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There are so many references to previous Gundam shows in this series, that it has warranted a page of its own. Comes expected with a Continuity Cavalcade of an anime series...

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Main Characters:
  • Mr. Ral: A Ramba Ral look-a-like who's a regular at Sei's store.
    • He's voiced by Ral's voice actor, Masashi Hirose.
    • Has a collection of Gouf models, Ramba Ral's iconic Mobile Suit Gundam mech.
    • Gunpla battlers address him with Ramba Ral's Mobile Suit Gundam rank of Lieutenant.
    • In Episode 5, he paraphrases one of Ramba Ral's famous lines.
      Mr. Ral: This is no Best Mecha Collection, boy! No Best Mecha Collection!
    • Episode 14 reveals that Mr. Ral is 35 years old. 35 years before the first airing of Build Fighters was 1979, when Mobile Suit Gundam first premiered. Which is also Ramba Ral's age.
    • Takeshi Iori outright addresses him as "Ramba" in Episode 24.
  • Takeshi Iori: Sei's father looks like growth-up version of Shiro Kyoda, the protagonist of Plamo-Kyoshiro manga. Like Kyoda, he used the original RX-78 and later upgraded to the PF-78 Perfect Gundam.
  • Chairman Mashita, the head of PPSE, looks suspiciously similar to Amuro's father Tem Ray.
    • Introduced as the creator of the Plavsky system in episode 10. (similar to Tem designing the Gundam.)
  • Gunpla Mafioso C: recurring antagonist who's a look-a-like of Clamp, Ramba Ral's righthand man in Mobile Suit Gundam.

Other Cameos

  • Marasai Gunpla team: Jerid and Kacricon look-a-likes.
    • pilot a Marasai at the beginning of Episode 4.
    • Are eating at the Kousaka restaurant in Episode 9.
  • GN-X Gunpla pilot: A Patrick Colasour look-a-like.
    • GN-X pilot in the GN-X vs Asshimar fight Reiji watches in Episode 6.
    • A later kit release revealed that he is actually Patrick Mannequin, an Irish Gunpla Fighter who regularly places in the World Championships. And frequently loses because he relies more on luck than skill.
  • Tatsuzo the Burning: a Dozle Zabi look-a-like.
    • land shark who pilots the mobile armor Apsalus III in episode 7.
  • Alice Imai: An Allenby Beardsley look-a-like.
    • pilots a Noble Gundam in the girls Gunpla tournament in Episode 9.
  • Trowa Barton look-a-like.
    • Background character at the fancy party in episode 10.
  • Geymalk pilot: Junko Jenko look-a-like with Chara Soon's voice.
    • fight Sei and Reiji with a Geymalk from Gundam ZZ in episode 10.
  • Black Tri-Star gunpla team.
    • Shot down by Meijin Kawaguchi while piloting DOM Troopers in episode 11.
  • Suberoa Zinnerman look-a-like.
    • Shot down by Ricardo Fellini while piloting a Zaku Tank in episode 11.
  • Hayato Kobayashi Look-a-like
    • Part of the Team NTR. Double as CMOF as Hayate had net one of the most beautiful girl in Gundam franchise, Frau Bow, believed by some to still be harboring feelings for Amuro Ray... and this implied even Fellini has a shot.
  • Mrs. Halevy (Louise Halevy's mother) look-a-like.
    • Sitting in the audience during the battle royale in episode 12
  • C, the Gunpla "hitman" from episode 14
  • A blonde, female Heero Yuy look-a-like
    • Mercurius pilot that teams up with Reiji, Sei, and Mao during the 3-on-3 matches in episode 14.
  • Fonse Kagatie look-a-like.
    • Piloting a V2 Gundam repainted to look like the Zanspine, complete with red wings of light, in Sei and Reiji's 3-on-3 match during episode 14.
  • A brown-haired Soma Peries look-a-like
    • Shows up piloting a Gundam Kyrios during Build Strike's race in episode 14. The Kyrios is painted red like Soma's GN Archer from season 2.
  • A black-haired Chibodee Crocket
    • Piloting a Gundam Maxter during Build Strike's race in episode 14.
  • Sergei Smirnov can be seen in the crowd during episode 14. Perhaps cheering Soma look-a-like?
  • A Sarah Zabiarov look-a-like
    • Participates in Aila's race in episode 14.
  • A Gyunei Guss lookalike pilots a Geara Doga (with the Jagd Doga's funnels) against Aila in episode 15.
  • A Kamille Bidan look-a-like is at the bar Felini meets Kirara in episode 15.
  • Ikeda (From Katharon), a black haired Kinue Crossroad, and a blond haired Fran Doll appear in Rinko's press conference Imagine Spot in episode 16.
  • A Fa Yuiry look-a-like can be seen walking by when Aila's eating ice cream in episode 16.
  • Nils' opponent at the start of Episode 19 is "Black Tieria" from the Celestial Being movie seen in Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer; his Gunpla is a Virtue Gundam painted in the colors of the Virtue Physical from the prequel manga Gundam 00P.
  • Kati Mannequin, Sumeragi Lee Noriega and the three OverFlag task force look-a-likes can be seen drinking in the restaurant Fellini and Mihoshi are eating at in episode 19.
  • A Roux Louka look-a-like is sitting next to China at the end of the Star Build Strike vs. Sengoku Astray fight in episode 19.
  • There's a Kira Yamato look-a-like sitting next to Mao and Nils during the Aila vs. Reiji fight.
  • A Tex Farzenberg look-a-like is the elder Mackenzie's doctor in episode 22.
  • Dozens in the Episode 23 Gunpla festival:
  • In Episode 25, Setsuna and Lockon can be seen from behind, just in front of China going to watch the 8th Gunpla Championship Qualifiers.
  • In the prequel manga Build Fighters: Amazing, the main characters from the manga Gunpla Builders Beginning D, including goth-lolita styled Saki Mishima, show up as Julian's opponents in the Gunpla Academy.
  • In the OVA GM's Counterattack: a Neneka Niboru look-alike distracts Mao, while wearing the exact same swimsuit from the infamous Victory scene.


