gundam X Mao's Hyper Satellite Cannon was destroyed by the Zaku). On top of that, when the Zaku throws a cracker grenade at the helpless Build Strike, both of them immediately leap in front with their shields out. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Mao and Fellini were thrown to the ground after being hit by a cracker grenade while protecting Reiji and Sei, who were charging the Star Build Strike's Discharge Rifle Mode. Suddenly two missiles approach Fellini and Mao and impact is imminent. Then out of nowhere, a flying katana appears and skewers both missiles, taking both of them out. Yes, Nils and his Sengoku Astray to the rescue.
    • The trio concentrating their fire on the Zaku's head, overheating it and destroying it.
    • When the Mega Sized Zaku aims its bazooka at the still charging Star Build Strike after failing with its cracker grenade, a beam shot out of nowhere hits the ground near the Mega Sized Zaku's leg, throwing it off balance and giving Reiji the time he needs to complete the charge. The shooter was later revealed to be none other than Meijin Kawaguchi.
      • Meijin Kawaguchi was in fact on his way to assist Reiji and the others in taking down the Mega Sized Zaku before he was seemingly convinced to stand down by Allan Adams. Why? Because as far as Adams was concerned, there was no point in fighting the Mega Sized Zaku as they were fighting a battle royale where the point was to survive rather than winning in combat and the Zaku wasn't even related to the battle royale anyway. Meijin Kawaguchi was having none of that though, culminating in him sniping the ground beneath the Mega Sized Zaku out.
    • Discharge Rifle Mode, a massive beam barrage fired at the Mega Sized Zaku which overheats it and closes out with an Earth-Shattering Kaboom.
  • Meijin Kawaguchi confronting the one behind the Mega Sized Zaku, Chairman Mashita. He nearly twisted the man's hand, and the way he is insisting that no such moves should be pulled in the future, is extremely polite while extremely intimidating.

Episode Thirteen:

  • In the Original Weapon challenge, contestants are given random weapons to fight with, with some matchups being incredibly lopsided, but the underdog winning anyways.
    • Meijin Kawaguchi using tonfas to defeat an opponent armed with a railgun.
    • Mao using a paint spray gun to steal his opponent's warhammer and defeat him with it.
    • Ailia using a scissor shield to defeat an opponent armed with a machine gun.
    • Nils using an energy yo-yo to defeat an opponent armed with a halberd.
    • Fellini using a simple scissor blade to defeat an opponent several times his size.
    • And finally, in Sei and Reiji's fight against Luang Dallara, Iori reveals Star Build Strike's third system, the RG System, which significantly increases Star Build Strike's strength to the point where it throws a baseball so fast it literally pulverizes Luang's Abigorbine in a single shot. And it was only working at 30% capacity.
      • For that matter, before that the Abigorbine smacking the little tiny ball so hard it flies right out of the area and into the stands, hard enough to smack a soda can right out of Kirara's hands an into the seats behind her. Turns out, Luang is a professional-grade baseball player.

Episode Fourteen:

  • The entire second opening of Gundam Build Fighters. Notable moments include:
    • XXXG-01WF Wing Gundam Fenice, GX-9999 Gundam X Maoh, Sengoku Astray, NMX-004 Qubeley Papillon and PPMS-18E Kämpfer Amazing fighting each other, each showcasing their special abilities and skills.
    • GAT-X 105 B/ST Star Build Strike Gundam versus NMX-004 Qubeley Papillon locked in combat which is reminiscent of Wing Zero versus Gundam Epyon from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.
    • PPMS-18E Kämpfer Amazing versus GAT - X 105B /ST Star Build Strike Gundam in a volcano-themed battleground, and even though Star Build Strike is badly damaged by Kämpfer Amazing, the Gundam still managed to unleash its RG system and performs a Shinning Finger-esque Finishing Move, which resulted in a clash of such epic proportions that the finale was a nuclear explosion.
  • Mr. Ral, despite being a Butt-Monkey or a Joke Character in the series until now, finally got to put the combat skills to the show. He knocked out Codename-C, an assassin sent to interfere with Sei and Reiji, by throwing him onto his Gunpla control after lifting him up into the air. And he did it after being beaten up by said assassin with a serious bruise on the forehead. Normal people would've fainted from that, not Mr. Ral.

