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Drinking Game / Gundam Build Fighters

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Drinking game for Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try:

  • Take a sip whenever...
    • A Gundam character from another series cameos
      • Take half a sip during Episode 23. You do not want to run out of drink or die of alcohol poisoning, whichever is applicable.
    • Mr. Ral says any of Ramba Ral's lines
      • Take two sips if someone says verbatim a line from another Gundam series.
      • Take one and a half sips if the character paraphrases a line from another Gundam series.
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    • Someone sings a theme from another Gundam series
    • The Build Strike Gundam's weapons get totaled
    • The Build Knuckle wins a fight
    • Caroline protests being called Caro-chan
    • Yuuki-senpai puts up his hair
    • The Chairman acts like a wimp
    • Any character gets a different facial expression from another character's antics
      • Take a full swig if it's accompanied by "So Disillusioned..."
    • A differently colored mobile suit appears
    • The chosen Field reminds you of a scene in another Gundam series
    • A Gundam takes up either the Strike Gundam pose or the Sunrise stance (opening credits not included)
    • Caroline does a Noblewoman's Laugh
    • Sekai and Yuuma get into a spat
      • Take another sip if Fumina has to stop their spat
    • Serious Business or Mundane Made Awesome happens
  • Take a drink whenever...
    • Aila acts like a Tsundere
    • Reiji gets dense
    • Aila and Reiji get into a fight over food
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    • Aila and/or Reiji are seen eating food
    • Aila and Reiji act Not So Different
    • Nils gets thrown for a loop by Caroline's antics
    • There's a shipping moment
      • Take an extra sip if it involves Sei and China, and a full swig if both end up too shy to do anything more...
      • Take another extra sip if Rinko lampshades it; but take the full swig if it's Mr. Ral who does the lampshading.
    • Sekai is dense
    • Yuuma tries to impress Sekai's sister
    • The eccentricities of the Gunpla Shingyo School are revealed
  • Finish your drink whenever...
    • Caroline calls herself Caro-chan
    • A Cosmic Era suit that is not the Sengoku Astray or Build Strike gets shot down.
      • ... alternatively, when a Cosmic Era suit that isn't the above mentioned shoots down another mobile suit.
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    • After finishing your drink, refill and take a swig if a Cosmic Era suit does a reverse One-Character Victory.
    • A Super Prototype gets shot down by a grunt
    • A mobile suit blushes
    • A mobile suit from Gundam 00 makes an appearance
    • Trans-Am is used
    • Tatsuya Yuuki's Flamenco starts playing.
      • Take another sip if someone dances or sings along with the flamenco, and drink if he does both.

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