  • Sei always imagines himself wearing Kira Yamato's Earth Alliance pilot suit.
  • Mao always imagines himself wearing Garrod Ran's civilian clothes.
  • Reiji (and later in the series, Meijin Kawaguchi) has a pair of sunglasses based on Char Aznable / Quattro Bajeena's from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
  • Mihoshi's civilian outfit in episode 4 is the one Marida Cruz wore in the 1st episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.
    • Kirara's pink hair and star accessories in episode 4 resemble Meer Campbell's.
    • During reception party, she sported a hime cut and qipao-inspired gown that made her look like Wang Liu Mei. She sported a similar look with her normal hair when she's relaxing in ep. 15.
  • Mao wears the red tuxedo and bow-tie of the G Gundam fight announcer during the fancy party in episode 10.
  • In episode 3, the "veteran" Gundam fans dress in Zeon's military costumes. Except one guy, who has a Zanscare Empire Uniform instead.
  • In episode 7, the pilot of the Double X Gundam is cosplaying Jamil Neate.
  • At The Stinger of episode 23, Meijin Kawaguchi sports a red scarf/muffler and wears it the same way as Setsuna did.
  • In episode 24, Baker is wearing an EFSF uniform and looks like Sayla Mass.

  • President Yuuki paraphrases the opening line of Tobe Gundam in episode 2.
  • Sei's father, Takeshi, invokes the opening theme title of Mobile Suit Gundam in one of Sei's dreams.
    Takeshi: Tobe! Gundam
  • When Build Strike Full Package shoots down the opposing Hambrabi in episode 3, reactions include a famous line originally from Mobile Suit Gundam.
    Crowd: With only one shot!?
  • Sei quotes the most famous lines from After War Gundam X.
    Sei: Th-The moon is...The moon is coming out.
  • In Episode 5, Mr. Ral paraphrases one of Ramba Ral's famous lines.
    Mr. Ral: This is no Best Mecha Collection, boy! No Best Mecha Collection!
  • Aila quotes Lalah Sune at the end of episode 6.
    Aila: The white one will win.
  • Sei and Reiji recites Amuro's famous words from Char's Counterattack in Episode 7.
    Sei: Our Gunpla...
    Reiji: not just for show!
    • While cleaning up graffiti, Mao hums part of Gundam X's 1st opening, "Dreams".
  • Episode 11 has an Ashtron pilot yell, "Nii-san!" after a Gundam Virsago pilot gets shot down.
  • Episode 12 has an oversleeping Mr. Ral note: "In the middle of a fight, Ral forgot to fight!"
  • In Episode 15, Fellini declares "I'm going to grasp victory with this hand of mine!"
  • A Freeze-Frame Bonus in Episode 18: the "tweet" about Meijin isn't just Punny Name applied, but also served as a subtle Shout-Out to Kai Shiden's infamous letter from Zeta Gundam.
    "Is the Kampfer Amazing because he's a Meijin?"
  • Episode 20 has Sei quote Amuro Ray's famous lines from the infamous Bright Slap scene (comparison between both scenes can be found here). That was just the icing on the Offscreen Moment of Funny for the said ep: after the hypnosis session, Nils mentions that Sei had quoted all of Amuro's lines from ALL 43 EPISODES of the original during his hypnotized state.
    • Same episode, Fellini paraphrasing Amuro from Char's Counterattack.
      Fellini: The Italian Dandy's not just for show!
    • In the same episode, he says "Tag along on my self-destruct show!", combining lines uttered by Duo Maxwell and Trowa Barton on the same subject.
  • Episode 21 has Kawaguchi's reaction to Reiji and Aila's "Newtype Moment":
  • Episode 22, Kawaguchi has a variant of Setsuna's "This is our Gundam!"
  • The final line in the next episode previews is always a paraphrase of a line from a previous Gundam series.
    • Episode 1 is a paraphrase of "Who will survive" from Mobile Suit Gundam:
      Sei: Will I be able to survive school?