Episode Fifteen:

  • In the beginning of the episode, Reiji takes down Mashita's entire bodyguard squad in order to meet him face to face to warn him not to meddle in the tournament any more. The resulting experience reduces Mashita to a quivering wreck.
  • Luang manages to destroy the Alvatore, in a single volley.
  • Nils defeats Psyco Gundam by effortlessly blocking its mega beam cannon and slicing it to pieces.
  • Mao defeats a Zanneck by literally outgunning it.
  • The Geara Doga fighting Aila has so far probably lasted the longest out of all of her opponents, which is ironic considering that the Geara Doga is a Mook unit. Badass Normal indeed.
    • Additional props to the pilot for being the first to figure out that the funnels are invisible.
  • Before the main event in the episode, Meijin Kawaguchi takes down a Legend Gundam, a final boss Gundam, like it's mince meat by dodging all the funnels or shooting them down before they had a chance to fire with Guns Akimbo.
    • Even more badass is that Kawaguchi makes it a point to destroy every single funnel before focusing on the Legend Gundam. He probably didn't even have to go through the trouble.
  • The duel between the Fenice and the Star Build Strike. All of it. Especially the moment Star Build Strike unleashes its RG ability to keep up with Felini's piloting skills. Specific moments include:
    • Reiji and Ricardo start off their battle by headbutting each other at full speed to set the tone for the fight.
    • Ricardo destroying the Star Build Strike's absorb shield almost immediately, knowing fully well what it is capable of.
    • After losing one of their boosters, Sei and Reiji hide in the canyon and use the Universe Booster as a decoy to lure the Wing Gundam Fenice into a trap, like Amuro did to Char, allowing them to destroy its wing binders and buster rifle. They do so by leaving the Universe Booster behind some rocks and firing its remaining cannon remotely.
    • Ricardo's flashback, showing his journey to becoming Italian Champian and the evolution of the Wing Gundam Fenice from a simple paint job to his personal custom unit. There's a reason why he calls it "partner".
    • Inspired by Ricardo's fighting spirit, Sei tells Reiji to activate the Star Build Strike's RG system at full power, despite knowing that doing so will most certainly be too much for the unit to handle. What follows next is a brutal slug-fest reminiscent of their fight against the Zaku Amazing, at one point devolving to the two suits throwing punches at each other with one arm each. Ricardo even wraps the Wing Gundam Fenice's beam cape around its remaining hand as a makeshift knuckle duster to answer the Star Build Strike's powered-up punches. When the smoke clears, the two suits are completely trashed and leaning against each other, causing the match to end in a draw. The crowd goes wild shortly afterward.
    • They were both so determined to win THEY WERE FIGHTING WITH THEIR HEADS KNOCKED OFF.
    • Doubles as a CMOA for Fellini's skill as a pilot in the sense that, if you think about it, the Fenice is most likely a 1990's era sub-High Grade model (1/144 GW models are only "High Grade" in the West, they are actually NG). In Gunpla terms, that basically means it's an incredibly old model with vastly inferior plastic and joints. It's possible however that Fellini may have upgraded Fenice over the years with newer parts and materials as they became available, in which case that also doubles as a CMOA for Fellini's skill as a Gunpla builder as well.
      • On a partially Meta level, the fight ends in a draw, but was so fantastically executed and passionately fought that it doesn't feel like a cheap cop-out, the way it would have felt in a lesser series.

Episode Sixteen:

  • Reiji and Aila's take down of C and his Hell Zeong Galaxy. One meta moment goes to C for not falling for the same trick that destroyed the original mobile in the original Gundam.
    • Shortly afterward, the old man who had helped Reiji and Aila build their Gunpla confronts C in the restroom where the latter was hiding before revealing himself to be Takeshi Iori, Sei's father and an International Gunpla Battle Official Referee. He then effortlessly takes down C and arrests him.

