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Nightmare Fuel / Gundam Build Fighters

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While Gundam Build Fighters is Lighter and Softer compared to most other Gundam series, this series is not without some scary moments.

  • If you look closely at the second opening title sequence for Gundam Build Fighters, we see Chairman Mashita and his aide Baker standing in a room filled with Mobile Suits from various Gundam series, and they obviously look quite sinister-looking (One of them is the Master Gundam, no less!). THEN we get a close-up look of the Chairman and the Mobile Suit behind him stops at Gundam Exia with its red optics glowing, and cue the Chairman making a maniacal grin. It's really unsettling.
    • In Episode 14, we see Chairman Mashita's aide Baker essentially hires a mobile suit equivalent of a hired gun (Mr C.) to eliminate Sei and Reiji's Star Build Strike Gundam and he would stop at nothing to hinder their way and prevent them from reaching the finals. And Sei and Reiji were nearly eliminated from the competition due to Mr C.'s intervention, he was clearly celebrating in his private chambers.
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    • That's not mentioning he unleashes a 1/48 Mega Size Zaku II to target Star Build Strike Gundam in Episode 12. Because of the sheer scale size difference, it's like trying to face an enemy that has a Machine Gun putting out a battleship's main gun battery sized shells. A single glancing shot was enough to destroy the Gundam-X Maoh's shield.
    • It has been revealed in Episode 15 that there is a mafia that is more than willing to kill off any player pilot's mobile suit for a price.
  • A Nightmare Fuel moment was avoided in Episode 6 but it's still scary to think about. Imagine for a moment if Episode 6's epic fight wasn't in the Gundam Build Fighter universe but in the Cosmic Era or Universal Century. That slash the Zaku Amazing did in the center of Build Strike would have killed the pilot. It's kind of a sobering thought.
    • There are several moments like this where cockpit shots are done, and were it not a toy game, would actually kill people. Notable examples include Episodes 15, 18, and 20. It's also intentionally done that way by the animators, for action, drama, AND for the fridge thinkers, horror.
  • If that's not enough, the Embody System in Episode 20 is a mixture of the Berserker System and Psycomet Mu-szell. Making the system at full output not only Mind Rape her, but also cause her to keep destroying Fenice even through Fellini had conceded from the battle. When Aila Jyrkiainen's Qubeley Papillon reveals its glowing Tron Lines, you know you are terribly, horribly screwed as an opponent.
    • Worse is that just using it in general causes pain and numbness. That's why Aila acts so emotionless when in the suit.
      • Now take all that, and imagine being a homeless orphan who has to go through that day after day just to have a roof over your head or food to eat. That was Aila's life until the World Tournament.
  • Take one look at Exia Dark Matter, and ask yourself whether you will be afraid when this Mobile Suit appear in Gunpla battle. Hint: IT'S RED AND BLACK, AND LOOKS DAMN EVIL.
    • And it shows how cruel it can be in Episode 24 by immediately attack the Build Strike before it has a chance to even react, and later when the field is changed and hunting down the Build Strike in a narrow corridor.
  • How Yuuki got the Embody System on him in the first place. Unlike Aila he was by no means tricked into donning it, but it was forced on him by Nine Barthes and the PPSE staff by simply physically overpowering him. Just seeing a nice person like Yuuki being helpless, and forced to become the complete antithesis of his beliefs is just horrifying. Also there is the disturbing implication that Mashita used this very same system to make the second Meijin so ruthless.
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  • And the fun with the Embody System doesn't end there. Early in the series we are told that the second Kawaguchi had fallen ill requiring Yuuki to take the title and in the beginning of Episode 23 we get to see what kind of state he is in. It's heavily implied that he had been forced to use the Embody System just like Yuuki and it is also implied that that is the end result when using it for too long.

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