    • Episode 1 is a paraphrase of "You will see the tears of time." from Zeta:
      Sei: "I'm seeing the tears of time"
    • Episode 3 is a paraphrase of "You will see the hell of the battlefield." from ZZ:
      Sei: "You'll see the hell of a Gunpla Battle!
    • Episode 4 is a paraphrase of "You do not know the true meaning of Gundam yet." from Char's Counterattack:
      Sei: You still don't know the true Gunpla Battle.
    • Episode 5 has Rinko narrating like Murrue Ramius (who was also voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi) from Gundam SEED:
      Rinko: To face the true battle, fly Gunpla!
    • Episode 6 has Sei and Reiji quoting G Gundam.
      Sei & Reiji: Gunpla Battle, Ready, GO!
    • Episode 7 is a paraphrase of the song "Soldiers of Sorrow" from Mobile Suit Gundam:
      Sei: What will you bet and what will be left behind?
    • Episode 8 has China narrating like Shakti Kareen from V Gundam.
      China: Don't miss it!
    • Episode 9 has Sei using an episode title from Gundam X:
      Sei: I feel like I'm dreaming!
    • Episode 10 has Sei quoting Heero Yuy's Catchphrase from Gundam Wing:
      Sei: Mission Accepted.
    • Episode 11 has Sei using a paraphrase of next episode preview "A rebirth by destruction has begun" line from Gundam 00:
      Sei: A destruction by Gunpla has begun.
    • Episode 15 is a paraphrase of the "What is it that the lovers seek?" tagline from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation 2 - Lovers.
      Sei: What is it that the fighters seek?
    • Episode 16 has Mao referring to G Gundam again.
      Mao: Ready, GO!
    • Episode 23 has Sei repeating Domon's "Roar, Shining Finger!" battle cry from G Gundam.
      Sei: Roar, Build Knuckle!

  • The battle arenas are based on settings from previous Gundam series.
    • The forest arena in episode 1 and is based on the cherry forest from the first episode of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.
    • The desert arena in episode 1 is based on the Texas colony from Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • The city arena in episode 2 is based on the colony drainage ditch where the climatic battle occurs in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.
    • The desert arena in episode 3 and 4 is based on the Taklamakan Desert from the Ramba Ral arc in Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • Yuuki's training arena in episode 6 is modeled on Jaburo, the Federation's headquarters in Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • Kampfer Amazing's training arena in episode 8 is baded on Belfast from Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • Nils and Greco's moon arena in episode 8 is based on the location Kou Uraki battles the Val-Walo in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083.
    • The canyon arena in episode 15 is based on the Great Canyonnote  from Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • The space arena in episode 16 is based on Solomon Space Fortress.
    • The ruins arena in episode 18 is based on Seattle, where Garma's last stand took place in Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • Episode 19's Castle battlefield is the Gundam Castle from the old SD Gundam Sengokuden line.
    • Episode 20 gives us the snowy mountains from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny's battle between the Freedom and Impulse Gundams.
    • Episode 21's forest arena's flower field is based on that found in the ending of Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer.
  • The... asteroid thing that appeared at the end of Episode 24 is shaped exactly like A Baoa Qu.
  • In Sei's dream in episode one, the Build Strike launches from The Albion.