Episode Seventeen:

  • S-Gundam was actually animated and does something important.
  • Star Build Strike and the X Maoh in a full on battle.
    • The reason why the X Maoh does not need long recharges with its satellite cannon? It actually uses solar panels on its wings, which functions like the Solar System weapon from the original series.
    • Then Mao decides to combine both the Solar System AND the original X's Satellite Cannon system to unleash the Maoh Sword against Star Build Strike.
    • Star Build Strike gets one by unleashing its RG System and using its Build Knuckle against the Maoh Sword.
  • Meta example: For those who participated in Gunpla Customization Contest, won, and have their models featured as Master Chinan's gunpla collection, congratulations! Yes, those weird gunplas you saw are actually designed and built by real people.
    • Even more awesome: The top 3 prizes had not been shown... and those random Elite Mooks must pilot something befitting the finals, right?

Episode Eighteen:

  • The entire fight between Meijin Kawaguchi and the Renato Brothers can be summed up as the best tactical battle in Gundam history. The amount of trump cards that the Renato Brothers prepared is comparable to that of Negi's in the Negi vs Jack Rakan fight.
    • First, Meijin moves to a position where it can only be sniped from three possible positions, rounding down the possible places where the Renato Brothers might be hiding and starts opening fire on all three of them.
    • The Renato Brothers countered the strategy by deploying the Hound unit, then exposing their position with a shot (that took out the Kampfer's rifle as a bonus), luring Meijin to charge right towards the GM Sniper's position but have the Hound unit snipe the Kampfer from another direction, taking out the right leg weapon container and another rifle.
    • Just before the Kampfer got sniped by the Hound unit, Meijin actually blocked a full frontal shot from the GM Sniper, a feat which even surprises the Renato Brothers. He then forced the GM Sniper down to the ground by bringing down the entire building.
    • Just as the audience thought Meijin had the upper hand, the Renato Brothers revealed another trump card up their sleeves. Turns out that they have set wire traps all around the ruins, and combining with sniping from both the GM Sniper and Hound unit, they force Meijin to sacrifice his left leg weapon container and retreat into a stadium, like the White Base.
    • Turns out Meijin retreating into the stadium is part of their plan as well as they revealed their next trump card was the same one that was used against Luang: the Blood Hounds, 1/144 scale Zeon soldiers covertly moving in to set explosives onto the Kampfer's joints and detonating them, just like when they took out the Abigorbine.
    • When the situation looks like Meijin has lost, a shot comes out from the inferno taking out the GM Sniper's rifle. Ladies and gentlemen, the Kampfer Amazing is still functioning! (Although it lost its left shoulder weapons container in the process.) His secret: Applying grease on the Kampfer's joints so that the explosives will just slide off the joints as Meijin and Allan anticipated the Renato Brothers would do something to the Kampfer's joints, after examining the footage of Luang's fight. Meijin then charged at the GM Sniper to take it out via close quarters combat but the GM Sniper evaded all of his attacks and managed to counterattack, all courtesy of the Renato Brother's final trump card: the EXAM System.
    • The GM Sniper with the EXAM System activated manages to move so fast it waltzes around the Kampfer Amazing, piling up damages on Meijin's Gunpla and taking out the Kampfer's last weapons container. As if that weren't enough, they have the Hound Unit join in to double team Meijin, bringing the Kampfer Amazing down to the ground until the audience and even Allan lost all hope of winning.
    • Just as everyone (even Allan) lost all hope of Meijin winning, Meijin still refuses to give up and elects to fight until the very end, charging the Kampfer Amazing into a fountain. As the smoke clears, it reveals the Kampfer Amazing armed with a gatling gun. Turns out the fountain was the place where the right leg container dropped earlier. Meijin then unloads an entire magazine into the GM Sniper, taking it out.
    • The surprised Renato Brothers then have the Hound unit move in to take the Kampfer Amazing out, but Meijin just simply rolls to evade, picks up a long range beam rifle that was dropped nearby along with the gatling gun, and fires the winning shot that destroys the Hound Unit.
    Meijin Kawaguchi: This is not a war. This is a GUNPLA BATTLE!!! (Fires Long Range Rifle)
    • Keep in mind, the final scene is set to Yuuki-senpai's Theme Music Power-Up blasting in the background, which is definitely telling fans that he's definitely got this battle in the bag.