  • Build Strike Gundam Full Package: Combines Strike Gundam with a variant of the Akatsuki's Oowashi pack.
  • Zaku Amazing: a High-Mobility Type Zaku II with tank models parts for a Heavy-Armor Aesthetic similar to Super Zaku F2000.
  • Wing Gundam Fenice: a Wing Gundam customized with Fashionable Asymmetry. Its Mismatched Eyes and left-arm 'beam mantle' are a shout out to the Exia Repair. It also has a Meteor Hopper based on the METEOR support system from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
    • Its Mid-Season Upgrade the Wing Gundam Fenice Rinascita returns the Wing's Bird Mode, but the suit's silhouette closely resembles a cross between the Wing and the Reborns Gundam. Fitting, since Rinascita translated to English is "Rebirth".
  • Gundam X Maoh: A Gundam X with the Solar System superweapon from the original Mobile Suit Gundam
  • Build Gundam Mk-II: A customized Gundam Mk-II with the expansion pack sporting the Mk-II Titans color scheme and the arm cannons of the Gaplant. The Build Booster Mk-II mimics the G-Defenser from Zeta, from the removable core fighter to the mounting of aforesaid arm cannons, which are actually updated Mk-II beam rifles, in the same way the G-Defenser mounted a long rifle.
  • Beargguy-III: A custom Beargguy, which was itself a custom Acguy.
  • Sengoku Astray: Astray Red Frame with elements from the Musha suits of SD Sengokuden Bushin Kourin Hen.
  • Abigorbine: A Dunbine-ized version of Abigor.
  • Kampfer Amazing: Combines the Kampfer with elements from the Zaku Amazing.
  • Star Build Strike:
  • Qubeley Papillon: A Qubeley mixed with Detonator Orgun aesthetics.
  • GM Sniper K9: GM Sniper II with a play on the Seravee and Cherudim autonomous backpack... and the EXAM System from Blue Destiny just for good measure.
  • Hell Zeong Marine/Galaxy: A cheaper but more versatile version of Perfect Zeong.
  • The V2 Gundam piloted by the Fonse Kagatie look-a-like in episode 14 is repainted in Zanspine colors.
  • Aila's Miss Sazabi is a combination of the Sazabi body and arms, Nobel Gundam legs, and Infinite Justice feet.
  • Yuuki's Amazing Exia and its variants:
    • Its base form is a customized Exia Repair 2 from 00's season 2's last battle complete with its GN Sword Kai, with several of its shots taken from the regular Exia's animation.
    • Exia Dark Matter, which takes the Exia, mixes in a Dual Wield aesthetic from the Strike Noir and Beginning J, and further blends in elements of "The Strongest Enemy", from the Zeong, Providence and Reborns. The Amazing/Dark Matter Booster's design itself is reminiscent of Sid, and its particle trailing mirrors that of the 00-Raiser.
    • For the final episode, Yuuki's Amazing Exia Repair, which is essentially a kitbash of the Amazing Exia with Kampfer Amazing parts and the Exia Repair's cloak.
  • Master Chinan, Ral and Takeshi also sport slightly customised versions of the Master Gundam, Gouf and Perfect Gundam.
    • Also, Ral's Gouf is the Gouf R35. A nod to how Ramba Ral in Mobile Suit Gundam and Build Fighters is 35, as well as the 35th anniversary of Gundam.
      • According to the HG model manual, the Gouf R35's booster pack is based off of the one Ramba Ral used when he led a commando raid on White Base also the same battle in which he died.
  • In the epilogue, Mao and Chinnan are seen playing around with two heavily kitbashed models, actually real life customs made by Mikako Komatsu and Sachi Kokuryu (aka Sei and Reiji's voice actresses) to promote Gundam Breaker, a new PS3 game that's basically Build Fighters: The Game (albeit against AI opponents).
  • The Star Burning Gundam is a deliberate Call-Forward to Build Burning Gundam, being based on Shining Gundam (since Build Burning resembles the Burning Gundam), while adding aspects of the Gundam Mk II like the backpack design. It's also got the folding rifle and light-up panels from the Star Build Strike, the forearm claw gauntlets from Burning Gundam, and a new shield that seperates into two weapons like the 00 Gundam.
  • The Reversible Gundam: In-universe it's a custom Reborns Gundam from 00 Season 2, but the actual customization and functionality of the suit are based on the Reborns Gundam's predecessor - the Reborns Gundam Origin from the sidestory 00V. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize this is why it lacks the Reborn Gundam's Twin-Drive system and Trans-Am mode, as the Origin lacked the two.
  • The Ballistic Zaku: A customized Char's Zaku II Commander type Origin-version with weapons based on all the armament Char Aznable would use throughout his career.
  • Weiss Sinanju from Build Fighters Battlogue episode 2 is a threefold one - the original Sinanju, Sinanju Stein, was created out of the designs and data of the Nu Gundam and the Sazabi and had a predominantly white color scheme before being captured and repurposed into Full Frontal's red variant. It can also be considered a shout-out to the white Sazabi from Gunpla Builders Beginning.

  • In the 1st opening, Build Strike mirrors the Strike Gundam's pose from the 1st and 2nd openings of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.
  • Plavsky Particles are a reference to Minovsky Particles, the Applied Phlebotinum of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • In Reiji's "prince story" in episode 3, the three princesses resemble Dianna Soreil and Kihel Heim from ∀ Gundam, as well as Relena Peacecraft from Gundam Wing.
  • One of the regulars of the bar made a guess that Reiji might have been originated from the Flanagan Institute.
    • The battle between Reiji and the Marasai mimics the Jaburo battle from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, complete with the part about the clashing beam rifle shots.
    • In the same episode she can be seen watching Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
  • In the episode 4 Kirara fight, Build Strike's leg snaps off after tripping over some wires, just like Hi-Nu in the first battle in Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G.
  • Whenever Fellini manages to successfully pick up a girl, the beam rifle sound effect plays in the background.
  • Reiji's battle with Fellini has a brief moment where the Wing Gundam Fenice looks up and its eye flashes; this one's a two-fer, imitating the original Wing and Wing Zero in each of Gundam Wing's openings.
    • Fenice does it again in Episode 15, during Fellini's Heroic Second Wind.
    • Obright's rotating hand beam saber stab returns in the same episode, and also the Char Kick.
      • Build Strike Full Package and Zaku Amazing suffer damage that looks similar to the AGE-2 Dark Hound and Red Legilis from Memories of Eden.
  • The American tournament takes place in the La Vie en Rose Garden, not only referencing the real-life Rose Garden but the La Vie en Rose orbital weapons array from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
  • In the 2nd opening, Build Strike and Qubeley Papillon grapple with each other exactly like Wing Zero and Epyon did in Gundam Wing's 2nd opening.
  • Mao's signature pose and Star Build Strike's victory pose in Episode 24 are variants of "Gundam the Gundam" pose.
  • On the merchandise side, the box art of HG 1/144 Build Fighters mecha mimic the Eyed Screen box art of the ongoing HGUC line, meant as a homage to past Gundam mecha of random series, rather than those of other ongoing mainline series like Gundam Age, despite being an ongoing series itself. It's deliberate since the Build Fighters mecha homage past Gundam mecha anyway.

Episode 1:

  • The damage Sazaki does to Sei's Wing Gundam is identical to the damage it takes after Heero self-destructs the unit early on the series.
  • A model of the Dijeh, the Mobile suit Amuro used in Zeta, is shown painted in the classic Gundam colors.
  • The final kill blow on Sazaki's Gyan mimics the camera angles and sequence of an iconic scene where the original Gundam puts its beam saber left-handed through a Zaku-II.

Episode 2:

  • When Yuuki participates in a Gunpla Battle, he lifts his hair back to show his forehead, not unlike H/Allelujah Haptism in his final battle of the first season in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
  • Meijin Kawaguchi's Leitmotif is a flamenco guitar, like that of Tuxedo Mask, who is voiced by Toru Furuya, who also voiced Amuro Ray. It also includes a whiff of Gallant Char from Mobile Suit Gundam.