Episode Nineteen:

  • The entire battle between Nils Nielsen's (the young prodigy known as the Early Genius) Sengoku Astray and Sei/Reji's Star Build Strike definitely counts as an awesome battle.
    • First, we have Sengoku Astray cutting Star Build Strike's particle beam in half, the beams veering off sideways and hitting the hills behind.
    • Then we have Star Build Strike activating its RG System and destroying Sengoku Astray's Katana Swords by transforming the particle band from its fist.
    • Sengoku Astray then reveals its special ability: Particle Fai Jin., which destroys Star Build Strike's fist, as well as the entire rooftop of the Japanese castle they are fighting atop of.
      • For those who don't know, Particle Fai Jin utilises Plavsky Particles in place of "chi", which are sent into the opponent's body to destroy them from within.
    • For fans who think Star Build Strike might have bitten more than it could chew, ladies and gentleman, we then get to see Sengoku Astray's fist and arm completely destroyed, all because Star Build Strike's Build Knuckle managed to get through at the same time as Sengoku Astray's Particle Fai Jin.
      • In the previous episodes, most opponents who fought Sengoku Astray as an enemy barely even managed to land a scratch on him, and seeing that Reji managed to destroy the entire right arm of Sengoku Astray is a moment of awesome as of itself. Nils Nielsen's expression on his face when he realises that his custom gundam was damaged is priceless.
    • Sengoku Astray and Star Build Strike then both use their ultimate techniques simultaneously a second time, causing a shockwave that completely destroys the castle they were fighting on as well as both Gundams destroying their remaining arm.
    • PPSE then suspends the fight, citing difficulty in the battle, and gives both fighters one minute to repair their Gunplas. Sei and Reiji both managed to repair Star Build Strike right on the dot. As in finishing just as the timer ran out.
    • Sengoku Astray and Star Build Strike begin their battle once again, with the former using the same technique as before. Only this time, Sengoku Astray's Particle Fai Jin fails to get through because Star Build Strike's right arm is covered with instant glue! Remember folks, the Star Build Strike just parried Sengoku Astray's fist at maximum output, all thanks to Sei's last-minute ingenuity!
      • The reason why Star Build Strike can still move is because the Plavsky Particles still flow through Star Build Strike's internal chassis frame.
    • Then came the final slugfest in which both Gundams, the Sengoku Astray and Star Build Strike, trade powerful blow after powerful blow, breaking each other faces, bodies, and even destroying Star Build Strike's left arm, until Sengoku Astray charges in with its finishing move, which Star Build Strike dodges by going on one knee, and then channeling all of its energy into its right arm (which was reinforced with instant glue). Star Build Strike utterly destroys Sengoku Astray's shield and both arms, and punches a hole right through its chest to close out the battle and claim victory. If that doesn't count as awesome, nothing comes close to it.
    • Finally, it bears mentioning that this is Gundam SEED going up against Gundam SEED Astray in an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. That itself is a Crowning Moment of Awesome.

Episode Twenty:

Considered by many fans to be the Wham Episode of the Gundam Build Fighter Series, we have the following awesome scenes:
  • The reveal of the unfinished Exia Dark Matter in the beginning of the episode.
  • Ricardo Fellini's Wing Gundam Fenice versus Aila Jyrkiainen's Qubeley Papillion battle is one horrifying battle of epic proportions.
    • First we have Wing Gundam Fenice destroying all of Qubeley Papillion's clear funnels by using the snowing environment to draw out the clear funnels.
    • Then we have Wing Gundam Fenice destroying Qubeley Papillion's visible funnels one by one like no tomorrow, and actually damaging Qubeley Papillion's binder by slicing a portion of it away.
    • Team Nemesis activating Aila Jyrkiainen's embody system...and the resulting Curb-Stomp Battle Qubeley Papillion dished out to Wing Gundam Fenice...let's just say there's not much of the latter Gundam left by the time Qubeley Papillion is done with it, as Qubeley Papillion systematically destroyed Ricardo Fellini's Gundam in a matter of minutes.
    • Ricardo Fellini refusing to concede defeat by actually willing to fight on despite his Mobile Suit's injury, and was about to self-destruct in a Taking You with Me moment until Kirara talked him out of it in front of the entire audience with a rousing speech.
    • Reiji's Beginning Gundam saving Ricardo Fellini's Wing Gundam Fenice when Aila Jyrkiainen's Qubeley Papillion refused to stand down due to the embody system. Then we get to see Aila Jyrkiainen's Qubeley Papillon UTTERLY DESTROYING Reiji's Beginning Gundam in just a few slashes of its weapon. Even Reiji was momentarily shocked senseless, never mind Sei and Mao.