Episode 7:

  • Reiji takes out 12 G-Bits with ease, referring to the famous battle from Mobile Suit Gundam, where Amuro takes on 12 Rick Doms at the same time.
  • The clock in Sei's room has "Anaheim" on the face, referencing Anaheim Electronics from the UC timeline.

Episode 8:

  • The title of Episode 8 "Ai Senshi tachi (Encountering Warriors)" shares the same pronunciation with "Ai Senshi (Soldiers of Sorrow)" the Ending song of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • The Build Gundam Mark II taking out the Apsalus III is reminiscent of the climax of the 08th MS Team OVA, due to how both Gundams (Build Mk-II and Ez8) are piloted by two people and the fact the Build Mark II got in close for the final blow.
  • Yuki's alias Kawaguchi is a reference to Katsumi Kawaguchi, an experienced gunpla builder who works for Bandai. As of November 21 2013, his facebook profile has Cool Shades like one in the show.
  • There are several location shout outs given in Episode 8.
    • The Flana Institute, where Aila came from, to the Flanagan Institute.
    • The La Vie en Rose Garden, the venue for the Gunpla World Championship America Qualifiers, to the La Vie en Rose. It can also be referred to New York's Madison Square Garden or Portland's Moda Center (formerly known as the Rose Garden).
    • One of the fans is wearing the trademark Char Mask (Though it looks like Zeheart's)
  • Rivals Logan and Fellini use modified versions of rival suits the Tallgeese and Wing Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Incidentally they are friendly rivals.
    • The Qubeley Papillon and the Alpha Azieru during the Finnish National Finals are a subtle nod to the fact that both of the suits are piloted by girls who are interested in Char Aznable (Haman Khan and Quess Paraya respectively).

Episode 9:

  • The two customers at China's family restaurant, the Marasai team from another episode, are wearing T-Shirts with the Titans uniform patterns from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
  • Caroline's Knight Gundam when it got caught in the Beargguy III's cotton resembles Zero the Winged Knight when he got put in the rice bag in SD Gundam Force.
  • The Beargguy III's cotton-filled armor and "weapon" may be a reference to Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam's Tortuga, which contains fast-hardening gas that traps any enemy capable of penetrating its armor.

Episode 10:

  • China gives Sei and Reiji good luck charms. Sei's is a classic green Haro, while Reiji's is an orange one.
    • Alia and the meat bun is a reference to Allenby's love of meat buns from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Alia is even somewhat similar to Allenby.
    • At the end of it's debut battle, it also makes the same noise as the GN-Drive.

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

  • The Mega Size Zaku makes breathing noises, recalling the first scene of Mobile Suit Gundam where the team of Zakus infiltrating Side 7 made similar noisesnote .

Episode 13:

  • The recolored Zeus Gundam tries to finish off Gundam X Maohin the exact same manner the original Zeus Gundam tries to finish off God Gundam in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Episode 14:

  • In the 3 on 3 battle, the V2 Gundam defends itself from Maoh's Satellite Cannon with the same move it used near the end of the original Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.
  • The race battle is a reference to "SD Gundam Crazy Race" episode in old SD Gundam Mark IV OVAnote .
  • Heero Yuy cameoing as a young girl may be a reference to the fact that in the original show, he was physically modeled after a female Idol Singer.

Episode 15:

  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: India's fighter is Raman Khan, against Alejandro Cola.
  • The battle between Sei/Reiji and Fellini ends up referencing Char's Counterattack and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing more than once; firstly, Sei sets up the Universal Booster with a wire to serve as a "trap", just like Amuro did with the Nu Gundam's bazooka.
    • Secondly, the fight sees the Strike and Wing gradually whittle each others' weapons down until they're left bare-knuckle boxing with each other, as happened with the Nu and Sazabi.
    • Fellini using his rifle to blast the terrain may be a nod to Heero's Antarctic duel with Zechs, where he likewise shot up the terrain to gain an advantage.

Episode 16:

  • Takeshi's house when Sei paid a visit during his dream is Tem Ray's house in Side 6 colony.
    • On Takeshi's desk is the "Tem Ray Circuit"note  made infamous by Super Robot Wars.
    • When the two of them fly into the sky, we get the classic picture of the RX-78's face half-silhouetted, as seen on the first movie's poster.
  • Rinko is humming the starting part of "Invoke" when packing for her trip.
  • Chairman Mashita rolls around in Dorothy Catalonia's gold stretch limo.
  • Aila holds her ice cream up in the air in a pose from Mobile Suit Gundam's opening.
  • One of the shops in the mall is a curry shop called Maharajah, named for Haman Karn's father.
  • Takeshi tell Reiji to charge toward Zeong, as it was how Amuro defeat Zeong. Subverted in that Zeong Galaxy have two extra claws to grasp the Beginning Gundam.

Episode 17:

  • The top 16 contestants shares similar names to some characters in past Gundam series.
    • As mentioned above, India's fighter is Raman Khan
    • Great Britain's fighter is John Ayers McKenzie.
    • Ireland's fighter is Patrick Mannequin. Whether he is the same Patrick from the series is up to everyone's guess.
    • Canada's fighter is Justin Fox. Might be related to Reed Fox, pilot of the G-Saviour. He got defeated by Meijin offscreen in Episode 18.
  • Mao's S Gundam was a featured Gunpla in L'Arche de Noe... in other words, Noa's Ark.

Episode 18:

  • Sei and China eat at a restaurant named Archangel.
  • The Renato brothers' GM Sniper K9 and Meijin's Kampfer Amazing battle are based off the GM Sniper II and Kampfer, who battled each other in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.
  • Kawaguchi's Kampfer defeats the Renato brothers with a Gatling gun — the exact opposite of what happened to the original Kampfer in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.
    • Not only that, but this happens after they try and fail to destroy the Kampfer by attaching explosives to it - again, nearly the exact opposite of what happened in War in the Pocket. The main difference is the EXAM System activation in between.
  • The Renato brothers' secret plan, Operation Time Stop, is a reference to the original series episode "Time, Be Still"; both involve Zeon soldiers planting bombs on their enemy's mobile suit.

Episode 19:

Episode 20:

  • The title of Episode 20 "Uragiri no Aira (Aira's Betrayal)" is a play on the ∀ Gundam episode "Uragiri no Guen (Guin's Betrayal)".
  • The Amazing Exia reveal at the end of the episode mimics the 00 Quanta reveal at the beginning of Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer.
  • Sei's reciting of lines actually is a perfect recreation of a scene from episode 14 of the original Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Wing Gundam Fenice's self-destruct features references Wing Gundam's self-destruction early in Gundam Wing.
    • The scene in which Kirara talks him out of it resembles when Trowa attempted to self destruct and was talked out of it by Catherine.
  • Aila ripping off Wing Gundam Fenice's right arm after the Embody system activates references Noble Gundam ripping off Bolt Gundam's right arm during it's first appearance in G Gundam.

Episode 21:

  • After Nine triggers the Embody System and Aila evades Reiji's draw-cut, the Qubeley Papillon goes airborne above the Star Build Strike. Reiji's response is to pull an Internal Homage Shot to the Last Shooting at the end of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • The conversation between Reiji and Aila during their fight mirrors the various psychic heart to hearts throughout the franchise, particularly Gundam 00.
  • The last part of Reiji's full name: Aria Von Reiji Asuna is also the first name of the female protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam École du Ciel, Asuna Elmarit.

Episode 22:

  • The Amazing Exia is 80% complete, the completion state of the Zeong during the battle of A Baoa Qu.
  • Meijin Kawaguchi also finishes his semifinal bout in a tribute to the Exia defeating the Alvaaron in the penultimate episode of Gundam 00 Season 1.

Episode 23:

  • Many of the festival stalls sport logos and insignias of famous Gundam organizations, military units, and corporations.

Episode 25:

  • Fellini standing in the shadows at the back, watching Kirara onstage, is a nod to the OVA ending version of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, where Heero did something similar.
  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, when using the Hyper Build Knuckle, the Build Strike's damaged eye manifests a glowing red light, exactly like the Sinanju.
  • Arian, Reiji's home kingdom is shown to be possibly located inside a colony.
  • During the credits, blink too quickly and you'll miss Sazaki's Gyan annihilating a Leo, referencing their pitiful weakness in their source material.
  • In the very end, Build Strike Cosmos recreates the 00 Raiser's distinct particle trail.

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