Episode Twenty One:

  • The Reveal that Reji's full name is Aria von Reji Asuna, Prince of Arian.
  • The battle between Sei and Reji's Star Build Strike Gundam and Aila Jyrkiainen's Qubeley Papillon can be counted as one, despite the lovers' spat near the end.
    • First we have Build Strike Gundam firing its vulcans, which explodes around the clear funnels Qubeley Papillon has deployed. Turns out Sei configured the vulcans to fire special paint shells, hence allowing Reji to spot the clear funnels easily and take them all out in a matter of moments.
  • Hell, the lover's spat itself is this. Special credit goes to Aila delivering an epic example of Take This Job and Shove It to Team Nemesis as she goes on to fight against Sei and Reiji without the Embody System.

Episode Twenty Two:

  • Mejin versus Mejin. Enough said.
    Tatsuya: Turn bright red, Exia! Trans-am!
  • The Amazing Exia and F91 Imagine proceed to then trade blows and dodge attacks while making very good use of their machines after images.
  • Sir John Ayers Mackenzie, the original fighter representing the UK, is 78 years-old and managed to make it all the way to the semi-finals of the World Tournament, presumably using the F91 Imagine.
    • Even better, he trolled his own grandson, inspiring him return to the sport that he loved, by exaggerating the severity of his own heart attack.

Episode Twenty Three:

  • Fellini introducing the upgrade to his partner, the Gundam Fenice Rinascita.
  • Sasaki coming back with his brand-new Gyan Vulcan and beating Monda... Only to lose to Fellini.
    • Keep in mind that Monda was using a custom Turn-X and deployed the Moonlight Butterfly during the fight. Sasaki managed to disrupt the attack and then shoot down the Turn-X's seperated parts one-by-one.
  • The real-life 1/1 Odaiba Gundam makes an appearance, with an equally-big Char's Zaku standing next to it.
  • Sei takes Reiji on, Build Mk-II vs. Beginning. And the boy has definitely Taken A Level In Badass!
  • Hey, remember Episode 18 and those runner up Gunpla? Wanna know where the winners went? Right here! And two of them promptly beat Rainer Cziommer's ass. The first one to beat him is a recolored Gundam Deathscythe against his WaDom. The next one is the Zssa Storm, who takes out his Zakrello.

Episode Twenty Four:

  • Star Build Strike VS Exia Dark Matter: The highlights
    • Being done to the sound of the first opening is a good start!
    • After so many fights of the Star Build Strike's absorb shield getting wrecked here and there, it FINALLY gets its use. AND. IT. IS. AWESOME.
    • The Dark Matter completely wreaks the Star Build during the first part of the fight, including ripping half its face bare-handed. To put it simply, it was a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Star Build Strike's way of defeating the Exia Dark Matter's Booster. It was so epic that it must be seen to be believed.
    • The Star Build using both knuckles to impale the Dark Matter. The Impact was so hard that Exia Dark Matter sheds its outer shell and becomes Amazing Exia.
    • Star Build Strike standing up after defeating Exia Dark Matter even though the Plavsky Particles was shutting down. It finishes its victory pose when the system shuts down completely.
  • The Plavsky particles in the stadium overload, making a replica of A Boa Qu that BREAKS THROUGH THE ROOF.
    • The next episode preview shows EVERYONE fighting the mobile suits sortieing out of the fortress.
  • Special credit to Caroline's butler Sebastian for kicking down the entry to the Arista and rescuing her and Nils.

Episode Twenty Five:

  • When a series ends with general fan reaction asking for more, you know you ended your series on a high note. And considering everything that was said about Build Fighters before it was released, it's an awesome moment for Build Fighters itself that it can get such a reaction. Now with that out of the way, on to the episode itself.
  • Reiji finally putting the cowardly, sniveling Chairman Mashita in his place where he belongs: in a headlock.
  • Everyone vs A Baoa Qu and the crystal. EVERYONE. Including Ral, Master Chinnan, Tatsuya and Takeshi joining in on the action.
    • Not least of which is the roll call made before they took on the space fortress, utilizing "Allied Force" as the background music as the characters launched their mobile suits.
  • Ral and Master Chinan's Big Damn Heroes Let's Get Dangerous! entrance. Everyone's on the ropes... and then the Master Gundam and Gouf show up and utterly curbstomp the mooks. And then they perform one hell of a Combination Attack.
    • To put the combination attack into description, Mr. Ral's Gouf first spins around (Heat Rod extended) creating a tornado that what seemed to be a Chokyuu Haou Den Ei Dan. Yeah, Mr. Ral replicated a G Gundam move, in a Gouf!
    • Chinan's Master Gundam then performs the Chinan Kick ( A Diving Kick that seems to be a spinoff of the Char Kick or Rider Kick) right into the tornado, with Gunpla Shingyo School words showing from the tornado, ala the INAZUMA KICK!
    • What's next is they later curbstomp more grunt suits with the Master Gundam firing what seemed to be a smaller (but equally-deadly) version of the Sekiha Tenkyoken.
    • When the Gouf first shows up, it looks left and right with its monoeye, almost as if it's thinking "Yeah, none of you guys stand a chance."
  • China and Aila are beaten, Sei and Reiji desperately try to defend them from the horde of Mooks, the situation seems critical...
    Yuuki: "Rage on, Exia! TRANS-AM!!"
    • Cue the Amazing Exia Repait slaughtering the Mooks in a few seconds.
      • Bonus points for Tatsuya arriving with an Amazing Exia Repair. WHICH IS A 00 SEASON 2 UNIT.
      • Extra bonus points for the production crew: none of the 00 Season 2 units could be used, because of the 5-year exclusivity rights that start after the airing of the final episode. When was the final episode of 00 Season 2 aired? March 29, 2009. Episode 25 of Build Fighters aired on March 31, 2014, 2 days apart, and just in time!
    • And then Takeshi Iori shows up with the animated debut of the Perfect Gundam: he destroys the Colony Laser in one shot, and urges Sei and Reiji to destroy the crystal, while protecting the girls with Yuuki's help.
      • And it becomes obvious how much Takeshi is respected in the Gunpla community. He gives Yuuki (remember, Yuuk is the Mejin and therefore the public face of the PPSE) a command, and Yuuki's response is a simple "Yes, sir!" and he flies off in Trans-AM to take out a whole crowd of mooks.
      • Of course, there's also the fact that Yuuki has been a fan of Takeshi ever since he was a kid.
  • Reiji, Sei and Tatsuya having the final battle they'd dreamed of. What truly makes it an awesome moment? Sei taking over for the end of the fight, showing just how far he's come as a pilot.
    • The kicker? The way he dodges is a book end to Reiji's dodges in Episode 1.
    • Also, since the Star Build Strike is so badly damaged, Fellini gives Sei and Reiji his Fenice's arms while Mao gives them his Crossbone Gundams weapons. Meanwhile Allan fixes up the Exia by giving it parts from the Kampfer!
  • It's shown that Sei's battling skill has grown so much that he actually manages to fight the Meijin himself to a standstill! Hell, it's implied that if his battle with the Meijin weren't interrupted, Sei would have won the battle.
  • Nils and Caroline figuring out how to replicate Plavsky crystals.
  • The fighters who didn't take place in the final battle aren't running scared, instead they're helping direct the crowd outside when they could've just turned tail and ran in a panic.
  • The Mk-II booster gets used one final time, to give the Star Build Strike the extra thrust it needs to get past the particle storm. Who knew that the humble Build Gundam Mk-II's backpack would be just the very thing that was needed.
  • Three words. Build Strike Cosmos.

Gundam Build Fighters Battlelogue

  • The sheer fact that the Gunpla battle systems have been updated to include a quasi-personality generator that can create AI replica's of famous Gundam characters, is an awesome moment in of itself. As Tatsuya puts it, any dream matchup is now possible.
  • And how do they kick things off? A showdown between Char Aznable of the original Mobile Suit Gundam against Ribbbons FUCKING Almark of Gundam 00, that's how!
  • Near the end of the match, Char is seconds away from finishing off Ribbons. But then Alan decides to do a little “prank”. He switches Ribbons out with another quasi-personality, but not just any quasi-personality. It’s Amuro Ray!
  • How does this fight between legends end? Well, Char and Amuro head to the moon and race toward one another in a Duel to the Death. Each of them say how their fight is personal, blaming each other for Lalah's death. When they collide, they scream each other's names before their suits explode. And then a green glow forms a ring around the Earth. How awesome is THAT!
  • Episode 2 features Yuuma and Minato from Build Fighters Try showing off the new system by tackling a scenario together using their new Gunpla. Not only do we get to see the Dryon III from the arcade game in animation, we get to see Yuuma's new Gunpla based on his training with Meijin Kawaguchi: The Gundam Lightning Black Warrior.
    • Minato deserves props for manipulating all three of Dryon III's component units in battle, showing off that it's far more versatile a unit than the Tryon 3 before it. Seems he learned from Tryon's low mobility and equipped each of the Try Machines with their own weapons to make them credible threats on their own. For bonus points, at one point he takes on the sketchier more defined artstyle that a good deal of Hot-Blooded Super Robot pilots have when doing something awesome.
  • Episode 4 is a humongous apology as the Renalto Brothers return and do battle with the Cherudum Gundam SAGA and a Perfect Grade Exia Gundam. And though they don't speak, the anime makes it clear that they're being piloted by Lockon Stratos and Setsuna F. Seiei!
    • Another one to modeller skill: The Renatos in the campsite are tiny 1/144 figures of themselves.
  • Episode 5 (and the final one) of Battlogue has an amazing battle between Iori and the Meijin, using their new machines A-Zeta Gundam and the Build Strike Galaxy Cosmos
    • Double points for the Meijin grabbing the Build and attempting an atmospheric piledriver.
    • After the announcement proclaiming the series was complete, we get this bonus message: NEXT BATTLE PROJECT 2018.02.02

GM's Counterattack

  • Nils Nielsen shows off his Ninpulse Gundam, a rebuild of the Force Impulse Gundam, first by defeating a Chameleon Camouflage system with the naked eye, then by slicing and dicing Mook Mobile suits by the dozens. Just when the Gunpla Mafia member he's facing goes for a dishonorable Back Stab, the last GM-variant is stabbed clean through the China, showing that she definitely Took a Level in Badass since we last saw her. She manages to make a yellow cartoon bear with a big bow look dangerous.
    Mook: A bear?!
    China: It's Mister Bearguy III!note 
  • Fellini defeats the Baund Doc (in diamond-coating) with a kick from his new Fenice's wheel in its face, followed by a Buster Rifle shot. Man knows how to win with style.
  • Reiji returns to our world just in time helping Sei and defeats the Psycho GM almost without a sweat.
    • And before that, the Mafia Boss revealed that he manipulated the particle output in the arena, severely limiting our heroes' movements. How to get around that? By artificially producing particles from Reiji's arista, that's how!
  • After the big fight, Sei and Reiji decides to spend some of the latter's last time on Earth in a Gunpla battle (piloting Build Cosmos and Star Burning respectively). An epic and evenly-matched fight follows with everyone in awe, and though the result isn't shown, it already shows how good Sei has become as a fighter.
    • While it serves as a bit of a Retcon to information from Try, it also means that the promise was fulfilled, in a fashion.
    • Even more so, the battle resembles Sekai and Kijima's final fight at the end of Try!

Non-anime Awesomeness:

  • The Gunpla Battle's commercial ads, which depicts, among other things, a Freedom Gundam getting sliced into halves by a Dijeh.

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